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I am trying to get the polynomial; x^7+2x^6+3x^5+4x^4+6x^3+6x^2+7x+8 divided by; x^5-2x^4-3x^3+5x^2+2x-3 into a partial fraction form so that I can create a system of equations to solve for. So far, after dividing I have (x+1)(x-1)^2, and (x^2-x-3) as factors along with an ...
May 29, 2009 by John

Balance the following equations? a) Fe(OH)2 + 2O2 + 3H2O Fe(OH)3 (b) 5Sr + 6H2O 7Sr(OH)2 + 8H2 (c) 9Al + 10Fe3O4 11Al2O3 + 12Fe (d) 13Pb(NO3)2 14PbO + 15NO2 + 16O2 (e) 17O2 + 18N2H4 19H2O2 + 20N2 (f) 21C4H10 + 22O2 23CO2 + 24H2O
October 16, 2010 by Ashley

Mathematics -- Geometry --
A bowling ball is a solid ball with a spherical surface and diameter 30 cm. To custom fit a bowling ball for each bowler, three holes are drilled in the ball. Bowler Kris has holes drilled that are 8 cm deep and have diameters of 2 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm. Assuming the three holes ...
February 12, 2013 by Knights

Any one know of free sites where I can use a algebra calculator or download one?
June 8, 2008 by Ann

math 116
Should algebra be taught to everyone? Who should study algebra?
March 20, 2009 by Meshelle

Sorry, struggling through pre-Algebra .. :-( .. How do i figure out 5x = -20 ?
February 19, 2010 by Emily

Which rectangular equation corresponds to this set of parametric equations? x = t + 2 and y = t^2 + 3 A. y = (x − 2)^2 − 3 B. y = (x + 2)%2 + 3 C. y = (x − 2)^2 D. y = (x + 2)^2 − 3 E. y = (x − 2)^2 + 3
April 18, 2013 by Chris

A 747 jetliner lands and begins to slow to a stop as it moves along the runway. If its mass is 3.42105 kg ,its speed is 29.5 m/s,and the net braking force is 4.3*10^5 N. What is its speed 8.33 s later? How far has it traveled in this time? How exactly do I do this? What ...
September 15, 2009 by Mike Rusho

Write the two chemical equations that describe the conversion of magnesium into magnesium oxide. 2Mg(s)+O2(g)->2MgO(s?) First off, would MgO be a solid or gas? And I have no idea what the 2nd equation could be.. Can anyone give me a hint?
October 13, 2009 by Anonymous

"Sketch the graph of y=tan(x/2) By solving the equation x/2=-pi/2 x=- pi and the equation x/2=pi/2 x=pi..." Before I go any further, I need to understand where these equations came from. Where does the pi come from out of thin air? What becomes of the tangent? Can you please ...
January 24, 2010 by Ellyn

I'm really not getting how to solve these chemical equations. If someone could explain to me their method of solving. I know you have to list the number of reactants and products for each side but I get confused what you add and what determines what you add. Stuff like that. ...
January 25, 2011 by Nick

Chemistry (really need quick help)
Balance the following equations. (Use the lowest possible coefficients. These may be zero.) (a) As(s) + ClO3-(aq) ---> H3AsO3(aq) + HClO(aq) (acidic solution) I am using half-reactions but I dont really get this at all. Can someone explain?
May 5, 2011 by Samantha

Consider the decomposition of a metal oxide to its elements where m represents a generic metal. M2O(s)<->2M(s)+1/2O2(g) the delta G is 10.30 I need to find K and PressureO2 at 298K I know the equations but i keep getting the answer wrong could you please help me. Could ...
July 12, 2013 by Catherine

After 8 weeks on a fitness program, Greg weighs 176 pounds. He has been losing an average of 1.25 pounds per week. Write 3 linear equations for this situation, one in each of the three forms. Enter them into a table.
February 18, 2014 by Joji

Last year Jim's gross weekly pay was $920 and he received $520 in bank interest. HIs taxation deductions totalled $1370. a) Calculate Jim's gross income for last year. b) How much was Jim's taxable income? c) Jim's Medicare levy was 1.5% of his taxable income. HOw much was Jim...
February 10, 2012 by CrissyXD

Find a system of linear equations corresponding to the following augmented matrices: (a) 2 0 |0 3 −4 |0 0 1 |1 (b) 3 0 −2 |5 7 1 4 |−3 0 −2 1 |7 (c) 7 2 1 −3 |5 1 2 4 0 |1 (d) 1 0 0 0 |7 0 1 0 0 |−2 0 0 1 0 |3 0 0 0 1 |4
October 25, 2011 by Matt

Univ of Phoenix
Solve the system of equations by graphing. Then classify the system. x+y=9 x-y=3 Use graphing tool to graph the system
December 20, 2011 by Yvette

decide whether each equation is true or false.For each true equation,write the number property shown by the equation.0+6=6
September 4, 2012 by isaac

Algrebra I
1. Which line is the flattest (or is less steep)? Why? y = 5x -6 y = 5x + 6 y = x - 3 y = x + 3 I thought it would be the last one since it has the smallest slope Well, yes...but both the third and last equations have a slope of 1, and so have the same "steepness" (these lines...
October 12, 2006 by Margie

can someone show me the steps for this problem because i got it incorrect in my exam. Solve each of the following quadratic equations. 4x^2=13x+12 what i had put was that x is 3/4 and x is -4 but i just got my result back and it was wrong... 4x^2 -13x _12 = 0 (4x+3) (x -4) = 0...
March 1, 2007 by jas20

Not sure about this... Need to solve by substitution 8x - 4y = 16 y = 2x -4 Substitute 2x -4 for y in the first equation and solve the resulting equation for x. 8x - 4(2x-4) = 16 16 = 16 The two equations are not independent. One can be derived fron the other. There are an ...
August 8, 2007 by Janna

i am really stuck on this application problem in my quadratic equations unit... find the width of a uniform concrete path placed around a 30m by 40m rectangular lawn if the concrete has an area that is 1/4 of the lawn.
December 11, 2008 by garry

Can someone check over these problems for me? 1. The width of a rectangle is fixed at 28 cm. What lengths will make the perimeter greater than 70 cm? A: the length must be greater than 7 cm. 2. 7x=-63 A: x=-9 3. Is (-8.-9)a solution of 2x+4y=12 A: No 4. -1/2x=-9/10 A: 9/5 5. ...
January 8, 2009 by deedra

A sample of helium behaves as an ideal gas as it is heated at constant pressure from 273 K to 373 K. If 15.0 J of work is done by the gas during this process, what is the mass of helium present? I am not sure what equations to use for this problem....
May 4, 2010 by Katy

Balance each of the following skeleton equations. A) KCl + Pb(NO3)2 -> PbCl2 + KNO3 I balanced it out like this. KCl2 + Pb(NO3)2 -> PbCl2 + 2KNO3 After knowing if I've done this correctly, I'll post on my other questions.
July 11, 2010 by Derrick

AP Physics
A bucket full of water (15kg) is swung in a vertical circle on a rope 1.5m long. What is the minimum speed it can be swung so that the water doesn't fall out at the top? With what was given, which equations do I need to use to solve for V?
November 3, 2010 by Anonymous

The Hydrolysis Reactions - Write net-ionic equations for the reaction of each salt with water below. If there is no reaction, write N.R. 1. NH4C2H3O2 2. NH4Cl 3. NaCl 4. Na2CO3 5. NaC2H3O2 6. NaHSO4 7. FeCl3 8. NaH2PO4 9. NaHCO3
April 30, 2011 by K

math 117
Quadratic equations may be solved by graphing, using the quadratic formula, completing the square, and factoring. What are the pros and cons of each of these methods? When might each method be most appropriate? Which method do you prefer? Explain why.
December 5, 2011 by Anonymous

for each of the following equations,calculate the mass of each product formed if 25.0g of the reaction listed first reacts completely with the second.a. 2AgNO3+CaS04=Ag2S04+Ca(No3)2. b. 2AL+GHNO3=2AL(NO3)3+3H2.
March 8, 2012 by SANDRA

79X190 find (a) the net electrical charge of the nucleus, (b) the number of neutrons, (c) the number of nucleons, (d) the approximate radius of the nucleus, and (e) the nuclear density. I have already determined B and C. I only need to know the equations for A, D, and E Thank you
May 2, 2014 by Nolan

for this simultaneous equations: x + 2y = 1, -x + 5y = 12. would the two solutions be x = -3 and y = 2 sorry i mean -x + 5y = 13 i really need help with my math homework excuse me..does that have anything 2 do wiv my queation?? unless ur dng the same course as me yes, your ...
May 19, 2007 by sarah

calc II
Express the integrals as the sum of partial fractions and evaluate the integral: (integral of) (x^2)dx/(x-1)(x^2 +2x+1) My work: The above integral is equal to x^2dx/(x+1)^2 (A/x-1) + (B/x+1) + (Cx+D)/(x+1)^2 = x^2 A(x+1)^2 + B(x-1)(x+1) + (Cx+d)(x-1) = x^2 Ax^2 + 2Ax + A + Bx...
December 6, 2009 by Jenna

advanced math
what method would be the best if i want to solve more than one ordinary differentials equations? or how would i attack this kind of problem? for example: dy/dt = (1-y)/(1+x+y) dx/dt = (y-x)/[2(1+x+y)] i just need a starting point cause i couldn't think of a way~ :P any help ...
March 5, 2011 by jai

Select any concept from this week.(Linear equations,exponents, Logarithmic problems Write a 350- to 700-word response in which you examine the importance and applicability of this concept. Describe why this concept is important and how it can be applied to society in general
March 29, 2012 by Tiara

rewrite each equation as afunction of x.-3y+4y=11 Where are the equations? rewrite this equation as a function of x.-3y+4y=11 y=x
February 23, 2007 by stacy

Which of the following equations has the given solution set? Solution set: A)-2m + 5 = 2m + 5 B)-2m + 5 = -2m + 5 C)-2m + 5 = -2m - 5
March 5, 2010 by Anonymous

Which of the following equations has the given solution set? Solution set: A)-2m + 5 = 2m + 5 B)-2m + 5 = -2m + 5 C)-2m + 5 = -2m - 5
March 5, 2010 by Anonymous

what is the range of each of these equations? 1. 4sin(3x-1)+4 2. -4sin(-3x+1)-4 3. 2sin(1.5x+.5)+2 4. -2sin(-1.5x-.5)-2
March 17, 2011 by Bethany

I need to list some jobs where people use algebra and write how they use it. I know about every job uses it, but I don't know how to find examples. Do you have any guidelines or helpful hints?
April 15, 2008 by Nick

I am having an extremely tough time with integers in algebra when simplifying algebraic expressions. No matter which method I use I still end up confused and end up with a completely different answer. Ex: 5t-{7t-[4r-3(t-7)]+6r}-4r
February 3, 2010 by marco

Algebra help
m having an extremely tough time with integers in algebra when simplifying algebraic expressions. No matter which method I use I still end up confused and end up with a completely different answer. Ex: 5t-{7t-[4r-3(t-7)]+6r}-4r
February 3, 2010 by marco

Chemistry+Singe replacement
Balance the following equations if the reactions will occur. gold + oxygen Au + O2 --> ??????? barium + oxygen Ba + O2 --> ??? bismuth + oxygen --> Bi + O2 --> ??? help please. keep in mind this is single replacement
February 9, 2009 by Chopsticks

triangle KLM has vertices K(0,0), L(18,0), and M(6,12). a. Write equations for the altitudes to the three sides of the triangle. b. Show that the altitudes intersect at a single point O, called the orthocenter of the triangle.
August 18, 2009 by natalin

An object with a height of 42 cm is placed 1.6 m in front of a concave mirror with a focal length of 0.45 m. Find the location and magnification of the image produced by the mirror, using the mirror and magnification equations.
May 17, 2010 by Cole

Chem 141
Write the three thermochemical equations needed to calculate the delta H for the below reaction.? 2Mg(s) + O2(g) --------> 2 MgO(s) delta H rxn = ? (Include delta H values in kJ for each reaction)
November 17, 2010 by Barbara

chemistry 1
How do you write balanced equations A. Neutron emission by 88Br B. Electron absorption by 116Sb C. Positron emission by 184Hg D. Alpha emission by 229Th E. Neutron capture by 200Hg
October 25, 2013 by Alexus

An invoice is dated January 24 with terms 2/10 20x. Find the final discount date and the net payment date. The net payment date is 20 days after the final discount date. The final discount date is 2/23. The net payment date is 3/?.
March 8, 2012 by Anonymous

If heat of reaction, Ca(s) + 2H+(aq) Ca2+(aq) + H2(g) , is - 544 kJ/mol, heat of reaction, CaO(s) + 2H+(aq) Ca2+(aq) + H2O(l) , is -192 kJ/mol. and heat of formation of water is -286, what is heat of CaO? i found that the formation of CaO is -638. However, I'm confused about ...
February 11, 2007 by nicholas

Would this be a good resource for my students? This website? Yes, I believe so. We have several people who are very good at helping students with their math homework questions, from elementary school through college levels. Be sure to check out the Mathematics collection, too...
July 15, 2007 by Jo

I am great at math but for some reason can not wrap my brain around Algebra for the world! Please Help!! Im stumped! Solve using the elimination method. Show your work. If the system has no solution or an infinite number of solutions, state this. -3x 5y = 61 7x 5y = -9
November 17, 2010 by June

A roller coaster cart travelling due north at 20m/s that turns left during an interval of 4.0s without changing speed. Find the average acceleration. I understand the mathematics behind it (using pythagoras's theorem to find velocity and the formula acceleration = velocity/...
March 17, 2013 by Annie

Reply to grant about a regression problem
This is a reply to the question posted here As I explained there, you can find the parameters by defining: x1 = Sin(0.49 t) x2 = Cos(0.49 t) and treat this as an ordinary linear regression problem. If we denote the height by Y, ...
May 13, 2007 by Count Iblis

I would appreciate any help thanks select two intergers between -12 and +12 write two equations that have the two intergers as solutions. solve the equation using addition/subtraction method
April 16, 2009 by yorkie16

Find the maximum revenue using the following equations: R(x)=-x^2 +400x and C(x)=x^2+40x+100. What I've done so far is use R(x) and solve for x, which got me 0 and 400. Is that how you're supposed to start it? What happens next? (I apologize; I'm really bad at teaching myself ...
December 7, 2013 by Lindsay

Math - equation of plane and vectors
A plane is defined by the equations x-4y+2z=16. Find two vectors parallel to the plane.
September 4, 2010 by Shaila

Math - equation of plane and vectors
A plane is defined by the equations x-4y+2z=16. Find two vectors parallel to the plane.
September 5, 2010 by Shaila

The only value of b for which the following system of equations in(s,u,z)does not have a unique solution is: b = 3⁢s+3⁢u-z=3 -3⁢s+3⁢u=-3 -3⁢s+b⁢u-z=-3
February 5, 2011 by Tracy

Write a sentence comparing the graphs of equations with a positive coefficient of x and graphs with a negeative coefficient of x
October 13, 2011 by Jamal

I just need someone to show me how these problems are done then i can do them myself The Ka values of H2CO3 are shown below. Ka1 4.6 10-7 Ka2 4.4 10-11 What is the pH of a 0.15 M solution of Na2CO3? that one i tried to write out all the equations witht heir Ka then what? how ...
March 8, 2009 by Amy

I was reviewing chem equations online. This one site said this is a balanced equation. I don't see why there are 13 oxygens! thirteen times two would equal 26, and there aren't 26 oxygens on the other side. Who's correct and why? Thank you for your help. 4C2H5F+13O2=>8CO2+...
April 2, 2009 by Meghan

These are the troublesome questions. What is the average velocity between 0.6 h and 1 h? A. + 0.4 km/h B. + 1.25 km/h C. + 1.66 km/h D. + 2.5 km/h The other question is below. What is the object's displacemnt between 0.4 h and 0.6 h? A. -0.75 km B. +0.25 km C. +0.75 km D. +1.0...
July 21, 2010 by Anonymous

Differential Equations
A cylindrical tank with length 5 ft and raduis of 3 ft is situated wit its axis horizontal. if a circular bottom hole with a radius of 1 in. is opened and the tank is initially half full of xylene, how long will it ake for the liquid to drain completely? PLEASE HELP
August 31, 2010 by anonymous

Consider a curve lying on the cylinder x^2 + y^2 = 1 and given by the vector function r(t) = (cost,sin t, t^2), for t ≥ 0. Find equations of normal planes at the points (1, 0, 0) and (1, 0, 4π^2) Hi, I don't really know how to start this. I know the formula for a ...
December 7, 2012 by A.

Suppose a student started with 128 mg of trans-cinnamic acid and 0.52 mL of a 10% (v/v) bromine solution, and after the reaction and workup, ended up with 0.184 g of brominated product. Calculate the student's theoretical and percent yields. what are the equations and do i ...
January 21, 2013 by UCI KID

Having trouble balancing redox equations. Teacher says I should use the method of half reactions and I'm not sure how. Any explanation or formula would be nice. C6H12O2 --> C2H4O2 SO2+H2O+O2 --> H2SO4 C2H6O+O2 --> CO2 + H2O
April 1, 2014 by Mike

Solid silicon and solid magnesium chloride forms when silison tetrachloride gas reacts with magnesium metal. Write a word equations and an ublanced formula equation. Include all of the appropriate notations.
February 4, 2009 by kate

Solid silicon and solid magnesium chloride forms when silison tetrachloride gas reacts with magnesium metal. Write a word equations and an ublanced formula equation. Include all of the appropriate notations.
February 4, 2009 by kate

Quadratic Equations
The height of an object projected upward from ground level is given by h=-16t squared + 128t. When will the object be 240 feet above the ground? (Please provide steps/explanation to solve this problem.)
March 29, 2009 by purpletree

Write the balanced molecular, complete ionic, and net ionic equations for the following reactions in aqueous solution: a. magnesium chloride reacts with potassium carbonate b. sulfuric acid reacts with sodium hydroxide
October 13, 2011 by gold

Uhhhh... well i need help with this algebra but i kinda need it explained as well...meaning if you can help please explain what you did because i have no idea how to do this kind of problem r+3 ---- = 1 12 i need to know what r is 12
August 20, 2012 by EmilyMay

When light of a wavelength of 125 nm strikes a certain metal, electrons having a velocity of 8.2 x 10^5 m/s are emitted from the surface of the metal. What is the threshold frequency of the metal? The answer is 1.9 x 10^15 s^-1 I'm not sure how to do this. The equations that I...
December 7, 2008 by Shaniquaa

2. what solution can you add to each of the following cation mixtures to precipitate one cation while keeping the other cation in sloution? write complete and net ionic equations for thr precipitation reactons that occur. a) sr+2 (aq) anf Hg+2 (aq) b) ca+2 (aq) and NH4+ (aq) c...
April 28, 2011 by Alexandria

I have three questions... Okay think of a 1-9 multiplication table. 1. Are there more odd or even products? How can you determine the answer without counting? 2. Is this different from a 1-9 addition facts table? Explain. And for the last one don't use the table or anything ...
September 7, 2008 by June

An important problem in mathematics is that of root finding: that is, given a function f (x), finding any roots of f in an interval. Exact methods exist for many functions: In the case of a linear function f (x) = ax + b, this is easy. If a ≠ 0, then x = −b /a...
May 3, 2012 by Kim

2x + 3y = 78 How do i solve for x and y? 2x=78 78/2=39 so x=39 3y=78 78/3=26 so y=26 can't be, because 2(39)+ 3(26) does not equl 78 You need TWO equations when you have TWO variables, such as x and y. It can't be done with one equation. BUT, you say, what about this post ...
November 3, 2006 by mike

Mathematics-please help quick!!
Harry is twice as old as Doyle. Doyle's age is x years. Write in terms of x. A. Harry's age is 5 years ago. B. Doyle's age is 5 years ago. C. Find Doyle's age now if Harry's age was three times Doyle's age five years ago.
June 10, 2012 by Scraffii

A normal population has an expected value of 60 and a variance of 30. Use the central limit theorem to determine what the sample size should be such that the mean has a probability of 90% to fall between the values 58 and 62. One concept of the Central Limit Theorem is ...
August 10, 2006 by ruth

Math - Solving for Trig Equations
For the following equation, why cannot I not solve it? I keep getting an error. -- 2cosx - 3 = 0 -- I first isolated for "x" 2cosx-3 = 0 (2cosx/2) = (3/2) x = cos^-1(3/2) x = error? why? -- My textbook answer: 30 and 330 degrees --
November 22, 2007 by Anonymous

a student has two test scores in a psychology class. The mean of these scores is 76 and their range is 28. Use this information to determine the two scores. ( write a system of linear equations to solve the problem)
March 8, 2011 by tawnie

What subjects do students study in the United Kingdom at the age of fourteen? Scroll down. =) Thank you. English Mathematics Science Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Design Technology History Geography Modern ...
February 10, 2007 by Eva

A right circular cone of base radius r cm and height h cm fits exactly into a sphere of internal radius 12cm. a)Express r in terms of h. b)If the volume of the cone is Vcm cube, show that V=8h^2 - 1/3h^3 c)Find the value of r for which V has a turning value, and determine ...
June 19, 2009 by Riley

Substitution Method in Algebra!HELP PLZ!
Use the Substitution method to solve the system of equations. 3x + y = 5 4x - 7y = -10 multiply first equation by 4 multiply second equation by 3 thus both equations have same x or y value in this case it is the x value. 12x + 4y = 20 12x - 21y = -30 solve by elimination then ...
November 5, 2006 by Matthew

ok i have 19th grade algebra next yeah and i dont even know half the stuff from thid year...soo what di i do cuz i am totsly going to fail i mrn itd summy snd im worried about algebra
June 14, 2012 by caroline

Here are two more problems I have for homework tonight. I have gotten answers, but I used "guess-and-check" and could not find an equation like I am supposed to. If you answer, please tell me if my answer is correct, walk me through your way of solving it, and if you can, show...
October 29, 2008 by Celina

what kind of math journals, essays, & projects you guys do in 7th grade math??? i'm really curious i saw the grading policy 2 my skool website here is the grading policy for math DISTRICT GRADING POLICY MATHEMATICS -70% FORMAL ASSESSMENTS (Tests, Quizzes) -15% ALTERNATIVE ...
September 5, 2011 by Lily

Discrete Mathematics
A tutor website wants to see how time spent studying for its content exams affects the ultimate scores. It asked its finite math test takers how much time they spent studying for the exam and compared that data against the final scores out of 60 points. It came up with the ...
July 30, 2013 by Joy

Discrete Mathematics
3. A tutoring site wants to see how time spent studying for its content exams affects the ultimate scores. It asked its finite math test takers how much time they spent studying for the exam and compared that data against the final scores out of 60 points. It came up with the ...
July 30, 2013 by Joy

It can be shown that for any positive integer n, the infinitely nested radical expression (n+(n+(n+....)^1/2)^1/2)^1/2 equals a finite number. What is the largest positive integer n≤999 such that this expression is equal to a positive integer? Details and assumptions A ...
April 18, 2013 by Mathsfreak

Algebra 1
If Jeremiah takes 1/8 of the birthday cake, and Chabreal takes 16%, who takes more? Show you're work and conversions. -Algebra 1.
August 29, 2012 by Dani.

College Algebra
Solve the following equation in the complex number system x^4+x^3+4x^2+10x-60=0 College Algebra - Reiny, Monday, January 2, 2012 at 11:49pm hint x = 2 and x = -3 are roots so either do long division by x-2 and x+3 to get a quadratic or do it by synthetic division. Solve that ...
January 3, 2012 by Jennifer

k i need to solve the following system: 7x - 8y = 24 xy^2 = 1 i figured out that x = 1/y^2 and i can reduce it to : 7=24y^2+8y^3 but i don't know how to reduce it anymore after that I think I would solve it graphically, that is, plot on my graphing calculator the two original ...
August 12, 2007 by ricky

I was supposed to figure out whether the following equations produced precipitates or not. Here are my answers, but I know that they are wrong. So I still can't figure out where I'm messing up...? Please help! HgCl2 (aq) + K2CrO4 (aq) = Yes Ba(OH)2 (aq) + NaClO3 (aq) = No ZnI2...
January 13, 2008 by Cierra

If maleic acid could be represented as H2Ma, write the 2 net ionic equations for its reaction with NaOH in the space below (showing the sequential neutralization of each acidic proton): 1)H2Ma +NaOH---->NaMa+H3O 2) What's the second one?
February 26, 2009 by Anonymous

Dr. Bob?/chemistry help
i have a final tomorrow and im allowed to have notes. however i lost my notes on stoichiometry. can someone give me a site that will help with balancing equations, performing calculations: mol, g, liters/gas and reagent/% yields?
June 9, 2009 by Chris

For each of the following unbalanced equations, indicate how many moles of the first product are produced if 0.625 mol of the second product forms. State clearly the mole ratio used for each conversion. CH3CH2OH(l) + O2 --> CH3CHO(aq) + CH3CHO(aq) + H2O(l)
January 9, 2010 by Tanya

I was getting restless to post these questions, so I decided to go ahead and post them. Balance each of the following skeleton equations. B) Na + F2 -> NaF I balanced out this equation like this. Na + F2 -> Na2F OR would I write it as -> Na + F2 -> NaF2 , would the...
July 11, 2010 by Derrick

Write balanced equations and solubility product expressions for the solubility equlibria of the following compounds: a. CuBr b. ZnC2O4 c. Ag2CrO4 d. Hg2Cl2 e. AuCl3 f. Mn3(po4)2 can you give me some examples using the compounds given?
July 19, 2010 by Jin

math 11
The axis of symmetry of a graph is the vertical line x=5. One of the x-intercepts is (11,0). What is the other x-intercept. Explain how to do this either by showing work or how to enter it into the TI83Plus. Up until now I've had equations to work with so this one has me stumped.
October 23, 2010 by Juliet

Differential Equations
A car is traveling at 70 mph skids 240 ft after it's breaks are suddenly applied. Assuming that the cars breaking system provides a constant deceleration, find that deceleration. How long did it take the car to stop?
June 19, 2011 by Jenna

Chemistry help pliz
Explain (using equations) how a solution of 1.0 mol dm^-3 in both CH3COOH and CH3COONa is resistant to changes n pH when we add either small amounts of acid or small amount of base (such solution is called a buffer)
September 22, 2011 by Petty

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