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Social Studies- Rome and Christianity
How did the acceptance of Christianity change life in the Roman empire?
March 23, 2012 by Cicilia

Social Studies-Christianity
What event had the biggest impact on Christianity?
March 18, 2009 by Gretchen

social studies
in what chronological order did the following religious groups control Islam? A.Judaism Islam Christianity Islam B.Judaism Christianity Islam Judaism C.Christianity Islam Christianity Judaism D.Islam Judaism Christianity Judaism my answer is A.
February 25, 2015 by Hannah

I need help on social studies about ancient rome
November 21, 2007 by hALIE

social studies
I need a lot of help. Which of the following statements best explains why many believed that Constantinople would be a better seat for the head of the Christian church than was Rome? A. Constantinople was closer to the Holy land B. Rome was remote and sparsely poulated. C. ...
April 7, 2011 by Rebecca

social studies
I need a lot of help. Which of the following statements best explains why many believed that Constantinople would be a better seat for the head of the Christian church than was Rome? A. Constantinople was closer to the Holy land B. Rome was remote and sparsely poulated. C. ...
April 7, 2011 by Rebecca

social studies
I redid the answer, and reread the textbook. Can you check if my answer's right. The location of Rome is important to the Protestant Reformation because Rome supported the use of indulgences as a mean to raise money for a massive church project the construction of St. Peter's ...
August 27, 2009 by Rae Rae

Social Studies
Rome began as a settlement on the what? With regard to ALL your posts, this is a homework help board and not a homework do board. Someone may help by providing links to information but that probably is available in your text or notes, too. Check your atlas to see what river ...
April 11, 2007 by Quagabaga Miller

Social Studies
when did christianity begin? 33 C.E. ?
October 31, 2014 by Anonymous

social studies
In the second Punic War, (1 point) Carthage attacked Rome Most battles took place at sea Carthage defeated Rome Rome invaded Spain 2. who was Cincinnati? (1 point) a dictator who served 16 days a dictator until his death a plebeian a member of the senate 3.The first Punic war ...
March 5, 2015 by mikael

social studies
How are judaism and christianity realated
April 14, 2010 by Porche

Rome - Religion
Does anyone know when and or how Romans converted to Christianity, I know it was years ago,I do know they consumed Greece and the Greek religion around 500 BC renaming most of the greek gods to suit their own, but I do not know when Christianity became widespread and how ...
June 20, 2010 by BC

social studies
when was rome discoverd
April 7, 2010 by babak

social studies
what made constantine suppurt christianity?
January 26, 2012 by cameron

Social Studies
How did the Visigoths, who practiced Christianity, come to practice Catholocism?
July 5, 2013 by Susan

Social Studies
Did Rome start as a city on the Italian Peninsula?
April 2, 2010 by Blair

social studies
responsibility to ensure the prosperity of the city rome
February 17, 2011 by angela

social studies
specific group that plundered rome. 5 letters.
February 24, 2011 by joseph

social studies !
Hi, what are some servants, shopkeepers, or slaves in Ancient Rome?
February 22, 2013 by Anonymous

6th Grade Christian History
Who made Christianity the official religion of Rome?
March 9, 2012 by

social studies
Who was an ancient Roman writer and historian who wrote about the great fire in Rome?
October 17, 2008 by Clare

History/Social Studies
I need some help with this question. Why was the location of Rome important to the Protestant Reformation?
August 27, 2009 by Rae Rae

social studies
why was rome able to take over most of the land surrounding the mediterranean sea?? PLEASE HELP!!!
October 28, 2009 by Leslie

Social Studies
Why do you suppose some of Rome's citizens wanted absolute rulers instead of elected senators?
April 2, 2010 by Blair

social studies
Before the republicans of the empire what group of people expanded it from the north italy to excompass rome
January 9, 2012 by glenn

Social Studies
In forming thier goverment,how many executives did rome decide to have? Please reply and thanks in return :)
December 12, 2012 by :)

social studies
By a.d. 325, Christianity had spread to which continents? Northern Africa, Southern Europe and Western Asia. Is my answer correct?
April 24, 2011 by Reed

Social Studies
New religious influences in North and West came from? 1: Christianity 2: Daoism 3: Islam 4: South Africa I think it is #4 am I correct? Thank you
November 2, 2015 by Marylyn

social studies
what phoenician colony of the north african coast fought three wars with the rome for control of the western mediterranean?
February 7, 2010 by bobbi

Social Studies
In the Fall of Rome, what were the results of the movement of different Germanic tribes on the trade and political systems of the Roman Empire?
September 29, 2010 by Cesar

Social Studies
Compare and contrast how Islam spread with how christianity spread.
January 18, 2011 by Mark

Social Studies
Put these facts in your only words *Metacomet is an indian cheif who hated christianity. * He would always turn down offers to convert to christianity. *He was the second son of Massasoit *Massasoit died in 1661 *Metacom's older brother Alexander was chief until his death the ...
April 30, 2011 by Frances

I need help describing Christianity's impact on philosophy... Please tell us what you know about Christianity's impact on philosophy, and we'll be glad to critique and add to your answer. St. Augustine was the founder of christian theolagy. What was Christianity's impact on ...
January 5, 2007 by allie

social studies
I have read through my text book for school but can not find the answer to my question. can someone please explain to me why Christianity was appealing to so many Romans?
May 15, 2014 by A person

Social studies
Compare and contrast Rome's republican government to the United States Government
April 24, 2013 by Mandie

6th Grade World History
Which of these was a result of the Punic Wars? A. Rome lost Hispania to Carthage B. Rome destroyed Cannae and Ilpia C. Rome's navy became highly advanced D. Rome developed trade relationships with China Please Help As Soon As Possible! I don't know the answer to this question ...
June 9, 2015 by MusicLover14

Social Studies
How was/is the law and order kept in the society? We're learning about the government of Ancient Rome. Full Question: How was/is the law and order kept in the society of Ancient Rome and how did the government ensure the society would follow the law?
May 24, 2008 by Tracey

Social Studies
To add to the question I posted below there is a hint the hint is who or what lives in Rome. Is the answer Martin Luther??
August 27, 2009 by Rae Rae

HIS 103
Good overview; how did Eastern Orthodox Christianity (which split from the Catholic Church in the mid-11th century) differ from Rome in its basic concepts and worship style?
June 2, 2012 by Maryanne

6th Grade Social Studies
1. When the Roman government began to persecute Christians under Nero, a. Christianity almost disappeared. b. Christians had to cremate their dead. c. Jews hid Christians in their homes. d. Christianity was outlawed.***** 2. Which Roman emperor ended the persecutions of ...
May 1, 2015 by Trr

social studies
I need a few things for World Cultures that have to do with legacy of Rome Two examples each. Alphabet, Government, and Architecture. And again that's 2 examples each
January 10, 2011 by Bell

Social Studies
How did Diocletian try to reverse the decline of Rome? Please help! I dont get it :( Which event usually marks the fall of the Western Roman Empire? Please help!
April 15, 2014 by Kalie

Social Studies
The effectiveness of Roman rule can easily be seen in the fact that the fall of Rome led to 1) political chaos and economic collapse in western Europe 2) the rapid rise of a new European empire
January 10, 2009 by Francesca

NHD (Social Studies)
Please help me out on answering this question: For a working bibliography, how is a title for a website cited? Thank you tutors for reviewing the question. I might have more social studies questions and then algebra questions, so if you see more questions under the subject NHD...
December 12, 2015 by anon

I Need help with this social studies! 1. when the roman government began to persecute christens under Nero, A.Christianity almost disappeared. B. Christians had to cremate their dead.***** C. Jews hid Christianity was outlawed 2. which roman emperor ended the persecution of ...
March 26, 2015 by Megan Trainor

Social Studies
Can you check my answer? 2. Legend says that the emperor Nero played a fiddle miles from Rome while the city _______. burned **my answer** flooded starved rebelled
March 20, 2015 by Gene

Social Studies
Hello, I was wondering if you guys here could check over If this answer is right. =) Which Term means this? (99)Responsibility to ensure the prosperity of the city A.Civic Duty B. Magistrates. This is the Rome old Goverment Terms
January 20, 2010 by Marry

social studies
Why do you think the cities of Judaea were all important centers of Christianity? Because they were places where important times in Jesus' life occurred. Do you think this is the answer my teacher is looking for??
April 24, 2011 by Reed

social studies !
Hi, i'm the person that asked what are some servants, shopkeepers, or slave in Ancient Rome. What I mean is what are the names of someone that is either a shopkeeper, servant, or slave. That google type of site did not help ! Can you people please help me with this. :) Thanks
February 22, 2013 by Anonymous

Social Studies
1.Mark the statement if it is a reason that Rome was a good site for a city. A. Rome was located on a large river.** B. Rome was built on seven hills, which offered natural protection from invaders. C. Rome had an ideal seaport.** D. The climate of Rome was good for growing a ...
January 29, 2015 by Anonymous

Social Studies
Christianity claims many holy sites close to what specific body of water Sea of Galilee What two sites are holy to all three religions of Jews Muslims and Christians? Jerusalem and Haifa
March 25, 2013 by Jerald

social studies
Which of the following is not an economic reason for European Exploration? A) The discovery of fine goods in the East B) To spread Christianity throughout the world. C) To find better trade routes to the East. D) To set up colonies to encourage mercantilism. I believe the ...
October 13, 2009 by anonymous

Social Studies
How social studies in your particular school setting relates to the definition of social studies
January 6, 2010 by Anonymous

social studies
What is social studies?social studies is when you learn about your history and they tell you what happen back then when a lot of us wasn't born and then they tell you to do your warm up.
November 30, 2015 by Maria

Social Studies
This is for a Latin class, but as it has nothing to do with the language, it is more of a social studies question. For homework we had to complete a project on the Roman Empire. One part was to find all of the provinces, label them on a map, find the year they became a ...
December 1, 2013 by Megan

World History
What impact did Emperor Constantine's establishment of the “New Rome” (Constantinople) have on the Roman Empire? A.The expense of building the new city impoverished the later Empire. B. The pope moved his headquarters from “Old Rome” to “New Rome.” C. The empire became divided...
November 7, 2013 by Laura

soial studies-URGENT!!NEED BY 8:25 A.M. TOMORROW!
Who was an important person in Christianity,islam and judaism, where were they started and when were they discovered? THANX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Type in these different religions in a google search or Wikipedia, find the name of a person that seems important, then...
March 5, 2007 by vahnna

Who could be a citizen in Ancient Rome? Who were expressly forbidden from citizenship? How did the common people live in Ancient Rome. What type of services were supplied to the common person by the government of Rome? PLease Help, I am literally begging, I would appreciate ...
March 2, 2012 by running.from.myself

I did the corrections myself. Can you please check them? I just wanted to know if it is better to say "at Medford Square or in Medford Square, "to leave Turin for Rome", "to leave from Turin and go to Rome", "on" OR "during" our last night in Rome?". I included the sentences ...
April 28, 2011 by Henry1

Mark the statement if it describes Roman society during the time of Cincinnatus. A. Rome’s government was based on law in which many people had a voice. B. Rome was being surrounded and threatened by outside forces. C. People in Rome admired those who used their abilities to ...
May 5, 2014 by Brianna

social studies
1.which of the following do historians not consider a legacy of the Byzantine Empire? a)Justinians code: an organazation of roman laws*** b)Eastern orthadox church: a combination of Eastern culture and christianity c)cyrillic alphabet: a combination of greek and latin letters...
March 21, 2015 by HOMEWORK

Social Studies 8R
I need the definition for the following words: Fort Laramie Treaty Interstate Railroad Geronimo I know I have my textbook but it's not in the glossary. Is there a website that have a list of all social studies vocabulary words that is in the 8TH GRADE SOCIAL STUDIES REGENTS ...
October 14, 2012 by Laruen

Mark the statement if it describes Roman society during the time of Cincinnatus. A. Rome’s government was based on law in which many people had a voice. B. Rome was being surrounded and threatened by outside forces. C. People in Rome admired those who used their abilities to ...
April 23, 2014 by Alyssa

Social Studies
The most important motivation for the English government to support the exploration and settlement of land in North America was... a. the desire to spread Christianity b. the need to separate from the Catholic church c. the need to protect England from invasion d. the desire ...
October 2, 2014 by Brandi

Social Studies
Which of the following do historians not consider a legacy of the Byzantine Empire? a.Justinian’s Code: an organization of Roman laws b.Eastern Orthodox church: a combination of Eastern culture and Christianity c.Cyrillic alphabet: a combination of Greek and Latin letters d....
March 8, 2015 by Help Me

social studies
how do u think you did today in social studies? if you had it and if your on this web site looking up social studies and how did you do today.
September 10, 2014 by tanika

Pam is taking train from the town of Rome to the town of Florence. Rome is located 30 miles due West of the town of Paris. Florence is 25 miles East, and 45 mies North of Rome. On her trip, how close does Pam get to Paris? My work so far... She's in Rome due West, so would ...
October 12, 2009 by SC

language arts
I have another question on object of the preposition. In the sentence, I found my homework inside my social studies book. Would the object of the preposition just be book or would it be social studies book? I'm getting confused. I know social studies tells which book but I was...
October 1, 2012 by Brandi

Why did christianity become the religion of western civilization?
November 3, 2011 by jon

Which of these was a primary difference between the republic and the empire? a.More people could be citizens in the republic.***** b.Religious freedom was greater during the empire. c.Rome established colonies only during the empire. d.Political power was less centralized in ...
February 25, 2015 by URGENT ASAP PLZZ

Rome's 2 consuls are equal to what in the US?
January 19, 2009 by Anonymous

Social Studies
1. The empress Theodora helped (1 point) the theater prosper. destroy the Byzantine Empire. women gain more rights.* Rome become prosperous again. 2. From the AD 500s to the AD 1100s, the Byzantine Empire (1 point) was a crossroads for trade. * was constantly at war with Rome...
April 15, 2015 by Pauly

Social Studies
Who founded (started) the Christian religion? Answer: Jesus and his Apostles Is Christianity a Monotheistic (one god) or a Polytheistic (many gods) religion? Answer: would it be Polytheistic since they believe in God, Jesus being his son, and the Holy Spirit.
October 30, 2014 by Anonymous

Ancient Rome
How did Roman conquests overseas affected Rome's development in the past?
December 15, 2009 by Troy

AP World History
is Imperial Rome the same thing as Ancient Rome?
November 7, 2013 by Samantha

to be banished from Rome is but to live outside of Rome meaning please explain me --------------- TiTanIum.Inc -------------
February 18, 2014 by TITANIUM MAN

what led to civil war in rome?
January 19, 2009 by Anonymous

When the plebeians demanded an assembly, what did the Senate do to satisfy their demands and how did it turn out for Rome? Can you please help me?????
February 7, 2012 by running.from.myself

in forming their government how many executives did rome decide to have: 1, 2, 3, or 4?
February 6, 2012 by running.from.myself

Social Studies
1. London has the longest subway. 2. The Pacific is bigger than the continent of Asia. 3. Sunflowers can grow as tall as giraffes. 4. The largest animal is the blue whale. 5. The oldest country in the world is Iran. 6. The smallest country in the world is Vatican City in Rome...
September 10, 2009 by John

Social studies
Which is the most likely reason why Spain controlled so much of the Americas in the 1400s and 1500s? (1 point) A.The Vikings did not stay very long in North America. B.Other Europeans wanted to know about Ancient Rome. C.Many explorers were more interested in reaching China. D...
September 11, 2015 by HELP NEED PLZPLZ

what are the effects of the punic war in ancient rome?
January 19, 2009 by Anonymous

What did the 12 tables do fro the rights of plebians? Who could vote in rome?
January 17, 2009 by Anonymous

Social Studies
Why did the Spanish and French start fighting? Question from Social Studies weekly week 8 for 4th graders.
October 25, 2015 by Stephen

Social studies
Social studies, 7th Grade. I need: 4 important facts on leif erikson. Do you know any? Do you know any sites i could use? Please help.
May 30, 2008 by Bob

social studies
how do I make a virtual field trip for upper elementary and middle school students about social studies.
October 19, 2008 by sally

evironmental and social studies
explain with a diagrammatic illustration,the concept integration as used in social studies and discuss four of its advantage
December 7, 2009 by haite

Social Studies
How is your social studies instruction utilizing reading, writing, speaking,listening, and the dramatic arts?How could you improve in these areas
February 20, 2010 by Anonymous

social studies
2013 social studies fair project: A turn in history Walt Disney Pre-Draft Please
January 13, 2013 by Frank

social studies
I need help with My Social studies hw!! Im in 6th grade ive read my book and cant find anything!!!!
April 7, 2009 by Brianna

Social Studies
What are some of the other resources a teacher could use besides the texbook to teach social studies?
January 12, 2010 by Anonymous

Social Studies-URGENT
I'm doing a project for social studies, and I want to know if the African Queen Lily grows in Sudan. Please help!
March 4, 2011 by Catherine

social studies
I need some help with instructional strategies for encouraging community involvement and global awareness for social studies students. Please
October 16, 2008 by sally

Social Studies
How do I make a word web connecting two of my social studies vocabulary words?
October 4, 2007 by Sydnee

social studies
im working on a social studies weird ABC thing, but I can't find anything for U. please help
June 10, 2008 by Andrew

social studies
How do each of the eight strands of social studies tie into the times and life of Christopher Columbus?
October 27, 2008 by Katherine

Social Studies
What is the definition of cowhead? I can't find it anywhere! (this word is in my social studies text book)
January 6, 2010 by Anya

Social Studies
compare and contrast the pros and cons of the following: (1) Integrated Social Studies Learning
January 16, 2010 by Anonymous

would social studies be capitalized in this sentence: I dont understand how he did the social studies problem.
April 14, 2015 by Christian

social studies
i was wondering if you guys can help me with social studies i really need help What happened to Cuba when the Soviet Union broke up? my answer is they do not have food or tools
June 9, 2015 by Sofia

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