March 26, 2017

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Does anyone know any websites that sell very cheap books because I searched everywhere and none of the websites I found were in my price range? Therefore, if you know any websites please post. Thanks
February 22, 2009 by Jen

computers and math
Do you know any websites that have virtual place value blocks for making decimals. Please make suer i can acctually make the decimal on the websites. Lastly make sure it s a websites that i can stay on for as longt as i want without the website saying that there is a limit. ...
October 23, 2012 by elementary kid

Please give me about 2 websites where i can find out interesting facts about Venus. 2 websites where i can find out if any robots or satellites landed on Venus.2 websites were I can find the average temperature of Venus. Lastly 2 websites where I can find out how long it takes...
October 25, 2012 by sci

Once again please give me about 2 websites where i can find out interesting facts about Venus. 2 websites where i can find out if any robots or satellites landed on Venus.2 websites were I can find the average temperature of Venus. Lastly 2 websites where I can find out how ...
October 25, 2012 by sci

Could you give me links to websites that have accurate and good information, such as some univeristy websites that give out good homework information, etc.
February 24, 2011 by IknowUcare

computers and math PLEASE HELP
Please somebody do you know any websites that have virtual place value blocks for making decimals. Please make suer i can acctually make the decimal on the websites. Lastly make sure it s a websites that i can stay on for as longt as i want without the website saying that ...
October 23, 2012 by elementary kid

history websites
Where can I find good websites to search on the Bodie Lighthouse?
September 15, 2011 by Liz

math research
does anyone know any good websites about the mathematician Euclid? Any websites besides wikipedia, PLEASE!! thanks
January 12, 2008 by Jenny

What are two excellent websites dealing with indigenous cultures and/or religions? Check at the bottom of this webpage for a section called External Links. You'll find many good ones there. If you stick with university websites, ...
December 10, 2006 by Kailin-Jasm-sis

COM 156
What websites do you normally frequent? Are these websites credible? When is credibility more important and when is it less important? Support your answers with specific examples
November 8, 2011 by cassandra

com 156
What websites do you normally frequent? Are these websites credible? When is credibility more important and when is it less important? Support your answers with specific examples.
March 27, 2012 by evette brown

Websites for Third Grade
Can you give me some websites to study for 3rd grade is these areas? Social Studies,English Language Arts, Math,Science
July 1, 2010 by ☻ Vanessa Sarafina ☻

8th Grade Language Arts
Hi, I have to write an essay on a controversial topic. This is the topic: Should GPS devices be installed in phones and other electronics? I'm having some trouble finding websites based on this topic and it really interests me so I don't want to change it (only if I have to). ...
January 12, 2017 by Music Lover 14

I need to know how to in-text citations using websites, is there any one that could explain this to me in plain english? All the websites I have found have confused me even more. Thank you.
July 13, 2011 by Angelina

World History (only need websites)
Describe the pattern of triangular trade that developed in the 1500s. It's worth 5 points I want as many of them as possible please help I am only asking for websites you don't have to give an answer.
October 29, 2015 by Anonymous

Are there any websites about medieval attitudes about Jews? In google i mostly get websites about a book.
November 5, 2010 by jenny

I have looked almost everywhere on the inernet but i cant find any art websites that will show me step-by-step how to draw a school cafeteria do you all kno any websites that i can go to
October 15, 2008 by DeeDee

hi! I'm doing research about the Muslim rebellion in the southern Philippines.. but the websites I keep finding I don't understand the information. Could anyone help me find websites which are easy to understand? thanks. I have to know the who, when, where, what,how and why ...
June 12, 2008 by Jen

I have 5 minute presentation on any thing. I like talk about space travel or space exploration. I do not know where to find and other websites they have too much informtion. can you please give me any websites?
May 14, 2012 by Jessie

Hello! I have a hard time finding out what these words mean? Can you send me any websites? That would help so much! Also, can you send any educational websites for me. I only got an "A" on math and the rest of the subjects are B's. I want to pass all of these subjects. Thank ...
January 11, 2016 by Steph

Hey, I am searching for websites that offer free homework help, and I figured out that this one does. I feel proud of this website to help students for free. I'm wondering if there are any other sites like these? Please list some down below if you are aware of those sites.
July 12, 2010 by Anonymous

I am looking for reliable websites for writing a persuasive essay why homework is bad for students. I'm having trouble looking for good websites about why homework is bad. Can you help me find one or two?
February 1, 2017 by (Not telling)

Drive in Movie Theaters
research 3 reliable sited websites for text information for Drive in Movie Theater and at least 3 websites of historical information
September 23, 2013 by anonymous

AP U.S History
Are there any AP U.S History websites that explain the chapters in the American Pageant 13th edition book? I've been to certain websites but all they've done is outline the chapters from that book. I'm looking for a site that can teach me what happens in each chapter in ...
October 18, 2008 by Anonymous

I need help...I have searched many websites and I feel like none of the websites have answered my question... I need to find the ideas, beliefs, and attitudes towards the age of Rationalism. I just can't seem to find it anywhere.. Please help me!
November 13, 2009 by sarah

I was wondering if someone could please explain this to me (please don't give me links to websites, I already have a thousand saved under my favourites, I just don't understand how to find my answer from the information the websites have provided). Question: What would the ...
March 23, 2008 by Needs a bio teacher

science, psychology
Exhibit a behaviour that you do every day that you think is influenced by heredity and environment. Describe how three of the seven modern perspectives/approaches of psychology would be used to explain your behavior. Make sure that your discussion is not too personal in nature...
May 14, 2013 by paul

We are doing Dawn Dupree and I need to find out about her. Have tried different websites but none contain info. I need info on her work and her thoughts about her work etc. Does anyone know any good websites I can go on. Many thanks.
September 28, 2008 by charlene

For the quote "Remember the Maine" I went on a lot of websites and most of the websites said that "remember the Maine" was said by Americans. I can't seem to find what the meaning of the quote was. Did people say it when they wanted to go to war with Spain?
August 28, 2010 by Amy~

Explain why the boundary between the Triassic and Jurassic periods is similar to the boundary between the Permian and Triassic periods. Please give me the appropriate websites...NOT ANSWERS. Just Websites :)
October 26, 2015 by HelpME:(!!!

Can someone help me find some really resourceful websites on the rise and fall of Spain as a world power??? and the rise of the United States as a world power. i have a few books i'm looking through but i need some websites too. Thank you!!!
December 12, 2007 by <<<HELP>>>

Algebra 1
algebra questions I don’t need any of the open a textbook answers. I have worked hard to get my algebra done but these last units have turned my mind into mush. I don’t just want answers I need an explanation. Any help would be wonderful Thank you 2) what is the equation ...
May 15, 2015 by Elysian

Quick Question
I am typing a three page paper about technological changes and its impact on society during the 1870-1945 time period. Can someone please give me two great websites on the topic. These websites mus include accurate info. It can not be an commercial website. It has to be a site...
April 27, 2011 by Willy Wonka

I'm writing a report about music programs being cut in school, do you know any good websites of the history of music education and websites of why music programs are being cut? Thanks!
October 27, 2009 by Jon

Chemistry - HELP IGCSE
I have a chemistry exam tomorrow and I don't get the double bonding in covalent bonding I tried many websites , textbooks and other books and yet nothing worked Can someone please explain it clearely and in a simple way and please don't put any links for websites ca use ...
January 27, 2008 by AMY

I have to write an argumentative paper on the topic: Recent changes to Georgia's HOPE scholarship program. To start off I wanted to conduct some research on the topic, but I only want to use good secondary sources from academic websites or something like that...Can someone ...
March 15, 2011 by y912f

I left out these sentences. Can you please help me express them? Thank you very much! 1) I also use Internet to download music from different websites and then I save it on my computer or MP3 player. (where else can I save it? Flashdrive, USB memory stick…). I’ve never ...
February 14, 2012 by Henry2

medical billing and coding from Penn Foster
Writeacher, thank you for checking it out. I thought MLA would be easier for me since ive been out of school 15 yrs now. I can do either APA or MLA. I guess with the websites ,I still don't understand the differences, some of the sentences were from websites and books, I tried...
June 25, 2009 by Shannon

Is there any good websites which can give me something to read on "About a Boy" the novel. I have to write a supervised essay in class tomorrow about how the characters change and how they "lose or gain" something. I have a brief idea on the how I'm going to go about it, but I...
November 12, 2008 by JC

Educational Technology
'Scuse me, but I'd just like to check if my answer is right: 2. Which of the following is a true statement?: A. If it is printed or posted on the web, then it is a fact. B. Websites must go through a validity checker before they can be posted on the Internet. C. Experts ...
April 14, 2016 by Porter Ballou

I'm trying to write a company bio. I just want to know what you think and see if it needs improvement. 1. Who are you (literally) 2. What do you do? What is your area of expertise? 3. Who does this help? What needs do you fulfill for others? 1. Who are you? (Name of company), ...
October 12, 2008 by Anonymous

Health Education
i added all the references at the end of my report. and my teacher wrote that all of them must be referenced to in the report. Now i have another question: how can i reference this? i said 'the powerpoint was created utilizing different sets of data from various websites' and ...
September 15, 2010 by Beauty

Hi ! Can someone give me some really really really good websites about the "Manhattan Project" (WWI/WWII).. you know.. I need ONE primary resource and ONE secondary resource. I know you guys are really good at giving good websites. I cannot use wiki, or anything bogous and ...
March 18, 2015 by Lia

what good websites are there that help with science and maths revision? I have tried Google but there is nothing that has interested me. Also the websites, which are a good source of revision i.e. Bite size etc. Are already what I am using. I have asked around but there no one...
February 4, 2014 by Anonymous

I am doing a project on Frankenstein and we have a quote "My vices are the children of a forced solitude that I abhor, and my virtues will neccesairly arise when I live in communion with an equal" I am having a hard time understanding what it means. I have to relate the quote ...
August 30, 2007 by Julie

Source Analysis
I have an upcoming source analysis for my mid year exam in Ancient History, and after my past few source anaylsis', I haven't had of the greatess success. If there any websites or guides that could help me anaylse sources, such as sections of text and pictures. The problem is ...
May 7, 2008 by TP

problems faced in conserving kalimantan rainforest
i need to know what are some problems and successes in the conserving of the kalimantan rainforest. i tried to find websites regarding this topic, but i couldn't find any with information. i would really appreaciate if anyone would be able to give me a few of such websites, on...
December 23, 2007 by hayley

Someone asked a while ago about posting web sites and I just read it. Just wondering how to post web sites. I know some can and some can't. So I'm assuming there are certain levels of permission for doing it? Is there a way to "move up" the ladder if I have been here a while? ...
March 8, 2007 by MattBronsil

So I posted like 3-4 weeks ago that I was doing a project about fascinating etymology stories and I got a few great websites:) I only could find a few really funny and interesting stories that my classmates would actually enjoy/ want to listen to. I have been to fun-with-words...
April 30, 2011 by Rebekah

English Research
Can anyone point me in the direction of informative websites that I can use in my paper on the Romantic Era? Either in soceity, literature, or science. There are many good websites here that can help you. Start...
December 18, 2006 by Kasey

Language Arts
1. What is the key to an effective search for information as you prepare for your presentation? (1 point) A. Prewriting B. Strong research skills C. Paraphrasing D. Drawing conclusions 2. Why would a website that is selling a service not be a credible source for research? (1 ...
November 30, 2016 by Mathew

does anyone know good websites for greek art?
December 2, 2007 by brittany

fraction mystery websites
October 20, 2008 by Mohammed

do u no any good websites on mozart ?
March 18, 2009 by chloe x

to ms.sue
can you give me ideas. not websites
August 21, 2012 by Blair

I changed a few things trying to use synonyms. Can you please tell me they are possible? Thank you very, very much! 1) House swapping is a very common way to go on holiday if you can't afford a hotel room. 2) If you want to swap houses with others (better: with someone else?) ...
December 19, 2011 by Henry2

4th grade-MATH
Are there any websites that will help me with my division?
September 20, 2009 by Ross

Any websites for study guides for drivers ed?
September 21, 2012 by Unknown

thanks so much but i need topics not websites.
November 22, 2012 by Bloom

Can I please have a/any websites for convex mirrors?
September 25, 2008 by Mariz

re from anon
i wasn't asking you to do my homework for me i was asking for some help and if you knew any good websites that may help me.
October 3, 2008 by msg writeacher

science please no websites
what is the scientific definition of individual THANK YOU!
March 31, 2010 by me

Is helpglobe a free website? I can't really tell if it is or not.
July 13, 2010 by Anonymous

Explan a credible and a non cedible websites.
June 8, 2011 by Rebecca

Any Websites that have free printable worksheets??
September 19, 2012 by Unknown

Are there any websites where i can make a 3d shape and see the net for it?
December 3, 2012 by Anonymous

are there any websites to review and correct grammar spelling etc.?
April 3, 2015 by ryleigh

Any good websites to find the environment of Sweden?
February 7, 2016 by Anonymous

Does anyone know any good websites to help find out the meanings of quotes
September 28, 2007 by anonymous

language arts
Can you tell me of any websites that I could practice my grammar skills?
October 9, 2009 by Anonymous

grade 12 chem
hi, does anyone know any good websites on practicing reactions of hydrocarbons?
February 24, 2010 by tim

grade 12 chem
hi, does anyone know any good websites on practicing reactions of hydrocarbons?
February 24, 2010 by tim

grade 12 chem
hi, does anyone know any good websites on practicing reactions of hydrocarbons?
February 24, 2010 by tim

i need a haiku poem. please do not post websites.
May 26, 2010 by kathy

How do upload your own video on prezi. com with audio?
October 15, 2011 by Anonymous

Computers (Internet)
What are 2 credible websites that has information with human evolution?
November 8, 2013 by Tiffany

Where can i get opinions on stuff? Because i want to know which is a better name for a betta. Samson or Comet.
February 21, 2008 by Sam

Business Law
Why is personal jurisdiction an issue for those who post Websites?
June 11, 2008 by Vincent

What are some websites that will help me research African Americans in the colonial times?
September 23, 2008 by brooke

What websites do i look at for shelter and agriculture of the early west africa?
October 20, 2008 by Lara

history project
Is their any valuable websites about anne franks life.
December 2, 2008 by brooke

what are some good websites to use for my project on tundra plants?
April 6, 2009 by some one you dont know

Do you know of any websites that tell about the processes that are performed by the endocrine system?
April 23, 2009 by Amanda

world history
my book does not talk about that can you help me with some websites that might help me
November 11, 2009 by mark

Social Studies/GuruBlue
Can you suggest any websites that might help me so that I can do good on this assignment?
April 7, 2010 by Janye

can you suggest me some websites to study for da ela test on mondat
April 25, 2010 by pAvLeEn

what is are some free websites that can give me rational and irrational practice?
September 15, 2010 by Kelly

can you give me some websites for architectural designs for a 2 bedrooms bungalow?
November 7, 2010 by nic

the three websites u posted for me to go to didn't help me to understand the questions that were being asked
January 11, 2012 by anonymous

Does anyone know any good websites that show statistics for almost about anything??
February 26, 2012 by Anonymous

Is there any good websites where I can download or view a textbook online for free?
May 16, 2012 by Seinna

Are there any websites where i can make a 3d shape and see the net for it?
December 3, 2012 by Anonymous

Is there any good websites for online quizzes or tests on inductive reasoning?
September 20, 2014 by Math

Do you know of any websites that have chapter summaries for the book "Plague of Doves?" Thanks!
November 16, 2014 by Sarah

Here is the second part which is sometimes confusing. I really hope you can help me. 1) Sharing of the results in English, interpretations and formulations (elaborations/working-out/drafting) through an Internet platform set up by the German high school (e-Twinning is a ...
February 4, 2012 by Henry2

world civ
does anyone know some thorough, detailed websites on Marcus Cocceius Nerva (AD 96-98)? thank you!!
December 16, 2007 by BEE

do anyone know any websites to teach me grammars? practice questions or vocabulary test???
January 15, 2008 by Trissy

the sacred scriptures is more than a pile of old stories. Any websites you can give me to help with this?
March 6, 2008 by Kurst

I need accurate information about Albert Einstein. Any reccomended websites?
October 20, 2008 by logan

social studies
Are there ant websites I can go to that tell me about Latin America's geography?
November 20, 2008 by ShElLy

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