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writeacher- religious education again!
sorry to be a pain and ask for help again . i am still struggling with 3 facts about the anglican church, 3 facts about baptist church , 3 facts about the orthodox church. the only thing i have found is that Anglican means `of England` ive tried what you sugested but no luck ...
January 24, 2009 by isla

religious education - again
im sorry to ask again for help but i am still struggling with my re poster. are there any sites i can go on that shows me any examples. i just don`t know what to put on the poster. should i put buildings or animals. its got to be palestine in jesus` life so does that mean to ...
December 30, 2008 by jasmine

Describe the signigficance of empact of education for scientific thinking and religious revolutions
January 5, 2011 by Lateefa

religious education
i need to write an essay about discrimination. it needs to be 5000 words (i know!) please could someone help me find some good sites that i can get some info on. i might be asking again if i get stuck thanks in advance :)
September 27, 2009 by massey

teachers aide
who administers the roman catholis schools in a diocese? the religious community director of education parents board of education elected by church members
August 22, 2011 by susue

A good reason to include the study of religions in school is that A) schools are responsible for moral training. B) all children have religious needs. C) religious references and allusions permeate our lives. D) churches expect schools to do it. I believe the answer it C, is ...
May 2, 2013 by Anonymous

religious education
who was he and what did he do?
June 23, 2009 by Daphne

Religious Education
What is NEPA
October 30, 2008 by Shaquille Clarke

What subjects do students study in the United Kingdom at the age of fourteen? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Education_in_England Scroll down. =) Thank you. English Mathematics Science Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Design Technology History Geography Modern ...
February 10, 2007 by Eva

Religious Education
how religion affects clothes
October 27, 2010 by Tiffany Morrison

religious education
what programmes are in school churches and civic organization
November 11, 2008 by brenda

Religious Education
Why do Christians believe human rights are important?
January 22, 2009 by Anonymous

religious education
i need to write a 2 page essay for RE is christianity sexist and why. thanks for your help
October 16, 2009 by daisie

medical billing and coding from Penn Foster
Thanks again Writeacher!!
June 28, 2009 by Shannon

Religious Education
does being a christian means you have to stop listening to R&B music?
December 29, 2009 by shelly

religious education
please could someone help me answer this question - can science prove that God does exist? thankyou
November 20, 2009 by jack

speech (Writeacher)
Writeacher, in response I am doing my outline for an informative speech and I decided to choose the topic Why me? Dying to live or living to die. Everybody at some point will encounter some kind of diagnosis whether it be you, your spouse, a loved one and even a child, I did. ...
May 21, 2013 by slomomo

To Writeacher
Are you still on here. I just posted my "fixed" critical analysis essay. Thanks again!
November 25, 2009 by Crystal

Writeacher -geography
THANKYOU so much for taking the time to help me what you found was great and a big help thanks again i appreciate it.:)
September 11, 2010 by anika

Which of the following would most likely be an entry in a sentence outline? A. Education beyond high school versus education beyond college B. Education as a pathway C. Education as a tool D. Education can change a person's life.
April 15, 2015 by sheila

December 25, 2006 by Sanjana

religious education
i need to make a poster for re about palesteins in jesus`s time ihave no idea what to do any ideas gratefully received
December 15, 2008 by corby

Is it alright to ask a question again and again until you get the answer you want? Goodness, you have been responded to, and several of us read that and did not have diverging views from what Writeacher stated. If you did the research, did the analysis, then "I" is most ...
February 6, 2011 by bobpursley

sentence stucture
Hello, I'm trying to proofread my 8 page paper and I have come up with some uncertainties about some of my sentence structure. These are the some of the sentences I am not sure are correct or perhaps needs improvement. 1)People most often look for social, emotional, ...
January 19, 2008 by Bizzy

English writing a memo writeacher
What if i put in something like Since you were able to obatain the Truman room Thanks again for your help :)
June 6, 2008 by Kaleigh-Anne

What was the goal of the minimum foundation program for education? A. It integrated whites and blacks int he same school system. B.It improved the quality of white-only education. C. It raised taxes. D. It put more money into black schools. @Writeacher please don't help me ...
March 24, 2015 by Paul

religious education
christianity is to bible sikhism is to guru granth sahib judaism is to torah muslim is to qu'ran budhism is to gautama hinduism is to ??????? please help
September 30, 2008 by lily

eth need some info.
Ms. Sue, I have to write a 350 to 500 words essay , by doing a compare and contrast for the following. The problem is I am not too sure of the charactericts of each groups. please help. Descriptors Good neighbors, family oriented, oppressive to women, not oppressive to women, ...
July 13, 2008 by rose- (Ms. Sue)

Business Law
Which of the following is true regarding religious discrimination? A. Only monotheistic religions are covered under Title VII. B. An employer need not accommodate the religious observances or practices of its employees in the workplace. C. An employee who claims religious ...
September 10, 2016 by Angela

Which of the following would most likely be an entry in a sentence outline? A. Education tool B. Education can change a person's life C. Education as a pathway D. Education beyond high school versus education beyond college My answer was D I got it wrong Would it be a
March 23, 2015 by Justin

religious education
in the bible where is the "eye for an eye" passage.
January 15, 2008 by gertie

religious education
i need to write an essay about is religion sexist? i need to include christianity sikh judaism . thankyou
October 3, 2009 by star

*tough* Microsoft Excel 2007-not Writeacher again
Could you please provide me with some reference material as to how vertical lookup works? All of the formula fields cause me to become clueless! What are lookup values, table arrays, column index numbers, and range lookups? As for what Writeacher proposed, I am already ...
October 28, 2010 by TutoredOne

Religious Education
Is God real? Which is the true religion? For many people around the world, God is very real. The true religion is the one that a person whole-heartedly believes and faithfully follows. Hi Cherry. Considering this is a homework question, most Religious Education classes center ...
May 23, 2007 by Cherry

Ms Sue, thank you very much again for helping me. I just wanted to know, if possible, if writeacher is well. He has always helped me so much. Thank you.
January 16, 2012 by Henry2

Education, Experiences, social and cultural expectations,and religious belies are called a listener's? A. messages B. obstacles to communication C. reference points D. Defense mechanisms I think the answer is C but just not sure.
October 4, 2014 by Tyla

To Writeacher
Writeacher, I did a composition on this movie, and I would appreciate it if u could check it over, thanks a lot.
October 21, 2010 by Sara

gurublue bobpursley and writeacher
im sorry to have kept on asking that's what i couldn't understand sorry i was getting confused. thankyou so much for your help hopefully i wont ask again!
October 19, 2009 by daisie

I wonder why writeacher hasn't been writing and correcting my queries for a few days. Is writeacher well? Thank you.
January 15, 2012 by Henry2

Since I was hungry again in an hour, I went to Whataburger. secular religious subordination coordination my answer coordination
April 21, 2010 by christopher

To Writeacher
Writeacher, can you please have a moment to look at my previous English post. Thank you very much in advance:-)
May 3, 2010 by Sara

Which of the following contributed most to the development of religious toleration in the British colonies? (A) The stand of Roger Williams in defense of liberty of conscience (B) The Puritan guarantee of religious freedom to settlers in the Massachusetts Bay colony (C) The ...
September 11, 2008 by Mat

Question 22 Identify the type of organization used in the following sentence: I went to the buffet six times, and I still saved room for dessert. subordination coordination religious secular Question 23 Identify the type of organization in the following sentence: Since I was ...
April 21, 2010 by christopher

which of the following was a belief of the quakers that set them apart from ither religious groups that settled in the american colonies? A. Its founding based on religious freedom B. Its founding by a proprietor C. It's effort to attract people of different ethnicities D. It'...
October 4, 2016 by Please help

religious education
what were the names of jesus 12 disciples? were Matthew Mark Luke and John the names of 4 of the disciples?. thanks for your help.
March 7, 2009 by fearne

World History(Writeacher don't answer)
What is Christendom? How? Why? And please some information on it :) Writeacher you don't think I already tried google? Stop answering my questions!!
October 26, 2012 by Corrie

Religious Studies
1. What is “the problem of evil,” and why is it particularly problematic for Western, monotheistic religious traditions?
April 30, 2011 by Lily

Writeacher,I need you help to work out the questions to the following answers (You have already checked). 1) Which pattern does Robinson's education of Friday recall? What advantages does Robinson have over Friday? Robinson’s education of Friday recalls the processes of ...
March 4, 2012 by Henry

science fair
Writeacher, its me again i just wanted to know if the experiment of the math test and music is enough for the multitasking project or should i include another experiment to prove the hypothesis. thank you soo much.
January 22, 2012 by sandy

world history pls pls help help
What did special religious observances in both the Aztec and Spanish calendars provide for people? Work and income Education and training Law and justice Fun and entertainment is it d pls help
March 14, 2016 by Oscar

Sociology (Topic;education)
hi.. am dnt a topic in sociology and the topic is Education.I find this topic quite complicated and difficult, there are so many types of system of education.. what is the Compensatory education,,can 1 also have some examples of this types of education so that i can have a ...
April 17, 2010 by Taskeen

What was the most common religious affiliation in the 108th Congress? Protestant Jewish Roman Catholic Non-religious
June 30, 2011 by stephanie

I left out two last sentences on history. Thank you very much, Writeacher. 1) The 14th century was also marked by the rise of a religious movement of reforms called Lollardy, whose leader was John Wycliffe. 2) The movement, which began at Oxford University where Wycliffe ...
April 10, 2012 by Matthew

Hello again. Dear Writeacher. I'm embarrassed to bother you with the same questions you have already answered, but my problem is that I didn'n quite get it (my fault), so will you be so kind as to answer it again: do we need the article in the context "it's important to ...
February 5, 2013 by Ilma

Writeacher, Do you specialize in any particular subject? I've seen you answer to math, english, physics, etc. I'm just curious. I don't believe I've answered to any physics questions -- poor student to depend on me for that!! Mostly I respond to English questions (grammar, ...
February 24, 2007 by Danny

Ms. Sue can you tell me which one right. I am confuse. Ms. Writeacher-March 2003. "Education globalization and international action".(Braslavsky) Prospect, 13. Retrieved February 16,2007 Mr. Reed-(Braslavsky, March, 2003)
February 25, 2015 by Denise

To Writeacher
Writeacher I have a post on my English assignment, and I have it addressed to you, may you please take a look at it, cause I really need help, thanks.
October 5, 2010 by Sara

US History
I reallyyy need help with this one question please--- 2. What evidence in the Declaration of Independence is there of religious faith? How does this religious faith influence the ideals expressed in the Declaration? I see some mentioning of religious faith in the first two ...
September 28, 2010 by mysterychicken

Editorial (Writeacher)
Thank you, Writeacher, for responding to my post. I truly appreciate your it. However, do you think the editorial that I have written requires any other improvements?
February 17, 2014 by Anonymous

religious education
for my re homework i need to find 3 facts about each of these churches. orthodox church anglican church baptism in a catholic church baptist church ive looked on several websites but i am still struggling. any help i would be grateful for . thanks
January 24, 2009 by isla

writeacher in need of help
Writeacher I did all my homework but I need help with some things. Could you please look at my posts?
May 10, 2011 by Emma

social studies
What goal led Israelis and Palestinians into conflict? 1} desire for independence and security 2) religious worship at the same temples 3) military dominance of region 4) political control of the same national government I think 3 but could not find it in Discovery Education.
February 3, 2017 by Jaden

I urgently need you to check this. Thank you, Writeacher. 1) Sorry for disturbing you again. Our secretary told me she hasn't received your headmaster's email, yet. 2) Can you please send it again to the following email address.....? We'll be organizing a link to your school ...
March 14, 2012 by Matthew

Personal Dimensions of Education
The majority of the people in the field of education ______ proponents for education reform and resource equity across socio-economic divides. Which is the correct word? *is or are*
February 16, 2014 by ACE

Thankyou so much to all of you for helping me all of your ideas and sites you found have helped me alot. thankyou again. you are all stars!
June 4, 2009 by leigh

Does Education have to be in caps in the following sentence: Wendy is pursuing a position in the Education field or Wendy is pursuing a position in the education field or Wendy is pursuing a position in education? If I am correct education should not be capitalized same as ...
August 6, 2011 by sam

writeacher you havent told me how my paragraph is. can you please tell me fast. i almost have to sleep. im sorry if im being so impatient but i need that paragraph revised quick
March 1, 2010 by Anonymous

composition fir writeacher
Thank you soooo much! I finished revising it and submitted it and I just now found out that i got a 85% which is still passing. Next time I think I can do better, it's just that i was rushing a bit since this was due today. Thanks again!!-MC
November 5, 2008 by mysterychicken

To Writeacher
Writeacher, you are the only Jiskha tutor I see on here right now, which can help me with my English. Can you please have a look at my previous English-Poetry post. Thank you very much in return:-)
April 22, 2010 by Sara

amer gov
The Supreme Court's position on tax-supported vouchers for students attending private or parochial schools is that these vouchers are a. unconstitutional. b. constitutional if students have a choice of non-religious private schools as well as religious ones. c. constitutional ...
May 13, 2011 by kep

Thank you soooo much. you have helped me so much since yesterday, i really appreciate it especially since you helped me removew my doubtings. Again thank you.
January 22, 2012 by sandy

yeah its me again :) and thank you Writeacher for checking my answer on smoking An antihistamine used to treat a common cold is intended to: A. Decongest B. Suppress the cough reflex C. Dry secretions D. Increase mucus clearance I think it could be either A or D but I'm ...
December 9, 2007 by abby

religious education - Re teachers
I need to write an essay about baptism in different churches. please could someone help find a website that explains it simply. I was off school sick after having an operation when we did most of the work and missed alot of the information I need. thankyou for helping
March 14, 2009 by kyla

world studies
Does the goverment have the right over education? Where in the constitution is education mentioned? Education was not inclued in the US constitution. Therefore, education was left to individual states. Thats what I though....Im doing an essay and that was my main point...the ...
April 22, 2007 by Rebecca

7th grade grammar
Writeacher: Juliana looked at the powerpoint on the clauses and she said it was really good, thank you writeacher. She said it helped her a lot. She thinks she might have it now. Thank you SOOOO much!
February 8, 2010 by Juliana's mom

Thanks so much for your help on my english question. I posted a reply with another question down below. You're REALLY smart so can you please check my work that i put donw below! thanks again, i really appreciate it:)
February 26, 2008 by Miley

To Writeacher-Thanks
I'd like to thank you for helping me with my poem writeacher, thank you very, very much. :-)
April 26, 2010 by Sara

To Writeacher
Writeacher, I tried to change some sentences, and tried to add conjunctions in some, but I don't know if they seem to make sense.
May 2, 2010 by Sara

Thank you very much, Writeacher. Here are some more phrasal verbs related to phone calls I'd like you to check. Thank you again! 1) When I rang her the first time, we were/got cut off (the line dropped) and I had to call her again. 2) As soon as I got back home, I plugged in ...
May 5, 2012 by Frank

Can you help me edit this thesis statement? During the postmodern literary period C.S. Lewis illumines his newfound religious faith during war in the religious allegorical fantasy "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe>."
February 13, 2008 by Rachael

Social Study Help!!!ASAP
9. Which statement explains why public education suffered during Reconstruction? (1 point) The state preferred private education to public education. Teachers were not properly trained to do their jobs effectively.*** The general public cared more about recovering from the war...
April 18, 2016 by Nausicca

writeacher - re religious education
sorry to be a pain but could you read my essay for me and see if it is okay. my assignment was to write an a4 page about sexism in christianity, islam and judaism. Sexism in religion Some people believe that there is sexism in religion. This is true for some religions, but not...
October 4, 2009 by star

The Women's Movement Quiz 1) In the 1800s, there was a wave of religious fervor known as the... :Religious Right. :Second Great Awakening.*** :Religious Awakening. :Revival Times. 2) What movement called for drinking little or no alcohol? :Transcendentalist. :Utopia ...
March 2, 2015 by TheLOUDEST_0430

Thanks for your help in English.Writeacher.I have passed my examination which is Japanese Government Scholarship examination.Your advise helped my examination.Writeacher Thank you very much.^.^
July 9, 2011 by Bayarbold

geometry again again again again
If angle AFB= 8x-6 and angle BFC= 14x +8, find the value of x so that angle AFC is a right angle.
September 27, 2009 by Monique N.

I am trying to unserstand the difference in bias and opinion. Is there a difference? http://www.answers.com/topic/bias Read definition 2a. http://www.answers.com/topic/opinion Basically, all people have opinions, by which they express their biases. The two terms are not ...
July 7, 2006 by jennifer

English Writeacher
I want to thank you for advice and help in my English course. On my 9 page final I missed 7 questions, but what was so bad it was on complex and compound complex sentences my weakness I knew. I made 93 on final. I have a 96.83 grade average for course. Again Thank You for help...
November 22, 2014 by Karen

religious education
please could someone help me find a websie about a man called billy mccurrie. i need to answer 2 questions about him:- what events made him not believe in God and what events made him believe in God. thankyou for your time to help me
November 7, 2009 by Ryder

us history
Hello! Can you please help me?? 1. In the 1800s, there was a wave of religious fervor known as the () Religious Right. (x) Second Great Awakening. () Religious Awakening. () Revival Times. 2. What movement called for drinking little or no alcohol? () Transcendentalist () ...
March 19, 2014 by Anonymous

Anyone Know? Background Information: before Brown v. Board of Education Discussion on Brown v. Board case beginnings. Thesis on Brown v. Board of Education Main Argument on Brown v. Board of Education Short term and Long term Impact on Brown v. Board of Education
February 13, 2013 by Mary

religious education
i need to make a poster for re for tourists in Jesus` time. i have looked on the sites Sra kindly found for dyna but im still stuck. all i can think of is to put come and see the miracle man - Jesus and draw Jesus . do you think that would be ok? thanks to everyone for their ...
December 21, 2008 by billie

Hello. Please help me with a few questions. 1) Which is the correct position of "again" in the sentence: "They have (again)gathered (again)at the square (again)"? 2)Does the phrase "the allegations doubt his integrity" have the same meaning as "the allegations question his ...
May 15, 2011 by Ilma

education support
Access and identify the following information relevant to the job role of education support worker in relation to working with diversity in the education environment: legislation,policies, any other relevant quidelines Please help,thanks very much
August 30, 2011 by kayla

religious education
im really struggling with this question people who agree with christianity is sexist such as feminists claim that..... ive written:- women should be treated the same as men and be allowed to become priests. Other women need a female priest to talk to if they have any problems ...
October 18, 2009 by daisie

Writeacher, I'm posting you the rephrase again. I varied a few things, Thank you very much for you cooperation. 1) Mr. B refers briefly to the incident in the summer house. He excuses himself by saying that on that occasion he didn’t want to do her any harm but be a little ...
February 20, 2012 by Henry2

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I got the grade back for that english paper you helped me write a few weeks back...the movie analysis on A Walk to Remember. I got a B! : ) But I have a chance to revise it according to the teachers comments and turn it in for a better ...
March 15, 2011 by y912f

college class
What are the most significant similaritiesbetween the Chinese American and JApanese American (cultural) experiences? What are the differences? Choose from any of the following when considering similarities and Differences: Level of assimilation Relative lifestyle success in ...
October 14, 2007 by dawn

Problem 4 Refer again to the distribution table in Problem 3. : 3.0 points Each part is worth 1 point. a) In the United States, high school diplomas are awarded after 12 years of schooling. Which interval contains the adults who had completed 12 years of school and did not ...
February 25, 2013 by A

religious education
i need to design and create a tourist poster for palestines in jesus`s time. im having problems with it because i have googled it and it shows a poster with a black tree on the left hand side and buildings in the middle of the poster. im a bit confused i don't know if to put ...
December 30, 2008 by jasmine

phi 105
Write a 200- to 300-word critique of the article who_ is Holy? _As it relates to religious philosophy. Answer the following questions: oDo you believe a person's religious views should affect their treatment of others? Explain your answer.
March 10, 2010 by trudy

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