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What is common to all light sources, including incandescent, fluorescent, neon, halogen, laser, and sodium-vapor devices? Thank You I really appreciate your help! :3
March 29, 2012 by jEnN

In the reaction between bromine and sodium, a bromine atom gains an electron. What ion is formed? Is the bromine oxidized, or is it reduced? Thank You ^_^
December 14, 2011 by Rachael

Could someone please have a moment to look at my science posts. I really need help on them. I'll appreciate all your help, thanks:-)
May 4, 2010 by Sara

What are the types of position-time graphs? I really do not know the types. I have a problem that has a part that wants me to tell which graph the problem uses. Also, they didn't really talk about the types of graphs in the lesson. Please help, and will really appreciate it.:)
February 25, 2014 by Brady

How can you tell the similarity between displacement and average velocity? I really do not know. Please help, and I will appreciate it. :)
February 27, 2014 by Brady

Please check these! Physical or Chemical properties? 1. solubility = physical 2. melting point = physical 3. reacts with water to form a gas = physical
September 12, 2012 by Reed

Physical Science
Based on a data table of their preliminary observations, which is shown below, complete the final column entitled: “Number of Valence Electrons” and then answer the questions that follow. Element Name Symbol Group Number Alkalininium A 1 Earthium E 2 Redonkulinium R 3 ...
November 1, 2011 by Jill

Intro to Physical Science
Define physical science Andrew: I went to www.dictionary.com and typed in physical science. The following is what it returned.I hope this helps. physical science  1. any of the natural sciences dealing with inanimate matter or with energy, as physics, chemistry, and ...
September 9, 2006 by andrew

Science - Please Help!
How can you tell the similarity between displacement and average velocity? It is for a part of a science problem. The lesson did not tell me how to do this. I have been stuck on that problem for a while. I also had my sister help me, and I looked things up for the problem. I ...
February 27, 2014 by Brady

can someone show me how to do these problems? Please? I really don't know how to answer them. I would really appreciate it... Solve the following formula for the variable indicated 9. r = d/t, where r = rate, d = distance, and t = time for d 10. 3x - y = 10 for y
September 24, 2015 by Abby

can someone show me how to do these problems? Please? I really don't know how to answer them. I would really appreciate it... Solve the following formula for the variable indicated 9. r = d/t, where r = rate, d = distance, and t = time for d 10. 3x - y = 10 for y
September 24, 2015 by Abby

Physical Science
A=Vf - Vi divided by 29 seconds Can you please help me. This is 9th grade Physical Science homework.
September 13, 2011 by Katelyn

Algebra 2
Solve and Graph: ( i know that second part would be difficult but can you possibly explain it more) -3©¦x+4©¦-5 ¡Ý 10 Please explain. I would really appreciate it. I'm not in school, i'm homebound and mom will not allow me to attend tutuoring at school for help even ...
February 7, 2013 by Catilyn

physical science
gimme a side of what physical science is. I know there's no shortcuts but it means alot of ev'rything I gotta know. Sho' me. I have little understanding of what you wrote. When one tries to communicate in non-standard English, the results are unpredictable. Here is a ...
September 3, 2005 by Henry

I would appreciate some help if poss I am really stuck. I have an equation t = kpxd^2 I have to find the SI units of K SI units of t = s p = kg^-3 x = m d = m k is constant I am really pulling my hair out on this one?
September 15, 2007 by Adam

Punnet Squares
Could some science teacher please have a moment to look at my punnet squares post, I really do need help on it. I will appreciate all the help you could give me, thanks a lot:-)
June 8, 2010 by Sara

Will you please check? Physical or chemical properties 1. bitter taste = physical taste 2. can neutralize a base= physical property 3. boiling point = physical property 4. reacts with a base to form water= physical 5. reacts with acid to form hydrogen = chemical property 6. ...
September 12, 2012 by Reed

1. I really appreciate you saying so! 2. I really appreciate your saying so! (Which one is grammatical?)
October 4, 2013 by rfvv

Science - Please Check my Answer
My problem: A swimmer travels from the south end to the north end of a 30.0 m pool in 15.0 s and makes the return trip to the starting position in 19.0 s. What is the average velocity for the second half of the swim? My answer: 1.60 m/s to the south Please check! I will really...
February 27, 2014 by Brady

7th Grade Math Help
Hi, I really need some help with this. What is one example of how prime factorization is used in real life? I really don't know and I know what example you can use for factoring in real life but not this one. Please help as fast as possible! I really appreciate it! :)
September 15, 2015 by MusicLover14

Physical Science
Hi... well anyways so I am in 7th grade but I'm taking 8th grade science...I think...I know for sure that I am in Accelerated 7th grade science so if that helps at all, there you go:) Back to the subject I'm really confused with acceleration calculation and velocity, time, ...
May 2, 2011 by Pate

6th Grade Science
How did earthquakes contribute to the destruction of over seventy villages in Tibet? What does a concave scar on a hillside reveal about the formation of the landscape? How can erosion form new land? Please help me. I don't have any answers and I really need help. Thank you. I...
May 4, 2012 by poisoned thorn

Integrated Science.
Hello there experts!Can you help me out with some of my questions?Thank you. My first question is. 1.)List 3 warning symbols in my home...please! 2.)What are some precautious i should take in a lab? and or Give 3 reasons why keen attention is being paid in a lab room? Please ...
September 11, 2007 by Roseana.

1.calculate the commutators a/ [x^2,p^2] b/ [a,a^+n] I don't know how to solve it. Please help. I really appreciate.
March 12, 2010 by bun

Please look at what i have posted twice. I really appreciate the help. Thanks
November 17, 2014 by blue

My final exam is coming up so I am doing study guides to help me practice. I would really appreciate any help that is given. 1. The hydronium ion concentration for a solution is determined to be 4.5 x 10^-7 M. What is the concentration of the hydroxide ion? 2. When a 5.00 mL ...
November 25, 2012 by Studying

Thanks so much for your help on my english question. I posted a reply with another question down below. You're REALLY smart so can you please check my work that i put donw below! thanks again, i really appreciate it:)
February 26, 2008 by Miley

Could someone help me solve this Absolute Equation? Please? I really can’t figure it out and I would really appreciate any help... Question~~ Evaluate the given expressions when a = 3, b = -3, c = 4, and d = -1 (a/c)|c| + b – d My answer~ (a/c)|c|+b-d (3/4)|4|+(-3)-(-1) (3...
October 5, 2015 by Abby

I have to show that for any (pi)A, Sin(A)squared + Cos(A)squared = 1. I don't really get the question... am I supposed to multiply A by pi? Even if that weren't the case, I still do not comprehend how the squared sine and cosine will cancel out... I'd really appreciate some ...
November 6, 2007 by David

245kg=????ug I do not know how to change this to ug so if anyone could please show me how I would really appreciate it.
November 12, 2007 by nora

show [f(xop), d/dx] = -df/dx please help, can sb gives a hint? I really appreciate.
January 28, 2010 by Bun

Can someone please help me I'd really appreciate it Solve the system by substitution -x - y - z = -8 -4x + 4y + 5z = 7 2x + 2z =4
October 12, 2016 by Taylor

can anyone please help me:-) check out my earlier posts on page 2 you don't have to help me if you don't want to but I'd really appreciate your help, if you do
September 22, 2009 by sara

could you please tell me how you got the answer reguarding the 2" pipe i would really appreciate it. Thanks
June 24, 2012 by jay

A hydraulic jack is needed to raise an object with a force of 4000 N to a height of 3 metres above the ground. Will the jack do the job? (Answer after working through the rest of the question. I would really appreciate it if someone would please help me with this question. ...
April 9, 2013 by Cherie

I'm so confused please help when the kidneys secrete hydrogen ions, does the pH of the urine drop? and when the kidneys secrete hydrogen ions, it lowers the pH of the blood also? I really appreciate any help you can give Thank you
April 25, 2012 by Shiela

Science Fair Project
Please help any tutors around, i really need help on what topic to choose, and my science fair is in February 16, 2015!!!!!! I just want to get a really good mark so i get an A in Science again this year in my report card. From a Student in need!!!Wimbika
February 3, 2015 by Wimbika

I don't even know where to start with this problem... i'm supposed to simplify it but i don't get how, please help! 12e^x / e^4x I would really appreciate the help, thank you!
April 20, 2011 by Maya

alegebra 1
the question is a diamond problem and it already gives you the sum of 24 on top and -11 on bottom can someone please help me? I would really appreciate it! ( please do not give me the answer just need some pointers)
September 3, 2014 by haylee

check please
hi ms. sue i was wondering if you had email that i can have to email you if i need help because i need help with accounting with some type of graph but it wont fit here is there anyway you could help me through your email or i can send it to your email and you help me out ...
August 24, 2009 by henry

the remainder theorem - Please Help!!
i'm really not sure how to do this question. (3x+2k)^3+(4x-7)^2 has a remainder of 33 when divided by x-3. find k. i tried to expand the expression, but i don't get a polynomial, so how do i apply the remainder theorem? i would really appreciate it if anyone could tell me how ...
January 14, 2008 by hayley

7th Grade Science
what physical force can cause a change in the state of matter what is the difference between chemical and physical changes what occurs during Bose-Einstein condensation Please help me.
September 4, 2012 by completeidiot

Hi!I wished you can help me with my science fair project.I don't know what to do or which to pick.Please help me.Any suggestion?I'm a fifth grader by the way.I appreciate it a lot. Endless Thanks, Marie
October 13, 2015 by Marie

Thanks for helping me alot Steve i really appreciate ur help. My test is in 2 hours and I think im prepared im really thankful of you:) Thanksss sir!!!:D
February 25, 2013 by Kristein

Could someone help me solve this Absolute Equation? Please? I would really appreciate any help... Question~~ Evaluate the given expressions when a = 3, b = -3, c = 4, and d = -1 (a/c)|c| + b – d
October 3, 2015 by Abby

How many solution are there in the following system of equations? x=-6y+4 2x+12y=8 Please help me and explain it to me! I would really appreciate if you guys answered it!
May 23, 2016 by Helen

so first of all, not really sure if this is Science =S Okay, could someone please name 4 or 5 animals that are now extinct? and please, more well known ones =D and don't be too general please, ex. dinosaur. Thanks!
January 13, 2009 by John

Science - Please check my answer
This is my problem: When Christy takes her pet dog for a walk, the dog walks at a very consistent pace of 0.45 m/s. There are 20.1 m between the front of Christy’s house to the nearest dog park. How far will Christy’s dog have walked toward the park after 25s? This is my ...
February 25, 2014 by Brady

Science - Please Check This Answer
My problem is: When Christy takes her pet dog for a walk, the dog walks at a very consistent pace of 0.45 m/s. There are 20.1 m between the front of Christy’s house to the nearest dog park. How far will Christy’s dog have walked toward the park after 25 s? My answer is: ...
February 26, 2014 by Brady

7th grade math
Horses, pigs and cows is really easy I can do it in my head but, my teacher told me I would have to start showing my work. I really have no clue how to do that I have always done it in my head. Can you pretty please help me I would gladly appreciate it. Thank you. :)
May 14, 2013 by Abby

What is kenyas factor of production for their land and labor? Which means what percentage do they use their land for what. For te labor it means what labor occurs their, whether it be physical or mental labor. I need details as well as percentages for both. I would really ...
November 11, 2012 by Anonymous

i thought you were a helping site please help i read my lessons but i just coulnd answer some questions. help please i need to pass this test, i would really appreciate it your time. im new to this site
June 16, 2012 by Fred

'opinions please'
I wrote a post earlier, I was hoping a few more people could write their opinion (side) on it. I really appreciate it!
November 2, 2011 by y912f

Analytic Geometry
Simplify the given equation and graph x^2-xy+y^2-3=0 (please answer. Needed for my studies tonight. Thanks!) PS: i will really appreciate your response. :)
May 3, 2016 by Earis

Find the volume of the solid formed by rotating the region enclosed by y=(e^(2x))+4,y=0,x-0,x=0.4. I tried doing this but got really confused. Really appreciate it if you guys help.Tnks
July 13, 2011 by tony

What does it mean when he says don't use any physical examples just expand on the main concept. Also how is Greed related to "war as a social disease" and how is empathy related. We need to explain the main concept with no examples. I'm struggling and I really do appreciate ...
February 3, 2009 by Michele

i need to solve this : 1. we should show the chemical structure of oligosaccharide which contains 2 galactoses and 1 saccharose. 2. compare the difference in physical features og dicarboxylic acids and glucose beta chain 3. determine the calorific value of 5g saccharose please...
March 29, 2011 by nina

Science Help - Please
Can you please tell me if this is a balanced equation for Zinc and acetic acid... Zn(s) + 2CH3COOH(aq)-->Zn(aq)(CH3COO)2 + H2(g) I would appreciate any help
November 17, 2014 by Cassie

Algebra 2/Trig
I've done every other single question besides this one. (There was 12). I'm stumped and would really appreciate some help! I have to simplify this: 5/3sqrt(3-4) I am not sure if you have to conjugate the denominator and multiply it with the top and bottom, then simplify from ...
January 8, 2013 by Raelyn

physical science
not exactly physical science, but I'm confused about how you tell the charge of elements in the B groups on the periodic table
June 15, 2008 by jowy

physical science
Two 3.4 kg physical science textbooks on a bookshelf are 0.25 m apart. What is the magnitude of the gravitational attraction between the books?
September 19, 2014 by mary

what are the elements of plot, i have to analyze a short story using elements of plot , and when i did my essay i failed it , so can anyone please help me please i will really appreciate it
January 4, 2010 by amanda

Math - help really needed
I'm sorry to double post; I don't want to seem impatient, but I really need help with this. Prove each idenity. 1+1/tan^2x=1/sin^2x 1/cosx-cosx=sinxtanx 1/sin^2x+1/cos^2x=1/sin^2xcos^2x 1/1-cos^2x+/1+cosx=2/sin^2x and (1-cos^2x)(1+1/tan^2x)= 1 I haven't even gotten 'round to ...
December 2, 2008 by Rani

proofread my essay?
If I post my rough draft of an essay on here, can someone proofread it please? I would REALLY appreciate if someone did because I'm doing horrible on it and it would be really helpful if I had someone else's input :) thanks so SO much!!!
November 13, 2008 by Emily

Health and physical education
I really need help on the connexus academy health and physical education grade 6 semester b unit 6 lesson 6 human body systems test. Please someone help me! If I don't finish this test today I will be in a lot of trouble and I don't have time to study!
March 24, 2017 by Please help me

ur supposed to add straight down, but then i think u have to multiply one equation by the other to get y to cancel out, and then i get up to that step, and then just get really confused, i really do appreciate any help...THANX x+4=-2 x-y=2
July 19, 2008 by maria

precalc. please help:)
(square root y-3)^2=(1-square root 2y-4)^2. how do i do this???? i am clueless, pleaseeee help!!!! i^-7. how do I do this please describe! thanks for your time and help, I really appreciate it:)
September 27, 2009 by kennedy

I am having trouble finding the birth date of Lady Montague from Romeo and Juliet. If you can please help me i would really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks sooooooooooo much, Isabel
March 6, 2012 by Isabel

Analytic Geometry
Simplify the given equation and graph x^2-xy+y^2-3=0 (please answer. Needed for my studies tonight. This is about rotation of axes. Thanks PS: i will really appreciate your response. :)
May 3, 2016 by Earis

Can someone please give me the summary of the following story's? Before the gun went off The poisoner who wore glasses I would really appreciate help :)
December 18, 2016 by Lilly

Physics-please help!!!
A 190 g particle is released from rest at point A inside a smooth hemispherical bowl of radius 25.0 cm. Calculate the gravitational potential energy at A also, how do you find kinetic energy if you aren't given velocity? please help me! i would really appreciate it
November 19, 2009 by Fiona

Physical Science in Action
I need help with the scientific method for physical Science in Action and all I have so far is: Scientific methods in a circle and connecting circles with Scientific models , Experiments , observation and calculations and I have one circle left!! Please help ASAP
August 16, 2009 by Patsie

Ms. Sue I really liked the ps2 game Alphabet circus, but it's for ages 2 to 5, and I would like one ages 5 and up, so could you please give me another link to games like alphabet circus. I would really appreciate your help, thanks.
October 12, 2009 by Sheena

To SraMcJin
Sra, I want to thank you for all your help on my English poetry. You really are good at poetry. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it:-)LOL
May 4, 2010 by Sara

how much silver can you expect to isolate from 10mL of a 0.5 solution of silver nitrate. please help i would really appreciate it
December 7, 2011 by Tabatha

physical science
Memo of physical science question 7 November 2014 grade 11
November 12, 2015 by Anonymous

Grd 12 U English
I am the discussion director for my group. I have to grab 4 reallyyy good discussion questions for the book The Kite Runner. I already found one good question, I need the other 3. It has to be from chapter 1-3 PLEASE help me out, i'm so stuck, honestly I really want my group ...
July 8, 2013 by Kristen

Physical Science
I studied this 2 years ago in college and am no back in school. I can't remember any of this stuff and I really need to figure it out. Please Help Me!! The Latent Heat of Vaporization for water is 540. cal/g. How much heat (in calories) must be added to 10.0 g of water at ...
February 5, 2013 by Jessica

Science - Please Check my Answer 2
My problem: One runner in a relay race has a 1.50 s lead and is running at a constant speed of 3.25 m/s. The runner has 30.0 m to run before reaching the end of the track. A second runner moves in the same direction as the leader. What constant speed must the second runner ...
February 27, 2014 by Brady

What is an example of a stable system? How were you able to determine whether or not this system is stable? I really appreciate your help!
May 2, 2016 by blackbeltninja

Help on social studies!
Hi! I was wondering if anyone could give me any websites to research on how forest, a resource, is collected and gathered. I try to look at some things, but nothing really captures what I need to type. Thank you! :) And, I really appreciate it!
January 24, 2016 by Alexis

Math - help really needed
Prove each idenity. 1+1/tan^2x=1/sin^2x 1/cosx-cosx=sinxtanx 1/sin^2x+1/cos^2x=1/sin^2xcos^2x 1/1-cos^2x+/1+cosx=2/sin^2x and (1-cos^2x)(1+1/tan^2x)= 1 I haven't even gotten 'round to sny of the quedtions because the first one is just so hard. I'm not really sure I'm ...
December 2, 2008 by Rani

I need help please. I'm really clueless of what the answer is. The theory of demographic transition is based on the idea that industrial development causes ________ and ___________ progress that affect population growth rates. [I really have no clue what's the two missing ...
March 19, 2007 by Mack

I would really appreciate help! Compare renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, and discus the effects of each on biodiversity. (I need about 6 sentences) (I have tried thinking about it and cannot seem to figure it out)
January 21, 2016 by May

Find each uniform continuous probability and sketch a graph showing it as a shaded area.. If you please show me how you got the answer I would really appreciate. a. P(X < 10) for U (0, 50) b. P(X > 500) for U (0, 1,000) c. P(25< X < 45) for U(15, 65)
September 8, 2010 by Shon

Describe a real-world problem that can be solved using the expression 29 divided by (3/8 + 5/6). Find the answer in the context of the situation. Please help! Due tomorrow. I would really appreciate it!
November 3, 2015 by Secret Student

math, Calculus
Need help with these calculus questions, would really appreciate it. Heres a link to the question sheet, http://i45.tinypic.com/28mired.jpg i scanned it and put it on tinypic.com since I'm not sure how to type it up. Would really appreciate the help thank you!!!
June 28, 2010 by Leo

Physics (balancing one chemical equation)
Hi :), Please help me balance this equation I would really appreciate it! :) CS2(g)+ O2(g)----> CO2(g)+ S2O4(aq)+HEAT Thank you in advance! :)
December 7, 2011 by Jill

Science. plz help!!
What is the physical and chemical characteristics of the element neon? p.s- a really need help i'm not joking. oh yeah and thank you for your time! I think I answered this last night but it may not have been your question. Anyway, go to www.webelements.com and click on element...
November 13, 2006 by Vicky

Physical Science (repost for drwls)
OK, I've been trying my best and for 3 I got B and for five I got B...? 4 still seems really tricky to me! -MC
May 3, 2009 by mysterychicken

Business Communications
Which of the following would be classified as an informative or possitive message? A. A request for information B. An announcement of a policy that reduces benefits C. A memo for the file recording actions and rationales D. A letter to an employer announcing you have accepted ...
August 14, 2010 by Rain Misoa

Hi, can someone please help me with this question? When each of three different numbers is added to the average of two other numbers, the results are 105, 106 and 125. What is the average of the three original numbers? I'm not exactly sure how to go about this problem... I'm ...
November 8, 2007 by Eliana

Find the integral by substitution ∫ [(16 x3)/(x4 + 5)] dx ∫[ 4 x/(√{x2 + 3})] dx ∫ 8 x2 e4 x3 +7 dx PLEASE help with all three. i'd really appreciate it
December 5, 2010 by Erika

6th Grade Science
Hi, I really need help and I'm really confused I don't know what they are asking me to do. Provide three statements that demonstrate the importance of units when describing motion. Please someone help me because it is very important. Thank You :/
April 2, 2015 by MusicLover14

History- Ms. Sue
I want to apologize for being bothersome the other day. I know that you probably became really irritated with me and I'm sorry. I was doing research on the topic and trying to think things through on my own. I was becoming really irriated with the whole assignment. This ...
April 14, 2009 by Kara

History please help
Could someone explain what does it mean to "stabilize international exchange rates"? I would really appreciate it if someone wrote a brief explanation, because I just don't understand
October 25, 2010 by Amy

sentence correction
I don't see anything wrong with this sentence: It will be greatly appreciated if the bill is paid by check when possible. You're right; there's nothing wrong with this sentence. But you can make it much better by putting it in the active and not passive voice. We would ...
August 3, 2007 by Anonymous

Research essay
I'm supposed to write a research essay on dark matter. I'm supposed to use in-text citations, but I'm not sure how to. My teacher said that I have to cite anything that's not mine. I know this, but I'm just really confused as to how to write a science research essay as oppsed ...
May 19, 2009 by Sam

i really need some help, i really appreciate all yalls help. Consider the function F(x)=2x^2-5x+5/x-2 Domain Vertical,horizontal,or slant asymptotes x-intercept(s) y-itercept(s) symmetry(respect to x, y-axis or orgin) F’ (x) Critical numbers F” (x) Possible points of ...
December 6, 2009 by marlyn

Discrete Math
Use mathematical induction to prove the truth of each of the following assertions for all n ≥1. n³ + 5n is divisible by 6 I really do not understand this to much. This is what I have so far: n = 1, 1³ - 5(1) = 6, which is divisible by 6 Then I really don't know how to ...
March 21, 2011 by Francesca

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