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Math - Properties of Logarithms
Use properties of logarithms to find the exact value of the expression. (log3(81)^4
June 6, 2011 by CheezyReezy

solve the following logarithmic equation. Be sure to reject any value of x that is not in thedomain of the orginal logarithmic expression. Give the exact answer. log3(x+8)=4 The three actually drops down a little below the g. Can someone tell me how to do this?
October 6, 2012 by ladybug

What is the domain and range of log3 (1-x)? I will be happy to critique your thinking. To assist you, consider log (-4) log (0) log 25 Those are to the base 10, changing to another base just changes the numbers, not the function.
January 13, 2007 by emma

Algebra/can you help me
Write each expression in terms of common logarithms, and then give a calculator approximation (correct to four decimal places). log7^10= 1.183 How do you find the approximation log3^316 = 5.239 How do you find the approximation Thank you
June 2, 2014 by Mary Ann

how wod i solve the following two eqautions? either exactly or to 3 significant a)2^x = 5 b)3^x+1 = 7 i know a) is 2.32 and b) is 0.771 but i dont know how to show it out step by step in how i worked it out . can sum1 plz help me You have to use logs, and learn how to do that ...
August 14, 2007 by k

i will be greatful to you if you help in solving the below problems: 1.)Prove that log15=log5+log3 2.)Show that log10800=4log2+3log3+2log5 3.)show that log108/605=2log2+3log3-log5-2log11.
April 27, 2012 by srikar

Rewrite the following as an equivalent logarithmic equation.Do not solve. y^t = x answer logy+logt=logx-is this right also Express as an equivalent expression that is a sum of logt (3ab) the t is at the bottom of the g answer log3+loga+logb logarithms.
May 5, 2010 by dani

Let log 2 = a, log 3 = b and log 7 = c. Express the indicated logarithm in terms of a, b, and c. 1-log3 5 (3 is the subscript of the log) ans:(1-a)/b, i need someone to show me the step bcus my ans is different from the given ans. my ans=(1/a)-b.
March 28, 2013 by ifi

Evaluate the logarithmic equation for three values of x that are greater than 2, three values of x that are between 1 and 2, and at x=2. Show your work. Use the resulting ordered pairs to plot the graph. State the equation of the line asymptotic to the graph. y = log3 (x - 1)
June 15, 2010 by Bobby

Algebra 2
Express as a logarithm of a single number or expression: 1. 5log4^p+log4^q 2. log10^x-4 log10^y 3. 4log3^A-1/2 log3^B 4. log5^M+1/4 log5^N 5. log2^M+log2^N+3 6. log5^x-log5^y+2 7. 1-3 log5^x 8. (1+log9^x)/2 I need to see all of the steps. Thanks
May 12, 2011 by Brandon

I am having trouble with this one… Can someone please show me the steps, the pairs to plot and the asymptotic? Thank you in advance! Evaluate the logarithmic equation for three values of x that are greater than 2, three values of x that are between 1 and 2, and at x=2. Show ...
June 16, 2010 by Kris

I don't understand how to do these w/o calc. I tried to write it in a way that will make someone understand how to read it. Hope I typed it clear enough.Thanks so much for the help anyone! How to find the exact value of logarithm: 10. log5^100 -log5^4 11. log4^8 +log4^8 12. ...
November 12, 2015 by Katie

I am supposed to write each logarithmic expression as a single logarithm. I have logbase3of13 + logbase3of3 and my answer is logbase3of39. Can I simplify that any further? also logbase3 of 3 is 1 1+ log3 13 is another answer, simpler, to me. oh, okay, so it would make more ...
April 12, 2007 by Gloria

Algebra 2
1. Find the midpoint and the distance between the points (8,–6) and (13, 4). 1. (4, –3), 10 units 2. 3. 4. (10, –1), 9 units 2. Find the vertex and the focus of the parabola with the equation 4y = x2 – 12x + 52. 1. V(6, 4), F(6, 5) 2. V(6, 4), F(7, 4) 3. V(4, 6), F(4, 7) 4. V(...
June 4, 2011 by Ben

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