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In Brazil, the indigenous population was around 3.5 million before the arrival of Europeans. Today, the indigenous population is around A. 500,000 B. 200,000 C. 1.5 million D. 2 million

among the northern andean countries strongly involved in the illegal coca and drug trade_______ is now the predominant cocoa producer. A. Bolivia B. Peru C. Ecuador D. Columbia

History,geography,maths lit,business study
I need help which career i can follow whn i did ths subject

PLzz anyone know these 1. What approach to development did the Brundtland Commission propose? (1 point) a. high density development b. sustainable development c. slow growth development d. high impact development 2. A person who adapts an anthropocentric view (1 point) a. ...

How did Southeast Asians react to contact with many different religions?

Wallace Creek Has Been Offset By 130.0 meters ( 430 feet) to the right along the fault. The age of the stream deposits indicates that this offset began 3700 years ago. calculate the average rate of movement along this segment of the fault in centimeters per year. (A) total ...

Social Studies
1. In a typical rural village in Mexico, you might expect to find that most people living on farms get their food by a. growing their own. b. buying what they need at large supermarkets. c. buying what they need at small supermarkets. d. gathering nuts and wild berries. 2. ...

History,geography,life science,mathematic literacy etc
What other careers are have to be done by a those subject for people who don't have information and thnk they just do them to finish school?.

Geography 9 Help!
what did philip II of spain send to try and defeat elizabeth and the english

Geography 9 Help!
who was elizabeth successor?

world geography
Which of the following is accurate? a. No one knows what caused the decline of the Minoan civilization. c. Greece is at the crossroads of eastern and western culture. b. Greece is made up of mainland and a cluster of islands. d. All of the above

Social Studies
Briefly describe one way that these cultures changed the geography of the paces to which they migrated. 1. the ancient Romans who conquered much of Europe and England 2. homesteading families who migrated to the western territories of North America 3. American missionaries ...

math lit ,geography,history,life science,LO
Am in grade 10 and am doing these subjects and I dnt knw what kind of career choice I can choose please guys help me out please

World REgional Geography
A major objective of the South Pacific Forum founded in 1971 was A. expanding the copra trade. B. reconciling diverse cultural heritages. C. stopping French nuclear testing in the region. D. identifying and resolving human rights concerns in the region.

World Regional Geography
Which of the following is true of the Antarctic Treaty System? A. It was established specifically to enforce ecological regulations. B. It bans commercial mining in Antarctica. C. It's actually the Society for the Geographic Exploration of Antarctica. D. It provides the de ...

world regional geography
Sudan is omitted from inclusion in the sub-Saharan region because it

world regional geography
Which of the following is true of the Antarctic Treaty System?

world regional geography
A major objective of the South Pacific Forum founded in 1971 was

state and define seven elements of weather

life science,maths lit,geography,tourism
is it possible 4 me 2bcum a social worker?

what is the value of igneous rocks to humankind?

6) This was issued in 1635, forbidding anyone to leave or enter Japan. a. Tang Shogunate b. Edit of Milan c. Edit of Nantes d. Edit of Japan my answer --- d am I correct?

Geography 9R - help!!!
6) This was issued in 1635, forbidding anyone to leave or enter Japan. a. Tang Shogunate b. Edit of Milan c. Edit of Nantes d. Edit of Japan my answer --- a am I correct?

Geography 9R - HELP!
8) Heirs to Genghis Khan established ________________________, which was a time of peace, prosperity, order, and cultural exchange. a. Edit of Japan b. Pax Mongolica c. Pax Romana d. Pax Khan plzz help

world geography
In Caribbean, Puerto Rico and Jamaica are islands of the Lesser Antilles

consult a periodic table to find out what the symbols are for the following elements:silicon,aluminium,magnesium,iro​n,calcium and sodium

what is the value of igneous rocks to humankind

Life science, tourism, geography, and maths litera
what careers can i do with this subject

True or false ? - Australia's most important rivers the Murray and the darling flow across a vast plain that contains fertile farmland - New Zealand is made up of one major island with highlands,forests,lakes,and rugged mountains . -new Zealand's climate is hotter than ...

Identify three perceptual factors that affect Egypt regionalization

wold geography
the vist of an influential nuclear physicst to population symposium in1979 led to

world geography
The statement, "People celebrate their birthdays on January 1st" is an example of what type of region?

life sciences business studies geography maths lit
am doing this subjcts and totaly cnfusd abt ma career wht will i du aftr mtric plz help........ me

Geography,life sciences,history,sepedi,english,maths lit and life orientation
Which course can i do due to the subjects i am doing when i go to the university?

Mathematics lit, physical science, life science. Geography and englsh ,sepedi and l.o
What career m i qualify for it ?and where? And hw much m i g0ing to earn?? N how long it wil take me to learn??

World Geography
Founded in 1967, ASEAN did little to foster economic cooperation until proposed a free-trade area in 1991

Social studies***help***
1.C 2.B 3.B 1.How would Bolivian society today most likely be different, if not for its Spanish colonial past? A. It would not have social inequalities of any kind. B. It would have a smaller population of indigenous peoples. C. It would not be dominated by a wealth ...

world geography
What impact did the dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics have?

Geography Answer Evaluation (Ms. Sue)
Which four seas border Italy? My answer: The Adriatic, Ionian, Ligurian, and Tyrrhenian Seas border Italy.

World Geography
OPEC was formed in 1960 in order to

1.B 2.A 3.A 4.D 5.B 11. what country became an ally to cuba after castro took power? A. Sovient union B. panadma C. britain D. spain 12. Which event caused the U.S. to enforce an embargo on cuba? A. castro turned cuba communist B. castro banned all trade with the united states...

A clown is shot from a cannon with a speed of 25 m/s at an angle of 35 degrees. If his landing is at the same level as his take-off point, then how long is he in the air?

S.S please help!
1 Marks: 3 Which statement best describes the government of Canada? Choose one answer. a. The monarch of Britain has total control over Canada. b. The Canadian parliament is ruled by the United States. c. Canada has complete power over its own government. d. The prime minister...

Intro to Geography
A prime minister is the leader of what type of region? A.)Climate B.)Cultural C.)Economic D.)Political Cultural or political? I think it's cultural idk though HELP please :)

World Geography
Imagine you are an elected official with the responsibility of drafting legislation designed to protect our environment. What items will you include in your bill? Who will be responsible for the bill's implementation? Its enforcement? Your response should be 200 words in length.

maths literacy,geography,history and english
which career field do i belong to!

College Cultural Geography
Can someone explain what this paragraph is talking about? I do not understand it. "But Western universalism, again, has two faces: it also promotes the principles of liberty and equality throughout the world. It is not possible to proclaim global human rights, on the one hand...

Food and Nutrition
IRON DEFICIENCy ANEMIA: a)Identify factors that have contributed to the condition (social; geography; etc.) b) Describe factors (including diet and nutritional needs) that aid in the prevention and/or treatment/management of the health condition and explain how.

Maths Literacy,Life Sciences,History,Geography
Would i be a teacher with these subjects

maths literacy,geography,lifescience,,agricultural
which career can i pick with this subjcts

In general, the most materially advanced and developed countries are focused on extensive development of the ___________ sector of their economy. A. Secondary B. Tertiary C. Primary D. Quaternary I picked A, because the modern materially wealthy countries achieved their ...

Prepositional phrases The study (of geography) teaches us (about the features)(of other lands.) (At one time)Philadelphia was the capital (of the United States.) The report (of the secretary) was given (at the beginning)(of the meeting.) (In the glow)(of the fading light,) we ...

Life sciences,geography,business studies,pure math
What career can I follow if I'm doing the following subjects?

Business,history,geography and maths lit
What can I study at college with my subjects I passed wth higher certificate?

world geography/geography
The forests of the Pacific Northwest are just one of the many different ______________ in the United States where many people work in the same industry. A. elevation regions<<<< B. political regions (C. climate regions)< got this one wrong D. economic regions

world geography
The entire region of Northern Africa and Southwest Asia is dominated by A. climates in which the evaporation exceeds precipitation. B. desert climates. C. climates in which rainfall is either abundant or all but entirely absent. D. steppe climates. All the articles an other ...

world geography
2. What was Mustafa Ataturk's contribution to modern Turkey? A.He began the process of turning Turkey into a modernized, secular state. B. He was instrumental in policy changes that gave Turkey membership in NATO. C. He breathed new vitality into Turkish culture through ...

Where is Zhengzhou China located? Is it a urban city in the middle of China?

world geography
How has Italy’s economy changed since 1950

Social Studies
Which statement best describes the physical geography of Arabia and Iraq? a. largely hot and dry with pockets of mountains and fertile river valleys b. tropical, with equal parts rainforest and desert. c. mountainous, with diverse terrain and climate based on altitude d. ...

Where is plateau of Arabia located?

GIVE AN EXPLANATION OF "SIMILARITIES IN EMBRYOLOGY" give an exclamation for geography as known as distribution of organisms

1-20 can you please check my answers marked with *** which of the following were the main proponents of NAFTA? a. labor unions b. human rights groups c. environmentalists ***d. large corporations in the 1950s 40 percent of the u.s workforce was engaged in manufacturing by the ...

World Geography
During the late 1700s,the Russian nobility..

world geography
What is the secong-largest religon in russa today?

Maths literacy,life science,geography and economics
What job will i work?

What are the major challenges facing the Balkan countries?

Hi, I desperately need state assistance in connection with the homework of my Son,-Complete a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of sea turtles ..I obviously do not expect that someone will do it for him.The problem with the fact that he is only ...

Maths literacy,life science,history,geography

In a group of 105 students, 70 students passed Mathematics, 60 students passed History and 45 students passed Geography; 30 students passed Mathematics and History, 35 students passed History and Geography, 25 passed Mathematics and Geography, and 15 passed all three subjects...

In a group of 105 students, 70 students passed Mathematics, 60 students passed History and 45 students passed Geography; 30 students passed Mathematics and History, 35 students passed History and Geography, 25 passed Mathematics and Geography, and 15 passed all three subjects...

which of the following statements is true of Singapore a. Singapore's government condemned u.s. military actions in Afghanistan. b. Singapore finally became self governing in 1965 c. Singapore is member of the federation of Malaysia d. Singapore is a major manufacturer of ...

Physical Geography
Assume that a parcel of air is forced to rise up and over a 6000-foot high mountain (shown below). The Initial temperature of the parcel at sea level is 76.5 F, and the lifting condensation level (LCL) of the parcel is 3000 feet. The DAR is 5.5 F/1000' and the SAR is 3.3 F/...

maths, physical science , life science , geography
Hi I am in grade 10 , I am doing maths physical science, life science and geography, what jobs can I get into with those subjects

maths literacy,history,geography,cat and english
What can I study if I have those subjects

Maths lits,business studies,life science,geography
Hy,i jst want to ask what i could become if i do these subject

Need help World Geography
1. With respect to global connections, association with _______ offers the brightest immediate future for many African countries. A. India B. the European Union. C. China D. the United States. 2. Slum areas called shantytowns occur in _________ major African cities, housing ...

life science,geography,pure mathematics
What career choose would I have to take with this subjects what job is available

Need help World Geograpy
3. Among the northern Andean countries strongly involved in the illegal coca and drug trade, __________ is now the predominant coca producer. A. Colombia B. Bolivia C. Peru D. Ecuador Student Answer: C Answer: Incorrect Reference: 6. Which of the following statements about the...

World Geograpy
1. Which of the following were the main proponents of NAFTA? A. Environmentalists B. Human rights groups C. Labor unions D. Large corporations 2. Which of the following is the primary subsistence crop in Latin America? A. Potatoes B. Beans C. Corn D. Wheat 3. Among the ...

math litracy,history,geography,business studies
Ill be doing matric this year(2014) and I have no idea what I'd like to do after two months time ill have to appky for varsity and I don't even know what ill be applying for cause I still don't know what I'd like to be when I finish studying..please help!!

In modern India, the "Garden City" of---- is know as India's "Silicon Valley"

Geography help
How does the sahara desert influence migration patterns in Africa? I seriously need help on this! thank you! :)

Beijing, china is a huge industrial and population center. because of this its what is a major problem? A. transportation B. discrimination C. pollution D. Migration Is it c?

I need help on this!!! Which event had the greatest impact on the culture of south America? A. the immigration of laborers from asia B. the completion of the panama canal C. the rise of Marxist revolutionaries D. the arrival of Spanish conquerors Is it D?

what would be an example of a formal region? A. the DFW metroplex B. the united states C. the Midwest D. the Mississippi river So would this be B?

what would be an example of a formal region? A. the DFW metroplex B. the united states C. the Midwest D. the Mississippi river

What was one direct result of the Columbian exchange? A. Europeans began to use horses to plow fields B. American Indians built large urban centers C. American Indians adopted European artistic techniques D. Europeans spread diseases to American indians

Geography help
which identifies one culture factor that unites the people of Latin America? A. they are citizens of the same country B. most are roman catholic c. most speak English and Arabic D. they were once ruled by the same powerful emperor

world geography
In Iceland and the British Isles, the ocean creates a __________________ . a. mild temperatures c. hot and humid temperatures b. cold and wet temperatures d. hot and dry temperatures

World Geography
a What are the major groups that blended to form the culture of this region? b What are some major sources of income in the economies of Central America and the Caribbean? c What forms of music have evolved in the region?

What are the prospects of democracy in the region?

How did the Europeans get to Africa ?

How did the Europeans get to Africa ?

world geography
In the context of European colonization, Portugal controlled Mozambique and

history,geography,life science,maths or maths lit
can i be a social worker while am those subject

Pure maths,life sciences and geography
Which are the careers that match with these subjects?

What would be a good trick to remember where all the Middle America and Bahama countries are? Much appreciated!!! Thanks!!!

Geography nd physical
Can i tyk geography nd physical science if i wnt 2 become a pathologist

Geography HELP
HOw do I explain how you would make a scale map of a room in your home.

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