Adult Education

  1. character education
    A single-minded person is one who ____________________________ . is convinced of the worthiness of his or her goals cannot see others' viewpoints cannot multi-task B?
  2. character education
    Why is self-control necessary to complete an online course? learning is a solitary process no other person is interested in your success an online course is mostly self-directed C? ow is equanimity related to self-confidence? self-confidence and equanimity are different words ...
  3. character education
    Why is the process of attaining goals a social event? few worthwhile goals can be attained without the cooperation of many people without sociality, attaining a goal is not rewarding attaining a goal is a surprise, worthy of celebration by all B
  4. character education
    Normally, people are attracted to a person with ____________________ . an attitude of inferiority an attitude of superiority self-confidence B
  5. character education
    Which of the following is the common pathway that behavior is formed? attitude affects nature; nature affects values; values affect behavior nature affects values; values affect attitude; attitude affects behavior values affect nature; nature affects behavior B
  6. character education
    Which of the following is NOT worthy of respect? lawlessness people in positions of authority yourself A?
  7. character education
    Which of the following is common to all goal achievement? opposition or adversity honors and recognition compromise or abandonment B? How could you appropriately overcome technology problems when completing an online course? by demanding that the course be sent to you on a CD ...
  8. character education
    Which of the following is a dangerous strategy when faced with adversity? taking shortcuts, such as lying or cheating, to get around the adversity turning the adversity into a stepping-stone persevering until the adversity is managed A?
  9. character education
    As a general rule, if the adversity experienced in obtaining a goal is great, then _____________________. the goal should be abandoned the goal is worth more the goal is not a worthy one B? Which of the following is an additional benefit of overcoming obstacles? You become ...
  10. civil education
    Identity and list at least five each. 1.major local civil problem 2.major world civil problem
  11. character education
    Long-range goals are best accomplished by __________ . luck writing down and working for intermediate goals never varying from your daily routine A daily routine is only helpful if it __________________ . helps you achieve long-range goals never varies includes a lot of fun ...
  12. character education
    Cheating on an exam is ___________________ . an admission of failure necessary to pass the course a shortcut to success A?
  13. character education
    pride in your work requires _____________________________ . a commitment to what you do that everything goes well recognition for what you do A?
  14. character education
    uality assurance differs from quality control in that ____________________________________ . quality assurance deals with the process, rather than the output quality assurance is not as effective as quality control quality assurance is just a promise of good output; quality ...
  15. character education
    A standard is designed to _______________________ . ensure that no one will fail encourage excellence describe the minimum acceptable output C?
  16. character education
    Cheating on an exam destroys its value to you as a ________________________ . component of your grade requirement for privileges measurement of your progress C? Meeting standards means your work is ________________ . substandard extraordinary acceptable C?
  17. physical education
    what are the reason for the olympic game to be largest of all sporting event?
  18. character education
    A "high-stakes exam" is an exam that _______________________________ . measures your progress in one course is designed to teach you more about a subject has greater consequences for success or failure A? Grades in school are a reflection of ___________________________ . how ...
  19. character education
    What is a benefit of overcoming technology breakdown problems? You become more experienced in dealing with technology issues. You learn less. You become exasperated. A? Which of the following are good strategies for active listening? writing out questions taking clear notes ...
  20. character education
    Trust is a condition that results from ___________________ . being a relative loyalty consistent performance C?
  21. character education
    Which of the following is a characteristic of enthusiasm? it is contagious it always exhibits great energy it becomes boring A?
  22. character education
    A self-starter is one who demonstrates ______________ . independence initiative entrepreneurial skill B?
  23. character education
    Discipline is _______________________________ . the help you need from others or from within to succeed difficult to maintain, even when rewarded always painful A?
  24. character education
    A general rule of business is that when you take greater risks, you _______________ . make less profit cannot get a loan receive greater rewards for success C?
  25. EGlL 1010
    I was wondering if the topic of bullying is debatable. I have to select a debatable topic to focus on. Make an arguable claim, and write a 5-7-page paper examining, evaluating, and supporting my argument. I was thinking I could write 1) Is bullying a big issue around the world...
  26. Religious Education
    What does UNIA means
  27. character education
    Which of the following is NOT a situation in which it is difficult to feel good about your work? under a supervisor who lets you do whatever you want under a micro-managing supervisor under a supervisor who gives you encouraging and insightful feedback A?
  28. character education
    True freedom, or self-actualization, is the condition of being able to do _________________________. whatever you have to whatever you should whatever you want A?
  29. math if your a genius solve this
    Students at a school are planning a school trip to New Jersey. They have gathered the following information about the cost. The price of round trip airfare for each person is $600 The cost of hotel room is $60 per night per student and twice that per night per adult. A. Find ...
  30. education tecnology
    1)what is a database: A)a group of information in slides B)a digital collection of information that can be sorted , organized , and analyzed C)a cart that is displays data from several fields D) a group of records about one person 2)for which of the following can a data base ...
  31. Social studies
    Why did Horace Mann feel that reforming the American education system was important? A. it would help people attain better jobs B. it would help in the fight to end slavery C. it would help in the fight for gender equality D. it would help people become better Christians My ...
  32. civic education
    definition of human rights by five different authors
  33. Hardy Weinberg: Biology
    Can someone explain how to answer these questions given the different variables given? I have a test soon. Dr. Martin Brenner and his team have built a space ship which can travel at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) and travel to parallel dimensions. Dr. Brenner ...
  34. character education
    getting caught is lucky getting caught is the only way to avoid punishment getting caught will help a person correct a mistake A
  35. character education
    The probability of making honest mistakes is _________________________________. highest when attempting something worthwhile confined to only a few people a good reason not to attempt anything new A
  36. character education
    When friends intentionally do a small wrong to you, your best reaction should be to _________________________. quit being their friend forgive and encourage them in doing right tell them what they did was wrong C
  37. character education
    Why are mistakes made knowingly harder to correct? they are more expensive they involve changing a mind, heart, or belief system they involve a lot of education B
  38. Social studies
    Which responsibilities do state governments have with respect to public education? Select all the apply A: running school boards B:providing funding C: setting standards D: hiring teachers I think a and c but I'm not sure
  39. Health and Physical Education
    Which defense mechanism is used by a person who constantly blames his unbearable feelings on another person? A: rationalization B: compensation C: denial D: projection ~ I think it is D ~ please correct me ~
  40. Math
    The average height and weight of women varies around the world, but in the United States in 2010, the average adult female height was 63.8 inches (approximately 5 feet 4 inches) and 166.2 pounds, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is believed that ...
  41. Ethics and philosophy
    I have to write how Martin Luther King is inspirational, must include: 1. Date of birth,childhood, education, job, family. 2. How are they inspirational? What have they done in their life you admire?
  42. character education
    What consideration should be a key factor when solving a problem? how other people will be affected who to ask for help where the problem goes once it is solved how it affects only you A
  43. character education
    A solution should consider higher values more than lower values. True/False True
  44. character education
    There are many connections between any two problems in different subject areas. True/False True
  45. character education
    What is an expert? someone whose views are politically correct a drip under pressure someone who is qualified by study and experience to be familiar with a subject C
  46. character education
    Which of the following did the information explosion in recent years NOT affect? the amount of available information the authority of experts the accuracy and reliability of information C
  47. character education
    Which of the following is MOST likely to be right? a young man rightness has little correlation with age or gender an older woman b
  48. character education
    Which of the following is MOST likely to be valid? a research project done by a committee without review a research paper done by one expert without review a peer-reviewed research project done by a few expert C
  49. character education
    Why might two experts in the same field of study disagree? one expert is correct, while one expert is incorrect they are paid to disagree they may be looking at the same facts from different perspectives C
  50. character education
    An authoritative paper is one that ____________________. The paper is based on research in the real world has an author and sources who are recognized as experts in the field of study with which the paper deals is listed on the dean list in colled where it originated B
  51. character education
    Why is it advisable to list your sources on a research report? so that your reader can judge the validity of your conclusions because your reader will not give you a good grade if you do not list your sources to make your report longer to meet the requirements A
  52. Religious Education
    Who started the U N I A ?
  53. character education
    What is the purpose of critically analyzing opinions? to reject anything that does not agree with your opinion to adopt any experts opinion is valid for you to compare the opinion to the framework of your values B facts : ______ :: opinions : ______ subjective;objective ...
  54. character education
    ______ is the most powerful device for retaining information long-term. recitation drill exposer a How should you evaluate opinions? by consulting their sources and checking their content bias is good prejudice by writing your own opinions by comparing them to your own ...
  55. education
    Why is it wise to avoid a struggle with a child about conforming to a particular routine?
  56. History
    Which accurately describes ideological differences between Catholicism and humanism during the Renaissance? a. The Catholic Church controlled education, whereas humanism supported private or state-supported education. b. The Catholic Church supported teaching literacy to the ...
  57. character education
    Which of the following is NOT a goal of an educated mind? order intellectual suppority 1
  58. character education
    Which of the following is NOT a step in real learning? organization applying memorizing c
  59. character education
    Which of the following is a characteristic of an organized MIND? insistence on conformity ability to make many and quick connections 2
  60. character education
    Which of the following allows for easier extraction of applicable data? a database photographs a word-processing program A
  61. character education
    Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of an educated person? still striving to learn lectures on any and all subjects open to new ideas B
  62. character education
    Which of the following determines the value of a piece of information? its applicability its popularity its origin B
  63. History
    Which accurately describes Greek and Roman ideas that were revived during the Renaissance by humanist philosophers? a. The use of public baths to inspire communication and spread of news was revived during the Renaissance. b. Greek and Roman ideas about polytheistic religion ...
  64. History
    Which option best describes a difference between the ideas of humanists and those of the Catholic Church during the Renaissance? a. Humanists believed in a revival of Greek and Roman educational practices for the masses, whereas the Catholic Church kept education exclusive for...
  65. early childhood education
    Why is it wise to avoid a struggle with a child about conforming to a particular routine?
  66. History
    Why was there a growth in women's colleges and African American colleges during this period? ( This is history, Education and American society during the gilded age education became available to more Americans
  67. P E and Sports
    What are the branches of philosophy of physical education and sports
  68. Biology
    Which chordate structures are lost when a larval tunicate develops into the adult form?
  69. History
    Which policies or events since 1990 have sought to reduce the racial inequality in public school education, and with what effect? I can only think of No Child Left Behind, which had a limited effect. But I don't know why it had a limited effect and I can't think of any other ...
  70. Civic Education
    Discuss 7 likely implications of not empowering the youth.
  71. Civic Education
    Discuss 7 likely implications of not empowering the youth.
  72. american government
    1. Which of the following government actions have the greatest impact on promoting racial equality and housing? A. The passage of the title IX amendment to the civil rights act of 1964 B. The passage of the civil rights act of 1968 C. The Supreme Court ruling in Plessy versus ...
  73. social studies
    How did Horace Mann contribute to the reform in education? A. His development of books with raised letters aided in the education of the blind B. His educational philosophy led to a new approach in educating the deaf C. His radical call for classroom equality gave African ...
  74. education
    when evaluating a group of children during a physical education class,which is the best recording method to use
  75. enlish
    I need help forming a thesis statement for private schooling versus public schooling. My stand on the subject is that public education is the better choice because of the cost, admission process and the religious ascpects. Can you help me?
  76. physical education
    where did he olympic games come from?
  77. math
    The number of years of education of self-employed individuals in the United States has a population mean of 13.6 years and a population standard deviation of 3.0 years. If we survey a random sample of 100 self-employed people to determine the average number of years of ...
  78. math
    If 2 adult tickets and 1 child ticket cost $8 and if 1 adult ticket and 3 child tickets cost $9, what is the price of each ticket
  79. tourism and hospitality
    What three things strongly affect marketing decisions? politics, economics, and demographics whether, education, and gender music, color, design preferences CEOs, managers, and salespeople A?
  80. Geography
    Which group in Chinese society not given equal education and job opportunities. A the wealthy. B women. C men. D. Buddhist
  81. Civic Education
    Attempt an analysis of five goals of citizenship goal
  82. Physical and health education
    Mention eight branches of physical education
  83. civic education
    reasons why leaders fail to protect the intrest of their followers
  84. History
    Which most accurately describes the Pilgrims involvement in the New World? endured 30 years of horrific massacres by french Catholics; established colonies in Brazil an Florida persecuted for beliefs in adult rebaptism; preferred isolated rural existent; migrating to ...
  85. English
    How to write a topic sentence paragraph about education
  86. History
    The Renaissance positively impacted education in Europe (1). During the Renaissance educational methods changed from passive rote recitation to active analysis (2). Advancements in education spread literacy and led to new innovations and knowledge (3). In addition, education ...
  87. History
    During the Renaissance, the philosophy of humanism swept through Europe (1). Humanism resulted in advancements in art, science, and education (2). Humanist ideals also mimicked ancient Egyptian government structures (3). Humanists believed in the idea of a spiritual-king ...
  88. History: Research
    I am doing a project in my class over life after the civil war and I need to answer some questions. Some of the questions are like: •what was life like for white families in the south, freed slaves, and families in the north. •where did they work? •housing, ...
  89. algebra
    You can buy 1 child's ticket, 1 adult's ticket and 1 senior citizen's ticket for a minor league baseball game for $29. Tickets for adults cost 3 times as much as tickets for children. A family of 3 children, 2 adults, and 2 senior citizens pays a total of $63 for tickets to ...
  90. math
    1. The class social committee, consisting of 6 people, is planning a party. The committee wants to have a cake for the group. If each cake provides 24 servings, how many cakes should the committee order to serve a class of 70 and staff of 3? 2. Young adult female is running a ...
  91. Language helppppp
    1.Which question should you ask during your first read of the multi-draft reading process? 1. What is the author's purpose in writing this piece? How has this work increased my knowledge of a subject, issue, or event? What evidence does the author present to explain or support...
  92. Science
    If don't mind could you check my answers for environmental science 1.The interdisciplinary study of humanity’s relationship with other organisms and the non-living physical environment is termed: a) ecology b) sociology c) political science d) risk analysis e) ...
  93. Science
    If don't mind could you check my answers for environmental science 1.The interdisciplinary study of humanity’s relationship with other organisms and the non-living physical environment is termed: a) ecology b) sociology c) political science d) risk analysis e) environmental ...
  94. Math
    a mother wants to invest 7000 for her son's future education.she invest in two account: a money market fund that pays 4% and a certificate of deposit that pays 7%. if the total interest earned after one year is $420, how much money was invested in each account?
  95. Math
    Nico is saving money for his college education. He invests some money at 9​%, and ​$1100 less than that amount at 6%. The investments produced a total of ​$249 interest in 1 yr. How much did he invest at each​ rate?
  96. english 2 ( 5 questions)
    6 Read the following sentences from "When Greek Meets Greek." Fraser scratch his head. "I know of a landlord up the road who vow that ain't ever taking anybody who come from the West Indies. But he don't mind taking Indians. He wouldn't know the difference when he see you is a...
  97. english 2
    Can someone please please help me!!!! 1.Read the following sentences from "Lifeguard Rules!" “That’s it, Ira and Michael,” Francesca had said. "You guys don’t get a third warning. Go spend fifteen minutes out of the water. I’ll inform you when I’m ready to see you ...
  98. AP Stats
    Bolivian adult females are much shorter than US females although the standard deviation of their heights is about the same at 2.3 inches. Only 4.1% of Bolivian females are at least five feet tall. What is the mean height of adult Bolivian women assuming their heights are ...
    discuss several ways computers are integrated into our business and personal lives
  100. Algebra
    A total of 900 tickets were sold for a game for a total of $1,775.00. If adult tickets sold for $2.50 and children's tickets sold for $1.50, how many of each kind of tickets were sold?
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