February 28, 2017

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Physical Science
I need help answering a few questions? What is intertia? How is it involved in the first law of motion? Two children who are fighting over a toy pull on it from opposite sides. The result is a stand off. Explain this in terms of the net force. These questions are for my study ...
March 2, 2009 by sfsfsfs

Please check these! Physical or Chemical properties? 1. solubility = physical 2. melting point = physical 3. reacts with water to form a gas = physical
September 12, 2012 by Reed

Physical Science
C(s) + H2O(g) + Heat <--> CO(g) + H2(g) 17. How would you adjust the temperature to increase the amount of product? 18. Does the removal of hydrogen gas as it is produced shift the reaction to the left or the right? My last two questions on my homework that I just can't ...
October 11, 2013 by Alexandra

Intro to Physical Science
Define physical science Andrew: I went to www.dictionary.com and typed in physical science. The following is what it returned.I hope this helps. physical science  1. any of the natural sciences dealing with inanimate matter or with energy, as physics, chemistry, and ...
September 9, 2006 by andrew

physical science
Two 3.4 kg physical science textbooks on a bookshelf are 0.25 m apart. What is the magnitude of the gravitational attraction between the books?
September 19, 2014 by mary

Physical Science
A=Vf - Vi divided by 29 seconds Can you please help me. This is 9th grade Physical Science homework.
September 13, 2011 by Katelyn

physical science
gimme a side of what physical science is. I know there's no shortcuts but it means alot of ev'rything I gotta know. Sho' me. I have little understanding of what you wrote. When one tries to communicate in non-standard English, the results are unpredictable. Here is a ...
September 3, 2005 by Henry

Will you please check? Physical or chemical properties 1. bitter taste = physical taste 2. can neutralize a base= physical property 3. boiling point = physical property 4. reacts with a base to form water= physical 5. reacts with acid to form hydrogen = chemical property 6. ...
September 12, 2012 by Reed

Physical Science
Objects accelerated to relativistic speeds....live shorter or grow bigger? Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have attempted to come up with a response to YOUR questions, please re-post and let us know what you think. Then someone here will be ...
March 29, 2007 by Gina

What are two chemical and two physical properties of water? Please help me. Thank you. physical properties: boiling point, freezing point,density, color, electrical conductivity chemical properties: reactivity with sodium. Reactivity and decomposition with electrictiy.
June 10, 2007 by Jj

physical science
Hi - my daughter is geting confused and too many years 2 questions How are these terms related in a sentence or 2 please 1. Speed - motion 2. Speed - distance - time
February 19, 2008 by claire mom

physical science
Hi - my daughter is geting confused and too many years 2 questions How are these terms related in a sentence or 2 please 1. Speed - motion 2. Speed - distance - time
February 19, 2008 by claire mom

Physical Science
I need help answering these two questions, can someone please help? 1.How does energy transfer by waves differ from energy transer my moving objects? 2.Define amplitude and frequency as they relate to a wave. [I know amplitude is the height of a wave and frequency is how many ...
May 4, 2009 by mysterychicken

physical sciene
Two 2.2 kg physical science textbooks on a bookshelf are 0.15 m apart. What is the magnitude of the gravitational attraction between the books?
February 14, 2013 by Brandy

Niagara Falls
Well, I'm doing a project that I picked in science and one of the questions said "What are the physical features of Niagara Falls" and I don't know what that means, so please help me!!!
November 26, 2008 by Jane

Physical Science
Hello! I need help with this science questions. Thank You! 2. One of the reasons E=mc^2 is important to us is because it explains how our sun produces huge amounts of energy through nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms. Use this example to describe the relationship between the ...
March 25, 2009 by Amy

Physical Science
In which of these processes is an element of matter changes into a completely different element.....nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, neither, or both? Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have attempted to come up with a response to each of YOUR ...
March 29, 2007 by Gina

Physical Science
I needed help on these 3 questions that I don't quite understand. Can someone please explain to me how to solve the answer? Use this scenario to answer questions 1-3: A car crashes in a tree at a velocity -26.6 m/s. The passenger in the car is wearing a seat belt and is ...
March 28, 2009 by mysterychicken

Physical Science [repost]
needed help on these 3 questions that I don't quite understand. Can someone please explain to me how to solve the answer? Use this scenario to answer questions 1-3: A car crashes in a tree at a velocity -26.6 m/s. The passenger in the car is wearing a seat belt and is stopped ...
March 29, 2009 by mysterychicken

Physical Science
1. Which equation correctly shows beta decay? (A) 210/82 Pb -> 209/81 Tl + 0/-1 e + y (B) 210/82 Pb -> 209/83 Bi + 0/-1 e + y (C) 210/82 Pb -> 210/83 Tl + 0/-1 e + y (D) 210/82 Pb -> 210/83 Bi + y (E) 210/82 Pb -> 210/83 Bi + 0/-1 e + y 2. The half-life if radon...
November 18, 2013 by CJ

child care
I have a questions please 1.An inappropriate science activity for a toddler would be:A:reporting the weather B:caring for pets of the facility C:planting a flower D:watching a science show on TV(I answered B) Thank you for answering my questions
February 10, 2010 by Barb

I NEED HELP!!! this is urgent!!! Human-Environmental Interactions: how did the people in Khartoum modify the environment? how is the people in khartoum being influence by the physical landscape/environment? sorry my grammar sucks i have other questions but i really extremely ...
November 18, 2010 by NEED HELP URGENT!!!

7th grade science
Sorry! this is alot of questions. Science is not my best subject but i still do well in it but the questions are really hard for me pleas help answer this. What might you ask yourself in drawing a conclusion about an experiment? Why is scientific inquiry a process with many ...
August 31, 2011 by saranghae12

physical science
can two or more elements be combined chemically to make a new element? Explain. My answer: No, it becomes a compound which is a substance combined of two or more elements chemically combined not sure if correct - I am doing the review and not sure of a few questions thanks
October 6, 2007 by liz

NVQ level 3 buisness admin
ok im really struggling on the questions on unit 314 hy the hell is there no question marks i have to anwser them like questions,its confusing me?? please can anyone shed a light over my way please.x cheers ema We don't have access to NVQ questions. Please post one or two of ...
June 12, 2006 by emma

Science 7R (Lab questions)
We did a lab today at science and for homework we have to answer questions about the Lab. I need help on 2. 12. Name two ways that a plant and animal cells differ in structure? 13. How are plant and animal cells different in function? She said that we have t write it in ...
December 1, 2011 by Laruen

7th Grade Science
what physical force can cause a change in the state of matter what is the difference between chemical and physical changes what occurs during Bose-Einstein condensation Please help me.
September 4, 2012 by completeidiot

Physical Science
Please complete the sentence. A compound can be made from two or more elements or other _________ joined together in a fixed composition.
January 26, 2008 by Austin

Algebra 2
In a quiz program, 3 questions on sprots, 3 questions on general knowledge, and 4 questions on science are printed separately on 10 cards and placed upside down. John is asked to select 2 cards at random. What is the probability of Joohn selecting 2 questions on science?
January 29, 2012 by Dena

science(2 QUESTIONS)
PLEASE ANSWER MY 2 QUESTIONS IN SCIENCE THANKS 3.when a negatively charged object moves in the opposite direction of an electric force field,the potential energy of the object. A.becomes zero(I PICK THIS) B.increases C.decreases D.stays the same 4.the two south pole ends of ...
February 2, 2014 by Anonymous

Physical Science Two Questions Please help!
If no friction acts on a diver during a dive, then which of the following statements is true? A) The total mechanical energy of the system increases. B) Potential energy can be converted into kinetic energy but not vice versa. C) (KE + PE)beginning = (KE + PE)end D) all of the...
February 27, 2012 by Amaya

compare and contrast the two main branches of physical science
August 30, 2010 by lavena

A women student is to answer 10 out of 13 questions on a test. Find the number of choices where she must answer: (a) the first two questions; (b) the first or second questions but not both; (c) exactly 3 out of the first 5 questions (d) at least 3 of the first 5 questions ...
April 9, 2014 by Anonymous

physical science
not exactly physical science, but I'm confused about how you tell the charge of elements in the B groups on the periodic table
June 15, 2008 by jowy

7th Grade Science
Hi, I really need help with this. I'm supposed to find information about biodiversity and fishing or housing and answer these two questions: "What challenges does [your topic] pose to biodiversity? What do you think should be done and why?" The websites my school gave me are ...
March 18, 2016 by Music Lover 14

Physical science
alot of my questions deal with speed and height. what are the different types formula I can use to figure these things out
February 2, 2011 by Ashely

Two 2.6 kg physical science textbooks on a bookshelf are spaced 0.22 m apart. What is the magnitude of the gravitational attraction between the books?
February 12, 2012 by Anonymous

Physical Science in Action
I need help with the scientific method for physical Science in Action and all I have so far is: Scientific methods in a circle and connecting circles with Scientific models , Experiments , observation and calculations and I have one circle left!! Please help ASAP
August 16, 2009 by Patsie

physical science
Write a brief essay on the topic of volcanic activity and climate change. Consider such questions as whether there is there a link between volcanic eruption and climate change and what the relationship between the two may be. Research and find a minimum of two resources to ...
January 11, 2012 by Jackie

physical science
Memo of physical science question 7 November 2014 grade 11
November 12, 2015 by Anonymous

January 17, 2013 by GOMOLEMO

physical science
two force of 5n and 7n respectively act an object , when will the resultant of the two vectors be at a maximum
January 17, 2015 by charmaine

Physical science
Two forces of 5N and 7N respectively act on an object. When. will the resultant of the two vectors be at a maximum?
January 17, 2015 by Kgaugelo Dolamo

Physical Education
I have 3 questions and 3 of my answers. Each question needs 2 answers. Please review them all. Thank you. I will post 3 more questions with 3 of my answers later this day, and the answers will just be made up along the way. I changed some of my actual answers I written down, ...
October 23, 2015 by anon

Hi, I have two questions about biology I need help with. 1) Some questions fall outside the realm of science, which of the following questions could not be answered using the scientific method? A)What is the function of the appendix in human beings? B) Why is it unethical to ...
September 17, 2011 by Jon

(I need alot of help in) Physics
So in physics lab we did an experiment with a cart with two different masses on a air track (practically eliminating kinetic friction). The track was tilted at 4 degrees. Using 4 photo-gates I got the speed of both gliders and the height at each point. I made two graphs making...
February 28, 2014 by Michelle

AP World History
I really need some help with 2 questions. These questions are based out of Chapter 1 in Traditions and Encounters but it is in really any textbook. At least 5 sentences long. 1. Give two examples of the human response to climate and geography. 2. Describe major migrations in ...
September 15, 2011 by nygmen90

Physical Science
What are twenty questions that you could ask a scuba diver about scuba gear and diving?
October 18, 2010 by Aaliyah

Physical Science
I've answered these two questions and need someone to check them for me: 1.Describe two characterisitics that light and sound have in common. Ans- They both transfer energy [and I need help thinking of a second one] 2.Describe two ways in which light and sound are different ...
May 5, 2009 by mysterychicken

Will you please give me an article discusses the effects of optimism on physical and psychological health.(you may need to find two articles in order to cover both the physical and the psychological areas).
July 9, 2008 by BaBa

math 140
I have two questions posted that has not been answered please help. The questions were posted on March 18 please help.
March 19, 2013 by betsy

Physical Science
24. What happens when a solution of nitric acid (HNO3) is added to a solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH)? What are the products? 25. Which of the following compounds can react with H2SO4 to form a salt: NaCl, Ca(OH)2, HF, AlCl3, H2O, Mg(OH)2? Name the salt(s) that would form...
October 15, 2013 by Alexandra

science 2 quick questions
1. Describe 2 methods of viral infection 2. How can a virus be helpful to its host? I don't want sites because they don't help, please help me and explain . All my other questions r done but I'm stuck on these 2.
September 28, 2014 by Nicki

I have two questions for 7th grade Science. I've been sitting here for a while, and I am behind in school work. Please Help. _____ is the practical use of scientific knowledge to solve everyday problems and improve lives ____ are used to make complicated concepts and systems ...
September 26, 2014 by Jordyn

Two im not sure on, please check? What is the true work of all scientists? Scientists ask testable questions and devise ways to answer those questions through experimentation or observation.*** Scientists research other scientists' discoveries and present their opinions for ...
September 8, 2014 by SkatingDJ

here are some science questions I've been trying to do for over an hour and i just cant figure them out! 1.how does a fan convert energy? 2.what happens to matter during both a physical and chemical change? 3.give an example of a simple closed system 4. in a fire, why does the...
January 10, 2011 by Bri

I am having trouble finding the answers to these two questions. How are organisms on a rocky shore distributed? Name the features of the ocean floor moving away from the coast. Please help!!
July 15, 2009 by Mary

physical science
in physical science how do you graph a number from 0 to .600
September 7, 2011 by Anonymous

Physical Science
The physical properties of ice are different from the physical properties of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide). But the physical properties of gaseous water vapor and the physical properties of gaseous carbon dioxide are the same. Why? A.) The valence electrons are more tightly ...
October 17, 2011 by Anonymous

physical science
when will the resultant of the two(5N ,7N)vectors be at maximum?
January 23, 2014 by kolo olothando

physical science
When will the resultant of the two vectors be at a maximum?
January 14, 2016 by maliviwe

maths, physical science , life science , geography
Hi I am in grade 10 , I am doing maths physical science, life science and geography, what jobs can I get into with those subjects
January 19, 2014 by zaakiyah

Will you please check a few more? Physical change, chemical change or both kinds of change? 1. Sodium hydroxide dissolves in water (both) 2. Hydrochloric acid reacts with sodium hydroxide to produce a salt, water and heat (chemical) 3. A pellet of sodium is sliced in two (...
September 12, 2012 by Reed

1:an example of chromotography? please i need these science questions by tomorrow :(
September 4, 2011 by Abii

Intro to physical science
I need a relating topic to physical science that is relating to the reasl world?
May 30, 2009 by Tanisha

eng 3-4
i need the chapter reveiw questions for the story Two Friends in english 3-4 please Sorry -- but we don't have copies of textbooks. You can probably get the questions from a classmate.
August 29, 2005 by holly mahood

This is a question to everybody: I was just wondering if anyone had any science related questions or things they wonder about that may require experiments. If you have any ideas please mention them. I need this for a science for a science fair project and have at most a 6 ...
September 6, 2012 by Samantha

In Science Plant Quiz
I am in Grade3 looking for Plants Quiz Questions and Answers, like objective type Questions need, please let me know the link where I can find ?
October 22, 2008 by jhon123

which would be the most likely forms that you would consider using within the next year? What personal advantages or disadvantages would prompt your decision? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum BUT your question is unclear. When you refer to "forms" to what ...
March 6, 2007 by Jaan

Classify each of the eight living things listed below into one of the two groups according to an important physical characteristic. Gorilla,Parrot,Snake, Earthworm,Jellyfish,sponge,fish,fly Group 1- Group 2- what characteristic did you use in you classification? name a ...
February 26, 2011 by Ivy

physical science
what is the answer to 3.45 km= ______cm? please
September 10, 2008 by wendy

4) Why is it important to control the presence ethylene gas when ripening fruit? 5) Describe two aspects of dams that depend on the proper flow of fluids. Please help me with these questions! thanks
January 12, 2014 by Bill Nye

8th Grade Space and Earth Science
I have two questions about my study guide for my science test tomorrow. Thank you for any answers that I can get! How does the atmosphere give evidence for divine design? How can a satellite telephone user communicate if radio waves reflect off the ionosphere? Perspiration ...
February 3, 2009 by Nicole C.

An area in your state has been flooded due to heavy rains. How might scientists from the three main branches of science interact in their study of the flood, its effects, and how future flooding might be controlled? OK, I will bite: What do you think the three main branches of...
September 17, 2006 by alexa

Physical Science
Two carts ( a's mass = 4.5 kg and b's mass = 1.5 kg) are held against a strong compressed string. The carts are released simultaneously, and B moves off to the right wqith a speed of 2.0 m/s. What is A's initial velocity? Please show work.
September 21, 2011 by Aubbie

physical science
what two meaning ideal of aristotle did galileo difcredit?
September 30, 2009 by leonor

What is When digital information is superimposed on a physical environment (two words)
November 28, 2016 by Emma

What is When digital information is superimposed on a physical environment (two words)
November 28, 2016 by Emma R.

What is an example of physical science? I know it is movement but can you give an example in a sentance and explain please?
September 15, 2015 by Nicole

physical science
Please help.How can the IMA of a screwdriver be increased?
October 20, 2009 by zack

Below i copied the assignment but, I only need help finding a peer reviewed article about the effects of optimism on physical help. Can someone PLEASE help me fast? Here is the assignment.... Find a peer reviewed article which discusses the effects of optimism on physical and ...
July 15, 2010 by QueenP

physical science
What physical quantities are governed by the quantum numbers of an atomic electron?.
March 22, 2013 by Dee

physical science
describe two ways that nonmetals can combine with other metals?
November 13, 2008 by Taylor

physical science
list two safety procedures to create a supersaturated solution
May 3, 2011 by matthew

physical science
two forces act on an object f1 = 5N f2 = 7N when will the resultant force be maximum?
August 21, 2014 by nomasonto

physical science
Find the gravitational force between two 20 kg spheres that are separated by 4.0 m.
September 26, 2016 by heydi

4) Why is it important to control the presence ethylene gas when ripening fruit? 5) Describe two aspects of dams that depend on the proper flow of fluids. Please help me with these questions! A.s.a.p thanks Answer this Question
January 12, 2014 by Bill Nye

Physical Science
A sample of copper can be drawn into thin wire. Is this chemical or physical property?
September 9, 2008 by Mari

Physical Science 9
when an electric current is passed through water 2 gasses are formed is this a chemical or physical change
March 16, 2014 by Steve

Algebra 1
your school is conducting a poll that has two parts,one part that has 13 questions and a second part that has 10 questions. Students can answer the questions ineither part with 'agree' or 'disagree'. What power of two represents the number of ways there are to answer the ...
January 18, 2010 by Javar

In a question paper there are two parts A and B . Part A contains 6 questions and part B contains 7 questions . in how many ways a student can select 4 questions in part A of which 2 questions are compulsory and 5 questions in part B of which 3 questions are compulsory ?????...
March 23, 2016 by Venkatesh

physical science
List the two equivalent conversion factors for the molar mass of silver, Ag.
December 4, 2008 by Jameisha

name two physical properties of an object about which you can gather qualitative data
March 10, 2013 by lola

Physical Science
The entire physical universe is called__________?
August 27, 2008 by Mickey

science and history
How did the apollo 11 space mission pave a way for 1.) technology 2.) science 3.) America 4.) space exploration Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you have come up with a response to these questions, please re-post and let us know what you think. ...
January 1, 2007 by anon

Science (7th Grade)
My science teacher is really mean. And if I don't have the following questions done, I have a suspention! Please help!! 1) What discovery demonstrated that atoms are not the smallest particles? 2) Dalton did what to his theory that Democritus did not? 3) It is important for ...
November 3, 2009 by Alexis

I HAVE A QUESTION. When I post a question and there is now response to it does it means that my answer to my questions are correct? I post two questions yeaterday and received no response .Today I post the same two questions and still got no response. They are math questions ...
June 14, 2007 by DANIELLE

physical science
Which of the following pairs of objects would have the strongest gravitational pull? two buildings in the same city ← two tall buildings in different cities two stars very far away from each other two stars very close to each other my answer is c
April 4, 2014 by steve

Physical Science
Question: Suppose you have sunlight shining on two clear containers of water on a table. Light waves refract through one of the containers but diffract around the other container. Describe how the two containers are different. (I have to write three lines, it's not a lot) ...
January 12, 2017 by Anonymous

physical science
The resultant vector of two particular displacement vectors dose not equal the sum of the magnitudes of the individual vectors. Describe the directions of the two vectors.
May 2, 2011 by Becky

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