March 29, 2017

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I wrote "Bien que Rousseau etait apparemement..." And my teacher underlined bien que and drew an arrow to etait...what could he be referring to? And I wrote "Mais Rousseau pensait aussi que la nouvelle connaissance parce qu'il permettait..." My teacher circled il. Why is this ...
April 5, 2011 by Brooke

HISTORY HELP plsssssssss
Use the following statement from Jean-Jacques Rousseau to answer the question below: "Everything is good as it comes from the hands of the Maker of the world, but degenerates once it gets into the hands of man." —Public Domain Rousseau would have supported the idea that the ...
April 14, 2016 by Oscar

hi rousseau's beleives that man is good by nature. do you disagree and agree? i said disagree because i beleive that man is a creature of thought and the concepts of good and evil will be regardless because people can twist others into thinking in ay way they want. i want to ...
September 11, 2006 by Anonymous

social studies (again)
Jean-Jacques Rousseau: In his book The Social Contract, Rousseau comes up with his theories on government. He believed in what he called “a state of nature” in which people are purely instinctual and harmful, so he says people made a contract with the government to give up...
February 2, 2016 by jim

how do hobbes locke rousseau and montesquieu define liberty
February 7, 2017 by Anonymous

early childhood
what do the ideas of rousseau, darwin, and hall have in common
August 30, 2016 by lawanda

Social Studies 9
HELP!!!! How did voltaire use irony to insult rousseau. i really need to know !!.
October 4, 2011 by Stephanie

Western Civilization
Name three differences between Rousseau and most Enlightenment philosophers.
February 26, 2008 by linda

political science- PHL
how Hobbes, Machiavelli and Rousseau are relevant? little guidance please
December 1, 2012 by jenny

ethics please help
Which of the following is associated with the Heinz dilemma? a. Lawrence Kohlberg. b. Jean Rousseau. c. Immanuel Kant. d. None of the above.
February 23, 2014 by Angel

World History (Please, help me!)
What did Rousseau mean when he stated that if any individual wants to pursue his own self-interest at the expense of the common good, "He will be forced to be free"?
September 25, 2014 by Victoria

american gov.
Which of the following was not a key political thinker during the Age of Enlightenment? A. Jean-Jacques Rousseau B. Thomas Paine C. John Calvin D. Voltaire
February 28, 2012 by Lalt

Which Enlightenment thinker wrote that people in society are bound to one another by an implicit 'social contract'? A. Voltaire B. Marie Arouet C. Jean-Jacques Rousseau D. Thomas Paine
February 3, 2016 by jojo

social studies
which Enlightenment thinker taught that life is "brutish" and societies need strong rulers? a) Thomas Hobbes. b) John Locke c) Jean-Jacques Rousseau d) Voltaire
December 13, 2016 by Anonymous

Suppose we could arrange a debate between John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau on the nature--nurture controversy. Summarize the argument that each historical figure is likely to present. Be thorough, specific and succinct
March 8, 2009 by sahron

world history
The ideas of Enlightenment philosphers John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau laid the foundations for modern Western democratic governments. What reforms expand democracy in newly industiralized societies?
December 7, 2009 by Anonomous

When crafting the new Constitution, the Framers drew from their experiences with which of the following? a. the governments of ancient Greece and Rome b. the writings of Rousseau and Locke c. their own State governments d. all of the above
March 28, 2013 by lucy

Western Civilization
In what sense was the French Revolution tied to the American Revolution and to even earlier French thinkers such as Rousseau, etc.?
April 5, 2009 by anita

The painter _________ explores the varieties of visual delight, the natural instinctive pleasure we can take in the everyday experience of looking. Robert Rauschenberg Pat Steir Henri Rousseau Edward Hopper None of these is correct.
February 6, 2015 by melisa

8th grade history
In the chart below summarize the main ideas of the three thinkers in your own words. Focus on their unique ideas, or what they contribute. John Locke Charles de Montesquieu Jean-Jacques Rousseau
February 3, 2016 by Nikki

Criminal Justice
Social Darwinism: A. explains corporate crime. B. is associated with Jacques Rousseau. C. supports aid to the disadvantaged. D. has as its credo the phrase "survival of the fittest." According to my book a,b,c are wrong. And answer D im not sure i don't have anything in my book.
June 18, 2015 by Amy

Physical Education
Do you have a list of the MOST influencial people in the history of Physical Education? Basedow Beck Beecher Follen Jahn Lewis Lieber Ling Nachtegall Pestalozzi Rousseau Sargent see (Broken Link Removed)
August 29, 2006 by Lisa

Using the following passage from Jean-Jacques Rousseau's 1763 book The Social Contract to answer the following question Which quotation from the Declaration of Independence shows the influence of the idea of the social contract on the founders of the United States?
July 29, 2016 by Anonymous

world history
1. How would you explain the similarity between Christian idea to share for the well being of the community and Rousseau’s general will/ environment shapes peoples behavior? and 2. How did ancient Greek philosophers and French philosophers ideas of the 18th century lead to ...
October 11, 2010 by Jazmyne

history/english question?
would it make sense to say: (i am writing a report on rousseau's belief in the social contract) " which people come to accept the rules of society and agree to follow and pertain to them." ?? thanks, and feedback on making this sentence better? i'm not quite sure i'm ...
September 28, 2010 by nicole

I am to create a timeline that illustrates the history of children's literature in western culture using five key milestones of children's literature. Can you please tell me if these milestones I have chosen would be correct to use: 1-invention and development of printing ...
January 21, 2013 by m

i have to write a 5-paragraph interpretive essay on the painting "Sleeping Gypsy" by Henri Rousseau. the important elements is my interpretation and supporting evidence. here's what i have so far, please check and add to if necessary: The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau was ...
February 1, 2009 by y912f

John Locke: In his book Two Treatises on Government, Locke refuted the divine right of Monarchy, and established a theory which states that all men are men are born free and equal. Each person should have equal access to the natural rights of life, liberty, and property. No ...
February 2, 2016 by Lilly

Social Studies
John Locke: In his book Two Treatises on Government, Locke refuted the divine right of Monarchy, and established a theory which states that all men are men are born free and equal. Each person should have equal access to the natural rights of life, liberty, and property. No ...
February 2, 2016 by Rebecca

English 12 - writing essay
I have to write a 5 paragraph essay on wiether or not i support Willam Golding's Theory about that "man is born evil" or Jean Jacques Rousseau's Theory that "society makes men evil" i need help really bad with this essay and it was due yesterday, by the way i don't think that ...
March 18, 2009 by Jessica

8th grade history
John Locke: In his book Two Treatises on Government, Locke refuted the divine right of Monarchy, and established a theory which states that all men are men are born free and equal. Each person should have equal access to the natural rights of life, liberty, and property. No ...
February 3, 2016 by Nikki

Global Studies
Which principles do the writings of Jean Jacques Rousseau, Baron de Montesquieu, and John Locke support? The principles of a democratic republic, a theocratic society, an autocracy, or a military dictatorship? I know it is not an autocracy and I don't think it is a military ...
February 2, 2009 by Anonymous

I forgot to include the following statements. I reall hope you can check them, too. Thank you! 6) Great emphasis was laid on the individual, who was seen in his solitary state. They exalted the outcast, the rebel. 7) This attitude led on the one hand to the cult of the hero ...
October 4, 2010 by Franco

I'm trying to talk about the developments in literature... I'm focusing on Jean Jacque Rousseau... but in the beginning paragraph I would like to make some sort of comparision to today's society... In today’s society Romanticism would not be an intimate walk on the beach ...
June 27, 2008 by Adams

Consider the fact on Rousseau's idea that said that all men should have the right to take up arms against the government if it did not respect these rights and placed it in the Declaration of Independence and later added something similar as the 2nd Amendment to the United ...
June 11, 2012 by Booker Perry

Thank you for suggesting me a website on audiobooks. Here are some sentences I'm not sure of. 1) Dr. Frankenstein can be seen as Rousseau's primitive man, detached from society and unspoilt by civilization. 2)He can also be seen as the dark side of Victor's personality, that ...
December 30, 2010 by Franco

I still have some more sentences to check. I hope you can help me. By the way, do you know of any sites with fill-in-the-blank activities on computer terminology? 1) The role of women was that of educating the children. 2) Under the influence of Rousseau's thought they reacted...
February 23, 2011 by Mike

I'm posting you the ones I'm most doubtful about. 1) The Romantics turned to earlier verse forms. They saw society as an evil (force?) which destroyed the individual's personality. 2) In some of them (?) this spirit of revolt led to ......In others (?) it led to the exaltation...
October 2, 2011 by Henry2

Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much. 1)As to the content, English Romanticism focused above all on the “individual” as the subject of all meaningful experience and the centre of life and art. 2) The Romantics saw the individual in the solitary ...
September 29, 2010 by Franco

HISTORY HELP plsssssssss
Use the following excerpt from John Locke's Second Treatise of Civil Government (1690) to answer the question below: "But though this be a state of liberty, yet it is not a state of licence: though man in that state have an uncontroulable liberty to dispose of his person or ...
April 14, 2016 by Oscar

Thank you very much. Here are a few things of Romanticism I'd like you to check. 1) The Romantics turned to earlier verse forms. 2) They saw society as an evil (force?) which destroyed the individual's personality. In some of them this spirit of revolt led to a sort of ...
October 2, 2011 by Henry2

English debating
Hi we are doing debates tomorrow and my debate group's topic is "should school be voluntary"? I am 3rd speaker on the negative team and I need help finding information and sources for it please. I would also appreciate some rebuttal tips, thank you. Try the whole "nature vs. ...
October 10, 2006 by Angie

I really need your help to check these sentences and alternatives. Thank you very much! 1) According to Rousseau's theories,society was regarded (better: should be regarded) as the source of any kind of evil and corruptions. 2)One of the main themes is that of colonialism, ...
November 29, 2010 by Franco

Can you pleae tell me which alternatives are possible? Thank you very much. 1, They believed a person (better: the individual) should be free from external rules. 2.The Romanics exalted the individual as the centre of life and art.This led to the view of society as an evil and...
November 27, 2010 by Franco

Can you please check these sentences on Shelleys's Frankenstein? Thank you very much for your help. 1) The monster can be compared to Rousseau’s primitive man, since he comes to life free from social constrictions and unspoilt by civilization. 2)However, the monster soon ...
November 29, 2010 by Franco

Modern World Studies
1. What do we call the movement in literature and the arts that emphasized nature and emotion over reason? [x] a. Enlightenment b. Reformation c. Romanticism d. Neoclassicism 2. Who said it is the government’s job to protect the natural rights of life, liberty, and property...
February 10, 2011 by Megan

Teacher's Aide: Helping Abused Children
1. The Stubborn Child Law enacted by Massachusetts in 1646 permitted parents to A. use corporal punishment when children disobeyed them. B. keep children out of school if they were needed for family work purposes. C. institutionalize a child born with a physical or mental ...
February 11, 2011 by Kate

Which statement BEST describes the philosophy of Sir Robert Filmer? A. Kings derive their power from the consent of their subjects. B. Kings have a divine right to absolute authority over their subjects. C. Government’s principle duty is to protect the individual rights of ...
September 8, 2014 by sam

please help me paraphrase
I am going to have questions to answer on this passage, and it's very difficult to understand so if anyone could please help me paraphrase or give me a summary, it would help a lot. Thanks. Genius or originality is, for the most part, some strong quality in the mind, answering...
October 25, 2006 by confused

What would be your response to this article? In the aftermath of September 11, we have an experienced strong emotions for our country: fear, outrage, grief, astonishment. Our media portray the disaster as a tragedy that has happened to our nation, and that is how we very ...
June 6, 2010 by Kayla

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