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Logs are stacked up in apile as shown in the figure. The top row has 15 logs and the bottom row has 21 logs. How many logs are in the stack? a1= 1+14=15 an= 7+14=21 s1=(n/2)(a1+an) (n/2)(15+21) = 18 How do I figure out the n?
May 4, 2010 by Abbey(Please help)

math - natural logs
Find the EXACT solution to e^(1-x) = 4^x You must use logs, not just a calculator.
October 31, 2011 by BJ

math logs
solve 3^(2x+1) = 9^(2x-1) using base 3 logs
November 12, 2011 by Sejul

200 logs are stacked so that 20 logs at bottom row 19 in the next ,18 in the next and so on.In how many rows can 200 logs be arranged and how many are there on the top row ?
June 17, 2015 by vihaan

.5=e^(-20t) I am assuming this involves logs but we did't really learn logs. Anyone care to walk me through with a calculator. Have the Ti-83
March 13, 2008 by Trevor

Maths (Logs)
1.Write the following equation without logs log y = mx+ c This would be y = 10^(mx+c) right? 2. Explain why this fits the exponential model (in other words, it can be written in the form y = a x b^x where a and b are real numbers).
April 7, 2008 by BP

Pre Cal (logs)
I need help with these logs 1: Log underscore4 16X 2: 2 Ln ( X(sqr. root)e 3:5^[2logUnderscore5(3x)] 4:log underscore2 ^[1280-logunderscore2 5) I don't understand how to do them thanks
March 30, 2008 by Deb

Mr Logan can saw 8 logs in 3 hours. How many logs can Mr Logan saw in one hour?
August 15, 2012 by Andrea

"Yule logs are simulated wood logs make of compressed paper that burn with a red and green flame.How would you produce a similar yule log?"
July 9, 2008 by jennifer

A raft is made of 14 logs lashed together. Each is 29.5 cm in diameter and has a length of 6.50 m. How many people (whole number) can the raft hold before they start getting their feet wet, assuming the average person has a mass of 75.0 kg? Do not neglect the weight of the ...
April 9, 2015 by Rutgers

Quantative Method
Generate your Unit transportation costs (in excel) 1. Ship construction logs from 8 provinces in Canada to 50 states in the U.S. Minimize total shipping cost. 2. Set up the demand in each state of the U.S. 3. Set up availability of logs in the 8 provinces of Canada
June 14, 2013 by Anita

help required in calculating the pH value of a .84 mols per litre solution of sulfuric acid. I understand that pH = -log 10 (2x 0.84), I am not very experienced with logs and need assistance as to which keys to press on the scientific calculator in relation to the logs. thank ...
March 6, 2007 by ruby

more pre cal logs
sorry I am so lost I missed the class that talked about logs since my sister was in the hospital giving birth to a still born baby.... now I am all lost... Expand the log Ln 3sqrootx^2y/x+3 (the 3 is part of the sqroot not infront like the 3rd power) I hope that makes since
March 31, 2008 by Deb

A raft is made of 15 logs lashed together. Each is 30.0 cm in diameter and has a length of 7.00 m. How many people (whole number) can the raft hold before they start getting their feet wet, assuming the average person has a mass of 66.0 kg? Do not neglect the weight of the ...
November 9, 2016 by Kayla

math - logs
2 ln (x) = ln (20-x)
October 31, 2011 by Sebastian

Math logs
January 11, 2016 by Taylor

How do you graph the following logs? f(x)=log5 (x-2) f(x)=log5 x-2 f(x)= log5 x f(x)=log5 (x+2)
October 23, 2007 by Jayme

solve with logs 3^(1-2x)=4^(x)
November 24, 2008 by kayla

Math - logs
the log(10^ -1)of 3.66 = of 9.86 = of -2.8 = thank you
January 19, 2013 by Needs log help

how do i solve these logs? log1/2 (3x+1)^1/3= -2 3^(x^3)= 9^x
January 8, 2009 by kayla

Math 12 (Logs)
Solve: 3^(2a+3)=7^(a-4) Please Help and Thank you
April 15, 2012 by Anonymous

math- logarithms
how do i solve these logs? log1/2 (3x+1)^1/3= -2 3^(x^3)= 9^x
January 8, 2009 by kayla

How would I simplify this problem using logs? (25/16) -3/2
June 2, 2008 by Jenna

how do you solve for x using logs: [(a + b)^x]/b^x I am not sure of the steps to get there.
January 19, 2010 by David

Could you check these pleas? Firewood usually sold by a measure known as a cord. A full cord may be a stack 8x4x4ft or a stack 8x8x2ft 10. what is the volume of a full cord? 8*4*4=(128ft) 11. A short cord or a face cord of wood is 8x4xThe lenght of the logs. What is the volume...
September 7, 2010 by TiffanyJ

Which of the following materials will burn the fastest in open air? A. a log, two feet in diameter B. two logs, each one foot in diameter C. a pile of small splinters made from a two-foot diameter log D. Both logs and the splinters will burn at the same rate.
March 8, 2012 by Samantha

Which of the following materials will burn the fastest in open air? A. a log, two feet in diameter B. two logs, each one foot in diameter C. a pile of small splinters made from a two-foot diameter log D. Both logs and the splinters will burn at the same rate.
March 12, 2012 by Samantha

math - logs
if logx3 = a and logx25 = b, determine an expression for logx(9/5).
December 10, 2009 by Cyn

HI THE QUESTION STATES THAT ONE SHOULD CALCULATE THE LOGS WITHOUT THE USE OF A CALCULATOR...OKAY MY PROBLEM IS THIS... 2 3 2log 8 + 2log 8 what should i do? i had come to the piont of... 4 5 log 8 + log 8 But what's to do now i don't know..Think u can help?... cheers michelle ...
October 25, 2006 by TIGGER

math logs - please help
True or false: 2 ln x / ln 5 = ln x^2 - ln 5 for all positive values of x.
November 12, 2011 by Sejul

math condense logs
write the expression as the logarithm of a single quantity 3[ln x-2 ln(x^2+1)]+2 ln 5
October 1, 2016 by Jonas

5 divided by (3-e to the -x power)=4 5/(3- e^-x) = 4 5 = 12 - 4 e^-x 4 e^-x = 7 e^-x = 7/4 e^x = 4/7 Take natural logs of both sides, x = ln (4/7) = -0.5596
December 8, 2006 by Anonymous

also a problem that i cant figure out is how to do inverses of logs f(x)= 2log(base2)X
March 2, 2012 by Diana

Math (logs)
In x = -3 find x. I worked it out like this e^inx= e^-3 then I got x = 1/e^3. Is that correct?
December 8, 2013 by Wilson

exponential and logarithmic graphs question
hi, i desperately need help solving this question: Find the values of A and k if the general equation of the graph shown is y=Ae^kx where the graph goes through the points (-1,-4) and (-2,-10) do i solve it using simultaneous equations? because i have attempted this yet failed...
March 21, 2007 by elle

Math (check please)
Could you check these please? Firewood is usually sold by a measure known as a cord. A full cord may be a stack 8x4x4ft or a stack 8x8x2ft 10. what is the volume of a full cord? 8*4*4=(128ft) 11. A short cord or a face cord of wood is 8x4xThe lenght of the logs. What is the ...
September 7, 2010 by TiffanyJ

How do I solve this using logs? I am having a total math meltdown tonight! 10=2^10/n Thanks again!
January 9, 2008 by Math genius! Urgent!

solve for x without using a calculator: log5(3^x) = log25(9^(1-2x)) I don't know how to get rid of the logs for this one. Help? Thank you!
November 15, 2009 by Momo

How would you condense a logarithm expression into a single quantity if the logs have different bases?
November 20, 2012 by Jamie

MATH 1111
College Algebra help with logarithms! Ln (x-4) - Ln (x+1) = 16 How do I take natural logs?? it's a study guide question for our final exams
April 30, 2009 by Sammy

1. Given the product law of logarithms, prove the product law of exponents. 2. Given the quotient law of logarithms, prove the quotient law of exponents. 3. Apply algebraic reasoning to show that a=b^(loga/logb) for any a,b>0 Please explain these to me. All I know is that ...
May 25, 2009 by Jus

Algebra 2
June 4, 2009 by Kay

Math logs
Solve the system of equations: y= (lnx)^2 + 2 (lnx^2) y = 3ln(1/x^2)+24 Im not sure what to do..
October 14, 2009 by Mike

Differentiate y=lnx You ought to have this memorized. y'=1/x for y= ln x dy/dx = 1/x This is the most basic and fundamental of log derivatives. If you are studying Calculus, and the topic is logs, I fail to understand why you asked that question. IS there a website that can ...
April 11, 2007 by quita

Math Logs
logbase4(x+5)=3+logbase4(x-2) Tried so many times please help!
November 29, 2016 by Laura

3. Which of the following conditions would likely cause the activation energy to be high? A.atoms are close together B.the temperature is hot C.atoms are not close together * D.a catalyst is present 4. Which of the following materials will burn the fastest in open air? A.a log...
March 3, 2013 by Cassie

natural logs
Solve for x: ln(x+1)+ 2 = x^2 – 8x + 12
December 19, 2008 by Anne

natural logs
solve for x. xe^x = 9
March 12, 2009 by kaitlyn

How do you solve: log (1/3) 1 ?
November 1, 2010 by Ali

algebra: logs
December 10, 2012 by Ruth

Which term is 13122? The geometric sequence is 2, -6, 18, -54 tn=ar^(n-1) 13122=2(-3)^(n-1) 6561=(-3)^(n-1) log6561=n-1log-3 You can't divide with negative logs, how do I isolate n?
January 4, 2010 by QQ

math. logs
anyone know how to solve this step by step? e^(3ln2)
September 28, 2008 by Kay

Math - logs
the log(10^ -1)of 3.66 = of 9.86 = of -2.8 = please help. (the 10^-1 is the subscript to log)
January 20, 2013 by Please help

Exponents and Logs (Math)
Solve for x: 2^(-x+1) = 4(8^x) I try isolating the 4 but I can't seem to solve it correctly when using ln or log applications. The answer is supposed to be x=-1/4. Any help?
August 10, 2010 by Fred

solve for x 8=6^x using logs
November 12, 2007 by walter

logs 9^(2x-5)=27(x+4) and 3log(underscore4)(2x-1)=15 Thank you
March 31, 2008 by Deb

precalculus logs
what is the domain of f(x)=-ln(-x) and the inverse
November 11, 2011 by adly

solve e^x / 3 = 5^x using logs.
December 3, 2011 by Anil

FIND THE INVERSE: f(x) = 10^(5x+3) - 10 f^-1(x) =
May 5, 2014 by Marty

e^1−10x=9 solve for x
February 21, 2016 by avia

This is for solving exponential/logarithmic functions: (This is a base e Logarithmic function I would assume): e^(4x)/10 =4^x-2 ? I understand the properties of logs for the most part, but I have a hard time figuring out the step-by-step process on how to solve exponential/log...
December 11, 2012 by Sarah

if you have how do u do 2^2x - 2^x - 6 =0 (calc)how do u do it? using logs??
January 26, 2009 by Spencer

log6(x+7)−log6x=2 Solve for x
January 10, 2010 by Nina

logs 3
How do you create a table to graph log (3/2) x ???
November 1, 2010 by Ali

Solve the equation 14=65(19)x for x using logs.
January 31, 2012 by britt

Algebra logs please help
January 11, 2016 by Taylor

You are planning to build a log cabin in northern Minnesota. You will pull the logs up a long, smooth hill to the building site by means of a rope attached to a winch. You need to buy a rope for this purpose, so you need to know how strong the rope must be. Stronger ropes cost...
September 27, 2012 by nate

Solve for x. log5x=(1/2). Express the answer to the nearest hundredth.
May 8, 2010 by Sue

express log (3x^5y^3/z^3) as the sum and difference of logs with no exponents.
December 8, 2010 by peggy

I understand generally how to solve, by taking natural logs and the the derivative, but i am confused by the presence of the 3 in front... if f(x)= 3(sin(x))^x, find f'(1) should i move 3 to the y side or take the natural log of it? Thanks!
November 5, 2010 by Tokey

Underline the complete compound predicate. Circle the verbs.. 1/ Millworkers peel logs or cut boards. Complete pradicate: peel logs or cut boards. Verb: peel 2/ truckers load the boards and deliver them. C.p: load the board and deliver them. V.: load 3/ merchants sell products...
October 26, 2014 by Nnh

solving for x math
2e^(4x^2)=3 how do i solve for x. do i use the ln methode because i don't know how to do that. by calculator, i got x=.168 but i don't know how to show my work. please help me solve for x. Take natural logs of both sides. ln 2 + 4 x^2 = ln 3 4 x^2 = ln (3/2) = 0.40547 x^2 = 0....
December 5, 2006 by david

natural logs
solve for x. xe^x = 9 please help i am stuck. i keep going in circles.
March 12, 2009 by kaitlyn

log (base 8) 1 = ??? I know it's 8 to some power gives me 1, but I can't figure it out.
November 6, 2011 by help me

How would you solve a problem like this with logarithims? I tried to start a couple of different ways but I kept getting stuck. Do you take the logs of both sides right away or do you do something else first? 17c^2/3 = 44
January 15, 2008 by Anonymous

Express x in terms of a,b and c. log x = 1/2 (log a + log b - log c) Please solve and explain how to do this type of problem, thank you!
December 21, 2009 by Jess

Math Repost (Logs)
.704=log(100/x) I tried this 10^.704=10^(100/x) But i not sure what to do now?
February 21, 2010 by Neo

Precalc (LOGS)
1. (e^x - 1 )/(x^2 - 1) < 0 2. The inverse of ln (3 - x) ? 3. Simplify x^3 - 3x^2 + 2 = 0 Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.
August 4, 2008 by Joe

If you can cut three logs in six minutes. How many minutes will it take to cut 8? 16 is not the answer.
January 22, 2010 by kimberly

Math - logs
I need help solving this because it involves 2 bases: log (base 2) [log (base 5) 25]= ???
October 29, 2011 by Anil

social studies
mahogany logs from central America sometimes wash up in scotland. how do you explain this?
February 6, 2011 by isis

Alg 2
How do you simplify this expression? It gets confusing b/c of logs and exponents. Can someone help me explain how to do this. 8^log(8)x
June 13, 2015 by Amy

Assume that x y and a are positive numbers. Use the properties of logs to write the expression log a 9(squrt)xy.
December 20, 2016 by Jessica

math- exponents and logs
5,000=55.66 (1.114)^x (i.e. What is x?) ln 5,000= x ln 55.66 1.114 I keep getting 2 point something, but does this make sense? My calculator display looks like this: ln 5000/ln (55.66)(1.114)
March 4, 2013 by Phoebe

misplaced nodifier
we finally found the fire extinguisher we had been hunting for behind a pile of logs
September 24, 2011 by rasheda

I need help with logs. Thank you! Evaluate. 1. log base(3) 25 to the cubed root Condense. 2. 1/3logx + 2logy^3 -3log(z+1)
March 25, 2015 by Heather

Determine the domain of the following functions, write answer using interval notation. T(x)=log12(x^2+14x)
April 26, 2016 by Juniper

Math - Logarithmic
Is the following correct when restating logs with variables to exponential? Log: log_a(a^3) --- base = a Exp: a^3 = a I know when dealing with real numbers, this is what you do: Log: log(10^5) Exp: 10^5 = 100 000
December 13, 2007 by Anonymous

the population of Smallville in the year 1890 was 6250.assume the population increased at a rate of 2.75% per year. predict when the population reached 50,000 I'm not suppose to use logs to find the answer :(
January 14, 2013 by hana

algebra 2
find the points of intersection of the following algebraically y=2^x + 4^x y=2^x+1 - 4^x+1 I set them equal to each other but not sure if you use logs or what to solve it
August 10, 2010 by jonathan

I need an expression written for the following logs using "sum, difference, or multiple of logarithms." a) log[base(2)] ((x^2) - 9)/(x^3))^3 b) log[base(a)]5a^4 Hopefully they are clearly written. thanks. -roberto
April 8, 2013 by Roberto

Natural Logs
When you are subtracting functions with ln, I know you divide the numbers after ln, but what do you do with constants in front of ln? For example, I'm currently dealing with: 4ln8 - 4ln3 Thanks!
March 23, 2009 by Hannah

(3^m)(5^(m+1))=12^(2m-1) not sure how to solve this but I think you use natural logs? I'm just stuck because the first two are multiplying and not adding and we didn't go over this
August 11, 2010 by Teddy

language arts
Three Indian elephants patiently towed the logs that had just been cut. is this an adverb clause
March 3, 2011 by Anonymous

1. logaB = 2 and logbC = 4, evaluate logcA *the lowercase letters are bases ie. log(base a)B 2. solve for x: (log(base 2)x))^3 = log(base 2)x
February 13, 2011 by randy

What is the real value of x in the equation log(subscript 2)24-log(subscript 2)3=log(subscript 5)x? I really cannot remember at all how logs work. I know the answer is 125 but have no idea how to get there. Thanks in advance.
November 17, 2007 by Natalie

Math - logs
log_3(2x - 1) = 2, Find x. Here's what I've done: log_3(2x) * log_3(1) = 2 log2x/log3 * log1/log3 = 2 trial and error... log2 (2*1.4)/log3 * 0 = 2.03... x = 1.4 I think I did it wrong because anything that multiplies with 0 gives you 0...
January 24, 2009 by Anonymous

Fuel wood logs sawed 53 times and 72 pieces made. If the cutter saw only one at a time how many there were before cutting?
May 21, 2015 by sonia

log (sqrt4(x^16 / y^4)) What is the value of the expression when logx=8 and logy=1? My work: x=10^8 y=10 I tried to plug these in but my calculator but it said "overflow." Is there an easier way to do this?
May 31, 2015 by Selena

when writing log b to base a, (log-a(subscript)-b), can a be less than 0?
November 23, 2007 by xX_Supaman_Xx

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