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Spanish 1B - I am an honor student but with spanish for me I can memorize for the tests but I am not really undestanding it. I am great in science and math - and i got an A barely in spanish but it gets harder. The hardest part for me is that every other class comes easy. I ...
October 23, 2007 by sam

sra JMcGuin spanish
Hi This is sam's mom - you have helped my child enormously - Whenever work is done with you the grade is amazing. Finals ae coming up and I think you are close to us. We live on the west side and go to school in the valley. SO anywhere would be convenient - We have a tutor for...
January 1, 2009 by sam's Mom

Riding on a school bus are 20 students in 9th grade, 10 in 10th grade, 9 in 11th grade, and 7 in 12th grade. Approximately what percentage of the students on the bus are in 9th grade?
October 6, 2014 by jenna

9th grade
I'm doing this word search for my 9th grade honors physical science class, and i don't understand one thing. it says 'blue, striped and round are examples of this' when we're talking about matter and phases of matter and density/mass/weight/volume. stuff like that. ANY HELP ...
January 6, 2010 by Kelly

9th grade
how are you suppose to respond to ¿quién es ella? the formal way in spanish?
October 19, 2010 by kiki

9th grade SPANISH
venezuelan influences on AMERICA(like CULTURE,LANGUAGE,ECONOMICS,etc.)need b4 2morow
November 30, 2008 by ASAP!!!!

Spanish 9th grade
Is this how I say the spider is smaller than the lizard? La araña es más pequeña que la iguana.
October 5, 2011 by Jeff

9th grade
I need an answer to my question in spanish Que vas a hacer despues de las clases hoy?
October 15, 2009 by Kyle

9th grade Spanish
Write a letter to a new pen pal. Hola, Yo me llamo Claire y you tengo 14 anos. Yo tengo dos hermanas. Ellos tienen 16 y 11 anos. Ellos se llaman Erica y Amelia. Me gusta la pizza y el chocolate. No me gusta huevos. Que te gusta comer? Yo me gusta eschuchar el radio y dormir. ...
October 22, 2009 by Claire

Spanish -9th grade-Please check and advise
I need to write about my geometry class and what I do in the class. I need to use "la tarea" in the sentence. I'm not sure if I could use this to describe the calculations I do. I'm confused how to even conjugate or use this. Would it start with "Hago la tarea de los calculos...
May 16, 2011 by Becky

9th Grade Courses
For 9th grade science, which would be easier to take? Environmental Science or Life Science? Thanks -MC
July 15, 2009 by mysterychicken

Spanish-9th grade
I have a question-I'm not sure of this translation: ¿Qué comes parea a uno? Does this mean What do you stop to eat at one or Where? I'm stuck on this one. Thanks you
March 8, 2011 by SammyLynne

9th grade classes
I'm choosing which classes I want to take for freshman year but I'm not sure what I need to take. Right now I've only decided on Geometry and English 1. What science do I take for 9th grade? I'm looking for the easiest courses available. Thanks -MC
May 26, 2009 by mysterychicken

How do you write "December the 9th" in Spanish ?
April 16, 2010 by Linda

Is 9th grade biology hard? Is it interesting...?? I love life science but I just wondering if 9th grade biology hard??? I'm taking biology next year.
April 29, 2013 by Sarah

9th grade algebra/Ms Sue
Okay Ms. Sue. I am in 8th grade but I am taking Algebra with 9th graders. I am very confused with my previous problem. I have asked my Dad but we are both getting confused. Now I have come up with 22. Is this my correct answer?
August 22, 2012 by Reed

9th Grade Classes
I was reading my school district program of studies and I found this section in for high school coures. - English 9H - Integrated Algebra A - Earth Science - Global History and Geography I or H - French Beg. 1 - Orchestra (a days)/ Health (b days) - Studio Art I - African ...
December 18, 2011 by Laruen

Algebra - 9th grade
please solve for either x or y: x/2 + y/4 = 7
April 13, 2010 by Jesse

9th grade
I don't get this at all please help Density problems
September 27, 2010 by Jeraven

9th grade
wat is 7m-3m-6=6 can you please tell me how you got that answer?
September 13, 2010 by Alexus

9th grade math
I need help with this problem please help with steps. -u+5u-2(6u-11)
August 10, 2015 by Clarissa

11th grade
The students of litchfield High school are in grades 9,10,11,12. Of the students , 1/4th are in 9th grade, 1/3rd are in 10th grade, 1/6th is in 11th grade and there are 300 in the 12th grade, how many students are there all together?
November 6, 2009 by stefanie coplin

9th grade
what nutrient is found in large amounts of rice? please help!
February 5, 2010 by fgghjll;

Spanish-9th grade-Please help me
Is this I would say I snacked(past tense) on popcorn and a drink in the movie? Merende palomitas de maíz y un refresco en el cine. How do I say I snack(present tense) on popcorn and a drink in the show? Meriendo palomitas de maíz y un refresco en el cine.
March 26, 2012 by Joelle

9th grade
hoq to solve equations using the quadratic forlmula. ex. 2Xsquare -7X +5=0 please ehlp
April 1, 2009 by kaila

9th Grade Algebra 1
I need someone to tell me how to do these kinds of problems (In great detail please) -5x=9-2x -8x-10=4x+14
September 13, 2010 by Nicole

9th grade honors algebra
please help! I can't figure out the function rule for a table that says x=0,1,4,5 and y=9,6,-3,-6
November 24, 2012 by jor.kan

The students at Millerville High School were surveyed about their favorites type of music. The results are in the table. to the nearest whole percent, what percent of the students who chose country as their favorite are in 9th grade? a.63%,b.39%,c.24%,d.20% Favorite type of ...
May 20, 2016 by marilyn

9th Algebra
Im in 9th grade algebra. and we are learning adding and subtracting real numbers. im stumped on a couple of problems. I get confused when i see the absolute value lines. Does that change the munber? Do i just go on with the problem as if they werent there? And i have NO idea ...
August 25, 2009 by Amanda

9th grade algebra
This is for my daughter. find the product of x^2 -4/5 X x + 2/x - 2 could you please show us the work so we can try to understand how it works?
April 9, 2009 by Dippy

9th grade Spanish 1
Can you check my answers regarding direct object pronouns? I had to fill in a chart (D.O.P for English and Spanish and use of D.O.P with gustar and ar ending verb) and not sure about the answers. Eng....Span...DOP + gusta + infinite(ar ending verb) me.....me.....me gusta ...
September 15, 2016 by Alexis

- Computers - English - Foreign Languages - Health - Home Economics - Math - Music - Physical Education - Science - Social Studies GRADE LEVELS - Preschool - Kindergarten - Elementary School - 1st Grade - 2nd Grade - 3rd Grade - 4th Grade - 5th Grade - 6th Grade - 7th Grade - ...
January 8, 2010 by peter

Spanish-9th grade
Could you please check if these are correct? Thank you- 1.¿Necesitas monedas para coleccionar monedas? Sí. Las necesito para coleccionar monedas. 2. .¿Necesitas el bate para jugar al tenis? No,lo necesito para jugar al tenis. 3. Me hablas? Sí, te hablo.
October 17, 2011 by Beth

9th Grade Bio
_______ is the process of digesting food and extracting the energy from it. Directions: Fill in the blank. Please help me answer this question. I've looked through all my textbooks and notes but they didn't mention this anywhere. Can someone please help me? Thanks
August 25, 2014 by Layla

8th grade
essay on should students only have to take reading andmath to go to 9th grade agree or disagree?
April 13, 2009 by Robin

I'm required to look up an article in a Spanish magazine that has to do with events that took place in Spanish hometowns. The magazine has to be in Spanish and it has to deal with event(s) that occurred in a Spanish hometown. I've looked everywhere on Google and can't seem to ...
October 16, 2008 by Chloe

9th grade
My son needs help with this question. Please help. Write a function rule for each table. x | f(x) 1 | 0.5 2 | 1 3 | 1.5 4 | 2 Any and all help is greatly appreciated since this is something that I am not familiar with.
September 12, 2008 by mysterylvr6

9th grade
sugar is a compound that is not made of ions. will it form an acidic,an alkaline or a neutral solution when it is dissolved in water? please explain your answer for me!
June 7, 2009 by andréa

9th grade, Biology
Using what you know about osmosis, explain what would happen if you placed a jellyfish in a freshwater lake. I need help with this, please answer if you can, (:
September 23, 2009 by Dakota

Spanish-one word
Can someone please tell me where I can find how to say "are" in Spanish. It's not in my Spanish book or Spanish dictionary we have to have for class. Thanks
April 26, 2009 by Mike

9th grade Health
I have to know what recommendations concerning starch in our diet, and the chemistry of starch as well. Please help?
February 11, 2009 by Cassandra

Spanish 8th grade-Could someone please check this
Mexico DF is the word for Mexico City in Spanish I think that is false because they either say Mexico or el DF referring to Districto Federal, correct? They never say Mexico DF do they?
May 23, 2011 by Rita Z.

2nd grade spanish
What does podar mean is spanish? Thank you very much. (¡Gracias!)
February 10, 2009 by Annabella

9th grade
In the odyssey, what is book 16, 17, 21, 22, and 23 about in a short summary? Also explain the conflict. Some Traits of an epic hero also. Please help!!!
October 24, 2010 by k

spanish 6th grade
how do you say what is your favorite food in spanish
November 1, 2010 by Sophie

explain how the path your life would take would be diffrent if school ended after 9th grade... well im just looking for a few ideas that could basically involve anyone. the only few things i could come up with are - moar school - getting job sooner and the question is being ...
October 2, 2008 by qwerty

Computers English Foreign Languages Health Home Economics Math Music Physical Education Science Social Studies GRADE LEVELS Preschool Kindergarten Elementary School 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade High School 9th Grade 10th Grade...
November 13, 2014 by Pop

9th grade
2x + 5 - 7x = 15
October 7, 2008 by deb

9th grade
May 3, 2009 by Rachel

9th grade
October 14, 2009 by jalen

9th grade
y=7 y=-1
October 17, 2009 by Anonymous

9th grade
November 3, 2009 by trey samuel

9th grade
November 19, 2009 by mojojojo

9th grade
December 23, 2009 by brittney

9th grade
1j + 2c =11 1L + 1c = 5 1j + 2L = 3 1j + 1c + 1L = t What is t?
March 22, 2010 by Michelle

9th grade
April 17, 2010 by Felicia

9th grade
April 17, 2010 by Felicia

9th grade
April 17, 2010 by Amy

9th grade
April 17, 2010 by Maria

9th grade
April 17, 2010 by Elizabeth

9th grade
April 17, 2010 by Stephanie

9th grade
y=6-2x 7x-y=3
May 25, 2010 by trey

9th grade
1/3 x 1/3 ?
September 18, 2010 by Anonymous

9th grade
October 1, 2010 by Anonymous

9th grade
November 14, 2010 by alicia

9th grade
November 2, 2015 by Cole

Fortunately in English can you please tell me the spanish translation, also the spanish word afortunadamente what is the Englsih transalation
January 4, 2009 by sam

9th grade algebra
I've never seen a problem like this, please help. I think we have the number part right but what would the unit be once the math is done? Please show me how you came up with the answer so I will know for next time. 30 miles/1 ton x 5280 feet/1 mile x 1 hour/60 minutes x 1 ...
April 9, 2009 by Dippy

9th grade
whatis 1=1
September 2, 2008 by manisha

9th grade
How do you solve [x-1]=[x+3]
November 15, 2008 by LIza

9th grade
November 19, 2008 by Ashley

9th grade
December 8, 2008 by ariel

9th grade
what is a landform
September 9, 2009 by deanna

9th grade
What is communism?
December 3, 2009 by mnjhfgh

9th grade math
y=-5x 2x-3y+17=0
January 10, 2010 by dfszg

9th grade
cuneiform was what?
January 14, 2010 by christel

9th grade
January 19, 2010 by John

9th grade
substitution for 5r-s=5 -4r+5s=17
April 14, 2010 by Anonymous

9th grade
How do you solve ac-bc-ad+bd
June 14, 2010 by olivia

9th grade
solve 3 - (2t + 5) = -12
September 9, 2010 by sharon

September 13, 2010 by JOSH

9th grade
5y-3/5=4/5 i don't understand how to do this
September 22, 2010 by shell shell

9th grade chemistry
what is the
September 3, 2012 by simia

9th grade algebra
January 10, 2013 by Nicole

January 15, 2013 by KIM

9th grade math
April 8, 2014 by trent

7th grade spanish
I have to do an essay in spanish, but I need 150 words, and I only have 138. Can someone tell me how to say "my favorite band is" or "my favorite movie is" in Spanish? Or, can you give me ideas of what to include in my essay?
January 29, 2009 by Mike

Spanish-8th Grade-Please check
I have a question about the owrd cubiertos in Spanish. Does ths word include la servillete el cuchillo el vaso la cuchara el tendor OR is it just like the plate and spoon, fork, knife and NOT the vaso or servillete(napkin)? The word and transaltion is confusing me Thank you
March 8, 2011 by Rachel

9th grade
what is social health?
September 4, 2008 by zax

9th grade
how earth rotates?
September 14, 2008 by Anonymous

9th grade
how does ozone form?
September 22, 2008 by lc

9th grade
acrostic poem on p h o t o s y n t h e s i s
October 8, 2008 by elizabeth

9th grade(Electrical)
What is OSHA
November 11, 2008 by Shaquille Clarke

9th grade
Need help with (x+5)(3xsquared-2x+1)
November 13, 2008 by josh

9th grade, Socials
what is a colonie?
January 18, 2009 by URGENT

9th grade
English speeches
February 4, 2009 by Anonymous

9th grade
How do you multiply polynomials ?
February 27, 2009 by lora

9th grade Algebra
how do i solve this?!?! 4x-2y=32 -3x-5y=-11
March 18, 2009 by mike

9th grade
Multiplying Binomials (b-6)*(b+3)
March 25, 2009 by John Wilson

9th grade
Evaluate 3x^2 + 5y + 7 if x = -2 and y = 3 thanks in advance
May 27, 2009 by bollocks

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