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There are four Ps in marketing. These are Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. Choose a product or service with which you are familiar. Describe the product or service. Then, in your own words, describe the 4-P decisions which would be important when marketing this product.
January 24, 2010 by Anonymous

Straub's Bakery makes 200 Danish cakes that cost $2.70 each. Straub's needs a 66% markup on cost and normally discards 10% of what it makes. At what price should Straub's sell the Danish cakes?
February 16, 2015 by mo

Math (please help!)
The largest Ferris Wheel in the world is the London Eye in England. The height (in metres) of a rider on the London Eye after t minutes can be described by the function h(t) = 67 sin[0.2094(t-30)] + 70 Using this equation i'm supposed to find the diameter, the maximum (top of ...
January 23, 2011 by Haley

A wire 100 centimeters in length is cut into two separate pieces (not necessarily equal). ON epiece is bent to form a square and the other to form a circle. Let x equal the length of the wire used to form the square. a. Write the function that represents the are of the two ...
January 22, 2014 by Andy G

Physics, Please Help
A homeowner is trying to move a stubborn rock from his yard which has a mass of 1025 kg. By using a lever arm (a piece of wooden board) and a fulcrum (or pivot point) the homeowner will have a better chance of moving the rock. The homeowner places the fulcrum 24.4 cm from the ...
November 25, 2012 by Mike

relations and functions
Seeds of type A and type B are sold ihna packet each packet must contain 1) both type a and type b seeds 2)at least tewice the number of type B seeds s there are of type A 3)no more than 12 seeds a) state the minimum number in each packet of type a and of type B seeds b)if ...
February 26, 2008 by Keisha

MBA Executive : Banking & Finance
1) The right under which an unpaid seller who is in possession of the goods is entitled to retain them until payment of the price is done is termed as....... 2)If the no of level investments be ‘t’, total no of level installments be ‘n’ and total charge for credit be ‘c’ then ...
April 10, 2011 by sushma

A rectangular box is to have a square base and a volume of 20 ft3. If the material for the base costs 37¢/square foot, the material for the sides costs 10¢/square foot, and the material for the top costs 13¢/square foot, determine the dimensions of the box that can be ...
June 17, 2013 by Anonymous

To qualify for the finals in a racing event, a race car must achieve an average speed of 225 km/h on a track with a total length of 1.4 km. If a particular car covers the first half of the track at an average speed of 205 km/h, what minimum average speed must it have in the ...
June 15, 2014 by Piper

Information Technology
I have this assignment due tonight in about 2 and a half hours. I am going to try to finish it the best that I can but I do not know if I will be able to. I really am stuck. I have no idea where to even start on this. Can somebody please help?! • Read the following scenario: ...
May 28, 2011 by Josh

I'm working on a project and I need some help with figuring out the equations to write. Here is all the information about the project: You and your friends decide to produce your own CD. After searching on the Internet, you find a low-cost CD duplication outfit that will let ...
November 18, 2007 by Courtney

In a popular amusement park ride, a rotating cylinder of radius 4.00 m is set in rotation at an angular speed of 5.00 rad/s. The floor then drops away, leaving the riders suspended against the wall in a vertical position. What minimum coefficient of friction between a rider's ...
July 11, 2008 by Elisa

Two satellites are launched at a distance R from a planet of negligible radius. Both satellites are launched in the tangential direction. The first satellite launches correctly at a speed v0 and enters a circular orbit. The second satellite, however, is launched at a ...
December 22, 2011 by Anonymous

A rectangular box with square base (which is NOT necessarily a cube) and NO top is to be made to contain 9 cubic feet. The material for the base costs $2 per square foot and the material for the sides $3 per square foot. Find the dimensions that minimize the cost of the box ...
March 24, 2013 by Marto

7th grade math
Can you check the following? 10. A store pays $10 for a bracelet, and the markup is 115%. A customer will also pay 5 1/2% sales tax. What will be the total cost of the bracelet to nearest cent? t = 1.15 x 10 t = $11.5 (markup price) t = $10 + 11.5 t = $21.50 (cost of bracelet ...
January 16, 2015 by Alexis

Math percentage
I don't really understand percentages grade 6 math. 1.60% discount on a 7$ item so items price is 40% of original so 0.4 x 7= 2.8$? 2. A population of 1500 people increases 15% each year how would this question be done? 1500 x .15=225 so the next years population would be 225...
July 27, 2009 by kelly

if a vendor charges p dollars each for rugby shirts, then he expects to sell 2000-100p shirts at a tournament. a. Find a polynomial R(p) that represents the total revenue when the shirts are p dollars each b. Find r(5), R(10), and R(20) C. Use the bar graph to determine the ...
February 25, 2011 by Anonymous

The price of a small cabin is $85000 the bank requires a 5% down payment the buyer is offered two mortgage options: 20 year fixed at 9.5% or 30 year fixed at 9.5% calculate the amount of interest paid for each option how much does the buyer save in interest with the 20 year ...
November 7, 2012 by tracy

The price of a small cabin is $40,000. The bank requires a 5% down payment. The buyer is offered two mortgage options: 20-year fixed at 8.5% or 30-year fixed at 8.5 %. Calculate the amount of interest paid for each option. How much does the buyer save in interest with the 20-...
November 17, 2012 by kaitlyn Blackmon

Managerial Economic
Mr. Smith has the following demand equation for a certain product: Q = 30 - 2P. a. At price of $7, what is point elasticity? b. Between prices of 5$ and 6$, what is the arc elasticity? c. If the market is mark up of 100 individuals with demand curve identical to Mr. Smith's, ...
December 8, 2013 by sophea

Algebra 1
Mr. Keskin and his wife have a cell phone plan that charges them $5 for 200 text messages per month for each of their phones. The Keskins are charged an additional $0.12 for each text message over their 200-text-message limit. Their carrier has offered them unlimited text ...
March 8, 2014 by Jackie

Does anyone have the superior knowledge as to where I could find an easy read translation of Romeo and Juliet for no price at all on the Internet?? Thank you for your valuable time and wonderful guiness. you could just read spark notes summaries Thank you for using the Jiskha ...
February 22, 2007 by Caroline

Math 116
could someone please help me with this question. I have no clue where to start... the line: y = 0.15x + 0.79 represents an estimate of the average cost of gasoline for each year. the line: 0.11x - y = -0.85 estimates the price of gasoline in January each year. a) do you expect...
October 15, 2008 by Carmen

The Law of Supply (movement along the curve due to the price effect) occurs because A) producers usually offer more for sale at lower prices than at higher prices. B) marginal production costs usually fall at higher rates of production. C) people can buy only so much of a ...
June 26, 2013 by Allison

black tea at $2.40 per kg is mixed with green tea at $3.20 per kg in the ratio 1:3 calculate the weight of each type of tea in 40 kg of the mixture and calculate the price per kg of the mixture
August 15, 2015 by shah

A hydraulic cylinder with a radius of 0.0268 m has a piston on the left end and a safety valve at the right end. The safety valve is a circular opening with a radius of 0.00639 m, sealed with a disk. The disk is held in place by a spring (spring constant = 964 N/m) that is ...
November 1, 2012 by Cat

The lengths of what are considered "1 inch bolts are found to be normally distrubted with a mean of 1.001 inches and a standard deviation of 0.002 inches. If a bolt measures more than 2 standard deviations away from the mean, it is rejected for not meeting factory tolerances. ...
April 12, 2011 by david

let f be function given by f(x)= Ln(x)/x for all x> 0. the dervative of f is given by f'(x)= (1 - Ln(x))/x squared. a) write equation for the line tangent to the graph of f at x=e squared b) Find the x-coordinate of the critical point of f. Determine wheter this point is a ...
May 19, 2008 by sarah

AP Calculus
Consider the curve given by x^2+4y^2=7+3xy a) Show that dy/dx=(3y-2x)/(8y-3x) b) Show that there is a point P with x-coordinate 3 at which the line tangent to the curve at P is horizontal. Find the y-coordinate of P. c) Find the value of d^2y/dx^2 (second derivative) at the ...
January 26, 2011 by Leanna

a kicker kicks a football from the 5 yard line to the 45 yd line ( on the same half of the field). Ignoring air resistance, where along the trajectory is the speed of the football a minimum. what formuls is used and show work a) at the 5 yd line, just after the football leaves...
September 6, 2010 by Alli

managerial economics
When McDonald's Corp. reduced the price of its Big Mac by 75% if customers also purchased french fries and a soft drink, The Wall Street Journal reported that the company was hoping the novel promotion would revive its US sales growth. It didn't. Within two weeks sales had ...
March 14, 2008 by jean

managerial economics
When McDonald's Corp. reduced the price of its Big Mac by 75% if customers also purchased french fries and a soft drink, The Wall Street Journal reported that the company was hoping the novel promotion would revive its US sales growth. It didn't. Within two weeks sales had ...
March 14, 2008 by jean

Critical Thinking
Is the following passage valid/sound/strong arguments and what is the reasoning? If you want to see the best version of the three muskateers, try the 1948 version. Lana Turner is luscious, Vincent Price is dastardly; Angela Lansbury is exquisitely regal; and nobody ever has or...
March 29, 2010 by Lo

Monochromatic light of wavelength, λ is traveling in air. The light then strikes a thin film having an index of refraction n1 that is coating a material having an index of refraction n2. If n2 is larger than n1, what minimum film thickness will result in maximum ...
August 6, 2015 by Julie

A firm currently uses 50,000 workers to produce 120,000 units of output per day. The daily wage per worker is $100, and the price of the firm's output is $48. The cost of other variable inputs is $400,000 per day. (Note: Assume that output is constant at the level of 120,000 ...
April 19, 2015 by Samantha

At a flea market held each weekend, an artist sells handmade earrings. The table below shows the average number of pairs of earrings sold for several prices. Given the pattern in the table, how much should the artist charge to maximize revenue? Table: price: $15 $14 $13 $12 ...
November 17, 2010 by Pedro

Algebra 2
A company charges 16$ for a subscription. It has 30,000 subscribers. It looses 1,000 subscribers for every 1$ they raise the price. 1.Find the quadratic quation. (Can you tell me how to pull the numbers out of the question and put it into the equation?) Find the rate at 16$. (...
February 24, 2011 by Anon

Is the following sentence grammatically correct, or do I need to make it into two sentences? Thanks. I think that explains a lot, don't you? Also, will you please check my grammar on these two items? I think he enjoyed the fact that his prank had a two for the price of one ...
September 7, 2011 by Mary

The price of a new car is 20,000. Assume that an individual makes a down payment of 25% toward the purchase of a new car and secures financing for the balance at the rate of 10%/year compounded monthly. What monthly payment will be required to make if the car is financed over ...
January 29, 2013 by Bersy

elaine is stocking a new box that is 24 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 10 inches high. Make a recommendation to elaine regarding a price for this box size. remember that her box supplier charges her 1/2 cent per square inch of surface area for each box explain your answer? I...
March 3, 2013 by Neisha

A ball of mass m is attached by two strings to a vertical rod. as shown above. The entire system rotates at constant angular velocity about the axis of the rod. a)Assuming is large enough to keep both strings taut, find the force each string exerts on the ball in terms of , m...
April 8, 2012 by tammy

Physics help.
The 78.0 kg climber is supported in the "chimney" by the friction forces exerted on his shoes and back. The static coefficients of friction between his shoes and the wall, and between his back and the wall, are 0.840 and 0.630, respectively. What is the minimum normal force he...
February 21, 2012 by Lilly

Calculus (pleas help!!!)
Let p(x)=x^2(a−x), where a is constant and a greater than 0. Find the local maxima and minima of p. (Enter your maxima and minima as comma-separated xvalue,classification pairs. For example, if you found that x=−2 was a local minimum and x=3 was a local maximum, ...
April 6, 2011 by Claudia

16. Given the following information, determine the constant speed, travel time, and cost that represent the minimum one-way trip delivery cost. Fuel costs per hour are equal to V^2/600 V is the speed in miles per hour Driver (labor) costs are $10 per hour One-way distance is ...
May 8, 2013 by James

16. Given the following information, determine the constant speed, travel time, and cost that represent the minimum one-way trip delivery cost. Fuel costs per hour are equal to V^2/600 V is the speed in miles per hour Driver (labor) costs are $10 per hour One-way distance is ...
May 8, 2013 by James

If fixed costs are $350,000, the unit selling price is $29, and the unit variable costs are $20, what is the break-even sales (units) if the variable costs are decreased by $4? Answer 26,924 units 12,069 units 21,875 units 38,889 units
July 14, 2013 by Anonymous

Algebra help
Dave buys 3 green peppers and 2 red peppers for $3.45. Ruth buys 4 green peppers and 3 red peppers for $ 5.00. Find the price of each variety of pepper.
December 13, 2012 by Sam

two junked cars were sold at auction to a buyer who paid a total of $2,000 for both cars. If the more expensive of the two cars was $240 less than three times the price of the cheaper car, how much was the more expensive car? how do I solve this word problem?
October 8, 2008 by Rose

Please help with this equation problem. S=C(1+r/100)^5 To find the inflated cost S, in 5 years, where C is the current price of an item in the country of Afganistan currency which is 7,711.94 which is ($169.40 USD) and the inflated rate is 13% since the year 2007 in Afganistan...
June 25, 2010 by Mayl

Last year Angela used her 60% margin account and purchased 100 shares of stock at a price of $33 a share. Today she sold this stock for $36 a share. Angela paid a total of $70 in margin interest for the year. Ignoring transaction costs, what rate of return did Angela earn on ...
April 14, 2012 by Anonymous

Business Math
Jim Clinnin purchased a used RV with 19,000 miles for $46,000. Originally the RV sold for $70,000 with a residual value of $20,000. After subtracting the residual value, depreciation allowance per mile was $.86. How much was Jim's purchase price over or below the book value?
December 20, 2012 by Jean

Math xc
I've tried and tried to answer this question..I just hate math and math hates me. So let's get to the point why you are all here 1:Find the unit price for each option below. Round to the nearest cent when necessary. Indicate which option is a better buy. Option 1: 10 candybars...
February 26, 2014 by Jenna

1.A merry-go-round makes one complete revo- lution in 12.2 s. A 49.4 kg child sits on the horizontal floor of the merry-go-round 2.3 m from the center. Find the child’s acceleration. The accelera- tion of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Answer in units of m/s2 2.Find the horizontal ...
February 4, 2012 by brain

A freshman smart alek lips off onces too often! The assistant principle loses her cool and grabs the 38.0kg punk by the hair- swinging him in a vertical circle of radius 1.20m! if the freshman is moving at 6.30m/s at the bottom of the swing, calculate: A) the tensions in the ...
March 30, 2015 by greoge

math/116 algebra
Application Practice Answer the following questions. If appropriate, use Equation Editor to show your work. First, save this file to your hard drive by selecting Save As from the File menu. Click the white space below each question to maintain proper formatting. Each part is ...
March 21, 2011 by ruth

3. Given the function defined by y = x + sinx for all x such that -π/2<=x<=3π/2 a. Find the coordinate of all maximum and minimum points on the given interval. Justify your answers. b. Find the coordinates of all points of inflection on the given interval. ...
December 18, 2011 by Yoona

A monopoly exists when one business controls the sales of a service or commodity. In a capitalistic economy, monopolies are regulated by laws in order to 1)decrease the number of jobs available 2)discourage price wars among businesses 3)set prices at a given level each year 4)...
June 4, 2010 by kayci

Chebyshev's thereon- the author's generac produces voltage amounts with a mean of 125.0 volts and a standard deviation of 0.3 volt. using chebyshev's theorem,what do we know about the percentage of voltage amounts that are within 3 standard deviations of the mean? What are the...
September 18, 2011 by marie

Complete the following: (2 points per answer) Celestial Body Equatorial Diameter (km) Scientific Notation Earth 12,700 Moon 3.48 X 103 Sun 1,390,000 Jupiter 1.34 X 105 Mercury 4800 2. Theater ticket prices (in dollars) x years after 1997 are described by the polynomial -0....
March 4, 2011 by lisa

August 28, 2011 by FATHIMA

you have 13 bags of gold wins. out of 13 bags gold coins, there is one bag gold coins lighter. assume that one real gold coins is 10g and the fake is 9g. now, you are given a electronic beam balance. find the most minimum ways to figure out which bag of gold coins is lighter.
September 30, 2011 by alya

you have 13 bags of gold wins. out of 13 bags gold coins, there is one bag gold coins lighter. assume that one real gold coins is 10g and the fake is 9g. now, you are given a electronic beam balance. find the most minimum ways to figure out which bag of gold coins is lighter.
October 1, 2011 by alya

12th grade calculus
your operate a tour service that offers the following rate: $200 per person if 50 people (the minimum number to book the tour) go on the tour for each additional person, up to a maximum of 80 people total, the rate per person is reduced by $2 it cost $6000 (a fixed cost) plus...
November 18, 2008 by dt

A thief is trying to escape from a parking garage after completing a robbery, and the thief's car is speeding toward the door of the parking garage (see figure). When the thief is L = 31 m from the door, a police officer flips a switch to close the garage door. The door starts...
January 12, 2011 by Kara

The International Disc Jockey\'s Union has a wage contract that stipulates a yearly wage increase based on the Consumer Price Index. If this year\'s wage is $25.00, the current CPI is 180, and the contract was first signed in the base year, what was the original salary the ...
February 11, 2014 by Rebekah

Parabola Help
by plotting the graph of parabola y=2+3x-2x^2 which 3 option are true 1) the graph is the same as that of y=6+9x-6x^2 2)the parabola has a minimum point 3)the gradient of the parabola at x=2 is 0 4)the graphy=2+3x-2x^2crosses the x-axis at the same point as the graph y=6+9x-6x...
April 30, 2010 by rai

A rollercoaster car of mass 600.0 kg is moving 2.4m/s at the top of a peak that is 25m off the ground. The car moves down slope and up the next hill. Assume that it loses 20,000J of energy by the next time it gets to the top of the next peak due to friction forces. If the ...
May 31, 2008 by sarah

11th grade
Calculate the minimum change in velocity (delta V or ∆V) required for the Space Shuttle to decrease its altitude to 60 miles if it’s orbiting with an apogee of 236 miles and a perigee of 215 miles above the surface of Earth. Use the rule of thumb that below an altitude ...
December 16, 2010 by Vanessa

A Navy jet (see the figure) with a weight of 219 kN requires an airspeed of 87 m/s for liftoff. The engine develops a maximum force of 100 kN, but that is insufficient for reaching takeoff speed in the 85 m runway available on an aircraft carrier. What minimum force (assumed ...
February 25, 2015 by John

Someone please help me. I have no clue where to start. 1. My family and I went to Applebee's for dinner. The price for the meal for all of us was $73.49. How much will a 15% tip be? What will be the total amount paid including tip? 2. My insurance commission rate is 12%. A ...
June 8, 2010 by Becky

Suppose you own a stock in a company. The current price per share is $25. Another company has just announced that it wants to buy your company and will pay $35 per share to acquire all the outstanding stocks. Your company’s management immediately begins fighting off this ...
October 23, 2010 by Husain

If i were to do a simple supply and demand curve for subprime mortagages I know I would do the supply as increasing but what happens to the demand would I say the demand for these mortagages also increased causing the price to say the same I feel as though this is wrong and ...
August 5, 2009 by sonia

ndiit eco
Sonia has a limited income which she spends on goods x and y with market price of x given as rs 15 per unit and y as rs 20 per unit. When she draws budget line it terminates x axis at 50 units. Find sonia's income and slope of her budget line
October 12, 2011 by akki

Simple math
If Kristin buys gas at $2.69 per gallon, which includes all taxes, what percentage of the price is the state tax? What percentage is the federal tax The state tax is .8 and federal tax is .18. So would I multiply each by the total amount the gas cost?
December 4, 2014 by Matthew

The price P per unit at which a company can sell all that it produces is given by the, function P(x) = 300 — 4x. The cost function is c(x) = 500 + 28x where x is the number, of units produced. Find x so that the profit is maximum., Question:, 1) Find the value of x. 2) In ...
March 28, 2013 by Rajan

In attempting to pass the puck to a teammate, a hockey player gives it an initial speed of 2.0m/s, but because of the kinetic friction between the puck and the ice, the puck travels only half the distance between the players before coming to rest. Assuming that the ice's ...
December 4, 2009 by John

At a point in a plate subjected to plane stress loading along its surface, the cartesian stress components acting on the x-face of an element oriented along the (x,y) frame are σx=40MPa and τxy=70MPa, The maximum allowable shear stress, to prevent yielding of the ...
October 15, 2014 by knndk

What is the distance between an object and its real image formed by a thin converging lens with focal length f = 14 cm, if the object distance is 60 cm? (b) What is the minimum object-image distance for a real image formed by that lens?
November 7, 2013 by omar

Social Studies
A popular cell phone manufacturer begins selling a new phone with many unique features. Lots of people want to buy the new phone. The old phone cost $149. What is the most likely price of the new phone? $79 $129 $149 $199 Is it $199?
September 18, 2013 by Anonymous

Now that you have turned in your Simulation Final Project paper, the next step is to turn in your PowerPoint presentation of it. In the workplace, presentations like this play a key part in conveying marketing plans. Presentation requirements: • A minimum of 8 slides and a ...
January 22, 2013 by michelle

Earth Science
I've been stuck on this question for half hour so please help me According to the principle of supply and demand, the price you pay for a product is determined both by its availability and by consumer demand for the product. on the basis of this principle, which minerals do ...
September 20, 2009 by NeedHelpPlz

can somebody please explain to me how to do this problem: Cruise Industries purchased $10,800 of merchandise on February 1, 2007, subject to a trade discount of 10% and with credit terms of 3/15, n/60. It returned $2,500 (gross price before trade or cash discount) on February ...
September 8, 2011 by Nick

Many companies introduce products that compete not only with their competitors’ brands but with their own internal brands. A. Under what conditions would you introduce a new product that you are sure will cannibalize one of your existing products? B. Why would you consider ...
April 30, 2012 by Donny

Find the axis of symmetry for y=x^2+4x-7 Find the axis of symmetry for y=3x^2-18x+1 Find the axis of symmetry for y=5x^2+10+3 Determine if the vertex is a maximum or minimum and identify it y=2x^2-3 Determine etc etc for y=-x^2-2x Determine etc etc for y=5x^2-10x+3 Find the ...
November 28, 2012 by Breona

How many coins When i dumped the change out of my pocket, I noticed that i could pay the exact price for any item from one cent up to and through one dollar without receiving any change. What is the fewest number of coins I could have had in my pocket if i had pennies, nickels...
May 7, 2012 by linda

Last year Angela used her 60% margin account and purchased 100 shares of stock at a price of $33 a share. Today she sold this stock for $36 a share. Angela paid a total of $70 in margin interest for the year. Ignoring transaction costs, what rate of return did Angela earn on ...
August 5, 2015 by RITHY

Community College
waht is the impact of a stock repurchase on a companys debt ratio? Does this suggest another use for excess cash? The correct subject in the subject line will get you help in a more timely manner, and will aid in not wasting the time of other teachers. When a company ...
April 22, 2007 by Erica

what do the principles of economics influence your decision making, interaction with others, and the economy as a whole Im not sure what you are asking. Is it "what pricipals of economics affect decision making..." If so, I would use the principals of opportunity cost, utility...
May 15, 2007 by stacy

Please, please help me! Make a graph in Excel and explain the following: Holding all other things constant, what would happen to the price of pineapples if the firm increase the available supply. 2. Conversely, what would happen if supply is reduce. Aside from changin the ...
October 16, 2009 by Patsy

I am working on a problem in which you've helped someone else on a z-score percentile problem. I have my z-score and my number from the z-table. I'm trying to input it correct in spss but I'm not sure how to set it up. This is what I have so far... Question:What is z score for...
February 2, 2012 by Tina

Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
A steam pipe is 75 mm external diameter and is 80 m long. It conveys steam at a rate of 1000 kg/h at a pressure of 2 Mpa. The steam enters the pipe with a dryness fraction of 0.98 and is to leave the pipe with a dryness of not less than 0.96. The pipe must be insulated – the ...
April 21, 2010 by Raul

The following information was available as of the close of business June 1, 2004 on government of Canada bonds. Coupon...Maturity.....Price.....Yield 5.00%......June 1, 2005......102.35......2.60 10.50%......June 1, 2006......113.91......3.26 8.50%......June 1, 2007.....107.41...
November 6, 2012 by Allen

When demand falls and supply remains the same, equilibrium price _______ and equilibrium quantity ________. A) falls, falls B) rises, rises C) falls, rises D) rises, falls
May 25, 2010 by Anonymous

1) The molecular mass of a substance was determined by the freezing point depression technique. The minimum data required for the determination are a. ƒ´Tf and Kf only. b. ƒ´Tf , Kf and mass of solute. c. ƒ´Tf , Kf , mass of solute and mass of solvent. d. ƒ´Tf , Kf , mass of ...
February 13, 2012 by Hannah

Wheel’s Bicycle shop advertised a bicycle for 15% off for a savings of $36. The bicycle did not sell so it was offered at a new 20% discount off the sale price. (a) What did the bicycle sell for regularly? ______________ (b) What is the amount of the new discount? _____________
March 26, 2010 by Kirk

Math: I need help.
Peg spends $7.50 a week for grapefruit. When grapefruit are out of season, she gets 1 fewer grapefruit than when they are in season. If the price decreases by $3 per dozen in season, how many dollars will it cost to buy a dozen grapefruit out of season?
May 11, 2011 by Diana

1. Natureland Garden Center buys lawn mowers that list for $679.95 less a 30% trade discount. What is the dollar amount of the trade discount? 2. What is the net price of each Natureland Garden Center lawn mower?
May 19, 2013 by zeenat

January 17, 2014 by Alesha

A Cessna 150 aircraft has a lift-off speed of approximately 125 km/h. What minimum constant acceleration does this require if the aircraft is to be airborne after a take-off run of 172 m? Answer in units of m/s2 What is the corresponding take-off time? Answer...
October 13, 2011 by Asdfghjkl

A small block of mass m=1.9kg slides, without friction, along the loop-the-loop track shown. The block starts from the point P a distance h=52.0m above the bottom of the loop of radius R=19.0m. What is the kinetic ennergy of the mass at the point A on the loop? What is the ...
February 14, 2011 by Jean

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