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11th Grade

11th grade
Three different weights are suspended from three different springs. Each spring has an elasticity coefficient of 18.5. The equation for the vertical displacement is y= 1.5cosine(t times the square root of k/m), where t is time, k is the elasticity coefficient, and m is the ...

11th grade
A 40-kg skater is standing still in front of a wall. By pushing against the wall she propels herself backward with a velocity of -1.8 m/s. Her hands are in contact with the wall for 0.80 s. Ignore friction and wind resistance. Find the magnitude and direction of the average ...

11th grade
At a glassware factory, molten cobalt glass is poured into molds to make paperweights. Each mold is a rectanglar prism whose height is 3 inches greater than the length of each side of the square base. A machine pours 20 cubic inches of liquid glass into each mold. What are the...

11th grade chemistry
a vessel contains 12 gm of methane gas at t degree celcius temp. and 1 atm. pressure. when the temp. is increased by 10 degree celcius at the same volume, the pressure increases by 10%. calculate the volume and initial temp.

11th grade Physics
Consider a situation in which your car, when coasting down a straight downhill road, acquires a constant velocity. In this situation: a. gravity is the only force on the car b. friction is the only force acting on the car c. the net force acting on the car is zero d. there ...

11th grade
At her wedding, Jennifer lines up all the single females in a straight line away from her in preparation for the tossing of the bridal bouquet. She stands Kelly at 1.0 m, Kendra at 1.5 m, Mary at 2.0 m, Kristen at 25 m, and Lauren at 3.0 m. Jennifer turns around and tosses the...

11th grade
An automobile with an initial speed of 4.56 m/s accelerates uniformly at the rate of 2.4 m/s2. Find the final speed of the car after 4.4 s. Answer in units of m/s. (part 2 of 2) Find the displacement of the car after 4.4 s. Answer in units of m.

11th grade
A box is sliding up an incline that makes an angle of 16.0° with respect to the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the surface of the incline is 0.180. The initial speed of the box at the bottom of the incline is 1.30m/s. How far does the box ...

11th grade
A flowerpot falls from a window sill 38.8 m above the sidewalk. What is the velocity of the flowerpot when it strikes the ground? The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s2 . Answer in units of m/s. How much time does a passerby on the side- walk below have to move out of the ...

11th grade
A bus travel 250km south along a straight path with the average velocity of 84km/h to the the bus stop for 26 min. Then in it travel 240km with avrage 70km/h to the south.How long long did the hold trip take? What is the average velocity of the trip?

11th grade
A 36.5 g of iron ore is treated as follows. The iron in the sample is all converted by a series of chemical reactions to Fe2O3. The mass of Fe2O3 is measured to be 10 grams. What was the percent iron in the sample of ore?

11th grade
Write your own journal entry from the perspective of a member of Bradford's colony. What do you think of these unruly pirates? What shocks you the most about these surly characters? How do the manners of the pirates differ from yours? Visit the Calvinism in New England Puritan...

11th grade
An automobile starts from rest and accelerates to a final velocity in two stages along a straight road. Each stage occupies the same amount of time. In stage 1, the magnitude of the car's acceleration is 3.3 m/s2. The magnitude of the car's velocity at the end of stage 2 is 2....

what is 7 to the 11th power equvilant to

11th Grade Physics
A bus is moving with a velocity of 10m/s. A motor cyclist wishes to overtake the bus in 60 seconds. With what velocity the motor cyclist should chase the bus which is 1km ahead of him?

Grade 11th Physics
A bus starts from rest and accelerates uniformly for 20 seconds to a speed of 18 km/h. It then moves with a uniform velocity and it is finally brought to rest in 100 meteres with a constant retardation. If the total distance travelled is 0.5km. Find the accelration, ...

Grade 11th Physics
This question is based upon differential calculus. Velocity of the particle is given by the equation: v = (2t^2+5)cm/s. Find:- (i) The change in velocity of the particle during the time interval t1 = 2s and t2 = 4s. (ii) Average acceleration during the same interval. (iii) ...

Grade 11th Maths
(Second Time posting this problem)This problem is related to Chapter-Sets. Please solve the question using x method. x method means x ∈ A ∩ B Q. For any sets A and B. Prove that A∩B⊂A and A∩B⊂B.

Grade 11th Maths
This problem is related to Chapter-Sets. Please solve the question using x method. x method means x ∈ A ∩ B Q. For any sets A and B. Prove that A∩B⊂A and A∩B⊂B.

11th Grade Maths
The difference between the two acute angles of a right- angled triangle is 2 π/5 radians. Express the angles in degrees. I’ve multipled 2 π/5 * 180/ π and got the result 72 degree But the answer is 81 degree and 9 degree. Please explain me!!!

11th grade Physics
A long,straight current-carrying wire runs from north to south. A) A compass needle placed above the wire points with its N-pole toward the east. In what direction is the current flowing? B) If a compass is put underneath the wire, which direction will the compass neddle point?

11th grade Physics
If you hold a bar magnet in each hand and bring your hands together, will the force be attractive or repulsive if the magnets arte held so that A) the tow north poles are brought close together? B) a north pole and a south pole are brought together?

11th Grade Chemistry Redox
I’m studying Redox Chapter. In this chapter I came across a point regarding oxidation. “Loss of electron results in decrease in negative charge” e.g MnO^2- = MnO^- + e^- 2Cl^- = Cl2 + 2e^- S^2- = S + 2e^- Now first tell me what does "2e^-" means secondly in the third ...

Chemistry 11th Grade
If a certain oxide of nitrogen weighing 0.11g gives 56 ml of nitrogen and another oxide of nitrogen weighing 0.15 g gives the same volume of nitrogen (both at STP), show that these results support the law of multiple proportions.

11th grade Algebra 2
A large pizza from Papa's Pizzeria has a diameter of 18 inches. If each large pizza is cut into 10 equal slices, what is the approximate area of 3 slices of pizza in square inches?

11th grade Algebra 2
Some students want to order shirts with their school logo. One company charges $9.65 per shirt a setup fee of $43. Another company charges $8.40 per shirt plus a $58 fee. For what number of shirts would the cost be the same?

11th grade Algebra 2
A retaurant sold a total of 418 largeand small hanburgers during one day. Total hamburger sales were $1077. Large hamburgers sold for $3, and small hamburgers sold for $1.50. Write a system of liner equations can be used to find, l, the numberof large hamburgers sold, and s, ...

11th grade Algebra 2
At a college bookstore, Carla purchased a math textbook and a novel thjat cost a total of $54, not including tax. If the price if the math textbook, m, is $8 more than 3 times the price of the novel, n, write a system of linear equations that could be used to determine the ...

11th grade-physics
a cannon with a mass of 1,500kg fired a 7kg cannonball along its 3m long barrel in 0.015 seconds a)calculate the acceleration of the cannonball b)the force acting on the cannonball c) the reaction force exerted on the cannon d)the acceleration of the cannon e) the distance the...

classroom instruction
Search the Internet to locate and review your state’s educational standards for a grade level and subject that interests you, such as second-grade language arts or fifth-grade science. i need help finding information on the state of wisconsin and 1st grade P.E.

Math - average grade
Does anyone know how to calculate average point grade? I have the following data: grade D - 2 students - 4,9 percent grade C - 6 students - 14,7 percent grade B - 12 students - 29,2 percent grade A - 21 students - 51,2 percent What is the average grade? This is NOT my homework...

11th grade economics
Since capital are means of production e.g. machinery, how does that relate to the reward being interest? Business owners borrow money and pay interest but how does capital goods reward interest to business owners?

Physics 11th grade
Squaw Valley ski area in California claims that its lifts can move 48700 people per hour. If the average lift carries people about 185 m (vertically) higher, estimate the maximum total power needed. (Assume an average mass per person of 70 kg.)

11th grade
If the coefficient of kinetic friction between a 30 kg crate and the floor is 0.35, what horizontal force is required to move the crate at a steady speed across the floor? wHAT HORIZONTAL FORCE IS REQUIRED IF MUK IS ZERO?

11th grade
A sign is being held up by two walls which are 22ft apart. You want the sign, which has a mass of 200kg, to hang in the middle of the two walls. If you have 50ft of rope, which has a breaking point of 2200N, and you want the sign to hang in equilibrium, all the while pleasig ...

11th grade
how do i solve this thermochemical equation? and what r the steps to it 1. Find the heat of reaction for the following equation. N2(g) + 2 O2(g) -> N2O4(g) given the following steps 2NO2(g) -> N2(g)+ 2O2(g) delta H=-84.8 kj N2O4(g)-> 2NO2(g) delta H= 72.8 kj if you ...

11th grade
When a wheel is rotated through an angle of 35, a point on the circumference travels through an arc length of 2.5m. When the wheel is rotated through angles of 35 rad and 35 rev, the same point travels through arc lengths of 143 m and 9.0 x 10 m, respectively. What is the ...

11th grade
I REALLY need help on math because I can't understand what my teacher is saying in class. Here's the question : Sixteen metres of fencing are available to enclose a rectangular garden. a) represent the area of the garden as a function of the legnth of one side. b) graph the ...

11th grade math
Suppose you earn $7.21 per hour and plan to work "h" hours per week. write an expression using variables that models the amount of money you will earn each week. Then, suppose you earn $10 in tips per week, regardless of the hours you work. How does this change the equation

11th grade
A monitor displays the graph y = 3 sin 5x. What will be the amplitude after a dilation of 2? I am so confused.....can somebody please help me.... please??? I know the graoh of sin x but what is dilation? can somebody please explain????

US history
Hi, I have an assignment to write a research paper of my choice. I chose september 11th but I need to come up with my own prompt. I came up with this one To what extent did the tragic attack of September 11th effect our nation as a whole, as well as terrorism around the world...

11th grade
A lifeguard was staring at a ship in the distance, and watched the smokestack as the ship went out to sea. The lifeguard's eye level is 4 meters above sea level. If the height of the smoke stack above water is 30 meters and the radius of earth is about 6400km, how far off from...

11th grade Algebra II
if the roots of ax^2+bx+c=0 are real, rational, and equal, what is true about the graph of y= ax^2+bx+c? 1.) it intersects the x-axis at two distinct points. 2.) it lies entirely below the x-axis 3.) it lies entirely above the x-axis 4.) it is tangent to the x-axis i think the...

11th grade Algebra II
Chad had a garden that was in the shape of a rectangle. Its length was twice its width. He decided to make a new garden that was 2 feet longer and 2 feet wider than his first garden. If x represents the original width of the garden, which expression represents the difference ...

11th grade-World Geography
In the movie "Cry Freedom": 1)who was the speaker at soccer game & why did the police pick him up? 2)Where did Biko's wife hide subversive documents? 3) Who did police pick up on street? 4) What happened to this person? 5)How did the news report on the radio describe the raid ...

Physics Plans Project (11th Grade)
I'm doing a physics project where I have to find plans for a device and then build it and type a report demonstrating the physics behind it. However, the materials can't cost more than $75 total. I'm having trouble finding any plans, especially ones that are interesting, ...

11th grade
A person, who weighs 688N, swings from a cliff at the end of a convenient vine that is 18m long. From the top of the cliff to the bottom of the swing he descends by 3.2m. The vine will break if the force on it exceeds 950N. a) Does the vine break? b) If no, what is the ...

11th grade-Math!
an air traffic controller spots two planes at the same altitude flying towards one another. their flight paths form a right angle at point p. One plane is 150 miles from point p and is moving 450mph. the other plane is moving at 450mph but is 200 miles from point p. write the ...

11th grade ..CHEMISTRY
This is a Quantitative Redox titration. (KMnO4) = 1.8 G.. 500 ML after the experiment we had to record the data of the 3 trials. 1. Trial - VolUme FeSO4 = 10.00 Ml - VOlume KMnO4 11.00 Ml 2. Trial - VolUme FeSO4 = 10.00 ML - VOlume KMnO4 11.15 Ml and we ran outa the solution...

11th grade math algebra 2 trig
Dr. Bob222 I am sorry for my improper use of grammar. (not intended in a smart alike way.) you are buying beads and string to make a necklace. The string coast $1.50; A pack of 10 decorative beads costs $0.50; And a pack of 25 plain beads costs $0.75. You can only spend $7.00 ...

11th grade math algebra 2 trig
you are buying beads and string to make a necklace. the string coast $1.50 a pack of 10 decorative beads costs $0.50 and a pack of 25 plain beads costs $0.75 you can only spend $7.00 and you need 150 beads you wish the necklace to be as decrative as possiable how many packs of...

11th grade math algebra 2 trig
the tens digit of a two digit number is 6 more than the units digit. the number is 36 more than the number when the digits are reversed/ what is the number?

11th grade math
I Need help with the following question: If moe has 3x as many singles as larry, and Larry has 4X as many doubles as curly. How many singles and doubles did they each have. They only got singles and doubles. They all had the same number of singles and doubles and the total ...

11th grade
The arch of a bridge is a semi ellipse, the span is thirty feet and the top of the arch is ten feet above the major axis. the roadway is horizontal and is two feet above the arch. find the vertical distance from the roadway to the arch at five feet intervals in order to ...

11th grade English urgent
actually i am not clear about the question too. we have done a story of N. Scott Mamaday where he describes about his horse which he later sells to a Spainish man. He says " I knew where the journey was begun, that it was a learning of the beginning, that the beginning was ...

English Paper 11th Grade
I am writing a paper on college athletics vs academics. Below is my introductory sentences. Let me know if it catches your attention or if any changes are needed. Thanks, Britney Are colleges sending the wrong message when they give a student athlete a full scholorship because...

it says solve for all real solutions, compute inverse functions to 4 sigfigs. cos^2x=3-5cosx Devon, what grade level are these questions from? I am having the same problems as with your 9:14 post. Please see my partial solution in the post to bobpursely at 10:54 Devon, I have ...

Further Mathematics
The first term of a g.p is 7 while the common ratio is 3.find the 11th term.

The sum of n tearm of two arithmetic progressions are in the ratio (7n+1):(4n+27).Find the ratio of their 11th terms

Math Word Problem
Riding on a school bus are 20 students in ninth grade, 10 students in tenth grade, 9 students in eleventh grade, and 7 students in twelfth grade. Approximately what percent of students on the bus are in ninth grade? How do I go about solving this?

US History
If you have a map of 19th century US and the names of the states are changed to Irish names, ie: Irish Sea , Mulligan, etc. And the question was to compare the map to a typical US map, would you answer with just explaining the obvious changes, or is there some hidden message ...

Business Mathematics
Find the sum of first thirteen terms of a linear sequence whose 8th term is 18 and 11th term is 24.

English 11th
What prevents the spaniards from succedding in their effort to leave the island?

An oil company operates two Southern refineries. The Alabama facility produces 500 barrels of high-grade oil and 200 barrels of medium-grade oil per day. The Texas facility produces 600 barrels of high-grade and 400 barrels of medium-grade oil per day. By operating each ...

bus one had half of the grade eight students and 6 grade seven students, bus two had 15 grade seven students and one-third of grade eight students, how many students are there in grade 8

If someone has an 88% in a class and their total quiz grade is 95%, if they were to have a 2% extra credit added to their grade, could their total grade become a 90%? // They think it may have a score similar to 8/5 or 9/5. This is just a regular question for a friend. Any ...

11th grade physics
The magnetic field strength along the axis (x'ox) of a solenoid is measured ( o being the center of the solenoid). The adjacent graph represent the length: (The graph represents the variation of B (mT) as a function of x (cm). The numbers on the y axis are 1 2 3 and on the x ...

I was just wondering... So like, my teacher drops the lowest grade every new term and when my teacher dropped my lowest grade which says "no count" next to it, my grade went down. Is this possible?

If 5 times 5th term is equal to the 6times the 6th term of an arithmetic sequence,then its 11th is?.

11th grade physics
Multiple choice (show your work if any):  1) Two point charges q1=-10^-5 C and q2=-9×10^-5 C are placed respectively at two points A and B 40 cm apart. The electric field is null at a point C of [AB] such that :  a) AC=50cm b) AC=10cm c) AC=20cm d) point C doesn't exist  2...

11th Grade physics
Multiple choice (show your work if any):  1) Two point charges q1=-10^-5 C and q2=-9×10^-5 C are placed respectively at two points A and B 40 cm apart. The electric field is null at a point C of [AB] such that :  a) AC=50cm b) AC=10cm c) AC=20cm d) point C doesn't exist  2...

physics 11th class
Calculate the power of a crane in watts which lifts a man of 100kg to a height of 10m in 20sec

11th grade physics
Multiple choice (show your work if any): 1) Two point charges q1=-10^-5 C and q2=-9×10^-5 C are placed respectively at two points A and B 40 cm apart. The electric field is null at a point C of [AB] such that : a) AC=50cm b) AC=10cm c) AC=20cm d) point C doesn't exist 2) Same...

How many 7th grade students are expected to move by the end of the year? If 12 students actually moved, did more or fewer 7th-grade students move than expected? Justify your answer. 6th-grade # of students: 250 % moves: 2% 7th-grade # of students 200 % moves: 4% 8th-grade # of...

for the sequence 1,4,7,11,13 find the 11th term of the sequence solution; Tn=a+(n-1)d T11=1+(11-1)3 1+(10)3 30

At Jefferson School, both 6th grade & 7th grade classes take a math test. The average score for the 6th grade is 80 and for the 7th grade is 90. If there are twice as many students, in the 7th grade as there is in the 6th grade, what is the average test score for both grades ...

Assume earth travels in UCM in orbit around the sun R=1.50 x 10 to the 11th power m T-365.25

literature for kids
Picture books are usually written on a __________ reading level. A. kindergarten B. first-grade C. third-grade D. fifth-grade A?

Aakash model sr sec school
project on Maggie for class 11th of six months

A student needed to get a final grade of 90 to get a grade of A for the semester. He scored 83, 85, 92, 86, and 87. If the last two scores would be counted as one score. What is the least grade the student would need to get to get a final grade of A? Is the answer 45?

A student needed to get a final grade of 90 to get a grade of A for the semester. If the last two scores would be counted as one score. What is the least grade the student would need to get to get a final grade of A? Is the answer 45? /

What is the 11th term of the following geometric sequence? Enter a whole number 7/9,-7/3,7,-21,63

11th maths
Log243-log64-log3 with the base 3,2,root3 give me a simplify of these

Question is that if u win 5 dollars then 25 on the second day then 125 on third how much do u have on 11th day

First two terms of AP are -5 and -7.find its 11th term

mathematics concepts
Fraction symbols can usually be safely introduced A. at the beginning of third grade. B. near the end of first grade. C. near the end of third grade. D. at the beginning of second grade. my answer is c.

Giving the following progression. 4,6,8,10 and then find a)10th,b)11th,c)26th

Allie noticed that to get her test grade, she could take Valerie's grade, multiply it by 2 and subtract 15. If Valerie's test grade was x, how would you write Allie's test grade?

Math, Geometry
The percent grade of a highway is the amount that the highway raises or falls in a given horizontal distance. For example, a highway with a four percent grade rises 0.04 mile for every 1 mile of horizontal distance. a. How many feet does a highway with a six percent grade rise...

The percent grade of a highway is the amount that the highway raises or falls in a given horizontal distance. For example, a highway with a four percent grade rises 0.04 mile for every 1 mile of horizontal distance. a. How many feet does a highway with a six percent grade rise...

The first term of an AP is 8. The ratio of d 11th term to the 7th term is 5:8 calculate the common difference

Suzan has a 69 as her grade in a class. If she does a quiz worth 9% of her grade what will her grade be?

It says sam test scores for the making period were 60,89,83,99,95,60 Suppose that sams teacher decided to base the marking period grade on the mean. What grade would sam earn? Do you think this is a fair grade explain your reasoning?

5th grade math
In the fourth grade class at Baker Elementary, 9 students are left-handed. The fifth grade has 7 left-handed students and the sixth grade has 6. The number of students in the fourth grade is 3 times the number of left-handed students in the class. The sixth grade has 3 more ...

Approximately 15% of the students in ST130 obtain A grade. If 3 students are selected at random, find the probability that a)all of them obtain A grade in ST130. b)Exactly 2 obtain A grade in ST130. c)at least one obtain A grade in ST130

Probability Math
A committee of four students will be selected from a list that contains six Grade 9 students and eight Grade 10 students. What is the expected number of Grade 10 students on the committee?

Able starts off counting at 13, and counts by 7. What is the 11th number that Able will say?

An elementary school collected a total of 240 cans during a food drive. Grade 3 students collected 1/3 of all the cans grade 4 students collected 52 cans, and the rest of the cans were collected by grade 5 students. How many cans did grade 5 collect? A.28 B.80 C.108 D.188

Physics 11th grade 'Heat' `
1) While Laurie is boiling water to cook spaghetti, the phone rings, and all 1.5 kg of water boils away during her conversation.If the water was initially at 15℃, how much heat must have been gained for all of it to turn into a water vapor? 2)By January, the 3.0 kg of ...

Physics 11th grade 'Heat' .
Finishing his ginger ale, Ramesh stands at party holding his insulated foam cup that has nothing in it but 0.100 kg of ice at 0℃. 1) In sentence above, How much more heat must be gained to raise the temperature of the melted ice to room temperature of 23.0℃? 2)...

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