August 4, 2015

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6th grade math
Find the value fir each expression. Show your work. (13.28 - 7.8) divided by 4. I have the answer in the back of my book and when I try to work the problem out I keep getting the wrong answer. The answer is supposed to be 1.345 I can get the 1.34 but I get a remainder if 2. ...
January 23, 2012 by Mad(:

Please help me with this math question. I am asked to show my work but I don't know how to solve the problem to show my work. The question is: Choose the correct list of factors of the number 8. Again, I have to show my work with this question. Please help thank you.
August 26, 2010 by adore001

(1) 8/1 divided (-3 2/5) My answer is 68/1 (2) 3 2/3 divided by -8 6/7 answer 682/21 3) 41/5 x -8/5 =32/25 Please I need help i'm so confused please show work so I can understand these other 27 problems that i have to complete. Thank you Ms. Sue
December 10, 2013 by Ana

October 11, 2011 by Chuck

This was on my test and have a few more question that is from my test. 18.The Sum of five unequal natural numbers is 90. The second largest of these five numbers can be at the most? A.19 B.41(41 is the right answer) C.44 D.43 E.42 please show work. 22.In what month does the ...
July 30, 2014 by Mat

college Algebra
1) Solve the following by factoring: a) Answer: Show your work here: b) Answer: Show your work here: 2) If , find a) f(2) Answer: Show your work here: b) f(-1) Answer: Show your work here: 3) Solve 6x2 + 3x 18 = 0 using the quadratic formula. Read the information in the ...
January 25, 2009 by Nicole

2. Simplify. Please be sure to show all of your work. -3(-9) |-5 3 3. Simplify. Please show all of your work 9c^3+7c-(3c^3-12+c) 4. Solve 4x- 3(5x-8) =23-9(x+2) . Please show all of your work 5. Solve the following equation for z. Please show all of your work. x=1/25(22z-...
August 15, 2011 by christine

Using these integers:-1,+6,-8,+3,-2 a) Which integers have the greatest product? Show your work. b) Which two integers have the least product? Show your work. Please help I don't understand how to figure this out thank you
October 3, 2012 by Cherie

I need someone to show me how to work these two problems out. 30. find the hypotenuse of a right triangle whose sides measure 9 and 12: i came up with the answer 15 but i honestly forgot how i got this answer please let me know what i did wrong and work the problem for me. 33...
November 11, 2008 by Gertrude Sanders

6th grade
I need to balance the equation and show my work. Ex. N - 2.4 = 5 +2.4 = +2.4 ----------- N = 7.4 How would I show my work for: 2.3 + 4.09 = N I know the answer is 6.39 because I add 2.3 and 4.09 but how do I show the work? Thanks
May 10, 2009 by Michele

statistics- normal standard distribution
a set of data is normally distributed with a mean of 500 and standard deviation of 100: *what would t he standard score for a score of 700 be? According to my calculations 700-500/100=200/100=2 how would i interpret that. please show work. i know that i went wrong somewhere, ...
October 27, 2010 by mary- please check calculations.

1 )3x + 8y = 1 7x + 4y = 17 Answer: (3,1) 2) -3x + 5y = -7 9x + 2y = 38 Answer: (4,1) 3) 7r + 3s = 13 14r - 15s = -16 Answer: (1,2) 4) 2x - 7y = 42 4x - 14y = 64 Answer: No Solution ?? 5) 9x + 12y = 15 3x + 4y = 5 Answer: Identity ?? 6) 2 = 4s - 3t 2 = 12s - 9t Answer: No ...
February 25, 2009 by Veronica

If x = 1/x^2, then 2 + 3 = a. 13/36 b. 1/5 c. 5/6 d. 1/8 e. 5/13 please answer and show work
August 7, 2014 by thomas

5/12 = -2/3 c The answer is c=-5/8 I can't figure out how they got this answer. Please show and explain the work. Thank you.
March 11, 2014 by andra

Math. Have answer, please show work
In a tracer method the potassium isotope 42K is used for labelling. The half life of 42K is 12.5 hours. If No is original number of atoms, how many hours will it take until only (1/1024) No Atoms remain? The answer is 125 hours but I do not know how to get this. Please help!
October 13, 2012 by Kyle

Math please help me
add the fractions 1/3, 5/6, and 3/8 reduce your answer to lowest terms please show your work thanks for the help
November 9, 2007 by Anonymous

5th math
my teacher want me to show the work on this problem like < or > 3.67---3.7 shwo want to know how i got the answer cause, i know that 3.67 is greater than 3.7 she said where you work? can you show me one more time .?
October 22, 2010 by pat

Simplify the expressions in each pair. (2 marks each) (Show your work) i) (x^2-x-2)/(x+1),g(x)=(x-2) My work on simplifying the functions: (x-1)(x+2)/(1) (x-1)(x+2) ii) (x^2-x-12)/(x+3), g(x)=(x^2-6x+8)/(x-2) My work on simplifying the functions: (x-2)(x+6)/(3) (x-4) Can you ...
January 10, 2015 by Alex

Does (-18) balance with (-6)+ 3(-4)? Show work to answer please
January 18, 2012 by Jazz

5th grade math
On Friday and Saturday, 618 people attended a car show. If the same number of people went each day,how many people attended the car show on Saturday? My answer is 1,236. Is my answer correct? If not please show me how to work this problem.
April 8, 2014 by stephon

mat 117/algebra
Find a value for k so the 9m^2-kn^2 will have the factors 3m + 7n and 3m -7n. Please show me how to get this and show the work please. Use that (a-b)(a+b) = a^2 - b^2 So, you can read-off that k = 49.
June 26, 2007 by Diana

How many grams of CH4 are required to produce 43 g of Cu according to the following equation: 4CuO + CH4 --> CO2 + 2H20 + 4Cu? I already tried to work the problem myself, and I may have gotten this right, but I do not have an answer key to compare to. #gCH4 = (43gCu) x (1 ...
July 10, 2010 by Casey

Math...Applying the Order of Operations
Can you please show me where i'm going wrong? Here's the question: 2(14+35/7) - ((-14 + -35)/-7) A.28 B.31 C.26 D.26 E.38 Here are the rules that apply: Multiplying and Dividing Integers. *If the signs are the same,then give the answer a positive sign. *If the signs are ...
February 19, 2009 by Ryan

3P+(2-3P)>28 show work with answer please because I don't understand how to do this inequality.
November 12, 2011 by Angel

What is 8 3/4 - 5 5/6 =? Shouldn't the denominator be 24 ? What is this answer please show the work.
March 3, 2015 by Kalelha

math (A question for Reiny)
THANK YOU SO MUCH for the help with magic squares! But I have one quick question- how can I show my work! I have to show my work or I receive like 1/2 credit.
August 25, 2010 by Anonymous

true or false: [-8]+[3]=[-8+3] show work or explain answer please.
September 4, 2008 by annonoumus

Math - HELP!
Distributive Property Expression: 6a(3a+5b - 4) Please show your work and your answer.
October 23, 2013 by Mary

i have to write a number in the block to make this true how do i get the answer for 70-30=40- please show me a example so i can complete my work
May 22, 2012 by avonia

Math please help!!
Solve the system using substitution. y = -2x + 5 3y = -x - 5 I already got the answer, just wanna make sure it's correct. Please show work as well.
February 28, 2011 by Melanie

6th grade Math
Abraham earns $11.50 an hour. How many hours will Abraham have to work to earn $483? Please Show Work!!!!
December 3, 2014 by ariana

please explain to me how to get the answer to this problem. must show all work. 4+j< -1 -
January 7, 2008 by taylor

z+1/z=2; z=? (1/z is a fraction) Please show work. I got C.1 as my answer. A.Square root of 3 B.1/2 C.1 D.1 1/2 E.2
April 18, 2014 by Johnny

What mass of oxygen is consumed when 1.73L of carbon dioxide (STP) are produced in the following equation. C4H8 + 6 O2 > 4 CO2 + 4 H2O please help and show your work. My answer for this problem is 11.12g/O2. I have no confidence in my answer.
April 16, 2012 by Randy

Math Word Problems
If I have 12 brownies and Sue eats 2/3 of them, how many do I have left? Please show me the work.
March 10, 2015 by Kalelha

Algebra 2 help
1. (36 * 46)^12 Answer :6^7 2. 39 * 36 / 62 * 64 Answer: 3 Can you guys show me how to work those? I got the answers from back of the book, but I have no idea how to work it. The number behind the square root sign is the nth.
January 25, 2009 by Chopsticks

3 grade math ms sue
when lori gave the clerk two $1 bills to pay for items she selected from the list below,she received $0.20 change. pencils: $0.30 each pens: $0.25 each markers: $0.55 each notebook:$1.25 each MY SON SAY WRITE THIS THEN YOU WILL NOW HOW HE HAVE TO DO(WE HAD TO DO RSL RESTATE ...
April 30, 2012 by dw

College Math II
x/x 1 - 3/x = 1/4 My problem says to show the work and to solve the equation. I am not sure how to use the steps to show my work and answer the problem. Thanks.
November 21, 2009 by Lori

4c=16 c=___ i know the answer but i have to show the work. It is complicated. pleeese help! 4c=16 4 4 c=4
March 26, 2007 by Alex

d^2+8 - 8-d ____________ d^3-d d^3-d i have the answer 1 over d-1 but i dont no how to show the work
September 18, 2007 by Amy

please show me how to work out this problem: A roller coaster moves 85 m horizontally, then travels 45 m at an angle of 30.0 degrees above the horizontal. what is its displacement from its starting point? use graphical techniques. the answer is 126 m at (1.0 * 10^1) above the ...
January 31, 2009 by y912f

college algebra
for the given function f&g, find the following and state the domain of each result f(x)=2x+1/9x-5; g(x)4x/9x-5 a.(f+g)(x)= what is the domain? b.(f/g)(x)= what is the domain? please show work answer the following for the given quadratic function f(x)=x^2+10x-11 a. what is the ...
December 1, 2012 by spazed out

math(please help)
mr.wilson charges 215 dollars a month to board horses. if he boards a total of 25 horses,how much money will he earn? please show your work. my answer is 5,375 am i right if not please tell me why and how.
August 26, 2012 by lidia

how do i show my work for, 5+10/(1*(8+6)-4=6 ya i know the answer but i wanna know how to show my work.
January 9, 2012 by karla

Can somebody please explain to me how to factor trinomials that contain two unknown variables and are complex sum & product?? Examples: 2x^2 + 13xy + 15y^2 11x^2 + 14xy + 3y^2 I understand how to factor trinomials that only have x as the variable, but please someone help with ...
April 4, 2007 by Danielle

math skill sheet 777
i have equal numbers of pennies, nickels ,dimes, and quarters. The total value of my coins is $2.05. Altogether i have ? coins. Please tell me how you did it and show your work please so i understand.
September 19, 2014 by kim

Here's my question: Fireworks are to be launched from a platform at the base of a hill. Using the top of the platform as the origin and taking some measurements, it was determined that the cross-section of the slope of one side of the hill is y=4x-12 If the path of the ...
January 26, 2015 by Alex

7k divided by 3=21 Can you please show me the work? I know that k=9 but I don't know how to show the work.
March 9, 2015 by Zero

Here is the question that I need to answer: Mr.T wanted to remodel his box, He wanted to make it the shape of a perfect regular dimension. A.) How many total degrees would the interior of Mr.T's decagon have? SHOW WORK. B.)How many degrees would each angle be in Mr. T's ...
January 8, 2009 by Jade

Hi this question was already asked but there is still no correct answer. I can't seem to solve this for x correctly...I got 128 over 55 as an answer which can't be correct. Please help me find the correct answer! Thanks The equation is: .05x-.6(x+2)=.08 Please show the work as...
October 12, 2011 by Clare

I can't seem to solve this for x correctly...I got 128 over 55 as an answer which can't be correct. Please help me find the correct answer! Thanks! The equation is: .05x-.6(x+2)=.08 Please show the work as well as the answer. Thanks again.
October 12, 2011 by Clare

Consider the equation below. 1/5(x+2)+2x = 6x-10 Part A: Which property can be used to simplify the expression 1/5(x+2)? Answer _______________ Part B: Move all x-terms to one side of the equation and simplify. Show your work. Answer _______________ Part C: what is the value ...
March 31, 2013 by Jayson Angole

7th grade math Ms. Sue please help I have no idea!
#10 On a blueprint, 1 inch = 13 feet. If the dimensions of the playroom on the blueprint are 0.35 inches x 1.25 inches, what are its actual measurements? * *Show all your work for full credit* #11 The coordinate of rectangle ABCD are given. Find the coordinates of its image ...
November 5, 2012 by Delilah

Calculate the force of gravity on a spacecraft 19200 km (3 earth radii) above the Earth's surface if its mass is 1600 kg. I've done all the work but I can't seem to get the right answer, please show work and answer.
October 28, 2010 by Kyle

Can someone please help me with this math problem. My teacher is looking for me to show my work, but I don't how to solve the problem to show my work. Please help!!! The problem is 2 1/2 + 3 1/4 + 3 5/8. Thank you for your help.
August 24, 2010 by adore001

calculus-can someone please help me with this ques
I have two questions if someone can PLEASE help. 1.solve the equation in the real number system. x^4+11x^3+24x^2-23x+35=0 **Please show work** 2.Use the remainder theorem to find the remainder. When f(x)is divided by x-3. Then use the factor theorem to determine whether x-3 is...
December 30, 2012 by Jennifer

i have an answer but im not sure if its right would you tell me please and show me the steps of how to work through the question make f the subject 7f-5=3g(2f+h) my answer was f=-h-5/3g-5 and i simplified that to f=-h/3g thanks for any help you can give me 7f= 6gf + 3gh +5 f(7...
June 8, 2007 by Spirit

divide $ 680.00 among three children with the ratio 2:4:6 please show me how to work out the answer
October 22, 2009 by shane

6th grade math
Determine whether each value of x is a solution of the inequality 4x-5<3 a. x=0 b. x=2 c. x=-2 d. x=4 Help please *show the work and answer!!
May 27, 2014 by mathhh HELP!! Help!!! PlEASE!!!!

Math....Please help I have a deadline for tonight!
Use the geometric sequence of numbers 1, 1/3, 1/9 , 1/27 to find the following: b) Using the formula for the sum of the first n terms of a geometric series, what is the sum of the first 10 terms? Carry all calculations to 6 decimals on all assignments. Answer: Show work in ...
November 4, 2006 by Vianna

Doing a slope project in Algebra. The instructions are to make a picture And label coordinates points.. You have to show a negative slope. A verticle slope, an undefined slope, And a positive slope. Here is my problem. I have to write An equation and show my work for the ...
October 30, 2014 by DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO

please show/explain what I have to do to work the below problem: p/3 x 24 = 16 p=___________ thank you
February 1, 2011 by Aleksander from Guam

Linear algebra
Show that the origin is the only equilibrium point of the system? X=ax+by Y=cx+dy Wherea,b,c and d are constants, with ad-bc not aqual to 0(zero) Please show me how to do this problem Please show me the work
October 11, 2012 by Fatima

Given that x is a normally distributed random variable with a mean of 60 and a standard deviation of 10, find the P(56 < x <74). Please show all your work and write your answer in a complete sentence. Using the information from question 1, what percentage of the ...
July 23, 2012 by Rachel

Simplify the expressions in each pair. (2 marks each) (Show your work) (x^2-2x)/(x+1)x (x^2-1)/(x^2+x-6) My work on simplifying the expressions x(x-2)/x+1 x (x+1)(x-1)/(x+3)(x+2) If I've gone wrong please help me understand where I went wrong and help me get the correct answer...
January 10, 2015 by Alex

Simplify the expressions in each pair. (2 marks each) (Show your work) (x^2-2x)/(x+1)x (x^2-1)/(x^2+x-6) My work on simplifying the expressions x(x-2)/x+1 x (x+1)(x-1)/(x+3)(x+2) If I've gone wrong please help me understand where I went wrong and help me get the correct answer...
January 10, 2015 by Alex

please help please show work so i can do others ok so i have to find the equation of the linethat contains given point and is parallel to the given line then write a slope intercept form if possible (8,-4) y=-1/2x+11 I also have to do the same for this type and im stuck too (-...
July 7, 2012 by chchch

Hey guys, been a long time since I have done this. Please show your work. Thanks a lot! How many grams do 3.6 10^20 atoms of sodium weigh? Answer in units of g
October 25, 2009 by Randy

I have math HW and these are the questions i wasn't aware of how to answer... please help. a)Prove that 4x-y-1=0 is parallel to y=4x-5 b)Show that the points A(3,1), B(5,2) and C(11,5) are collinear c)Show that the lines y=2x-4 and x+2y-10=0 are perpendicular to one other. d) ...
September 17, 2011 by Crissy

aig math(please answer)
4 kg of apples and 1 kg of berries cost $5.75 altogether. 2 kg of apples and 1 kg of berries cost a total of $3.25.How much must i pay to buy 5 kg of apples and 5 kg of berries?please show work. my answer is $10.50 am i right if not please tell me why and how?
September 1, 2012 by lidia

8th grade Science
How do I show work for Si + Cl ?? The answer is SiCl with a little 4 down below the Cl. but I don't know how to show the work.
January 19, 2011 by Susan

Math (Algebra 1)
How do I combine the following like terms? 4+2(-x+1)-5(x-1) I have the answer - 11-7x - but I need to know how to show my work in this problem. Thanks.
October 19, 2013 by Jordan

Please please help this is the second time I have posted this question. Calculate the amount of work it will take to lift a lawn mower with a mass of 8kg onto the back of a truck which is 0.75m off the ground.show all conversions in your work.
April 9, 2013 by Cherie

if a=4 and b=8, calculate the following (show your answer as a fraction (lowest) or in decimal form). Show your work (A+B) ------- A (A+B) ------- B
September 18, 2013 by ios7

if a=4 and b=8, calculate the following (show your answer as a fraction (lowest) or in decimal form). Show your work (A+B) ------- A (A+B) ------- B
September 19, 2013 by ios7

Math !!!!!!!!
Ok i have a Summer Math Assignment & i really need help on this qs. it's part B of the qs. so i'll show you the whole thing Part 2. Extended Reponse Qs. (2 points each) Answer each qs.. Show all Work Qs. 5 Adrian correctly solved two equations in math class. Part A: What value...
September 5, 2011 by Gen

Solve the following algebraically. Trial and error is not an appropriate method of solution. You must show all of your work and write answers in rational form. 3 x + 7 = 9 Answer: x = 2/3 Show your work here: 3 x + 7 = 9 -7 - 7 3/3 x = 2/3 X = 2/3 b) Answer: x= -2 Show your ...
July 27, 2008 by mariel

Find to consecutive integers that the sum of 3 times the first integer and 6 times the second integer is 24. Define the variabls you use. If somebody can show me how to work this out, I will be very greatful for the help? consecutive integers, n, n+1 3n + 6(n+1)=24 You need to...
March 23, 2007 by Malik

Math- Problem3
Solve the following inequality and write your answer using interval notation. Please show all of your work. (1 / (x+8) ) ≤ ((8-5x)/43)
June 9, 2011 by Greg - PV

Math please check answer
please check my answer thanks What would be the amount of compound interest on $ 8,000 invested for one year at 6 %, compounded quarterly ? (need to show all of your work ) ok this is what I got $8,000 x 0.6 = $ 480 $ 480 / 4 = $120 $120 x 0.6 / 4 = $ 121.80 $8,241.80 x 0.6 /4...
May 19, 2008 by Maria

Estimate using any method. Show how you estimated. Then calculate the exact answer. Show your calculation work: 824 6
February 11, 2010 by racheal

Simplify each expression and state any non-permissible values. (4 marks - show your work) 4x-1/x^2+7x+12 divided by 2x-1/x^2+x-12 My work on simplifying the expressions: 4x-1/(x+3)(x+4)divided by 2x-1/(x+4)(x-3) If I've gone wrong please help me understand where I went wrong ...
January 10, 2015 by Alex

College Alegebra
The line through (1, 3) with slope of 1/2 (I used the point slope equation) y-y1 = m(x-x1) y-3 = 1/2(x-1) (work the parenthesis first) Y-3=1/2x-1/2 +3 +3 Y = 1/2x+5/2 LCD of 2 to convert fractions into whole numbers. 2y = x+5 Answer, however I need to place it in standard ...
August 24, 2010 by Rick

compounded- what would be the amount of compound interest on $12,000 invested for one year at 6%, compounded quarterly? round your answer to the nearest tenth. could you show me the work please ? i had $737.00 is that answer correct?
November 13, 2012 by linda

I got half of this problem wrong and I DO NOT know where and how to fix. I cannot use my calculator and have to show my work. Question: You have a 500 metre roll of fencing and a large field. You want to construct a rectangular playground area. a.) using optimization ...
December 18, 2013 by jj

1.)Calculate the number of moles in 3.50 x 10^21 atoms of silver. Show all work. 2.) Calculate the number of atoms in 2.58 mol antimony. Show all work 3.) Determine the mass of 1.45 mol FePO4. Show all work. 4.) Calculate the number of mol in 6.75 g of NaCl. Show all work. 5...
February 9, 2014 by Raina

Can someone please show us how to show 1500 x 2.1? I can not for the life of me show my daughter how to come up with the correct answer she is just not getting what I am showing her.
September 26, 2007 by Ree

Please Answer this and show your work! (3h+2)(2h^2-7h+1)
May 28, 2015 by PLEASE HELP ASAP

B} The average number of mosquitoes in a stagnant pond is 70 per square meter with a standard deviation of 8. If 36 square meters are chosen at random for a mosquito count, find the probability that the average of those counts is more than 70.9 mosquitoes per square meter. ...
November 12, 2014 by Loren

Algebra I
Could someone please help with these problems? 4x squared-5x + 3 if is a.3 b. 0.3 Please show me the work invovled on getting the answer, my teacher requests it. Thank you.
August 21, 2008 by Jillian

Form a polynomial f(x) with real coeffiecients having the given degree and zeros. degree 4, zeros 3, multiplicity 2; 6i f(x)=a() Can someone show how to do this. I have tried and do not have a clue. I am lost!!! So, please show work.
December 30, 2012 by Breanna

What is the probability of tossing two coins and having them both show heads? Show all work. Please help I don't understand this.
April 9, 2013 by Cherie

The value of 12 is obtained by multiplying p% by A.12 B.12/p C.p/12 D.1200/p E.100p/12 Is there any work for this?, if so please show work.
April 19, 2014 by Johnny

3 miles to centimeters will someone help with that problem? and tell me how to show my work with all the multiplication and division. like 1 mile over 3 centimeters or whatever (random numbers) but will you show me how and what the answer is please
September 26, 2010 by conversions

4t+14=6t/5+7 Please help me work out this problem and show your work
February 16, 2012 by Patty

Iamhaving a really hard time trying to understand this question. Can someone please show me how to work this question. Give the following polynomial, find a. the zeros and the multiplicity of each b. where the graph crosses or touches the x-axis c. number of turning points d. ...
December 18, 2012 by Sammy-Please,please help!!!!

Simplify: 3/4/4/5 answer choices are: a) 3/5 b) 5/3 C) 15/16 d)16/15 How do I go about solving this fraction, please show me how to work this. 3/4 divided by 4/5 1. Invert the second fraction. 3/4 / 5/4 2. Multiply the numerators and denominators. What answer do you get? 15/16...
July 15, 2007 by Diana

You have 33 dogs and 4 kennels. Divide the dogs up evenly so the same number of dogs is in each kennel. I was told to show work and that I could not count part of a dog. Please help. Thank you.
September 14, 2011 by PLEASE HELP

Intermediate Algebra
Solve using elimination method. If the system has no system or infinite number of solutions, state this. Please show all work. I need to show how I came about my answer. I need this as soon as possible please. I would appreciate any and all help!! 2x+2y=20 2x-2y=4
June 18, 2012 by ladybug Please Help!!

I..don't understand any of this: 43. How many moles are in 25.0 grams of potassium? Show your work and round your answer to the appropriate number of significant figures. Please, please help with this! Thanks -MC
October 22, 2010 by mysterychicken

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