March 24, 2017

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What was the general consensus regardig abolition in the early to mid 1800s?
April 12, 2011 by Emma

I need someone to write me a 14 line to syllable poem/ sonnet about love (for him) please helP!
February 2, 2013 by Ginger

Last night, lucy and Neil met Morey in Gramercy Park. 1. The object of the verb is.? 2. the predicate of the sentence is?
September 2, 2009 by jk

What what point does Bernard Shaw satirizes in Act II/ I am not quite sure if it is when the men view the women, or the hypocraisy of both upper and lower classes, or the differences between men and women.
December 5, 2009 by Danesa

today hikers prefer a shoe that is six feet high,is amde of leather,and thick sturdy soles. what correction should be made to this sentence? a)insert has before thick b)no correction is necessary
October 12, 2007 by jenny

Explain how the following visuals could influence your reaction to a news story. Video footage of refugee camp, in which thousands of people are living in tents and suffering from lack of food and medical care. A photograph of a politician in handcuffs being led away by the ...
October 16, 2016 by Tala

Enlgish, possessive form of singular and plural no
possessive form of family, brother, suitcase, child, government, pen, train, tree, woman, refugg, families, brothers, suitcases, children, governments, pens, trains, trees, women,refugees
October 25, 2012 by Robin

I just need an explanation from the instructions. I am a bit confused about it. EITHER use EACH of these nouns in a sentence which shows a human trait or characteristic OR choose one noun and use it in FIVE different sentences showing five human traits for the one noun. time a...
November 8, 2014 by Nora

Oh, my goodness! =============== Why do we have to use 'goodness' here? What meaning does 'goodness' have here?
September 4, 2015 by rfvv

I have to write a 1000 word essay on how I am going to be effective, today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life. What are some qualities and stuff to be effective? Think about -- honesty, hard work, common sense, values, intelligence, knowledge, love, tolerance, cooperation, ...
April 22, 2007 by Tess

1. To make cakes is exciting. 2. Making cakes is exciting. 3. It is exciting to make a cake. 4. It is exciting making a cake. (Are all grammatical? Which ones are commonly used? Which ones are not? Are they all used commonly?)
July 1, 2009 by John

1. What was your parents' dream? 1-1. They all wanted to be a singer. 1-2. They all wanted to be singers. (Which answer is correct? Do I have to use a singular noun or a plural noun?) 2. What did you give to your parents on Parents' Day? 2-1. I gave them a flower. 2-2. I gave ...
May 13, 2009 by John

not a question, just want you to check my revision of a draft with an action lead in. this is just the revision of the beginning, i may post more revisions of my draft for the middle and end, and will probably ask questions in the answer section. Revision For Beginning Opening...
September 7, 2015 by anon

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