December 2, 2016

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France is twice as old as his brother Emma.the sum of their age is less than their father by 12 years.if the father is 30 old is Emma
November 21, 2016 by Asam

France is twice as old as his brother Emma.the sum of their age is less than their father by 12 years.if the father is 30 old is Emma
November 21, 2016 by Asam

Math Fractions
Nadia 4/9 h to complete her Language Arts homework and 2/9 h to complete her mathematics homework. Which takes longer? How much longer? I just need to know am I right or wrong? I calculated Wednesday to have 3 inches of snow. Which is 2 inches more than Sunday. Thank you.
December 26, 2012 by Matty

Applied Mathematics ( Mechanices
A mass of 50 kg is moved vertically upwards by a rope. find the tension in the rope when: (a) the mass moves with constant velocity of 3ms-1 (b) the mass accelerates up wards at 5ms-2 (c) the mass accelerates downwards at 5 ms-2 I couldn't manage this question in no way. ...
July 2, 2015 by Babita

Mathematics,Science(physics,chemistry and biology)
Two similarly charged identical ping pong balls are suspended from the common support with the help of two threads.Calculate angle between the two threads and also calculate the tension in two strings.
January 25, 2016 by Shâhîd

mathematics-need help urgently please
A tank with a square base of side x has a capacity of 1000m^3. If the total area is pm^3, show that p=2x^2+4000/x. Hence find the least area of the flat sheet that may be used to build the tank. Please show workings #thanks
April 17, 2016 by P1

What are bearings? Bearings are things that surround rotating shafts to reduce friction and wear. The word "bearing", as in compass bearing, can also refer to the direction that something is moving (such as 10 degrees east of north). I have heard of no meanings of the word ...
July 1, 2007 by Fred

Can someone show me step by step how to do this problem to have an example to go by so I will be able to do my other problems. Thanks Solve by substitution 4x-12y=5 -x+3y=-1 I know that you have solve one of the equations. I have picked the second one so it would be y= -1/3+1/...
May 6, 2007 by jessica

Analysis of Tap water (Hardness) 50.00 mL of tap water was transferred to a 250 mL erlenmyer flask. 10mL of NH3/NH4^+ ph 10 buffer was added to the flask, as well as 6 drops of eriochrome black T indicator. This soln was then titrated with EDTA soln(0.00641M) Given equations: ...
November 29, 2009 by Lauren--PLEASE HELP

the 1st term of arithmetic series is 2 .the 1st ,3rd and 11th terms are the first the terms of a geometric series. find the 6 terms of the arithemetic series
March 14, 2013 by cebile

Algebra II
ok now this is an algebra 2 problem... I have goten far down to hear e^(ix) = (4i +/- 3)/5 now how do I solve for x I feel really stupid now as this is algebra 2... can't use natural log right or the common log as ln( e^(ix) ) does not equal ix so what do I do?
July 20, 2010 by Kate

School-Age Children
You're trying to plan an activity for your third graders, who will be arriving around 2:30 in the afternoon. Today you want to do something associated with mathematics. Which one of the following activities would be appropriate? A. Keeping track of the weather B. Making a ...
March 15, 2009 by Cynthia

Do you like roller coasters? If you were asked to design a roller coaster, what would it look like? Would it have steep hills? Would you design the tracks to go upside down? Did you know that polynomial equations are used by the structural engineers who design roller coasters ...
April 16, 2013 by Gina

college mathematics
how do I set up an equation for this? Lisa has $215 saved. She plans to save $125 every month so that she can have enough money to buy a new sofa. The sofa costs $1498, including tax. How many months will she need to save to be able to buy the sofa?
August 11, 2010 by Madison

Monica stepped outside and began to think how fast she is moving even when she is standing still. Assume that the earth is a sphere with a radius of 3960 miles and Monica is at a latitude of 13∘N. What is Monica's speed due solely to the rotation of the earth in miles ...
October 24, 2016 by Sal

Derive a general equation for the time of flight of the banana en route to the monkey in terms of only the velocity, distance, and height hint: if you are doing everything right, there should be a lot of cancellations resulting in a relatively simple solution Okay, this is ...
October 25, 2015 by Spice

Mrs.Koh purchased new books for the school library, of which 6 were Mathematics books, 7 were Science books, 10 were Music books, 3 were Art books, and 4 were social studies books. All of these books were different. She picked a book from each subject to display in a row on a ...
April 30, 2013 by RS

Finite Mathematics
If a merchant deposits $1,500 annually at the end of each tax year in an IRA account paying interest at the rate of 10%/year compounded annually, how much will she have in her account at the end of 25 years? Round your answer to two decimal places
June 6, 2013 by Reco

Karen collects local and foreign coins. 1/4 of her coins. 2/9 of the foreign are Austalia coins. What fraction of the coins are non-Australia foreign coins?
April 1, 2015 by xr

Can you check these for me. Directions: Find the slope of the line that passes through each pair of points. 1. (3,-8) and (-5,2) Answer: -10/8 2. (-10,-3) and (7,2) Answer: -5,-17 3. (-7,-6) and (3,-6) Answer: 9 4. (8,2) and (8,-1) Answer: 0 undefined Directions: State whether...
October 17, 2010 by Karen

Mathematics......Under number patterns-Geometric series If a question goes.determine the expression for the nth term of the following sequence if the a) 4th term is 24 and the 7th term is 192 in a geometric sequence.what formula do i use here?because i don't have the whole ...
July 16, 2015 by Mahlogonolo

Geometry HELP
1.) Given points A(-4, 5), B(2, 3), C(0, 4) and D(5, 0), decide if AB and CD are parallel, perpendicular or neither. 2.)Given the equations y = 1x + 7 and y = 3x - 2, decide whether the lines are parallel, perpendicular or neither. 3.) Given the equations y = 4/3x - 3 and y...
June 8, 2010 by Ariel

pre cal
What is the center of the conic whose equation is x^2 + 2y^2 - 6x + 8y = 0 2.Which one of the following equations represents a hyperbola? (5 points) A) 3x^2 + y^2 + 12x - 7 = 0 B) 3x^2 + 3y^2 + 12x - 7 = 0 C) 3x^2 + y + 12x - 7 = 0 D) 3x^2 - 3y^2 + 12x - 7 = 0 E) x^2 + y^2 + ...
April 16, 2012 by Mecie

Basic Mathematics
A bag contains 2 red balls, 3 blue balls and 5 green balls. 3 balls are drawn at random. Find the probability that a) the 3 balls are of different colours b) 2 balls are of the same colour c) all the 3 are of the same colour.
May 23, 2014 by Shammi

Lydia wants to buy picnic tables, benches, and permanently installed grills. On one page she notices that 5 picnic tables, 10 benches, and 3 grills sell for $1330. On another page she sees that 20 picnic tables, 30 benches, and 20 grills sell for $5550. Finally, on a third ...
October 14, 2009 by (:

survey of mathematics
The numbers 1-10 are written on a sheet of paper and the ten sheets of paper are placed in a bowl. If one sheet of paper is selected at random from the bowl, determine the probability that the number selected is odd. (Points: 1)
July 28, 2010 by peta-gaye smith

algebra 1
Jacob spends 60 minutes in the gym every day doing freehand exercises and running on the treadmill. He spends 30 minutes more running on the treadmill than doing freehand exercises. Part A: Write a pair of linear equations to show the relationship between the number of minutes...
January 4, 2016 by Meredith

1. If $ is defined for all positive numbers x and y by x$y = 3x + 8y - y^3, then 10$2 = A. 38 B. 102 C. 14 D. 20 2. If & is defined for all positive numbers w and z by w & z = 15wz - 10w + 2 then 3 & 4 = A. 67 B. 77 C. 142 D. 152 3. All of the following are in the domain of f(...
December 30, 2012 by joshua

There are 45 questions in a Mathematics quizbee. For every correct answer, 5 marks are awarded and 3 marks for every wrong answer. If sofia scored 185 points, how many questions did she answer wrongly.
April 23, 2015 by thania

Algebra 1
1.To solve the linear system below, which substitution of unkowns is proper ? A.substitute 5x-16 for y in the first eqn B.substitute 5x+16 for y in the first eqn C.substitute 5x+12 for y in the first eqn D.substitute 7y-4 for x in the second eqn 2.A line with a slope of -2 ...
April 18, 2013 by Ley

Please help me.. There is question : calculate the number of hours of learning sessions in a week, and then specify the amount of hours of mathematics lessons out of the entire hours of learning sessions in a week expressed in a fraction! I Don't know.. what the mean it ? :P ...
August 9, 2011 by Putra

Finite Mathematics
You invested $25,000 into two accounts: one that has simple 3% interest, the other with 2% interest. If your total interest payment after one year was $600, how much was in each account after the year passed?
November 20, 2016 by B.B.

math- differential equations
This is what im given (1 + x)dy/dx - xy = x + x2 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From my understanding I should move everything to one side like: (1 + x...
September 7, 2007 by manny

sorry heres the whole question having troulbe with this on can you show how to it Determine which two equations represent parallel lines Y=3/7x+1 Y=-7/3x-4 Y=3x+8x Y=3x-1
January 12, 2008 by Anonymous

7th grade-math
I need to find the linear system for the equations 4x+3=y and x=y-2 Any help at all would be great! And please show me how you did it if possible, thanks!
May 26, 2009 by Elissa

grade 12 chem
write equations to show the synthesis pathway for ethyl-3-hydroxybutanoate. An alkane and alcohol of your choice are the starting materials.
March 9, 2010 by time

Solving Quadratic Equations
Perform step 1 on the equation. x^2+5X-6=0 and x^2+5x-6=0. How would i do this type of problem. I am so lost right now. I need some help
May 18, 2010 by Cha'Licia S.

How can motion be important to me and my parents using words, graphs, diagrams or equations; being able to translate them from one representation to another?
June 6, 2010 by john

The measure of a single angle in a regular octagon is (4x + 12)°. Find the value of x. Show equations and all work that leads to your answer
January 5, 2011 by Clarissa

The measure of a single angle in a regular octagon is (4x + 12)°. Find the value of x. Show equations and all work that leads to your answer.
March 17, 2011 by Anonymous

Chemestry form two
Balance chemical equations to show the reactions that occur when apice of sodium metal is ex posed to atmosphere
July 13, 2011 by Kevin ochieng

Write equations for the dissociation of the following in water. Include physical states for all species. CaCl2 and (NH4)2SO4
November 1, 2011 by Lach

Complete and balance the following equations NaHCO3(s)+H+(aq)---> CaO(s)+C(s)---> C(s)+H2O(g)---> CuO(s)+CO(g)---> If possible include charges and physical state.
March 8, 2012 by Chill

Write the Gross and Net Ionic Equations for the following Reactions: LiNO3(aq)+(NH4)3N(aq) => Li3N(s)+ NH4NO3(aq) Al(s)+CuCl2(aq) => AlCl3(aq)+Cu(s)
March 8, 2012 by James

Calculus Voulme
find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region r bounded by the graphs of the given equations about the y-axis. x^2+y^2=1 x=1 y=1
July 19, 2012 by Laurie

Complete and balance the following equations.Identify each type of the reactions. (a) Cr + O2 >Cr2O3: (b)Na2CO3 + Mg3(PO4)2: (c)H3BCO+ H2O> B(OH)3 + CO + H2:
November 25, 2012 by Shane

balance each of the following chemical equations ,using the change in oxidation number method. cu +h2so4=cuso4+so2+h2o
February 14, 2013 by bb

CuSO4+LiNo3 Potassium sulfate+lithium nitrate Can someone help me figure out the equations for these two? Phases aren't required
September 29, 2013 by kelly

8th grade math
I am not sure if I did it correct, can you please check this answer for me, Ms.Sue? :) Writing equations in point-slope form: m:3, p:(-1, -2) (y-y1) = m(x-x1) y-(-2)=3(x-(-1)) y+2=3x+3 y+2-2=3x+3-2 y=3x+1
October 27, 2013 by Lauren

Differential Equations
Use the Laplace Transform to solve this initial value problem. y'''' - 8y = 0, y'(0)=63, y''(0)=216, y'''(0)=297 I would really appreciate the help.
November 25, 2013 by Emily

Please help me solve these two equations!! Divide and express as a polynomial: 12a^8b^5 - 9a^14b^15 + 6a^6b^10 _____________________________________ 3a^2b^5 Simplify: a/b - b/a __________ a-b/b
November 27, 2013 by Maggie

Check whether (-1, 5) is a solution of the system of equations. y = -2x + 3 y = x - 4 I said no because one comes up a positive 5 and the other a negative five. Am I correct
April 11, 2014 by berta

422g of ethyne and 190g of acetic acid find balanced equations and enthalpy calculations showing all steps
April 11, 2014 by Julie

Please help I am supposed to verify that cot^2x+tan^2x =sec^2xcsc^2x-2 I just can't seem to get the two equations to equal to each other.
May 9, 2014 by Jillian

Show the half equations at the anode and cathode for an electrolysis of concentrated magnesium chloride solution using inert electrode
May 18, 2014 by Eddie

write the equations of the horizontal and vertical lines through the given points. (5,6) Can someone please show me and explain to me how to solve this? Thank you
October 12, 2014 by Sacha

exponential equations
The Bruce’s purchased $2500 worth of GIC’s. How long, t, will it take for the investment to increase to $3500, if the interest rate is 2.75%.
March 29, 2015 by Anonymous

Exponential Equations
The Bruce’s purchased $2500 worth of GIC’s. How long, t, will it take for the investment to increase to $3500, if the interest rate is 2.75%. What is the Fv and Pv
April 1, 2015 by Anonymous

What is the solution to the following system of equations -2x+3y+z=5 x+5y+2z=17 To do this, I used elementary operations and isolated x to get 13y+5z=37. Is that correct so far? How would I continue?
April 30, 2015 by Sara

Solving Percent Problems Using Equations Practice
I don't understand how to solve this problem. If you could tell me how to do it that would be great!! 48 is 30% of what number? 14.4 18 62.5 160
December 15, 2015 by Johnny McKarron is cool

Chem LAB
Write the net chemical equation for below equations H2O2 + 2I- + 2H+ -----> 2H2O + I2 2 S2O32- + I2 -----> 2I- + S4O62- How do you solve for this problem
April 14, 2016 by Mindy

Pre calculus
olve the system of equations using matrices. Use Gaussian elimination with back-substitution. x + y + z     =      -5 x - y + 3z    =     -1 4x + y + z    =     -2 I need it explained to me, how do I do this?
May 29, 2016 by Kim

Let f be the function defined on {-3, 1} by f (x)= (x+1)/x^2+ax+b and (C) its representative curve in an orthonormal system . Knowing that the two lines of equations x=1 and x=-3 are asymptotes to (C) calculate the values of a and b.
June 23, 2016 by vicky

There are 5 girls more than boys in a class. if 2 boys joined the class the ratio of girls to boys is 5:4. find the total number of student in the class.
October 18, 2016 by value

Roberto's scout troop is making some birdhouses for the park district. The basic birdhouse uses one half-sheet of plywood and the deluxe bridhouse uses three half-sheets of plywood. They plan to build a total of 24 birdhouses, and the scoutmaster has 40 half-sheet of plywood. ...
January 26, 2010 by Dezy

A travel agency offers group tours at a rate of $60/person for the first 30 participants. For longer groups-up to 90-each person receives a$0.50 discount for every participant in excess of 30. For example, if 31 participate, the cost/person is $59.50. Determine the size of the...
January 26, 2014 by Anonymous

Financial Mathematics
Crosby Inc. has an 11% required rate of return. It does not expect to initiate dividends for 20 years, at which it will pay $4.00 per share of dividends. At that time, Crosby expects its dividends will grow at 6% forever. What is an estimate of Crosby's price in 20 years (P20...
November 20, 2015 by Unknown.

John is choosing a password for his access to the internet. He decided not to use the digit 0 or the letter M. Each letter or number may be used more than once. How many passwords of 2 letters followed by 4 digits are possible? A.3,100,625 B.3,100,500 C.4,100,625 D.4,200,625
July 2, 2016 by INeedHelp

In a class of 32 students, 17 study Music and 20 study Art. What is the LEAST number of students who are studying BOTH Music and Art?
April 7, 2016 by Mishana

In a mathematics quiz, 20 problems are given, 5 points are given for each correct answer and 2 points are deducted for each incorrect answer. Ashley scores 51 points. How many correct answers does she have?
October 22, 2013 by Tam

Mathematics arithmetic sequence
The sum of second and sixth terms of an arithmetic sequence is 4. The third term is 24 more than eleventh term. So determine the first three terms of the sequence.
January 18, 2015 by Mirriam

Can someone may sure that I balanced the following groups of equations correctly. Write an equation to show how acetic acid reacts with water to produce ions in solution. C2H4O2 + H2O >>>>>>> H3O + C2H3O Write an equation for the neutralization of HCl and ...
April 23, 2014 by jazz

algebra 2--matrices.
A grocer wants to m,ix three kinds of hard candy to sell for $2.40 per pound. He need 50 pounds of candy altogether. He mixes sour balls worth $3.50 per pound,butterballs worth $2.50 per pound, and starlight mints worth $1.75 per pound. He mixes twice as many butterball as ...
February 21, 2010 by Alyssa.

In a mathematical equation, the coefficient is A. the numeric value of the unknown that makes an equation true. B. the term brought from one side of an equation to the other by performing the opposite operation. C. a number or quantity placed before another quantity to ...
May 14, 2009 by Anonymous

a simple random smaple of 55 mathematics teachers were timed as they completed sudoku puzzles. Their mean completion time was 20.3 minutes. The population standard deviation is assumed to be 12 mintues and times vary normally. Find 99% confidence interval for the mean time for...
March 23, 2011 by Ashley

Suppose the demand and supply for milk are described by the following equations: QD = 600 - 100P; QS = -150 + 150P, where P is price in dollars, Q D is quantity demanded in millions of gallons per year, and Q S is quantity supplied in millions of gallons per year 1. Use these ...
May 10, 2013 by Suzy

A new born infant usually triples its weight by its first birthday. Baby Carter weighed 28 pounds on his first birthday. if this were triple his birth weight (b),which equation below-birth weight? (1) b/3= 28 (2) b-3=28 (3) 3b=28 (4) b+3=28 (5) 3(b+3)=28 I believe my answer ...
February 24, 2016 by MG

algebra 2
Posted by hellogoodbie on Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 2:59pm. How is this problem done? IF f(x)=2x^2-8x-3 FIND f(-2) algebra 2 - bobpursley, Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 1:42pm Put in for x the value -2, and compute f(-2) algebra 2 - hellogoodbie, Saturday, January 16, 2010...
January 16, 2010 by hellogoodbie

Write a linear system of equations that can be used to solve these problems. Then, solve to get your final answer. I need someone to help me go through this and point me into the correct direction. 5. Matt and Michelle are selling fruit. Customers can buy small boxes of ...
January 5, 2016 by LadyPhantomhive

using a graph plot the following points: point 1 (1,0), point 2 (1,-1), point 3( 1,-2), point 4(2,-2)draw lines to connect from point 1 to point 3 to point 4, the lines you have just drawn most resemble which of the following letters of the alphabet? x, o, n, or l.
May 17, 2010 by patricia

college mathematics
9. Create a Euler diagram to determine whether the syllogism is valid or invalid. All children like games. John likes games. John is a child., <--At the beginning of this sentence which is the last sentence is suppose to have three dots shaped like a triangle.
February 7, 2012 by cody

survey of mathematics
Search the internet to find a current article (published within the last two weeks of 2013) that provides statistical information relating to public policy and which you think is misleading. Explain why you feel the statistical information is misleading. Remember to provide a ...
February 6, 2013 by keisha

mathematics (urgent)
I eventually figured out the last one, so I'll only need some help with this: The cafeteria has 144 bananas, 36 pears, and 72 apples. Each student gets the same number of pieces of fruit. What is the greatest number of students who can receive fruit? I figured out that the GCF...
October 15, 2013 by Aubrey

How conceps develops
As a math teacher, Mrs. Wright has high expectations for all of her students. However, she also provides a lot of support for all of her students. Mrs. Wright is employing which of the following Principles of School Mathematics? A. Technology B. Learning C. Equity D. ...
January 15, 2015 by Daniea

mathematics -logs
which three statements are true? a) if x= -10^4 then log 10 = -4 b)if x= 2^8 then log 2x = 8 c) log2 2= 4 d) if x= 3 then log10 3=x e) log 10 256-2log 10 a/log 10 b f)log 10 (a-b)= log 10 a/log 10 b g) the gradient of the graph of y= 2x^x at x= 2 is 2e^e h) the gradient of the...
May 12, 2007 by malcolm

What methods can you use to find prime numbers? How are prime numbers used in mathematics? How can you use prime factorization to find the GCF and LCM? Provide an example
June 18, 2009 by chandice

College Mathematics
U.S. Presidents. The ages of the 44 presidents at their first inauguration (as of 2011) are: 57 57 49 52 50 42 54 55 64 61 61 64 56 47 51 51 56 46 57 54 50 46 55 56 60 61 54 57 68 48 54 55 55 62 52 47 58 51 65 49 54 51 43 69 a. Construct a frequency distribution with a first ...
March 18, 2013 by slomomo

A bag contains 10 red, 15 white, 25 green balls. What should be the minimum number of balls drawn without replacement so that you get 5 red, 3 white, 10 green balls.
September 9, 2014 by Jai

mathematics literacy
Ed,edd,eddy and Ben shares an Apple pie ed has 8\3 edd has 1\5 and eddy has 1\4 how much is left for Ben? Please answers please please urgent!
January 27, 2015 by Felicia motaung

Maurice drove 400 km from Edmonton to Battleford in 1 hour less time than it took Martin to drive the same route from Battleford to Edmonton. If Maurice drove 20 km/h faster than Martin, at what speed did each of them drive? Show a complete algebraic solution. Let V = Maurice'...
February 13, 2007 by Shay

Intermediate Algebra
Create a list of six questions on solving equations with absolute value symbols that I will try to research, address, discuss, and/or express? Example: Google Earth: The Google Earth image shows the western side of The Mall in Washington D.C. The distance between the Lincoln ...
May 3, 2012 by Roger

at a baseball concession stand 3 hot dogs and 2 cups of soda together cost 13.50. two hot dogs and 1 cup.of soda together costs 8 select all statements that are true about this situation. A. Each hot dog costs 2.50 B. Each cup of soda costs 3.50 C. The total cost of 3 hot dogs...
January 13, 2016 by Anonymous

Statistical probability411
Please help. I didn't get the right answer with this before. A mathematics journal has accepted 14 articles for publication. However, due to budget restraints, only 7 articles can be published this month. How many specific ways can the journal editor assemble 7 of the 14 ...
May 27, 2013 by Jennifer W.

25% people in a group join a mountaineering activity,while the remaining 45 people do not join it. How many people are there in the group ?
March 1, 2016 by Puja

In an interview of 50 math majors, 12 liked calculus and geometry 18 liked calculus but not algebra 4 liked calculus, algebra and geometry 25 liked calculus 15 liked geometry 10 liked algebra but neither calculus nor geometry 2 liked geometry and algebra but not calculus. Of ...
January 11, 2010 by Anita

Okay, I think I have arrived at all the answer to the questions thrown my way. However, how do I explain what is happening “graphically”, where the services are charging same rate? : Your company must use a transportation service to shuttle their corporate partners from ...
December 17, 2009 by H

I cant get this one nither I tried like 4 times to get right answer. 5x+12-3x=-2x-13-x x=-5 5x+12-3x=-2x-13-x First, let's get the unknowns on one side of the equation and the knowns on the other side. 5x - 3x + 2x + x = -12 - 13 5 x = -25 x = - 5 ok I cant understand them the...
August 1, 2007 by chrissy

A mathematics class has 200 members. If there is 12% absentee rate per class meeting, find: a) mean, variance and standard deviation number of students who will be absent from each class. b) Draw the probability table and distribution graph of the number of the students absent.
October 31, 2011 by Skin

A mathematics class has 200 members. If there is 12% absentee rate per class meeting, find: a) mean, variance and standard deviation number of students who will be absent from each class. b) Draw the probability table and distribution graph of the number of the students absent.
October 31, 2011 by Skin

There were 120 multiple choice questions.a candidate was given 1mark for each correct answercand penalised ¼ mark for every wrong answer.the candidate answered all the questions and scored 80marks.find the number of correct answers given by the candidate.
January 11, 2016 by Rubi

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