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English- A Raisin in the Sun
I'm stuck on these in A Raisin in the Sun: Why does Mama decide not to move? In what way does she show herself to be stronger than her children? I'm stuck, please help!
September 1, 2007 by Anonymous

algebra check please
help i am stuck : -8 - 5y = 12 - 9y i got: -8-12 -5y = 12-12 - 9y -20 - 5y = 9y -20 +20 - 5y - 9y im so stuck idont understand this one can you please help me
October 1, 2012 by marko

Really stuck on English homework.ahhhh! What is an antonym for the following words? Subtract Extend Spectator Least Confident Exterior Please, help despretly needed by Monday !
October 27, 2011 by Zoe

english-Please help me i'm stuck
What solutions are offered by "An enemy of the people" By Henrik Ibsen?
May 21, 2012 by Yc2012

i am writing a paper for English the question is what ethical problems may rise in research on humans?List and describe the three principles researchers are supposed to be guided by in resolving dilemmas. I AM STUCK PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!
November 14, 2011 by maria

algebra 117b
I am really stuck if you could me please with this problem y=kxto find yfor x=6 y=-65when x=9 -65=k.9 k=- this is where I get stuck
July 17, 2012 by BERNIE

I have to write a letter to scrooge from belle but am stuck please help it was after they split up
November 26, 2014 by Angela

PLEASE HELP! I am stuck on writing A descriptive essay 500-750 world, My Topic An elderly person
March 19, 2010 by Lori

Identify the preposition. In spite of its popularity, the Pony Express lasted only 18 months. I'm stuck on this one:/ Please help.
September 29, 2015 by SkatingDJ

i am having a minor difficulty i've been stuck for over an hour and don't know what to do i dont know is this right ? = "+" or "-" # = number y=3 (x-3)^2 + (y-4)^2 = 9 i substitute y (x-3)^2 + (3-4)^2 = 9 (x-3)^2 + 1 = 9 x^2 - 6x + 9 + 1 = 9 x^2 - 6x + 10 = 9 x^2 - 6x + 1 = 0...
February 24, 2010 by larry

i am having a minor difficulty i've been stuck for over an hour and don't know what to do i dont know is this right ? = "+" or "-" # = number y=3 (x-3)^2 + (y-4)^2 = 9 i substitute y (x-3)^2 + (3-4)^2 = 9 (x-3)^2 + 1 = 9 x^2 - 6x + 9 + 1 = 9 x^2 - 6x + 10 = 9 x^2 - 6x + 1 = 0...
February 24, 2010 by larry

Algebra-Please help me!
Hi, I'm totally stuck! Problem: sqrt(x-3) = sqrt (2) -sqrt(x) I know I square them to get them out of square roots but after that I'm stuck- answers: -25/8 25/8 no solution 1/8 Please show me how its done Thank you
October 12, 2010 by Michelle

How is "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" a reflection of the time period which produced it (1890s)? THis was my last question, and i been stuck on it for 20 minutes, please HELP!
January 19, 2011 by Amber H.

please help me with this. it's an essay question that i'm really stuck on based on romeo and juliet. please help!!! thanks what are some decisions Romeo had to make that could possibly decide his fate, adn how are his decidion-making skills in the first two acts of the play?
November 2, 2010 by Anonymous

English paper
I need to come up with a symbol for the book "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" by Betty Smith, but I can't think of any! If anyone has read it then PLEASE help me. i'm really stuck on this.
September 16, 2007 by pinkpolkadots7

can you tell me your views on how people treat animals for example keeping animals as pets please help im stuck
March 4, 2011 by chloe

now am stuck on how to find the grams of X+Y=1.10 X for glucose and Y for sucrose i had 3.78=M0.08206*298 3.78/24.45=0.1546M 0.1546*0.025=0.003865 moles. now am stuck. help please
January 24, 2010 by bf

english-Please help me i'm stuck
Solutions offered by "An enemy of the people" I got this so far I just need to more please help!!.. 1-New taxes on the townspeople 2- baths needed to be repaired 3- keep the Baths open and correcting the problem 4-The pipes must be re-laid in order to purify the water. 5-? 6-?
May 21, 2012 by Yc2012

Algebra-Pleasehelp-I'm so stuck!!
Please help How do you graph the radical that is below negative of the sqrt(x+1) my teacher said we should set up x and y according to parent function. The endpoint of this would be (-1,0) How do I find the other points-I'm really stuck
October 11, 2010 by Julia

Has anybody read the Lightning Theif? If so, can you please tell me your favorite character and why? All I ask for is ONE sentence, because I plan on writing an essay and I am stuck in coming up with a bold statement.
August 16, 2010 by Anonymous

6. Which one of the following fragments is a prepositional phrase? A. During the darkest night B. Going to Cleveland C. Listening to her heart D. Completed her assignment I'm stuck between A & B please help me?
May 15, 2013 by Leo

IM SO STUCK! I dont know where to start... i have everthing i need to write my essay but i cant begain to write it. please help me. my paper is due tomorrow
February 7, 2010 by layla

For our homework we had to draw and label an imaginary creature, then write an essay on it . I'm completely stuck on the essay bit please he
October 27, 2011 by Zoe

So I'm working on an english paper but I've been stuck the past hour on what to do. I'm trying to take my teachers advice by putting in an anaphorism (repeated words or phrases)but I'm having trouble. I'm repeating the phrase "eight months" but I'm stuck on my last sentence. I...
January 20, 2009 by Lauren

I have about 3 homework problem that I am stuck on! please help me. #1: The area of a rectangle is 16, and its diagonal is \sqrt{68}. Find its dimensions and perimeter. (x^2)+(y^2)=\sqrt{68} (x^2)+(y^2)=8.246 xy=16 y=16/x (x^2)+(16/x)^2=8.246 (x^4)+(96/x)=8.246 Then I got ...
June 2, 2014 by Anonymous

What's a good TITLE for a play about a girl who acts so depressed because of a mothers death and a friend who helps her out in the end realize she can move on??!! Please I'm stuck, I want something creative! Any ideas??!!
February 3, 2010 by Anne

I am doing an essay on why language is important in today's society. I have 2 main points so far: 1) it benefits an individual greatly 2) See things in a different perspective 3)?? I don't know what else, I am stuck on this for 2 hours. Please any advice?
September 27, 2015 by Joe

What does Annie's dialogue in the passage reveal about her character? A) she is proud and indifferent. B) she is sarcastic and cynical. C) she is timid and nervous. D) she is confident and persistent. Please help me. I've been stuck on this practice session for an hour!
May 3, 2016 by Milan

The displacement of an object in SHM is given by y(t) = (7.1 cm)sin[(1.64 rad/s)t]. What is the frequency of the oscillations in Hz? I'm completely stuck here. I was thinking that frequency = 1/t. I'm stuck with the information given. Please help!
March 22, 2010 by Angie

AlgebraII-Reiny could you please check-I'm stuck
Sikve the following by using substitution method x=3y -5 6x-18y = -30 I got this far and I'm stuck 6(3y-5) - 18y = -30 18y - 30 - 18y = -30 -30 = -30 So this doesn't make sense anymore
February 14, 2011 by JuliaAnne

I'm really stuck on my homework it says Geography can be divided into tree strands, phisical, human and enviromental. Explain what it means in your own words. I'm really stuck so could you help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
September 8, 2008 by Emily

"Taking the bus is one way of reducing noxious emissions." In this sentance, the word "noxious" means: a)awkward b)harmful c)strange d)unpleasant I'm stuck between b and d. help please?
September 8, 2010 by rebecca

Ive been stuck on this forever now if someone could please walk me through it i was appreciate it: 1: Suppose John had a utility function of U=X^2/3Y^1/3 . Derive Johns demand function from his utility function showing all the necessary steps. i know that the MUx=MUy and first...
September 18, 2007 by Brett

Quick english check
15) I was stuck with so many needles that Shannon laughed and said, Now you understand what it feels like to be me!" What change should be made in sentence 15? A. Insert a colon after stuck B. Change that to then C. Delete the comma D. Insert the quotation marks before Now I ...
March 18, 2015 by Anonymous

Pre-Calculus/Trig Check please and help
Could someone please check the first one and help me with the second one. I'm stuck-Thank you 1.What are theroots of the following polynomial equation? (x+2i)(x-5)(x-2i)(x+8) = 0 I think the roots are -2i,5,2i,-8-you take out the roots as opposites of what are in the equaion ...
September 5, 2011 by Tabitha

English writing
1. Don't get stuck on yourself. * What is the meaning of 'stuck on'? 2. He applied/wore a heavy makeup. * Which word should I use, apply or wore? 3. Speak in full clear sentence. * Is this one OK? Don't we have to add 'a' before'full'? 4. Don't spin in your chair or let your ...
October 24, 2007 by John

Please help: Which sentence uses apostrophes correctly? A. Martha's new bike was stuck and couldn't nove. B. Tracy's only brothers' birthday si the day before hers. C. Walter's childrens' grades have been improving lately.
May 10, 2014 by Anonymous

In high school we have to read great expectations by Charles Dickens for honors English but i do not understand the essay I have to write. Could someone help me please? Compare and contrast the ways in which the protagonist is stuck between two worlds, discuss what they ...
September 1, 2007 by Natalie

English-Please help!
I have a question and would appreciate any input or advice We just finished reading The Catcher in the Rye" and I'm stuck on a question for homework; Holden's anger over Stadlater dationg Jane, who symbolically guards her kings in a game of checkers shows his strong desire to...
October 29, 2011 by Mattie

i am having a minor difficulty i've been stuck for over an hour and don't know what to do i dont know is this right ? = "+" or "-" # = number y=x (x+1)squared + (y+1)squared = 6 i substitute y (x+1)squared + (x+1)squared = 6 x squared + 2x + 1 + x squared + 2x + 1 = 6 2x ...
February 23, 2010 by larry

A watchmaker would work with _____ measurements. a. standard b. precision c. indirect d. Swiss I'm a little confused on this question. I dont think it's A or D. I'm stuck between B and C, but I think it's C-indirect. Is there any tutor that is good in technology? Please help ...
December 21, 2009 by y912f

We are reading the book In the Heat of the Night by John Ball and I need to complete the chapter 2 comprehension questions. I am stuck on this one: 1. Investigate the figurative nuances of the name Virgil. It is an allusion. Why is it significant? Think in terms of irony and ...
March 1, 2014 by Bethany

MAth Im stuck on question can anyone help me ?
Im stuck on this question can anyone help me ? I thought it was b but thats wrong Which situation can be modeled by tossing a coin 3 times A)choosing which one of sixteen teams will win a tournament? B)picking one of six math teacher, C)decide which English teacher of eight ...
March 27, 2011 by Mikah

I am stuck on a homework assignment and am having a hard time finding information on this topic. Can someone please please help!! Why is Kenneth Clark’s interpretation of the African mask ethnocentric?
February 11, 2010 by Joe

Honors English
I'm totally stuck on 1-5. Help?
September 26, 2012 by Jessica

Please help me with this chemistry question? I am working on a lab report and I am stuck on this question: Use the concept of stoichiometry to explain why balanaced equations are necessary when performing calculations in chemistry. Propose a situation where precise amounts of ...
September 8, 2009 by Jessie

Please help me I am stuck on this one. Which of the following sentences has a compound predicate? 1. Sue and Sara played basketball and tennis all day. 2. With the right investments, Mike thinks he can get rich. 3. My whole family enjoys skiing and snowboarding. 4 Yesterday I ...
November 10, 2007 by Anonymous

College Algebra ..Please help
I have about 5 homework problem that I am stuck on! please help me. The first of 5 is: A rectangular garden is 20 ft longer than it is wide. Its area is 8000 ft{}^2. What are its dimensions? Im not even sure where to start with this one. Next #2: The area of a rectangle is 16...
June 2, 2014 by Anonymous

Math SOmeone please please help
Find the derivative of the function. g(u) = (5+u^2)^5(3-9u^2)^8 Could someone please explain the steps that would lead me to the answer? I'm completely stuck.
February 21, 2011 by Anonymous

Math (please please please help!)
Solve for x: 2 to x+1=x+2 to 3 or 2 to x+3= x+2 to x+5 (the proportions end up being the same in the end) I keep getting to the part after you FOIL, and then I get stuck
April 5, 2011 by Rosie

i been stuck on a question for awhile what is the theme of this short story "he-y come on ou-t" i couldn't figure out what is the theme i was wonderin if u can give ideas of what the theme is w w w(.)winnie(.)vox(.)com/library/post/he-y-come-on-ou-t---shinichi-hoshi(.)html ...
March 4, 2010 by needhelpbadly

English-A Raisin in the Sun
In A Raisin in the Sun, how are the dreams Walter and Ruth had when Travis was born similar to those of Big Walter and Mama? I am stuck on this one. Is it that they both wanted a house of their own? happiness? I don't know- please help me.......
September 1, 2007 by Anonymous

The problem is my thesis statement. That is the step I am stuck on.
December 6, 2010 by Kyle

Please help. I'm stuck. Solve: 20/5p+3/5q-6/5p+14/5q Please show me the steps. Thank you
January 14, 2009 by Momsbubs

Life Orientation
Hi I am a matric learner and I am having trouble with an lo portfolio assignment. it is about environmental issues and im stuck. I need to identify and describe 3 environmental health hazards that cause ill health, accidents, crisis and disasters within my community or any ...
May 1, 2013 by Ashley

I am stuck on this, please help! What type of fallacy is this sentence.. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco ought to be closed down. After all, just look at all the suicides that have occurred there. I have looked several times, but cant seem to make a decision!
September 30, 2010 by Sarah

14. The soldiers are issued (infrared) goggles to help them see in the dark. A. outside visible spectrum B. creating light by radiating heat C. emitting light by creating water vapor D. producing light by adding electrons to a glowing material I'm stuck between A or B, A? ...
October 27, 2015 by SkatingDJ

am stuck with my homwork. to do a sentence with nutrition in it and i cant think of one
October 4, 2010 by soph2

Please help-What is the equation of the ellipse with foci (0,6), (0,-6) and co-vertices (2,0),(-2,0) Please explain the steps because I have 5 to do for homework-Thank you-I'm really stuck on this
May 12, 2011 by Jodi

Algebra II-Please check
Please help-What is the equation of the ellipse with foci (0,6), (0,-6) and co-vertices (2,0),(-2,0) Please explain the steps because I have 5 to do for homework-Thank you-I'm really stuck on this I thought the answer would be x^2/4 + y^2/40 = 1 but that can't be because the ...
May 13, 2011 by Jodi

Algebra II Please check-
Please help-What is the equation of the ellipse with foci (0,6), (0,-6) and co-vertices (2,0),(-2,0) Please explain the steps because I have 5 to do for homework-Thank you-I'm really stuck on this I thought the answer would be x^2/4 + y^2/40 = 1 but that can't be because the ...
May 13, 2011 by Jodi

Physics Lab
Can someone please help me? I need some ideas, I am totally stuck...I posted as the same name as I am now! Please! thanks
September 14, 2007 by Meredith

Need help with topic "Justice" Need 2 question: is what is the moral aspect of Justice? Research plan: Have investigate my question. I am kind stuck on this topic, please help me to write 3 pages. Thanks.
October 26, 2010 by Kate

Integral calculus
Hello, this is the last question from my homework that I get stuck at: ∫ (5^3/x - (x^8 + 9)^1/3 ) / 3x^2 will u, for sub. be = x^8 + 9? Then du is = 8x^7 dx x^7 dx = 1/8 du from there I'm stuck. Thank you
April 19, 2012 by Tommy

i'm stuck on an essay can you help: "How does Shakespeare make Act3 Scene4 so dramatic?"
October 20, 2008 by S

I am trying to find the equation to m= 8(3,2)This is what I did and then I get stuck, sorry m=8(3,2) y=2(8)(x-3) y=2x-? this is where I get stuck -24 or -5
September 6, 2010 by Ziggy

I am stuck on this question please help Which sentence demonstrates correct use of modifiers? 1.Kelly found a broken glass washing dishes. 2.Startled by the noise ,the alarm clock was knocked on the floor. 3. Standing on a chair, I was just able to reach the high window. 4. ...
November 10, 2007 by Anonymous

IM stuck on a question. PLease help. A teacher is giving candy to his periods. First period gets 1/3 and 2nd period gets 1/4 and 3rd period gets 1/3 and finally 4th period gets 22 pieces. How many pieces did each period get? Im stuck!!
August 31, 2011 by randy

what does it mean when the question is asking you ¨what was something that ¨stuck with you¨ during the reading of this article? explain." thanks
October 9, 2014 by Lola

English 3
I'm writing an essay comparing and contrasting two of Edgar Allan Poe's poems, "Annabel Lee" and "The Raven". I'll be comparing and contrasting the theme, rhyme scheme, irony and the use of figurative language. I have an idea of what I will be writing but I'm stuck on the ...
August 18, 2009 by Jaime

Algebra II
Please help-I'm totally lost- What is the equation of the ellipse with foci(-10,0), (10,0) and co-vertices (0,-3),(0,3) x^2/109 + y^2/9 = 1 X62/100 + y^2/9 = 1 Please show me the steps because I have others to do and I'm really stuck
March 28, 2011 by Shiela

keep getting stuck for integrate e^(bx) cos x i get = cos x e^bx/b - int -sin x e^bx/b = cos x e^bx/b - -sin x e^bx/b^2 - int - cos x e^bx/b^2 this is where i get stuck please help
November 21, 2009 by Amelia

3b-2/b+1=4-b+2/b-1 please help me I'm stuck
April 28, 2008 by brit

(5)/(x) - (2)/(x-3) = 0 5(x-3) - 2(x) = x(x-3) 5x-15-2x = x^2 -3x 3x-15 = x^2 -3x this is where i get stuck please help thanks
October 31, 2010 by peter

I have a question and would appreciate any input or advice We just finished reading The Catcher in the Rye" and I'm stuck on a question for homework; Holden's anger over Stadlater dationg Jane, who symbolically guards her kings in a game of checkers shows his strong desire to...
October 29, 2011 by Mattie

Please please help me on this equation I'm stuck and your steps are confusing. Calculate the concentrations of each ion remaining in solution after precipitation is complete. (Enter a 0 if none of the ion remains.) Cl ‾ Ca2+ I have Ag+=0 and NO3^-3= 0.13 but I can't seem...
June 21, 2013 by Ashley

i need to write a femisnist criticism on the book A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. please give me an idea of what to do. im stuck. about the mistreatment of women? the rape of the woman in the house, statutory rape of the two girls, disrespect to his mother, derogatory terms used for women...
January 23, 2007 by Emily

Can someone use the word myriad in a sentence? I know it's kind of a dumb question but I'm really stuck
May 26, 2008 by Jeff

What are some culture collisions in the play othello by shakespere? i got one: color but i am stuck thank you
February 12, 2012 by FEA

inthe book bookseller of kabul which character displayed bravery and stuck tontheir convictions
November 28, 2012 by bmo

English 9
I have to write a narrative writing about "How you survived in the wilderness" Any ideas? I'm stuck.. How do I start it? Thanks
November 3, 2015 by 9thgradestudent

does this sound write and look grammatically correct? Please and thank you Odysseus the Curious took us inside a cave to eat. After we ate some cheeses the ugly Cyclops came along with his flock of sheep and rams. He put a gigantic boulder to block the exit of the cave. The ...
December 9, 2012 by Kim

Math, please please help
The base length of each square-based prism in the pedestal design is 3cm less than that of the layer immediately below. a) Write an algebraic expression for the total of the top surface areas of the three prisms used to make the pedestal. x x x 2x+5 2x+5 Please help, i am so ...
March 25, 2008 by Amanda

please still stuck h t t p : / / w w w . j i s k h a . c o m / d i s p l a y . c g i ? i d = 1 2 7 2 3 2 6 8 8 0
April 26, 2010 by Kate

Stuck on this problem. Please help! 1+u^4/u du
December 11, 2011 by Stacy

Algebra Divide
x^8+x^5/x Please help im stuck
June 7, 2012 by Adriana

Your car is stuck in the mud and two friends are helping you. One is pulling on your car with a force of 370 N at a 40 degree angle and the other is pulling with a force of 450 N at a 30 degree angle. A force of 725 N is required to remove the car. Is the car still stuck? ...
October 29, 2010 by Anna

In the website I was able to learn about the English language very well, because in the website there are a lot of menus that english grammar, english vocabulary, english basics, english lesson, english pronunciation, english fun and games, english test, english quizzes, ...
March 29, 2016 by ina

I'm trying to write an extended metaphor about myself but I'm stuck. So far I have I am a seed small..
September 5, 2013 by Emma

Earth Science
Why is the Colorado river in central nevada not part of a larger river system? Please help!! i am stuck in this quetion. Please help!!!!!!
February 9, 2009 by amanda

I am stuck on a problem that has to do with the double angle formulas. I have to solve this: 4sinxcosx = 1. I tried using the formula 2sinu = 2sinucosu by substituting it in like this: 2(2sinxcosx)= 1 but then I am stuck
December 6, 2010 by kathleen

math - ans.check
Given function G(x)=-7/8(45-x), find x to nearest tenth, when G(x)=15 ____________________________________ I'm stuck on this question,i tries on my own but i couldn't get it right, plz help! 15=-7/8(45-x) -8/7(15)=45-x (-17.1428..)=45-x -> stuck at this step. Thank You!
February 17, 2015 by troy

Help Please - Science
I'm stuck on this thing in science. It's a lab report so its kinda hard to explain. We did a topographic map experiment. We had a big rock, and put it in a plastic bin. We then marked centimeters on the bin and filled water to the first centimeter. We drew the water line on an...
November 13, 2007 by Alex

y=5x-7 and -3x-2y=-12 I have to find the linear system using substitution I have gotten it to -3x-2(5x-7)=-12 Now I am stuck at solving for x PLEASE HELP any way you can Thanks Oh, and please show me how you did it as well :)
May 28, 2009 by Elissa

Can anyone please help me this biology please !!!
I am really stuck in this biology it super hard how do yeast cells benefit from fermentation ?I wil be happy if anyone would help me out thanks.
December 13, 2012 by Justin

Simplify: 6t^3/t^2 - 12t/2t I'm stuck, please help!! : (
February 10, 2010 by Nadia Samim

Stuck on solving this inequality, help please. 3X le 15 and 2x gt -6
February 10, 2011 by marco

4x7-9^4= please help me im super stuck
January 14, 2014 by joey

simplify (9-m^2)7m^3 / (3-m)14m please help i am stuck
March 29, 2015 by dev

what is the meaning of the phrases frightened the life out,got down on hands and knees and stuck his nose in the air
October 17, 2015 by muhammad

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