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Social studies
What is the definition of union in social studies ?

Social studies
What is a social studies word that begins with the letter U?

Social studies
House members in Georgia serve 2-year terms and state senators serve 4-year terms. True or false? True?

Social studies
The total membership of the legislature is 220 members. True or False? Is it false?

Social studies
The total membership of the legislature is 220 members. True or false

Social studies
The official name of the Georgia General Assembly. True or false

Social studies
The bicameral organization of the Georgia legislature consits of?

1.What was the effect or importance of James Fisk, Daniel Drew, and Jay Gould selling $7,000,000 worth of watered stock to Cornelius Vanderbilt in his attempt to acquire the Erie Canal? 2.What was the effect of William Graham Sumner, a Yale Professor, and Social Darwinist, ...

maths lit,B.S,consumer studies,CAT,english,LO
Which degree must I study or which carreer can I follow

World history/ Latin America
Check my answers please?? i have a star by my answer. 1. The policy by which strong nations extend their control and influence over weaker territories is called? Socialism Imperialism Populism 2. This theory justified the use of racial, national and cultural superiority that ...

math literacy,english,afrikaans,l.o,l.s,bus
Can you become a social worker with the following subjects maths literacy, english,afrikaans,life orientation,life science,business and history are can you tell u what can you become with that subjects above

Geography,History,Business Studies and Maths Literacy
Which careers can choose from when am done studying the subjects i've mentioned

Math literacy,geography,tourism,bisiness studies
Can i become a geologist if i have the following subject above?

consumers std,economic std,business studies
What can i be able to work after grade 12????

Maths pure,Ecconmics,Business studies,Geography
i'm Thabang Leeuw and i'm about to choose subjects before doing that,i want to know what careers will these subjects lead me to?

social studies
which of the following best characterizes laws in Saudi Arabia that treat woman differently from man a.restrictive b.protective d.inventive

help social studies
in what ways is Islam most likely to impact Muslim during their work days a.they most leave work early b.they will not participate in leisure actives after work c.they cannot have certain jobs d.they need to pause during they work to pray

social studies
which of the following would be the most important change in most women in Saudi Arabia? A)new styles of hi-jabs and sharshafs B)the right to vote C)the ability to move about in public without a male relative D)employment

Social studies
During the early 1800s, the untied states tried to make peace with other countries in order to grow and develop. Give an example of one of these peace efforts and briefly explain what it hoped to accomplish.

Social studies last one :)
What is likely a major of weakness of empires? They lack recourses. They conduct far-flung trade. They make enemies. This one maybe A. They have superior weapons.

Social studies
How has Aztec culture survived in Mexico? The Mexican military uses Aztec fighting tactics. Mexico still uses the Aztec calendar. The Mexican people have adopted many Nahuatl words into their language. My choice An Aztec Palace in Mexico city serves as the capital building.

Hi need help on learning more about income can someone tell me.

Pure Maths, Life Science, CAT, Business Studies
I would like to know that with these subjects what can I study at University , so can you please help me with that?

Social Studies
Which factor contributes to the strength of hurricanes? A- warmer ocean temp B- cooler ocean temp C- rising sea levels D- increasing levels of pesticides and other pollutants****

Social Studies
Which human activity would best support global efforts to improve the environment and to reduce global warming? a. driving a pickup truck across the countryside b. riding a bicycle to a nearby playground*** c. purchasing a SUV from a nearby dealership d. driving a vehicle that...

Social Studies
Which is true regarding where pollution is most evident? a. areas with high population density*** b. areas with low population density c. polar regions d. desert regions

Social Studies
Which factor contributes to the strength of hurricanes? A- warmer ocean temp B- cooler ocean temp C- risimg sea levels D- increasing levels of pesticides and other pollutants***

Social Studies
This is the main human activity that contributes to global warming. a. massive dumping of pesticides into the world's oceans b. high demand and depletion of the world'd oil supply c. burning of fossil fuels*** d. increase of levels of chlorine poured into the shorelines

Social Studies
A majority of the greenhouse-gas emissions released into the atmosphere is comprised of a. methane b. carbon dioxide*** c. oxygen d. nitrous oxide

Social Studies
Scientists predict that global warming will cause Ethiopia to experience a- greater amounts of heavy precipitation b- greater frequency of earthquakes c- greater frequency of hurricanes d- greater frequency of drought-related conditions***

Social Studies
Which vehicle is most likely to be fuel efficient? A. SUV (Sport-Utility-Vehicle)*** B.1978 station wagon C.gas-electric hybrid car D.pickup truck

Social Studies
Which practice does not protect the environment? A) efforts to regulate carbon dioxide emissions B) increased use of wind and solar power sources C) frequent usage of a SUV*** D) decreased use of fossil fuels

Social Studies
Which factor contributes to the strength of hurricanes? A- warmer ocean temp B- cooler ocean temp C- risimg sea levels D- increasing levels of pesticides and other pollutants***

Social Studies
Which is not an impact of global warming on ecosystems? A- population explosion among various species B- warmer weather cause some species to migrate out of their natural habitat in search for cooler temperatures C- centain species face extinction D- food supplies***

Social Studies
Which occurrence is not characteristic of global warming? a. melting mountain glaciers in the south pole b. stabilization in the sea level due to warm weather*** c. greater amounts of precipitation d. loss of habitat for certain species

What are some benefits of: Social media helps strengthen relationships among teens. be sure to explain and if you can please add a counter claim. and prove it wrong

Which of the following statements best illustrates the social and political climate of the United States during the 1960s? a. The economy was strong and poverty in big cities was declining. b. The auto industry was faltering and it was difficult for trade workers to find jobs...

math lit,geo,life.s , life.o,b.studies,eng,sepedi
What can i do with this subject (occupation) and im in grade 11

Social Studies
Why is ecotourism better for the environment than traditional tourism a.It changes native cultures b.there is a shortage of clean water c.traditional tourism only highlights d.ecotourism use few natural resources tourism is essential to the economies of which two nations a....

________, studies by scientists have found a fly's brain can process information faster than nearly any living creature Which transitional phrase would most appropriately connect the paragraphs? a.) In fact, b.) On one hand, c.) For example, d.) For this reason, A Thank you ...

How can identifying and remedying social policies help combat racism?

maths lit,business studies,geography,hosipitality
Which unvisertys would take me and what career will i bé doing

maths lit,business studies,geography,hospitality
What job Career Can i bé and which unviersitiy Can take me with those subjecte

Maths lit,business studies,consumer studies,tourism
I chose this subjects Maths literacy,Consumer studies,business studies,tourism but i wanna know what can i do with does subjects after finishing school and i wanna become a 'Chef' are these subjects right or wrong for my subjects???

Maths Lit, Geography, Consumer Studies, Tourism
I was doing these subject at school so I was wondering which courses I should take in university and what are the available carreer options. Please help, it's urgent

Social studies
What are the groups who are on the same side in a war

English & Composition
Identify the type of parallelism in each quote, explain its effect, and then model a sentence mimicking the 4 sentences separately. *I get the part of identifying the parallelism whether its parallel infinitives, nouns, adj, etc. However, what does it mean to explain its ...

Social Studies
Hello!I need help with my homework. What causes did the transcontinental railroad do? Thank You for your help.

Social studies
which statement best describes the location of south west Asia

Social studies
which statement best describes the location of south west Asia A( north of Australia, west of Europe B( west of Indian ocean, east of the Mediterranean sea C( south of artic circle, north of Antarctica D( east of Americas, west of Asia

Social studies
How does religion most impact the culture of Southwest Asia? A( three major religions have strong roots in the region and change the life of the people there B( it is constantly changing as new people migrate in and out of the region C( The region is dominated by one ...

Social Studies
1. What effect does having a written constitution have on limiting the powers of officials? (1 point) It establishes the rule of law that everyone, including officials, must follow. It grants the president supreme authority over other officials. It grants state representatives...

Social studies
How does the Bill of Rights in the U.S Constitution limit the government? A. by separating state and federal powers B. by giving the authority to rule the people C. by establishing the rule of law D. by granting certain rights to people that government cannot violate Not sure ...

Maths, Accounting, Tourism, Business
I'm in Grade 10.Can I Still become a social worker ? I'm not really sure which subjects a person needs for that career!!

Within slave society, evidence suggests that the highest social status was ascribed to A. field slaves. B. skilled craftsmen who worked on their own in cities. (C. preachers and healers.) D. house slaves. Answer in ()

Social Studies (Check, Please!) (Ms. Sue)
1. What strategy did the United States Navy use to advance across the Pacific? A: To advance across the Pacific, the United States Navy hopped to an Japan-controlled island, captured it, and then leaped to another and repeated the process. 2. Explain why D-Day's success was so...

Social Studies
In most industrial countries, a. the amount of trees that are removed is smaller than the amount replenished. b. harvest rates are surpassed by net annual tree growth.*** c. there is not a diminishing supply of trees. d. trees are being cut down because of the overabundance of...

Social Studies
The depletion of the world’s rain forests contributes to all of the following except a. a decrease in oxygen that is released into the atmosphere. b. an increase in the temperature. c. a decrease in the amount of carbon dioxide that is released in the atmosphere.*** d. a ...

Social Studies
Which place would most likely have a low population density? a. Sahara Desert*** b. Coastal North America c. Southeast Asia d. Western Europe

Social Studies
Which statement is false regarding the world's population? a. The world's population is increasing. b. The world's population is decreasing.*** c. The increase in the world's population is causing overcrowded conditions in parts of Asia and Europe. d. The increase in the world...

Social Studies
To accommodate the rapid human population growth, the water supply should increase by a. 5 percent each year over a 15-year period. b. 20 percent over a 15-year period.*** c. 50 percent over a 10-year period. d. 10 percent each year over the next two decades.

Social Studies
All of the following are major factors contributing to the global water pollution problem except a. the dumping of pesticides into coastal waters. b. the dumping of sewage from industrial plants. c. oil spills from tankers. d. the release of waste products from fish.***

Social Studies
The one-child policy of 1979 was a system used to regulate population growth within this country. (1 point) a. India b. Soviet Union c. United States d. China***

Social Studies
Overcrowded living conditions contribute to all of the following except a. the spread of infectious diseases. b. migration. c. increased consumption of resources. d. preservation of wetlands.***

Social Studies
Experts argue that a significant water shortage by 2025 will be caused by a. rising ocean levels. b. drastic increase in water usage by humans.*** c. drastic increase in usage by a growing animal population. d. raging, out-of-control wildfires that are spreading throughout ...

Social Studies
Which would most likely NOT be a result of rapid population growth in a region? a. decrease in food availability and increased reliance on imported food b. increase in taxes and debt with foreign countries c. increase in the rate of plant and animal extinction d. expansion of ...

Which of the following most influenced the art of tessellation Language Arts Social Studies Science Mathematics••

mathematical literary,tourism, business studies and history
I'm doing mathematical literary and tourism and business studies and history what job can I qualify for

Social Studies
2.Which of the following is not a traditional Inuit food that Alyssa shares with her co-workers a.bannock, or fried bread b.raw narwhale c.caribou*** d.dried tea leaves 3.which groups make up Canada aboriginal population (select three) a.Quebecois**** b.first nations*** c....

How can i use ethos,pathos,or logos in my persuasive letter that schools should monitor students social media?

if i am writing a persuasive letter that schools should monitor kids social media,what would be a good counter argument,a good hook,a goood thesis satement,and supporting arguments?

walden university
Which of the following is a temperamental characteristic that is associated with prosocial behavior? A. Low social anxiety B. Popularity among peers C. Coherent self-concept D. Intelligence

maths lit,business studies, accounting and CAT
What can I study with these subjects.

1. A _______ is a part of your life that helps you avoid drug abuse. A. Risk factor B. Peer C. Protective factor D. Stressor •• 2. In terms of drug abuse risk, spending quality time with family members is a A. Family risk factor. B. Family protective factor. •• C. ...

Children Development
In your words, describe nine learning experiences (activities) that cover each of the following areas: RC II-1 Science/Sensory RC II-2 Language and Literacy RC II-3 Creative Arts RC II-4 Fine Motor (Indoor Activity) RC II-5 Gross Motor (Outdoor Activity) RC II-6 Self Concept ...

English,history,business studies,tourism,math lit
I just want to know which course or career choice I take to study at the university

Pure maths, life science, business studies, and geograhy
What course can I do after high school if I have these subjects?

helpe plese
Reasons why social media should be monitored and why

What should I write in my persuasive letter about that schools should monitor students social media?

History/social studies
How would Lewis and Clark’s expedition changed U.S history if it didn't happen? How did Lewis and Clark’s expedition affect the government and society of the U.S? I am stuck on these questions. I have "They started the first expedition to cross the western U.S. to the ...

what is the difference between a plaza in a spanish speaking country and one in los estados unidos? a. in los estados unidos, a plaza does not serve a social purpose b. in los estados unidos, only small towns have plazas c. in los estados unidos, a plaza is called a theme park...

consumers,business studies,math lit,english,cat
Please help me on how to choose my career or which field my I follow

ELA/Social Studies
Medieval Times: Letter to the Queen of Conections Academy PLease help You will earn a 10/10 portfolio grade for correctly completing and submitting the following assignment by 10/30/2015: Please review the attached list of Medieval titles, trades, positions and classes. Use ...

Life Scie, Life Orientation, History ,Math's Lit
which Studies would i study if am doing these subject am in Grade 12

maths lit , business studies , life sciences en geograph
if i'm doing this subjects which courses must i do after grade 12?

The President of the United States gives a speech in the White House Rose Garden. Describe how each of the four types of systems you learned about is involved with your chosen scenario. For each of the four systems involved with your scenario, remember to state whether it is ...

Social Studies (Check, Please!) (Ms. Sue)
What was the Doolittle Raid and why was it so important? A: The Doolittle Raid was the first air raid on Japan in 1942, during World War II. Among several selected targets was the Japanese capital, Tokyo. This raid was so important because it provided an instant boost to ...

Social Studies
What are the factors that contributed to a growing economy in Japan after World War 2?

Social Studies, 6th Grade.
HELP!! I don't know this question: where would you most likely find south america's largest cities? Help! Someone tell me what the answer is!!! HELP!!!! Please help me. Someone answer my question.

Social Studies (Check, Please!) (Ms. Sue)
How did the food served at the camp show a lack of understanding of Japanese culture? A: The food served at the internment camp were canned Vienna sausage, canned string beans, streamed rice that had been cooked too long, and on top of the rice a serving of canned apricots. ...

Social Studies (Check, Please!) (Ms. Sue)
Why did racism lead to violence in Detroit and Los Angeles in 1943? A: Many Americans considered the long, baggy zoot suit worn by some Mexican American teenagers unpatriotic. Riots erupted in Los Angeles in June of 1943 after it was rumored that "zoot suiters" had attacked ...

Social Studies
Why did racism lead to violence in Detroit and Los Angeles in 1943?

Social Studies (Check, Please!) (Ms. Sue)
1. How did the Battle at Stalingrad change the fate of the Allies and the momentum of the war? A: The Battle at Stalingrad gave the Allies an important win and improved the morale of the people. The battle changed the momentum of the war as it was a major turning point, ...

social science
why is the amazon basin ecologically so important

Social Studies (Check, Please!) (Ms. Sue)
1. How did the status of women and African Americans in the armed forces change during the war? A: In World War I, women were barred from combat. Many jobs available to women in the army were administrative or clerical. This all changed during World War II. Women were able to ...

Social Studies
I need help studying, its the last day to study before I have a test. I have a B, I HAVE TO GET AN A (Otherwise I'll suffer one more year of 6th grade.) I saw these type of questions on the preview and I want to remember them. Will someone please help me? Q:) How is the force ...

maths lit, egd, civil , business studies
what can I do with these subject?

Social Studies (Ms. Sue)
I know you already provided a website link for me, but I still don't know how to answer the following question. How did the policy of appeasement affect France and Great Britain? (This was preceding World War II, in which the two countries agreed to Hitler's demands.)

Social Studies (Check, Please!) (Ms. Sue)
1. How did the Lend-Lease Act help the Allied war effort? A: The Lend-Lease enabled the United States to lend or lease more than $40 billion in weapons, vehicles, and other supplies to those involved in the Allied war effort. 2. What government policies helped American ...

Social Studies (Check, Please!)
I think my answer is correct, but I'm not sure. How did the Lend-Lease Act help the Allied war effort? A: The Lend-Lease enabled the United States to lend or lease more than $40 billion in weapons, vehicles, and other supplies to those involved in the Allied war effort.

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