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Number of results: 29,980 now on new server
The transfer of onto the new and upgraded server is complete. And its faster, too.
June 10, 2006 by Jiskha Webmaster Upgraded to New Server
The upgrade to the new web server is complete. The server will prove to be faster, more reliable, and more stable. The new server enables live homework help experts on our website: If you are interested in helping students live, please ...
July 11, 2005 by Jiskha Webmaster

search box on
The search box at the top of this page now searches the entire forum in real time. Nice. very nice.
October 11, 2006 by Leo

subject areas now display relevant questions
All of the subject areas now display relevant questions from the forum. Here are some great examples: Spanish: Algebra: Biology:
January 22, 2008 by Leo

I need more help on these, please? jiskha. com/ display.cgi?id=1165350274 jiskha. com /display.cgi?id=1165357718 jiskha. com /display.cgi?id=1165347130 Thanks... I'm desperate. I've been gone today and yesterday from school and don't quite understand what we're learning.
December 5, 2006 by Becca

Your network consists of four servers. Each server has three NICs. Server A is connected to servers B, C, and D. Server B is attached to C and D. Server C is attached to server D. No hub is used. All cabling is CAT 3 UTP crossover cables. What is your physical topology?
August 12, 2008 by Anonymous

Why can you not install the server migration tools to the server running windows server 2008 R2 using the add roles and features wizard on your server running windows server 2012 R2
May 30, 2015 by heather

Why can you not install the server migration tools to the server running windows server 2008 R2 using the add roles and features wizard on your server running windows server 2012 R2?
May 30, 2015 by heather

what do you think of the new business page?
What do you think of the new business page? It displays the most recent business questions: I will also be applying this layout to the other subject pages. Thanks! Leo
January 10, 2008 by Leo will remain ad-free
About 9 months ago I made the decision to pull all banner advertisements from in an effort to make the website more educational and user-friendly. Since my other streams of income have stabalized, I am confident that will remain free of distracting ...
August 28, 2005 by Jiskha Webmaster

To Jaimi--chemistry
I responded to your post(the one on ratio of +/- charges) that's way down the list (I think on page 2 or 3 by now). Here is a link.
April 16, 2015 by DrBob222

Jiskha description
The new description of Jiskha's services now is on Google! Yay! We're number 8 today. Excellent!! =) I see the new description and a ranking of #9. This is great. Hopefully rankings will continue to improve across the board. That is awesome!
January 26, 2007 by Ms. Sue

consider a two server system which a customer is served first by server 1, then by server 2 and then departs. the server times at server i are exponential random variables with rate ui i = 1,2. a)When you arrive you find server 1 free and you find server one is free and one ...
May 10, 2007 by skl

To Ranna re SAT essay If you decide to rewrite this or practice on a new topic, be sure to repost for more feedback.
July 5, 2014 by Writeacher

school supplies
We just added a number of articles: This is one of my favorites: Very nice!! =)
October 30, 2006 by Leo

Arts/social science
What is the relevance of academic study of the Bible today,especially in African context? Define Ethics and show how it relates to Epistemology. Here are previous answers to these very same questions:
August 20, 2007 by Simon

if you're in the mood for riddles
The riddle forum is back up: There are some truly clever riddles being posted. The following is one of my favorites. Try not to scroll down because then you'll see the answer(s):
April 11, 2007 by Leo

Intro. to Comp.
I have 2 questions on an assignment that I need help with. 1.Two ingredients are required to send and receive e-mail. An e-mail client and which? 1. FTP server 2. SMTP server 3. IRC server 4. NNTP server Would the correct answer be NNTP server? 2. You want to download some ...
June 11, 2007 by Shannon

Spanish for Alicia and/or Vicky
Be sure you see all 3 of your posts: 1. 2. 3. NOTE: Please decide if you prefer Alicia or Vicky. It's confusing when you post under ...
January 22, 2008 by SraJMcGin

written communication
What steps would one take to ensure that the purpose of your message (whether informative, negative, or persuasive) is conveyed to your readers? As already answered: =) what kinds fo unwanted reactions might one get from readers ...
July 1, 2007 by ann

I need to learn the different meters and rhyming patterns of poetry?? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all is a pdf file: 1. 2. 3. http://en....
March 20, 2007 by Valerie

In modern English, the comparative/superlative for the word "bad" is indicated as worse/worst. A number of years ago, it was worse/worse. When did this change? It has not changed. See below: =) Thank you for using the ...
December 5, 2006 by Mary

For Lily
Please do not append a new question at the end of somebody else posting. Your question will likely be passed over, since most tutors will not look at a posting if they see that it has been answered.
July 7, 2010 by Reiny

Riddles, etc.
Since riddles aren't homework, Chris's riddle and many others need to be posted in the Riddles section at the very bottom of the main Jiskha page. Thanks. =)
July 22, 2007 by Writeacher

anyone know where my other question went regarding the mythology sources??? much needed.... Thanks for reading this :) nvm i found it :) thanks to all who answered: its on page 4 i believe ok yeah i need more resourcesfor that topic :( This one???
June 27, 2007 by Alexx

Biology Expert needed
Here at Jiskha, we operate with volunteers to assist students. We are great need of a biologist or certified teacher in biology. If you are interested in this volunteer work, please indicated so at thank you so much. Bob Pursley
December 1, 2011 by bobpursley

room for improvement?
With the school year starting soon, we're interested in making Jiskha the best homework help website online. If you have any suggestions for improving our website, please contact us by using this form:
August 18, 2005 by Jiskha Webmaster

To Kuromi - re English and and Your first (and better) thesis statement attempt: "While some are struggling to survive in this world today, Americans should...
September 29, 2009 by Writeacher

Honors Social Studies
Describe the three key concerns that Washington had for the future of the U.S. Explain how the country has progressed in each area and give one specific example. Please see this answer that I just posted for "Samantha." Wow Thank...
August 18, 2007 by Kristin

how did jorge luis borges change life today Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help forum. Please see the Spanish by Jackie for answers:
April 22, 2007 by Joe

Spanish/History for Laura & Carry
Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. I've seen this question so many times lately, that I hope everything is on the following link:
October 11, 2007 by SraJMcGin

what is this brain teaser ioooo Riddles and brain teasers belong in the riddle message board at the bottom of the main Jiskha webpage. Thanks. =)
August 9, 2007 by Anonymous

social project
the need to preserve and protect konark temple Answered before:
January 6, 2007 by noopur

statistics page on jiskha
Does anyone find the picture as funny as I do? It's a baby holding a statistics textbook.
September 9, 2008 by Leo

I have a question, I am new In Jiskha!
Hello, My name is Chandra Mukhi. I am a girl. I am new in America and Jiskha. This is my second time useing Jiskha. I have a question. I watch 30 minute meals in Food Network Channel.I have Cable.The woman who does this program I think her name is Rachael Ray. Am I correct? I ...
December 29, 2006 by Chandra Mukhi

new website design
During the next couple weeks I will be tweaking and making finishing touches to the new design for If you have any suggestions, please let me know! Thanks, Leo
March 4, 2008 by Leo

Describe the function and setup of a DHCP server. How is this different from the setup for a DNS server. Under what conditions would you implement the two services on the same machine? How would you set up a firewall and DMZ for the DHCP server? What would be the consequences ...
May 23, 2011 by Mary

your school district is considering a plan to rent rather than buy a new server for its computer network. a server rents for $2.50 per day with a $25 fee for insurance, let d represent the number of days and c the cost write an algebraic equation representing the problem ...
January 21, 2008 by lakeeta

windows 2003 server
You are the network administrator for an electrical goods importer in Brandon, FL. You have a single Windows Server 2003 system that is a domain controller, a DHCP and DNS server, a file and print server, and the company e-mail server. The server also hosts the inventory ...
February 1, 2007 by ajay

social studies
who built kailashnath temple?its physical environment?features of monument?material used?storiy nad legends associated with monument?ways to protect monument?need to protect and preseve the monument? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites on ...
June 4, 2007 by ismail

What type of network is a collection of devices that equally share the processing and storage without having a centralized server? (Points: 5) Client/server File server Peer-to-peer Web-based is it C
November 22, 2011 by john

Science? (for dddd47906)
If you follow the directions on the Post a New Question form (did you read them?), you'll have better luck getting a good response. Posted by dddd47906 on Monday, May 12, 2014 at 12:17pm. Just wondering for my report, can wood melt in ...
May 12, 2014 by Writeacher

written communication
I need a example on how to write a Persuasive message and a negative message. Marie or Ann or whoever, Here are some previously asked and answered ...
July 4, 2007 by marie

window 2003 server
You are the network administrator for a telecommunications company in Rochester, New York. The network consists of two Windows Server 2003 systems and 57 Windows XP Professional systems. Both servers are used as domain controllers. One server hosts DHCP and DNS server services...
February 1, 2007 by ajay

services for teachers
This question is for the teachers that visit What services could provide that would benefit you and your students?
August 16, 2008 by Leo

new era public school social studies
ways to protect sun temple konark? materials of which the sun temple konark is made up of? Check out several of the answers given here to this same question! =)
May 15, 2007 by varun

Are these corret! tahnk you so much review for test! are my answers correct 1. Several people listened, but nobody voluntered??? simple 2. Gina and Sam picked the wildflowers, and we arranged them??? simple 3. Snow fell: winter was now upon us?? compound 4. Mrs Smith may be in...
October 31, 2006 by liz

new description for
The new meta description for is: Students get free homework help from teachers and experts on message boards and chat rooms. Website also features educational articles in math, science, social studies and literature. It will probably take Google a couple weeks to ...
January 25, 2007 by Leo

Algebra 2 - reposted for Erin
July 29, 2007 by Writeacher

Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expression
Can someone solve these for me?Can someone correct meif I didn't type these right 1.(m-2)/(m-5)*(m+5)/(m-2) 2.4(x+2)/5x*(6x^2)/2x 3.(25-x^2)/12*6/(5-x) 4.(a^2-9)/a^2*(a^2-3a)/(a^2+a-12) 5.(5x-5)/(16)/(x-1)/6 6.(6-3x)/(5)/(4x-8)/25 7.(x^2-9)/(4X+12)/(x-3)/6 8.(x^2+13x+12)/(x+2...
May 16, 2007 by mike

English for sou
I hope you're still working on these:
September 8, 2013 by Writeacher

Which of the following modes for composition is best suited for the tpic "my first day at my new job" A. Narration B. Definition C. Cause and effect D. Comparison and contrast. Did you read the response I gave you yesterday for this question? The way to find the answer to your...
July 22, 2006 by mubashir

May 30, 2009 by MathMate

"STEVE", and anonomous responder
Your response shows care and insight to this question: Steve, several of your replies have been very good. If you are interested in joining our Volunteer Jiska staff, please email me at Bob
December 16, 2011 by bobpursley

Two for Damon
I don't know the rowing terminology! and
September 13, 2014 by Writeacher

Intro. to Comp.
Would you please go to page 2 and look under "intro. to comp." and check the questions and my answers? Please let me know what I have wrong. Thanks, Shannon you may have to go to page 3, drwls checked them, but I have doubts about his work. This?
June 25, 2007 by This is for MattsRiceBowl

windows 2003 server
You are the network administrator for an outdoor equipment wholesaler in Detroit, MI. You have three locations. One is the head office from which the ordering and distribution is handled. The other two locations are retail outlets—one in a retail park on the edge of the city...
February 1, 2007 by ajay

what do you call the golden gate bridge at put this riddle on the Riddle section.
June 7, 2007 by me

Math, for Elina
Repost: Sarah has a rectangular corral for her horses. She wants to put new rail fencing all around the corral. What total lenght of fencing will she need. Description of the corral: in my book it is square and around the square is a length of 28m and inside the square if you ...
June 11, 2009 by Writeacher

To Mr Salman and armani
Your duplicate posts have been removed. Please scroll down and follow up on the responses you've already received. Thanks. It was not duplicate response. I wanted to ask whether I ...
August 16, 2007 by Writeacher

computer problem
i really need help in this....every time i try to download a program...for feud it stops at 16 or less than that cant be my memory or my hard drive...i have plenty of that...just got new im really confused as maybe i clicked on ...
November 12, 2006 by sheila

list of rf values
can you give a comprehensive list of rf values. rf: Radio Frequency? I am uncertain what the context of rf is. rf probably is related to chromatography. They are the retention factors for thin layer chromatography; i.e., TLC. I looked on an this is what I found...
December 7, 2006 by damola

How can a person distinquish between the prejudicial and non-predjudicial use of rhetorical devices? Please check these answers.
June 9, 2007 by cindy

MathMate - look at this
perhaps you can shed some light on this I seem to have a "mental block" here.
December 13, 2010 by Reiny

To Tracey
Regarding the FeO==> Fe(OH)3 problem below, take a look at the additional post. Here is the link.
April 21, 2015 by DrBob222

TO BETTY Please note that B is incorrect. If you read the webpage that Ms. Sue gave you, you'll know that A is the correct answer. Sorry for the mix-up. =)
October 18, 2006 by Writeacher

To Al 92 I haven't been on in a few days, but noticed you posted that follow up question. Sorry I missed it.
July 7, 2010 by MattsRiceBowl

Already answered yesterday: =) Can you help me with pronoun case? Pedro Martinez`signed a baseball for Chad that he had used in a game.
December 7, 2006 by Writeacher

Offer evidence to prove that the Congo Free State violated Articles I,V,and VI of the Berlin Act of 1885. Check this answer.
August 15, 2007 by charlie

Spanish Literatue for Cassie
Please refer back to your original post, which I JUST found again! Sra
September 29, 2011 by SraJMcGin

@ Steve or Damon
take a look at this question Am I guilty of overkill or over-thinking this ? Surely there has to be an easier way.
October 29, 2015 by Reiny

If you have ever read To Kill a Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men, or The Five People you meet in Heaven, please leave a post b cuz I have some questions that I need help on thank u in advance LOL- lots of luv, Brie To Kill a Mockingbird: Of ...
April 22, 2007 by Brie

social studies
What did the ancient Egyptians useto stuff the nostrils of the people they were mummifying Already answered: =)
February 10, 2007 by anna

cultual diversity
describe other measurments sociologists use to calculate prejudice? Previously answered:
February 22, 2007 by tacassala

lanuage arts
how can readers distinguish between prjudical and non-prejudical use of rhetorical devices?
May 21, 2007 by mary

Repost for Student A re: English sonnet Just in case you don't find all this below ... =)
September 22, 2007 by Writeacher

Damon or Steve or bobpursley or drwls or ...
any ideas ? , looks way too messy for here
February 17, 2013 by Reiny

I need an idea for the book cover of To Kill a Mockingbird Many suggestions have already been given to you. Just choose one and go with it. =)
November 19, 2006 by Cass

ap us history
How successful was organized labor in improving the position of workers in the period from 1875-1900? Analyze the factors that contributed to the level of unachievement.
March 18, 2007 by Deborah

What concerns were brought during Lincoln's Presidency in the election of 1860 Already answered. =)
March 26, 2007 by Mack

how is cricket played? Previously answered. There's no need to post questions more than once. Thanks.
July 17, 2007 by singh

For Susan - medical coding and billing
Please read the following carefully:
May 29, 2009 by Writeacher

Damon, please
Would you look at this one? Sra (aka Mme)
July 4, 2010 by SraJMcGin

Spanish III for Whitney
I have a suggestion for you on the last post of Dec. 9. Sra
December 13, 2010 by SraJMcGin

Cal3 - to Lucy
See: for response to previous question on maximum/minimum.
February 28, 2012 by MathMate

To Linell or LILY or whoever --
Repost from this morning: Also, simply giving answers out is not what this site is here for. Please refrain.
February 18, 2009 by Writeacher

ETH 125
WOW, LOL seems like we all done the same thing to find an answer to a question. Tooooo funny. I am in my second week of ETH and was browsing for an answer to how sociologist calculate prejudice. :( really strugglin in COM 215 anyone have any advice. I entered calculate ...
July 19, 2007 by Tonya

Your geometry problem of yesterday has been answered.
May 19, 2013 by MathMate

For rfvv - English
Please see our responses here:
October 20, 2014 by Writeacher

To Mok...
Apparently, you didn't bother to read Ms. Sue's post to you on the 10th.
January 13, 2016 by Writeacher

English - for Reiny I don't understand the terminology in these sentences. I'm hoping you do and can help "leena."
September 30, 2016 by Writeacher

To Gabby and Jean
I have done as asked and worked that Na2C2O4 + LaCl3 problem in some detail. I've posted it at the ogiginal site; here is a hot link to it.
December 16, 2011 by DrBob222

what makes a good research topic Same answers as yesterday! =)
February 22, 2007 by gladys

Describe other measurments sociologist use to calculate prejudice
June 22, 2007 by Sonia

To Bill - re Maori English paper
See the following:
July 13, 2008 by Writeacher

For Bizzy - from GuruBlue Just in case you missed this below ...
February 5, 2008 by Writeacher

Scooby -- AE
I just saw your reply from last night and responded to it.
August 1, 2008 by Ms. Sue

For Patiance - human services See my last post here.
August 22, 2010 by Writeacher

For MathMate or bobpursley - check this
Can somebody take a look at this?
October 13, 2011 by Reiny

For Henry2 - English Or have you already taken care of this?
February 10, 2012 by Writeacher

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