February 7, 2016

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x^4-4x^3+3x^2+8x-16 Find the zeroes given one is x^2-x-4. I dont know what to do now. i tried synthetic division. pls help : D
October 14, 2012 by Ryan

for the function g(x)=5x^6-3x^3+x^2-x, list the possible rational zeros of g(x) and then use synthetic division to factor g(x) completely.
April 16, 2013 by niki

Is Meiosis actually Mitosis happening twice? My answer- Yes because they are both a cell division process.
May 10, 2014 by Kimberly

Math - Urgent
Determine how each multiplication or division pattern is formed. Then write the next two numbers a) 81, -27, 9 ... b) 5, -20, 80...
September 7, 2014 by Sally

Cardiovascular Respirtory
What is the meaning of the root word FURC/O? A. Division B. Vein C. Heart D. Blood vessel
December 17, 2014 by Anonymous

Math (PreCalculus)
How do I prove the following identity? sec^2x-1 (division line)> -------- = (tanx)(secx) (sinx)
February 3, 2015 by Charli

maths please help
Subtracting ,division and multiplication of fractions A. 16p^2-4q^2/(6p^2-7pq+2q^2) *6p^2-13pq+6q^2/(4p^2-4pq-3q^2) B. a^2+a-2/(6a-12) / a+2/(a^2-3a+2) C.3/(x-3) -x^2/(6+x-x^2) -2/(x+2) D.x+1/(x^3-1) - 1/(x^2+x+1) Key
February 7, 2015 by Lesley

Use the order of operations to simplify SHOW ALL WORK 13+3*6/9-7 18-6/3+12*3 the "/" sign is a division symbol
May 28, 2015 by Anon

College Alg
Use synthetic division and the Remainder Theorem to evaluate P(c). P(x) = 5x5 + 10x3 + x + 1, c = −2 p(-2)=
July 22, 2015 by miriam

Simplify each rational expression. Can you please show me the steps on how you got the answer. Thank you (over means there is a line under the first expression and then the second expression is placed underneath the line) 2c^2-c-1 over 2c^2+3c+1 8c^2+2c over 4c+1
April 25, 2010 by Stacey

what is (5 3/5 divided by 1 5/9) - (1 1/5) squared? what is (five and three over five divided by one and five over nine) minus (one and one over five) squared? the answer is suppose to be 2 4/25 (two and four over twenty-five) but I'm not sure how to work out the second part ...
October 1, 2009 by kerry-ann

Command economies: A. Are considered a type of free market economy B. Are considered a type of mixed economy C. Oppose private property, free market pricing, competition, and consumer choice D. Encourage private property, free market pricing, competition, and consumer choice I...
February 2, 2016 by Nirvana

7th grade math Ms.Sue please check my answers
1. Mac’s farm has a total of 18 horses and 27 cows. What is the ratio of horses to cows in simplest form? (1 point) 6 over 9 18 over 27 2 over 3 three over two 2. A class has 27 students. Fifteen are boys and the rest are girls. What is the ratio of girls to total students? (1...
October 25, 2012 by Delilah

Determine the vector equation of a plane that contains the line with symmetric equation (x+3)/-2=(y+1)/5=(z+2)/4 and the point P(1,3,0). For this question to find the direction vector you would use subtraction with the points (-3,-1,-2) and (1,3,0). Why would it be (1,3,0)-(-3...
April 19, 2015 by Sara

I worked the problem out, but could you check my work over and see if it's correct? I used the quadratic formula. 2x^2+10x+11 a=2 b=10 c=11 x=-10(plus or minus) sqrt 10^2-4(2)(11) over 2(2) -10(plus or minus) sqrt 100 - 8(11) over 4 -10(plus or minus) sqrt 100-88 over 4 -10(...
July 14, 2007 by carla

Dividing Partnership Income Desmond Drury and Ty Wilkins have decided to form a partnership. They have agreed that Drury is to invest $44,700 and that Wilkins is to invest $104,300. Drury is to devote full time to the business, and Wilkins is to devote one-half time. The ...
September 17, 2013 by Beth smith

4th grade math
Subtracting a Fraction From 1 Joe Jumped robe for 3 minutes and 24 seconds. How many seconds is three minutes and 24 seconds. I can figure this out but have no clue how to turn it into a fraction subtraction problem...Can't remember. Thanks!
March 10, 2009 by Sue

How is entropy calculated in the general case? Answer a. By determining the amount of heat absorbed. b. By multiplying P times ΔV and summing over small increments. c. By summing over momenta and positions. d. By summing over probabilities of microstates and multiplying by k.
October 15, 2010 by jim

Act passed by the New York legislature in 1848 I.the real and personal property of any female who may hereafter marry, and which she shall own at the time of her marriage, and the rents, issues, and porfits thereof shall not be subject to the power of her husband nor be liable...
July 7, 2011 by Anonymous**

American Government
Please Check = is the answer I selected. 1. In _____ countries, a single authoritarian party usually controls the political system, and the government owns most property and directs the majority of economic activity. A.) mercantilist B.)feudal C.) socialist =D.)communist 2. ...
June 14, 2011 by Jeffery

area of squares and rectangles
a brick wall is 42'-4'' long and 18'-7''high.there are 2 openings each 3'-2'' X 7'-2''.what is the net are of the wall to the nearer thousandth sq foot? convert the measurements to decimal.. 42'4'= 42 4/12 = 42.3333 ft as an example. Now compute the areas, subtracting the area...
July 8, 2005 by Benita

distriibutive property
what is5+3(k+7)=
September 19, 2007 by mirna

(7p+5)(8p-5) its distribuctive property
May 13, 2009 by jennifer

which property is illustrated? 6.51 + 7.21 = 7.21 + 6.51 and ( 4.3 + 6.2)+ 9.8 = 4.3 + (6.2 + 9.8)
October 14, 2009 by Fraser

what is the property of this equation (14+8)+17=14(8+17)
March 1, 2010 by alisha

what is a communitative property
November 2, 2010 by clara

3•(7+13)=(3•7)+(3•13) _____ property
November 6, 2010 by person

identify the property x=x
February 3, 2011 by amy

Algebra 1
What property justifies that 3y+9 = 9+3y
February 7, 2011 by Hannah

Identify the property. X(a-b)= ax- bx
August 21, 2011 by Nikki

What property changed(4c + 3c) + 6 to (4+3)c + 6?
September 11, 2011 by Darren

what is the sq root property of 2x^2=26
December 8, 2011 by kelly

what property does (-5)+5=0 illustrate
April 30, 2014 by Diana

What is a property of metals?
May 6, 2014 by coon

Which of these is not a property of hydrogen
October 25, 2015 by Ekom

math 30
Help please i need to write 4x^2 -y^2 -8x -4y +16 =0 in standard form.4x^2 -8x - y^2 -4y=-16 so 4(x^2 -2x +1)-(y^2-4y+4= -16 -4 +4 so 4(x-1)^2/-16 -(y-2)^2/-16 =1 so (x-1)^2/-4 -(y-2)^2/-16 so if I multiply everything by -1 it will get rid of my (-) on the left and I'm left ...
March 16, 2010 by Sandy

Assuming Alexa receives $20,000 in gross rental receipts, answer the following questions: a. What effect does the rental activity have on her AGI for the year? b. Assuming that Alexa’s AGI from other sources is $90,000, what effect does the rental activity have on Alexa’s AGI...
May 6, 2010 by Ramona

Assuming Alexa receives $20,000 in gross rental receipts, answer the following questions: a. What effect does the rental activity have on her AGI for the year? b. Assuming that Alexa’s AGI from other sources is $90,000, what effect does the rental activity have on Alexa’s AGI...
December 27, 2010 by DEANNA

How would the gametes be affected if a pair of chromatids failed to separate in the second meiotic division?
February 26, 2007 by ernest

find solution to differential equation given the initial conditions DQ/dt=Q/5 Q= 50 when t= 0 i don't understand this one because of the division sign.
December 4, 2008 by Daniel

Anatomy And Physiology
Chromosomes can be seen only during: A. active transport B. cell division c. meiosis D. neutralization
February 21, 2009 by Bailey

Problem: Solve X mod Y for all positive integers. Do so without using multiplication or division.
April 16, 2010 by sally

what is your age in seconds? this is a conversion problem. someone help please with all the multiplication and division... very confused. THANK YOU
September 26, 2010 by conversions

5th math
560.1/3 0.1s,1s, 10s ,100s. How I estimated? Answer___________. please! help me i'm total lost with this.. thanks!I knew it's division.
November 16, 2010 by pat

College Algrebra
How would you use synthetic division to find the quotient and remainder for this problem: (X^3+3ix^2-4ix-2)/(x+i)
October 24, 2011 by Anonymous

given that the expression ax^3-11x^2+bx+2 is exactly divisible by 2x^2-3x-2, find a and b then factorise completly (do not use long division).
December 17, 2011 by kingwendu

mina says that if you know the products up to 10x10, you also know the division facts up to a dividend of 100. is she right? Explain
December 5, 2012 by mythreyee

Is this a statement of opinion? In the Doorbell Rang, the author shows the way division works. I think it is am I right?
January 3, 2013 by Moby

Discrete Mathematics
Use a truth table to determine that "division into cases" rule of inference is valid.
July 26, 2013 by Joy

Find a quadratic function f such that f(1)=3, f(2)=5/2, f(-1)=1 I came out with 3 a+b+c=3, 4a+2b+c=5/2, a-b+c=1. And I know that I should do synthetic division but I am stuck.
January 8, 2014 by Joan

Use the rational root theorem with polynomial division if needed to find all the zeroes of:     P(x)=2x^4-3x^3+3x^2+5x-3.
March 20, 2015 by kristen

In 1980, Jonathan leased real estate to Jay Corporation for 20 years. Jay Corporation made significant capital improvements to the property. In 2000, Jay decides not to renew the lease and vacates the property. At that time, the value of the improvements is $900,000. Jonathan...
October 12, 2009 by Anonymous

PLEASE HELP!!!(: There are 9 red gum balls, 5 green gum balls, 8 yellow gum balls, and 8 blue gum balls in a machine. Find P(green, then yellow). (1 point) A. 400 over 900 B. 5 over 30 C. 8 over 30 D. 40 over 870
April 3, 2013 by mckayela

Xenia wants to stuff a cube-shaped footstool that measures 10.25 inches on all edges. What is a good estimate of the number of cubic inches of foam peanuts that she will need? a. just over 1,331 cubic inches b. just over 1,000 cubic inches c. just over 30 cubic inches d. just ...
March 11, 2012 by peter

1. He works over time on the weekend. 2. He works over time over the weekend. 3. He works over time during the weekend. 4. He works over time this weekend. 5. He works over time this coming weekend. 6. He worked over time last weekend. (Are they all grammatical? Do you have ...
April 29, 2009 by John

if a over b = 2 over 3 find 3a + 6b over b-a
April 11, 2015 by ajay

Prisilla performs a series of transformations on a figure in the plane. First she dilates it by a factor of 3 and translates it 5 units to the right. Next she reflects it over the x axis, then over the y axis. Finally she reflects it over the line y=x, translate it 5 units to ...
February 9, 2008 by bob

I urgently need you to check these sentences. Thank you. 1) Describe what living and working conditions for slaves in 19-th century (after 1810) America were like. Refer then to when slave trade was banned from US. 2) The vast majority of African Americans in slavery after ...
February 21, 2011 by Mike

business law
Your team is working as a legal team in a mid-size law firm. Your supervisor, a partner in the firm, has been approached by Mr. Al Jones, a land developer and very important client, with the following legal situation: Mr. Jones’s projects include some of the largest ...
September 27, 2009 by jennifer

What is a good math website which'll help kids aged 5-6 learn? I want a website that shows you how to solve problems step by step. Problems such as addition and, subtraction. Thank you in advance.
January 27, 2010 by Sara

Help! I've tried this question and i don't come to a correct answer! The value of a property depreciated by 3.25% between 1997 to 2004, and appreciated by 2.75% between 2005 to 2008. In 1997, the value of the property was $75000, find its value in 2008. My workings: (75000/100...
September 24, 2009 by Marrion

legal and ethical environment of business
For the past ten years, DWI has wanted to develop the lucrative Iraqi oil reserves for its exploration, drilling, refining, and transport division; DWI's Oil Division has been limited to Siberia and the South China Sea up to this date, and was precluded from entry into ...
May 23, 2007 by Joseph

x^3-36x over x^2+7x+6, divided by 6x^2-x^3 over x^2+x I know the right answer is -1, but I can't seem to get to it. I've gotten as far as [x(x-6)]/1] * 1/[x^2(6-x)], which is then equal to [x(x-6)]/x^2(6-x). And then would I reduce the x and x^2 to 1 and x, making the equation...
September 23, 2009 by Anonymous

Math!!! Please help!!!
Find the coefficient of x^7 for (x-3)^11 Use the binomial theorem to expand (2y-3x)^5 Prove that (n over r)= (n over n-r) for all integers where n is greater than or equal to r and r is greater than or equal to zero Prove that (n over n-2) + ( n+1 over n-1)= n^2 for all ...
May 17, 2015 by Sally

U.S. History (Ms. Sue)
1. Why did the Homestead Act motivate settlers to move to the Great Plains? A: The Homestead Act provided a legal method for settlers to acquire clear title to property in the West. With their property rights secure, settlers were more than willing to move to the Plains. 2. ...
October 6, 2015 by Victoria

Business Law
Jean owns five acres of land in an area of single-family homes on mostly one-acre plots. Jean's property contains her house and three outbuildings. Among the animals housed in the outbuildings are Kennel, a dog and Louis, a tiger. Mary, a neighbor, is jogging past Jean's ...
February 10, 2009 by Carol

business law
Jean owns five acres of land in an area of single-family homes on mostly one-acre plots. Jean's property contains her house and three outbuildings. Among the animals housed in the outbuildings are Kennel, a dog and Louis, a tiger. Mary, a neighbor, is jogging past Jean's ...
November 12, 2009 by Anonymous

4th grade
Exploring Algebra: What's the rule? You can find patterns to figure out the tables. What is an "In" and an "Out" number - when the In numbers are greater than the out numbers, does the rule use addition or subtraction? what's the rule? HELP!!!!!
September 15, 2009 by JoCar

1.   Which of the following is an example of matter?  (1 point) leaves shadows light from the sun sound 2.   Which of the following is an example of a chemical property of matter?  (1 point) ability to melt ability to freeze ability to react ability to break 3.   The physical...
February 26, 2014 by Jenna

Business Law
Jean owns five acres of land in aea of single-family homes on mostly one acre plot.Jeans property contains her house and three outbuildings. Among the animals housed in the outbuildings are a dog and a tiger,Mary a neighbor is jogging past Jeans property. Under what ...
November 11, 2009 by Chantae

DIVISION OF ONW ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSION BY ANOTHER. i KNOW THIS MIGHT BE DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND BUT CAN SOMEONE HELP ME LEARN HOW TO DIVIDE THIS?? 8X^3/4X=8/4*X^3/X=2/1*X^2/1=2*X^2 OR 2X^2 (8 x^3) /(4x) = (4*2*x*x^2)/(4 x) The 4's and the x's cancel to give you 2 x^2
August 2, 2007 by chrissy

Social Studies
Explain the economy of China. Include goods and services, resources, trade, and division of labor. no wikipedia
May 25, 2008 by Dee

multiple question chromosomes can be seen only during transport B.cell division C.meiosis D.neutralization
September 9, 2008 by LInda

When two numbers are compared by the process of division, this is called a________? a. ratio d. product c. coefficient d. percentage I believe it is C
October 7, 2008 by Jackie

When two numbers are compared by the process of division, this is called a________? a. ratio d. product c. coefficient d. percentage I believe it is C
October 7, 2008 by Jackie

Hi, I need help understanding how to find the product: (2 1/3)*(3 1/5) Multiplication and division with mixed numbers and use the reciprocal to divide and then reduce.
December 2, 2008 by Mallory

What do you do in synthetic division when there's a two digit number? For example, this is what I'm synthetically dividing 3 2 5 7 3 3 1 8 8 times three is 24, so what should I do? Thanks for your help Tatie
January 18, 2009 by Tatiana

National and State Government
How did the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice operate during the George W. Bush administration?
October 30, 2009 by Lauren

Which one shows the similarity of the two concerning reproduction? A.asexual B.binary fusion C.seeds D.cell division
October 1, 2010 by Rael swan

Pre-Algebra(7th Grade)
I dont know how to do area on a shape if it has missing numbers.. .also i need help on division with decimals...
September 30, 2012 by Abby

I need to write a multiplication or division equation with a variable for the unknown for this problem: Maddie plants 3 seeds in each of 15 plots.
November 13, 2012 by stephanie

use a multiplication table to solve a division problem. in what order doo you find the quotient, the divisor, and the dividened.
December 11, 2012 by mythreyee

social studies
use the terms division of labor and assembly line in a paragraph about how these methods were used in business.
February 14, 2013 by Anonymous

Carr Middle School
Math 601 divide by 57. I need to show all the work for this long division problem.
September 1, 2013 by Makayla

fractions as division word problems
5 people want to share a 2 pound bag of peanuts equally how many pounds would each person get.
January 28, 2014 by Anonymous

4x^5 -2x^3 +2x +4 by 2x+1 synthetic division Would it be like this: 2x+1=0 ; x=-1/2 -1/2 |4 0 -2 0 2 4 | -2 1 .5 0 -1 |___________________ 4 -2 -1 .5 2 3 4x^4 -2x^3 -x^2 +.5x +2 R 3/2x+1 Is this correct? Can you check my answer multiplied by 2x+1 to see if it gives me the ...
October 7, 2015 by Amy

Is this an example of the transitive property: G+G+G=D G^2=D
October 4, 2007 by Carly

what is the addition property of equality?
October 22, 2008 by fiorella

(5x)+14=14+(5x)is this associative property of addition?
September 19, 2009 by natasha

which property are these two question (18+3)+14=18+(3+14) and (17-7).12=17.(7.12)
November 11, 2009 by S

poems of associative property
November 28, 2009 by alicia

i need help im doing sq. root property (x+4)^2=7
December 15, 2009 by Aleander Azumah

Is color a property or a mass?
September 8, 2010 by mariah

what property would 4*1=4 be
November 16, 2010 by lily

name the property that justifies (-2.6) +7 = 7+(-2.6)
January 29, 2011 by sharon

algebra 1
what is the property name for this problem? h+0=h
August 15, 2011 by skylar moore

November 8, 2011 by denis

Which is an example of the commutative property? A. –8 + (–13) = –13 + (–8) B. 11 + (–14 + 5) = (11 + (–14)) + 5 C. 16 + (–16) = 0 D. –(22 + 1) = –22 + (–1)
January 17, 2012 by natasha

Symmetric Property of Congruence: if < 1 ~= <2 and <3~= <4, then , and
January 27, 2012 by Nae

If x<15, then 5x <75 name the property of inequality
February 2, 2012 by James

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