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Evaluate:|12 5 -2| |-3 0 1| |-5 4 2| It's going to be really confusing if I post my work. I got -127 from all the confusing things I did
February 26, 2008 by Jon

Physics I
I have this vector that is confusing me I know what I need to do but the components of these vectors are confusing me. Problem: You are standing at point with coor dinates (1m, -1m, -2m) another erson is at r(t)=(8m)i - (3m/s^3) t^3 j + (4m/s^2) t^2 k Find distance between you...
March 18, 2011 by David

What is implicit in what would be the steps in solving it. I read my textbook but it seems very confusing. 1) Differentiate both sides with respect to x 2) Realize that y is a function of x 3) Solve for y Plus the d/dx notation made it even more confusing...
November 4, 2009 by Nikita

how are and 3 4th bours and the distance traveled in 2 3 4th hours represented in the table?how are they shown on the graph? Having read the next four or five posts, I suggest you do two things: 1. Start over and write a complete question for each post. Fragments of questions ...
October 2, 2006 by chemiii

I have an exponent properties test tomorrow, its our last one before the final, so its important, but anyways, there is one question on the review that is confusing me. Could you please help? Here it is : (2y2x7)(-xy)(9x-3y) I don't know if the exponents showed up, but the ...
January 6, 2011 by Abigail

So confusing! Help Math.
49x-2 = 7Ö 7 a. -5/4 b.5/4 c. 11/4 d. -11/4
May 21, 2013 by Holly

how do u solve x+3=0? its very confusing.
February 12, 2009 by Jessica

1. She was confused at his error. 1-2. She was confused by his error. 2. He was confused about something. 3. He is confused in mind. (Are they all grammatical? Which prepositions are commonly used?) 4. That is very confusing to the public. 5. That is very confusing for the ...
April 4, 2016 by rfvv

solve: 4u^2 + 3 = -7u The sqrt part is confusing me.
July 4, 2010 by Hannah

sorry it looks confusing:solve x = 1 4 2
September 29, 2010 by philena

[-8+(-1)]+[8+(-6)]+(-6) Am I doing this right? I think I'm confusing myself please help... I have: [-8-1]+[8-6]-6 [-9]+[-2]-6 -11-6=-17
September 9, 2011 by jess

write the percent as a decimal and a fraction 365% Too confusing
December 29, 2016 by Alex

how do you gfraph a function such as g(x)= x +7 then compare it to the graph of f(x) =x? this is very confusing...
February 16, 2009 by Eric

If I add all the numbers from 1-100 what do I get? This question has been confusing me for a while...
August 10, 2013 by Hannah

Is (5(x+1)/3) ....a simplified answer or is it (5x+5)/3 sorry i forgot the parenthesees so it might have looked confusing!
February 18, 2009 by jake

Find the value of the following. 10^(-10log3) The log exponent is confusing me. Could someone please help me? Thanks.
September 8, 2010 by Ed

Find the value of the following. 10^(-10log3) The log exponent is confusing me. Could someone please help me? Thanks.
September 8, 2010 by Ed

Hi i was wondering what a rational number between 1.01001000100001 and 1.011011011011 would be. There are too many 1's that are confusing me haha. Thank you!
March 20, 2011 by Jon

This is really confusing to me. I'm not sure on how to do this or even how to get an answer? Can someone perhaps help me? Thanks! :) f(x)=x^2-25/x-5 if x is less than or equal to -1; 2x-3 if x>-1. f(4)= f(-1)=
September 19, 2014 by Penny

I keep confusing myself. Please check and show me where I am mixed up. (8+ ã48)/4 = (8+ ã(2 .24))/4 =1+2ã6 where am I missing it?
July 22, 2007 by Dee

Find the surface area of the right prism. The height is 2.5 cm, the lenght is 8 cm, and the width is 5.3 cm. This is confusing. I need help.
November 11, 2007 by christina

Write each ratio as a unit rate. 6 eggs for 4 people. "Please help, it is very confusing to me."
March 2, 2010 by sierra (6th grade)

When each letter in the phrase "my huge taco" is replaced by a different digit, the value of m+y+h+u+g+e+t+a+c+o will be A. 9 B. 10 C. 45 D. 55 This is confusing, can I get an explanation and help?
August 4, 2015 by Mazim

x^4+5x3 _______ 3x^2 How would I do this? I can't seem to figure out how to set this problem up. The x^4 is confusing me greatly.
April 29, 2016 by Jasmine

Use substitution to determine whether the ordered pair (–2, –3) is a solution of the equation x^2 – y = 7 I say no, but am still not sure because the signs are confusing. Am I correct? Thanks!
June 12, 2009 by Crystal

The number 80710 is rounded to 2 SF? The choices are confusing A) 80700 B)81000 C)8070 D)8100 E) None Is E correct? B and D are both 2SF A and C are 3SF??? Thanks for you help.
October 11, 2011 by Connie

Math repost for Robin
math - Robin, Tuesday, October 2, 2007 at 5:50pm my text book is confusing and complicated and I don't have anyone I can ask for help right now. all I want is to know how to multiply fractions like 1x2 1 4 3
October 2, 2007 by Ms. Sue

10th grade math
1.548937075 x 10 to the 12th. round the number to 3 significat figures. I thought I would respost this because the other one was getting confusing
August 19, 2008 by Rebekah

This is a confusing problem to me also, can someone please help me? What are the odds in favor of getting at least one head in three successive flips of a coin?
October 9, 2009 by Aleah

solve 3|x-8|=2x+7 i not get how to solve this the 3 infront of absolute value bracket confusing me.
January 17, 2012 by Shreya

what is the area of the largest circle that will fit in a square with area 64 cm squared please help me its confusing
April 15, 2010 by Katherine

Math-this 1 is confusing :(
Given p is true, q is false, and r is false, find the truth value of the statement (q ^~r) ->~p.
July 15, 2011 by Jen

x^2 + 9x + 20 over x^2 -25 divided by x +4 over x - 4 How to do this really confusing i need to simplify the rational expression
February 25, 2012 by luis

Math-so confusing :(
Convert the compound statement into words. p = Students are happy. q = Teachers are happy. ~(p V ~q)
July 12, 2011 by Jen

how do I find the possibilities here: x^2 blank 24 x^2 +2x blank It is confusing
February 7, 2017 by kendall

4 numbers are drawn at random from 10 tiles numbered 0-9. what are the odds of drawing numbers 1-4 in any order. the question is confusing me
April 9, 2009 by claire

college math
sam bought 1 of 250 tickets for $2 in a raffle with the prize of $400. Was $2 fair price? Can someone show me the formula on how to get this answer. My text is super confusing.
December 1, 2009 by Lauren

Simplify. Your answer should contain only positive exponents. (when a number is between *__* its an exponent) 5y*-5* - ------- -u*5* v*-4* .(times) -uv*5* sorry if this is a bit confusing (hard to write this on a computer)
September 7, 2010 by lisa

ap biology again
In order to answer a question I must use this information but I find it very confusing. The restriction enzymes of bacteria protect the bacteria from succesful attack by bacteriophages, whose genomes can be degraded by the restriction enzymes. The bacterial genomes are not ...
January 4, 2008 by claudia

what type of math problems exemplify the different purposes of variable, and in what way do these different uses of variable can be confusing?
November 30, 2010 by sandra

Q: Suppose that for all xE(0,5), f(x) is between 1+x and 3+sin((pi)(x)). Find lim x->2 f(x). Is this question related to the intermediate value theorem? It is confusing me, can anyone help out? I am not certain of what xE(0,5) is defining, is that a set of x values or am I ...
September 21, 2014 by Joshua

Easy (yet confusing) Algebra
These problems are pretty easy, but confusing (as stated in the subject line). |2x+5|-x=10 |3x+4|-2x=11 I know there are supposed to be two answers for each problem, for the first problem I got 5 and for the second problem I got 7. I can't figure out the other answers for the ...
April 11, 2007 by Emily

algebra need help soon
I have been working on these 2 problems and I think I am confusing myself. I have never tried this site before but it was recommended to me. I appreciate whoever can help me. Thanks in advance The first question is f(x)=-2x^2 + 2x + 8 I need to find the x and y coordinates of ...
May 8, 2009 by ayanna

algebra urgently need help
I have been working on these 2 problems and I think I am confusing myself. I have never tried this site before but it was recommended to me. I appreciate whoever can help me. Thanks in advance The first question is f(x)=-2x^2 + 2x + 8 I need to find the x and y coordinates of ...
May 10, 2009 by krystal

This is quite confusing... I'm helping someone with math. They have a problem, -4^2, and the people we're both talking to can't agree on whether it's -16 or 16. Google returns -16, my calculator returns 16. Google, however, changes it to -(4^2). I figured it was 16 since -4...
March 24, 2008 by Jack

this is quite confusing? 9=-3+n+2n
September 14, 2008 by kimmi

Three times a number is the same as that number subtracted from 12. What is the number? A) -6 B) -2 C) 2 D) 3 E) 4 I don't get what the question is asking Its a little confusing
July 10, 2013 by Candy

I need to correct my test and I figured out why I missed a few of them but there are some fractions I cannot even understand how to do: (the exponents are after a carrot and are in parentheses so there is no confusion) 14(2x)^(3)y^(5) ---------------- 28x^(7)y^(3) -3x^(-5)y^(-...
September 30, 2007 by Cassidy

1.Say I am dividing 4xcubed + x + 7 by x+15 do i need to add in an x squared or can I divide it how it is? Sorry that is confusing 2. I have a question that says, "on what bounded intervals is the function increasing/decreasing" (on a graph). I'm not sure what it is asking for...
January 26, 2010 by Channing

I need to change this number to a percentage, rounded to the nearest tenth. 1350-1010/1010=.336633663 would the answer be 3%? this one is confusing to me for some reason
March 30, 2010 by Amy

If the scale factor from a small figure to a large figure is given as a percent, how can you find the side lengths of the large figure from the side lengths of the small figure? PLEASE HELP ME!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!! THIS IS SOOOOO CONFUSING AND MY TEACHER NEVER REALLY EXPLAINED ...
January 4, 2007 by AJ

algebra is so confusing 1/8 (b - a) for a = 2 and b = 10 So is it 1/8 (b - a) = 1/8 (2 - 10)= 1/8 (-8) = -100?
September 17, 2007 by Jordan

Math - Odds
If you toss three coins, what are the odds in favor of getting exactly two tails and one head? A. 3:8 B. 3:5 C. 5:3 D. 8:3 can you explain this? i can do odds but this is confusing me.
May 28, 2013 by bubbie

The scale drawing to the right shows the first floor. The actual dimensions of the garage are 20 ft by 25 ft. ( Scale is 1 by 1 1/4) . How many ft does each inch represent? The whole thing is a little confusing, any tips however?
March 31, 2016 by Leah

1.A woman rides a carnival Ferris wheel at radius 15 m, completing five turns about its horizontal axis every minute. What are (a) the period of the motion, the (b) magnitude and (c) direction of her centripetal acceleration at the highest point, and the (d) magnitude and (e) ...
October 1, 2006 by Amber

How do you do ledger lines they are super confusing
October 5, 2008 by sela

This is a very confusing problem for me y = 5^3^x^2 Find y'
October 21, 2009 by Joe

what is the missouri compromise (in not confusing words)?
January 30, 2011 by Sarah

Citing issues you find confusing
December 26, 2011 by Anonymous

Find ¡Ò[dx/(x-2)(x+3)(x-4)] this is really confusing and I need help with it.
January 28, 2015 by Francis

RE: Math Urgent
I posted this earlier but I think I phrased it in a confusing way Find g(x) + g(x) if g(x) = {(-4,5), (-2,-3), (0,5), (1,3), (3,-1), (5,5)} and g(x) = {(-3,-2), (-2,6), (-1,0), (1,0), (2,-6), (3,5), (4,0), (6,-2)}. I don't need the whole thing done i'm just very confused on ...
January 21, 2013 by Anonymous

if a polynomial function is of degree n, then the graph will have n-1 relative maximum and minimum points. Is this: Always True, Sometimes True, or Never True? It's really confusing me.
February 7, 2012 by Lauren

This is so confusing :( Given U = {10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20}, A = {12, 14, 16, 18, 20}, and B = {11, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20}. Find A′ ∩ B′. Do not skip to the answer. Show your work, finding A’, then B’ then find their intersection.
July 9, 2011 by Jen

math: elapsed time
i need a website that would teach me every thing about elapsed time. it's really kind of confusing to me
February 15, 2012 by john

[(-1)^3]^4-[(-1)^4/(-1)^3]^2 PLEASE HELP!!! The answer i come up with does not match answer on calculator. The big brackets are confusing me. Please help to explain this. Thanks so much for your help especially Steve
September 8, 2013 by Cherie

Chemistry/ Dr.Bob222
DrBob222 I am beginning to understand about balancing equations well, thanks to your help, but there are still some other things, which I am having a hard time figuring out. Complete and balance the following chemical reactions between an acid and a metal. A) HBR + Mg -> ...
July 13, 2010 by Derrick

I am trying to understand what congress cannot do, but its confusing.
September 26, 2009 by JJ

How do you draw N,N-dimethylheptanamine? The N,N part is confusing me most.
June 6, 2013 by a Canadian

If it says: "five less than three times a number is 20 More than half a number" would the equation be 3n-5=n/2+20? If so what would the answer be? Please help this is a bit confusing!
January 6, 2014 by jeffery

2(8+p)=22 these two questions are confusing to me can someone explain them please! 5(a-1)=35
September 14, 2008 by sammanthia

Communication Studies
Give an example of group behaviors that are confusing?
July 20, 2009 by Carmin

What is colonalism? When I searched it all the definitions are so confusing. So I don't understand. Thank you
October 20, 2010 by Alania

I don't get how the death penalty discourage murderers. It's a little confusing to me.
February 15, 2011 by Alex L.

Simplify 9^12 divided by 9^3 This is really confusing so can you give me the steps too?
May 22, 2015 by Peach

multiply the equation by a power of 10 to write an equivalent equation with integer coefficients: #1. 4.15x+3.01=10.9x+1.29 #2. 1.596y-3.08=0.9y this is the 2nd time I'm posting this question. but the last reply I got was confusing. can you please show me how to do at least ...
September 21, 2009 by Anonymous

Math- Exponent Laws.
Simplify, "put the power into a single positive exponent." -(-2)^0*(-2)^3*(-2)^-4/(-2)^3 please help I am so lost on how to solve this problem!! I have been trying to figure it out for days. the - in front of the (-2) is very confusing.
February 29, 2012 by Jenny

Why do you have to use estimation to find the number of triangles you need for the string? I was wondering why this question is quite confusing and i was wondering if you can explain it to me in a way i can understand it. I'm not looking for an answer just a more simpler view ...
October 21, 2016 by Jacob

Kadie bought 144 dougnuts for $80. her profit was $75 once she sold 100 dougnuts. What would be a equation for this? A. P = -0.05n +80 B. P = 0.05n - 80 C. P = 0.75n D. P = 1.55n - 80 Its D, but how do u get that answer, this is so confusing
January 19, 2011 by Anonymous

Kadie bought 144 dougnuts for $80. her profit was $75 once she sold 100 dougnuts. What would be a equation for this? A. P = -0.05n +80 B. P = 0.05n - 80 C. P = 0.75n D. P = 1.55n - 80 Its D, but how do u get that answer, this is so confusing
January 19, 2011 by Anonymous

Soybean meal is 18% protein, cornmeal is 9% protein. how many pounds of each should be mixed together to get a 360 pound mixture that is 15% protein ? Word problems are my favorites, but this one is confusing me. Help is very much appreciated
July 7, 2010 by Christy

basic math
I am not sure the solvent in this problem, as far as what you do when lining this problem up. The math problem..... Add 150 and 93.17. I don't know if I should be placing 150 at the first decimal or the second. I know I would usually do 150.00 93.17 but the 2nd decimal is ...
November 3, 2011 by kristen

Help this is so confusing?
*=times ^=square root /=divided 3.1416*3/6+123-56*^16*11-23/178=??? HELP ME!
November 13, 2008 by Isabel

ok i don't understand the whole sine cosine and tangent its confusing and i hate it
April 7, 2009 by morgan

Yes, and the sentence is exactly as written. I'm just supposed to chose. That is why it is confusing.
November 16, 2009 by seth

the sentence "Lucy called Linda on her day off" is confusing because?
July 4, 2012 by lora

algebra 2
linear combinations are confusing, please show how to solve -6x + 5y = 4 and 7x - 10y = -8
January 17, 2016 by felicia

I understand how to do these kind of problems except this one. Write the equation that has the given roots. Roots: 3 with multiplicity of 2, -5, 0 with multiplicity of 4. By the way I understood the help that I got earlier, but this problem seems to be more confusing.
May 13, 2010 by Jennifer

Math Uugghhh
Okay the problem says I have to multiply (-2t)^2(3t^7)^2 SO what am I supposed to do, add the exponents then multiply -2t by 3t? Geez this is so confusing. If I square everything inside the first parentheses by 2 I get (4t^2) the second parentheses would be ( (9t^9) ? then it ...
September 24, 2010 by Sabrina

College Algebra
Theres this chemistry problem im getting stuck in because i'm confusing myself with the math. Equation given = %O2 saturation = 100 x (pO2/(pO2 + K) %O2 = 35 K = 1.51 how do I calculate pO2?? I can't seem to cancel them out correctly. Answer = 0.813
April 16, 2013 by James

What is an non linear equation? Can you please show me an example.? This is all confusing to me.
February 17, 2009 by A.W.

I don't understand how to do this. I read the steps in the book and they are really confusing. Any help would be beneficial. r/5=r+1/8
February 3, 2010 by Vanya

This sentence is so confusing. For the life of me I couldn't find the thermos. Is it incorrect or correct?
October 4, 2011 by HM

Algebra 1
Can you please help me with this question? I put parenthesis to make it look less confusing. (10)/(x)-(10)/(x-3)=(-3)
March 18, 2013 by Sam

Hello, I am learning about Taylor series in school, but they are quite confusing.. Can you please explain how I should do this problem? Thank you very much! What is the Taylor polynomial of order 5 approximation to sin(1.5) ? I know the series of sinx = x - ((x^3)/(3!)) + ((x^...
March 14, 2011 by Kiksy

Can someone please help!!! These equations are confusing me so. x^2-98=0 x^2 - 98 = 0 x^2 = 98 x^ = 98/2 x^ = 49 x = _____ If you post your answer, we'll be glad to check it. 7
July 12, 2007 by Shannon

Another one, sorry! =P This stuff is really confusing.. Why doesn't friction depend on surface area?
November 17, 2009 by Cyn

Can you draw a structural formula illustrating the complete combustion of ethanol? Please...It is confusing to me!
April 14, 2010 by Stacey

Algebra II
Please help me solve this rational function, my teacher did not give us notes and the book is confusing me :/ Thank You! y/5+y/2=7
March 12, 2012 by Gaby

Algebra 2
What are the solutions of the quadratic equation? 2x^2 – 16x + 32 = 0 How do I solve this, I'm kinda new to quadratics and there confusing >.>
November 22, 2013 by Bailee Morris

Use the distributive property to multiply. (x-9)5 This problem is extremely confusing to me. Can you do this and explain the steps?
May 23, 2015 by Peach

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