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this is a weird question but i need help on writting a conclusion about the color blue?

world history
How was the writting of the grito de dolores similar to the writting of the petition by the first continental congress

One of the cups are missing

paregraph about organization plzzzzzzzzzzz help me

I need help writting a thesis statement

i need help writting a thesis statement

what is an empirically based journal articles

writting skills
she left early, though he told her not to.

writting skills
while he swam, she collected shells

How do u help a child of KG with mirror image writting problem?

how do i support a thesis with compelling arguments and counterarguments

writting messages
How to write a negative message to my boss

English writting
I dont understand what my professor wants me to write

How do you determine whether to quote paraphrase or summarize a source?

i need help writting three sentences for social studies

how do u write 3 oreeo body paragraph when writting a theme

I am writting a contrast poem and I need a topic that has two veiwpoints

I need help writting a formula for: AgNO3(l) + PbNO3(l) + HgNO3(l) + HCl (l)

english[proffesional writting]
what benefits do students get from being fit and healthy?

writting skills part 2
which of the following sentences is written in the passive voice?

I'm writting a conclusion about my essay on poverty what should i say

writting skills
the dog that is man's best friend is cat's worst enemy.

effective writting
What would be a good Thesis for. The benefit of completing high school.

Explain in writting how to divide .12 by 8. (without using fractions) fifth grade

i need help writting a report on recycling for my science class and i don't know how to start please help

How can i learn englsih writting or reading have understandable quick or soon.

College Eng 2
Im writting an argumentive paper on standardize test and I need an attention grabber.

im writting a math examination tomorrow and i don't know anything im learning my heart out help!4xy-5+5x-4y

what does hewn mean? Also can i get a list of synonyms for objects , cutting , impact and act. please help!

ok what does writting in past tence mean , and its asking me in what respect was the adventure a new kind of sailing ship

hoW do you righ a letter to A GAINT ALIEN THAT NEEDS SOARLAYS BUT TRaveliing anget said the moon

examine the various ways in which the synopitic writter used their sources in writting the gospel material.

1) I had hoped the police would blame Bruce, not: _me, _myself, _mineself, _I. I is the correct answer?

In Stephen Kings essay "Why We Crave Horror" what are some hasty generalizations, facalies, and use of logos?

COMP/160 College
I need help with writting sentences using three comparatives and superlatives, about personal finance

My son is 3yrs and 6months old he is facing problem in writting small alphabets would u plz help me ,how i teach him :)

writting skills
In the metaphor of language as a layer cake given in your study unit, which of the following words could be considered to be a frosting word?

am writting about the evolution of our understanding of DNA as genetic material. suggest good website so that i can read more. thanks

Advance Biology
I need help writting exactly 25 words to describe the relationship between CFCs and the Earth's protective ozone layer.

writting skills
The World Almanac is a book of      A. facts and statistics. B. living notable Americans. C. synonyms. D. articles published in magazines.  

i a writting a character sketch on the short trifles on minnie wright i need 3 adjectives from the book for my 3 body paragraphs and quote them from the play

effective writting
What must one do to convert the annotated biliograph to an APA-formatted reference page as part of a rough draft for a research paper.

world history
im writting an eassy and our topic question is " how did the early civilization learn to cope with the complexities of growing civilizaions"?' but i have know idea

Im writting an essay on the reformation and the renaissance can somebody proofread my essay

My teacher asked me to do writting about expression in art? IM STUCK

Describe the genre of "The Third Wish" and what aspects of the story make it this genre. PLZZZZZZ HELP

writting out clock time
How do I write 1 minute 45.9 seconds? Is it 1:45.9 or is that one hour 45.9 seconds?

is this good for a title that has a good punctuation in. Article: "What Chat Transcripts Reveal," by Carol Tenopir

college writting two
Could this be a thesis lower minimum wages are detrimental for disabled and college students.

Special Thank you to Writeteacher
Thanks to all your help and guidance I received a 93% on my exam :) Just wanted you to say Thank you!!! Will post new questions once I"m done writting my next module's paragraph ;)

anubody can help me for this question? "must create briefing note for any club" tomorrow i must submit to my teacher.

I am writting a marketing plan essay and need to describe sales support but I cannot find a clear definition to start from. Help?

how to write a debate? I mean does it have a special form? is it like a letter? what kind of language do you use when writting a debate?

I'm writting an essay about poverty at it's worst what are the things that i should include on my mind map at least 10 things please

Writting skills
Q-----An appositive is a noun that is placed after another noun in order to tell more about it and its usually set off with commas.

iam writting a term paper on the relationship between literature and history but i don't know what to write someone please help me out.your answers are most wlcome.thank you.

writting skills
Once you acquire these two basic skills, you'll be able to transform a vague idea in your mind into a coherent piece of writing

English writting
I have to write an essay andnit has to do with barbie dolls. I really do not know what way to take this essay or where to start. It's for college & please opinions ?

a. What sentence is the topic sentence of the paragraph?

writting skills
Which of the following sentences is written in the passive voice? A. Having left the building, Elvis never returned. B. They considered their options. C. I would not provoke that man if I were you. (D. The effects of cyanide are well known.)

phi 105 introductory to philosophy
I read the article who is holy and i need some help in writting a 200 word critique on this article. I find no fault in this article.

5th grade essay of part of plants
writting outline for 3 paragraph of an essay of part of flower

quote a reference
im writting a essay for child care how do i quote a reference from a book can you give an example

Im writting an essay titled I SALUTE MOTHERS,,,my points in the mind map are LOVE. MOTHERHOOD and ROLE MODEL please help me with the introduction,I started off with'Mothers are the strong hearted human beings'

math problem
Brianna is working on her homework. Her assignment is to come up with four representations for an exponential function of her choosing. She decides it is easiest to start by writting y=1200 (1/2) ^x. Help brianna create the other three components of the web

i have to do a reasearch project and i chose it on acting and i have been searching everywhere to find out what is the most fun thing for the actors to do when, before, and or after there are acting or when done????

English - Debate writting
PLS I NEED POINTS TO WRITE THIS DEBATE. Write against the motion ' The use of mobile phones by second cycle institution boarding students is essential '.

Please help me on this homework cause am lost and this coming moday I must present it;"English is the language of opportunity.Why bother to teach indigenous languages?"....please..I don't know how or where to start writting (introduction and body)...

10th grade
I need help ASAP on this im writting a 6 paragraph essay and its due tomorrow i cant even think of a thesis its "Discuss the irony as its used in Animal Farm Be sure to give specific details from the novel." I need help ASSSSAAPP!

Approximately 16% of undergraduates at the University have a writing score above 68 (on a 100 point scale). Note: writing scores are normally distributed. if a standard deviation is 8 what is the mean writting score

Robert is writting a poem. The poem is divided into 5 stanzas and is on 2 pages. There are 60 lines in the poem. How many lines are in each stanza? shoe work please

3rd grade math
Robert is writting a poem. The poem is divided into 5 stanzas and is on 2 pages. There are 60 lines in the poem. How many lines are in each stanza? show work please

unless you are luckier than most,hundreds of other people will also have discovered your natural paradise. a)replace you with one b)change than to then c)change discovered to been discovered d)no correction neccesary

writting skills
If a Works Cited entry begins with the title of an article, we can assume that A. the information taken from that source isn't reliable. B. the author listed wasn't credible. C. the name of the author isn't important. D. no author was listed. I choose D. ?

I need to write a 5-graph paragraph about either 1. A time I was dissapointed or 2. A situation that is negative but turns out positive. it doesn't have to be something that really happened in your own life. I can't think anything though so I was wondering if I could have an ...

My homework says that your got a d on his writting assignent.and it says to write him a email telling him what you leard. So this is a story that I have to write about that has to have at least 10 sentences.

Find the intervals on which the given function is increasing and decreasing. y=-x^2-2x y'=-2x-2 critical point x=-1 Increasing [-infinity,-1) Decreasing (-1,infinity] is this the correct way of writting this wiht the brackets

I need help ASAP on this im writting a 6 paragraph essay and its due tomorrow i cant even think of a thesis its "Discuss the irony as its used in Animal Farm Be sure to give specific details from the novel." I need help ASSSSAAPP! I didn't realize before that i didn't put this...

Reading/ Writting
Why should Anne Frank be taught in middle school instead of high school? I have that middle school would be better because they can relate to Anne due to age.

we have a speech do and we have to make an outline, so i did. my speech is on music so one of my ?'s on my outline is how many people (average) listen to pop music in the USA? can u help it's do tomorrow. thnx!!

what is the diffrence between student loan and a scholarship? the difference is that a student loan you have to pay back and a scholarship you don't. A scholarship rewards you based on your academic achievements and your writting essay...depending on the scholarship requirements.

writting skills
Once you acquire these two basic skills, you'll be able to transform a vague idea in your mind into a coherent piece of writing.      A. Describing people and writing conversation B. Using the Internet and the on-line catalog C. Doing interviews and browsing through books ...

I am writting on Exploring Medical Billing and Coding; Is this a strong thesis?: As I explored today’s medical industry, I have found that Medical billing and coding is a much higher paying job in demand.

I have read the suggested link you and my conclusion is writting below. Thanks,for all your suggestions. Question 2 During World War I the most striking break from pre-war conditions on the home front was Answer (A)the use of volunteer armies. (B)central planning of the ...

writting skills
For the greeting in a business letter when you don't know the name of the person who will be reading it, which of the following is least likely to conform to present-day usage? (A. Dear Editor) B. Dear Mrs. Carleton C. Dear Mr. Givens D. Dear Sir I'm very confused because it ...

writting skills
what correction should be made to this sentence? one of the lifelong memories many of us share are the moment we obtained a driver's license? a)change the spelling of memoreis to memorys b)inset a comma after memories c)change are to is d)change driver's to drivers e)no ...

writting skills
if we were teenagers at the time these licences signified our passage a to adulthood. which of the following is the best way to write the underlined portion of this senence? choose option 10 time these licences . 2)time.These licences .3) time; these licences.4) time,these ...

I need help writting a thesis for my NHD project... this years theme is individual in history: action and legacy. i chose gamal nasser, the second presisdent of egypt. my action was his rally of the free officers to overthrow the government with the 1952 revolution and my ...

Do you use is in this sentance or are There are more beaches and physical activity or There is more beaches and physical activity

The sponosor of a local soccer tournament is responsible for writting an article for the local paper announcing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners.If 10 teamsare invited to the tournament, ans th sponsor wanted to get the article written in adance so it can go out in the next ...

looking for help with apostrohe catastrophe in the following it is, use_________. if not,use_______ there is, use______. if not,use_______ who is, use________. if not, use______ they are, use______. if not, ____ or __ you are, use_______. if not, use_______ let us, use________...

How would you approach creating a negative message for a superior? ... and be sure you use a spell-checker.

A Day Without Farming? This is for Geography. I have to hand in one page talking about what a day without farming would be like. Any ideas? Does anyone feel like writting a bit? Any suggestions would be very appriciated. Thanks in advance! (Sorry, I just have several test that...

writting skills
Sentence 8:Be certain that you own one (and preferably,two) "business" outfits jeans, sandals,and tank tops ----------- will not impress any potential employer. Which of the following is the best way to write the underlined portion of this sentence? If you think the original ...

what correction should be made? some just look forward to the perspect of watching birds and animals,such as rabbits or deer,in thier natural habitats. a)change look forward to looks forward b)change the spelling of perspect to prospect c)insert a comma after such as d)change ...

writting skill part 2
read the word in parentheses; which of these sentences most effectively translates an abstract concept into a mental picture? a.(freedom) on her twenty-first birthday, lola declared herself a woman. b.(sunrise) the rising sun transformed the canyon into the bright stone and ...

why would someone post im not writting a paragraph just dont say anything instead of being hateful this post is for the person teapoi you dont belong herlping kids with homework you are hateful and unkind you need to buzz off i would say f off butt this is a kids website and ...

Social Studies
I am doing a descriptive writting report on a famous place in Europe and I chose the Louvre Museum. I can't seem to find really any information can you help me? Thanks! Try a travel guide website like Frommer's or lonelyplanet

writting skills
Sentence 7:Familiarize oneself with the types of jobs most often available, with the various employment offices, and with skills most in demand. What correction should be made to this sentence? 1. change Familiarize to Familiarized 2. replace oneself with yourself 3. insert a ...

how do you name a obtuse angle when you are naming an angle just look for where the angle occurs and when writting it place it in the middle of the three points and draw a little triangle thingy over the top for eg. angle ABC would mean the angle occurs at B If it is bigger ...

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