November 28, 2015

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holidays and temp.
what season is easter in? is it spring? how about thanksgiving day? what season is that in? How's the weather in winter for Alaska and Seattle?
February 25, 2008 by anonymous

my teacher gave us this question and i am totally confused on what to do. any help would be greatly appreciated. Explain what is happening in the pseudo code LOOP in one word. What is temp referring to, and what is the final output for this program: input (12, 25, 11, 28, 14) ...
November 17, 2008 by mike

The two insulated beakers contain equal amounts of identical liquids. The temperature of Beaker A is 85C. The temperature of Beaker B is 40C. A metal rod connects the beakers. Five minutes later, the temperature of Beaker A is 75C and the temperature of Beaker B is 50C. ...
March 21, 2015 by Isabel

For a US history research paper, What are the top three holidays in America? Is it Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween?
September 9, 2013 by Bryce

Where can I find a list of all the American holidays and their dates?
January 7, 2008 by Jen

4.The following table shows the high and low temperatures predicted for Dallas during the week beginning Monday, August 29 2011. Which day has the biggest difference between the high and low temperatures? A.Mon D.Tue C.Wed D.Sun Monday High temp 106 Low temp 79 Tuesday High ...
September 16, 2013 by Jerald

Science , physics
At the beginning of an invertigation , a student determines that the temp. of a beaker of water is 99.8+_ 0.1C . At the end of the investigation , the temp. Is 35.5+_ o.1C . What is the change in temp.?? My answer is 64.5+_ 0.2 C . Is this right ? Thank you!
August 27, 2013 by Maria

If it takes 600 calories of heat to raise 75ml of water to a final temp of 96 degrees C. What is the initial temp. How do I set this problem up if I don't know my change in temp?
March 14, 2011 by Sham

In 1993, there were 104 weekend days, 9 holidays, 3 days that were both holidays and weekends. How many days were holidays or weekends? Of the nine holidays, six were not on weekends. Of the 104 weekend days, 104 were on the weekend.
November 14, 2006 by andrea... help!!!!

math 7th grade
what is the change in temp when the thermometer reading moves from the 1st temp to the 2nd temp. 20degree F to -10 degress F.Please explain to me how you get the answer for future problems.
September 22, 2008 by keke

Suppose there is a 2 degree drop in the temp for every thousand feet that an airplane climbs into the sky if the temp on the ground, which is at sea level is 64 degrees What would be the temp
October 3, 2014 by toy

One day at 3:00 am the temp was -13 degrees f in Kodiak Alaska. At 10:00 am the temp was 22 degrees f. What was the average change in temp per hour?
March 25, 2015 by #HOMEWORK

Temperature decreases approximately 1degree Celsius for each 150 metres increase in altitude. 1. The temp at sea level is 25 degree Celsius A.) what will the temp be 1200m up the mountain? B.) what will it be at the top? (2250m) 2. The temp at the top of the mountain is ...
February 17, 2014 by Roma

Hi. I got given some homwork to complete over the summer holidays this was create a vocab booklet about holidays including where, Who with, how long, when and other information but i having trouble finding these words in spanish.
August 5, 2008 by Alarna

Recent studies indicate that the average surface temp. of the earth has been rising steadily. Some scientists have modeled the temp. by the linear function T= 0.02t + 8.50, where T is temp. in degrees Celsius and t represents years since 1900. What do the slope and T-intercept...
September 20, 2010 by Chelsea

What is the specific heat of an object that weighs 25 g and when heated to a temp of 500K and dropped into 100mL of water changes the temp of the water from room temp (293K) to 306K? Cp of water= 4.184
February 23, 2015 by Halle Jensen

Temp was 36 degreea when becky returned home at6pm temp was 4degrees higher at 3pm then it was at 6pm. It was 3degrees warmer at 12noon then ut was at 3pm . What was temp at 12noon
February 19, 2013 by jamyah

1.33 kg of ice at 0C is added to an 8.25 kg tub of water at a warmer temp. If their final temp is 15.7C, What was the inital temp of the water in the tub? Please help, I cannot get the right answer.
June 3, 2015 by HELP PLEASE ASAP

Choose the correctly punctuated sentence: A) I am sorry to say, however, that I am not looking forward to the holidays. B) I am sorry to say however that I am not looking forward to the holidays. C) I am sorry to say, however that I am not looking forward to the holidays. My ...
November 14, 2012 by Marie

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and all the very best for 2010 to all the wonderful teachers. Thank you for all your help!!!
December 24, 2009 by E.G.

business math115
Chong base pay rate is $13.50 per hour, with overtime paid at time-and-a-half and double time for holidays. Find her gross if she worked 9 holidays hours in addition to 40.5 hours Monday through Saturday. round to the nearest cent.
June 24, 2015 by keosha

Which group of words in the following sentence is a dependent clause? Yesterday morning, Sam slept late because there is no school on holidays. A. Yesterday morning B. Sam slept late C. because there is no school on holidays D. Sam slept late because there is no school on ...
October 18, 2015 by lana

Thanks a lot for helping me with physics and other subjects. Happy holidays and happy new yrs that is coming up very soon. It's good to have a website here here teachers can be very helpful, i appreciate it a lot.
December 26, 2009 by Priscilla

I'm stuck on this problem. "You mix 100 ml 60 degree C water with 100ml 20 degree C water. Find the final temperature" Changing 100 ml to .1kg, I set .1*4186*(60-final temp.) + .1*4186*(final temp-20)=0 but my t's cancel out. I know it would work if I set my first half of ...
April 28, 2009 by Brigid

The main reason for the increase in reaction rate with temperature is that: The activation energy increases rapidly with temp (I think it is this one) A 10 C temp rise results in the rate doubling heats acts as a catalyst or The fraction of high-energy molecules increases ...
February 9, 2013 by Linda

Consider the following information: Season Sales(units) Summer Autumn Winter Spring Christmas 98 114 123 105 Holidays 110 110 110 110 The expected frequency for cell winter/holidays (e13) is equal to (1) 104.0 (2) 112.0 (3) 110.0 (4) 116.5 (5) 107.5
March 31, 2010 by JUDY

Chemistry (Combustion) formula question
Data; Volume of water, 100ml Room temp, 24C Initial water temp, 15C Final water temp, 30C Question: Calculate the mass of water heated. Hint: The density of the liquid water is 1.0g/ml. I have no idea how to do this. Can someone help? Thanks!
February 5, 2013 by Allyson

LAL!(check my work thx)
check if the capitalized word is correct PARTICIPLES AND GERUNDS 1. americans have many different ways of CELEBRATING holidays. (gerund) 2. BRINGING customs and traditions from their homelands, immigrants add to the rich holiday mix in the US. (participle) 3. holidays ...
May 21, 2010 by Sara!

11th grade chemistry
a vessel contains 12 gm of methane gas at t degree celcius temp. and 1 atm. pressure. when the temp. is increased by 10 degree celcius at the same volume, the pressure increases by 10%. calculate the volume and initial temp.
November 8, 2010 by help

Hey I am doing a lab, the link is down h t t p : //w w w . sd67 . bc . ca/schools/salc/biology%2012/module%20c%20-%20human%20biology/unit%2010%20-%20respiratory%20system/Homeostasis%20Lab .pdf And I really would like help with #1 My data is right here Pre exercise 0 min - Temp...
February 7, 2013 by Shreya

What would be the final temp of a mixture of 50gms of water at 20 degrees centigrade temp and 50gms of water at 40degrees centigrade temp
May 18, 2014 by Shazleen

I don't understand this: For the temperature vs time graph for heat and changes of state. The graph starts at -2.1 degrees C The heat of fusion is at 2.0 degrees C The heat of vaporization is on 101.0 degrees C. The graph ends at 103.0 degrees C. So to get the heat of solid it...
June 10, 2010 by Amy~

March 2, 2011 by ricki

A 51-g piece of ice at 0 C is added to a sample of water at 7-C all of the ice melts and the temp of the water decreases to 0 .If you used the 8200 Khan you expand in energy in one day to heat 47000g of water at 27-C what would be the rise in temp? What would the new temp of ...
June 15, 2012 by tabitha

91.7g of HCL solution was added to the calorimeter and brought to a constant temp. Then 0.5278g of MgO was added and the Temp rose from 25.65C to 32.60C and held steady. Then 0.0185g of Mg was added and the temp again rose from 30.35C to 32.20C. Calculate the Cp for the ...
January 12, 2009 by Laura

Cell Designation : E (measured) = Sn I Sn^2+ II Cu^2+ I Cu Temp= 3 Celsius Temp= 276.15 Kelvin Delta G= ????? Show work please!!!!
April 30, 2014 by Anonymous

I need help! I found the change in Temp= -.9 degree C. I don't know what to do next...? What value from this problem do I use as my q(heat capacity) to plug into the equation q= m X Cs X change T? The question states: 120mL of H2O is intially @ room temp (22 degree C). A ...
October 28, 2008 by Kate

Math 4
Temp. In degrees is 19 degrees Fahrenheit. A blizzard moved in and brought lots of snow and lowered temp. By 27 degrees Fahrenheit, what was the final temp. In Fahrenheit during the blizzard?
April 17, 2014 by Jenny 2

I forgot to include the following sentences. Thank you very much in advance. 1)I had a very good holiday (OR I spent nice summer holidays??). I ate a lot of ice-cream(s) during my summer holidays. I finished my homework late (?) because Im a lazy guy. 2)I enjoyed myself ...
September 16, 2010 by Franco

15g iron (c=450 J/kg K) bolt is heated from 21 C to 312 C. It is then plunged into a 2kg of 15 C water (c= 4180 J/kg K) into a 4.6kg alum. tub (c=903 J/kg K) What is the final temp. (Tf) of the water and the tub? for some reason..., i got 0.472 C for final temp of tub and -14....
June 10, 2008 by jake

I really hope someone can check my sentences on Christmas holidays. Thank you very very much in advance! 1) I had planned to do a lot of things during my Christmas holidays but unfortunately I didn't get around to doing them all. ( and NOT I had no time to do all of them) 2) I...
February 5, 2010 by Franco

Chemistry 2
I have to calculate the Ccal using the following info: Initial Temp of water outside calorimeter=22.6 C Initial Temp of water inside the calorimeter= 100 C Volume of water in calorimeter= 50mL Volume of water outside calorimeter= 300mL Final Temp of water in calorimeter=27.9 C...
July 16, 2011 by Lily

Find the enthalpy of combustion of magnesium using Hess' law given the following data (assume that exactly 100.0 mL of HCl was used in each trial and that HCl is in excess) Magnesium/HCl reaction: Grams of Mg= 0.244g Initial temp= 32.2 degrees celsius Final temp= 21.3 degrees ...
July 21, 2014 by Liz

1. See the X on the map? 2. Do you se the X on the map? (Does #1 mean #2?) 3. Is anyone in your family a caregiver to sick people? (Is this a correct sentence?) 4. The girl is well grounded in French. (Is this correct? Would you paraphrase this one with another expression?) 5....
April 16, 2011 by rfvv

physics question
How much heat had to be put in during the process to increase the internal energy of the gas by 1.5010^4 J ? Here is the given information and questions that I have already answered: n=.450 R=8.3145 (Point A) p=2*10^5 v=.010 (Point B) p=5*10^5 v=.070 (Point C) p=8*10^5 v=.070...
December 9, 2007 by marie

Physics(Please check)
There is a rod that is split into two sections. The left side is copper with value of 390, temp of 100 degrees c and the length is 2m. The right side is silver, 420, temp 20 degrees celsuis, and length 1m. I need to calculate the temperature. 390 X 1 X 100-t / 2 = 420 X 1 X t-...
June 13, 2012 by Hannah

Physics(Please respond)
There is a rod that is split into two sections. The left side is copper with value of 390, temp of 100 degrees c and the length is 2m. The right side is silver, 420, temp 20 degrees celsuis, and length 1m. I need to calculate the temperature. 390 X 1 X 100-t / 2 = 420 X 1 X t-...
June 15, 2012 by Hannah

I'm so horrible at biology so help is appreicated; "The following experiment is to test the limits of cell population growth. Cells were grown in six flasks under different conditions. Eash flask contained a nutrient broth of the same concentration. The table below shows the ...
January 15, 2008 by Lindsay

In the classroom, we reacted Mg(s) + 2HCl -> MgCl2(aq) + H2 (g) (0.31 g of Mg(s), and 99.46 g of HCl) Initial temp. = 22.5 celsius, max. temp. 36.0 celsius and MgO(s) + 2HCl -> MgCl2(aq) + H2(g) (1.00 g of MgO(s) and 97.71 g of HCl) Initial temp. 22.0 celsius, max. temp...
March 27, 2011 by Kara

Q-How does room temp. affect student performance? H-If the amount of room temp. increase,then........ Q-question H-hypothesis
October 9, 2012 by Grechia

molar enthalpy of combustion for pentane? Mass C5H12= 2.15g Mass H2O= 1.24kg Initial temp= 18.4C Final temp= 37.6C
January 10, 2013 by shyanne

March 2, 2011 by ricki

Glass of water has mass of 240g at room temp (25C). Add 50g of 0C ice. What final temp after ice is melted. (at equilibrium).
April 26, 2011 by Sue

a sample of argon gas at standard pressure ocupies 100ml. at constant temp, what volume does the gas occupy if the temp increases to 800mmHg
April 25, 2013 by Deveigh

100 grams of a liquid with a temp of 70 degreess celcius and a specific heat of 4 J/K/gram is poured into an aluminum pan having a mass of 4000 grams and an initial temp of 20 degrees. with a specific heat capacity of 0.9. what is the final temp of teh liquid in the pan after ...
August 4, 2014 by rolloo

What will the graph look like when the relationship of the number of grams of solute that a soluution is 50grams of H2O at varying temp, if the solubility begins at a small quantity and increases in direct proportion the increase in temp? Thank you!
June 3, 2009 by Anonymous

An ice hotel that is made of 410 metric tons of ice and 12200 metric tons of snow is being melted. The company is going to siphon the melted water into nearby streams. The company is using large industrial sized acethylene to do the job. Your job is to order the rigth amount ...
February 21, 2012 by JAMES

mass of the metal 7.26g volume of water in the calorimeter 10mL initial temp of water in calorimeter 21.5 degrees C initial temp of metal 95.5 d C final temp in mixture in calorimeter 23.8 D C question: calculate the energy lost by the metal taking into consideration that it ...
February 28, 2013 by may

September 14, 2011 by MARKO

the average temp of the lake is 64.2 degrees and the standard deviation is 3.2. Assume the cariable is normally distributed. For a randomly selected day find the probabliity that the temp will be above 62 degrees
March 16, 2012 by carson

A technician needs to determine the amount of energy required to increase the temp. of a vat containing 12 kg of water. The water enters the vat from the water mains at a temp. of 15 deg C. The technician knows that the final temp. required is 90 deg C. How much energy is ...
April 8, 2014 by Huliney

While researching energy values of fuels, a chemist designed an experiment to find out the heat of combustion of pentane. Using the known hexane heat of combustion of hexane = 4650kJ/mol and the data below calculate the heat of combustion of pentane. Set up= copper beaker 42....
March 28, 2010 by sarah

While researching energy values of fuels, a chemist designed an experiment to find out the heat of combustion of pentane. Using the known hexane heat of combustion of hexane = 4650kJ/mol and the data below calculate the heat of combustion of pentane. Set up= copper beaker 42....
March 28, 2010 by sarah

How long would it take a car engine, say 500 pounds of iron, to cool from 1,200 degrees F (exauhst manifold temp) to air ambient temp. of 75 degrees F.
August 10, 2012 by David

How many joules ar required to heat a frozen can of juice (360 grams) from -5 degrees C (the temp of an overcooled refrigerator) to 110 degrees C (the highest practical temp within a microwave oven)?
January 5, 2013 by Tom

A student determined the calorimeter constant of the calorimeter. The student added 50.00 mL of cold water to 50.00 mK of heated , distilled water in a styrofoam cup. The initial temp of the cold water was 21,00C and the hot water, 29.15C. The maximum temp pf the mixture was ...
March 3, 2010 by Sydney

all reversible reactions Kp= 3.5 X 10^4 temp: 1495K N2(g)+3H2(g) reversible 2NH3(g) 1/2N2(g) + 3/2H2(g) reversible NH3(g) what is the value of K at the temp. what is the process for this? please be detailed.
November 29, 2007 by Rebekah

Calculate the amount of heat (in calories) absorbed when 50.0g of water at 20C spreads over your skin and warms to body temperature, 37C. I don't understand how to figure this out - which number is the specific heat number? 20C or 37C? I know delta temp will be 17C and mass is...
February 11, 2015 by HighHopes

Can you check the following paragraphs for me? Thanks a lot 1) I spent the first days of my Christmas holidays doing homework and studying 2) During the first weekend of my holidays I went to the seaside with my parents. The weather was nine and we enjoyed going for walks and ...
February 2, 2010 by Franco

How would I write this out? The high temp for a day is 6 degrees C. The mean temp for the day, which is the mean of the high and low temps, is -4 degrees C. What is the low temp for the day? Thank you.
March 3, 2010 by Erin

Can you check the use of the following phrasal verbs, please? 1) First, Betty tells her husband Fred that Martin, her husbands friend, saw him cheating on her with another woman. Fred begs her not to listen to Martin because he is a liar and he is making it up 2) Then, Betty ...
January 29, 2010 by Franco

One solar pad can raise water temp 1 degree in 30 min. a second solar pad takes 45 min to raise water temp 1 degree in 45 min. Both machines working together. How long will it take to raise the temp 1 degree
May 14, 2010 by kayla

Need help with my lab report for specific heat of unknown metal! I need to Find the Specific Heat of Al! I know its Q= M x Cs x Change in Temp I am getting a such a high number am just confused if its right. Here is what I got in Lab: Aluminum Mass of Metal (Mm): 6.128g Mass ...
June 24, 2011 by Tc

A+B ---- C deltaH=-100kj and temp.=25C which direction would the reaction shift if.. a. the concentration of A was decreased b. the concentration of C was increased c. The temp. was increased to 100C
March 20, 2011 by shanice

Help pls
Water left at 150 degrees to cool in 80 degree rm. After t min temp of water is given by t(t)=80+70e^-0.096t Find temp 10 min later
December 17, 2010 by Alg

A rigid container holds a gas at a pressure of 55kPa and a temp of -100.0 deg C. What will the pressure be when the temp is increased to 200.0 deg C?
February 21, 2012 by Anonymous

Chemistry :((((
a gas occupies a volume of 5L at a temp. of 20C and a pressure of 1atm. what volume would it occupy at a temp. of 30C and a pressure of 1.1 atm.
April 12, 2012 by Amanda

Algebraic Expressions
The temp. was 72 degrees F at noon. At midnight, the temp. dropped to 12 degrees F. Write an algebraic expression to find the sum.
September 17, 2013 by Elissa

I forgot to include these five other doubts. 1) What did you like the most (doing) during your holidays? 2) What did you like the most OF your holidays? 3) I didn't go sightseeing in Paris because it was my third time there is it also possible "because I had been there for the...
February 7, 2010 by Franco

If the temperature drops from 25 degrees at 10:00 pm to a low of -5 at 2:00 am. How many degrees did the temp drop? How long did it take for the temp to drop from 25 degree to -5?
September 23, 2010 by carolyn

Physical Science
A cylinder contains a gas with the pressure of 125kpa at a temp. of 200k. What is the temp. of the gas at a pressure of 100kpa?
April 25, 2012 by Mina

Can you please tell if the word choice is correct and how I can improve it? In particular, I'd like you to consider the words in parentheses, too 1) I spent the first days of my Christmas holidays doing homework and studying 2) During the first weekend of my holidays, I went ...
February 2, 2010 by Franco

If 100. g of iron at 100.0 C is placed in 200. g of water at 20.0 C in an insulated container, what will the temp, C, of the iron and the water ( C value is 4.18) when both are at the same temp? The specific heat of iron is 0.444 KJ/Kg C ---- steps would be appreciated... ...
September 15, 2006 by Lily

It took 400 calories of heat to raise 50 mL of water from 20 degrees Celsius to its final temperature. What was that temperature? Ok I understand the equation q=mass x SH x change in temp. I am lost on how to set it up to find my final temp. Please help.
March 14, 2011 by Shambrey

A system initially contains 0.100 mol each of the three species sealed in a 10.0 L container. The temp was raised to a temp where the equilibrium constant Kc, is 12.6 for PCl3(g) + Cl2(g)--> <-- PCl5(g) Calculate the equilibrium concentration of all species.
September 10, 2014 by Anonymous

A system initially contains 0.100 mol each of the three species sealed in a 10.0 L container. The temp was raised to a temp where the equilibrium constant Kc, is 12.6 for PCl3(g) + Cl2(g)--> <-- PCl5(g) Calculate the equilibrium concentration of all species.
September 10, 2014 by Anonymous

Physic II
If a small amount of a substances that is at 50 deg C is placed in a large insulated room,what will the final temp. of the substances be? will heat transfer to the room take place? will the room temp. go up?
April 8, 2014 by Huliney2

A 400 calorie quantitiy of heat is added to 20 grams of water and as a result, the water reaches a final temp of 70 deg. C. The starting temp of the water was most nearly _____ deg C.
November 12, 2010 by Sonya

I conducted an experiment of the heat of combustion for three alcohol fuels, methyl, propyl and ethyl. The results were: Methyl - mass before was 231.81g temp of water before heating was 15 deg c. temp of water after heating was 40 deg c. mass of methyl after heating 229.92g ...
November 8, 2010 by Paul

Information: Original temp of HCl: 23.3C of NaOH: 23.8C Final temp of the mixture: 36.7C I am to find qH2O (assume 50 mL of solution and use average density of 1.02 g/mL) but I'm a bit lost. I also need to find /\H and /\H per mole of H+a and OH- ions reacting, but I assumed I...
November 4, 2014 by Aishya

Thank you again for your last corrections! Can you help me check these sentences please? 1) I had planned to do a lot of things during my Christmas holidays but unfortunately I didn't get around to doing them all. ( and NOT I had no time to do all of them) 2) I decided (?) to ...
February 4, 2010 by Franco

Where do Harry Potter live, when he not are together with all his friends at Hogwarts? He lives with his uncle and aunt in Privet Drive. They do not belong to the magic world, they dont like Harry, and he does certainly not like them too. Harry loves Rons family, and Rons ...
December 8, 2011 by Line K.

HELP PLEASE the volume of a sample of oxygen is 200.0ml when the pressure is 3.00atm and the temp is 37.0 C. What is the new temp if the volume increases to 400.0ml and the pressure decreases to 2.000 atm?
February 22, 2012 by Kalei

A metal stays solid at Fahrenheit temp below 1868.5 Determine (in terms of an inequality) those Celsisu temp, for which the metal stays solid. Use the formula F=9/5c+32
November 30, 2009 by matt

The Mexican tetra requires a water temp between 68 and 77 degrees,inclusive. A auarium is heated 8 degrees so that a tetra can live in it. What temp could the water have been before?
December 13, 2013 by genny

the accepted boiling point of ethanol is 78.5C. a student takes the temp of a sample of ethanol which is boiling in a beaker on a hotplate. the student reports the temp as 78.5C. is this measurement precise, accurate, both or neither?
July 13, 2010 by Anonymous

college algebra
Erin is a biology student. She heard that the number of times a cricket chirps in one minute can be used to find the temperature. In an experiment, she finds that a cricket chirps 40 times per minute when the temp. is 50 degrees(Fahrenheit) and 80 times per minute when the ...
October 14, 2008 by jenny

During September, the average temp of laurel lake is 64.2 degrees. the standard deviation is 3.2 degrees. Assume the variable is normally distributed. For the randomly selected day, find the probability that the temp will be a. above 62 degrees b. below 67 degrees c. between ...
October 21, 2013 by Jasmin

Dr Bob222
Can you help me with this please - Temp - 650 Pressure - 690mm Hg mass - 0.927g volume - 194cm3 How do I calculate the volume of the gas at a different temp? & at a different pressure? You can do this two ways. The simplest is P1V2/T1 = P2V2/T2
February 27, 2007 by bex

Physic II
A 100 kg granite rock has been sitting in direct sunlight for 3 hours. It has absorbed 4.5x10^5 calories through its exposure to the sun. If it is now at a temp. of 50 Celsius, what was its temp. initially? (stone(granite) Specific heat in calories per gram degC is 0.19
April 7, 2014 by hulune

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