May 26, 2016

Search: determine the work done (including the algebraic sign).

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What is a subunit? How can I determine where Docosahexaenoic Acid has a subunit?
October 30, 2007 by Chris

if cosA = 4/5; sin <0; cosB = 12/13; 0<B<90, determine sin(A-B) thanks ... :)
April 17, 2008 by Jonathan

If y = 5x^3 − 10x, determine [dy/dt] when x = 0 and [dx/dt] = −2 . help please ;)
November 3, 2009 by Mulan

Determine what makes each source credible or not credible.
January 26, 2010 by ken

Determine if line l1 intersects line l3, defined by l1 [x,y,z] = [4,-3,2] + t[1,8,-3] l2 [x,y,z] = [1,0,3] + v[4,-5,-9]
June 5, 2010 by Anonymous

how do you determine if two vectors are a) Collinear b) orthogonal?
June 17, 2010 by Ariza

if you the cosine of a angle can you determine the measure of the angle
March 30, 2011 by ashley --- HELP PLEASEE!!!

Determine whether -4 is a solution of the inequality x>-4 Is -4 a solution?
May 20, 2011 by Tina

How could I determine if one rock is denser than another rock?
July 14, 2011 by tina

public administration
what are circumstances that determine public policy
August 10, 2011 by dikeledi

The function f and g are defined by : f:x --> 3x+1 g:x --> 9-x Determine the expression for the function gf(x) .
September 7, 2011 by Nelly

How could I determine if one rock is denser than another rock?
December 11, 2011 by anonymous

calculus (vectors)
Determine a vector that is orthogonal to the vector e = [3, -1, 4]
October 20, 2012 by KnowsNothing

For the function f(x)=(7-8x)^2, find f^-1. Determine whether f^-1 is a function.
December 10, 2012 by lee

for the function f(x)=(3-4x)^2, find f-1. determine whether f-1 is a function
January 4, 2013 by anonymous

Determine the last three digits of 10,000,000 (n^7+n^5 ) n=2
May 15, 2013 by Anonymous

Determine the angle between the line y+x=3 and the line x=y+1/2
August 6, 2013 by Sunday!!!

Determine the angle between the line y+x=3 and the line x=y+1/2
August 7, 2013 by Milton

Algebra 2 help.
For the function f(x)=(3-4x)^2, find f^-1. Determine whether f^1 is a function.
January 14, 2014 by Heather

Determine the slope and y-intercepts 2x = 3y + 4 8x − 2y − 3 = 0
May 3, 2014 by Di

Algebra-Value Expressions
If d-3f+g=17, determine the value of the expression 2(d+2)-(4f-3)+(f+g-d).
December 8, 2015 by Samantha E

grade 11 physics
sue drives her 1452 kg car along a straight road at a constant velocity of 30 m/s [E]. Ger brakes suddently give out. she puts the car in neutral and lets it coast for 25 seconds. The air drag decelerates the car to a velocityof 25 m/s [E]. assume a frictionless surface. PART ...
January 23, 2010 by Laura

Phoenix Advertising Date: 12/5/2008 To: Entire Executive Team Cc: Mr. Forest From: Mrs. Goodridge VP Human Resource RE: Roanoke Branch Employee Concerns As the Vice President of Phoenix Advertising Human Resource Team, I would like to review with all of you some of the ...
December 7, 2008 by Sabrina Goodridge

Pick a country of your choice that is experiencing population growth. Using the Library, web resources, and/or other materials to find the most recent population count of the country you have chosen and the population growth rate of that country. Use that growth rate to ...
October 26, 2007 by HELP

A large open loop made of metal is constructed below a high voltage (AC) power line. a) Can this loop be used to draw power from the lines? Where would the energy come from and how would it work? b) If no one actually saw the loop, would the power company be able to detect the...
April 29, 2009 by Sara

Shall I use the present simple when describing the various parts of the Mariner's tale? Thank you for your corrections. 1) The ancient mariner narrates of how he and his fellow mariners reach(ed) the equator ad the Polar regions after a violent storm. After several days an ...
November 2, 2011 by Henry2

Completely Randomized ANOVA
Forty eight subjects were randomly assigned to one of 4 treatment conditions in a study of different methods of coping with statistics exam anxiety. After the experiment, 12 subjects remained in group 1, 8 in group 2, 10 in group 3, and 10 in group 4. The mean anxiety score of...
June 11, 2006 by skhan

Christian is making a Tyrolean traverse. That is, he traverses a chasm by stringing a rope between a tree on one side of the chasm and a tree on the opposite side, 25 m away. The rope must sag sufficiently so it won't break. Assume the rope can provide a tension force of up to...
September 23, 2009 by Era

Math / Calculus
Hello, I was wondering if someone could help me. My calculus skills are many years rusty, however I think I have an interesting practical application of calculus in a video game. I think this could be a good real-world example on what math can solve. Could anyone help me solve...
June 21, 2007 by Mike

Problem 1: A long embankment is located on a soil profile consisting of 4m of medium clay followed by 8m of medium to dense sand on top of bedrock. A vertical settlement of 5mm at the center of the embankment was measured during construction. Assuming all the settlement is ...
November 6, 2011 by Can someone help me please?

Hi everyone, my name is Emerson. I was wondering if anybody could help me on a test. I'm stuck on some, but I think I know some others. Thank you! 1. Translate the phrase "nine more than two times a number" in to an algebraic expression. A. 9x + 2 B. 2x + 9 C. 9x - 2 D. 2x - 9...
December 7, 2015 by Emerson

Estimating DecimalsProducts and Quotients
Determine whether each product or quotient is resonable.If not resonable,find a resonable result. 1. 62.77(29.8)=187.0546 2.16.132/2.96=54.5 The numbers are correct except for the decimal places. The first one looks like 60*30 or 1800, so determine where the decimal should be...
October 9, 2006 by Bowier4

technical writing
how to wrtie a home work ? Please clarify. I don't know what you are asking for. Thanks. Bandar. It is difficult to answer you. Is there another student in your class you can ask?
November 4, 2006 by bandar

Math(Please Check My Work.)
3a^3b^2(-a^3b-a^2b^2)=-3a^9b^3-3a^6b^4 *is this correct.?- Remember to add exponents when multiplying with the same base. (3a^3b^2)(-a^3b - a^2b^2) = -3a^6b^3 - 3a^5b^4 I hope this will help.
February 5, 2007 by Margie

Write the equation of the line passing through the given pair of points. (2,-3) and (2,4) I will be happy to critique your work on this.
May 20, 2007 by Linda

Not sure how to complete my home work tonight my first question is 2+8=4+ ___ I don't no how to answer please help thankyou
December 5, 2007 by Liam

When a person misspell a word in which part of linguistics he needs to work on syntax, morphology, phonology, or semantics?
December 17, 2007 by Maria

How does a fizz keeper work, I know that it pumps air into the bottle, but I don't get why that helps to keep the carbonation Oh, and that's my last question
January 8, 2008 by becca

Find the coordinates of the vertices of the figures formed by y -< x + 2, x + 2 -< 6, and y >- -2 A)(0,0),(2,4),(8,-2) B)(-4,-2),(2,4),(8,-2) C)(-4,-2),(4,2),(8,-2) D)(-2,-4),(2,4),(8,-2) I chose B this one confused me this is all the work to show: -2 -< -4 + 2 2...
February 17, 2008 by Jon

World History
What importance did Olaudah Equiano's work have on shaping the idea of Slavery in colonial society?
March 15, 2008 by Missy

What does it mean to measure something? And does the defination of measurement work well for length, area, weight, volume and time?
April 16, 2008 by Mike

How do you factor "0 = x^4 - 6x^2 + 5"? Please show all steps. Here's my work, but I just went around in circles..... 0 = x^4 - 6x^2 + 5 -5 = x^4 - 6x^2 -5 = x^2 (x^2 - 6) -5 / x^2 = x^2 - 6 (-5 / x^2) + 6 = x^2 (-5 + 6x^2) / (x^2) = x^2 -5 + 6x^2 = x^2 * x^2 -5 + 6x^2 = x^4 0...
May 22, 2008 by Anonymous

a pundit is a---person and is often a critic in their line of work. a.bad,b.good,c.learned,d.fat. my answer is (c)
July 19, 2008 by sh

show that 1-(x/2) is the tangent line approximation to 1/sq rt(1+x) near x=0 i know the formula for apprx. is y = f(a)+f'(a)(x-a) but i don't understand how to work backwards to get this.
October 19, 2008 by joe

social studies
What is "work to be done" for your generation. What impact does this have on your future as a student and citizen in our democratic society?
November 11, 2008 by ~lil~tt~

What volume of 0.5M HNO3 is required to neutralize 25 cm3 of a 0.2M NaOH solution? please show work and detail.
January 15, 2009 by Paige

How does the thing for metric system, "King Hector Drinks Units of Delicious Milk" work? What does it stand for?
March 9, 2009 by Angie

physical science
600J of work hoisting a 20kg bale of hay, what height was it lifted? how can I calulated this equation?
March 12, 2009 by maya

9th grade algebra
This is for my daughter. find the product of x^2 -4/5 X x + 2/x - 2 could you please show us the work so we can try to understand how it works?
April 9, 2009 by Dippy

A.P us history
How does the American work force > change during the 1950s, what causes this and what types > of new technology is developed?
April 11, 2009 by brenda

how does "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" stand apart from modernism as a post modern work?
June 16, 2009 by joe

Solve the equation. Check all proposed solutions. Show work in solving and in checking. Root3-x = x-1
July 7, 2009 by Angie

Solve the equation. Check all proposed solutions. Show work in solving and in checking. sqrt3-x=x-1
July 8, 2009 by Katlyn

Solve the inequality: x+8 over x-1 > OR = 0 Write the solution set in interval notation. Show work/explanation.
July 21, 2009 by Rachale

Find the length of arc AC if the diameter, AB, of circle O is 36 cm. Write answer in terms of pi. Show your work for credit.
August 11, 2009 by monkey

11th Grade
Well, then what's the best homework website for tutors who work via e-mail, so that they can take a look at my art and help me?
November 8, 2009 by Anonymous

5th grade
what is the complete subject , a person must have very good eyesight to work with beads.
August 20, 2009 by joshua

What is the weight in newtons of a 250 g package of cereal? need answer and work shown asap! plz and thank u!
September 2, 2009 by Natalie

[Linear Approximations and Differentials] I tripled checked my work but I'm still not getting the correct answer. y=3x^2 x=3 & delta x =0.2 I get 3(3.2)^2 - 3(3) = 21.72
September 27, 2009 by Z32

divide $ 680.00 among three children with the ratio 2:4:6 please show me how to work out the answer
October 22, 2009 by shane

a 49 newton rock is lifted in 5 seconds A. how much work is done? B.what power is used? How do you write this question out
October 25, 2009 by gary

how much power, in watts, is needed to cut a lawn in 50 min if the work ivolvled is 100,000 j
November 15, 2009 by julie

how much power, in watts, is needed to cut a lawn in 50 min if the work ivolvled is 100,000 j
November 15, 2009 by sophie

how much power, in watts, is needed to cut a lawn in 50 min if the work ivolvled is 100,000 j
November 15, 2009 by sophie

Algebra 2 URGENT
Solve the equation using the method that seems easiest. Please Show All Work! x^2+12=0
November 18, 2009 by Trisan

if you have 66.6g NH3 how many grams of F2 are required for a complete reaction? PLEASE SHOW ALL WORK AND/OR STEPS!!!!
February 7, 2010 by Anonymous

6th Grade Math
Sara purchased a 24 oz tube of toothpaste for $6.95. What did she pay per ounce WORK THIS OUT THANKS
February 24, 2010 by Melea

social studies
which of the forces at work in Europe played the greatest role in helping to prompt the outbreak of war
March 1, 2010 by lissie

Katie is finding the standard form of the equations y = x2 + 6x + 4. What mistake did she make in her work? Show the correct answer.
March 11, 2010 by rattler

science, 7th,6th,8th,9th grade
In what three ways can machines make work easier?
April 15, 2010 by Nyla Rose

What is the molarity of a potassium chloride solution that has a volumeof 400.0 mL and contains 85.0 g KCl? Please show work.
April 30, 2010 by MEGAN!!!!

8th grade
which of the following is an irrational number? A. 1 B. 9/17 C. 0.4166666666 D. Both A&C with showing work please or putting it in to words.
August 31, 2010 by sherkyra

7th grade
Simplify each of the following expressions using the distributive property. need help please show work 5(x+y) -3(5+t)
September 8, 2010 by Henry

PIs 267
How much work is need to raise a 110 kg loag of bricks 12m above the ground
September 29, 2010 by Rose

If a person does 80 J of work in moving a 30 \rm{kg} box over a 13 m distance on a horizontal surface, what is the minimum force required?
October 6, 2010 by Jon

how much work is donhe when a force of 25 newtons is used to slide a sofa 10 meters across a room
October 13, 2010 by Jennifer

Calculate the work done when 60.0 g of tin dissolves in excess acid at 1.00 atm and 20C. Assume ideal gas behavior.
October 14, 2010 by Amber

d=(1/2)at^2; solve for a. i got a=d/([1/5])t^2) but i don't see that in any of the possible responses: a. a= (2d)/t^2 b. a= 2dt^2 c. a= (dt^2)/2 d. a= d/2t^2 What did I do wrong? & can you please show detailed work?
October 14, 2010 by Ana-x00

Find the work done by a 15 N force in the direction of the vector (1,2,2) when it moves a particle from O(0,0,0) to P(1,-3,4) and then from P to A(7,2,5) Can somebody explain to me how to do this question i don't understand it.
October 16, 2010 by Christian

What is the change in internal energy (in J) of a system that absorbs 0.677 kJ of heat from its surroundings and has 0.438 kcal of work done on it?
October 19, 2010 by Ashley

What is the change in internal energy (in J) of a system that absorbs 0.677 kJ of heat from its surroundings and has 0.438 kcal of work done on it?
October 20, 2010 by Ashley

What is the change in internal energy (in J) of a system that absorbs 0.677 kJ of heat from its surroundings and has 0.438 kcal of work done on it?
October 22, 2010 by Nevaeh

2nd grade
Anybody doing volunteer work look like a hero. edit this sentence so the subject and verb agree
October 22, 2010 by Anonymous

Calculate the change in internal energy for a system that absorbs 242 J of heat and does 193 J of work on the surroundings...
October 24, 2010 by kellie

what is the meaning of "Tango C.1918-24" of Elie Nadelman? why did he make it? I need some information for that work. Please help me!!!
November 7, 2010 by Catherine

o Describe two business sectors you might want to work in if you were an accountant and explain why in 150 to 200 words.
November 7, 2010 by John

What are the measures of the angles of a right triangle with side lengths of 1, 2, and sqroot of 2? please show/explain work
November 7, 2010 by bob

If a 60.0 kg person will need to climb a 10.0 m stairway how may times to work off each excess Cal (kcal) consumed?
November 8, 2010 by Johnnie

If I'm doing a pearson's and need to know the percentage of predicitability... all I have to do is work out the pearon's, right?
December 8, 2010 by Laur

In Twain's "The Private History of a Campaign that Failed," Smith, the blacksmith's apprentice, is given "ultimate credit" for
January 6, 2011 by Anonymous

Calculate the formla charge on each non-hydrogen atom in eachof the following molecules (show your work)
January 18, 2011 by ben

What is the length of the midsegment of the trapezoid made by the vertices A(0, 5), B(3, 3), C(5, -2) and D(-1, 2). Show equations and all work that leads to your answer.
February 3, 2011 by Ethan

3. If a man does 300 j or work by pushing a table 2.0 m across the room, what was the magnitude of the applied horizontal force?
February 8, 2011 by Lorraine Emul

Through the process of doing work, what allows energy to move between the external world and the system? the result of what???
February 20, 2011 by Annie

he is a artist I am at work, and have done much, but I wish I had eight pairs of hands and another body to shoot the specimens.
February 27, 2011 by love of this country

physical science
How much work is required to lift a 10kg weight 5m off the floor if the time is 10 sec?
April 1, 2011 by kitten

What is the mass of a lead sinker witha volume of 3cm3? please show work I calculated 11.3*3 = 33.9 Is this correct.. Thank you.
April 24, 2011 by Loui

the washing ton monument is 555ft tall. which is closest to its height? i know the answer is 180 but i do not know how to show work for it!!!HELP!!!
May 8, 2011 by Alyssa

For Muscles to work, they need a stimulus from a ____________ nerve and a source of energy that is ___________, is also known as __________.
May 19, 2011 by Matt

7136 divided by 8 I am working in a work book and the answer is 892, but I can't figure how? can someone break it down for me.
May 24, 2011 by Ryan

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