March 1, 2017

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i am having a minor difficulty i've been stuck for over an hour and don't know what to do i don't know is this right ? = "+" or "-" # = number y=3 (x-3)^2 + (y-4)^2 = 9 i substitute y (x-3)^2 + (3-4)^2 = 9 (x-3)^2 + 1 = 9 x^2 - 6x + 9 + 1 = 9 x^2 - 6x + 10 = 9 x^2 - 6x + 1 = 0...
February 24, 2010 by larry

i am having a minor difficulty i've been stuck for over an hour and don't know what to do i don't know is this right ? = "+" or "-" # = number y=3 (x-3)^2 + (y-4)^2 = 9 i substitute y (x-3)^2 + (3-4)^2 = 9 (x-3)^2 + 1 = 9 x^2 - 6x + 9 + 1 = 9 x^2 - 6x + 10 = 9 x^2 - 6x + 1 = 0...
February 24, 2010 by larry

I am stuck on a problem that has to do with the double angle formulas. I have to solve this: 4sinxcosx = 1. I tried using the formula 2sinu = 2sinucosu by substituting it in like this: 2(2sinxcosx)= 1 but then I am stuck
December 6, 2010 by kathleen

math - ans.check
Given function G(x)=-7/8(45-x), find x to nearest tenth, when G(x)=15 ____________________________________ I'm stuck on this question,i tries on my own but i couldn't get it right, plz help! 15=-7/8(45-x) -8/7(15)=45-x (-17.1428..)=45-x -> stuck at this step. Thank You!
February 17, 2015 by troy

394 cars, 57 trucks, and 23 buses ventured out in the snowstorm. 83 1/3% got stuck in the snow. How many vehicles got stuck?
May 16, 2010 by Kriztin

Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions there are two problems I get stuck with towards the end. 1) 5n/3 + 4n/3 5n+4n/3 9n/3 now i get stuck, i think that I must factor it more but i am unsure, my teacher said I incorrectly distribute the signs? 2) 7/x-5 - 2+x/x-5 for this...
March 29, 2007 by Roxxy

Math check 3
f(x) = 1/(x+7)+15/(x-8). Find all a for which f(a)=f(a+15). I understand this so far f(a)=f(a+15) 1/(7+a) + 15/(a-8) = 1/(a+22) + 15/(a+7) I have multiplied the LCD of (a-8)(a+7)(a+22)by both sides with no luck. This is a multiple choice question a.) -161/8 b.) 120/7 c.) 161/7...
October 12, 2008 by Shawn

Integral calculus
Hello, this is the last question from my homework that I get stuck at: ∫ (5^3/x - (x^8 + 9)^1/3 ) / 3x^2 will u, for sub. be = x^8 + 9? Then du is = 8x^7 dx x^7 dx = 1/8 du from there I'm stuck. Thank you
April 19, 2012 by Tommy

algebra 117b
I am really stuck if you could me please with this problem y=kxto find yfor x=6 y=-65when x=9 -65=k.9 k=- this is where I get stuck
July 17, 2012 by BERNIE

I am trying to find the equation to m= 8(3,2)This is what I did and then I get stuck, sorry m=8(3,2) y=2(8)(x-3) y=2x-? this is where I get stuck -24 or -5
September 6, 2010 by Ziggy

MAth Im stuck on question can anyone help me ?
Im stuck on this question can anyone help me ? I thought it was b but that's wrong Which situation can be modeled by tossing a coin 3 times A)choosing which one of sixteen teams will win a tournament? B)picking one of six math teacher, C)decide which English teacher of eight ...
March 27, 2011 by Mikah

1. Find all complex numbers z such that |z-1|=|z+3|=|z-i|, if i is the square root of -1. I got to the part where you graph the equations, but got stuck. 2. Find all cube roots of 8i. I know there are 3 answers, but I am stuck.
February 24, 2017 by Elodea

i am having a minor difficulty i've been stuck for over an hour and don't know what to do i don't know is this right ? = "+" or "-" # = number y=x (x+1)squared + (y+1)squared = 6 i substitute y (x+1)squared + (x+1)squared = 6 x squared + 2x + 1 + x squared + 2x + 1 = 6 2x ...
February 23, 2010 by larry

I know that to find the height of a woman that has a tibia bone measuring 43.4 would be computed like this H(t)=0.984(t)+28.6, and I would arrive at this :69.5696, but I how would I prepare a function to figure out a womeans tibia in inches when she is 5 foot, 5 inches. I am ...
December 3, 2009 by HGO

Math. (Check Answers) STUCK
HI, I'm stuck on two questions(: Round the number to the thousandths place. 97093.113469 Is it 97093.113 < -- ? 97093.112 97093.114 97000 Without multiplying, determine the sign of the product. (19)(-2)(37)(-0.8)(112) Postive Negative <-- ? The product is zero
November 25, 2014 by Kim

algebra check please
help i am stuck : -8 - 5y = 12 - 9y i got: -8-12 -5y = 12-12 - 9y -20 - 5y = 9y -20 +20 - 5y - 9y im so stuck idont understand this one can you please help me
October 1, 2012 by marko

now am stuck on how to find the grams of X+Y=1.10 X for glucose and Y for sucrose i had 3.78=M0.08206*298 3.78/24.45=0.1546M 0.1546*0.025=0.003865 moles. now am stuck. help please
January 24, 2010 by bf

Algebra-Pleasehelp-I'm so stuck!!
Please help How do you graph the radical that is below negative of the sqrt(x+1) my teacher said we should set up x and y according to parent function. The endpoint of this would be (-1,0) How do I find the other points-I'm really stuck
October 11, 2010 by Julia

lit class
we are really stuck on this one we searched the website that you suggested but are still stuck this is what we came up with is this correct punctuation? Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of independent India, said that, "culture is the widening of the mind and of the ...
May 10, 2011 by joel

Quantum Physics
Has anyone done Block 7-8 for TMA 6 for s103 - discovering Science, as i am struggling big time, any help would be much appreciated yes i am like you really phased by this how much of the tma have you managed to do Me, too what r u stuck on? I have been doing really well but ...
February 27, 2007 by Adam

English- A Raisin in the Sun
I'm stuck on these in A Raisin in the Sun: Why does Mama decide not to move? In what way does she show herself to be stronger than her children? I'm stuck, please help!
September 1, 2007 by Anonymous

Calculus Help Stuck Part 2?
b.Determine the lim x-->4 (x^2+x-20/8-2x) What Im stuck on is this f(4)= 4^2+4-20 / 8-2(4) f(4)= 0/0 x^2+x-20/8-2x = (x-4)(x+5)/-2(x-4) What do I do next I'm so confused ik i would eliminate the x-4 from numerator and denominator but what would i do with the -2 that belongs...
April 11, 2016 by Marc

The displacement of an object in SHM is given by y(t) = (7.1 cm)sin[(1.64 rad/s)t]. What is the frequency of the oscillations in Hz? I'm completely stuck here. I was thinking that frequency = 1/t. I'm stuck with the information given. Please help!
March 22, 2010 by Angie

AlgebraII-Reiny could you please check-I'm stuck
Sikve the following by using substitution method x=3y -5 6x-18y = -30 I got this far and I'm stuck 6(3y-5) - 18y = -30 18y - 30 - 18y = -30 -30 = -30 So this doesn't make sense anymore
February 14, 2011 by JuliaAnne

I'm really stuck on my homework it says Geography can be divided into tree strands, phisical, human and enviromental. Explain what it means in your own words. I'm really stuck so could you help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
September 8, 2008 by Emily

Sorry to post again but I'm really stuck on this one! I'm doing some post lab questions and I'm stuck on one. In lab we performed Tollens test, Fehlings test, and Jones Oxidation to differentiate our unknown between an aldehyde or a ketone. The question I'm stuck on is " older...
July 16, 2013 by hayley

I'm stuck- please help
Hi everyone, I've been stuck on this question. Please anyone help. Show step by step and answers. Thank you. - Determine the​ quarter point of y=−cos(2x−π) THANK YOU.
August 3, 2016 by chichi

Math- Algebra 1
Im doing extra credit since my math test didn't go so well but im stuck on a question (Wish i had my math book). Please help. Q: 3.8y - 4.7 + 3.8y + 17.5
November 23, 2010 by Shilo

graphing an equation
I am getting stuck on graphing equations. when something says y=1/2x-4.....I am supposed to put in numbers for x. however, I am stuck on the concept of how to divide by the fraction. Lets say x=2 y=1/2(2)-4 I am totally stumped on if I need to make two into a fration or ...
August 22, 2010 by Ryan

A watchmaker would work with _____ measurements. a. standard b. precision c. indirect d. Swiss I'm a little confused on this question. I don't think it's A or D. I'm stuck between B and C, but I think it's C-indirect. Is there any tutor that is good in technology? Please help ...
December 21, 2009 by y912f

Math mrs sue
Can you check these? 18% of 90 is what number? i got 16.2 what number is 41% of 800? i got: 1951.22 what number 5% of 522? i got : 10440 70% of 279 is what number? i got: 195.3 what number is 90% of 13? i got : 14.44 9% of 351 is what number? i got: 32 36% of 95 is what number...
March 1, 2012 by Marko

math stuck
3/10 + 1/5 = 9/30 + 6/30 = 15/30 but it says that it is 0, or 1
February 20, 2010 by Anonymous

(5)/(x) - (2)/(x-3) = 0 5(x-3) - 2(x) = x(x-3) 5x-15-2x = x^2 -3x 3x-15 = x^2 -3x this is where i get stuck please help thanks
October 31, 2010 by peter

Help! stuck on this math question
3n/(n^2 -7n + 10) - 2n/(n^2-8n+15)
March 14, 2013 by Mikayla

okay i got stuck on "5-x-x=-17"?
June 3, 2013 by cheyenne

math percents
Can you check these? 18% of 90 is what number? i got 16.2 what number is 41% of 800? i got: 1951.22 what number 5% of 522? i got : 10440 70% of 279 is what number? i got: 195.3 what number is 90% of 13? i got : 14.44 9% of 351 is what number? i got: 32 36% of 95 is what number...
March 1, 2012 by marko

military , math
your squad just completed a 12 mile road march inf our hours flat. Althogether there were 15 check points, to include the road march completion point. what was the average time in minutes between checkpoints? 32 26.6 16 8 How many barrels does it take to hold 10,000 cubic feet...
April 5, 2007 by jake123

i have 2 questions im stuck on what is 5-2{4-(3y-4)} and then what is (x^-9)^6
May 2, 2009 by jon

what is 96=6x^2 come out to be. im stuck!
October 31, 2009 by melissa

Math Statistics
I am stuck can someone help me 19.2 - 21.1 ---------- 3.18 \/25
October 6, 2012 by Misty

I have about 3 homework problem that I am stuck on! please help me. #1: The area of a rectangle is 16, and its diagonal is \sqrt{68}. Find its dimensions and perimeter. (x^2)+(y^2)=\sqrt{68} (x^2)+(y^2)=8.246 xy=16 y=16/x (x^2)+(16/x)^2=8.246 (x^4)+(96/x)=8.246 Then I got ...
June 2, 2014 by Anonymous

okay i am comepletely stuck on this math prob....: x + 5y - 10 = 0 x = 2y - 8 i know the answer is -20/7 , 18/7 but i have no idea how they got it so someone PLZ HELP!!!!
February 26, 2008 by shelby

Given the proportion 3x+2y/7=2x+3y/8, determine the value of xy^2-x^2y/x^3+y^3 This is what I got so far... 3x+2y/7=2x+3y/8=k 3x+2y=7k 2x+3y=8k And that's where I'm stuck at solving this math question.
March 18, 2015 by Ivia

Quick english check
15) I was stuck with so many needles that Shannon laughed and said, Now you understand what it feels like to be me!" What change should be made in sentence 15? A. Insert a colon after stuck B. Change that to then C. Delete the comma D. Insert the quotation marks before Now I ...
March 18, 2015 by Anonymous

Algebra-Please help me!
Hi, I'm totally stuck! Problem: sqrt(x-3) = sqrt (2) -sqrt(x) I know I square them to get them out of square roots but after that I'm stuck- answers: -25/8 25/8 no solution 1/8 Please show me how its done Thank you
October 12, 2010 by Michelle

English writing
1. Don't get stuck on yourself. * What is the meaning of 'stuck on'? 2. He applied/wore a heavy makeup. * Which word should I use, apply or wore? 3. Speak in full clear sentence. * Is this one OK? Don't we have to add 'a' before'full'? 4. Don't spin in your chair or let your ...
October 24, 2007 by John

Can someone help me finish this problem I am stuck! 5/4x+1/8x=11/8+x 10/8x+1/8x=11/8+x 11/8x=11/8+x 19/8x=11/8
January 7, 2009 by deedra

I'm doing homework and stuck on this question: What percent of 3 1/3 is 3?
May 20, 2010 by Leah

Probably quite easy but I am stuck :/ 3d+6e
June 18, 2010 by Eloise

Stuck on solving this inequality, help please. 3X le 15 and 2x gt -6
February 10, 2011 by marco

someebodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy help stuck in pre algebra hw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 28, 2011 by Anonymous

I got stuck on 250 floz=L
February 27, 2013 by Yola

4x7-9^4= please help me im super stuck
January 14, 2014 by joey

simplify (9-m^2)7m^3 / (3-m)14m please help i am stuck
March 29, 2015 by dev

I seem to get stuck on finding this answe 4+(16-4)+(12-9)
January 14, 2016 by Lamonica

I'm TOTALLY stuck on my math!!! How do I find the unit rate of $11.49 for 3 packages?? I have to round to the nearest hundredth if necessary.... :)
December 9, 2010 by Anonymous

military , math
the emergency water storage capability your squad set up now holds 7,000 cubic feet of water. YOur commander has asked to fill it up. You estimate that a facility will hold 8,478 cubic feet. HOw many gallons are required to fill the facility? 11,055 74,470 63,415 52,360 I will...
April 5, 2007 by jake123

hi! so I have almost finshed solving a math equation i'm just stuck on this one last thing: x^3=3.85x10^-17 and I don't know how to isolate for x! plz help
January 11, 2016 by isabella

13-b/6=2-0.5b/4 I cross muliptiled and I got 12-3b=52-4b. I'm stuck. What do I do now?
November 1, 2007 by marc

how do i figure out recpricals im stuck can't do it HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!
October 29, 2008 by m

still stuck on simplififying 3x^3+5x^5...please assist
December 31, 2010 by Margaret

I'm stuck on solving this one. If I could get some help please. -6 le x/2 - 4 lt -3
February 11, 2011 by marco

I'm stuck on my homework, and my parents don't know how to do expanded algorithm
March 25, 2012 by Nandi

I'm stuck on this problem about percentages, I don't know what to do 8 9/25 as a percentage
January 13, 2015 by Zero

what is the procedure for solving the equation 1/2x = 16. I am stuck. Please help me.
April 9, 2015 by Jay

97x+14=4 First, subtract 14 from both sides. Then, let us know if you get stuck.
October 30, 2006 by jess

I'm totally stuck on this problem!! Simplify: (2a^2+13a-7/3a^3-27a)(4a^2-1/9a^2)
August 7, 2008 by David

Math check
Find the y-intercepts for the function given by: f(x)= 4/(x+5)-1/(x-4)/2/(x-3)+3/(x+2) I am stuck
October 12, 2008 by shawn

last one on this topic i promise ;-) 4X-14+2X^3-7x^2 rearrange by degree 2X^3-7X^2+4X-14 and them im stuck..
October 27, 2010 by lomas

Help with this complex fraction please... (a+2/a^2+a-2) - (3a+1/a^2+2a-3) LCM is (a-1) (a+2) (a+3) right? then i get stuck
October 31, 2010 by Anonymous

Help with this complex fraction please... (a+2/a^2+a-2) - (3a+1/a^2+2a-3) LCM is (a-1) (a+2) (a+3) right? then i get stuck
November 1, 2010 by

how do u do lost digits?? my son has to do this for homework and we are both stuck on how to do this.
November 30, 2011 by melissa

6x-3y = -6 and -5x + 7y = 41 I got stuck on this problem and my answers are outrageous so please help?
March 5, 2012 by Andres

im stuck on this problem can some one please explain.. y=9(7+4)^2+9
March 7, 2014 by winston

Solve by substitution.. y=4x-7 and 2x-3y=6 This is the only question i am stuck on, please help..
September 19, 2015 by tina

2(x-y)-(x+y) I have been stuck on this problem for ages.. Please help!!
March 1, 2016 by May

solve for y x=(3-4y)^2 I've been stuck on this stupid question anyone? ._.
May 20, 2016 by Anonymous

I am stuck on a couple of math problems. I need help on the following numerical patterns. 5,7,11,17,25,?,47,61 80,40,20,?,5,5/2 It looks like you add two to each increment. For example, 5 + 2 = 7. 7+4=11 11+6=17 17+8=25 25+10=35 etc. For #2, I think each is halved. 80/2=40 40/...
January 11, 2007 by Tori

n - is the _________ of a number and 4. 4 Can you please help me with this problem. I am stuck. It has to have 5 letters.
October 17, 2007 by Happy face!!

How would you factor this problem? I keep getting stuck. x^2+2xy+2x+y^2+2y-8
November 15, 2007 by Katie

Hey thanks guys, im stuck XD 27.) if B + (-3) = -5 ; what is the value of b??? thankyou for whoeveer helps.
November 4, 2009 by bettylouuu!

2/5Q is less than or equal to -18 i am really stuck and i am not surehow to figure it out!
January 4, 2011 by Amelia

I am stuck on a problem. Can Somebody tell me what the next number is in the pattern 9,11,15,20,25?
August 27, 2012 by Lindsey

i need help im stuck on this question please help me heres the input 25 and the output is 15
January 8, 2013 by ami

FACTOR 6x^3+2x^2-8x =0 I know the GCF is 2x thus leaving: 2x(3X^2+X-4X)=0 *Stuck after this part*
September 3, 2014 by M

a+b+c=28 b= a+3 I plugged in the b but got stuck on 2a+3+c. What I did: a+a+3+c=28 2a+3+c=28, but what do I do next to solver this linear equation?
January 12, 2016 by Rabie

Please what are the steps to solving this problem? I am stuck. question= 12 1/2% x (1/2)/(3/4) 12(1/2)% = 12.5 (1/2) x (4/3) 4/6 = 2/3 I don't know what to do next.
March 9, 2016 by John

May 11, 2016 by PLEASE HELP

A 5.88 g bullet is fired vertically into a 0.9 kg block of wood. The bullet gets stuck in the block, and the impact lifts the block 0.87 m up. (That is, the block — with the bullet stuck in it — rises 0.87 m up above its initial position, and then falls back down.) Given g...
August 9, 2011 by James

how many grams of NAOH are needed to make a 2.00 molal solution? I got stuck here 2.00 molal=2.00 mole/kg molecular weight of NAOH= 40g/mol (2.00 g/molecular weight x kg) x 40 g/mol= stuck thanks jim
January 30, 2010 by Jim_R

Honors Chemistry
We did a lab in class on Friday where we stuck a metal loop in various chemicals and stuck it in the flame of a Bunsen burner and we observed the flame's colors as the different metals went in. For every lab we do, we have to write a writeup which involves a graph. How could I...
September 20, 2009 by Emily

Okay I am stuck on a problem: What do you call the numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays?
September 4, 2007 by Amber

I have to solve the system. 3x + y = 12 y = 9 - 3x I used the substitution method to get 3x + 9 - 3x = 12 But now I'm stuck.
November 12, 2008 by Riley

Solve for x: 3^(x+1)=2^x This is what I have so far... (x+1)log3 = xlog2 ...and now I'm stuck. Help plz? Thanks!
April 11, 2010 by Nikki

Need help solving this algebraic complex fraction please. a+3/b ------ b+3/a I know LCM= is ab but then i get stuck
October 30, 2010 by Anonymous

Stuck here Question wants the correct number of significant figures. tan^-1 (9/7)=?
January 23, 2011 by jim

How do you work 5y ____ 3y+6 It is in fraction form and it just got me stuck,,,please help!!!!! :(
October 9, 2011 by Mo

can someone please explain/show how to do this? im really stuck with fractions 5 1/3 + (-3 9/18) thanks so much
January 4, 2013 by Anonymous

hi i wanted to know what is 1.8387 rounded three decimal places please im stuck
March 4, 2013 by Lisa

Do the following lines intersect? If yes, show the the point of intersection, if any. 5x+8y=-5 -x-1.6y=14  Im stuck. Please help! Thanks
July 12, 2015 by Tori

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