Adult Education

  1. Math
    Tickets for a show sold 6 adult tickets and 10 child tickets for a total $96 On the second day12 adult tickets sold and 5 child tickets sold What is the price for adult and child tickets
  2. SS
    1) Which of the following best describes the Conservative Democrats in South Carolina during Reconstruction? A. they favored small land owners and workers B. they were wealthy and formerly confederate leaders *** C. the believed in social equality between races D. they wanted ...
  3. life orientation
    State two options of studies offered in higher education in the extra above
  4. Math
    Assume that adults have IQ scores that are normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. Find the probability that a randomly selected adult has an IQ that is less than 115. Round to the nearest thousandth. Answer precisely. Do not use the Empirical ...
  5. good mornin i need some help on Texas history
    1.until 1954,all jurors in texas were male t or f ***i thing is f**** 2.after brown v. board of education all texas schools immediately complied t or f **i don't know this one at least help me understand thnks*** plz help me on num two and check num 1
  6. English
    Fix the sentence by following the apostrophe rule. Strong childrens education is essential to the progress of any nation a. Strong childrens' education is essential to the progress of any nation. ***b. Strong children's education is essential to the progress of any nation...
  7. History(please check)
    Please Check My Answers: 1) How was South Carolina constitution of 1868 different from previous state constitutions? A. Women lost their right to own property. B. Representation was based on population alone. *** C. Countries and districts were organized into parishes. D....
  8. World Geography
    How has the region attempted to change its future so that they will be less dependent on oil wealth in the coming decades? A. By improving education B. By increasing government control in the economy C. By ceasing to export oil to other parts of the world D. By shifting their ...
  9. Physical Education
    When you are a baby, your bones begin as what type of tissue? a. cartilage (MY ANSWER) b. cells c. ligaments d. muscle
  10. Physical Education
    what is the best activity to do immediately after playing tennis? A.Drink plenty of juice and sit in the shade to cool your body down. B.Stretch the leg muscles by bouncing to reach as far as you can each time. C.Stretch your leg muscles by slowly bending over and exhaling ...
  11. Physical Education
    What type of muscle is only found in one place in the body? Cardiac muscle. (MY ANSWER) Ligament muscle. Skeletal muscle. Smooth muscle.
  12. Maths
    2a) assume that adult males have footless which are normally distributed with mean 24.6 cm and standard deviation 1.05 cm. Calculate the probability that an adult male has a foot length is greater than 27 cm. My answer - 2 2b) assume adult females have foot lengths which are ...
  13. SS
    1) How was South Carolina constitution of 1868 different from previous state constitutions? A. Women lost their right to own property. B. Representation was based on population alone. **** C. Countries and districts were organized into parishes. D.Education became the ...
  14. Social studies
    Discuss the significance that segregation, voting rights, and education had on African American life in the South during the late 19th and 20th centuries. What could I say?
  15. Social Studies
    1) How was South Carolina constitution of 1868 different from previous state constitutions? A. Women lost their right to own property. ** B. Representation was based on population alone. C. Countries and districts were organized into parishes. D.Education became the ...
  16. Social studies
    How was the South Carolina constitution of 1868 different from previous state constitutions? A) women lost their right to own property B) representation was based on population alone.******* C) counties and distracts were organized Into parishes. D) education became the ...
  17. Personal dimensions of education
    A high percentage of student population in the college of health and behavioral sciences planning to obtain an internship in the hospital while completing their degree
  18. History
    I don't want the answer I just need someone to tell me if they are right or wrong. Thanks! 1. How did Reconstruction improve opportunities for African Americans in the South? a. Many became wealthy business owners. b. They could receive public education. c. Many became ...
  19. English
    ReWrite using APA format 1. Snow,C.E,Burns,M.S& Griffin, P.(Eds).(1998).preventing reading difficulties in young children. Washington,DC:National Academy Press. Suggests that the most effective way to build learners literacy skills is to begin by teaching them to read and ...
  20. Math
    A class went on a field trip to see a play. Adult tickets cost $18 each and student tickets cost $12 each. There were 10 more students than adults that went to the play. If the trip cost $240 in all, how many adults and students went to see the play? Write and solve a system ...
  21. Math Word Problem
    A museum charges ​$13.50 for a​ one-day youth admission and ​$16.50 for a​ one-day adult admission. One​ Friday, the museum collected ​$1581 from a total of 110 youths and adults. How many admissions of each type were​ sold?
  22. social studies
    1. Which most precisely describes the location of Southwest Asia? (1 point) west of India south of the Arctic Circle north of the equator east of the Mediterranean Sea*** 2. In which way are the legal differences among men and women in Saudi Arabia most apparent? (1 point) in ...
  23. History
    How was the South Carolina constitution of 1868 different from previous state constitutions? A-Woman lost their right to own property. B-Representation was based on population alone. C-Counties and districts were organized into parishes. D-Education became the responsibility ...
  24. statistic
    Assume that adults have IQ scores that are normally distributed with a mean of \mu=105μ=105and a standard deviation \sigma=20σ=20. Find the probability that a randomly selected adult has an IQ less than 145.
  25. Social Studies (Check, Please!)
    1. What were three reasons for the growth of the youth movement of the 1960s? A: The rapid increase in enrollment at colleges throughout the nation, concern about the future, and injustices in the political and social system were three reasons for the growth of the youth ...
  26. English
    1. He is a social science teacher. 2. He is a SS teacher. 3. She is a home economics teacher. 4. She is a HE teacher. 5. She is a technical arts and homemaking teacher. 6. She is a TAH teacher. 7. She is a healthe education teacher. 8. She is a HE teacher. 9. He is a technical...
  27. education
    The meaning of the "oxymoron" is a. dummy b. farty c. self-contradictory phrase d. single e. shadow around a flame
  28. education
    in your opinion, Is vygotsky or Piaget theory is more relevant to the issues facing the modern classroom?
  29. civic education
    Limitations to human rights not less than six.
  30. Social Studies
    1. Which BEST describes the differences that divide Maayan and Muhammad? A. age and interests B. physical barriers C. culture and politics** D. economic status 2. How does Maayan most directly experience the conflict in Israel? A. through treating victims of terrorist attacks...
  31. math
    Enrique’s parents want to save for his education. On his 12th birthday, they deposit $6,000 in a savings account that pays 5% simple annual interest. What will the balance be when he turns 18?
  32. Driver Education (Check)
    How would you recognize the signs of a problem drinker, and what you do to help that person? A: You would recognize the signs of a problem drinker by looking for chances in a person’s behavior or life situation such as loss of initiative, frequent lateness or absence from ...
  33. Driver Education (Check)
    How does this sound? How would you evaluate the possibility of your being involved in a collision? Explain. A: In any given year, the likelihood of your being involved in a collision is about 1 in 9. No matter how confident you may feel or how well you've mastered the basics ...
  34. Driver Education
    How would you evaluate the possibility of your being involved in a collision? Explain.
  35. Managerial Finance
    Isabelle wants to save up an amount of $150,000 for her son's college education fees, coming up in 5 years. Find the amount that should be invested today if the bank pays an interest rate of 5% compounded annually
  36. early education
    What problems might non-English speaking preschoolers encounter in their attempts to play with others
  37. math
    7 kids and 2 adults are going to the circus. Kid's tickets are on sale for only half the price of adult tickets. The total cost is $70. How much is one kids ticket? How much is one adult ticket?
  38. education
    What support structures do you think need to be in place for junior's to succeed at Reardan? what does this question mean? thank you
  39. Language Arts
    What is the main message of the words that the Statue of Liberty speaks in "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus? Key: *** is my answer A. I am a tired, old woman, but I am still strong. B. Welcome to needy immigrants in search of a new home.*** C. America is a beacon of ...
  40. civic education
    (1)exaplain the types of features of conatitution(2) exaplain what is consttitution?
  41. Pre Algebra
    Laura inherits $52,000 and decides to invest part of it in an education account for her daughter and the rest in a 5-year CD. If the amount she puts in the education account is $7,000 more than twice the amount she puts in the CD, how much money does Laura invest in each account?
  42. Statistic
    Use a Confidence Interval to Solve Each Problem 1-3 1. Graduates of a two year associate degree nursing program (AND) and graduates of a four year baccalaureate nursing program (BSN) both take the same certificate exam for licensure as a registered nurse. It has been argued ...
  43. math
    Sam buys 2 adult tickets and 3 child tickets for $44.40.John buys 3 adult tickets and 6 child tickets for $78.How much does a child ticket and adult ticket cost?
  44. Physical Education
    Explain two physical reasons why players should warm up before playing sport.
  45. Physical Education
    Explain the term 'target zone' and 'training thresholds', and how they should be used.
  46. Physical Education
    Describe the Cooper's 12 minute-run test. (4 marks)
  47. World History
    Question 16 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points) Please check: (05.05 LC)Which of the following is not considered a cause of the Enlightenment? increased availability of printed books the Scientific Revolution *******decline in the education system******** the Renaissance
  48. Statistics
    Suppose that in the city in which the survey is conducted, 50% of adults are married, 15% are single, 25% are divorced, and 10% are widowed. a. Assign probabilities to each simple event in the sample space. b. Which approach did you use in part (a)? Find the probabilities of ...
  49. Social studies
    the Georgia Department of Education, Department of Labor, and Department of Transportation are all part of which branch of government?
  50. Reading/Writing
    I really need help asap with my subjective letter for my NJHS Application. Please answer fast- it is due tomorrow!! --- To the National Juniors Honor Society: I express my gratitude for selecting me, Sandra Garcia, as a possible member of the National Junior Honors Society (...
  51. Statistics
    A survey asks adults to report their marital status. The sample space is S = {single, married, divorced, widowed} . Use set notation to represent the event the adult is not married. This is what I think is the answer Married = {single, divorced, widowed}
  52. education
    what is this question asking. need help. today one common curriculum model is emergent curriculum or planning curriculum around what emerges from the childrens interests and experience. is this consistent or inconsistent with deweys idea about education? why? thanks
  53. Education technology
    Which of the following is not an example of an Objective question? Multiple choice Essay •• True/false Matching
  54. education
    what are some of the misconceptions about progressive education?
  55. Government Help Please
    The power to establish local units of government such as counties and to control education are examples of_____ 1)reserved powers 2)delegated powers 3)implied powers 4)inherent powers Please help. thanks
  56. algebra
    At at basketball game,adult tickets were sold at $1.00 each and student tickets at 75c each. If 150 tickets were sold and $140 was collected,how many tickets of each kind were sold?
  57. Statistic
    Graduates of a two year associate degree nursing program (AND) and graduates of a four year baccalaureate nursing program (BSN) both take the same certificate exam for licensure as a registered nurse. It has been argued that the two year program is too short, and that ...
  58. Science
    the active ingredient in the alergy medication claritin contain carbon,hydrogen,chloride,nitrogen,and oxygen its molecules formula is C22H23ClN2O2.the standard adult gosage utizies 1.572*10^19 molecules of the spicies determine the mass gosage of the active ingridient in the ...
  59. Biostatitics
    Based on data collected by the National Center for Health Statistics and made available to the public in the Sample Adult database, an estimate of the percentage of adults who indicated to have at some point of their life been tested for HIV is 32 percent of U.S. adults in the...
  60. Social Studies
    How do jobs today differ from the Jeffersonian era (agriculture, crafts, shipping)? Does it make a difference in the way education is conducted, public or otherwise?
  61. math- HELP!
    The Fibonacci sequence was first discovered during a study of rabbits. If newborn rabbits become adults in one month, each pair of adult rabbits produces one pair each month, and no rabbits die, then how many pairs of rabbits would be produced after seven months? How many ...
  62. math
    a 12- foot basket hoop has a shadow 9.6 ft long. how long is the shadow of a 6 ft adult standing next to the basket ball hoop A( 3.6 ft B( 4.8 ft C( 4 ft D( 2.4 ft
  63. use of library
    (1)give the standdard difination of a library(2)differentiate b/w a school library and an academic library taken into consideration thier service provision(3)list and explain the functions of a library(4)using suitable examples, what are the roles/improtance of a library in ...
  64. English
    Which of the following sentences best reflects chronological order? a. George Washington Carver became known for his research on plant biology. b. He attended Simpson College from 1890, and enrolled in Iowa State Agricultural College the following year.*** c. Carver discovered...
  65. W Hist
    a) Which technologies have been pivotal in the development of the Information Age? To what extent did the Industrial Revolution create the foundation for modern technologies? b) How have the technological changes of the Information Age transformed modern society? c) How are ...
  66. Physical education URGENT PLEASE HELPPPP
    Explain how sprinters use flexibility. Explain how javelin throwers use flexibility. Explain how gymnasts in floor routines use flexibility.
  67. Physical Education
    Explain the difference between muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness.
  68. Physical Education
    Explain how sprinters use flexibility. Explain how javelin throwers use flexibility. Explain how gymnasts in floor routines use flexibility.
  69. U.S. History (Check, Please!)
    What was the significance of the Soviet Union's launching of Sputnik in 1957? A: The Soviet Unions's launching of Sputnik in 1957 led Congress to create the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to coordinate research in rock science and space exploration. It ...
  70. College Admission essay
    Hi everyone, I have just written an essay about how I grew up into an adult and realized the type of person I would like to be. BUT I seriously have no idea for the title. I need an IMPLICIT title for it. The application deadline is getting really close and I would really ...
  71. statistics
    Identify the conditions of the independent variable , the dependent variable , their scales of measurement , which measure of central tendency and variability to compute and which scores you would use in the computation . We test whether participants laugh longer ( in seconds...
  72. Intro to Paralegalism I
    In what state a person may take the bar examination without a formal legal education?
  73. Maths whole number.
    A group of visited paid a total of $380 entrance tickets for a zoo. The entrance ticket for a child cost $4. The entrance ticket for an adult cost twice as much. If there were 10 more adult the childrens, how many adult were there?. My workout 1 chlid -$4. 1 adult -$4×2twice...
  74. maths
    A group of visitors paid a total of $380 for entrance tickets to a zoo. The entrance ticket for a childs cost $4. The entrance ticket for an adult cost twiceas much. If there were 10 more adults than children, how many adults were there.
  75. World History
    I need the differences between the 21st century and the 19th century for the following areas: education, legal rights, and family. You don't have to give me the answer i just need a website I want to be able to get it on my own I am not good at researching things though.
  76. Social Studies
    Which of the following state program areas consumes the largest part of the executive budget? (1 point) human services education *** natural resources transportation 2. Which state department is responsible for mental health-related issues and welfare? (1 point) human services...
  77. English
    Can someone please check my answers for finding the subject and verb these sentences? The milk in the back of the refrigerator is probably spoiled by now. S= milk V= is spoiled The family that lives in the brown house moved in just a month ago. S= family V= moved Jackie, Gwen'...
  78. PHI208 Ethics and Moral Reasoning
    According to Mill, utilitarian morality holds that: (Points : 1) If each individual strives to maximize their own happiness, the happiness of all will follow. Each individual is required to sacrifice their own individual happiness for the happiness of all. With the right ...
  79. Comm Tech
    1.)what is an aup? A.)The abbreviation for the school administrator in an online education environment B.)A Document outlining what is acceptable behavior when using the internet for schoolwork*** C.)A policy outlining the proper formatting to use in Microsoft Office documents...
  80. Physical Education
    When playing doubles in Badminton which player returns the birdie on a serve?
  81. Physical Education
    What are 5 differences between badminton and pickleball?
  82. Social Studies
    Please check my answers 1. There were two different groups in the elite planter class. What distinguished these groups? education level how many generations had money*** their location the crops they planted 2. Which of the following accurately represents the Southern class ...
  83. English
    Choose the answer that best matches the word paltry. The fee seemed paltry in exchange for the quality education of her children. a. abnormal b. appropriate c. expensive d. insignificant***
  84. English
    The author of “Hip-Hop Planet” describes the legend of the Great Rock of Toubab Dialaw in order to a. describe an image of hope that is similar to hip-hop.*** b. show the lack of education of the people of Toubab Dialaw. c. describe the setting of the Chez Las restaurant ...
  85. Language
    Choose the meaning the best matches the word in a italics. The first choice of vacation days should go to employees with "Seniority". A. The highest age B. An inherited status C. The most years of service•• D the most years of education Correct me if I'm wrong
  86. Physical Education
    Mandy wants to win the local youth tennis tournament next fall. Her coach has said that her serve is powerful enough, but she suggests Mandy train with a jump rope to improve her ability to cover more ground on the court when she’s playing. Why would her coach suggest using ...
  87. Language Arts
    1. Choose the meaning that best matches the word in capitols The first choice of vacation days should go to employees with SENIORITY A. the highest age B. an inherited status C. the most years of service** D. the most years of education
  88. educational and tecnology
    Which of the following is a benefit that education simulations do Not provide? A(they use real object that can be physically touched B( They allow you to manipulate the object by turning them virtually C( they use 3-D movement and objects D( they can show shapes used in ...
  89. educational and tecnology
    how can simulations be used in education A( they allow people to touch a real item through the computer B( they provide a realistic experience that students may not get in real life C( they substitute games for learning D( they make games real
  90. Check my answers Ms. Sue?
    I posted this in my last question but its not showing up for me.. But i have redone the questions you said were wrong and i was hoping you would check them again 1. How did the southern economy change after the Civil War? Shipped raw materials to northern states for processing...
  91. chemistry
    an average adult inhales a volume of 0.50 liter of air into the lungs with each breath.If the air is warmed from room temperature (20 degree celsius) to body temperature (37 degree celsius),what is the volume of air exhaled?
  92. health
    what education is required for dentist? Do i put answer like math, science what certain certificate do you need for this job? Do i put Bachelor's Degree?
  93. Algebra
    Math club purchased 3 adult tickets and 12 student tickets for $262.50. Physics club purchased 4 adult tickets and 8 student tickets for $230.00. How much do the adult and student tickets cost?
  94. Education
    why is it important to know how much time you spent on tasks? A. So you can provide enough time for studying B. So you won't be late to meals C. So you're learning coach knows your schedule •• D. So you're learning coach won't be late Correct me if I'm wrong
  95. Technology Education
    How can the sort feature Microsoft excel help you? A. It can organize the data to find information easily •• B. It can ensure everything is spelled accurately C. It can check the accuracy of the data D. It can total up the number to find the sum Correct me if I'm wrong
  96. Technology Education
    the filter feature excel allows you to look at what data? A. Only the data you select from the filter options •• B. Only data in the columns labeled filter C. Only data that have been sorted first D. Only data in alphabetical order Correct me if I'm wrong!!
  97. Math
    Admission for the movies is $6 per adult and $3 per child. Write an algebraic expression
  98. World history/ Latin America
    Check my answers please?? i have a star by my answer. 1. The policy by which strong nations extend their control and influence over weaker territories is called? Socialism Imperialism Populism 2. This theory justified the use of racial, national and cultural superiority that ...
  99. History
    1. Which of these was a precedent that George Washington set? (5 points) constitutional amendment process formal presidential dinners singing of the national anthem use of a presidential cabinet 2. "The time for the new election of a citizen to be president of the United ...
  100. English
    1.) Use your knowledge of prefixes and suffixes to determine the meaning of the underlined word in the sentence below. Based on you understanding of word roots a **psychobiography** of a famous person would likely focus on a.) The Subjects education and career achievements b...
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