March 25, 2017

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i need a topic for an eei (extended experimental investigation). i want a simple experiment that i can do. however, i need one that has a lot of physics behind it, and has a lot of information on the net about it. it can be on any topic within physics. if anyone has any great ...
May 19, 2007 by shamstar

i need help with making an analogy! i just don't know how to do one like is seed is to water as plant is to flower one ? but i need a different one then that one help please!!!!!!!
March 30, 2009 by Yvette

Not understaning what I need to do
I am writing a paper of the Society of The India people and one of the questions I need to answer is A clear differentiation between race and ethnicity in India? I am not sure I understand what I need to write Can any one give a better understanding what I need or example
December 17, 2007 by RAY

algebra 2
A. I need to write an equation to the linear equation..(-2,-2), (3,3). B. I need to graph the function of y=|x| on a coordinate plane. C. I need to give one similarity and one differnce for the equations and graphs in parts A and B. I really need your help on this i don't ...
January 17, 2008 by logan

Math, Still Need Help!
Label each statement TRUE or FALSE. a. The sum of two one-to-one functions is one-to-one. b. The product of two one-to-one functions is one-to-one. c. If f is a one-to-one function and k is a real number (constant), then the function g(x)=k*f(x)is one-to-one.
August 29, 2010 by Leanna

I need help h t t p : / / w w w .j i s k h a . c o m/ d i s p l a y . c g i ? i d = 1 2 5 0 8 1 6 5 0 6 Don't know how to do that one or this one h t t p : / / w w w . j i s k h a . c o m / d i s p l a y . c g i ? i d =1 2 5 0 8 1 5 4 2 0 Thanks!!!
August 20, 2009 by HELP ME =[

Math 5th
i need help in a hurry!!!!!!! I need to know what the fractions-one half and so on until one fourth us equal to bye tomrrow!!!!!!!!!!! please help!! :)
October 18, 2010 by Avi

A convex mirror has a focal length of 19.0 cm. Determine the object location for which the image will be one-fourth as tall as the object. i really need help on this one. im completely stuck!
April 6, 2011 by julie

I need to do a project on any one cell organelle and i have started on lysosomes. Its a powerpoint presentation and i need to present it tomorrow. In the procedure packet it says that we need to mention this-"a works cited slide" what does it mean??? what do i need to do? ...
October 16, 2008 by Jessica

science- physics helppppp ! i badly need one T___T
how is physics related to food technology and everything related to foods ?
June 5, 2012 by angelique

flowchart .i need help with my ict homework i need to explain what the symbols are and give a reason on how to use them. one is a rectangle shape, one is a rectangle with rounded ends and one is a diamond. thanks for help
April 30, 2008 by LOUISE

Has anyone done this experiment before? I need help with the final results. What would happen when I place 2 mL of hydrogen peroxide into 5 test tube, add manganese dioxide powder to the first one, then add sand to the second one, liver to the third one, and ground liver to ...
September 26, 2007 by Josh

Medical Staff Service
i need help on someone one showing me how to set up a proctorship form. for example i need to prepare a form showing how the proctorship process is completed for a surgeon who recently obtained staff privileges instead of doing the surgeon show me a example with the midwife ...
November 18, 2009 by Nichole

8th grade History/English
I need to name three influential pilots in Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain. I already have two: Mr. Brown Mr. Bixby I need one more. Anyone know one?? Thanks!
November 1, 2009 by Owen Leigh

Paragraph One: the Resume Statement I need to write a one paragraph resume statement. This paragraph will go at the top of my resume, and convince the human resource officer to take my application seriously. It must be persuasive. Paragraph Two: The Website Summary I need to ...
September 5, 2009 by kiki

I need help figuring this out. I am asked to write about similarities of two different ways of determining the value of g. One of them is using the slope of the line, and one of them is using the average. Each method used the same L and T values.
September 29, 2011 by Help

if a recipe for aple sauce cost for 1 killogram for apples how much apples would you need Did you mean to write "calls for" instead of "costs"? You would need one kilogram! :) You'd need one kilogram or 2.2 pounds of apples.
November 16, 2006 by Allesse

math logic
I need to find 5 or more ordered pairs (x,y) In which xy = x + y like (0,0) and (2,2) 0,0 2,2 1/2,-1 -1,1/2 i need one more How about two different x's and y''s? (2,3) = 1,5) this is the problem: xy= x+y or the product of xy equals the sum of x and y. example: x= .5 and y= -1 ...
December 3, 2006 by steph

need help on a one page paper about resiliencey in a child you know. need to describe their personal characteristics, did they have a warm relationship with at least one parent and what about social support
January 28, 2014 by chan65

English (I really need help!)
I need one more haiku for my assignment(I have already created 4, I need 5) My brain has run out of ideas! It should be about "A Lost Love"
November 11, 2015 by Isabelle

HELP! can you check and help me with some of these? 1. y + 8 = -15 My answer: -7 2.3x = 27 My answer: 9 3. 5 + a = -19 My answer:-24 4. x + 1/3 = 5/6 My answer: NEED HELP WITH THIS ONE 5. -54 = -6y My answer: 9 6. a/3 = -11 My answer: -33 7.19.5 = -39.5 + f My answer: -20 8.p...
August 18, 2011 by Bryce

thank everyone that site helped but now i just have to practice. for now can someone tell me how does 3x=7-4x x=1 which one do you minus or subtract from the equation? 3x = 7 - 4x The first thing you need to do is get the unknowns on one side of the equation. You also need to ...
August 1, 2007 by chrissy

Daneil is bouncing on a trampoline. After a certain bounce he leaves the ground traveling at a speed of 2.54 m/s. How far into the air does he go? I need helllpppp I'm so bad a physics, I need to know what formula to use..
November 6, 2014 by Ana

The United States decided to help South Korea mainly because of which of the following? A need to create more equal trade * This is the one i choose A need to keep a military base in Asia A need to keep the Soviet Union out of Asia A need to protect the American economy
February 19, 2016 by Marshall

language art 8
Please help me, i really need to get this. the only question/essay im stuck on. Answer the following questions about the essay "Escaping." Give an example of one internal and one external conflict from the selection (5 points). I need your help!
December 9, 2013 by Lindsey

Physics ( electrical )
If I have two objects charged, one on a insulated thread and one stationary, and I have one distances and an acceleration and I double the distance, I want to find out the acceleration, what formula do I use? ( the distance is halved and I need to find out the magnitude of the...
May 27, 2012 by Art

algebra help
My class is doing a unit on the "completing the square method" which is used to solve quadratic equations. I need help understanding this method. It's not making any sense right now! I have two problems and I need to figure out which number completes the square. Here are the ...
January 4, 2007 by Bailey

I`m not catholic so I need some help. I need a quick catholic prayer. A well known one that's kinda short, I need to include it in my essay. If you could help me out that would be great.
December 18, 2007 by Meena

us history
Hi i need help explaining how one of the main reasons behind early united states imperialism is spreading democracy. I need a lot of information so I need a lot of help.
January 13, 2009 by bill

Public Administration
I need to write a research paper. I picked the economic impact of illegal immigration. I am having trouble figuring out what the independent, dependent, and control (if any) variables could be. I need to have at least one of each. I am thinking one variable is the economy from...
March 14, 2011 by Cassidy

pipe fitter test certification
Please Help!...I am in need of a study guide for my pipefitters test, or an outline of what's on the test. Unfortunately I am not able to take the class available. PLEASE if you know of one or where one would be available. Any information will be greatly appreciated and a ...
April 28, 2014 by Ashley

I have to answer about 25 questions about one scientific text on English. I already chose one, but need I can't add URL here, and need help :(
September 7, 2013 by Sonja

A 1.3 kg mass accelerates at 8.2 m/s2 in a direction 23 degrees north of east. One of the two forces acting on the mass has a magnitude of 7.85 N and is directed north.Determine the magnitude of the second force. Im in need of serious help I only have one try left
September 29, 2012 by Joe Rogers

Physics question - Damon please help!!
I am doing the monkey and hunter question, and I need to find out what the minimum speed the bullet has to be.. The variables I have are g, Vo, theta, Dx(horizontal distance from monkey), and Dy (vertical distance from monkey). I need to derive Vo in the form of (Dx/cos0)(sqrt...
November 11, 2013 by Jennifer

i need to make a model of any famous mosque in the world first, i need help finding pictures of different mosques to see which one would be easy to work with (i need a nice picture, maybe 3D, so i can copy it and build my model according to it) second, i need ideas on how i ...
May 12, 2009 by y912f

I need help. I need to revise any run-on sentences. The first one is this. Not sure if these are correct. Death Valley National Monument located in Southern California and Nevada, is one of the hottest place on earth. Temperatures there have soared as high as 134 degrees ...
June 10, 2010 by Roger

Algebra Help Inverse One-to-one
I need to know if I have done this correctly. Problem If f is one-to-one, find an equation for its inverse. f(x)=x^3-5 y=x^3-5 x=y^3-5 5+x=y^3-5+5 5+x=y^3 My answer: y^3=5+x 3ãy=3ã5+x y=3ã5+x f^-1(x)3ã5+x
March 28, 2008 by Lynn

One to one functions
I still need help with finding the inverese of one to functions. Find the inverese of the one to one function. 16. f(x)= 4/(5x-1) This is what I've done so far. y=4/(5x-1) x= 4/(5y-1) (5y-1)x= 4(5y-1) Then I am not too sure what to do next.
September 15, 2007 by Jessica

Help Needed Please... After changing a tire on your car, you need to tighten one of the lug nuts to the proper specified torque of 49.0 N m. How much force is needed if you're pushing down on the end of the 39.0 cm long torque wrench at an angle of 120° with respect to the ...
December 3, 2015 by Anonymous

Help Needed Please... After changing a tire on your car, you need to tighten one of the lug nuts to the proper specified torque of 49.0 N m. How much force is needed if you're pushing down on the end of the 39.0 cm long torque wrench at an angle of 120° with respect to the ...
December 3, 2015 by Anonymous

Math - Two-Step Inequalities - Please Help
I need help with this one, please. Which of the following is in the solution set of the inequality –3 > –3t + 6? A. -1/3 B. 1/3 C. 4 D. -4 I did a Pre-Test for my lesson, and it says I got this one wrong. However, it doesn't say which one I picked. For this one, is C ...
December 19, 2014 by Brady

Hi, can somebody help me make some equations? I need 3, one true, one false, and one open that includes 2-3 steps. I know what it means but I don't know how to make a decent one, it's supposed to be for my classmates to review and I'm not good at making them up:p Any help is ...
October 4, 2016 by Fading

social studies
i need help!!!!! one type of lightning bug glows once every 1 1/2 seconds. how many times can it glow in 1 minute? and the other one is : Bea can run 1/6 mile in 2 minutes. how long should it take her to run 2 miles? please help the teacher wont help me and i need these ...
January 16, 2013 by gaby

I posted one before but this is another one of those problems that i need help with! I don't know how to approach this one at all! Please help use the definition of the derivative to find f'(x) when f(x)= (4/x^2)+(2/5*x)
April 24, 2011 by dylan

I have to find the eccentricity of an elliptical orbit with one focus, earth's center, E. I know the formula to find eccentricity is sqrt(1-)(b^2/a^2), but I don't know where to use the radius or if I need it. Do I just need to use the eccentricity formula to find it? 0<E<1
April 22, 2008 by Thomas

I need to have some problems checked and I need help with one of them. Determine which two functions are invereses of each other. 1. f(x)=5x, g(x)=x/5, h(x)=5/x -I got that f(x) and g(x) are invereses 2. f(x)=x-2/2, g(x)=2x-2, h(x)=x+2/2 - I got that none are invereses. 5. f(x...
September 14, 2007 by Jen

i need help with this one! A 100KHz oscillator that's followed by a doubler and two triplers will produce an output of frequency.... a.) 180 kHz b.) 500 " c.) 800 " d.) 1.8 "
August 29, 2007 by jeff

A satellite orbits at an average altitude of h = 423 km. How long does it need to complete one full orbit? Use REarth = 6370 km and mEarth = 5.98 x 10^24 kg
October 25, 2009 by ca

A 22cm diameter bowling ball has a terminal speed of 77 m/s. What is the balls mass. I need to get the answer in kg. I can`t figure this one out for some reason. Thanks!!
March 17, 2010 by norm

i need help on finding the meaning of this quote "With the realization of one's own potential and self confidencne in one's ability, one can bulid a better world" thanks
February 28, 2010 by Boo

I really don't like the fact that you guys are skipping so many questions we need help here and were not getting it. i understand that no one knows everything but, please don't skip the questions its really hard when i need help and no one is helping me. The least you can do ...
March 28, 2012 by Anonymous

A manufacturer ship toasters in cartons of 10. In each carton, they estimate a 20% chance that one of the toasters will need to be sent back for minor repairs. What is the probability, that in one carton there will be 5 toasters that need repair? I have no idea on where to ...
October 5, 2013 by Nick

Physics Drwls
I was wanting help with my physics post and since no one replied I thought there wasn't a physics tutor on Jiskha, but came back on today cause I really need to get a hang of my physics stuff and luckily seen you Drwls. A bike rider approachea a hill with a speed of 8.5m/s. ...
November 22, 2011 by Fizzylicous

Hi i need some help with my art project. I know what i have to do and how to research but i have just gone blank when trying to think about what to do. I've been given 2 headlines, one which goes at the beginning of a sequence and one at the end. They are ''anything you can do...
September 22, 2009 by dee

at the earths surface, a projectile is launched straight up at a speed of 10km/. To what height will it rise? i need some major help here please don't know where to begin on this one!
October 22, 2007 by natali

Language Arts
I need some examples of the ACES format. I didn't really understand it and I only need one example. I need the format for a remake of a test question that needed to be done with ACES. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!
October 1, 2015 by Derpy Pegasus

i need to kno like the 3 main charaters and 2 conflicts abou the book the dark and deadly pool but joan lowery nixon please i reli reli need this!! thank you! Please read the book and tell us who you think the 3 main characters are and the 2 conflicts. We'll be glad to help ...
October 4, 2006 by Anonymous

hey guys i'm stuck on this one question and i need some help!! thanks, appreciate it..... one gallon of paint (volume=3.786 X 10^-3 m^3) covers an area of 25.0 m^2. what is the thickness of the paint on the wall?? could anybody please help guide me through this problem ...
August 19, 2007 by manny

How would one plug the gravitational constant into an equation? To be honest, I'm having a hard time with the idea of the gravitational constant in general, but I need to solve an equation for the circular velocity of a galaxy. I know I need to multiply the gravitational ...
March 8, 2012 by Grace

algebra 1b
i need help!!!!!!!!!!!! Please post your problem and your attempts to solve it. Then we'll be glad to help you. what's the problem? I have a test on wednesday or thursday and I think I'm gonna pass it! I need help with Simplifying i need help with sketching the graph of the ...
October 1, 2006 by unspoken

Need help please! I need to know if this the correct answer. Please help! Regarding schizophrenia, which of the following statements is FALSE? I picked A a. Schizophrenia involves a "split personality," in which a person has two distinct personalities, one normal and one ...
December 6, 2011 by Princess

music read
I need to learn one whole song,I want to do smoke on the water, I need help.
December 20, 2010 by shane

Just need help solving this one, please: The grams of fat in one avocado if it has 405 Calories, 13 g of carbohydrate, and 5 g of protein Express your answer using one significant figure. Thanks -MC
February 1, 2014 by mysterychicken

English Essay IMPRTNT
i have an English persuasive essay due tomorrow. this is the question: SHOULD SCIENTISTS BRING EXTINCT SPECIES BACK TO LIFE? my answer is a yes and i need to reasons. i have one and need help with the other one. can anyone please give me a reason?
April 16, 2013 by Anonymous

Define one specific problem it could address through marketing research. What type of research design do you recommend for addressing that problem, and why? What is the most appropriate way to collect the data? Justify your choice. How will you ensure high validity, ...
May 10, 2009 by scooby9132002

you are planning to open a candy stand with your friends. you will need to buy 20 candy bars at a wholesale cost of $.30 each. you will need to buy 15 lollipops at a cost of $.05 each. How much money will you spend ALL TOGETHER? its pretty confusing :( and this one: for a ...
May 22, 2014 by triganle

"explain with the help of an appropriate labelled sketch diagram how hydrogen atom which has only one electron has so many spectral lines" Can someone tell me if i need to draw a schroedinger model of an atom or if i need to draw an energy level diagram? I'm not sure which one...
March 8, 2007 by Hol

hello i need help with a lesson plan i need to find one regarding diversity, and whats the concept?
December 8, 2010 by nataly

the greatest accerlation or decerlation that a train may have is a.the minimum time in which the train can start from one station from other is > i need it with steps..
May 12, 2013 by archa

How much torque is applied to a bicycle wheel whose radius is 0.40 m in order to accelerate the 15 kg bike and 78 kg rider at a rate of 3.4 m/s^2? I'm totally lost on this one. Which equation do I need to use?
January 8, 2008 by Lindsay

I'm actually doing a project but I don't know how easy it will be to describe it. It involves two weights, both attatched to the same string through the center of a flat surface so one weight is directly on the surface, and the other is dangling below. What the intention is, ...
April 3, 2011 by stacy

Religon JW vs Christians
I need to write and eassy reuarding the history of Jehovah's Witnesses and Chistians. Also I need to take the role of a Cristian and Debate a Jehovahs Witnesses ie why blood transfusions are ok salvation ect. I just need to know if any one could please tell me any web sites ...
November 29, 2007 by Mercie

I really need help with this question, Damon gave me an answer, but I do not know if it is for this question or for the one posted after. This is the only question I need help on, I promise not to post any other questions after this I need help
July 7, 2010 by Andrea

English Need help
how many other modes of writing should be used to develop your definition? A.As many as you need C.two D.three
July 17, 2014 by Dulce

Ethical in Human services
Need help on this assignment. i need to write one additional audit question for eah categories(board, staff, donors, and fund raisers etc) After that i need to explain why each question is important to assessing an organization's ethical performance.
November 19, 2008 by Loey

if you were stationary in space at the same distance from the sun as the eath is, how much force would the sun be exerting on you? what would be your acceleration towrd the sun? what would be the sun's acceleration toward you? okay so im a little confused where to go with this...
November 14, 2010 by Anna

Jane is sitting on a chair with her lower leg at a 30.0° angle with respect to the vertical. You need to develop a computer model of her leg to assist in some medical research. If you assume that her leg can be modeled as two uniform cylinders, one with mass M1 = 17 kg and ...
October 25, 2007 by Dante

I need a complete list all the doppler effect equations for a beginner physics class. Here is a sample questions so you know the level Question: Two trains on separate tracks move toward one another. Train #1 has a speed of 130 km/hr and train #2 a speed of 90km/hr. Train 2 ...
July 7, 2011 by Tina

for my homework i need to find a picture of a product where the product designer has thought out of the proverbial box.ive looked on the site ms sue suggested for Aleisha and i am going to use that one i just need to find one more i cant think of anything. other than a chair ...
October 13, 2009 by herbie

A 61 kg skateboarder wants to just make it to the upper edge of a "quarter pipe", a track that is one-quarter of a circle with a radius of 2.89 m. What speed does he need at the bottom?
September 29, 2011 by Jose

Jane is sitting on a chair with her lower leg at a 30.0° angle with respect to the vertical, as shown. You need to develop a computer model of her leg to assist in some medical research. If you assume that her leg can be modeled as two uniform cylinders, one with mass M1 = 17...
October 24, 2007 by Dante

algebra one
I need help with solving for y and x, for example in a problem like 3/2x- 2y= 20 how do you solve for y or x how do know what to subtract I need to know how to do this in order to do substitution please any help will be appreciated, thanx
March 1, 2009 by maryanna

i need help on this question i need to find two ways to reduce the effects of mining i came up with one so far reclamation
September 15, 2009 by Amber

Math help with Algebra
Divide (x^4-y^4) by (x-y). Need to show work to help me understand. Also need to answer without parentheses. Thanks for any and all help with this one!!
November 13, 2009 by TJ

I have to write an essay, but I feel that I really need help, don't know how to structure one, connections and so on. What do you suggest I need to do to start off?
February 6, 2016 by Suhna

science HELP PLZZ!!?!?!??!?!!??!
ok i need a little help.. I don't want to sound like a pathetic person but I need help with this question 19.What is global warming?what can people do to reduce global warming? I'm having a hard time... all I need some one to do is explain what it is and i will go from there ...
June 16, 2016 by othilia

In an action movie, the heroine is supposed to jump with a motorcycle from the roof of one skyscraper to another one. The roof of the second skyscraper is h=9 meters lower, and the gap between the buildings is d=15 meters wide. Both roofs are horizontal and flat. Neglecting ...
January 27, 2015 by Chris

teacher aide
Need help! If you're preparing a bulletin board, how many ideas should you try to get across at one time? A One B Two C Four D As many as possible I think A one, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Can someone plz help.
April 26, 2011 by kristy

I need 3 themes and 4 quotes per theme for the book the bluest eye by toni morrison. i have one theme completely done. my other theme is sexual initiation and abuse, but i have no quotes for it. and i still need one more theme. help?
March 14, 2010 by Melanie

For someone to struggle for freedom (any sorts of freedom), do you need to be committed? And if you do, what are some ideas how being committed is helpful to attempt to gain freedom? I thought of one point, I know you need to be committed to gain freedom because you need to ...
November 24, 2007 by Anonymous

i need 1 question each of this following straight ine motion, free falling body, projectile in the dimension and projectile in two dimension... i need it badly.. our prof need a good example of I
March 13, 2011 by matt carlo

Social Studies
I have 4 major events for my portfolio i just need one more could you help me? I already have World War II, Communist Revolution, Climate change, and Cold War. I need one more major event that happened in China.
February 17, 2017 by Someone

Four identical masses of 2.7 kg each are located at the corners of a square with 1.4 m sides. What is the net force on any one of the masses? F=((G)(m1)(m2))/r^2 I don't understand why im not getting it right... i need help please!!
December 19, 2010 by lissa

I need some personal facts and his discovery about the explorer named Robert de La Salle. Please I really need help on this one!
November 25, 2007 by chris

i need help writing a secondary argumentative research paper ,i need a really strong thesis.what about one for poverty and education
February 3, 2013 by pam

A 4x4 grid with 5 blocks shaded in, I need to write a percent and a ratio for it. A. 1/5, 25% B. 5/16, 31.2% C. 1/4 , 20% D. 1/4, 25% C? Im not really sure on this one, I just need some help.
December 6, 2016 by Math help

I need help on this one too, please. Solve for X. 3x-2y=6 I got x=6+2y/3. My question is this: Can this be reduced down to x=2+2y? You really need to use parentheses here. x = (6+2y)/3 or you might want to show it as 2+(2y/3) or 2+(2/3)y
January 18, 2007 by peggy

Hess's law
I need some help with this one please... A+B ----> 2 D H= -765.3 kj S= 344 j/k C ------> D H= 521 kj S= -171 j/k calculate G at 298 K for A+B ------> 2C I know I need to use the formula G= H-TS but I don't know how to get the numbers.
March 20, 2013 by Caitlin

A ball is thrown horizontally from the roof of a building 9.0 m tall and lands 8.5 m from the base. What was the ball's intial speed? I have no idea how to do this problemm or what formulas to use because of the fact that I do not know the time interval it took to fall. Sense ...
July 5, 2009 by Physics

Causes of deforestation- i found theses causes i just need the meaning or explanation on each one i need to write a detailed explanation on each one commercial logging , forest fires , farming , mining , roads and railways , disadvantages of deforestation - i found these ...
January 1, 2009 by kia

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