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math-ms sue please
Ms Sue thank you for the help with my other word problem can you check this one for me? Write a word problem and find the solution to the equation. 1/2-2/3 THe answer is -1/6 and the word problem I created is: Janet put 6 suckers on a table. 3 suckers were watermelon and 3 ...
October 27, 2010 by m

math-word problem
The width of a rectangle is fixed at 21cm. What lengths will make the perimeter greater than 80cm. Please help with this word problem I do not even know where to begin.
July 31, 2010 by Michelle

Word Problem: Jack mows the lawn in 4 hours, mary mows the lawn in 5 hours. how long will it take them if they mowed the lawn together? I have a hard time figuring out which formula to use to solve a problem in a word problem can anyone help and tell me how to set up the ...
October 18, 2008 by Laura

Create an addition word problem and a subtraction word problem using fractions. Show how to find the solution to each problem. Once you find the solutions to your problems, rewrite the solutions as either a terminating or nonterminating decimal.
October 1, 2012 by Christian

I need help to create an addition word problem and a subtraction word problem using fractions. I need to show how to find the solution to each problem. Once I find the solutions to my problems, I have to rewrite the solutions as either a terminating or nonterminating decimal.
October 16, 2013 by AudioslavedCobain182

Word problem math
Word problem. You cut a 2 m long board into 2 pieces . One piece is 10 cm shorter than the other. How long are each boards.? I got. 1 pc at 80!cm. the other 1pc at 100 cm Is this right ?
October 14, 2012 by Marco

Math word problem
I have this word problem that I can't figure out. The problem is: A 15 lb weight is positioned 10 in. form a fulcrum. At what distance from the fulcrum must a 12 lb weigt be positioned to keep the scale balanced? The substitute that I had today said that the 12 lb. weight ...
August 27, 2008 by Tiffany

What sentence uses italics, question marks, and punctuation correctly? ( I'm stuck on this problem) A, "How many r's are there in the word February"? B,"How many r's are there in the word February?" asked ty. c, "How many r's are in the word February," asked ty. D,How many r's...
February 4, 2014 by kitten

math compare
word problem the temperature at 3am was -17.3F by noon the temperature was -17.8F. at what time was it the coldest? i said -17.8F is that right? word problem sam is 5/8" taller than jackie. Shelly is 0.7 in taller than Jackie. who is the tallest? i guessed is it Jackier ?
December 8, 2011 by marko

for the following equations, write a word problem draw a picture, and find the solution to the equation. 5/12 - 1/3=? I know the answer is 1/12 but am stumped on how to write the word problem and draw a picture
October 27, 2010 by m

math word problem
word problem need help: suppose you own a card shop. you buy one line of cards at a rate of 4 cards for $5. you plan to sell the cards at a rate of 3 cards for $5 how may carfds must you sell in order to make a profit of $100.00 i dont understand how to get answer can you help
September 8, 2012 by marko

Identify and choose the one underlined word or phrase that should be corrected. What is the meaning of above sentence?Will i find a word which is incorrected in the sentence? In my(A) opinion they aren't(B) going nowhere(C) special because of(D) financial problem(E). In this ...
June 18, 2011 by Bayarbold

2.-The longest one-word name of any place in America is Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchubunagungamaugg.This name for a lake near webster, Massachusetts, is 45 letters long. It is a Native American name that means "You fish on you side, I'll fish on mine, and no one fishes in the...
January 29, 2011 by Luis

write a problem write a word problem involving the number of pages in a book.then write the numerical expression that you would need to use to solve your problem.
October 29, 2012 by swetha

Word Processing
I'm a GranMa in my 60's trying to learn Word/Windows. I started with the 2nd course and have had only this one problem in 3 weeks so that is good. I don't think the answer to my problem is in the book for THIS course. I can't figure out how to use the commands with the ...
October 11, 2007 by GranMa Cee

Algebra/Quadratic equations
I have to make a word problem/story out of this quadratic equation -t^2+3t+18=0 The plot of the story I want to write about has to deal with world hunger, and food being dropped in to remote locations by helicopter. Can someone please help me come up with a word/problem that ...
May 12, 2014 by jarron

Can someone please help me with this word problem!?! I know the answer which is 784 feet. But I have no clue how to solve it. Can someone please show how to solve this problem? The word problem is: The melt in Your Mouth Chocolate Factory is a rectangular building. The ...
September 4, 2012 by aaron

Write a word problem involving a discounted price. Describe the situation and pose the question, but DO NOT SOLVE the problem.
January 29, 2011 by catrina

define a variable and write an inequality for each problem.then solve. Nineteen more than a number is less than 42.
October 4, 2012 by tyneisha

I need to write a poem with the word ALGEBRA but the only problem is that my teacher wants complete sentences with each letter instead of a word for a letter. Can you please help?
September 13, 2009 by Mark

Word Problem page 19 John and Al are in a 15 km race. John averages 4.4 m/s during the first half of the race and then runs at a speed of 4.2 m/s until the last 200 m, which he covers at 4.5 m/s. At what average speed must Al run to beat John? The textbook that included the ...
September 29, 2013 by Walter

simple interest
What is the amount after 1 year on $315 invested at 7%, if interest is simple interest? Multiply $315 by .07 to find the interest earned. Add this figure to $315 to find the total at the end of one year. this doesnt help me!i need to know this and they gave me is to solve a ...
March 28, 2007 by victoire

write a word problem for 1/2 - 2/3 = and write a word problem for 5/12 - 1/3 =
August 28, 2009 by Nat

I have to make a word problem with a real life situation that follows a linear equation i have to come up with the independent variables being years.Then i have to create an equation or inequality that could be used for analysis, prediction, or decision making.then, draw the ...
January 14, 2007 by jasmine20

Create your own word problem that uses a system of equations to solve. Your problem must include the following words: beach,hammock,dance,and troll.
February 24, 2011 by Nick

Ms Sue help word problem
In last Saturdays parade Tom counted a total of 76 bicycles and tricycles, for a total of 227 wheels. How many tricycles were in the parade? word problem - Marko, Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 10:31pm i go 75 tricyles x 3 = 225 wheels 1 bike x 2 = 2 2wheels total of 227 ...
September 29, 2011 by Marko

Need some help on a word problem. It has a storage chest. The dimensions for the top of the chest are 28 in wide, 46 in long, and 1 in high. The bottom of the chest is 28 in wide, 46 in long, and 17 in high. The word problem is Cynthia packs the chest with sweater bags that ...
February 28, 2012 by Brandi

What is an acrostic poem for the word mesozoic? (must represent the word as you go as in the word relating to that word(: PLEASE RESPOND ASAP!!!!!!!!
January 9, 2013 by Laycee Montgomery

How do you create a word problem using unit rate? Please check the explanation at this site -- One of the most common word problems might be -- George averages 60 miles per hour when driving on a highway. How far will he go in three ...
January 16, 2007 by Tom

do i type in the root word for example [agr] in the search bar and then the word that start with the 3 same letters in the word is the word i use to look up
October 2, 2008 by Niqua

Math Word Problem
Please help with this math word problem: Jamal has a 5X7 picture that he took on his summer vaction and he wants to use a photo copier to enlarge it to an 8X10 picture. To enlarge Jamal has to specify a percent between 50% and 200% on the copier. Explain 2 different ways Jamal...
August 28, 2012 by Please Please Help

A typist at a constant speed of 65 words per minute makes a mistake in any particular word with probability 0.06, independently from word to word. Each incorrect word must be corrected, a task which takes 14 seconds per word. Find the mean of the time (in seconds, round-off to...
February 28, 2011 by Jon

A typist at a constant speed of 65 words per minute makes a mistake in any particular word with probability 0.06, independently from word to word. Each incorrect word must be corrected, a task which takes 14 seconds per word. Find the mean of the time (in seconds, round-off to...
February 28, 2011 by Jon

A typist at a constant speed of 65 words per minute makes a mistake in any particular word with probability 0.06, independently from word to word. Each incorrect word must be corrected, a task which takes 14 seconds per word. Find the mean of the time (in seconds, round-off to...
February 28, 2011 by Jon

A typist at a constant speed of 65 words per minute makes a mistake in any particular word with probability 0.06, independently from word to word. Each incorrect word must be corrected, a task which takes 14 seconds per word. Find the mean of the time (in seconds, round-off to...
March 1, 2011 by Jon

explain why a solution of a word problem should be checked using the original wording of the problem and not the equation written from the wording
April 12, 2011 by k

Not understanding the question. Why a solution of a word problem should be checked using the original wording of the problem and not the equation written from the wording.
February 2, 2011 by Cindy

math word problem
I have no clue as to how to tackle this problem. Two standard six-sided dice are rolled. The product of their outcomes is computed. Which of the following numbers is most likely to occur? 4 6 7 8
May 25, 2010 by M.A.

I need to convert a word problem that I was given into a balanced chemical equation and cannot figure out how i was type it. The problem is: Nitrogen and hydrogen gases react at extreme temperatures and pressures. Any help?
January 8, 2012 by Zoe

write a word problem involving the number of pages in a book. then write the numerical expression that you would need to use to solve your problem.
January 26, 2009 by michelle

define a variable and write an inequality for each problem.then solve one half of a number is more than 6 less than the same number.
October 4, 2012 by tyneisha

Write a word problem using 9 and 10 as factors. Write an equation to solve the problem
September 15, 2014 by Bryce

algebra word problem: still stuck
question: rachel allows herself 1 hour to reach a sales appt 50 miles away. after she has driven 30 miles, she realizes that she must increase her speed by 15mph in order to get there on time. what was her speed for the first 30 miles? Responses * college algebra word problem...
February 17, 2009 by john

1. Put two scrambled word pieces together and make one complete word. 2. There are scrambled word piece cards on the table. Find two scrambled word pieces which can become a word. 3. Combine two scrambled word pieces with each other and make a sentence. 4. Choose one word and ...
August 31, 2009 by John

algebra homework
Kim starts to walk 3 mi to school at 7:30 A.M. with a temperature of 0°F. Her brother Bryan starts at 7:50 A.M. on his bicycle, traveling 10 mph faster than Kim. If they get to school at the same time, then how fast is each one traveling? I have tried to answer this word ...
September 10, 2010 by paulina

Phosphoric acid and barium hydroxide solutions mix to form water and solid barium phosphate. Write the word equation, skeletal equation, and the balanced equation for this word problem.
March 3, 2010 by Joe

please can anyone kindly help me to get the answer of this word problem,i would like someone to help me please for the word problem below...... Pat and Eric bought a large pizza that has 12 slices.Jane and Eric ate all the pizza .If Jane ate 4/6 slices, how much did Eric eat? ...
February 13, 2011 by rowena

Can someone explain to me the rules of distribution. I have a word problem which asks my opinion of applying distribution to each problem but I don't completely understand distribution and when it is applied and when it isn't.
November 14, 2009 by Anonymous

PSY 240
•Post a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation summarizing the different perspectives on sexual orientation and identity. Here's my problem. I have read the entire chapter regarding this assignment and didn't come across any perspectives on the topic. I asked my ...
July 7, 2010 by Nikki

I am looking for a word, that when added to each word in this group of words(hand, lithe, and win) forms a compound word ? What word works with all three words???
October 2, 2007 by Kait

fractions word problems fifth gradee
I have fraction word problem made from a recipe. If it takes 2 1/2 cups of oatmeal to make 30 cookies. How much oatmeal will it take to make 120 cookies?
November 4, 2010 by jermall

This problem is a base conversion problem masquerading as a "word problem". You are responsible for controlling the stage lights at a small theater. The control box has control switches for 10 separate lights, and each switch can make its corresponding light off, red, green, ...
March 6, 2010 by David

I can’t think of the word- please help!!! Hi. I am writing a story and need to find a word to describe the sound that bowling pins make when they are hit by the ball. The only word I got so far is “Crash”. I need a better word. Any ideas? I have tried a thesaurus, but it has ...
November 30, 2007 by anonymous

Do you know of a good website that can help me with word problems? I want to be able to type in the word problem, get an answer with an explanation of the problem and hoe they got the answer. Sorry! The Internet is wonderful -- but it doesn't do our thinking for us. You're ...
June 20, 2006 by Racheal

word problem
July 16, 2005 by angel

word problem
July 16, 2005 by angel

my teacher gave us some fraction problems for homework, but I'm confused about how to go about solving the problem. The problem is what is 2/4 of 8. Can you show me the steps so I can do the rest of the math problems? 2/4 reduces (or simplies if you prefer) to lower terms. ...
May 23, 2007 by donte-thrid grader

algebra interest word problem
Solve the problem. Roberto invested some money at 7%, and then invested $2000 more than twice this amount at 11%. His total annual income from the two investments was $3990. How much was invested at 11%?
March 8, 2009 by mark

What is the main value of knowing the general meaning of a word's prefix or suffix? A. You can sort out adjectives from adverbs. B. You can tell if the word is a verb or a noun. C. You get clues as to a word's meaning. D. You will be better able to spell the word.
January 20, 2011 by Anonymous

what is a word problem for 2x-4=8?
September 28, 2010 by MATH

Please help solving this problem. Solve the following word problem: One poll reported that 48% of city residents were against building a new stadium. The polling service stated that the poll was accurate to within 3%. What is the minimum percent of city resident that oppose ...
April 6, 2010 by bindiya farswani

Algebra word problem
Baking Cookies-Word Problem Our class planned a party for disadvantaged kids. Some of us baked cookies for the party. On the day of the party, we found we could divide the cookies into packets of two,three, four, five or six and have one cookie left over in each case. If we ...
November 8, 2011 by Linda

can someone please help me? I am stuck on a problem it deals with inequalities but it is in a word problem which makes it worse for me, how would I solve this problem? Miguel's insurance company will replace his car if repair exceeds 80% of the car's value. The car recently ...
November 5, 2009 by Anna

Math word problem
The Mad River flows at a rate of 3 km/h. In order for a boat to travel 78.2 km upriver and then return in a total of 8 hr, how fast must the boat travel in still water? what formula would be used to solve this problem?
November 9, 2008 by Shawn

an algorithm word problem
June 3, 2013 by Emily

Let's play the Word Relay Game. Look at the arrow. The first word on the ribbon is 'fish',and the second word on the ribbon is 'home' as you can see on the page. You shoud make a new word starting with the last letter of the previous word. What do you have to do next. Write ...
August 26, 2009 by John

I have trouble solving word problems. Can you tell me the best approach to solve this word problem? If Sally can paint a house in 4 hours, and John can paint the same house in 6 hours, how long will it take for both of them to paint the house together?
November 16, 2008 by Becky

answer the question with a complete sentence that uses a word from the spelling list. add a sufix to the underline word to create the correct word. Does Herb resemble his brother? the word from the spelling list is "rehearsal"
September 2, 2010 by ana

5th grade math (word problems)
I didn't see an answer from yesterday, so resending. Also, is there a website to explain how to solve word problems - like key phrases to look for (ex: 'in all' - add; 'what's left' - subtraction)? Here's question from yesterday: sorry,but I don't understand word problems - ...
December 12, 2012 by Alex

6th grade
Hi im emy. What is a word problem for 4*-5?
October 16, 2010 by emy

how can I write a word problem usingg 4.23*10=42.3
November 28, 2012 by tiara

what is the definitons of the word analyical and can anyone help me use it the word in a sentence.I try to lok on the wed but i could not find the word.
November 18, 2010 by yuku

SAT -English
Hi here is a following sentence. I know what is wrong with it, but I can't find the word to replace the incorrect word. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Intense preoccupation on technique appears ...
September 17, 2007 by manny

language arts
In word part break downs the word Comedian contains the word parts comed and ian meaning?
February 23, 2011 by Nicole

I can't seem to remember this word. It's when someone ______ their anger at other people. all i can think of is the word exhort which is not the word I'm looking for, but i think it probably sounds similar. Could someone write some words down (it's sort of like the word "...
November 5, 2010 by Amy

What is the difference between OUGHT & SHOULD? What does each word represent? What are the moral and social implications of each word? What are some societal examples of each word?
January 28, 2008 by Dana

Math 1
Find the solution and write a word problem for 5/12 - 1/3 and 1/2 - 2/3
October 9, 2009 by Anonymous

What is a good word problem for the following expression? 3(m+4)
October 13, 2009 by Anya

5th grade math
what is a word problem for 4.23x10
December 5, 2012 by kaitlyn

Math 6th grade
Can you give me a word problem for 11/12 / 1/4?
September 3, 2013 by Lauren

5th grade math (word problems)
sorry,but I don't understand word problems - like what formula/expression to use. Here's the 1st problem: Rob practiced 3/5 of his music in 25minutes. About how long does it take to practice all of his music? I know that Rob has 2/5 left of music to practice. So, do I multiply...
December 11, 2012 by Alex

Word Problems pages 18-19 A sailboat heads north at 3 m/s for 1 hour and then tracks back to the southeast (at 45 degrees to north) at 2 m/s for 45 minutes. a. How far has the boat sailed? b. How far is it from its starting location? The textbook that included the word problem...
September 29, 2013 by Walter

Is this correct? The word "pen" comes from the Latin word "pinna" which means a feather (as they use to write with) with ink. This is my short essay on a word.
January 25, 2010 by sierra (6th grade)

Algebra (Word Problem)
Here's the word problem: You have a coupon for $50 off your camera purchase of $100 or more at Camera World. Write a function relating a camera's purchase price after coupon, y, to the retail price, x. Give the domain of this function. Here is what I have so far: y = price ...
January 27, 2014 by Beth

How do I write a word problem that matches this expression:10-(2x4)?
October 21, 2008 by Ben

how do you make a ratio table to solve a word problem ?
March 2, 2009 by alex

How can you use a proportion to solve a percent word problem?
November 20, 2009 by Cade

Clue Word Not the problem, but the... A_ S _ _ R A boat for pleasure trips Y_ _ _ T
March 9, 2011 by Curly Sue

gen 300
Identify a problem in your day-to-day life you would like to solve (e.g., time management). Using the information from your Week Three readings as a guide, prepare a 700 to 1,050-word paper in which you develop a research strategy to find a solution for your selected problem. ...
August 24, 2009 by karl

word problem
A disoriented driver crosses diagonally from one corner of a 150 m by 275 m lawn to the far corner. How far does the wayward driver drive across the lawn? Give an approximate answer to three decimal places. What formula would I apply to solve this? Responses Math word problem...
October 27, 2008 by Shawn

Algebra word problem
A 30 inch TV set has a width of 24 inches. What is its height?
February 2, 2008 by Micah

Algbera 1
Need an sample of two step equation word problem.
October 11, 2009 by alyssa

Math Word Problem
How many ways can 8 people line up for play tickets?
December 5, 2009 by Ashley

(3 x 8)-2 + (3+6)=17, I need a word problem to match the equation and am stumped, could you please help
February 2, 2010 by Dakota

math word problem
how many ways can you arrange 6 books on a shelf horizontally?
March 22, 2010 by Paula

create a table showing time and distance from a word problem
August 18, 2010 by sarah

grade 3 math
write a word problem that uses multiplication and the product is 18
July 31, 2013 by loli

Indicate whether the underlined words or groups of words need capital or lower case letters by selecting the best choice. “Hush little baby,” my grandfather would often whisper softly to me, “Don’t say a word.” A. “don’t way a word.” B.” Don’t Say A Word.” C. Don’t Say a Word...
September 21, 2011 by Donna

I have a problem with 'diction' I kind of 'feel' the sentence, but I don't know what to write. Thanks a lot!! "Art is the antidote that can call us back from the edge of numbness, restoring the ability to feel for another." By using the word "antidote", what does that author ...
September 9, 2008 by Andrew

medical language
B. Define the following words or word parts. -ad -ior -ics Ana- Prone Supine viscera- transverse Hypo- Re- C. In this activity, break the medical word into its word parts. Using the word parts, create a definition of the word. Write a sentence using the word in a medical ...
May 28, 2008 by sue

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