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what is the difference between technological obsolescence and functional obsolescence? This article has an excellent explanation of the similarities and differences.
August 28, 2006 by Kristi

"America's addiction to obsolescence will be responsible for its environmental demise." Can you please suggest a few arguments I can use for this essay? I'm afraid I'm not on the right track. U.S. industries have been on a path of planned obsolescence for 50 years or more. ...
January 6, 2007 by Anonymous

Identify each statement as true or false. If false, indicate how to correct the statement. 1. Depreciation is a process of asset valuation, not cost allocation. 2. Depreciation provides for the proper matching of expenses with revenues. 3. The book value of a plant asset ...
April 2, 2012 by Casey

Your firm is considering leasing a new computer. The lease lasts for 9 years. The lease calls for 10 payments of $1,000 per year with the first payment occurring immediately. The computer would cost $7,650 to buy and would be straight-line depreciated to a zero salvage over 9...
August 16, 2010 by marvin

Could I know what this means? Like I think it means no more existance or something, but how do I rephrase my awkwardy definition? What things are becoming obsolote? Home land line phones Cassettes Could You give me a link to where I can find what other things are becoming non ...
February 7, 2011 by Anonymous

____ 2. As part of the initial investment, Omar contributes accounts receivable that had a balance of $25,000 in the accounts of a sole proprietorship. Of this amount, $1,150 is completely worthless. For the remaining accounts, the partnership will establish a provision for ...
February 22, 2010 by Abbyy

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