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You took a 5-question multiple choice quiz with 4 choices for each question. If you guess at random on each question, what is the probability that you get at least one question correct?
November 15, 2011 by sia

There are three teams in a classroom. 1. This question is for Team 1. 2. Only Team 2 can answer this question. 2-2. Only students in Team 2 can answer this question. (Do we have to put 'the' before 'students'?) 3. This one is for Team 3 students. 4. Team 1 students are allowed...
November 29, 2016 by rfvv

1. One question at a time. 2. Ask one question at a time. 3. Ask me one question at a time. 4. Ask one question of me at a time. 5. Ask one question at a time of me. (Are they all the same? Can we use all the expressions?)
April 19, 2012 by rfvv

Need help with one more question. Which best describes a statistical question? a. a question that contains numbers b. a question about numbers c. a question about designing an experiment d. a question about a population or sample. I was thinking it might be D. Thanks...
April 2, 2013 by Brandi

What is the average summer temperature in the desert biome? Select one: a. 38 degrees celcius b. 48 degrees celcius c. 58 degrees celcius Question 2 Not yet answered Marked out of 1.00 Flag question Question text What is the average winter temperature in the Savanna biome? ...
March 15, 2013 by paragonnova

Math 30
A popular game show begins with the host reading a question to the contestants. One question involves putting 4 events (A, B, C, and D) in chronological order. What is the probability that the contestant gets the question correct is he or she just guesses? Recently I asked ...
March 25, 2010 by Sandy

Predict the precipitate that forms: HCl + AgNO3 --> ??? i don't know what the answer is but i think it is Cing04 AgCl. You need to learn the solubility rules. If you don't have a web site I can give you one. hey watz up can you help me with a question please? If you have a ...
January 29, 2007 by key

Need some one check my homework. Evaluate 3p/q when p=2 and q=6. Answer:1 Use < > or = for __ to write a true sentence: 0.001 __ 0.0010 Answer:< Question 3 Evaluate -3/8 - 5/8. Answer:7 Question 4 Evaluate: 84 + (-99) + 44 - (-18) - 43 = Answer:4 Question 5 Multiply...
May 29, 2014 by Lisa

A professor gave his 40 students a test with three questions. Every student answered at least one question. Ten student did not answer the first question, 14 did not answer the second question, and 12 did not answer the third question. If 18 students answered all three ...
April 13, 2015 by Excel

english literature
What is the best way to structure and answer an essay with a question that has more than one question in a question
March 15, 2009 by karla

The teacher gave us a mini essay that has 16 questions under each chapter (Chapters 1-4, 4 questions per chapter). Her instructions are as follows: "Below you will find short-essay-type questions from each of the Unit 2 chapters. Please select and respond to any ONE question ...
November 26, 2013 by Sarah

Original Question is: how many 1/2 miles are in 12 miles? write the division question 12 divided by 1/2= 24 what multiplication question could the model also answer? 12 x 2 =24 This is the one I didn't understand Write the question given as a multiplication question?
December 10, 2013 by Libby

Question 12 Which of the following is correct? i.e. I.E. ie IE Question 13 Which of the following is incorrect? 16,500 four dollars in his 30s the nineteenth century Question 14 Which of the following is the correct usage of a percentage? 13 percent 13% percent 2.7 per-cent ...
April 25, 2010 by christopher

Flag question Question text A fair coin is tossed 6 times. What is the probability to the nearest hundredth of obtaining at least one head? Select one: a. .08 b. .98 c. .50 d. .02
February 11, 2013 by Tina

Math 156
I already did the first and third question I just need some one to make it clear to me what he is asking for question 2. Hint anyone please thanks. What is the difference between a combination and a permutation? What clues are provided in a question to help you decide? Make ...
July 27, 2009 by Emory

General knowledge
You are trapped in a room with two doors. One is to death and other lds to freedom. You don't know whic 1. There are two robots guarding the doors. They will let you choose one door but upon doing so you must go through it.You can, however, ask one robot one question. The ...
July 6, 2010 by evaa

I am having some difficulties factoring polynomials and I use only one method to figure the stuff out, which is the guess and check method because it's just mental math work and not that complicating. Here is a question that I know how to do, and below it I will list down the ...
November 15, 2010 by Anonymous

history--search for earlier post
i wrote a history question a few days back, i think Ms.Sue gave me a link for it..i need that link, so can someone find that question for me..? the question is: Discuss the several plans for reconstruction and explain one success and one failure of reconstruction thanks a lot
February 22, 2009 by Bella

On a very short quiz, there is one multiple choice question with 5 possible choices (a, b, c, d, e) and one true or false question. Assume you are taking the quiz but do not have any idea what the correct answer is to either question. You mark an answer to each question anyway...
July 8, 2011 by Cassie

When studying integers, zero is _________. Select one: a. a positive b. neither a positive nor a negative. c. a negative Question 3 On a number line the numbers to the right are _________ numbers to the left. Select one: a. equal to b. great than c. less than Question 4 -4 ...
April 13, 2013 by paragonnova

Question:Hey I posting for my brother Mohammad again, his computer not work I not know why. You please unblock any people so he access again. His question. What goals of the FLQ. Me him not know if list goal one by one. We only have to achieve Quebec independence by resorting ...
December 14, 2011 by Shreya

Math Help- Test Tomorrow!
We were doing review in class today and I remembered this one question I never got(though I don't have the specific question with me anymore). 1. It was a composite function question that asked for 'a' when f(g(a))=1. We were provided with the graphs of f(x) and g(x) and there...
September 22, 2015 by Ben

Math Question from Teacher Exam
The question- The teacher gives her students 8 faces and 7 smiles and tells them to match the smiles with the faces. What concept is the teacher helping her students understand? Is it one to one concept? One to many? or One more than? I think it is one more than but not sure ...
January 25, 2017 by Sheila

U.S. Government
I'm struggling with answering this question and I would appreciate any help one could offer. I'm needing to answer the following question in paragraph form: Which one of these two philosophies do you think the Supreme Court should follow: judicial activism or judicial restraint?
October 16, 2010 by Susie

the following question asks about one or more selections from your literature textbook. You may use your textbook to answer the question. Select one question to respond to. Option 1: Write a short essay in which you examine the figurative language in "Concrete Mixers" Explain ...
March 6, 2015 by Unknown

My professor never teach us this kind of question before. I don't know why she put this question as a homework since she doesn't teach us this yet. I need help with one question. I don't know where to start. So don't you mind if you can help me please. Here a question: ...
June 16, 2012 by Laura

Social Studies (1 question)
I'm doing a four question assignment but I'm in doubt with one question. Question #1: Why does the one-child policy most likely affect only Han Chinese? a) Members of other ethnic groups have different religious beliefs b) The Han live mostly in the densely populated east c) ...
February 17, 2016 by Gourami

Quick question: How can I be sure that a slow reaction is not running out of reagents? Thanks The question is too general for a quick answer. Depending upon the reaction, intensity of color (either decreasing or increasing) might be one way, the odor of a product or one of the...
April 24, 2007 by Chrissy

A popular game show begins with the host reading a question to the contestants. One question involves putting four events (A, B, C and D) in chronological order. What is the probability that the contestant gets the question correct if he or she just guesses?
March 24, 2010 by Sandy

Language arts Help
MacNeil asks, "When before in human history has so much humanity collectively surrendered so much of its leisure to one toy, one mass diversion?" What is this persuasive technique called? A. Repetition B. A generalization C. A rhetorical question D. A controversial question Is...
November 6, 2014 by Charm

gr8 science
HOMEWORK QUESTION: give one advantage and one disadvantage of having many branches in science??? i know its a silly question but i really couldn't think of an answer and i thoight you guys could give it a try.... can u help me out?? plz??
September 24, 2009 by yomna

College Mathematics
This is a repost. I posted a question 2 days ago and the response was wrong. The question was on Probability. The question was One card is selected from a deck of playing cards. Determine the probability of selecting a jack OR a club. use this rule P(A or B) = P(A) + P(B) - P(...
March 12, 2013 by slomomo

You have a ten question multiple choice test in your next class and you did not study at all. Each question has four choices and only one correct answer. You are going to guess on each question. What is the probability that you score at least a 20% on the test.
May 7, 2013 by Liz

I have one more question I need to ask about algebra, this one is a perform the indicated operation question. 4x 5x ----- - ---- x^2-9 x^2+4x-+3 I am really confused on the -+3 part, I don't know if my teacher made a typo or what, because without the - in that part it would be...
March 18, 2008 by Jeff

Given a multiple choice test with 4 choices for each question and 17 questions, What are the odds of getting all 17 questions incorrect? Each question has one correct answer--So 75% per question, but how about the entire test?
September 11, 2007 by Mary Anne

Social Studies -- Merisa
I've reposted your question because it was posted as an answer to another question. Next time, please click Post a New Question when you want to ask a question. Your question: Was the U.S right to become an imperialist country and was it right to take over Hawaii.(5 paragraphs...
March 7, 2007 by Ms. Sue

Tricky Math Question
15, 10, 13, 14 There are four bags of marbles. One of them contains 15, one of them contains 13, one contains 10, and the other one contains 14 marbles. If I remove three marbles (must be three) and distribute one each of the other bags, that would be ONE move. How many moves ...
September 13, 2010 by Clara Wang

Why do you have to leave one side alone when proving a sentence to be true? This question relates to identifying trigonometric identities to be true, however, my teacher says this question applies to everything. I do not understand this question, let alone, the answer. Can ...
January 18, 2010 by John

hi one question says what was the sighificance of the 1830 race involving the Tom Thumb locomotive?
February 27, 2013 by juju

@writeacher question
i have a question that is similar to the one you helped me in
September 23, 2013 by loli

us history
my question is on north americans mirgation it says explain one way that mirgration affects us today? then my next question says give one cause and effact of the mirgration of the frist americans?
October 28, 2010 by mariana

A multiple choice quiz contains five question. Each question has four answer choices. Michael is not prepared for the quiz and decides to guess for each question. What is the probability that Michael will get at least one question correct? What is the probability that Micheal ...
April 29, 2013 by Ashley

I really need help with this question, Damon gave me an answer, but I do not know if it is for this question or for the one posted after. This is the only question I need help on, I promise not to post any other questions after this I need help
July 7, 2010 by Andrea

english help!
Hi, I have a question. What is a news theme and why the media might develop one? I am not sure what this question mean? Thanks.
May 14, 2009 by karina

Chem Help PLEASE!
Asked earlier but got no reply :/ hopefully I get one now cause I'm really stuck and can't completely my assignment cause of one question.. How many grams of dry NH4Cl need to be added to 1.90 L of a 0.200 M solution of ammonia, NH3, to prepare a buffer solution that has a pH ...
March 14, 2012 by Taylor

If you want to answer my questions, put up your hands....(one question)..(A boy answers the question, but not in a complete form....) 1. Try to answer the question in a full sentence/form. 2. You should answer the question in full sentences/forms. 3. Answer the question in a ...
December 2, 2015 by rfvv

PHI 103
After being told that she is being punished for lying, a child responds by telling her mother that she also lied. This response may involve which fallacy? Ad homimen (tu quoque) Ad verecundiam (ex libris) Ad misericordiam (ex ante) Ad baculum (antebellum) I am confused about ...
December 15, 2011 by Siri

GeOmEtRy OnE qUeStIoN pLeAsE hElP!!!
Segment DF bisects angle EDG. Find FG. segment EF is n+9 segment FG is 4n-6 Please Help me on this one question! I'd really appreciate it! Thank You :)!
December 20, 2011 by Zelda

What is an essay-style question, and how would I write one about a book I read? I don't have to answer the question
November 2, 2010 by Lala

mc questions
Question # 1-What is the magnitude of the momentum of a particle of mass 2 kg with a speed of 5 m/s? a)2.5 kg m/s b)10 kg m/s c)3 kg m/s d)7 kg m/s Question # 2-If two objects with different masses collide and bounce off each other, the one with the greater mass? a)feels a ...
May 30, 2012 by macy

I have a question on this question would I forgo the sqaure root on this on because there is no sqaure except on the products side which is 2HI? I am lost because I set up ICE then got to: 54=(4X-0.09)^2/x*x Kc=[HI]^2/[x][x] At a particular temperature, Kc = 54 for the ...
March 23, 2010 by CC

I am having a ton of trouble with this lab question, I do not understand it at all. The question is: Show how the rate of reaction in reciprocal seconds was calculated for the mixture in question 1, using the class average. The mixture in question one is: 3HSO3^- + IO3^- + ...
November 21, 2010 by blue fire

I am having a ton of trouble with this lab question, I do not understand it at all. The question is: Show how the rate of reaction in reciprocal seconds was calculated for the mixture in question 1, using the class average. The mixture in question one is: 3HSO3^- + IO3^- + ...
November 21, 2010 by blue fire

Can someone please help me to answer the following question? The question below has four choices, but only one correct answer. Could you please help me with the correct answer for this question? Thank you in advance. Question # 1. Find the slope of the line passing through the...
February 13, 2011 by Dave

science 3 grade
i need this question to be answered please this is question- how does wind affect the ocean's heat. and my son write the answer- the wind will cool down the ocean heat. and i need one more answer this question one more sentence he make two sentence of this answer
January 20, 2012 by dw

I have been trying to get my question answered and it still haven't more then 1 hr you know when are you going to answer my and every one else's question
November 28, 2010 by angry!!!!

1) I can't finish my homework due to this one question, please tell me where I can find this question, thanks! What are levels of protein structure of Angiosperms?
February 14, 2012 by Jessica

Algebra 1
Thank you so much for helping me with the first question. I have and another question that I am a little confused on also, could you please help me with this one too? Y-8=3/7 (X-6) I got y= 7/3x +38/7 Is this correct?
October 27, 2016 by Marina

I had posted this question before but no one answered for half and hour. I finished the first question i posted but i am stuck on this one: A rock that contains a cavity filled with crystals is called a geode. Why are the cyrstals in the middle of the geode larger than the ...
January 30, 2011 by Monica

I have this one question that is giving me some trouble trying too figure out. Could one please help me with this one question. Before 1802, most immigrants came from ____________; after 1802, most immigrants came from ______________. My choices are: The European continent; ...
March 5, 2011 by David

Statistical concept 68-95-99.7
1. A student taking a midterm exam in Ancient History comes to two questions pertaining to a lecture that he missed, and so he decides to take a random guess on both questions. One question is true-false and the other is multiple choice with four possible answers. What is the ...
April 21, 2016 by Surpreet Pororsha

Hello, I have another essay question and I need help with this one the question is What are the three omens that fortell the death of Alonso? I don't know which acts to look for, thanks
September 25, 2008 by Brady

y=10(0.5)^(t/19.74) My question: is this a horizontal stretch by a factor of 19.74? y=10(0.5)^(8t) My question: is this a horizontal compression by a factor of 1/8? y=10(0.5)^x + 1 My question: is this a vertical translation of up 1 unit? y=10(0.5)^(x-1) My question: is this a...
May 19, 2009 by Jus

what is 10% of 20% of 30% pf 100? 100 * .30 = 30 30 * .20 = 6 6 * .10 = .6 I hope that's what your looking for! Are these three separate questions? 10% = 0.10 x 100 = ?? 20% = 0.20 x 100 = ?? 30% = 0.30 x 100 = ?? Remember of means times. Or is it just one question? 0.10 x 0....
January 29, 2007 by preston

graph the equation and find the y-intercept. 2y+5x=-6 My question is do I add -5x to both sides first?? how do I start this problem? No one has answered this question yet
October 7, 2009 by Anonymous

What would be the missing piece of information given the following information: Find the slope of the line that passes through the points (2, 6) and (4, 10). m = ? a. 2 b.6 c. 1 d. 9 I think it is c. Remeber the definition of a slope. It is the change in y divided by the ...
October 14, 2006 by Margie

can someone help one this question? suppose you are given two liquids and told that one is a compound and the other is a mixture. how might you determine which was which? describe one method you could use. please and thank you
September 19, 2009 by iNeedHelp

Stat HW for.
1. A student taking a midterm exam in Ancient History comes to two questions pertaining to a lecture that he missed, and so he decides to take a random guess on both questions. One question is true-false and the other is multiple choice with four possible answers. What is the ...
April 21, 2016 by Jen N.

I had posted this question once before, but no one helped me on this one. So I am posting this question again. Suppose the flame of a gas burner stove emits light just like a blackbody. The flame appears blue emiting most of the light at a wave length of 475 nanometers. What ...
October 21, 2011 by KatieSc

8 divided by 3 plus 6= You asked 8 divided by 3 plus 6= (8/3) + 6 = 2(2/3) + 6 or 8/3 + 18/3 = ??/3 I don't understand how to describe pairs of related variables what's the difference between dependent & independent variables I'm not what class your question is arising from. ...
September 19, 2006 by kyra

There is apparently no one online who can help with physics questions right now. Please check back later to see if a physics teacher has addressed your question. Multiple posts won't get faster answers. Thanks. =) The question is in the first question marked physics beside ...
June 7, 2007 by Writeacher

Ok so basically we have to choose a topic of interest and then survey it... one that you can obtain numerical data from that has the potential to have responses with a significant amount of variation. and then create a question to ask/investigate. Be sure this question is a ...
October 7, 2013 by Lululu

5 th math
sorry, i was to sleepy my type got mess up. my question is if 8 counters are one whole, then what is half? if 9 counters are one whole, then what is one/third? please help my last one. !!
October 26, 2010 by pat

What is the realm of mind and consciousness? Could some one explain to me what Realm means in this question I do not want the answer to the question just what realm means I have look at the dictionary and still have no glue what the instructor is wanting in this question ...
July 17, 2008 by tom

Question 1. 1. Write S or R to identify each item as a sentence or a run-on sentence. My camera is old I'll be glad to get a new one. Question 2. 2. Write S or R to identify each item as a sentence or a run-on sentence. Flamingos are usually pink one variety is bright red. (...
September 30, 2014 by Skye

Language arts 2 question!??
Hey... one question from the story "Thank You, Ma'am."???: 2. In "Thank You, Ma'am," repeating certain words and phrases helps the author (1 point) complete the evidence review unknown skills establish the story's tone become a better writer Here's the other one, its got me ...
January 5, 2014 by TTR+S<3

SS7R - HW Question Help!
In my other post I wrote "I'm have other 3 that I want you to check to see if they are correct. BTW - I have one more question I have trouble with." Here it is: Why did the Louisiana Purchase important to the US? Please help! btw - I'm a little curious about this question also
April 19, 2012 by Laruen

Literary Analysis and Composition I
1. What roles do the adults or older figures play in the lives of the various narrators? Select a figure from each of the four memoirs and write one sentence answering the question for each memoir. Answer: 1. Barrio Boy- 2. A Cub Pilot- 3. No Gumption- 4. The Caged Bird Sings...
September 19, 2012 by Lilith

MAth Im stuck on question can anyone help me ?
Im stuck on this question can anyone help me ? I thought it was b but that's wrong Which situation can be modeled by tossing a coin 3 times A)choosing which one of sixteen teams will win a tournament? B)picking one of six math teacher, C)decide which English teacher of eight ...
March 27, 2011 by Mikah

1. Question: Consider two planets with uniform mass distributions. The mass density and the radius of planet 1 are p1 and R1, respectively, and those of planet 2 are p2 and R2. What is the ratio of their masses? Ans: M1/M2 = (p1/p2)(R1/R2)^3...I got this answer correct. I need...
August 28, 2011 by Neha

Ten cards, the 2 through 6 of spades and the 2 through the 6 of diamonds, are shuffled thoroughly and then taken one by one from the top of the deck and placed on the table. I know how to solve the first question (I think), but how would I solve the second question? (below) ...
October 18, 2007 by Anonymous

You had helped me with a similar question. This one says : A whole seller supplies 90 books while he was ordered to send 80 books by a retailer. If 15%trade discount was given, what was the net discount to the retailer? I solved this one in the similar way to the one you ...
August 26, 2016 by A GOODSTUDENT

maths reiny help!!
You had helped me with a similar question. This one says : A whole seller supplies 90 books while he was ordered to send 80 books by a retailer. If 15%trade discount was given, what was the net discount to the retailer? I solved this one in the similar way to the one you ...
August 26, 2016 by A GOODSTUDENT

LA --- 1 question pls help!!!
hi, one question based on the short story called, "Cyber Chitchat" this one confuses me, pls help if u know the book! 8. The tone of "Cyber Chitchat" is (1 point) serious. humorous. depressing. angry. i think its humorous but im not so sure..... pls help asap!!!!! thanx in ...
March 2, 2014 by TTR+S<3

I'm in seventh grade and working on this math test based on lines and planes. I'm stuck on this one question and I don't understand what the question is asking me to do. The question is: Identify a segment skew to GH. I am not asking for the answer, I am just asking what the ...
January 5, 2017 by DustyRose<3

To:: bobpursley
sorry but i just had one question to my previous question. Since the answer to my previous question is that her sales are 8000, is it 8000 dollars? like $8000 were her sales?? Thanks :):)
May 11, 2013 by Olly

1. In Judith Leyster’s paintings she used contrast. What is contrast? 2.Looking at van Gogh’s painting “The Olive Tree”: What season of the year do you think the colors suggest? Question 3. One of Pablo Picasso’s styles was cubism. What does cubism mean? Question 4. ...
May 16, 2012 by cj

15.Which of the following is the correct expression of numbers in a series? twelve dogs, eleven cats, and 1 mouse 3 apples, 23 lemon, and one fig one car, two trucks, and a bus ten adults, 2 teenagers, and a baby Question 16 Which of the following is correct? the 80's 1995 A.D...
April 25, 2010 by christopher

Hi this goes to Ms. Sue or anybody I posted a question and no one answered it ! it was Anonymous and it was today under Math and it was at 1:31 ! Please answer my question ! (: Thanks !(:
January 15, 2013 by Anonymous

Question abt Conflict
One more question. Cause the conflict was about the land. Did problems take place because of the crops/growing seasons?
May 8, 2011 by Emma

k so the question the world renowed question!! which was born first the chicken or the egg? my teacher wants me to write a supportive paragraph on which one i think/ and i MUST HAVE ATLEAST 4 REASONS TO PROVE MY ANSWER.
April 14, 2009 by thnker

What is the last stage of the water cycle? Select one: a. Transpiration b. Evaporation c. Condensation Question 2 Which of the following shows the correct order of processes that caused water from the pond to collect on the inside of the terrarium? Select one: a. Evaporation ...
March 8, 2013 by paragonnova

Earth Science
for science i need to calculate and answer a fermi question. A fermi question is a scientific question which basically bizarre. Anyway, my question is "How many rabbits would it take to consume all the dandelions in central park if we were to cover it entirely in these plants...
October 9, 2008 by Jill

Sensory was intact to light touch, proprioception, and pinprick. Question: preposition one for sure is there more? answer: to Question: Conjunctions answer: and Thank You
May 8, 2011 by Leslie

So... I know the answer to the question because it's something we worked on in class... but there's one part I don't get. Factoring m - 2n + m^2 - 4n^2 m - 2n + (m + 2n) (m - 2n) Then there's a 1... 1(m - 2n) (m + 2n) (m - 2n) AND my question is... How and why does this 1 go ...
October 26, 2006 by Kaitlyn

Determine the x-intercepts of the polynomial function y=-6(x+7)^4 + 5. Round to two decimal places, if necessary. y=-6(x+7)^4 + 5 0=-6(x+7)^4 + 5 -5=6(x+7)^4 -5/6 =(x+7)^4 There are no x-intercepts?? No one has answered this question yet. Answer this Question
December 9, 2011 by Anonymous

what is the difference between a research question and a hypothesis? I alos need one or more research question and then develop twop appropriate hypotheses?
June 30, 2012 by a

Posted by xavier on Monday, February 11, 2013 at 8:28pm. Hello... Asking for help with this one math question to understand how to do the rest of related question? thank you in advance.... shape 1 (3.5,-8.5) ,(3.5,-9) , (3,-10.5) , (2,-12)
February 11, 2013 by xavier

I can't get the right answer on this question. The answer is 1/9. Question: (x^0 + 2y^0/x^0-2y^0)^-2 (Damon can you please explain this one to me)
January 27, 2008 by Miley

Calc pt2
Original question: Posted by Lost One on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 12:04pm. Let f(x) = (2/3)x^3 - 2x + 1 with a restricted domain of [1,infinity]. What is the value of (f-1)'(x) when x = 13? •Calc - Steve, Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 12:58pm since x = f^-1(y) and dx/dy = 1/y' ...
March 5, 2013 by Lost One

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