March 25, 2017

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lanuage arts
Which value is reflected in Heracles?
November 18, 2015 by aamir

lanuage arts
What is the simple subject or predicate in the phrase the big yellow bird?
September 19, 2012 by Paul

Language Arts
Your voice is like a pomegranate wine is an example of a) simile b) metaphor c)figurative lanuage
February 6, 2013 by Anonymous

What is subject-verb or pronoun-antecedent for this sentence: Not one of our tomato plants are producing any fruit, but the greenbeans are thriving.
May 17, 2009 by Cynthia

is thissentence punctuated correctly? "the hardware store down the street, which had been paved recently,is open until midnight five days a week."
April 28, 2011 by melisa

lanuage art
3. Choose the correct vocabulary word for the following sentence: “We know the stranger came from a distance because of the _______ he spoke.” (1 point) criteria figurative language dialect
November 8, 2012 by aliyah

lanuage arts
Clean your room now! Now is the adverb, is clean the verb it modifies?
November 3, 2010 by Linda

Lanuage Arts
Question For the last question of Lesson 6: Third Read: The Phantom Tollbooth, Act I Connections Education Language Arts 6 B Unit 3: Adventures and Imagination I do not understand which book to use for the answer. Plz can you help me I have tempory zero :/
May 23, 2015 by Stephanie

The Basketball team came to play a game. First they went onto the court. which sentence completes the sentence. A. Before they went to the game, they ate a small meal. B. then at half time they were loosing the game. c. They all drove to the game with coach. D. Then they threw...
May 24, 2013 by Debra

lanuage arts
how can readers distinguish between prjudical and non-prejudical use of rhetorical devices?
May 21, 2007 by mary

lanuage arts
What is a coplex, compound, and compound-complex. Sorry it was complex, compound, and compound-complex. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Try the following site:
August 20, 2007 by Jas

Lanuage. Please Help !!!
1.)what is the prepositional phrase in this sentence? Late last night their was aloud knock at the door a.)Late last night b.)there was c.)a loud knock d.)at the door 2.) what is the participle phrase in this sentence? Living in New York, he went to many fantastic Broadway ...
May 7, 2015 by Hanna

world history
How do I find the racial/ethnic, lanuage, and religious demographics of a popluation of 6 million This site lists all of that information about the countries and territories of the world. Thank you for using the Hiskha ...
August 26, 2006 by bryan

thank you so much for taking so much time into helping me perfect my french essay I have done the corrections you have told me to do and I was wondering if you could go through and make sure the lanuage and grammar are all perfect. And thank you I really appricate it Also, how...
October 26, 2011 by Ellie

Doug is on the phone with the vice president of marketing, pitching to him the benefits of the new Web-based performance appraisal system that HR wants to implement throughout the company. “It will simplify things for you. More importantly, it will boost your department’s ...
May 26, 2012 by Mason

please check
Please check focusing on the grammar area specified in the left column. The Sentence following the grammar area is the sentence in question. 1.Dangling Modidiers - If your baby does not like cold apple juice, it should be heated. My Answer: If your baby does not like cold ...
August 23, 2007 by marie

thank you so much for taking so much time into helping me have a perfect french essay! I have done the corrections you have told me to do. If i have left something out please state. Could you please go through the essay and make sure the lanuage, grammar etc are all perfect ...
October 26, 2011 by Ruth

You might think this is crazy but I don't. I typed 3 pages of this text in my textbook and after the text there are questions I need you to check thanks sorry for so much. Shakespeare's World England in Shakespeare's Day William Shakespeare is widely considered to be the ...
February 21, 2009 by Juliet

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