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Any ideas please? Simple random sample of voters will be taken in a large state. Researchers will construct an approximate 95% confidence interval for the percent of the state¢s voters who will vote for Candidate A. Find the minimum sample size needed to ensure that the width...
July 24, 2013 by Andrew

Dissolved Oxygen in aquatic systems is important for the survival of small freshwater fish and they require a minimum amount of 5 parts per million of dissolved oxygen in a stream or lake to survive comfortably. Although this amount seems quite small, how many oxygen molecules...
January 5, 2015 by Bren

A square has sides of length L. In the lower-right and lower-left corners there are two sources of light waves, one in each corner, that emit identical in-phase light waves of wavelength 8.28 m in all directions. What is the minimum value of L such that constructive ...
March 29, 2016 by A

an engine block of mass 275kg rest on a plane which is inclined at 13 degrees to the horizontal.if the plane can be tilted to a maximum angle of 21 degrees before the engine block slide due to its weight.calculate the minimum force parallel to the plane required to move the ...
October 6, 2010 by charles

Answer the following questions for the function f(x)=sin^2(x/5) defined on the interval .(-15.507923,3.82699075) Rememer that you can enter "pi" for as part of your answer. a.what is f(x) concave down on the region B. A global minimum for this function occurs at C. A local ...
November 5, 2011 by li

What is the effective marginal tax rate of a government antipoverty program that guarantees every family a minimum income? Explain. Why might trying several antipoverty benefits to income level lead to an effective marginal tax rate of greater than 100 percent?
November 22, 2014 by BB

Assume that you are considering the purchase of a 30-year, noncallable bond with an annual coupon rate of 8.5%. The bond has a face value of $1,000, and it makes semiannual interest payments. If you require an 7.4% yield to maturity on this investment, what is the maximum ...
September 22, 2012 by eric

physics please help!!
You wish to have a plane pocket mirror that is as discreet as possible but with which you can see the whole width of your face. If your face is 22.0 cm wide, what is the minimum width, in cm, of the mirror for you to be able to see the whole width of your face in one eye?
November 29, 2011 by archi

Boris gets paid an 8% commission on every car he sells. Last week, he made a commission of $1240. What was the price of the car he sold? a)15500 b)15000 c)12500 d)1550 I got answer a by dividing 1240 by .08. Is this right?
January 31, 2008 by robert

John wants a $200,000 house. He is 40 and he retires at 65. He believes he earns 9% annually after taxes. How much must John invest at the end of each of the next 25 years to have the cash purchase price of the house when he retires?
March 15, 2010 by Laura

The suggested retail price of a new car is p dollars. The dealership advertised a factory rebate of $1200 and an 8% discount. How would I write the function R in terms of p giving the cost of the car after receiving the rebate from the factory?
February 9, 2011 by Steve

business math- check my answers please
A share of perpetual preferred stock pays an annual dividend of $6 per share. If the investors require a 12% rate of return, what should be the price of this preferred stock? a. $57.25, b. $50.00, c. $62.38, $46.75, e. $41.64. I chose b. $50 because $50 x 12% = $ this ...
May 4, 2011 by Melly

Wilpen Company, a price-setting firm, produces nearly 80 percent of all tennis balls purchased in the United States. Wilpen estimates the U.S. demand for its tennis balls by using the following linear specification:
June 23, 2012 by Anonymous

Wilpen Company, a price-setting firm, produces nearly 80 percent of all tennis balls purchased in the United States. Wilpen estimates the U.S. demand for its tennis balls by using the following linear specification:
June 25, 2012 by Anonymous

Programming in Python
A customer in a store is purchasing five items. Design a program in python that asks for the price of each item, and then displays the subtotal of the sale, the amount of the sales tax , and the total. Assume the sales tax is 6 percent.
September 7, 2012 by Mona

a carpet for a small room measuring 4 ft by 7.5 ft cost $120 how much would it cost for a carpet (with the same price per square foot) for a bigger room that measures twice as long and three times as wide
December 5, 2012 by Lily

Quick Math Help
A video rental company charges a membership fee of $10 plus $5.50 for each movie rented. If the slope of the function were to decrease, how would that effect the price of renting a movie? I got no but correct me if I'm wrong correct me!! If it is no how would it be?
December 11, 2013 by Anonymous

Quick Math Help
A video rental company charges a membership fee of $10 plus $5.50 for each movie rented. If the slope of the function were to decrease, how would that effect the price of renting a movie? I got no but correct me if I'm wrong correct me!! If it is no how would it be?
December 11, 2013 by Anonymous

The suggested retail price for a new car is p dollars. The dealership advertises a 10% discount and a factory rebate of $1500. Write a function S in terms of p, representing the cost of the car after receiving the dealership discount.
January 28, 2014 by Kailtan

green eggs 2.25 regular eggs 2.00 ham 1.50 bacon 1.25 small drink 0.75 large drink 1.00 today's special 4.25 ticket #5 2(G+H) what was ordered? what was the cost>? what method did you use to figure out? what is another way to calculate the price for ticket #5?
August 13, 2015 by kathy

In a movie, a stuntman places himself on the front of a truck as the truck accelerates. The co efficient of friction between the stuntman and the truck is 0.65. The stuntman is not standing on anything but can “stick” to the front of the truck as long as the truck ...
September 22, 2011 by John

Sitting on a horizontal track is a mass of 10kg. One end of the track is raised untill the mass just begins to slip. If the coeffieient of static friction is .4 what is the minimum angle at which the mass begins to slip? The component of force down the slope: mgSinTheta THe ...
August 22, 2006 by Jason

CollegePak Company produced and sold 60,000 backpacks during the year just ended at an average price of $20 per unit. Variable manufacturing costs were $8 per unit, and variable marketing costs were $4 per unit sold. Fixed costs amounted to $180,000 for manufacturing and $72,...
July 4, 2012 by Ty

If a 2 m tall man is looking at a plane mirror from an eye which is 20 cm from the top of his head, what is the minimum length that the mirror must be so that he can just barely see his whole body in the mirror? How far up from the ground must the mirror be placed? I'm ...
February 24, 2009 by Brock

The author of a book was told that he would have to cut the number of pages by 21% for the book to sell at a popular price and still make a profit. If the finished book contained 340 pages, how many pages were in the original forms?
May 1, 2012 by Anonymous

The density of air near the earth's surface is 1.29 kg?m^3. If a helium balloon with a mass of 1 kg floats in air without rising or falling,what is the minimum volume of helium in the balloon? (presume that the mass of the material making up the balloon is negligible). I am ...
February 16, 2012 by Jonathon

In a certain amusement-park ride, riders stand with their backs against the wall of a spinning vertical cylinder. The floor falls away and the riders are held up by friction. If the radius of the cylinder is 4.2 m, find the minimum number of revolutions per minute to prevent ...
February 11, 2014 by Anonymous

Math help!
Hilda has a rectangular garden by the river in front of her house. The area she uses for planting tomatoes is three times as large as that she uses for beets. If she has 270 yards of fencing material to enclose the garden to protect it fro, rodents, will the total area attain ...
April 27, 2015 by Yin

The odds are 3 to 5 in favor of drawing a blue marble in one random drawing from an urn containing only red and blue marbles. There are more than 100 marbles in the urn. what is the minimum number of red marbles that there could be in the urn?
November 4, 2012 by Carson

Ph. Ed
five (5) different products that have to do with sports. It can be exercise equipment, practice equipment, protective equipment, supplements, etc. Tell me about each product, the price, and if you would or would not but this product and why or why not.
April 10, 2008 by Eagle

Samir's mom is a real estate agent. When she sells a house, she receives a commission that is 6% of the selling price of the house. If she sells a house for $180,000, what is her commission for this sale?
January 11, 2011 by Marvo

q = 5,000 - 100p tc= 10,000 - 10q plot the demand curve marginal revenue curve marginal cost curve profit maximising price, quantity, and profits
September 1, 2011 by debra

q = 5,000 - 100p tc= 10,000 - 10q plot the demand curve marginal revenue curve marginal cost curve profit maximising price, quantity, and profits
December 31, 2015 by jojo

Conduct Break-Even Analysis in the following two scenarios: R Squared is a mobile diagnostic imaging company that performs MRI scans of patients at hospitals and clinics that cannot afford their own scanners. General Hospital has contacted R Squared regarding a contract for ...
April 29, 2007 by sarah

Please help! i dont understand this stuff!
Dewayne is comparing two checking accounts. One has a monthly fee of $7 and a per-check fee of $0.30, and the other has a monthly fee of $4 and a per-check fee of $0.40. What is the minimum number of checks Dewayne needs to write for the first bank to be a better option? A. 29...
May 15, 2013 by so confused!

Crossing a River in min time
A hunter wishes to cross a river that is 1.17 km wide and flows with a speed of 1 km/h parallel to its banks. The hunter uses a small powerboat that moves at a maximum speed of 15 km/h with respect to the water. What is the minimum time necessary for crossing? Answer in ...
September 27, 2013 by Sabrin

A satellite of mass 205 kg is launched from a site on Earth's equator into an orbit at 200 km above the surface of Earth. (a) Assuming a circular orbit, what is the orbital period of this satellite? s (b) What is the satellite's speed in its orbit? m/s (c) What is the minimum ...
September 27, 2014 by Dallas

1.What is the smallest possible value of 2x^4+(8/x^4) over all real nonzero values of x? To find the minimum value you have to factor it, but I am not sure how to factor this. 2.What is the maximum value of c such that the graph of the parabola y=1/3x^2 has at most one point ...
October 17, 2014 by Trish Goal

write a c++ program which reads student name,ID ,mid,final for single course and for ten students and compute ;total mark &letter grade of each student;name student who scored maximum ;display maximum and minimum mark;display details each student alphabetically in table form.
May 7, 2016 by lami

The cost of a certain new car is g dollars. The car is on sale for h% off this price. What is the total cost of the car on sale after the addition of 7% sales tax?
August 13, 2013 by mike

At Bob's binders, a set of 3 notebooks costs $4.20. At Pam's Paper Place a set of 4 notebooks costs $5.20. What is the unit price of the notebooks at each store? Which is the better buy?
October 20, 2014 by Amy

Karl bought a tennis racket at a 1/3 off sale. the regular price of the racket was $45.75. how much did karl pay for the racket? My answer: $30.65 is what Karl paid for the racket, am i right?
May 29, 2015 by John Dosley

Eddie sold an antique lamp on Ebay for $75. Eddie had to pay the Ebay a fee if $6.00 on the final sales price. What percent if the sale was the fee to Ebay?
January 21, 2016 by Amy

Mr.jones bought a share of a stock at the cost of x dollars. This year his stock is 17 dollars,which is five more than triple the original much did mr.jones pay for the stock originally?
September 30, 2013 by Kirandeep

A bakery charges $0.10 for a cookie that is 2 inches in diameter. If the price is proportional to the area, how much do they charge for an extra large cookie that is 8 inches in diameter? Assume that each cookie is shaped of a circle. A: $0.40 B: $0.80 C: $1.60 D: $6.40
April 24, 2016 by anonymous

Emily has a coupon for 20% off her purchase. She finds a backpack on the discount rack. It's original price is $60 but is 30% off. Emily thinks 30% and 20 % make 50% so the backpack will be $30. Is Emily correct? Explain your answer.
December 9, 2016 by john r

Radio waves (419m) from a station travel along two paths from the transmitter to a house. The first path is direct, 27km, and the second path is by reflection from a mountain directly behind the house. No phase change occurs upon reflection from the mountain. What minimum ...
April 28, 2012 by Nu

college statistics
the math SAT scores for all students who applied to the school of engineering are normally distributed with M=629 and standard deviation of 60. the school of engineering has decided to accept those students whose scores fall in the top 15%. what is th minimum score an appliant...
November 6, 2014 by Chelsea

How can government interference create inefficient production? Use at least one example. I can think of a plentitude of ways. Think of government programs or actions that change market equilibriums. (three hints: tarriffs, price controls, special tax credits.)
March 26, 2007 by Chrissy

Macro economics
Between year 1 and 3 the price level has risen and real GDP has fallen. During the same time W has risen. Identify one comination of changes in the labor supply and labor demand that could have the effect in the classical goods and services market.
February 15, 2008 by Christie

A stock is quoted at $1,180. The $1,000 par value bond pays 14% interest, and it has 25 years remaining until maturity. The current yield to maturity on similar bonds is 12%. Compute the new price of the bond and comment on whether you think it is overpriced in the marketplace
September 18, 2009 by Linda

U.S. antitrust enforcement policies have focused on 1) Enforcing market codes of ethics 2) Preventing "golden parachutes" 3) preventing price fixing arrangements 4) forcing firms to produce output at the point where P=MC 5) breaking up any firm with more than 10 Percent market...
November 20, 2009 by David

A Norwegian hydroelectric power plant is built on a small river. The water falls 400m from the mountains to the turbines. The flow is 80 m3/s. Calculate: a) the produced electric power; b) the value of production of one day (unit price = 10 cnt/kWh). The efficiency of ...
September 30, 2010 by winget

math: ineuality help pls!??
is this an inequality in a real life scenario? and what is the difference between that and an equation? Robin has $25. He wants to buy some more boomerangs so he can practice his aiming for knife chucking for a circus act. Robin needs to know the average price so he doesn't ...
January 22, 2014 by TTR+S<3

3. What are the next three terms of the sequence 6, 12, 18, 24 a; 28, 34, 40 b; 30, ,34, 38 c; 30, 36, 44 d; 30, 36, 42 --------------------------- 14. The sale price of ground beef at a local grocery store is $1.49 for the first pond and $1.09 for each additional pound. Which...
May 8, 2014 by Darcy

math corrections
10. You have a nickel, a dime, a quarter and a fifty-cent piece. A clerk shows your several articles, each different price and any one of which you could purchase with your coins without receiving change. What is the largest number of articles he could have shown you? A.8 B.10...
August 14, 2014 by vincent

1. A company claims that its products are better quality than other similar products. What type of competition is this? A) Price B) Nonprice*** C) Supply D) Demand 2. Every tangible product is made up of what? A) Wealth B) Entrepreneurship C) Labor D) Land*** My answers are: 1...
December 14, 2015 by Tim

You shop for bikes and find 7 types priced at 119 139 149 179 189 199 and 209. you want to buy the 189 bike would you use the mean median and mode to convince your parents that this is a reasonable price for a bike? explain Please help me
June 9, 2016 by PLEASE HELP

financial management
Tribke Enterprises collected the following data from its financial reports for 2012: Stock price $18.37 Inventory balance $300,000 Expenses (excluding COGS) $1,120,000 Shares outstanding 290,000 Average issue price of shares $5.00 Gross margin % 40% Interest rate 8% TIE ratio ...
August 19, 2015 by Ashley

Math (dont want the ans just the working)
4kg of apples costing 80 cents per kg are mixed with 8 kg costing 56 cents per kg.What is the average price per kg?
July 20, 2009 by keisha

sara wants to buy a jacket on sale. its original price is $15.00.The sale is 25% off.How much will sara save by buying the jacket on sale ? my answer is $3.75 is it correct?
November 28, 2010 by AnOnYmOuS1

Who gets scarce resources in a market economy? A) the government B)whoever is willing and able to pay the price C)whoever wants them D)Whoever the government decides gets them
January 10, 2011 by Anonymous

Canada Computers is having a sale on extra RAM.  Ronnie calculates that the sale price of RAM is   $5.45/mb .  How much will Kareem pay for 10.8 mb of extra RAM?  
December 7, 2013 by Samiha

a giant robot tosses a ball up, from a height of 80 meters, with an initial velocity of Vo = 60 m/s, use 10 m/s^2 as the acceleration due to gravity. what will be the minimum velocity of the ball and when and where will that occur? [i don't know how you would find that.] what ...
October 9, 2007 by jel

A piece of wire 40 m long is cut into two pieces. One piece is bent into a square and the other is bent into an equilateral triangle. How should the wire be cut so that the total area enclosed is a maximum= minimum= Find the length of the wire used
May 7, 2013 by Brian

Word problem
10 men are fishing in a row boat. The center is empty. The 5 men need to swap places. A man can move to his seat if it is empty or step over one person to an empty seat what are the minimum moves needed for the five men to swap places. My answer is 25
September 17, 2013 by Lucky

a block moves up 45degree incline w/ constant speed under the action of a force of 15n applied parallel to the incline.If the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.3, determine the weight of the block and minimum force required to allow the block to move down the incline at ...
March 6, 2014 by kmae

Optional Assignment Search the internet for an example of the power or politics in an organization, identify how it has been used and relate it to the theory we have studied this week. Your APA formatted MS Word paper should be a minimum of one page in length. (Make sure to ...
September 4, 2011 by beth

The potential energy of a particle on the x-axis is given by U+ 8xe ^-xsquared/19 where x is 1 meter and U is in Joules. Please find the point on the x-axis for which the potential is a maximum or minimum. I've worked it three times and I get these three answers. Which one is ...
November 24, 2009 by Ahley

In an action movie, the heroine is supposed to jump with a motorcycle from the roof of one skyscraper to another one. The roof of the second skyscraper is h=9 meters lower, and the gap between the buildings is d=15 meters wide. Both roofs are horizontal and flat. Neglecting ...
January 27, 2015 by Chris

Math Pre-Cal (Exponential Functions)
The federal minimum wage was raised to $1.00 per hour in 1956. It was raised to $2.00 per hour in 1974. If it had continued to increase at this same exponential rate, what would it be in 2016? I tried working this problem and got ~$10.08 for 2016. I'm not sure if my answer is ...
February 21, 2016 by Earl

Calculus AB
A particle is moving along the x-axis so that at time t its acceleration is a(t)=ðcos(ðt) At time t=1/2, the velocity v of the particle is 1/2. Find the velocity of the particle at any time t. I think I got that right, as sinðt + C. Now it wants the minimum velocity of the ...
January 20, 2012 by Savannah

math.. again!
write each increase or decrease as a percent. the price of gasoline rose from 97.5/L to 101.4/L. Percent increase= i did: 101.4 - 97.5 101.4 x 0.0390 = 3.9% is this right?? im not really sure how to do this.sorry for all these questions.
November 1, 2008 by jazz

pre alegra
A product that cost 2,000 increase by 5% in June. The new June price of the product increased by 5% on December 1st. How many dollars did the product increase by Dec 1. I don't have a clue! Can you please help
November 4, 2009 by denise

A sales clerk at a local deli made the chart below for popular lunch combinations. What is the individual price for a salad? Lunch Pricing Combinations 1 Sandwich + Salad= $8.70 2 Sandwiches + Salad= $13.45 A. $3.25 B. $3.95 C. $4.25 D. $4.75
December 17, 2014 by Anonymous

A school is printing t-shirts for students. They have 2 different prices. Company A says they will print 16 t-shirts for $40. Company B will print 84 t-shirts for $140. Which is a better price? Please prove your answer.
January 6, 2015 by Amy

A lot 80 feet wide and 200 feet deep is sold at $500 per front foot. Commission is 10% of sales price, and the selling salesperson receives 60% of the commission. What does the salesperson receive?
August 6, 2015 by Linette

business math
Front Range Cabinet Distributors in Colorado Springs, Colorado, sells to its contractors with a 32% markup on cost. If the selling price for cabinets is $9,357, what is the cost to contractors based on cost?
February 1, 2016 by stephanie

If the markup on an oven is 200% based on cost, what is the corresponding percent markup based on selling price? Round percents to the nearest tenth of a percent. Do not enter the percent symbol in your answer.
March 9, 2016 by tina

A shopkeeper marked the price of an article a certain percent above cp and he allowed 16% discount to make 5% profit. If a customer paid rs.9492 with 13% vat to buy article by what percent is MP above CP of article?
June 5, 2016 by Gho

7th grade math Ms. Sue please
1. The price of a radio changes from $40.00 to $44.00. (1 point) 10% decrease 10% increase 36.4% decrease 40% increase 2. The price of an oven changes from $450 to $396. (1 point) 13.6% increase 13.6% decrease 12% increase 12% decrease 3. The top player’s scoring average ...
November 19, 2012 by Delilah

Business Economics
When we are given an expression for the Short Run Total Cost Curve (for eg: 8 + 3Q - 1.5Q^2 + 0.25Q^3), how do you derive expressions for the following: 1. Average Fixed Costs 2. Average Viarable Costs Curve 3. Marginal Costs Curve 4. Short Run Supply Curve I also have a ...
April 18, 2007 by Dan

Consider the function f(x) = x^4 - 18 x^2 + 4, \quad -2 \leq x \leq 7. This function has an absolute minimum value equal to and an absolute maximum value equal to
October 31, 2014 by Alessandra Romano

please check my answers ! 21. Find the unit price for each option shown below. Round to the nearest cent when necessary. Indicate which option is the better buy. Option I: 10 candy bars for $6.75 Option II: 12 candy bars for $7.25 ANSWER= 10/$6.75=$1.48 12/$7.25=$1.65 10 Units...
February 11, 2014 by Matt

please check my answers ! 21. Find the unit price for each option shown below. Round to the nearest cent when necessary. Indicate which option is the better buy. Option I: 10 candy bars for $6.75 Option II: 12 candy bars for $7.25 ANSWER= 10/$6.75=$1.48 12/$7.25=$1.65 10 Units...
February 11, 2014 by Matt

josh buys concert tickets worth $180, he then keeps 2 of the tickets and sells the rest for 9 dollars more, he make a total profit of $36, after selling all the tickets. what was the original ticket price? howmuch people bought the ticket?
March 10, 2010 by sam

Labor rate = $12 per hour Hours worked = 36 Overhead rate = 125% Retail price of good furnished = $185 Sales tax rate = 7% Total bill for services and parts = $ The answer that I got was 762.80. Can you check my answer.
July 9, 2013 by sarah

A new car is purchased for the price of $35,000. If the value of the car depreciates at a rate of 12% per year, when will the car be worth half of the original rate? I put down (this was wrong): 35000 (0.12/12) = 75000 350 (0.12/12) 175 = 612.5 = about 6 years
May 4, 2015 by Bri

Managerial Economics
# of Fisherman Daily Tuna Catch 0 0 1 50 0.02 2 110 0.02 3 300 0.01 4 450 0.01 5 590 0.01 6 665 0.01 7 700 0.01 8 725 0.01 9 710 0.01 Suppose market price of tuna is $3.50/lb. How many fisherman should the company use if the daily rate is $100?
August 30, 2010 by Janet

i need help in creating these kid of sentences a) a sentence that expresses uncertainity about a price b) a sentence that contains an abbreviation for a tittle MY SENTENCE: (The BBC provides UK and worldwide weather services.) is it right??? c) a forceful imperative MY ...
March 30, 2011 by plz help

Math-Help please?
Michael owns 300 shares of a certain stock. Suppose the price of the stock drops by $4 per share. Write a multiplication equation to find the change in Michael's investment. I put 300x(300x[-4]) is that right?
November 14, 2011 by Anna

A grocery store buys 30 gallons of milk at a cost of $1.58 per gallon. The owner expects a 15% spoilage rate. To achieve a 20% markup based on cost, what should be the selling price per gallon? Round to the nearest cent/
March 24, 2012 by Tina

maria vazquez
Sonoma winery has fixed cost of $10,000 per year. its warehouse sells wine with variable costs of 80% of its unit selling price. How much in sales does Sonoma need to break even per year?
April 29, 2013 by edwin

Payback periods
purchase price 550,000, period of useful 10 years, annual revenue 100,000,operating costs 32,000, depreciation 55,000 no income taxes can you show me how to get the answer I have an answer but not sure if it is correct
February 8, 2014 by Carol

Payback periods
purchase price 550,000, period of useful 10 years, annual revenue 100,000,operating costs 32,000, depreciation 55,000 no income taxes can you show me how to get the answer I have an answer but not sure if it is correct
February 8, 2014 by Carol

1. If a product becomes more easily available, what is likely to happen? A) The product will get more competitors. B) The cost of making the product will increase. C) The product will become a consumer good. D) The price will go down. Is the answer D? I'm not really sure, so ...
December 14, 2015 by Tim

The Kitchen Kompany operates on a 145% markup rate based on the cost. The markup on the store's new line of cabinets is $300 per cabinet. Find the cost of one cabinet and its selling price.
February 25, 2016 by Bradley

An underwater microphone is used to record sounds emitted by porpoises. The minimum intensity level the instrument can record is 10 dB. Assuming a porpoise emits sound at a rate of 0.05 J/s, what will be the max distance at which the animal will still be recorded? Neglect ...
February 21, 2010 by Mitchell

3. In 1966, Mexican American farm workers demanded all of these EXCEPT a minimum wage. decent housing. health benefits. toilets and drinking water.* 4. All these organizations encouraged women to run for office EXCEPT MALDEF.* Mujeres por la Raza. the Texas Women’s Political...
April 22, 2015 by YOLO

Math ---HELP!!!!!
A researcher wishes to estimate the mean amount of money spent per month on food by households in a certain neighborhood. She desires a margin of error of $30. Past studies suggest that a population standard deviation of $248 is reasonable. Estimate the minimum sample size ...
May 30, 2016 by angela

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