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Mr. James- Science-again

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Mr. James- Science-again
uh, ok ok, so if my answer is not a then is it b,c,or d because non of my answers match what you said Mr. James Precession means the axis of the Earth is changing, so North changes.

Sra, Can you please check my translations. James is from Alberta but he lives in Vernon, BC of Canada. James est de Alberta mais il habite dans Vernon, BC de Canada. James is 15 years old. James a quinze ans. James has a younger brother named Thomas. James a frère cadet nomm...

Science (again)
Can Somebody plz help me with me question below, I didn't really get Mr. James's explanation for further reading. Precession means the axis of the Earth is changing, so North changes.

With a partner, do some research on James I. Write a character sketch of James, What directions would you give to an actor asked to portray James I in a film?

James wishes to make a deposit. He has these bills: 16 ones, 5 fives, 5 tens, and 3 twenties. He has 4 nickels, 20 dimes, and 16 quarters. James has checks for $66 and $53.75. James wants to receive $50 in cash. What should he enter on the TOTAL line? $

Sra or re teachers
I am sorry to ask for help again and i am not asking for you to do my homework but please could yo tell me if these are the correct names of the 12 disciples of Jesus. Simon , Andrew , James ,John, Philip ,Bartholomew,Matthew,Thomas, James,Simon,Judas,Thaddaeus. Thankyou for ...

"The Will to Believe," contains William James' response to Clifford. You are to write 200-300 words explaining James' response to Clifford's position. Be sure to include the following: 1. Explain James classification of hypotheses as alive or dead and the types of options used...

James wants to buy a video game system that costs $310.00. His Parents say James must raise 45% himself. How much money must James raise? (1 point) A: $124.00 B: $135,00 C: $139.50*** D: $170.50

maths-word problem
james and hannah both run 4km race.james runs 1km faster than hannah and finished a quater kilometer ah head of long did james run in 4km plz show step!

Write a compound inequality to represent each situation. solve and check. If James is able to earn an extra $200 this weekend, his monthly income will be between $1500 and $2000 for his job at a local restaurant. What is the normal range of James monthly income? Let i=James' ...

Algebra 2
James spent $(2y2 + 6). He bought notebooks that each cost $(y2 − 1). The expression to find the number of notebooks James bought is . If y = 3, James bought notebooks.

eraly childhood
Sammy has hit james and james is crying. the first thing to do is to.

How do I use an apostrophe to write this is James book? James'?

social studies
DO SOME RESEARCH ON JAMES 1. WRITE A CHARACTER SKECTH OF JAMES. WHAT DIRECTIONS WOULD YOU GIVE TO AN ACTOR ASKED TO PORTRAY JAME 1 IN A FILM? plz help me. i totally don't get this question. im failing social. the only thing i know is that, james was an intelligent man, but ...

Distance Problems
James and tom are in 2 cities which are 186 miles apart and travel towards eachother. James' average rate was 32 mph, and Tom's average ratewas 36mph. If James started at 9:00am and Tom's startes at 9:30 what time did they meet? I need help settign up the boxes. SO far I have ...

James is 15 years older than Sue. In 12 years James will twice Sue's age. How old are James and Sue?

science. Please help!
please help!! What is at least one chemical characteristic on the element Neon? Thank you! From James P.S- thanks again!!!! Thanksssss

James, Karen, and Lou are hiking. Lou forgot to bring any water. James brought 2 gallons of water and Karen brought 1 and 3/4 gallons of water. The three of them agree to divide all the water equally among them. Lou gives $2 for the water he receives, which James and Karen ...

James, Karen, and Lou are hiking. Lou forgot to bring any water. James brought 2 gallons of water and Karen brought 1 3/4 gallons of water. The three of them agree to divide all the water equally among them. Lou gives $2 for the water he receives, which James and Karen agree ...

James has opted for a 20-payment life insurance policy of $200,000. James is 42 years old. What is his annual premium?

Write an algebraic expression for the following: If James spends 5/6 of his weekly allowance (x) on a movie, how much will James have left?

James has opted for a 20-payment life insurance policy of $200,000. James is 42 years old. What is his annual premium?

Could you please check these sentences on the same theme? Thank you. I did the corrections you told me. 1) Humanists played a major role in shaping the new Church of England since they translated the Old and New Testament into English following the examples of other Protestant...

Me again :) Why might a car manufacturer change the shape of the side mirrors on a particular model? Thanks again.

the rope James bought with his camping gear is 54 inches long. james needs to cut shorter pieces of rope that are 18 inches long. what are the possible number of pieces james can cut?

If John was five years older he would be exactly one-third the age of James. If John was three years younger he would be exactly one-sixth the age of James. How old is James? Just need help with the equation, thanks.

Help Please! (URGENT)
My previous post didn't post properly so heres a new one. Can someone please check my work? James:But we’re so good together, Susan:We were good together. I’m sorry, but I think we should break up. James:(Silence) Susan:James? James:You think we should break up. (Sighs) I ...

james sold 450 tickets for the community play. Tickets for children cost $2, and tickets for adults cost $5. James sold $1,800 worth of tickets. How many tickets for adults did James sell?

World History
What is the significance of James Buchanan? My answer: James Buchanan is significant because he won the election of 1856 and became the president of the United States.

Algebra repost for James
Algebra - James, Sunday, September 30, 2007 at 9:00am How do you work: 3-4q=10q+10

1/4 of Peter's money is the same as 2/3 of James money, James has $60. How much do they have altogether?

james is making fruit juice, using fruit cordial and water. the label on the cordial says "to make 1 litre of fruit juice, use 200 ml of cordial and 800 ml of water" james uses 250 ml cordial and 850 ml of water. is james using the correct proportions? show working to justify ...

social studies
Who suggested the Great Comprise? a. Roger Sherman b. James Madison c. John Adams d. Benjamin Franklin I think the answer is James Madison, but I am not entirely sure.

James earns £800 a month He spends1/4 of this money on rent. James spends 2/5 of the money on food and bills. How much money has he left?

James decided to paint his bedroom. His bedroom walls are 5 metres long and 3 metres high. If 6 litres of paint can cover 10 square metres of the wall, how much paint should James buy to paint all the walls of his bedroom. If paint costs $12.00 per litre, how much will James ...

Sra, Can you please proofread my paragraph. James est d'Alberta mais il habite Vernon, BC de Canada. Il a quinze ans. Il a un frère cadet nommé Thomas. Thomas a catorze ans. James aime utiliser son brillant noir ordinateur. Il couleur préférée est le vert. James aime ...

Your three little brothers-John,Peter and James get the same gift for Christmas-an ice fishing pole. Your father is curious about how children learn and decides he will teach each of them using different means. With John, he gives him a verbal lecture. With peter, he ...

Quick French
James aime utiliser son brillant noir ordinateur What I'm trying to say here is James likes to use his shiny black computer. You said "Sa couleur" does that mean that couleur is feminine? Merci

Exceptional Child
James wants a new toy. He says, "James toy". He is using: A. short sentences B. telegraphic speech. C. baby talk. D. holophrastic speech.

tell me the parts of speech in this sentence "james and i talked about what to do" james and i are the subject (noun and proper noun) talked is the verb etc.. thanks

It took Joe 1 1/2 hours to walk to the mall. James did it in 1/5 of the time it took Joe. How long did James take?

maths-help me sir damon
james and hannah both run 4km race.hannahtruns 1km faster than musa and finished a quater kilometer ah head of long did james run in 4km? plz help

James's tug of war team pulls with 500N of force to the right wile Jake's team pulls with 415N to the left. If James's team weighs 350 kg, how fast are they moving?

James invested some money at 12% interest. James also invested $188 more than 4 times that amount at 13%. How much is invested at each rate if Sang receives $2249.57 in interest after one year?

Your friend James would like to stop biting his nails. A therapist suggests applying a topical ointment that will make nail biting an unpleasant experience, in a way, punishing James for his behavior. The therapist is using a _______________ perspective

French (URGENT)
Sra, can you please proofread my paragraph? Bonjour, Ici un petit paragraphe à propos de mon ami James. James est d'Alberta mais il habite Vernon, BC de Canada. Il a quinze ans. Il a un frère cadet nommé Thomas. Thomas a quatorze ans. James aime utiliser son reluisant noir ...

political science
Do you buy James Madison's argument in Federalist 10 and Federalist 51 that separating powers among various inter-connected governments is a successful cure of the "mischief of factions?" Can one faction gain control of enough of our political system to diminish the common ...

James is making a quart of won ton soup using canned chicken broth. A can of chicken broth holds 14 fl oz. How many cans will James need to buy? 32 fl oz=1 qt? 3 cans?

apush leisler rebellion
James II became King of England in 1685 and New York became a royal colony. James II decreed the formation of the Dominion of New England in 1686 and added the colonies of New York and New Jersey in May 1688, designating New York City as the capital. In late 1688, the Glorious...

Carrie can inspect a case of watches in 5 hours. James can inspect the same case of watches in 3 hours. After working alone for 1 hour, Carries stops for lunch. After taking a 40 minute lunch break, Carrie and James work together to inspect the remaining watches. How long do ...

James was traveling for his job. The internet card provided by his company was not working and he had an important project due that day. James was in a small town about an hour away from the nearest internet kiosk, so he decided to drive around a nearby suburb to see if he ...

geometry again again again again
If angle AFB= 8x-6 and angle BFC= 14x +8, find the value of x so that angle AFC is a right angle.

investing compound interest
James Johnson, a recent graduate of a nationally recognized MPA program wants to be able to travel around the world. James does not have enough money at this time, but believes he can save up enough money to travel around the world in ten years. If he currently has $15,000 to ...

if james spends 5/6 of his weekly allowance seeing a movie how many dollars does he have left? if a movie ticket cost 7.50 what is james weekly allowance?

Portrait of the Artist- James Joyce grade 8
In A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, what does smugging mean?? kathi ♥4everneverlasts</3

If James pushed a box with the acceleration of 25 m/s2 with a force of 50N, what is the mass of the box?

Which sentence is capitalized correctly? A.) James Monroe was the fifth president of the United States. B.) James Monroe was the Fifth President of the United States. C.) James Monroe was the Fifth president of the United States. D.) James Monroe was The Fifth President of The...

James wants to buy a 50-inch flat-screen television, and the model he wants costs $1,200. So far, he has saved $700, but still needs $500 more. The bank where he has a checking and savings account will loan him $500 at 12% annual interesting using a 90-day promissory note. ...

Locate the James, Roanoke, and savannah rivers. In what topographical feature do these rivers roiginate?

As promised, I'm posting the ones I'm unsure of. 1) At the time when Macbeth was written there was a very public debate about witches in England. Reginald Scot, in his “Discovery of Witchcraft” argued that witches did not really exist. 2) King James took a personal ...

Hello. Please help me with a few questions. 1) Which is the correct position of "again" in the sentence: "They have (again)gathered (again)at the square (again)"? 2)Does the phrase "the allegations doubt his integrity" have the same meaning as "the allegations question his ...

science again again
so if i were saying i was something somethings tall.....wich would be better....meters...centimeters...or millimerter... I really doesn't matter, but say if it were a building, then meters. Distance to the tip of Africa from where you are, then kilometers. For the length of a ...

Which equation matches the following description?James loves making smores when he goes camping with his family.He puts half a chocolate bar on every smore.The number of chocolate bars,c,James needs is dependent on the number of smores,s,he wants to make. c=2s c=1/2s S=2c s=1/2c

james works an average of 22 hours per week with a standard deviation of 3.5 hours. what percentage of the time does james work more than 31 hours per week?

I forgot to include the following sentences, which I need to prepare for tomorrow. Thank you very much. 1) At the time when Macbeth was written there was a very public debate about witches in England. Reginald Scot, in his “Discovery of Witchcraft” argued that witches did ...

What makes flatulence stink? Is it a gas or something? And why is it necessary to flatulate? Thanks -MC PS>>>Are there any science websites for children with fun facts and games? I need one for the library I volunteer for. Thanks again :D

James has an assigned seat for his flight to Denver. The seats on the plane are numbered 1-49. James's seat number is an odd number greater than 10 that is factor of 100. what is his seat number for the flight?

James has an assigned seat for his flight to Denver.The seats on the plane are numbered 1-49.James's seat number is an odd number greater than 10 that is a factor of 100.What is his seat number for the flight?

intermediate maths
James is six times as old as his granddaughter, Louise. In two years time he will only be five times as old as Louise. How old are James and Louise now?

Writeacher, can you check these sentences, please? Thank you very much. 1) The Great Fire broke out in London in 1665. 2)London was hit by the Fire in ... 3) The Great Fire burst out (?) in London in.. 4)This accelerated a secret plan to bring in William of Orange, the husband...

(1) To James, good form came above all else. (2) Therefore, on being introduced to Lady Weathers, he bowed, took her hand, and kissed it lightly. (3) Then, glancing upward at Lady Weathers's face, he saw a look of consternation. (4) Blushing with embarassment, James noticed ...

If each voter voted for only one candidate what is the fewest number of voters who would have to vote differently in order for Susan to have received more votes than James if Susan had 212 votes and James had 244 votes?

john and james are among 30 students who have applied for a trip to boy's state. two students from the group will be selected at random from the trip. what is the probability that john and james will be the 2 students selected?

Martin Luther King
Hey guys could you help me with a better sentence than this. "In a competition the usual suspect of an offense towards the other player is the contender but Martin Luther King's death was not about the person who did it but the idea behind why he did it and what made James ...

Summer School Calculus
Another one for you :P, add these two vectors using trigonometry (again)... 9N[S2W] and 11N[N31W]...Again, I am confused about the angles, I am not sure what value I should use for the cosine and sine law. THANKS AGAIN!!

Quick Spanish
Welcome, you are invited to Sue, James and Jason's party. Bienvenido, tu eres (invited)a la fiesta de Sue, James y Jason. Can someone help me translate "invited" into Spanish? Gracias!

Science Fair Project
Please help any tutors around, i really need help on what topic to choose, and my science fair is in February 16, 2015!!!!!! I just want to get a really good mark so i get an A in Science again this year in my report card. From a Student in need!!!Wimbika

Rodney and James are each 30 feet from a door. Rodney moved one foot closer and James moved half the distant between himself and the door. If each person continued to move in this fashion, who would be closer to the door after 10 moves? Who reaches the door first?

The table shows how much money it costs James to make a caramel apple/ Item Apple:$.80 Caramel:$.27 Stick:$.15 Wrapper $.7 If James sells a caramel apple for $5,how much money will he have left over after he subtracts the expenses? A.$1.29 B.$1.92 C.$3.08 D.$3.71 Can you help me

James drops a marble. It accelerates downward at a rate of mc005-1.jpg. After 3.00 s, how fast is the marble moving downward?

Social Studies
How do I find information on the internet about things like what is the sole right to trade in an area. Im doing a crossword and ive already looked in the book. Some other questions are A colony leader. Colonists sent to the americas by judges. What king james did to the ...

1. Can we meet again one day? 2. Can we meet again oneday? 3. Can we meet again some day? 4. Can we meet again someday? (Which ones are grammatical? Which one is commonly used? Thank you. Have a good day!)

James has to buy juice for his class party. There are several brands of juice at the store, and each container is a different size and price. Write a formula that will help James find the price per milliliter for each brand. Let x= price of juice, y= number of milliliters in ...

Social Studies Plz help...
what is the Glorious Revolution? thank you for your help!! Im doing a report on ancient africa for language arts its going to be counted as two grade social study and language arts help The Revolution of 1688, commonly known as ...

Physical Science
An object travels 6m in the first second of travel, 6m again durning the second second of travel, and 6m again druning the third second. It acceleration in meters per second per second(M/S2) is

Melanie can paint a 100 square foot wall in 4 hours. James can paint the same area in 3 hours. If they both paint nonstop for 6 hours, about how many square feet can Melanie and James paint together?

English (Comma Question)
Which of the following sentences is correct? "James arrives and, after a period of confusion, Mary's secret is revealed." "James arrives, and after a period of confusion, Mary's secret is revealed." "James arrives and after a period of confusion, Mary's secret is revealed."

Urgent- Science
Dalton theorized that matter is made of tiny, indivisible particles called atoms. In what way did the theories of each of these scientists support or differ from Dalton’s theory? K/U (a) J. J. Thomson (b) Ernest Rutherford (c) James Chadwick

Studies In The American Novel
1) Pamela is the first American Novel True or false? 2) The early American novels of sentiment dealing with domestic situations True or false? 3) Many of the early novels were written in the form of letters True or false? 4) John Steinbeck's fiction has been considered ...

geometry again again again
Two angles are supplementary. one angle measures 12 degrees more than the other. Find the measures of the angles.

James and Kristin each improved their yards by planting daylilies and geraniums. They bought their supplies from the same store. james spent $120 on 8 daylilies and 12 geraniums. kristen spent $61 on 5 daylilies and 4 geraniums. Find the cost of one daylily and the cost of one...

For a Chinese New Year celebration, James and Zhou are making a dragon costume similar to the one shown above. In total, the costume requires 58.6 meters of fabric. Zhou already has 11.5 meters of fabric, and James just purchased 20.2 meters of fabric. How much more fabric is ...

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how dose hail form again?

potatoes chickens MICHELLE 200 PER YEAR 50 PER YEAR jAMES 80 PER YEAR 40 PER YEAR What is michelles opportunity cost of p roducing potatoes WHAT is MICHELLES OPPORTUNITY COST of producing chickens repeat same opportunitity cost for James WHICH PERSON MICHELLE OR jAMES HAS ...

An object travels 8 m in the 1st second of travel, 8 m again in the 2nd second of travel, and 8 m again during the 3rd second of travel. its acceleration in meters per second per second is? Would the answer to this question be 0? I'm not positive, but wouldn't the acceleration...

How do I solve this equivalent equation? 5x +2 < 17 (again the <is underlined) Do I subtract 2 from each side so it would read 5x < 15 (again the < is underlined) than divide each side by 5 so the x < 3 (again the <is underlined) is the answer? Also, how do I...

please help me fix the gramma, and give me some comment on the essay, what do i need to edit?? In the story of “The Sky is Gray”, the main character, James, takes the journey from the farm to the town with his mother. During the journey, he suffers many hardships, but also...

I asked about this earlier and got an answer that caused me to rethink my process. Is this a good way to measure iron corrosion: weigh a nail, put it in water and let it rust, remove the rust (in my experiment the rust has come off easily, with just a wipe), and weigh it again...

James is training for a marathon. Every week, he increases the distance he runs by 15%. If James is running 8.5 miles this week, how far will he be running 2 weeks from now? I did 30/100=x/8.5 . I thought that if I did 30 (for 2 weeks) instead of 15 (1 week) I could get a ...

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