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What will my peercentage saving be if I buy something in a sale that offers 3 for the price of 2?
August 31, 2009 by Eman

In consumer arithmetics is the simple interest always smaller than the principle?
September 14, 2011 by Anonymous

what if they wanted me to find out what 1 and two thirds of 36 was or 2 and two thirds of 36?? "of" means multiply. If they say "what is 4 and 1/2 of 8?" You take 4.5 x 8 Matt Check down below ( at your first question) I answered it there.
July 10, 2007 by chrissy again

ok i understand now what 3/4 means and i know what 1/2 of a cup is but what does 3/4 of a cup mean. You can do it with blocks but not with how much is in the cup. I dont understand. will someone help me? You can do it with blocks. Let four blocks equal a cup, then three of ...
July 24, 2007 by christina

I still dont understand how you got those answers?drbob how did you get 0.75 divided by 112.50? can someone else help me understand? #6 After an article is discounted at 25% it sells for $112.50. The original price of the article was? answer 150.00 #7 A plane left new york at ...
August 1, 2007 by chrisssy

ok i have a few more questions. this question. If a barrel has a capacity of 100 gallons, how many gallons will it contain when it is two-fifths full? I know its 40 gallons but how and why? this one also. the number of half-pound packages of tea that can be made up from a box ...
July 24, 2007 by christina

mrs sue you answered my questions yesterday. How do you figure 8 percent of 75? on number 2 can you tell me how 1/3 of an hour is 20 minutes? number 3 how do you times 1 1/2 times $8.60 i get the 4th one thank you on the last one. Im not sure how to do the math. Another way to...
July 26, 2007 by for ms sue

hello can someone help me understand these questions? It's for a test that has arithmetic questions on it and Im trying to study them but I cant do that unless I actually know how to do them. #5 A carpenter needs 4 boards, each 2 feet 9 inches long. If wood is sold only by the...
August 1, 2007 by chrissy

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