March 26, 2017

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what is some background on the ideal gas constant R
December 15, 2011 by yo

Compare the molecules H2NNH2 and HNNH. Which molecule has the stronger N-N bond?
March 12, 2010 by doralis

como se llama el gas que se desprende de mezclar acido acetico con vinagre?
March 8, 2011 by Anonymous

In assessing 20.0ml of NaOH 0.175M , calculate how many ml of 0.200M HCl must be added to obtain a pH of 12.55
June 4, 2016 by marco

No se nombrar este compuesto lo necesti urgente no lo encuentro en ningun lado es: 2RbBr(s) como se llama?
August 17, 2011 by Erika

Qual o cálculo para a preparação de uma solução de ácido clorídrico a 1%? normalmente o comercializado é (HCL P.A. 37%m/m, 1,18g/ml).
May 3, 2012 by Simone

AP Spanish
Write the definitie article (if necessary). Use parenthses if the article is optional. 1. Aprendo _____ japones. 2. _____ Africa es grande. 3. Esta en _______ carcel. 4. Que es _____ quimica? 5. Come ____ almuerzo.
August 29, 2010 by Sally

please check this: "¿Quieres ir a Miami conmigo?" "¡Vamos! Yo _____ bien la ciudad." a. salgo b. traigo c. sé d. conozco D? "¡Antonio habla muy bien el alemán!" "Sí. Su profesora dice que él aprende bien _____." a. loss idiomas b. la geometría c. la química d. la ...
April 23, 2009 by spanish

Complete each sentence with the correct form of ser or estar. 1. Los abuelos de Maricarmen de España. 2. La cafetería de la universidad cerca del estadio. 3. Gerónimo y Daniel estudiantes de sociología. 4. —Hola, Gabriel. María. ¿Cómo ? 5. El cuaderno de español ...
October 19, 2015 by Bernard Currington

Hello, I am in spanish 2, and we are studing indirect/direct object pronouns and preterite tense. We were supposed to write a paragraph on what we did this weekend. I was wondering if someone could look over my paragraph and see if there are any errors. Thank you! Último fin ...
September 18, 2010 by Angie

Alicia has written a note to her friend telling her about the things she did last Monday. Read what Alicia has written, then select from the list a word or expression associated with the words that have been underlined (i'll capitalize) in her note. a. la grapadora b. la ...
May 10, 2009 by y912f

This is a paragraph in which I am practicing the two uses of "se"--se pasiva and se impersonal. I did exercises with it first and now I am trying to see if I have them correct in "natural" writing. I would be very grateful to have it proofread! Thank you. Enfermedades mentales...
February 9, 2013 by QL

Can someone help me edit this, please? Todo que me acuerdo de esta semana es que estaba enferma. Estoy enferma, en realidad. Cuando estoy enferma, me comporto como soy la primera persona que tiene la gripe. Me comporto como este tiempo es la primer tiempo que alguien tiene la ...
October 24, 2008 by Angel

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