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Accounting 541Accounting Theory and Research
Efficient markets assume that stockholder wealth is affected by the amount and timing of cash flows. Which alternative is more favorable to them: purchasing before year-end or waiting until January? Explain your answer.
April 19, 2010 by Anonymous

I have to do a descriptive paragraph and here are the directions: I can write a descriptive paragraph on either a place I like or an imaginary place.-I picked imaginary 1. First sentence begins with an adjective 2.2nd sentence begins with an adjective 3.3rd sentence begins ...
February 3, 2010 by Sara

1. In time, Mr. Fleming's son graduated from a top medical school in London. (What is the meaning of "In time"? What other expressions can we use?) 2. You have to come to the party in time. (What about 'in time' here? What is the difference of 'in time' between in Sentence 1 ...
November 23, 2009 by rfvv

business statistics
Please, only formula and steps to do these exercises. Thank you For the following data from independent samples, could the null hypothesis that the population means are equal be rejected at the 0.05 level? Sample1 Sample2 Sample3 Sample4 15.2 10.2 14.9 11.5 12.2 12.1 13.0 13.1...
August 9, 2009 by Laritza

Hello, Does this sentence make sense? If not, can you please provide suggestions on what I could write in place of? I need a sentence that is strong to reflect my desire to enter the business workforce. I find myself driven, as I expect to demonstrate my qualities that will ...
December 12, 2008 by S

My son is supposed to correct this incorrect sentence: He performed the backward somersault more expertlier of all. According to the rules, part of the sentence should be changed to: most expertly of all This sounds strange to me. Did he do it correctly? If not, would you ...
February 17, 2009 by Mary

In this sentence Plenty of silicon is found on Earth, but it remains a valuable material for the computer industry. I'm still not sure if the simple subject is plenty or silicon, but I think it's silicon because the second part of the sentence says it.
October 28, 2008 by Sylvie

I left out a few more sentences I wrote on castles. I need a synonym for "ways, way" and a revision of sentence 2. Thank you very much. 1) Castles came to Britain with the Norman-French invaders. Indeed, castles were a key part of their way of controlling new territories. 2) ...
September 5, 2011 by Henry2

Write the null and alternative hypotheses. Justify which is the claim. A light bulb manufacturer guarantees that the mean life of a certain type of light bulb is less than 900 hours
December 9, 2011 by Catherine

I have to write an eight-sentence paragraph that fully develops this topic. A high school diploma is important to my future...... (i know it's not that great of a topic but i have no options) but i keep going in circles and i can't get my ideas together .I keep wondering off ...
April 5, 2010 by me

Which part of speech is the capitalized words in this sentence? Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a NEW nation, conceived in Liberty, and DEDICATED to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil ...
November 17, 2013 by Danny

Sam took traveled 8 hrs to his sisters house. The return trip took 7 hrs because the speed was 3 mi/hr faster. What was the Sam's speed each way? I like to set up a chart for these kind of problems, they become very easy that way D=r*t , Distance = rate*time --------D------R...
April 22, 2007 by Amanda

Thus, Vlad [could, and did, refer]to himself as "Dracula" and even signed official documents with that sobriquet. A. NO CHANGE B. could, and did refer C. could and did, refer D. calls and refers The answer key says: If you look at (C) and (D), you will see that they change the...
July 30, 2013 by Anonymous

4th grade math
So far John has run 1/4 of the way to school and walked 3/8 of the way. what fraction of the distance to school does John have left.
April 30, 2013 by marsha

is about blood flow. if i start in the superior mesenteric vein vein to finish in the left anterior circumflex humeral artery by the way of the hepatic portal vein and the heart. what is the right way?
July 19, 2013 by mary

I did a lab on refraction through water and my index of refraction was way off and I don't understand why? I did the experiment just as I was told but my results were still way off.
February 8, 2009 by Lena

Is this pronoun case correct? Perdo Martinez signed a baseball for Chad that he had used in a game. The problem with that sentence is you have a adjective clause that isn't in the right place. I would rearrange to start the sentence with For Chad, Pedro Martinez...etc.
December 6, 2006 by shelly

What type of sentence is this? On July 4, 1976, the nation’s bicentennial, 10,741 American flags were flown over the U.S. Capitol, the largest number ever flown there in one day. It's a simple sentence with two appositives. Can you please help me with my english essay?
March 6, 2007 by Shanice

English Again
Place an F to indicate which of the following is a sentence fragment or an S to indicate if it is a complete sentence. 1. (S) Clyde refused. 2. (F) In the heart of cottage country. 3. (S) Inevitably, things change. Just making sure, since I'm not 100% sure on these 3. Correct ...
December 1, 2008 by Larry

please help me , i neeed help writing this in Spanish: My classes are very difficult, and i don't enjoy them mi (mis?) clases muy difícil, y yo no disfrutar de i know this is a messed up sentence, but i'm just giving it a try. can someone please show me how to write this ...
May 4, 2009 by y912f

Is this right after i fixed the sentence? Also did i use phrase "more than expected" in the sentence correctly? If I were Ashlee, I will not think that I would be able to provide assistance, more than expected, to the patient’s personal life besides physical care
September 12, 2010 by flame

In Handmaid's Tale, What can you tell about the period just from the first sentence? "We slept in what had once been the gymnasium?" What I put was that it was from long time ago because a gymnasium is used for playing sports, not to sleep and in this sentence it's telling us ...
September 14, 2010 by John

Huck Fin
"Two or three days and nights went by; I reckon I might say they swum by, they slide along so quiet and smooth and lovely. Here is the way we put in the time. It was a monstrous big river down there—sometimes a mile and a half wide; we run nights, and laid up and hid day-times...
January 26, 2012 by Jordan

Fill each blank with a coordinating word or phrase and proper punctuation in order to form a combined sentence. 1.Exercise has become very popular today _______ millions of Americans run or jog. 2.Exercise is fun _______ exercise is a good way to stay healthy. 3.Some people ...
April 11, 2013 by Peter

Need help with these questions: I have already answered 27 out of the 30 accept these last three: 8. Given the significance level 0.01, the F-value for the degrees of freedom, d.f. = (7,3) is. A) 8.45 B) 27.67 C) 5.89 D) 14.62 9. One-way ANOVA is performed on three independent...
March 8, 2009 by Stuart

correct this sentence comparatively please He responded to the interviewer as candidly as Tom. correct this sentence comparatively please He responded to the interviewer as candidly as Tom. Comparative is "more candidly" -- now rewrite the sentence. =)
September 5, 2006 by Margaret

A bank is testing a new method for getting delinquent customers to pay their past-due credit card bills. The standard way was to send a letter (costing about $0.45) asking the customer to pay. That worked 30% of the time. The bank wants to test a new method that involves ...
October 30, 2013 by Penny

Which is the proper way of saying this sentence ? #1 or #2. 1)These creatures had a master named Jadhu, whom created them and gave them existence 2)These creatures had a master named Jadhu, who created them and gave them their existence. Im unsure.
October 1, 2010 by Chloe

What is the name of the common error in the following sentence? Having risen because of the rains, the hikers were unable to cross the river. A. Run-on sentence B. Infinitive phrase C. Prepositional phrase D. Dangling modifier correct C. PrepositioNal phrase
June 16, 2014 by Anonymous

A tennis player hits a 58.0g tennis ball so that it goes straight up and reaches a maximum height of 6.17m. How much work does gravity do on the ball on the way up? On the way down?
November 11, 2010 by Carmen

convert 65 slug/ft^2 to appropriate SI units
September 3, 2008 by ashley

what is the appropriate graph for time and speed??
September 9, 2010 by elizabeth

By appropriate calculations, show that: lim r(x)=5c^4 (x->c)
January 18, 2012 by Grace

Using appropriate prperties find: 4/5*(-2/3)- 4/5* 1/2 + 1/7* 2/3
April 20, 2012 by Job Daniel

This week, you were asked to review the Topic Sentence section in the Center for Writing Excellence. Using the topic of home ownership versus leasing, identify a topic and provide a topic sentence you would use in a paragraph about the topic.
October 11, 2010 by Anonymous

I'm a little confused on how to solve this: The number of cricket chirps per minute is given by N(t) = 7.2t - 32 Where t is the temperature in degrees Celsius. a. Graph the equation N(t) = 7.2t - 32 I have learned a few ways to graph equations. One way would be to use -32 as ...
December 16, 2008 by Celina

circular flow diagram, explain a way that your family interacts in the factor market and a way that it interacts in the products market.
May 22, 2013 by denise

business communication
Which alternative indicates the message(s), if any, which can spend considerable time discussing negative aspects of a situation? (Points: 5) Direct requests Persuasive problem-solving messages Sales messages Clearance messages
June 11, 2011 by Anonymous

1. I was sad at the sight of the scene. 2. I was sad to see the scene. 3. I was sad when I saw the scene. (Do they have a similar meaning?) 4. Let's make it at ten. (What is the meaing of 'make it' in the sentence? Does #4 mean #5?) 5. Let's meet at ten. 6. Finally he made it...
December 5, 2009 by rfvv

Writing Skills
Which of the following groups of words is a sentence fragment? A. when we stopped by the garden. B. Stop by the garden. C. We stopped; she didn't. D. stopping by the garden, we saw that the flowers were in bloom A sentence fragment doesn't express a complete thought. Let's ...
August 29, 2005 by Karin

Can you please help me rephrase a sentence taken from Virginia Woolf's Mrs.Dalloway? "And there the motor car stood, with drawn blinds, and upon them a curious pattern like a tree, Septimus thought, and this gradual drawing together of everything to one centre before his eyes...
May 3, 2010 by Franco

what are features of artificial sweeteners? what are general features of sugar alcohols? do they promote high or low glycemic index, constipation, dental caries or fewer GI side effects then alternative sweeteners?
February 7, 2007 by susan

Business Communication
Which of the following sentences advocates an idea in a positive way? A."I can't see anyone buying the product at that price." B."The unit is way overpriced." C."Customers can get a better deal anywhere else." D."We can corner the market if we discount the selling price just 5...
August 26, 2010 by Kimberly

Business English
Which of the following sentences advocates an idea in a positive way? A. I can't see anyone buying the product at that price. B. The unit is way overpriced. C. Customers can get a better deal anywhere else. D. We can corner the market if we discount the selling price just 5%.
March 2, 2012 by Diana

1. Evidence of an increased risk of lung cancer associated with cigarette smoking was sought by Doll and Hill. In one study, 649 lung cancer cases were matched by age, and gender to 649 controls; 647 of the cases and 622 of the control had a history of smoking cigarettes. a. ...
April 28, 2014 by Anonymous

Evidence of an increased risk of lung cancer associated with cigarette smoking was sought by Doll and Hill. In one study, 649 lung cancer cases were matched by age, and gender to 649 controls; 647 of the cases and 622 of the control had a history of smoking cigarettes. a. Name...
April 28, 2014 by Tracy

com 150
I have answered all of the questions and need help with some of the explanations. Please help. 1. A Sentence A is better because the word activist is plural so therefore I think the word have is singular. Subject and verb agrees with each other 2. B Sentence B is better ...
February 27, 2009 by pazley

the perspective on rosa parks, the bus driver, or another passenger (black,or white} i have to write a beginning hook also known as a sentence that makes people want to read it. i choose the black passenger so i need help on creating a sentence and a possible ending? please help
February 17, 2013 by naomi

. Use two commas around “extra information” in a sentence to show that it is not important to the meaning of that sentence if taken out. For example: “The hardware store down the street, which had been paved recently, is open until midnight five days a week.” (Points : 1) True...
September 6, 2013 by Anonymous

Hi, I have an assignement about and ad where you see backstreet boys advertising milk. Got milk ad Here is the assignment, I really need to hand in this lesson in half an, i'd really appriciate any help and i am very confused. write a response explaining the appeal of...
January 27, 2009 by Maria

Middle Child Psychology
There are children who are "attention getters" and want to be popular but in a negative way. They feel that by bullying their peers they would get respect and be accepted. Why do you think this child behaves in a negative way?
August 7, 2011 by Sharon

Quick Spanish
Complete the sentence with an appropirate adjective. Follow the model. modelo: David es un chico 'trabajador porque le gusta trabajar los sábados y domingos. 1. Nosotros somos los estudiantes más_______________del señor Unamuno. Please help with this sentence. What does it ...
February 12, 2009 by Larry

ms. sue
ms. sue i need help with one sentence in love story i be writing about. i write the sentence: if personalities don't match, and the characters are opposite, then each will follow different directions which will cause a split in the relationship. my friend help edit paragraph ...
February 10, 2012 by Mohammad

English2- revised
Question In what ways are full-sentence outlines more beneficial than topic outlines? If someone asked, ¿Wouldn¿t it be simpler just to write your paper than to create a full-sentence outline?¿ how would you answer? Explain your response. What steps will you take to turn your ...
May 13, 2008 by rose - Ms. Sue

Leibniz presents monads as simple substances. Monads are infinite in number, unextended, and windowless, and each mirrors the universe. As a consequence, Leibniz contends that the universe manifests both order and perfection. Why does Leibniz give monads these characteristics...
February 4, 2008 by Joe

How could I use the word charecter in a sentence? Charecter as in a letters characters. And how could I use the word calligrapher in a sentence? And writetecher, pleas don't answer my questions because your not giving me any help at all. And I am a 4th grader.
October 2, 2008 by Chelsea

language arts
write a sentence using a present, past, or future tense verb. rewrite your sentence using a perfect tense verb. can you just show me one example.. thanks xx
October 6, 2009 by zerina

if I have a quote that starts at the beginning of a sentence would I leave it as a capital letter OR lowercase letter? Ex: On ....,"He saw ...." OR On ....,"he saw ...." in the source where i'm quoting it from: "He" would be the first word in the sentence
March 23, 2011 by Amy

What's the difference among a simple sentence, complex, compound, and compound-complex. I always have a difficult time knowing which is which, except simple sentence of course, that one is easy
May 7, 2014 by Ellie

Is this sentence correct? Adriana and I liked the book called Stone Fox, too. Yes. Your sentence is correct. Be sure to underline Stone Fox when you write it. Thank you so much. Yes I do have it underlined!!!
May 23, 2007 by Kate

96 Elementary
what is the subject and predicate in this sentence. 1.I love my new basketball. also I need to know what the compound subject and , or compound predicate is for this sentence. 1. Amy and her coach worked out a plan.
September 21, 2011 by Hunter Rodgers

I told him that I can find no sign of infection at this time, we will treat him with a decongestant. A) complete sentence B) fragment C) run-on Sounds like a complete sentence, but it could be a run-on that could be fixed with "and we will treat him"?
October 9, 2012 by Marie

In this sentence: Matt began to see himself differently after he talked to Mr. Bataky. In this sentence "himself" is an object pronoun, subject pronoun, intensive pronoun, reflexive pronoun?
October 21, 2012 by Sally

February 23, 2012 by Celest

October 20, 2006 by Kalli

English composition
1. I found that the printing states were so bad. 2. On account of linking sounds(liaisons), we can not hear what is said sometimes. Are linking sounds and liaisons grammatical? Are Sentence 1 and Sentence 2 all correct?
October 22, 2007 by John

How do I reword the sentence..Now the truth is not opposite but neither is the description of above. It is talking about romanticism and the above sentence is about the average view of romanticism. NO to be verbs are allowed ( Is, was,are, be, been, etc)
December 7, 2008 by Anonymous

Select the answer that contains the correct punctuation for the following sentence. A diamond is the hardest natural substance it can scratch any other stone. A. The sentence is correct. B. ... substance, it can... C. ... substance; it can... D. ... substance; and, it can... I...
April 6, 2011 by anthony

“It is little wonder that they went land-mad…” Notice the verbs in this sentence. List at least three verbs that support this topic sentence and show how the settlers were indeed “land-mad
August 29, 2012 by angelique white

scroll all the way to the bottom: How do you figure out which way the motor will spin (figure 12)? And how do you figure out which way the loop will rotate? And to answer 1...
June 10, 2013 by Alice

A 2.0kg wood block is launched up a wooden ramp that is inclined at a 26 angle. The block's initial speed is 8.0 m/s. The coefficient of kinetic friction of wood on wood is 0.200. a) What vertical height does the block reach above its starting point? Express your answer to two...
October 10, 2012 by senko

A mag lev train traveling at 180 m/s towards a rail way crossing sounds its horn with a wavelength of 0.20 m. What is the frequency of sound that people waiting at the rail way crossing hear?
February 1, 2013 by Steve

Erica P. com/155interest rates • In a total of 200 words, write two paragraphs with about how interest rates affect our purchasing decisions. • Identify the topic sentence in each by underlining it. I need to know if I underlined all of the topic sententeces, They each focus ...
November 16, 2010 by erica

edu 650
The idea of Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligences suggests that there are specific intelligences that are inherent in all individuals. The author, however, suggests that a preferred style may not necessarily be the best way an individual learns. With that in mind, what ...
October 21, 2013 by Jamie

The idea of Gardener’s theory of multiple intelligences suggests that there are specific intelligences that are inherent in all individuals. The author, however, suggests that a preferred style may not necessarily be the best way an individual learns. With that in mind, what ...
November 14, 2013 by QUEEN

This question is based on the following paragraph. (1) It was December 7, 1941. (2) The freighter Florentine, 320 miles northeast of the Hawaiian Island of Hilo was lumbering along at about 15 knots when the garbled message came in over the radio: (3) "Attack on Pearl Harbor; ...
February 19, 2013 by nanna

separate the sentence with a line between the complete subject and the complete predicate Three-fourths of the earth / is covered by water, and most of it is salty ocean water. is the line in this simple sentence correct?? THANKS
September 25, 2011 by jill

Blood samples from 10 persons were sent to each of two labs for cholesterol determination. The measurements are recorded below: Table 1. Serum Cholesterol measurements of Lab 1 and Lab 2 Subject Lab 1 Lab 2 1 296 318 2 268 287 3 244 260 4 272 279 5 240 245 6 244 249 7 282 294 ...
July 21, 2014 by Peter

Some young men were told by their mothers not to wear tight briefs, as this could make them sterile and infertile. Explain how wearing tight briefs could do this. What alternative methods could you implement to avoid sterility and infertility, and why?
May 8, 2012 by Anonymous

Critical Thinking/Ethics
During the last full moon, the ratio to of male to female births was 1.1 to 1 in Toronto but 2.5 to 1 in Timmins, so the effect of the full moon on a baby`s gender is stronger in smaller towns. What is an alternative explanation for that?
October 6, 2012 by Steph

English expression
(Do you have a dog?) You should put/mark (Are both OK?) a question mark at the end of a question. As this is an interrogative sentence, the question mark is put. (This is my dog, Ben.) My dog is in apposition to/with Ben. So there is a comma between the two items. You can omit...
March 25, 2008 by John

How to fix this sentence fragment. Richard III supposedly had the young princes murdered. Found out what really happened to them. I would make it into a compound sentence. Put a semicolon after murdered; and add "no one has" before the found.....etc.
December 6, 2006 by shelly

help please:-)
The first sentence of your introductory paragraph should do all of the following EXPECT: A. Give the reader an idea of the subject matter. B. include the title of the eassy. C. Grab the reader's attention D. Provide a thesis sentence. I got B. Is it right? what do you think?Do...
September 28, 2011 by ciara

Sentence (i) has been shortened in sentence (ii) by using a(n) (i) She likes a location that is in the sun. (ii) She likes a sunny location 1 - prefix 2 - adjective 3 - phrase 4 - connective #b - adjective?
February 13, 2008 by Sarah

4 grade math
i have a question on a math problem, please#1 explain why 7*8 is not a number sentence. Next question is write two true number sentence. thank you!
November 9, 2009 by pat

1. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Is this a declarative sentence? 2. Which of these is a declarative sentence? a. You will go to swim tomorrow. b. I am hoping to be able to go to swim. Is it a? Thank you so much.
December 26, 2009 by Anonymous

4th grade math
write a multiplication sentence with the greatest possible product using the digits 1, 2, 6, and 8 once. then write sentence with the least possible product
February 11, 2014 by ranganathan

Language Arts
1) What are the three types of conflict? (1point) Man against man, man against beast, man against himself Man against man, man against himself, external Man against man, man against himself, internal Man against man, man against nature, man against himself*** 2) Read the ...
October 5, 2013 by Gabby

What is the topic sentence in the following paragraph? I believe that paragraph one was a very effective paragraph. It touches a few very interesting points about why someone should create a Living Will. This is especially important to me because of the way that my family has ...
August 2, 2011 by ....

business commnication
Which of the following sentences advocates an idea in a positive way? (Points: 5) "I can't see anyone buying the product at that price." "The unit is way overpriced." "Customers can get a better deal anywhere else." "We can corner the market if we discount the selling price just
June 15, 2011 by Anonymous

pronoun (need to make sure)
Both of the girls must give ____ speeches today. their<----- I chose this one. she her Which sentence corrects the following sentence? The final decision must be made by Ellen and he. A.) The final decision must be made by Ellen and him. <------ I chose this one. B.) The...
May 20, 2014 by Reconsniper (New Computer)

Early Child. Ed.
Which is NOT an example of a reciprocal relationship with families? 1. Writing a monthly class newsletter. 2. Setting up limited times for parents to visit the classroom. 3. Making a home visit to the family. 4. Phoning parents at home. Reciprocal means two-way communication. ...
July 7, 2007 by Tamera

Could you give me direction about what I am to do here? Am I correct at all? Preterit vs. imperfect- Choose the correct form of the appropriate verb to complete each sentence. dio, daba, tenía, tuvo, conocí, conocía, comprabas, compraba, iba, fui, compré, compraste, fui, compr...
April 2, 2011 by Euphoria

An appeals court ordered the money returned,however,the IRS didn't comply. A. PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED SENTENCE B. DANGLER C. RUN-ON D. COMMA SPLICE I THINK THE SENTENCE IS A COMMA SPLICE, WHAT DO YOU THIMK? AM I CORRECT? You are correct!
October 20, 2006 by Kalli

What is the name of the common error in the following sentence? -Having risen because of the rains, the hikers were unable to cross the river.- 1) Infinitive phrase 2) Run-on sentence 3) Dangling modifier 4) Prepositional phrase # 3, dangling modifier
February 13, 2008 by Sarah

The city of Munich plans many interesting festivities. In the above sentence i need to identify the nouns in the objectice case. I also need to know what part of the sentence is the word festivities. I know the subject is Munich and the form is simple.
September 11, 2008 by jessy

Gender Math M 690 M 550 F 800 F 610 M 540 F 660 M 700 M 560 F 560 M 390 F 530 M 560 F 590 F 520 M 740 F 560 M 620 M 700 M 620 F 500 M 760 F 710 M 590 M 670 M 670 a. Determine whether the sample provides statistical evidence that males have higher Math scores than females at ...
November 30, 2011 by jabrony

Is these sentences correct on dangling modifiers? if not please tell me what they should be. Thanks. 1.Flying oer the oak tree,the farmer saw the flock of birds that had damaged his crop. 2. Ironing out all wrinkles,the pants looked much more presentable. 3.The police chief ...
June 20, 2007 by Lisa

During the afternoon, my cats are content to nap on the couch.What is the meaning of these sentence? Content is the meaning of "the amount of a substance that something contains".Is it right?But I don't understand meaning of word "content" in these sentence.
June 25, 2011 by Bayarbold

English II
Revise the following paragraph until you can answer yes to each of the questions listed below. After you are finished, copy the revised paragraph in the space provided. 1. Does the paragraph have a clear purpose, and does each sentence contribute to that purpose? 2. Is every ...
March 13, 2013 by Carlos

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