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math (algebra honors) #2

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algebra honors
I was placed into algebra honors instead of advanced math.. I am in 7th grade.. I have to maintain an 80% for the entire year or go to virtual school all summer.. My question is: Is there a special technique, formula, or very useful site that might help me grasp the concepts ...

algebra honors (MATH)
what happened

algebra 2 honors math
what is the inverse of the function f(x)=2x2+2?

Next year (sophomore year) I'm taking the following courses: Honors Algebra II/Trig Spanish III Health AP Biology Honors English AP World History Is AP Bio and world history hard? or no it's not just the exam. Please tell me because this is my first year taking AP.

A team has 10 players named A, B, C, ... . Before each game an o®ensive captain, a defensive captain, and a water-boy are determined by chance. No one may have more than one of these honors per game. The probability the C and D both win honors for the sixth game is closest to...

One local war memorial shows a statue of the goddess of victory while the other is a wall the list names of dead soldiers which answer best describes the different purposes of this memorials ? A. One celebrate sacrifice, the other honors leadership . B. One celebrate victory, ...

Honoirs Algebra
Hello - I am afreshman & honors algebra is kicking my butt - I need to simplify the following (-6c)(2-3c) can some on help

75% of the students on academic team earned 6 honors on the state examinations. the rest of the students on the team passed the state examinations. there were zero. if 30 students passed the ecam with honors, which proportion can be used to fun the total number of students who...

Algebra 1 Honors
What Is 45% of 30?

honors algebra 1
if f(x)=2x and g(f(x))=x, find g(x)

algebra 1 honors
If r=5/3r+20/3, what is r? URGENT!!!!

Honors Algebra II
Solve this equation. [2x 3 3z]=[5 3y 9]

Honors Algebra
what is the area of a square that has 48 x

whats the answer to x+4=4y

Honors Algebra
What do you call a duck that steals?

Algebra 2 Honors
what is the exact value of tan375degrees

Honors Algebra 2
How do you simplify terms like 3z^2 x 2z^3?

algebra 2 honors
Solve by substitution or elimination 1.) -6=3x-6y 4x=4+5y 2.) r+x= -1 2r-3s=6

algebra 2 honors
Solve by substitution or elimination 1.) -6=3x-6y 4x=4+5y 2.) r+x= -1 2r-3s=6

algebra 2 honors
2x^2-12x+32=x^2 how would I solve this by factoring?

algebra 2 honors
2x^2-12x+32=x^2 how would I solve this by factoring?

math (algebra honors) #2
If the radius of a circle is increased by 6 cm, the new area is 121 (pi) cm^2. Find the radius of the original border using factoring.

10th grade honors algebra
I can't figure out how to simplify this: 3x/2 + 3 - x

algebra 2 honors
how do you solve problems like : log3x-log5=1

Algebra 2 Honors
sin 2x(cot x + tan x) = 2 (verify the identity)

algebra 1 honors
it says simplify each expression. justify each step. 1. (2 + 7m) + 5 2. 9 x (r x 21)

Honors pre algebra
What is the mixed number form of 4.1 with a repeating 66?

8th grade
ok ihave three problems for homework in algebra 1 honors Y+3=3+Y 6*1/2-Y=3*2 3/4+Y=0.75+Y

Do i really have to be in AP or IB classes in order to get into Yale School of Arts or no don't worry you don't have to take AP or IB but only if you are doing very well in school but you still have to be in honors like regular honors or regents.

7th grade Algebra 1 Honors 5-2 textbook help
How do you solve this for example g(t)-4 and the function is g(x)=x squared +1 . . . . . . .. . .I NEED THIS DONE BY TOMORROW HELP!

9th grade honors algebra
please help! I can't figure out the function rule for a table that says x=0,1,4,5 and y=9,6,-3,-6

Honors Application
I am filling out an Honors application for English/History and one of the questions asked why do I wish to take this course.. any ideas? Thanks My ideas are: I want want to take this course because I want to take a class that is a bit more advanced than regular classes.

Algebra 2 Honors
Find the exact value by using an appropriate sum or difference identity. cos(165) degrees

Algebra Honors
Graph the inequality: 2x-5>y My Work: 2x-y>y -> 2x-5>y a) m= 2/1 b= -5 My Question: Should I shave above or below? Whenever I do the math, the results say below, but according to my notes I should shade above.

math (algebra honors)
the edge of one cube is 2 cm shorter than the edge of a second cube. The volumes of the two cubes differ by 386cm^3. Find the edge of the smaller cube.

algebra trig honors
x squared minus four thirds x plus four over nine

math (algebra honors)
The edge of one cube is 2 cm shorter than the edge of a second cube. The volumes of the two cubes differ by 386 cm^3. Find the edge of the smaller cube using factoring.

Honors Algebra I
Fill in the blanks to explain the step below. A=1/2(b to the 1st power + b to the second power)h solve for h

Honors Algebra 2
Write an equation in standard form of the parabola that has the characteristics below. Vertex at (1,-8); passing through the point (3,12) So I started the problem and now I'm stuck as of what to do next. Y=a(x-h)+k 12=a(3-1)^2-8 12=a(2)^2-8 12=4a-8 4=4a 1=a

English II honors
What do i need to know for english 2 honors?

Honors Algebra II
I've been stuck on a problem with my homework for a couple of minutes now. We are doing Systems of Two Equations, using the substitution method. The problem is: 4y-6x+20=0 3=(18/5)x+(21/10)y

Algebra 2 Trig Honors
logof3(x-1)+ logof3(3x-1)=2

honors chemistry- isotopes...
can scientists actually measure the mass and relative abundance of isotopes of an element by counting each particle and measuring their masses? [ i think no because it would be too small ] if not, how could a scientist measure the mass and relative abundance of isotopes of an ...

Algebra 1 Honors
2x+4=5(x+1) -2(x+2) Would this be identity (all numbers are the solution), No solution (no real number solution), or can it be solved?

Honors Algebra 2
i have no clue how to solve this!! the problem is... 20x^3 - 125x = 0 (twenty x to the third power minus onehundredandtwentyfive x equals zero) it asks to find all the solutions for the equation. please help!!

honors algebra 2
the product of two negative numbers is 338. one of the numbers is half the other number. find the numbers.

Honors Math
How do you divide 4 by 5?? 4/5=0.8 but how do i get the answer to show my work

Algebra Honors
The length of the base of a triangle is 4 times its altitude. If the area the triangle is 162 cm2, find the altitude.

honors math
how many packages will 5 1/2lb of raisins fill if each package holds 9 oz?

Algebra 1 Honors
A taxi cab charges $2.50 for the first mile and $0.35 for each quarter mile after that. Johns taxi ride to he airport was 15.75 miles. What was his fare?

Algebra 2 Honors
Well, I'm having trouble on some of my homework questions and looking to get help as soon as possible on one of them about inverse variation. 1. If y varies inversely as x and y = -3 when x = 9, find y when x = 81. I will use the equation y = k/x but I have no idea how to plug...

Honors Algebra 3-4
can the cubed root of 15x^2, over 3 be simplified any more. (original problem: cubed root of 5/3x) the directions were to rationalize the denominator of each expression. Thankss!!!!!

My teacher never specifically told us how to do these type of problems and now i have 10 of the same type of questions for homework due when i come back to class 2 days. a^7b^6 ________ a^5b Im not asking for the answer but the steps to get to the answers to these type of ...

Algebra 2 Honors
I have a question on my math homework. The problem is: Suppose r varies jointly as s and t. If s = 20 when r = 140 and t = -5, find s when r = 7 and t = 2.5. I used r = kst. I plug in and get 140 = k(20)(5). I then multiply and get 140 = k(-100). I then divide each side by -...

8th grade honors class (math)
Why did they call the duck who became a test pilot?

Algebra 1 Honors
The volume of a cylinder is 157 cubic inches. The base of the cylinder has a diameter of 5 inches. What is the height of the cylinder? Round to the nearest tenth of an inch.

Advanced Algebra Honors
A rectangular garden 50 m. long and 34 m. Wide is surrounded by a uniform dirt road. Find the width of the road if the total area of the garden and road is 4292 m^2.

Algebra 1 Honors
Write an equation for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence. Then graph the first five terms in the Sequence. -3,-8,-13,-18 I got 5n-8 as my formula. Then plugged 5 in for n and got 17 for the 5th number in the sequence. Is this correct?

Algebra 2 Honors
Right now in my class i am learning about sequences and series and im currtently suck on this problem. "A certain sequence is defined recursively by the t1=1 , t2=2, t2n=2t2n-2, t2n+1=3t2n-1. Find the first eight terms of the sequence." thanks for your help.

Algebra 1 Honors
When two numbers are added together, the result is 45. Twice the greater number is six more than five times the lesser number. What are the numbers? 3 months ago Only allowed to use one variable

honors algebra
the area of a triangle is 105 square feet. the height is two more than four times the base. find the base and height of the triangle

Algebra 2 Honors- Ellipses
for my homework problem i have the equation: (x^2/16) + (y^2/4) = 1 I need to find out the center, the vertices, co- vertices and the Foci. I have trouble knowing how to find them, so if you can please explain them. Thank you.

Algebra 2 Honors
Find all solutions if 0 degrees is less than or equal to x and x is less than 360 degrees. 2 sin^2(x)+ sin(x)=1

Help!! I am a home-school mom who did horrible in Honors Algebra2. My daughter has done her work and I am stumped on two questions. Simplify. 6/x-6+3x/x+5-1/(x-6)(x+5) A) 3x+5/x^2-x-30 B) 3x^2-12x+29/x^2-x-30 C) 3x^2+6x+5/x^2-x-30 D) 3x^2+5/x-6 Simplify the complex fraction. (...

Geometry Letter Grammar??
Hello I'm in Geometry Honors (I'm a freshman btw) and I'm failing with a D. I talked to my counselor about switching me out and going to regular and she says it's okay BUT she needs a letter from my mother saying it's okay to switch me out. I was wondering if you can write the...

Algebra 2 Honors- Ellipses REAL ONE
for my homework problem i have the equation: (x^2/16) + (y^2/1) = 1 I need to find out the center, the vertices, co- vertices and the Foci. I have trouble knowing how to find them, so if you can please explain them. Thank you.

Algebra 2 honors
A water sample in a laboratory initially contains 6000 bacteria. The organisms reproduced at a rate of 10% per hour. Find the function that corresponds to this situation. Then predict how long it will take for the population of bacteria to double in number. Round your answer ...

7th grade honors math
Which equation represents an inverse variation? A.3x=2y B.2-2x+y=0 C.y squared= x D.xy=5 If you could tell me the anser then explain how you got it that would be awesome!

Academic 4-year plan: Zoology
I want to work in the field of zoology when I get older, and I'm filling out an "academic 4-year plan" our counselors gave to my class to complete and turn in on Monday. The science and math I'm taking this year are physics and geometry. Can you take Calculus (a high school ...

7th grade
Okay, so what are the axiom names? (honors math) Should this go in the 8th grade place? Oh well...

honors math2

Algebra 1 honors
Mr. Oliver invested a total of $6400, part at 9% per year and the remainder at 8% per year. At the end of 2 years and 6 months, he had earced a total investment of $1380 in simple interest. How much ded he invest at each rate. I have to come up with the equation.

Algebra 2 honors
Yuki wants to make a reduced-size copy of a drawing. The original drawing is 14inches long. Yuki's copier can only reduce by 75%. Find the length of a copy after Yuki reduces it 4 times at 75% each time. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth of an inch.

Honors Chem B
Thank you bobpursley!

Honors Geometry
If AB=1/5BC and AC=18, what is AB?

7th grade math honors
The total cost for renting a kayak is represented as 25+5.50m. What is the constant in the expression 25+5.50m? Show work.

Algebra II Honors
There are some interesting special cases in which the graphs turn out to be parallel, perpendicular, or coincident with the coordinate planes or axes. Sketch a graph of each of the following equations by drawing their traces as in Problem 1. Then tell what the graph is ...

Algebra 1 honors
A pineapple drink contains 15% pineapple juice. How much pure pineapple juice should be added to 8 quarts of the drink to obtain a mixture containing 50% pineapple juice.

HELP PLEASE.............

Honors English
I'm totally stuck on 1-5. Help?

Reading Honors
marigold question

My mom said I could get a private spanish tutor do you do this? it is very easy to understand what you are esaying - I am in all honors classes and have one for advanced math.

honors gemoetry
if m<WYZ=82 and m<ZYU=4r=25 find r

algibra 1 honors
rewite the equation 3x+5y=7 so that y is a function of x

geography honors
which of the 13 original colonies was the last to be settled?

Honors Chemistry
I got 206.67 g Fe, DrBob222

agebra 2 honors
subsitution with 3 equations (solve for x,y,z) x+y-2z=5 -x-y+z=2 -x+y+32=4

Honors history
What is the irony of the French Revolution?

Algebra II Honors
A rectangular garden is 25 feet long by 10 feet wide. You have enough mulch to cover 1000 square feet. You would like to extend both the length and the width of the garden by x feet to use up all of the mulch. Write an equation to represent the area of the new garden.

Honors Chemistry
what happens when the change of energy is negative?.

geometry honors
precise name of quadrilateral with vertices A(-2,4) B(2,6) C(6,4) D(2,-3)

geometry honors
precise name of quadrilateral with vertices A(-2,4) B(2,6) C(6,4) D(2,-3)

biology honors
Summarize Griffith's transformation experiments

Honors Chemistry
How does heating or boiling a substance affect its pH?

honors chemistry
Which gas has solubility in water (at STP) of 3.39 L at 10.0°C?

honors geometry
find the area of a triangle where sides are 25, 25 and 14

Honors Chemistry
What is the Lewis dot diagram for C2Cl2?

Honors Chemistry
How many moles are in 4.36 L of oxygen gas at STP?

Algebra 1 Honors
A diver is working 10 feet below the surface of the water. The gap between the water and the deck of his support barge is 1/8 of the total legnth of the air hose , and 3/4 of the total legnth remains on the reel. What is the maximum working depth without a change of equiptment...

Honors Algebra 1
Sean intends to collect $500 in individual donations for a charity. His company will contribute $2 for every donation collected. Write and graph an equation that gives the average amounta (including the company contribution) that the charity will receive per individual ...

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