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English !!!
What must a prepositional phrase include? A. a preposition and a noun or pronoun B. a preposition and an adjective or article C. a preposition and a verb or adverb D. a preposition and a conjunction or interjection C???
October 17, 2013 by vickie

Write 3 sentences with a preposition in each. 1.I waited outside for an hour for the concert to start. Outside is preposition? 2.He went down the elevator to go to the second floor. down is preposition? 3.We went inside each room to find the missing key. Inside is preposition?
April 17, 2012 by Jarrod

A prepositional phrases include A. A preposition as about or above. object of the preposition that is a noun or pronoun. C. any modifiers of the object of the preposition. d. I am think A
November 4, 2014 by Michelle

Identify each preposition and each prepositional phrase. 1. The first street railway in the world was built in New York in 1832. preposition is in/ prepositional phrase is in New York in 1832. 2. The inventor of the telephone was born in Scotland. preposition is of/ ...
February 27, 2014 by Anonymous

I have to identify the word in () as either adverb or preposition and if it's a preposition I have to list its object. 1.I'm sure he let the dog come (in) last night. 2.The bus drove (past) the people waiting at the bus stop. 1. adverb 2.preposition-people
November 3, 2010 by Hayden

The phrase or word introduced by the preposition is called the ________of the preposition. A) link B) object C) subject I answered B
October 15, 2012 by Marie

What is the preposition and the object of the preposition in these sentences? I gazed out the window as we taxied closer. Was the coliseum I saw to the right?
January 13, 2014 by Kelley

What is the prepositional phrase in the following sentence and what is the object of the preposition? Fats release energy slowly, instead of the quick release from carbohydrates. I know that instead of is the preposition. Is EVERYTHING behind it the prepositional phrase and if...
May 13, 2011 by Lisa

The plane came down later than expected. 15. In this sentence, what part of speech is the word down? A. Preposition B. Adjective C. Adverb D. Conjunction I picked C, because the word down modifies the verb came, which makes it an adverb. Is this correct? 18. In which sentence ...
October 27, 2013 by Cassie

3.She is tender to percussion and palpation over the right lower quadrant. over is the preposition, is to also a preposition in this sentence
June 15, 2011 by melody

Grammar (Ms. Sue)
Complete each sentence below, using an objective pronoun. Then, tell how each pronoun is used in the sentence. 1). Skipping rope is a good form of exercise. Some athletes use (?) in their jumping. 2). My sister loves to jump rope. It gives (?) a chance to exercise and have fun...
April 19, 2013 by Anonymous

1. The young student (noun), who was new to (preposition) the school, wants (verb) to join the debating and (conjunction) fencing clubs, 2. I (pronoun) dream nightly (verb) to play the guitar (noun) in (preposition) the school (adjective) band. 3. The train (noun) that loudly...
January 13, 2011 by jana

which one of the sentences uses but as a preposition? A I wanted to leave,but I was embaressed to do so. B The lake is pretty, but it's too cold for swimming. Neither of those sentences uses "but" as a preposition. In both it is used as a conjunction. "But" is very seldom used...
September 28, 2006 by Asia

The young girl with the long black hair fell from her bike yesterday in heavy rain. In these sentence where is the preposition?Is heavy rain is the preposition?
June 24, 2011 by Bayarbold

Fill in the blank with correct option 1.Watch-----the milk;don't let it boil ---. a.No preposition required,down b.No preposition require,over c.over,up d.over,over
August 22, 2011 by swarna

English grammar
(with words that indicate portions) If the object of the preposition is singular, use a singular verb. If the object of the preposition is plural, use a plural verb. 1. Some of the pie _____ missing.(be) 2. Some of the pies _____ missing.(be) Some indicates a portion, so if ...
December 12, 2007 by John

RE: Language...Grammar
Thank You for the link. It says that With is a preposition... With the proper help, they'll complete the project early. Contains the prepositional phrase?? Is this correct? Thanks a lot Yes, with is a preposition. It is correct as written. It could be written other ways, also.
July 4, 2007 by Mandi

She is tender to percussion and palpation over the right lower quadrant. which is a preposition and which is a conjunction? to = conjunction right = preposition
July 5, 2009 by tina

English part of speech Help
The part of speech is in all caps: 1. "Way too cool" is a colloquial expression that should never be used in FORMAL writing. a. noun b. pronoun c. verb d. adjective e. adverb f. preposition g. conjunction 2. Each person in this CLASS has a desire to be successful. a. noun b. ...
October 13, 2011 by ME

Where is the preposition in the sentence order?Is preposition has at the end of the sentence?or where?
June 24, 2011 by Bayarbold

English 3
1) Select the abbreviation that tells how the italicized noun clause is used. S-subject, DO-direct object, SC-subject complement, OP-object of preposition Our study efforts should go to (whatever subject is most in need of improvement.) *my answer is DO 2)Select the ...
September 18, 2012 by Debra

dentify the word that best describes the bolded word. The match was played INDOORS due to the bad weather. A.) adjective B.) adverb************* C.) preposition D.) conjunction The REST of the inheritance was given to charity. A.) noun B.) pronoun C.) adjective D.) preposition...
August 26, 2014 by Cassie

lal check my work
tell whether the capitalized word is a subject, direct obect, object of preposition , or predicate noun 1. pay close attention to WHAT I DO.(object of preposition) 2. this is HOW STUDENTS SELECT THEIR MAJOR.( predicate noun) 3. WHO SENT THE YELLOW ROSES is a mystery to me. (...
May 31, 2010 by Sara!

English 3
1)Select the abbreviation that tells how the italicized noun clause is used. S-subject, DO-direct object, SC-subject complement, OP-object of preposition A lecture on cleanliness was not what the children wanted to hear. 2)Select the adjective clause and the word(s) it ...
September 18, 2012 by Debra

Which sentence includes a compound-word preposition? A. There was no one at home but me. B. The lightning struck from out of the blue. C. Don't come along on my account. D. The younger boys decided to play tag. B , because the compound word preposition is from out of?
December 15, 2015 by Jocelynn

6th grade grammar
I'm getting confused on finding prepositional phrases. Can you check my homework, please? Directions: Put a 'P' above the preposition. Circle object of preposition. Put a 'M' above any modifiers. Put () around prepositional phrase. 1. After we cut the fence, we snuck into the ...
October 1, 2013 by Alex

In which sentence is the word but used as a preposition? A. Children should be seen but not heard. B. John liked baseball but not football. C. We would like to visit the Grand Canyon, but our vacation time is up. D. None but the brave shall enter in. I answered D, because the ...
October 25, 2013 by Cassie

was brought = conjunction and = conjunction anesthesia = noun upper = preposition was prepped = verb draped = pronoun in = preposition sterile = pronoun longitudinal = noun was made = verb along = proposition thenar = adjective
July 5, 2009 by tina

Select the part of speech that correctly identifies the italicized word in each sentence below. The movie was wonderful, YET it was not nearly as detailed and creative as the novel. a. preposition b. conjunction* c. adjective d. interjection INDEED, it has been one of the ...
October 7, 2013 by Anonymous

In the following sentence, identify the part of speech of the italicized word. Catching fish is one of the oldest pastimes. the italicized word is is. A. Adverb B. Conjunction C. Preposition D. Verb I thought it was a preposition at first but after some reading I know it cant ...
September 23, 2013 by corie

1. Korea lost at the soccer game by 1:2. 2. Korea lost in the scooer game by 1:2. (Which preposition do we have to use? Are both right?) Responses English - Ms. Sue, Sunday, June 7, 2009 at 9:46pm We usually don't use any preposition. We say: Korea lost the soccer game by 1 to...
June 7, 2009 by John

Identify each preposition and each prepostitional phrase. 1. Salt Lake City, Utah's capital and largest city, was founded in 1847. (in 1847 is the prepositional phrase.) 2. Janice and Carla spent the day at the mall. prespostition is mall, don't see a prepostional phrase. 3. ...
February 27, 2014 by Anonymous

This = adjective sharply = adverb through = preposition and = conjunction tissue = noun to = preposition transverse = adjective ligament = noun carpal = adjective was incised = verb carefully = adjective push = verb technique = noun more info on next question
July 5, 2009 by tina

1. She is talking with her friend in a boat/on a boat. (Which preposition should we use? 2. They are jumping from the ground. 3. They are jumping on the ground. (Which preposition do we have to use? Are both OK?)
May 22, 2012 by rfvv

THE STARS NEXT TO IT ARE MY ANSWERS!! Select the answer that correctly identifies the part of speech of the italicized word or words in each sentence below. The words are with all big letters. YET, OH, SUDDENLY, BEFORE, THROUGH, OUTSIDE 1) The movie was wonderful, YET it was ...
January 24, 2014 by Wendy

6th grade English
Draw a line under each preposition and to lines under the object of a preposition. He was thirty years old when he first went to California in 1868. i underlined once "to California" and "in 1868" and i under lined twice twice Californiia and 1868. is this correct? thanks!
February 5, 2011 by Meghan

The right upper extremity was prepped and draped in the usual sterile manner. Identify parts of speech: upper = preposition was prepped = verb draped = verb in = preposition sterile = adjective
May 9, 2011 by Leslie

language arts
In the sentence "You can get supplies from the stationary store." I know the prepositional phrase is from the stationary store and the preposition is from. Would the object of the preposition be just store or would it be stationary store? Thanks...
October 1, 2012 by Brandi

Grammar Answer Check
Underline the gerund in each setences ([]). Then, on the line provided, identify its functions in the sentence. Write subject, predicate nominative, direct object, indirect object, object of a preposition, or appositive. 1. When the rippling began, I took it for sea-wind, [...
October 29, 2014 by Victoria

les verbes suivis de l'infinitif We are learning about infinitifs following a verb, so its either nothing following, like aimer... the preposition "a", like chercher a and the preposition "de", like accepter de... I just want to know is there actually a pattern as to which of ...
May 27, 2008 by french

What is, "object of a preposition." This site will help. Simply, the noun following a preposition is the object. ( the rabbit ran) over the HILL, under the LOG, and behind a ROCK. Hill, log and rock are noun ...
January 15, 2007 by Gina

For each word, label the parts of speech. We have to leave immediately to go to the meeting at the recreation center. 1. pronoun 2. verb 3. verb 4. verb 5. adverb 6. verb 7. verb 8.preposition 9.adjective(article) 10.noun 11. preposition 12. adjective (article) 13. adjective, ...
December 16, 2015 by Helen

This was carried sharply down through the skin and subcutaneous tissue to the transverse carpal ligament. Identify Parts of Speech: This = adjective sharpley = adverb through = preposition and = conjunction tissue = noun to = preposition transverse = adjective ligament = noun
May 9, 2011 by Leslie

Identifying and Classifying Gerunds write how each is used: subject, predicate nominative, direct object, or object of a preposition. Could you possibly correct my homework? Thanks! 1. Her laughing attracted my attention. Laughing (subject) 2. By studying, you can improve your...
January 12, 2012 by cami

What is the object of preposition in English grammar? What is its grammar explanation?How different between object and object of preposition?
June 25, 2011 by Bayarbold

IS The italicized word in the sentence below an adverb or a preposition? Why don't you come OVER this evening? A. Adverb. B. Preposition. C. None of the above. Which sentence below uses the word FINE as an interjection? A. The weather is very FINE today. B. Did you pay your ...
September 9, 2015 by ToriKat

spanish: Please help me remember one easy word
How do you say "to" in Spanish, as in; Would you like to.... You have to give the rest of the sentence in order to answer that question. You have to give me the word that follows "to" because that's how it works in spanish. the spanish word for that kind of "to" incorporates "...
October 25, 2006 by pinkpolkadots7

English (parts of speech)
1)Few comic strip are really comical 2)Few attended the meeting (Few is: adjective, verb ,adverb, preposition) (the first and the second are different 3)Before the telecast, we were all nervous 4)Before you leave, let me have your address Before is in the two sentences:Noun,...
October 28, 2013 by Anonymous

Hello. I will really appreciate some help. 1)Which preposition is correct in the context "to work at/in a company"? 2)Is it "a vacancy at" or "in our company"? 2)Which is the correct word order in the following word-group: "British TV dance show" or "British dance TV show"? 3)...
April 11, 2012 by Ilma

The man in the elevator was not pushing the buttons Is preposition is in the object is elevator the verb phrase is was not pushing and the action verb is pushing the helping verb is was and the adverb interrupters not What was the point of the story? Is the prepositional ...
January 21, 2017 by Tessa

Thank you for your last corrections. Can you check the grammar on the following sentences, please? 1) Can you say "mint pudding with fused dark chocolate"? 2) My aunt bought a perfume for me. (instead of the usual: she gave me a perfume for Christmas) 3) We had cheese ravioli ...
March 3, 2010 by Franco

English Grammar
When we talk about staying somewhere, we use the preposition "at." (I am staying at the bar). If we talk about going somewhere, we use the preposition "to." (I am going to school). Why are we allowed to leave those prepositions out when we talk about home? I am going home. I ...
March 4, 2011 by MattsRiceBowl

Address them? I don't know what that means. Do you mean you need to identify them? Go through the sentence one word at a time and identify each word. In that way, you'll isolate the adjectives and adverbs. Then you'll be able to complete your assignment. I'll get you started; ...
December 7, 2006 by Writeacher

The first person in the door was she. A.Object of a preposition B.Predicate Nominative C.subject object The reporter shook hands with the winner and then gave the trophy to her. A.Predicate Nominative B.subject C.Object of a preposition object The most ...
May 24, 2016 by Leo

language arts
I have another question on object of the preposition. In the sentence, I found my homework inside my social studies book. Would the object of the preposition just be book or would it be social studies book? I'm getting confused. I know social studies tells which book but I was...
October 1, 2012 by Brandi

1. At Thanksgiving Americans eat a roast turkey. 2. On Thanksgiving Americans eat a roast turkey. (Which preposition, do we have to use 'at' or 'on' before 'Thanksgiving'? Are both OK?) 3. on/at the weekend 4. on/at Sunday 5. on/at New Year's Day 6. on/at Christmas 7. on/at ...
October 31, 2012 by rfvv

critical thinking
What is the difference between a clause and a phrase? A. A clause has a subject and a verb, but a phrase doesn't. B. A phrase has a subject and a verb, but a clause doesn't. C. A phrase always contains a preposition. D. A clause always contains a preposition. my answer is b.
March 22, 2015 by Saddia

is when a preposition?
February 7, 2008 by Mackenzie

what is a preposition?
September 22, 2008 by jill

October 20, 2008 by NAVEEN

what is a preposition
October 20, 2009 by nycholas

What is a simile? This site will give you a definiton and examples. would for native americans woul for be the prepositions and americans be the object. for is the preposition. Native Americans is the object of the ...
January 16, 2007 by joe

For questions 13-15, select the answer that correctly identifies the part of speech of the all caps word. 1. Katrina wanted to vist her grandmother AND grandfather over the weekend. a. conjuntion b. noun 2. "OH" her mother said, "why don't we go Saturday. a. noun b. ...
August 27, 2012 by Anonymous

He never gets up before 9o'clock. In these sentence,Is never is the adverb? and Is before is the preposition?.What is the preposition sequence in the sentence strucure? Can I change these sentence structure to Never he gets up before 9 o'clock or He gets up before 9 o'clock ...
June 24, 2011 by Bayarbold

THE STARS NEXT TO IT ARE MY ANSWERS!! Select the answer that correctly identifies the part of speech of the italicized word or words in each sentence below. The words are with all big letters. SUDDENLY, BEFORE, OUTSIDE 1) Everyone in the cafeteria was SUDDENLY surprised by the...
January 25, 2014 by Wendy

what is a preposition that is scrambled into damou
September 20, 2009 by Anonymous

5th grade
how do I do the preposition phrases and object?
March 25, 2010 by patricia

english 3
A clause that may be used as the object of a preposition is a(n) __
September 3, 2014 by amber

Is that there a preposition in the sentence I don't know but it's hanging by it's feet
November 1, 2016 by Jekhia

Grammar exercise check
Can somebody check my answers on this exercise? I'm horrible at this and I want to make sure if I'm doing it right. --------------------------------------- "Identify the gerunds or gerund phrases in the following sentences. Then, tell how each is used: as a subject, a ...
January 16, 2008 by Emily

rewrite the sentence in order
friend two story on the lives in the corner house large My , . My friend lives in the large, two story house on the corner. My friend lives in the large, two story house on the corner. The two story house on the corner is the one my friend lives in. Try not to end sentences ...
March 15, 2007 by jennifer

umlazi comtech
identify the preposition it sees that during
February 3, 2014 by snenhlanhla

Which sentence has a preposition-related error? 1.There was a fight between the two men. 2.The Cerritos Center is near to my office. 3.They gave a party for Mary and me. 4.The report was sent to everyone except her. One of those sentences has TWO prepositions, next to one ...
October 21, 2006 by Mindy

1. When is the due date of the report? It is on May 1st. 2. When is the deadline of the book? It is tomorrow. 3. When is the report due? It is due this morning. 4. When is the book due? It is due this Thursday. (Are the questions and answers all correct? Are the questions the ...
April 16, 2010 by rfvv

Hello. I will be grateful for some language help. 1) Is the preposition "in" OK in the following sentence (maybe, no preposition at all or "when"?): "He made no mistake in choosing true friends"? 2) Is the word "contain" natural in the context: "I fully agree with the ideas ...
November 7, 2016 by Ilma

A(n) is a phrase containing a preposition, its object, and any modifiers of that object______.
January 11, 2010 by george

Language Arts
Would the phrase "sooner than" be a compound preposition? Thanks...
September 27, 2012 by Brandi

Is it okay to say "I'm going there Wednesday," or do I need a preposition, such as "on?"
May 15, 2014 by Anonymous

verbals: gerunds answer check
sorry for the repetitive questions! otherwise thank you for taking the time to check my answers. Underline the gerund, some do not have a gerund if so write ''no gerund.'' 1. Sketching is fun for me. Sketching - Subject 2. Marya exercises every day by swimming. Swimming - ...
March 13, 2017 by Please check answers!

english grammar check my answer
Can you help with the parts of speech: am I correct? 1. The high school game is at home tonight. answer:(The ..article..high school ..adjective... 2. The junior high track team is going to win when they start in ...
March 1, 2017 by mark

What is the object of preposition in this sentenc? Sheepishly, she told her father the story.
August 24, 2010 by Abigail

English grammar
In the question "Where are the spoons?", what is "where"? adverb? preposition? please explain why
October 20, 2010 by jay

A/an ________ and a connector is the same thing. A) conjunction B) preposition I answere B
October 15, 2012 by Marie

Can you please check one more thing: 1)The students were delighted by /with their exam results. Are "by" and "with" possible? Is the meaning the same as "they are pleased, satisfied, content with? their exam result? 2) They are depressed, sad, happy, unhappy, miserable, ...
March 20, 2011 by Mike

Language Arts
how do i identify verbs,adverbs,nouns,pronouns,adjectives,preposition?
September 10, 2008 by tench

What is preposition phrase in the follow sentence: When you are seasick, you are not really sick from the sea.
March 9, 2011 by jeremiah

A prepositional phrase always starts with the preposition. A) True B) False I answered A
November 14, 2012 by Marie

could you fill in the blank with a suitable preposition : The boat will carry you ___ the river
August 5, 2013 by R S Telagathoty

English Grammar
Fill in the blank using suitable preposition:- (1)He is sitting____the room.
October 2, 2013 by Bhavin

Thomas Farriner BAKER To King Charles II ------------------ Is this grammatical? What is the role of the preposition 'to'?
May 1, 2014 by rfvv

1. They climb up the hill to the tower of London. 2. He is climbing up the ladder. ------------- Is 'up' an adverb or a preposition?
May 8, 2015 by rfvv

longitudinal what is it? adjective adverb noun pronoun verb conjunction preposition
December 3, 2015 by kerston

Preposition: I would like to pay the amount __cheque ? The boat goes__river ?
February 26, 2016 by Ri

English grammar
1.This figure is wrong;please strike it-----(fill in with suitable preposition)
March 29, 2016 by R

Match the part of speech: a. noun b. pronoun c. antecedent (the noun (or nouns to which a pronoun refers) d. adjective e. adverb f. verb g.preposition h. conjunction 1. This stack of books is hers. a. This = d. adjective b. of = g. preposition c. books = a. noun 2. The doctor ...
May 13, 2011 by Leslie

1. I saved the file on the computer. 2. I saved the file in the computer. 3. I saved the file at the computer. (Which preposition do I have to use?) 4. He is making a document on the computer. 5. He is making a document in the computer. 6. He is making a document at the ...
May 25, 2009 by John

I forgot to add this sentence. 1)How long is it since it last snowed? ..... December. (Which is the correct preposition?)
October 20, 2011 by Henry2

In the following sentence, which word is a preposition? I am going to the store. A. I B. am C. to D. the I believe the answer is C, do you agree?
November 28, 2014 by Annie

Which one of the following words is not an object of a preposition? A. afternoon B. cushions C. pockets D. bed c?
December 14, 2014 by Jordan

english grammar check please
parts of speech 1.Mason is fantastic at gossamer billowing. my answer: Mason=noun, is=verb fantastic=adjective at=preposition gossamer=adjective billowing=noun We get to go home early on Wednesday. my answer: We=pronoun get to go=verb home=noun early=adverb on=preposition ...
March 1, 2017 by Mark

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