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english 11
In which sentence is the underlined phrase a prepositional phrase functioning as an adjective? My sister was born in Chicago. She went to boarding school in Coventry. My sister moved away in 2009. Her grades gave my sister a place in the top rank of her class. 7. Read the ...

english 11
In which sentence is the underlined phrase a prepositional phrase functioning as an adjective? My sister was born in Chicago. She went to boarding school in Coventry. My sister moved away in 2009. Her grades gave my sister a place in the top rank of her class. 7. Read the ...

For which of the following crimes would release on recognizance most likely be ordered? A. Murders B. Rapes C. Robberies D. Petty thefts is it D

1. The right to a grand jury can be found in which Constitutional amendment? A. Fourth B. Fifth C. Sixth D. Fourteenth is it B 2. Which of the following is a method of pretrial release where the defendant promises to show up when required, without having to pay money? A. Bail ...

1. For defense counsel to be considered ineffective, the defense attorney must: A. perform adequately. B. prejudice the defendant. C. be a public defender. D. only be unreasonable under prevailing professional norms. im confused between B and D 2. Which of the following is NOT...

Physics help quick!
22. What does it mean for a force to act in accordance with an inverse square law? The square of the force is inversely proportional to the distance. The force decreases if the distance increases. The force is directly proportional to 1/r2 where r is the distance. The force is...

Science check answer quick!
I really do not understand Number 7 Which of these does Newton's law of universal gravitation imply? (Points : 1) The force of gravity between two objects is inversely proportional to the product of the two masses. <-- Earth's gravity acts on people inside a space station ...

Can someone please help me? :) 1. Which of the following best describes the beliefs of Andrew Jackson? (1 point) States’ rights should be exercised over federal law. Federal funds should be kept in a national bank. The nation should have a strong federal government. Force ...

Consider the following reaction: CH3X + Y  CH3Y + X At 25oC, the following two experiments were run, yielding the following data: Experiment 1 : [Y]0 = 3.0 M [CH3X] Time(hr) 7.08 x 10-3M 1.0 4.52 x 10-3M 1.5 2.23 x 10-3M 2.3 4.76 x 10-4M 4.0 8.44 x 10-5M 5.7 2.75 x 10-...

Language Arts
Anybody out there from 7th grade connections academy??! need help checking my answers!!: 1. The author's tone in this editorial is (1 point) sad humorous compassionate angry 2. What is the key phrase used to signal a comparison or contrast in the following statement? "After ...

Hooke's law states that it takes a force equal to kΔx is required to stretch a sorting a distance Δx beyond its rest length. A) determine a formula in terms of k & Δx that represents the amount of work required to stretch a spring to a distance Δx. Hint: ...

World Geograpy
1. With regard to British influences on India, which of the following statements is true? A. The common name for the British Indian Empire was the "British Raj." B. The British East India Company ruled India after a sepoy rebellion in 1867. C. The British Indian Army was not ...

1. Which of the following is NOT an essential element of the Miranda warnings? A. “You have the right to remain silent.” B. “You have the right to an attorney.” C. “If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.” D. “You have the right to stop ...

3. There is a/an ______________ exception to Miranda warnings if a threat exists to third parties. A. exigent circumstances B. public safety C. emergency D. impracticality im confused between A and B 4. When identification procedures violate constitutional provisions, the ...

1. Interrogations and confessions are protected by which of the following Constitutional amendments? A. Fifth B. Sixth C. Fourteenth D. All of the above is it D 2. Which of the following is NOT considered a “criminal proceeding”? A. A trial B. Juvenile delinquency hearing ...

office finances
who usually signs a collection letter a.a law enforcement officer b.the office professional c.a lawyer d.the executive my answer is a

Factors that may elevate a nonstop to a stop include: A. whether the suspect attempted to leave. B. the number of officers present. C. display of weaponry. D. All of the above im confused between C and D 2. The balancing test used to justify administrative searches involves ...

4. Which of the following is NOT considered an administrative search? A. Inspection B. School disciplinary search C. Checkpoint D. Stop and frisk is it D 14. A frisk requires: A. reasonable suspicion that a person is armed and dangerous. B. justification apart from that ...

The requirement that a plain view seizure be based, in part, on probable cause that the item can be seized is known as the _____ requirement. A. inadvertency B. immediately apparent C. valid plain view D. lawful access im confused between B and D 2. To which of the following ...

Concerning the scope of a search incident to arrest, a police officer may search: A. only the arrestee. B. the area within the immediate control of the arrestee. C. the arrestee and all of his or her personal effects. D. All of the above is it B 2. Which of the following is ...

Which of the following is a type of warrantless search or seizure? A. Search incident to arrest B. Investigative detention C. Consensual encounter D. Looking for evidence in an open field im confused between A and D

Please help quickly! Social Studies
Please check my answers What was the constitutional issue decided in McCulloch v. Maryland? (Points : 1) Whether the federal government could raise revenue for internal improvements The extent to which states and the federal government shared jurisdiction over commerce <-- ...

medical law and ethics
Complete the following 2 exercises 1. Prepare a bank deposit detail for a $2230.00 deposit. Use the information in questions A-D. Record your answers to the deposit slip provided. NOTE: The bank deposit slip is setup for you to manually type the necessary information to ...

What are the policy implications of the reintegration perspective?

A rock is moving through interstellar space towards a snow ball. Describe the motion of the rock until it hits the snow ball (in terms of Newton’s First Law). According to Newton’s 3rd Law, what will be the reaction to the force of the rock on the snow ball? How will ...

Introduction to criminal Justice.
Topic:4th Amendment exception to searches and seizures (Terry v. Ohio) what impact did Terry v. Ohio have on law enforcement officers? Hint: what have been the benefits or hindrance of Terry as it relates to officer safety?

You make a purchase at a local hardware store, but what you've bought is too big to take home in your car. for a small fee, you arrange to have the hardware store deliver your purchase for you. You pay for your purchase, plus the sales taxes, plus the fee. The taxes are 7.5% ...

Please check. I did these problems by drawing a graph ... So it would be great if you do it that way too if you need to correct me. I know this is overwhelming but please take your time... It is easier for me to post all of these at once,since I can find it easier rather than ...

1. The rule that excludes additional evidence later obtained in an investigation that was the result of an initial illegal search is called the __________________ rule. A. fruit of the poisonous tree B. silver platter C. bad faith D. purged taint im confused between A and B 2...

1. The impeachment exception to the exclusionary rules allows for illegally obtained evidence to be used: A. in serious felony cases. B. to show that a witness’ testimony may be false. C. to show the defendant possessed illegal contraband. D. in cases involving illegal ...

1. Under which of the following conditions would a fossil most likely form? A living thing dies and sediment is very slowly deposited on top of its body. A living thing dies and sediment quickly covers its body. A living thing dies and its skeleton is left exposed to the ...

The Call of the Wild is a story about a dog named Buck. Buck is a pampered dog who lives with a wealthy family in southern California. During the Gold Rush, Buck is captured, sold, and eventually shipped to Alaska to work as a sled dog. Along the way, Buck is mistreated by a ...

I know I posted this before,but I did not learn it your way .....instead I drew a picture and use the law of there a way you can show me the work using law of cosines?? A plane flies 30 mi on a bearing of 200 degrees and then turns and flies 40 mi on a bearing of...

Social studies
8.  Which of these best shows a conflict between U.S. political ideals and political reality? A. Americans believe in religious freedom, but most people in the United States are Christians. B. Americans believe in equality, but women usually make less money than men do. C. ...

What is a example of a scientific law?

judges in custody cases may interview the subject children outside the presence of the parents only if the attorneys are present? is this true or false

Social Studies
1. Diversity most closely means (1 point) sharing cultural traits and practices with others. making up a whole of many different parts. being a member of a small ethnic group. having many similar regions next to one another. 2. How does life in Istanbul differ from life in ...

Medical Billing and Coding
Had to develop a paragraph using clear, varied sentences containing concrete words and transitions or connectives to create a logical flow. Need assistance in the following paragraph that describes on particular experience I had that inspired you or guided you to chose that ...

1. Which of the following is a relevant constitutional amendment in criminal procedure? A. The Fourth Amendment B. The Fifth Amendment C. The Sixth Amendment D. None of the above im confused between A and D 2. When an appellate court reverses a lower court’s decision, it: A...

When an appellate court reverses a lower court’s decision, it: A. sends the case back to the trial level for further action consistent with the appellate decision. B. nullifies or sets aside a trial verdict. C. sets the defendant free. D. None of the above. is it A

1. A “bright-line” decision may be helpful because: A. it is subject to very little interpretation. B. it promotes clarity and predictability. C. it promotes consistency. D. All of the above. is it D

Pre calculus
Why is it dangerous to use the law of sines to find an angle but is not dangerous to use the law of cosines? Please explain this thoroughly.

can someone help me find the information I need for this question please. What are the theoretical and practical problems with the comprehensive punishment system Morris and Tonry propose?

Business Law 311
PLEASE someone check these for me, Thanks.. Delta Inc. offers to sell Omega Corp. a packaging machine. Omega responds “We’ll take it but only if there is a six-month warranty.” Which of the following is true? There is a contract, and Omega has a six-month warranty. There...

College enrollments increased at the same time that average tuition rose dramatically. Does this contradict the law of downward-sloping demand? Explain. (b) Use supply and demand model to explain the dramatic rise in the price of a college education

If the calibration curve for a Beer's Law plot of a protein assay had a slope of 0.433 when absorb acne, A, was plotted as a function of protein concentration, c, in mg/mL. The absorbance of an unknown protein sample was 0.345. What is the concentration of protein in this ...

If the calibration curve for a Beer's Law plot of a protein assay had a slope of 0.433 when absorb acne, A, was plotted as a function of protein concentration, c, in mg/mL. The absorbance of an unknown protein sample was 0.345. What is the concentration of protein in this ...

A particular asteroid has a circular orbit about the Sun with a radius of 450 million miles. How long does it take to go around the sun? Compare the prediction of Kepler's 2nd law to a direct computation with Newton's 2nd law. How much area does the line connecting the ...

1. An officer who makes application for a search warrant before a magistrate or judge must provide: A. a complete investigative report of the crime committed. B. probable cause from a sworn affiant. C. witnesses to appear before the magistrate or judge. D. physical evidence to...

1. In the recent past, law enforcement has had to concentrate their intelligence efforts against antigovernment militia groups on the following calendar date because the groups have used this date as a target date to conduct their violent acts. A. May 1 B. June 14 C. April 19 ...

Physics I Newton's 2nd Law
I need help! I cannot seem to figure out what I will need to do for my final tomorrow. I will be given a mass of a glider and an acceleration. Another mass (my unknown) will be tied to a string to the glider and will graphically give me my acceleration. How do I find the mass ...

After making a child abuse report, how are teachers protected by law? I've been looking at the child abuse sourcebook for Florida, but I can't find anything that explains how teachers are protected by law, please help.

Science help please!
1. The relationship between temperature and volume is known as what law? 2. What is the relationship between temperature and pressure? (directly proportional or inversely proportional) 3. The relationship between volume and pressure is known as what law? My answers: 1. Charles...

business law
*The below is a scenario in which I have to make an IRAC for (not sure if you know what that is) but read the scenario and see if "Faye" is able to leave legally without ramifications. You must also list the legal rules that apply to this scenario..(for example, if scenario ...

more proofreading..
parts of profile story. When she was a freshman at Western Michigan University, Shipp says she was very indecisive about what major she wanted to pursue. She started out studying in law, but she promptly lost interest in that. She then switched her major to journalism, and ...

A rat with mass 0.5 kg is sliding down an inclined plane. The plane is at an angle of 34⁰ with respect to the ground, and the coefficient of friction between the rat and the plane is 0.2. Simultaneously, a cat is giving the rat a push UP the hill, with a force equal to 0...

Research and identify a labor law that is specific to your state. Share a brief summary of the law with us and discuss why you believe this law is or is not important to the employer-employee relationship.

what is the purpose (intended effect) of the rule of law

law help
In what ways are the fee fixing and collecting of defense lawyers different from other professions?

When a public official responsible for government contracts and buying receives a portion of the purchase price back from an outside vendor sales representative, the official is involved in a: A. bribe. B. kickback. C. payoff. D. payola. im confused between B and C

How does the structure of the court determine the role of the defense lawyer?

1. “An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.” These words from ...

life management
16. Using the outline provided in the lesson, write a letter of complaint. This letter of complaint should apply to a car/truck you want to return using the specifications of the Lemon Law. (25 points) Return address Date Inside address Salutation Body, three paragraphs ...

poiseuille's law
GIVEN: L = 3.0 cm = 0.03 m r = 0.3 mm = 0.0003 m (delta) y = 1.0 m 1 pint = 500 cm^3 [approx.] given a) Find the rate of flow, F = ? b) How long will it taken to inject 1 point of blood, t = ? a & b) I know we need to find the pressure or speed. F = (P at) (A) = (P at ) (pie...

Trig-Geometry - Law of sines and cosines
Hello everyone, I've been struggling on this problem for quite some time. It would be appreciated if you could help. Thanks. (The website is the diagram, it is a screenshot) In the diagram below, triangle ABC has been reflected over its median AM to produce triangle AB'C'. If ...

What were the poor laws? What was their purpose and what did they set out to do? my answer for the first part: - The poor laws was a law regulating the public relief or support of the poor. Its purpose was...?

Business Law
I have a few questions that I'm not 100% about. 1. A warranty that provides restricted protection is called a ________. A. minimal warranty B. special warranty C. limited warranty D. warranty for a particular purpose I said A. 2. If the party to whom goods are shipped does not...

How do “Other” crimes cause any estimated difference in classification of three-strikes arrests?

How does prosecutorial discretion affect the overstating of laws on average sentencing?

Why did Congress repeal the mandatory federal sentences for drug offenses in 1970?

When a vehicle is stolen for the express purpose of resale, the thieves will normally: A. generate a new title with a new VIN number. B. generate a new title for the current VIN number. C. have the vehicle stripped and painted. D. have the vehicle chopped. is it B

Trigonometry/Geometry - Law of sines and cosines
In most geometry courses, we learn that there's no such thing as "SSA Congruence". That is, if we have triangles ABC and DEF such that AB = DE, BC = EF, and angle A = angle D, then we cannot deduce that ABC and DEF are congruent. However, there are a few special cases in which...

Trig-Medians and law of cosines and sines
In triangle ABC, we have AB=3 and AC=4. Side BC and the median from A to BC have the same length. What is BC? Not making sense to me, I think the answer must be simple, but I don't know how to solve I applied the law of sines but to no avail. Help is appreciated, thanks.

Trig - Law of sines and cosines
ABC is an equilateral triangle with side length 4. M is the midpoint of BC, and AM is a diagonal of square ALMN. Find the area of the region common to both ABC and ALMN. I drew the diagram but I don't know how to find the answer? I think it has something to do with the law of ...

A real spring does not oscillate forever. Instead, it eventually comes to a stop. Does this violate the Law of Conservation of Energy? Explain why or why not. I truly don't know what this means at all...can someone help me understand it?

In most geometry courses, we learn that there's no such thing as "SSA Congruence". That is, if we have triangles ABC and DEF such that AB = DE, BC = EF, and angle A = angle D, then we cannot deduce that ABC and DEF are congruent. However, there are a few special cases in which...

Hi I need help determining the significance and impact of this story from fox news Nancy Pelosi defended her rhetoric leading up to a passage of the 2010 health care law while seeking to minimize the reports to unrest in her caucus and the potential for political fallout in ...

a 1.2 kg cart slides eastward down a frictionless ramp from a height of 1.8 m and then onto a horizontal surface where it has a head-on elastic collision with a stationary 2.0 kg cart cushioned by an ideal Hooke's law spring. the maximum compression of the spring during the ...

waist water treatment
1/Why do the following components need to be removed from sewage under current law before it can be discharged on the surface water? Nitrogen Algea growth in receiving water Growth of waterborne diseases Turbidity increase of receiving water Oxygen depletion of receiving water...

explain the difference between a scientific theory and a scientific law

The experiment described in the procedure was performed using a sample of Calcium with HCl(aq). The lab conditions were 25.00°C, and 747.0 torr barometric pressure. 112.7 mg of Calcium (MM: 40.08 g/mol) was reacted with 25.00 mL of 1.25M HCl(aq). 71.560g of water was ...

Calculate how thick an absorber needs to be to absorb 25% of the incoming light using the Lambert-Beer law for absorption. How is the small gain coefficient k of a laser defined in relation to the absorption coefficient ƒÑƒ¯

introduction to health care
the reasonable person is a concept found in a.biometrics b.PIPEDA c.IDS d.tort law my answer is d

Human services
I am having terrible trouble with this assignment. I cannot find the information i need, I am using a website called HOPE of East Central Illinois Here are the questions How do these laws influence the organization's decision-making and its day-to-day operations? What role has...

Post a New Question Current Questions Homework Help: Chemistry Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 8:45pm. CONTINUE>>>>>>>>​>>> The enthalpy changes for two different hydrogenation reactions of C2H2 are: C2H2+H2---->...

CONTINUE>>>>>>>>​>>> The enthalpy changes for two different hydrogenation reactions of C2H2 are: C2H2+H2---->C2H4 Delta H 1 (there is a degree sign....standard enthalpy of formation??) *****WAIT A SECOND, IF I USE THE HEAT OF ...

When kidnappers contact a victim's family with instructions about delivering the ransom, investigators should: A. help the family decide who will make the ransom delivery. B. select the officer who most resembles the victim's family and send them to make the ransom delivery. C...

1. Of the following scenarios, which one would be classified as robbery? A. A suspect enters a bank and hands the teller a threatening note demanding money. The teller gives the suspect $2,000, and the suspect walks from the bank. B. A suspect enters a jewelry store and, after...

law and ethics in allied health
the patient self determation act requires all hospitals that receive medicare and Medicaid funding to a.document whether a patient has an advance medical directive b.encourage all terminal patients to file a living will with the state my answer is b

1. You receive information from a reliable informant that, in seven days, a small plane carrying a large amount of illegal drugs is going to land at a deserted airfield in a rural location. You should select __________ surveillance. A. loose B. covert C. overt D. discreet is ...

If the above-described drug operation had been scheduled at a fully operational airfield staffed with airport personnel, it may be most effective to have law enforcement blend in with, or dress like, airport workers. This is an example of __________ surveillance. A. shadowing ...

A horizontal Electric Field is applied to the original spring-mass system as shown below: What is the tangent of the angle θ (tan(θ)) between the spring and the vertical in terms of E, ke (type "ke"), q, m, and g as needed? Indicate multiplication with a "*" sign and...

law ans ethics in allied health
the science of improving hededitary is known as a.genetics b.amniocentesis c.dna research d.eugenics my answer is a

law and ethics in allied health
an epidemic that becomes very widespread ans affects a whole region is called a a.vaccination b.pandemic c.formulary d.diaster my answer is d

law and ethics in allied health
mens rea is latin for a.let the master answer b.the guilty mind c.the thing speaks for itself d.the guilty act my answer is b

law and ethics in allied health
a formulary is a list of? a.procedurals steps to resolve ethical conflicts in the medical office b.approved drugs for which the insurance company pays c.proper behaviors and manners for a certain community d.employes covered by an employers health insurance plan my answer is b

law and ethics in allied health
res ipsa loquitur means the burden of proof? a.falls on the plaintiff b.proves the negligence c.shifts to the defendant d.exceeds reasonable doubt my answer is c

A communications tower is located at the top of a steep hill, as shown. The angle of inclination of the hill is 58°. A guy wire is to be attached to the top of the tower and to the ground, 150 m downhill from the base of the tower. The angle α in the figure is determined...

Please help with Calculus??
Boxes are labeled as containing 500g of cereal. The machine filling the boxes produce weights that are normally distributed with standard deviation 12g. 1) Suppose a law states that no more than 5% of a manufacturer's cereal boxes can contain less than the stated weight of 500...

Can you please check my work? I got -4.3KJ/mol If this is not right can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank you! Questions. 1.a. Use Hess's Law and the measured mean enthalpy changes for the NaOH-HCl and NH3-HCl reactions to calculate the enthalpy change to be expected ...

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