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ms.sue check
hi ms.sue please check my world history answer :) from a couple of minutes ago
September 5, 2013 by unknown

World History
Ok, I am struggling with understanding world history...I have an essay to write and don't know how to begin or where to start. If someone has some info or somewhere to find what I need that would be great. Here goes....How is the World War 1 and the European expansion of New ...
November 4, 2008 by Kiera

Social Studies/World History
hi I was doing a study guide for a big test I'm having in my World History class and I was wondering if anyone can help me answer this question... -what trends in political organization and economic development can be identified in 20th century world civilizations? I was ...
April 2, 2011 by Amanda

HELP! HELP ap world history
thuycydides posited that political situations recur in similar fashion and the study of history is therefore of great value in understanding the present. in reference to aiding in your developing a historical understanding of world history, what do you think this means? HELP
October 2, 2015 by Anonymous

World history
Does anyone know where I can find a world history books to download? -Free I need to do some homework, but I don't know where my text book is at.
January 10, 2013 by Victoria

World History
World History Unit 3 Portfolio What’s the Difference: Civilization Comparison and Contrast Does anybody know what this is i really need help PLEASE!?
September 18, 2015 by dez

world history
What major impact did the Strategic Arms Limitations Talks in the Cold War have on world history? Was the UN involved and how?
April 13, 2012 by Aaliya

ap world history
any good websites for map outlines for the book "history of the world in 6 glasses" by tom standage?
August 24, 2013 by Anonymous

Which factors has revolutionised world history by patrick manning ?.I have written about world war and industrial but am not sure i wrote the right answers.
February 8, 2015 by comeford

world history
Why does Marks begin with China? What was happening there in the 1400s that matters to the course of world history?
September 20, 2010 by paul

Thanks for answering miss sue.Has also world war revolutionised world history?
February 7, 2015 by comeford

Why were the shots fired at Lexington and Concord called the "shot heard 'round the world " ? The social and historical impact had a profound change in world history.
November 19, 2006 by Steve

world history
What are the best areas for review for the AP world history test?
April 19, 2009 by Scout

World History
In what ways were the great civilizations of the New World similar to those of the Old World?
January 8, 2010 by Katie

World History
how would you compare the nature of the postwar world envisioned by the Allies in World Wars I and II?
April 5, 2010 by Mia

world history
Which two nations rose as the world's superpowers after World War II? I say United States and the Soviet Union
January 22, 2012 by tracy

ap world history
Discuss cultyral sharing,influence, and legacies among the people of the americas.give two examples. i reserched the topic and all i got is information i already have in my notes plaese help helpless in ap world history
February 11, 2009 by helpless in ap world history

Check this please~?~?~ 1. C,A,D 1.Which are correct definitions for history? Choose all answers that are correct. A.the study of human adaptation to the environment B.the story of how the world has changed and how it has not changed much at all C.a retelling of what people did...
August 11, 2014 by Matt

world history
what ineffective world court was set up by world leaders who served as delegates to the First Universal Peace Conference which was held in the Netherlands in 1899? Hague Tribunal
January 28, 2008 by Larry

World History Answer Check
What was the effect of total war on ordinary citizens during World War I? A: Military conscription, food rationing, and an increase in taxes were the effects that total war had on ordinary citizens.
November 11, 2014 by Victoria

world history
Compare and contrast China and India ca. 1400. What are some important political differences? Why do you think those differences might matter in the way world history develops in the period from 1500 to 1800?
September 20, 2010 by paul

world history
i'm working on my senior project and i need some help i'm supposed to do some researches about my future career, however i couldn't find a website that tells me if a world history teacher needs an additional training or not ?
February 19, 2012 by sara

World History Check my answers
Okay so i put a star* by each of my answers.
January 19, 2016 by Karen

World History
How is it that the Roman Catholic Church was able to gain power in the Roman Empire and what effect did the shift of power have on the telling of the history of the world?
November 28, 2010 by Max

World History
1.) INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION: Why is there such a massive gap in the world today between rich and poor nations? 2.) IMPERIALISM: How does imperialism continue to affect the world we live in? 3.) WORLD WAR I: How did World War I and new scientific advances affect Western culture? ...
November 20, 2015 by Ellie

world history
What distinguished the first centuries od Islamic history from the early history of Christianity and Buddhism? What simialrities and differences characterized their religious outlooks?
October 4, 2010 by kelsey

Social studies
how do scholars describe islam's golden age? A. As a dangerous period in world history B. As a period when many gold objects were made C. As a brilliant period in world history D. As a period when arts suffered What I'm finding is that the answer points to C but that doesn't ...
February 19, 2016 by Anonymous

us history
I need to demonstrate my knowledge and creat a world history newspaper! And i need the following: -2 political cartoons -5 news articles -1 advertisement -10 pictures/illustrations with captions -Bibliography Content that needs to be included: -1 ancient civlization -1 world ...
June 3, 2009 by Tats

why did e. e. cummings write the poem Mariann Morre --M in a vicious world-to love virtue A in a craven world-to have courage R in a treacherous world-to prove loyal I in a wavering world-to stand firm A in a cruel world-to show mercy N in a biased world-to act justly N in a ...
June 3, 2008 by Angela

World History Answer Check (Ms. Sue)
What sources inspired the Renaissance thinkers? A: Renaissance thinkers were inspired by a new vision of the world and the value of the individual. The Renaissance thinkers found glory in the idea that the individual had gifts that were almost divine. They were also inspired ...
September 14, 2014 by Victoria

American History
True or False The population of the United States dropped sharply after World War II. -----------------my answer: True Because world war II resulted in more deaths and destroyed more propertey than any other was in history. is it right?
April 30, 2008 by CM

I have to do a brochure on a famous place around the world. A while ago I saw in the History channel about this rock somewhere, i forgot what it's called and I forgot where it is. I heard that it is said that if you move the rock, it will cause the end of the world. Anyone ...
March 19, 2010 by Lola

World History
Question 16 (Multiple Choice Worth 5 points) Please check: (05.05 LC)Which of the following is not considered a cause of the Enlightenment? increased availability of printed books the Scientific Revolution *******decline in the education system******** the Renaissance
February 5, 2016 by Jessie

world history
what effect did the trading civilization of phoenicia have on the ancient world
October 2, 2008 by maria

World History
Explain how geography helped the Romans build a world empire.
July 30, 2009 by ZeeZee

world history
What is the realtionship between Reformation and European dominance in world markets?
September 27, 2010 by edward

World History
How did religion and trade connect Africa to a larger world; with what results?
November 8, 2010 by Lala

world history
why did the united states seek to become a world power in the 1890'S?
December 13, 2010 by danny

world history
How did the Reformation in Great Britain affect the colonization of the New World
January 6, 2011 by jay

world history
What effect did the trading civilization of Phoenicia have on the ancient world
September 20, 2011 by renee

world history
List 5 factors that led Europeans to explore the New world
September 21, 2011 by Patience

World History
I would like to know anything about the hollocoust and world war 2!
February 6, 2012 by Lexi

World History
Three reasons why Japan closed its doors to the outside world
April 9, 2012 by Katajh

World History Honors
What kinds of people sailed to the New World in the 1400s?
October 24, 2012 by Marina

World History Honors
What kinds of people sailed to the New World in the 1400s?
October 24, 2012 by Marina

world history
what was the transatlantic world like on the eve of the European age of discovery
January 22, 2014 by jaida

World History (Ms. Sue)
How did the Schlieffen Plan contribute to the outbreak of World War I?
November 5, 2014 by Victoria

world history
Describe the conditions in Europe after World War I.
January 27, 2008 by Anna

World History
What impact did World War I have on the economy of Europe?
April 30, 2009 by Anonymous

world history
How does Incan architecture influence our world today?
October 30, 2009 by Cara

world history
How did the Reformation in England effect the colonization of the New World?
January 16, 2010 by sally

world cultures
what impact trade and religion has had on world history?
May 16, 2011 by alli

World History Honors
Why do modern people glorify the ancient world??
September 10, 2011 by mel

world history
The main goal in the Habsburg Empire in World War 1 was?
November 2, 2011 by schoolfreak

ap world history
which region of the world benefited more from the columbian exchange?
September 22, 2013 by lena

World history
Name 3 countries that wanted to populate the new world.
September 23, 2015 by Derik

world history
How did the Reformation in Great Britain affect the colonization of the New World? Explain.
January 6, 2010 by Anonymous

world history
How did the Reformation in Great Britain affect the colonization of the New World? Explain
January 15, 2010 by Anonymous

World History
During the Columbian Exchange what diseases were brought from the new world to Europe?
April 11, 2012 by Jake

AP World History
Describe the complexities of trade in Post-Classical world and compare to today.
November 23, 2012 by Diana

Modern World History
Where can i find information on the legacy of World War One? Mainly i'm lookin for The American Entrance, The Russian Exit, and The armistice. Several sections are interesting here, including the one (scroll down) called Making ...
February 18, 2007 by Bryan

world history
can you help me with this question? According to the clockmaker analogy did Voltaire believe that God was present in the world?
September 28, 2009 by Katie

World History
The world's oldest recognized monarchy is found in _____. a. Kush b. Egypt c. Nubia
October 13, 2011 by Angel

world history
what is the term for european nations seek colonies during World war one?
November 15, 2011 by Marta

world history
After World War II, Africa's economy was based on agriculture. I say false
January 22, 2012 by tracy

AP World History
What were some complexities of trade in Post Classical world and how it is similar and or different to today?
November 24, 2012 by Diana

world history
what page can i find "Hoe Ana on in our world by macmillan/mcgraw-hill
January 31, 2013 by lori

What lasting impact did the 1569 Mercator World Map have on people's image of the world?
September 4, 2014 by Anonymous

world history
Who was the most well trained and powerful military force in the world during the American Revolution?
January 30, 2016 by boberto

World History
What act by congress contributed to the world wide spread of the Depression? The Dawes Plan?
March 24, 2016 by Boberto

World History
For a project I'm doing for world history, I have to include 2 "VIP's" for Winston Churchill. Does anyone know of a person who contributed to Churchill's fame or someone who was important to Churchill that I could research to include as one of my VIP's? Thank you so much!!!
April 11, 2012 by Ellie

Check 3 world history answers of mine?
7. Which of the following was not a goal of Roosevelt's Square Deal? Creation of a social security system. Conservation and preservation of the environment in America.* 10. One reason powerful nations rushed to grab colonies in the 1800s was the desire for raw materials and ...
January 20, 2016 by Carrie

world history
What trends in political organization and economic developments can be identified in 20th century world civilizations?
May 2, 2011 by Jamie

world history
What trends in political organization and economic developments can be identified in 20th century world civilizations?
May 2, 2011 by Jamie

What factor is primarily responsible for the sharp contrasts between Old World and New World civilizations?
May 21, 2013 by maria

Next year (sophomore year) I'm taking the following courses: Honors Algebra II/Trig Spanish III Health AP Biology Honors English AP World History Is AP Bio and world history hard? or no it's not just the exam. Please tell me because this is my first year taking AP.
April 14, 2014 by Erika

History check my work please
President Reagan sought world peace through A) detente B) economic policies C) military strength (my choice) D) industrialized trade 2. Why did saddam hussein's troops invade kuwait? A) he wanted to end kuwait illegal drug trade B) He wanted to punish kuwait for its support of...
April 13, 2016 by loserville

world history
help please.... why was the International Organizations important In history? Whay was the Reconstruction of Europe and Japan important in history?
May 2, 2011 by Alex

world history
9. What were the basic features of the major world belief systems? a. Hinduism b. Daoism c. Judaism d. Christianity e. Buddhism
July 19, 2009 by Anonymous

world history
why did the industrialized nations of the world embark so aggressively upon imperialist ventures between 1880 and 1914?
October 26, 2009 by ben

world history
Under whose reign did the Persian empire become the greatest military power of the ancient world?
March 14, 2010 by Paige

world history
Vietnam had been a colony controlled by what nation prior to World War II? I say France
January 22, 2012 by tracy

World History
What were 2 major social changes that occurred in Japan following World War II and their effects on Japanese culture? Thanks -MC
April 4, 2012 by mysterychicken

social studies
What are some examples when world history gives you the understanding of the world and how societies have impact on each other.
April 25, 2015 by Angelina

world history
The social costs of world war 2
October 10, 2007 by cowgirl

World History
What contributions did Egypt made to the world?
October 6, 2009 by Troy

world history
how was propoganda used in world war 1
October 7, 2009 by jay

World history
Causes and consequences of world war 2
May 20, 2011 by Elliott

World History
What were the social costs of World War II? Thanks -MC
March 24, 2012 by mysterychicken

world history
who is the Italian explorer that traveled to the Caribbean on three occasions but was never convinced that he had discovered a new world.
April 15, 2009 by nick

discuss the america 'third world counteroffensive' from 1979- 1989. was this in retospect, beneficial for the united states and the world in general?
March 28, 2011 by fatima

world history
At the end of the eighteenth century, _______ had the largest economy in the world A. India B. Spain C. Britain D. China
April 30, 2012 by noname

world history
During the Neolithic era, the most isolated part of the world was a)africa b)south asia c)europe d)the americas
August 24, 2014 by jessica

The nations of the world that were formerly victims of imperialism and did not align themselves with either the West or the Communist powers are today called what? A. first world countries B. second world countries C. underdeveloped nations D. developing nations
February 3, 2013 by Beth

I need help please I am not understanding what my instructor means by "trace the contextof the question across the entire sweep of time, from pre history to c. 1500CE, converting at least 3 separate eras as they are viewed in at least three world culture areas. World culture ...
February 15, 2013 by Ericka

world history
is it true or false that the united states was the first country to join the league of nations after the end of world war 1?
August 1, 2008 by Anonymous

world history
Suggested reasons why many New World population centers seem to have been abandoned around 1300 CE include:
March 3, 2013 by yana bradshaw

World History
I have to put together a visual, technological presentation. My topic is on the weapons used in WWII. I need to find info about these weapons, but most importantly, I must cover the significance of each as well as provide context in the larger world and analysis of the weapons...
June 5, 2008 by Lauren

World History
I have to put together a visual, technological presentation. My topic is on the weapons used in WWII. I need to find info about these weapons, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, I must cover the significance of each as well as provide context in the larger world and analysis of the weapons...
June 7, 2008 by Lauren

WWI Statement
Hi, I am currently taking AP US History and we I have never been a history buff so I am illiterate when it comes to any type of history. I was given this statement to write about but I have no idea what it is talking about or asking me to talk about please help!!! Here is the ...
November 15, 2006 by Sarah

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