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disegno di due segmenti uno il triplo dell'altro

Hello, I am teaching myself Italian from a textbook, Ciao! Sixth edition, but I am getting confused with some of the answers, as the information is lacking in a sound explanation. Does anyone know where I can find the answers to the textbook questions, so I know if I am ...

Hi, Can someone please tell me if I wrote this correctly in Italian? I included the English of what I meant to say. Q: Aspetta signore, posso leggere il tuo palmo? (Wait sir, can I read your palm?) A: No, grazie. (No, thank you.) Q: Aspetta! Vedo che hai avuto difficile vita...

Ciao! can you please check my italian essay? Im only in italian elements II so its a little rough and I don't know a lot of vocabulary. below is the prompt: Racconta le vacanze più belle della tua vita heres is the essay Mi piace la clima freddo però, mi piace visitare ...

hey, could someone please give me some tips for the following questions. iv got a test coming up, and one of these 4 questions will be in it..... so i have to write 4 essays n learn it. i just need a few points to put my essay together. thanks in advance. 1. 'Consumers ...

microeconomics- product curves/isoquant &isocost
last question, part1: a) show how a total product curve for an input can be derived from an isoquant map. b) why does the previous question specify "a" total product curve rather than "the" product curve ? c) given that the appropriate total product curve has been derived, a ...

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