10th Grade

  1. democratic politics 10th grade cbse
    1list 4 demerits of democracy? 2Explain 4 challenges faced by democracy? 3. Analyze political outcomes of demo? 4. Why is democracy better than dictatorship 5. what is significance of oppositions in political parties? 6. suggest 4 methods to reform political parties? 7. ...
  2. 10th Maths ch-polynomials
    Obtain all zeros of f(x)= x3 + 13x2 + 32x + 20, if one of it's zero is -2
  3. 3rd grade
    There are 33 students in the band. There are 6 more fifth-grade students than third-grade students. There are an equal number of third- and fourth-grade students. How many third-grade students are in the band?
  4. english
    I need you to grade my paper for me . I don't have a car and I don't know the area well enough to ask anyone to grade it for me I just want you to grade it for me. and leave the red marks on it for me so I can correct it my self and send it back to me through email. If it's ok...
  5. American history
    I understand what the 10th amendment of the constitution is, but what would be some examples?
  6. 10th grade Literature
    Ok, I have to answer questions on these 2 poems, and I can't figure them out... The Golf Links Lie So Near The Mill by Sarah N. Cleghorn The golf links lie so near the mill That almost every day The working children can look out And see the men at play. And the 2nd... Earth by...
  7. 10th grade
    what is the antonym and synonym of anti-federalists, bill of rights, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea party, Carpetbagger, Checks and Balances, Confederacy, Declaration of Independence, Egalitarianism, Emancipation Proclamation, Enlightenment, Federalism, Federalists, Judicizry Act...
  8. 10th
    what rate willl an amount double itself in 20 years at simple interest?
  9. English Expression
    What grade/year are you in? I'm in the first grade in middle school. I'm a first grader in middle school. I'm in the 7th grade. I'm a 7th grader. ----------------------- Are the answers all acceptable? Which one is commonly used? Can we use both 'grade' and 'year'?
  10. working with data
    josephs final averages in science class are shown in the table below. homework % toward final grade-20% average-93 quizzes % toward final grade-20% average-92 tests % toward final grade-40% average-85 final exam % toward final grade-20% average-? what is the minimum score ...
  11. english
    when writing the word GRADE ONE in a sentence...would it be Grade One (where there both capital) Grade one (where only grade is capital) or grade one (where none are capital)
  12. English
    I need some recommendations for a challenging book for an voracious reader who can read advanced books and understand them. Somewhere of a reading level of 8th,9th or 10th.
  13. history
    1. How literally [exactly; word for word] did Jefferson think the 10th Amendment to the Constitution should be interpreted [explained]?
  14. physics-energy conservation
    some people refer to heat as "low grade energy. a)how is low grade energy different from high grade energy? b)give two example of high grade energy When heating a cup of tea, which would be preferable...a stove with a burner on top, or a heating pad? High grade energy is ...
  15. math / linear programming
    Two factories manufacture 3 different grades of paper. The company that owns the factories has contracts to supply at least 16 tons of low grade, 5 tons of medium grade, and at least 20 tons of high grade paper. It costs $1000 per day to operate the first factory and $2000 per...
  16. Math
    Homework grades are 5% of the overall grade. Lab work is 15% of the overall grade. Tests are 60% of the overall grade. The Final is 20% of the overall grade. Could a student that has a 75 homework average, 80 lab average, 40 test average, and 50 on the final pass the course? ...
  17. math
    i don't get problems like y=-2x. and y=3x-1 what is 15.02499 rounded to the nearest tenth what is 15.02499 rounded to the nearest tenth Oh geez, it's been a whole summer since I tried this. But if I'm not mistaken isn't it 15.0 ? Please correct me anyone if I am wrong. But I ...
  18. Math
    . A school has conducted an exam for the 8th grade and published the results in the table. Find the measure of the central angle that would represent the percent of students who took German in the 8th grade.
  19. Math
    Two out of every 7 7th grade students are in the chorus. Estimate the probability of randomly selecting 3 7th grade students and having at least one student be in the chorus. Which of the following tools could be used to simulate this situation? A bag of marbles A coin A 6 ...
  20. grade
    How to figure out a grade 19 out of 25.
  21. English
    1. In grade seven, what did he become? 2. In grade seven, what did he become of his school? 3. He became the captain of his school. [#3 is the answer either #1 or #2. Are both answers correct? Which one is the better of the two?]
  22. Algebra 1
    Please, I am very confused in the Systems of Equations and Inequalities Unit Test that is only 27 questions. The test starts with: 1.Which graph represents the solution to the given system? y = –x + 2 and y = 3x – 1 I am in 8th grade but take 9th grade algebra
  23. Math
    A rubber ball is dropped from the top of a building, which is 40 ft. above the ground. Each time the ball hits the sidewalk, it rebounds 77% of its previous height. How high will the ball rebound after its sixth bounce? Round your answer to the nearest 10th. 8.3 ft. 10.5 ft. ...
  24. Maths lit,English, Afrikaans, geography, history t
    Am a students from Nigel secondary schools am doing grade 11 with the subject stated above after my grade 12 I don't know what to study .please any idea or option it would be a great help .thank you
  25. Math
    A sixth grader weighs 90 pounds, which is 120% of what he weighed in fourth grade. How much did he weigh in fourth grade? He weighed _____ pounds in fourth grade.
  26. Math
    Congratulations! You were the 10th caller on the KMTH morning show and you just won $9,000.00. After you calm down, you decide to put the money into a bank account so that you will have even more money for a trip to Europe. Snurling Bank tells you that they will pay 8% per ...
  27. english
    Identify the correct sentence. a. Have you spoken to your professor about your grade in English class? b. Have you spoken to your prof about your grade in english class? c. Have you spoken to your Professor about your grade in English class? d. Have you spoken to your Prof. ...
  28. Statistics
    Suppose that grade point averages of undergraduate students at one university have a bell-shaped distribution with a mean of 2.62 and a standard deviation of 0.43. Using the empirical rule, what percentage of the students have grade point averages that are at least 3.48? ...
  29. College Algebra
    A local road has a grade of 4%. The grade of a road is its slope expressed as a percent. a. Find the slope of the road as a fraction and then simplify the fraction. b. What rise and run would reflect this slope or grade?
  30. Mathematics
    If the sum of 3th and 8th terms of an A.p is 7 and the sum of 7th and 14th term is -3,find the 10th term .
  31. math
    Simplify 4 to the 7th over 5 squared all raised to the 3rd power. 4 to the 10th over 5 to the 5th 4 to the 4th over 5 4 to the 21st over 5 to the 6th 12 to the 7th over 15 squared
  32. math
    if the third term of an AP is 12 and the seventh term is 24, then the 10th term will be?
  33. Maths (srithematic progression)
    If the 4th term of an A.P is twice the 8th term, prove that the 10th term is twice the 11th term.
  34. geometric progression
    3. The 5th term of an AP is 8 and the 10th term is -7, find the 20th term and 50th term of an AP.
  35. math
    1.What is the 10th term of 1/2, 1, 3/2, 5/2 2. What is the 15th term of 0.3, 0.9, 0.15 3. What is the 80th term of 8, 13, 21, 29
  36. math
    calculate the first ten term of an Arithmetic progression whose 5th term is 24 and the difference the 7th and 10th term is 15
  37. Albegra
    diego wrote one equation to find a missing angle measure.Write three more equations to solve the same problem 180 grade - -------=48 grade
  38. Math
    An arithmetic sequence has a first term of 0 and a 10th term of 15. If 10 is an output of the sequence, which term number is it? Show and explain how you know you have the correct answer.
  39. math
    George need to move $2 million out of the country. The dimensions of a US bill is 2.61 inches by 6.14 inches by 0.0043 inches. How many cubic feet will this be in $5 bills? Round answer to the nearest 10th.
  40. Math
    A certain medicine requires 10 mg per 40 kg of weight. How much medicine is required for a patient that weighs 203 pounds? Round answer to the nearest 10th. Use Unit Abbreviations for Units
  41. math
    A certain medicine requires 10 mg per 10 kg of weight. How much medicine is required for a patient that weighs 273 pounds? Round answer to the nearest 10th. Use Unit Abbreviations for Units.
  42. Math
    For the following questions the US population in 2008 was 304 million. Round each answer to the nearest 10th of a million. How big was the Labor Force in November 2008? What was the size of the Labor force in the previous month? What was the size of the labor in year before?
  43. Math
    For the following questions the US population in 2008 was 04 million. Round each answer to the nearest 10th of a million. How big was the Labor Force in November 2008? What was the size of the Labor force in the previous month? What was the size of the labor in year before?
  44. Math
    A store marked up the cost of a dress from $47.26 to $108.70.   What is the percent markup for this a dress?  Round answer to nearest 10th.
  45. mathematics
    The sum of first and the second terms of an ap is 4 and the 10th is 19.find the sum of the 5th and 6th terms.
  46. h.p.
    find the h.p. whose 6th term is 1 and 10th term is 5. find 15th term of the series also.
  47. Pre Algebra Review
    Thirty-five students belong to the science club. This 1/4 the number in the 5 sections of the eighth grade. How many students are in the eight grade? How many in each section if each section has the same number of students?
  48. Math
    In math class, a student has an average grade of 85% for five tests so far. What grade must that student earn on the next test to reach an average grade of 90% for all six tests?
  49. Math
    The average score on a recent test was 75%. One of the students earned a grade of 93% while another student earned a grade of 78%. A total of 23 students took the test. Find the average grade of the remaining 21 students.
  50. math
    An arithmetic series is such that the 10th term is 40 and the sum of the first 10 terms is 265. Find the sum of the first 20 terms.
  51. Math
    A radioactive substance decays to the formula N=8e^-0.6t , where N is the number of milligrams present after t hours. Determine the initial amount of the substance to the nearest 10th of an hour, determine the half life of the substance, and determine the number of hours for 0...
  52. Math
    The sums of n terms of two arithmetic series are in ratio of 2n+1:2n-1. Find the ratio of their 10th terms.
  53. Personal question
    How would you deal with someone that has been bullying you since fourth grade? I have talked to adults talked to councelors and I have talked to his mother who happened to be my fifth grade teacher yet he is still at it. I don't want to seem like a baby and file a no contact ...
  54. Science
    So I have an 89% in my science class and we took a test worth 15 points. I only got 8 correct which is an F. I have 2 A's, a B, and a D as the other grades in the grade book. How will this F affect my grade? I need it to stay a B
  55. math
    Each test grade in Sara's science class counts for 1/6 of the final grade. The final exam counts for 1/2. Sara's test scores are 72, 84, and 90. Her final exam score is 90. What is Sara's final grade for the class? A) 83 B) 86 C) 87 D) 89
  56. Math
    A fertilizer covers 5/8 square foot in 1/4 hour. i don't understand how to work out this math problem. By the way i'm in 6th grade but technically doing advanced math so i'm doing 7th grade math. I don't know how to do this
  57. Math
    Hello everyone! I'm a 10th grader and I scored a 3331 on my math scantron performance series test.... is this good, average or bad? Thanks! -a
  58. Math
    In​ Marissa's calculus​ course, attendance counts for 10​% of the​ grade, quizzes count for 20​% of the​ grade, exams count for 55​% of the​ grade, and the final exam counts for 15% of the grade. Marissa had a 100% average for&#...
  59. Math
    A nut wholesaler sell two types of mixes of cashews and peanuts. He makes low-grade mix containing 8 pound of peanuts and 4 pound of cashews and high-grade mixer containing 6 pound of peanuts and 6 pound of cashews. Let x and y denote the numbers of low-grade and high-grade ...
  60. SAT Prep's
    A survey asked students from grades 8 and 9 about their favorite sport. The table contains data from the survey. Baseball Basketball Football Hockey Soccer Grade 8 8 2 12 3 5 Grade 9 6 3 10 2 4 The percentage of 8th grade students who said football is their favorite sport is...
  61. Math
    When you have a 76% in math and you need to get your grade up to a b and daily assignments are 10% and quizzes are 80%. How will I get my grade up to a b in 5 weeks
  62. Ap series
    Sum of first six term of an ap is 46 ratio of its 10th term to that of 30th term is 1:3. Find its 13th term
  63. mathematics
    the 10th term of an arithmetic sequence is equal to the sum of 40 and 5th term.If the 15th term is 127 what is its common difference?what is its first term?what is the sum of the first 30 terms.
  64. RE
    I am going to take the Regents Algebra 1(Common Core)and I'd like to know whether a certain procedure of mine could lower my grade. When solving linear equations I do this: x+2=20 I just pass the 2 negative to the other side without subtracting it from the left . Can this ...
  65. math
    Are trigonometric functions taught in 11th grade, if so ,is it wrong that i wasn't tought that topic in 11th grade????plz help!!!!
  66. Maths
    This is KINDA a homework question, but would it be a good idea to review the topics learnt in seventh grade for maths before going into eighth grade? Thanks :)
  67. English grammar
    What is the prepositional phrase is the following: 1. We were doing a mathematical test when the fire alarm rang yesterday. 2.The new girl in our ESL class has a brother I grade 7 and a sister in grade 9. 3.I didn't know what time it was so I very late to class. 4.To build a ...
  68. Maths
    bus one had half of the grade eight students and 6 grade seven students, bus two had 15 grade seven students and one-third of grade eight students, how many students are there in grade 8
  69. math
    Mercy must obtain an average mark of at least 85 to get an A grade in her mathematics examination,out of the four examinations she obtained 80,85 and 82 in the first three. Find the mark she must obtain on the fourth examination of to enable her get an A grade.
  70. 8th grade algebra 1 b
    Does anyone have the answers to the Unit 4 Lesson 10 test? The connection academy eighth grade one. It is the Quadratic Functions and Equations Unit Test that has 24 questions. Thanks.
  71. Economics
    A student taking economics, statistics, and finance has decided to spend 9 hours per week studying. The objective is to maximize the average grade, which means maximizing the total grade in the three courses. 1. How should the student allocate her time
  72. java programming
    Test Average and Grade Write a program that asks the user to enter five test scores. The program should display a letter grade for each score and the average test score. Write the following methods in the program: • calcAverage—This method should accept five test scores as...
  73. math
    the 10th,4th and 1st term of an A.P are the three consecutive numbers of a G.P and the sum of the 1st 6 terms ;take 4 as the 1st term
  74. Math
    In the figure KE is parallel to LF which is parallel to MG which is parallel to NH etc Also DK:KL= 2:1 DL:LM= 2:1 DM:MN= 2:1 etc If KE= 2cm,calculate the length of the 10th parallel line,rounded off to one decimal. (N.B NH is the 4th parallel line)
  75. math
    **In the Figure KE is parallel to LF which is parallel to MG which is parallel to NH etc. Also DK: KL= 2:1 DL:LM = 2:1 DM: MN=2:1 etc If KE = 2 cm , calculate the length of the 10th parallel line,rounded off to one decimal place.(N.B NH is the 4th parallel line)
  76. Math
    I have a 92 average right now. I got a 93 on a major grade test, but my teacher has not posted the grade in Skyward yet. Will my average get lower or higher?
  77. dramatic art .tourism. history and math lit
    I'm doing grade 11 next year grade 12 I don't know which job can do with this subject pls help me to found more information about it plss
  78. English 10th grade
    1. Read the prompt below. Consider your position on the issue. Then write an essay response. You have 30 minutes to complete this assignment. Your assignment will be graded based on the Persuasive Prompt Grading Rubric. The rubric can be found in your Unit Resources. Prompt It...
  79. Science
    What should I take next year? I am in the 5th grade. I want to know what classes i should take for 6th grade.
  80. math
    a student’s grade in a class is simply the mean of five 100-point exams a. If the student has grades of 77, 73, 97, and 89 on the first four exams, what is the students’ grade before taking the last exam? b. What is the lowest score that the student can earn on the last ...
  81. Math
    Joely's Tea Shop, a store that specializes in tea blends, has available 45 pounds of A grade tea and 70 pounds of B grade tea. These will be blended into 1 pound packages as follows: A breakfast blend that contains one third of a pound of A grade tea and two thirds of a pound...
  82. math
    If I have an 89 and get a 70 on something that is worth 50% of my grade what would my grade become
  83. Maths
    The first Arthmatic sequence is 23 and the 12th term is 72. Determine the first three terms in the sequence and the nth term and also Determine the Value of 10th term
  84. input output
    I'm in 12th grade. But I find this 6th grade problem a bit CHALLENGING. X: 4 12 Blank Blank Y: 6 18 Blank 60 Someone please solve this. Like.. WHAT. (Solve the blanks)
  85. math
    The 10th term of an arithmetic progress in 28 and the 7th term is 19.calculate the 1st,2nd and 3rd terms of the progression
  86. maths
    The fifth term of an arithmetic sequence is 23 and the 12th term is 72. What is the value of the 10th term. Which term has a value of 268.
  87. maths
    The fifth term of an arithmetic sequence is 23 and 12th term is 72. And they say 1. Determine the first three terms of the sequences and the nth term. 2. What is the value of the 10th term. 3. Which term has a value of 268.
  88. maths
    The fifth term of an arithmetic sequence is 23 and the 12th term is 72. And they say first question 1.determine the first three terms of the sequences and the nth term. 2.what is the value of the 10th term. 3. Which term has a value of 268.
  89. Modernist Poetry
    I want to write a modernist poem about struggles, future, stress. How everything I do in grade 12 will affect my future. The amount of pressure that is put onto me by my parents to get into university. I need a lot of help. I've always struggled with poems. I really need help...
  90. maths
    a cube of material of side 3cm ( nearest mm) and mass 27 grams (nearest 10th of a gram) is placed into a bowl of deep water. Will the material sink or float? explain answer with suitable calcuations
  91. math
    sarah sailed 12 miles due south from a buoy. Then she sailed 11 miles due west. How far was she from the buoy. estimate to the nearest 10th.
  92. 5th grade math
    The fifth-grade class at John Adams Middle School earned $428.81 at their school carnival. The money is being divided between 23 students to help pay for their class trip. How much money will each student receive? Round to the nearest hundredth. is it $18.60 ?
  93. Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin
    The 10th, 4th and 1st terms of an AP are the three consecutive terms of a GP. find the common ratio of the GP and the sum of the 1st six terms, taking the 1st term of the AP to be 4?
  94. Math
    I can grade 5 papers in 45 minutes how many papers can I grade in 1.5 hours
  95. Grades
    If I have an 82 in a class right now and a test is 50% of my grade but I get a C what would my total grade in the class be
  96. PreCalculas help
    Suppose you sign a contract for an annual salary of $50,000 with a guaranteed raise of 5% each year. 1.Write your salary for the next n years as a geometric sequence in explicit form. 2.What will your salary be in year 5? 3.How much will you have earned in total salary by the ...
  97. pre algebra
    in a math class with 31 students 27 earned a passing grade in a biology class with 21 students 17 earned a passing grade... what fraction of the math students earned a passing grade
  98. Simple interest math
    How many years will it take to double an investment if the annual simple interest rate is 5.3%? Round to the nearest 10th.
  99. Samuel
    The 10th term of an A.P is -27 and the 5th term is -12.what is 18th term?also find sum of it's 25terms
  100. Computer/Math
    In an examination five pass grade and one fail is awarded a. For mark between 70 and 100 b. For mark between 60 and 69 c. For mark between 50 and 59 d. For mark between 45 and 49 e. For mark between 40 and 44. Write a program to input an mark for a student and print the grade...
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