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Compute the standard deviation for stress. Determine where participants fall in relation to the mean. (Create a diagram that depicts where students fall in relation to standard deviations around the mean. Participant Group Fights Stress 1 PSY 7 86 2 PSY 3 84 3 PSY 5 92 4 PSY 4...
October 21, 2011 by Tracy

*English-Please Proofread my essay ASAP*
Could you please proofread my argumentive essay, check for fragments and prounoun use. Thanks! Is Beauty Really Skin Deep?
October 15, 2006 by Soly

Please Proofread my Essay
I've made plenty of changes to my essay. Could you please proofread it? Thanks! Is Beauty Really Skin Deep?
October 19, 2006 by Soly

Can someone please proofread my Spanish? Thank you. it will not let me post my HW because it says that I have posted a link but I haven't. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. We'd be glad to proofread it if you can post it! Please try again. You can not copy ...
January 18, 2007 by JYD

Please proofread my essay
Could you please proofread my agumentive essay. Thanxs! Who Is An American?
September 12, 2006 by Soly

Please proofread my essay
Could you please proofread my essay. Please check pronoun usage,fragments, a better title and better thesis. Here is my prompt: 1. Does the US need to reduce its dependence on Middle Eastern oil? If you argue that it does, then provide a way for this to be accomplished and a ...
October 29, 2006 by Soly

psy 2PSY/210 Psychology and Health Problems10
I need help with an assignment for psy 210 i need to write about PSY/210 Psychology and Health Problems 1400 words any help would be greatly appreciated
April 26, 2009 by Shannon

proofread my essay?
If I post my rough draft of an essay on here, can someone proofread it please? I would REALLY appreciate if someone did because I'm doing horrible on it and it would be really helpful if I had someone else's input :) thanks so SO much!!!
November 13, 2008 by Emily

Can someone please proofread this before i email it to school metro's director Mr. Thomas LeMera Hey LeMera, my name is Bryan Martin and I’m email you to require more information on your school. I am a senior in high school in temple hills MD. I'm interested in becoming a ...
October 23, 2007 by Bryan

Hi, Can someone proofread this for me and let me know if I followed the directions for this assignment. Directions: Detailed information about the agency, an evaluation of the site and comparison of the site with experiences in the practicum setting should be reported.
February 19, 2008 by Bizzy

PSY 230
Psy 230 Personal Narrative
June 21, 2010 by Brenda

Can you guys proofread these paragraphs for me please? Where are the pargraphs by Kshore?
February 14, 2007 by Kishore

PSY 240
•Post a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation summarizing the different perspectives on sexual orientation and identity. Here's my problem. I have read the entire chapter regarding this assignment and didn't come across any perspectives on the topic. I asked my...
July 7, 2010 by Nikki

I need help answering this question please. What is the relationship between genes, cells, and behavior?
October 16, 2013 by SADE

Foreign Languages
Can someone proofread this spanish paragraph please. here it is in english: 1)
March 28, 2007 by Kishore

Can someone please proofread my history essay?
Hi, I have a history essay and I think it's done but I'd like someone to proofread it and suggest corrections first, can someone here please do that? Thanks! :-) P.S. It's due tomorrow Here's the essay: John Musbach History 02/14/07 My thesis statement is: Through the power of...
February 15, 2007 by John

Ms. Sue, I found this article can I use it for both the optimism on physical and psychological health. Please let me know. thanks
October 4, 2008 by rose (Ms. sue)

I need help answering this question please. What is the relationship between genes, cells, and behavior?
October 15, 2013 by SADE

Can someone please proofread my essay, if so let me know and if you don't mind giving me your email address so I can send it to you Thanks
November 13, 2012 by Jessica

hi, i need help on this assigments can you help me please i need to find the following definitions please help me. 1. The danger of overdiagnosis 2. The power of diagnostic labels 3. The confusion of serious mental disorders with normal problems 4.The illusion of objectivity
November 23, 2009 by maria

I need help answering this question please. Discuss the influences of biology and the environment on sexual differentiation.
November 5, 2013 by SADE

proofread french 3 line
Can you proofread these to make sure they make sense? Sur le sable chaud Whispering Waves calmement aux sirènes jolies le soleil brille contre ma peau bronzée chaud il chatouillant L'eau de mer salée touche ma langue et ma peau et pique mes yeux
January 9, 2013 by Bryce

psy- help
Ms Sue, Where can I find some materials on the five stages of Levinger’s ABC’s of relationships model and relationship. Please let me know. Thanks.
May 22, 2008 by rose- Ms. sue

I need help finding this answer please. Why is it said that hypothesis testing involves double negative logic?
September 27, 2013 by SADE

I NEED HELP ON THE NEXT WORLDS PLEASE i need the definition also please 1. Performance goals 2. Mastery goals 3. The effect of praise 4. Expectations and self-efficacy
November 23, 2009 by maria

I NEED HELP ON THE NEXT WORLDS PLEASE i need the definition also please 1. Performance goals 2. Mastery goals 3. The effect of praise 4. Expectations and self-efficacy
November 23, 2009 by maria

Essay, please proofread.
I went back and re-read it and made some changes. Weather Gone Wild
November 28, 2006 by shining_star007

Need the definition of buttons that is within the central nervous system. Happy new year. rose. I cannot find it anywhere. please help.
January 8, 2009 by rose - Ms. Sue

Describe how hormones masculinize or feminize sexual development and behavior. Can you please help me find some data that will help me interpret this question. thanks. rose
February 26, 2009 by Rose (Ms. Sue)

I need someone to help me answer this question please. What is the five-step process for hypothesis testing, and explain the procedure and logic for each.
October 1, 2013 by SADE

I need help finding information on this question please. Discuss the importance of lifelong learning and brain stimulation to longevity and quality of life.
November 9, 2013 by Sade

A basic statistics course had a total of 25 students which included 15 female (F) students whose distribution by major was 4 in Bio (B), 6 in COM (C), 3 in ECO (E), and 2 in PSY (P). In addition, the course had 10 male (M) students whose distribution by major was 2 in BIO (B...
September 22, 2011 by Anonymous

please tell me what you think/ proofread my essay
This is the prompt: Write about a time when you had to show respect for authority, even though it was difficult to do so.
October 13, 2006 by Anonymous

Ms. sue, Can you please help me find a couple of peer review articles on this subject: How social cognition can both positively and negatively impact one's attitudes and behaviors.
November 2, 2008 by rose - Ms. Sue

PSY/240 Hunger, Eating,
I am confused, please explain what are set points and what are settling points in relation to weight control?
July 2, 2014 by Ron

Essay help
is anyone willing to proofread my essay draft? please
June 1, 2009 by leslie

psy - please help
What relationship factors or considerations might be influencing Michael’s problems? Need some informations to help me answer this question. I just send a post which is revision 6, check it out for me. Thanks
June 8, 2008 by rose -psydag

need help finding two peer reviewed article which discusses the effects of optimism on physical and psychological health. please help me find those two sources. thanks
October 4, 2008 by rose (Ms. sue)

could anyone proof read my essay? could i send it to someone? If i post it here people might steal it. please i really need someone to proofread it.
March 23, 2009 by daniel

According to CCMS, the small size of this school helps the downtown urban community meet their needs, in particular at-risk students from low-income households because the students are given more individual attention by faculty members. As a small charter school, CCMS promotes...
March 24, 2008 by Bizzy

psy 202
please help me with writing why is it important to write your goals and formulate it. I started off by saying it is important because it helps you to underline, draw arrows on those important views.
April 2, 2012 by Maryann

Psy 285
Ice cream melths when heated is this causation or correlation? Money is the rot of all evil is this causation or correlation? Please help have no clue:(
December 8, 2008 by Julissa

help please
Corey wrote first draft of his eassy. What is the next step before he revises it? A.proofread the essay for errors. B.Reorganize the material C.Leave it alone for a few days. D.None of the above. i got A what do you think ?
September 28, 2011 by ciara

Ms. Sue are you? I have to do a powerpoint presentation on psychological disorders especially on the following anxiety, dissociative, somatoform mood, schizophrenia and personality. I would like to read more before I do it tomorrow. can you please help me get some information...
May 30, 2008 by rose - Ms. Sue

help please :)
What is the last thing you should do before turning in your essay? A.Write the secong draft. B.proofread the essay to make it is free from errors. C.Revise and edit,changing and rearranging the content. D.All of the above. i got D what do you think ?
September 29, 2011 by ciara

Can you please help me get some datas, to help me answer this question. What is the difference between absolute continuity and differential continuity? Do an individual's experiences impact differential continuity? Provide specific examples.
November 11, 2008 by rose - Ms. Sue

Please explain homework Checkpoint Parenting Styles and Development Appendix F. Describe how three adults, each brought up under a different parenting style as a child might cope differently with one of the changes listed in the table
March 3, 2010 by terry

i need help
May 17, 2011 by lana

Please proofread
Please look over my report and let me know if their are any mistakes and if it is a good one. THanx Abraham Lincon was born in 1809. He was the 16th president. He was a good and nice president. He led us through a big,bad,and super scary war. He had four kids. He was married ...
April 12, 2009 by Ella

english- please help me edit
Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me edit/proofread my english essay =)
May 1, 2008 by Dina

what is ubsystematic observation?
May 1, 2010 by gregg

Ms. Sue How are you? Could you please help me find some data that can help me discuss this statement below How do various behaviors of social dominance and courtship display affect the evolutionary process? What other behaviors might have an impact on evolution? Be sure to ...
December 18, 2008 by rose - Ms. Sue

english/ world geo.
Their are many lingering effects of communsim. I think the most important effects of communsim is the economic and political problems in Eastern Europe. please proofread ( might be factual or spelling punction etc.) there are 6 mistakes in this sentence.
December 14, 2009 by christina

Can someone proofread this for me please? Thanks. Under the Youth PROMISE Act, communities facing the greatest youth gang and crime challenges will come together to develop a compressive plan for implementing evidence-based prevention and intervention strategies. One of the ...
March 11, 2008 by Bizzy

You specialize in prenatal care, and Mary, one of your patients, just discovered she is pregnant. She is very curious about how the sex of her baby will be determined. Discuss with Mary the neuroendocrine system’s involvement in sexual development. Ms. Sue, please help me ...
February 24, 2009 by Rose

Psy 20
Effects of Stress CheckPoint
October 8, 2008 by Anonymous

what is causal observation ?
June 15, 2011 by logan

Creative thinking tends to be
November 15, 2012 by Anonymous

FIXED Essay. Please proofread.
I went back made the suggest changes. I will go back and add more specfic examples of traditions before I turn my final paper in. I need this asap (before Sunday) Thanxs for your help! Who Is An American?
September 15, 2006 by Soly

Psy 210
what is Sternberg's Theory of Love
June 26, 2009 by ms lane

psy 202
what are the five maps in writeing?
October 26, 2009 by meshelle

what is a theory and how do you write one
May 14, 2011 by angela willaims

need psy 302 help anybody out there?
August 27, 2013 by jude

What specifically is the acronym CUPID?
September 14, 2013 by Jake

How does CUPID help normal Aging?
September 14, 2013 by Jake

I need helping finding information for my homework assignment please. Create a 2- to 3-page brochure including graphics, on traditional psychodynamic theories. Describe personality. Discuss the main tenets of each theory, how they apply to personality and behavior, and the ...
June 7, 2014 by ANGELA

english essay
Could someone please proofread my essay for english? The topic is "self-deception as self-destruction".
October 15, 2006 by Chris

psy 230
what influence does culture have on personality?
June 12, 2010 by lisa smith

how does sensation and perception affect learning?
January 14, 2012 by James

How does sensation and perception affect learning?
January 19, 2012 by James

Describing CPT Catergories Check Point
April 22, 2012 by C

psy 202
May 15, 2012 by lasonya

english essays
Need help to proofread essay...
April 29, 2012 by cj

What could be a good theory to use explaining child abuse
September 18, 2008 by Cindy

psy 210
how might michael's situation illustrate adjustments
March 5, 2009 by patiance

what things can a LEADER do to help prevent or "break through" groupthink?
February 12, 2010 by sandy

What is casual observation and why is it different from scientific disipline?
June 15, 2011 by logan

psy 202
what is the comparison between positive and negative reinforcement?
July 9, 2011 by keisha jenkins

What is the comparison distribution and why is it important in hypothesis testing?
July 5, 2013 by Anonymous

What effect does the environment have on intellectual differences in humans?  
April 15, 2014 by Sade

I need help finding information to this question please. I found some information on Modern Psychology but not Abnormal Psychology. Thanks in advance. Create a timeline that displays the development of abnormal psychology. Include at least five to seven main milestones.
July 9, 2014 by Paul

English Proofread
Can you please read my first paragraph for my cover letter. The writer had to identify self and purpose in the 1st paragraph. Can you please give me feedback and check my grammar? Thank you help is greatly appreciated Your advertisement for any entry-level position as an ...
March 25, 2009 by Molly

Can you please proofread this for me. My teacher said that it was done correctly. Thank you. Freedom, wealth, security, and beliefs all branch off from the main cause of war. The positive beliefs that have been expressed regarding war, tend to state that every individual is ...
April 30, 2009 by Kara

Can you proofread my essay? "Why are you proud of your Vietnamese Heritage?"
November 16, 2006 by Anonymous

chemistry need it proofread..
and we had to round this was the question
February 20, 2008 by john

12th grade
which of the following proofread's mark is incorrect
November 21, 2009 by Anonymous

PSY 150
How can i do a refance page in Apa formatinig with web info.
March 2, 2010 by Francoise

PSY 202
Identify the benefits of life experiences for the adult student? Help!!
December 15, 2010 by Angela

PSY 202
why is it important to considereach domain in the study of adult development?
December 15, 2010 by Randy

Is a coefficient of variation a better measure of dispersion than variance?
May 5, 2011 by Candy

psy Stats.
how do you Calculate percentage when given standard deviation and mean
May 10, 2011 by Kailey

what is the differnce between set points versus settleing point
May 19, 2011 by Anonymous

What is the difference between scientific disipline and casual observation?
June 14, 2011 by logan

psy 240
are neurons there throughout your entire body or just in the brain?
July 6, 2011 by sam

Compare mechanistic and reciprocal interactionism I don;t understand can someone help me?
August 11, 2011 by Anonymous

what should one do order to increase self esteem experts
May 10, 2013 by sherry

psy 410
Which of the following is NOT usually one of the effects of abuse on a child?
June 18, 2015 by gail

help please.... What attributes make someone attractive? How does proximity influence attractiveness? Are people with similar interests more or less attractive than people with different interests? Why? What factors create lasting sustainability in relationships? What factors ...
March 21, 2011 by Brecken

social PSY
I need some help with this assignment. I really don't understand this class. Can someone please help me understand it better...thanks! Discuss how confirmation bias can influence perceptions and how some beliefs can actually generate their own confirmation in 200 to 300 words...
February 20, 2011 by Mandy

Spanish Proofread
Please help me proofread my spanish essay (so far). Thanks sooo much!! El sueño americano no existe solo para los pobres. No existe solo para los emigrantes. No existe solo para la joven. La idea del sueño americano es una que es conocida por todo el mundo. Cualquier persona...
September 15, 2008 by Corin

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