May 30, 2016

Search: If you consider The Call of the Wild to be an allegory, which one of the following statements would be true?

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1. Which of the following statements about the cell theory is correct? a) All living organisms are made up of one or more cells. b) All cells arise from other, pre-existing cells c) All eukaryotic cells contain symbiotic prokaryotes. d) All prokaryotic cells contain symbiotic ...
February 10, 2010 by jen

Level 5 Math
Suppose that one number contains the same digit as another number, but in resverse order. What is true about the difference of the two number?
January 26, 2014 by Linda

Level 5 Math
Suppose that one number contains the same digit as another number, but in resverse order. What is true about the difference of the two number?
January 26, 2014 by Linda

Given the following exothermic, equilibrium reaction: 3 H2(g) + N2(g) <--> 2NH3(g) Using Le Chatelier's Principle, which of the following changes would shift the equilibrium toward more production of NH3?
July 30, 2015 by Jimmy mendoz

How does Margaret Atwood draw on source material in The Penelopiad? A: She tells The Odyssey from the view of Penelope's maids B: She tells The Odyssey from the view of a more modern woman C: She reveals Odysseus' true feelings about the events in the Odyssey D: She reveals ...
February 27, 2016 by SkatingDJ

These are true and false questions and I want to make sure that I got them right. 1. A water molecule is held together by two single polar covalent bonds. False 2. Because oxygen has a greater electronegativity than hydrogen, water molecules are polar with two partial negative...
September 8, 2011 by Cady

These are true and false questions and I want to make sure that I got them right. 1. A water molecule is held together by two single polar covalent bonds. False 2. Because oxygen has a greater electronegativity than hydrogen, water molecules are polar with two partial negative...
September 8, 2011 by Cady

What foreign policy did the United States follow before entering World War 2? * Isolationsism Communism(MY ANSWER) Socialism Blitzkrieg Japan is a country made up of islands * True (MY ANSWER) False Why was Japan so interested in controlling the islands in the Pacific Ocean...
March 11, 2016 by MSTV1112

How can you use or organize persuasive messages? You need to consider your own interests when reading a persuasive message. If the message is from your boss, you should probably follow it to the letter if you want to keep your job. If the persuasive message is from an ...
December 13, 2006 by Sharon

Given the following sets, select the statement below that is NOT true. A = {b, l, a, z, e, r}, B = {b, a, l, e}, C = {a, b, l, e}, D = {l, a, b}, E = {a, b, l} a.) E ⊆ A b.) C ⊆ B c.) D ⊆ C d.) D ⊂ B e.) C ⊂ B
July 8, 2011 by jesse

Chemistry check my answer?
Hi! is my answer correct? Consider the following chemical reaction: H2 (g) + I2 (g) <> 2HI (g) At equilibrium in a particular experiment, the concentrations of H2, I2, and HI were 0.15 M, 0.033 M, and 0.55 M, respectively. The value ofKeq for this reaction is I solved by...
October 25, 2010 by Richard

Chemistry!! Help
Consider the following equilibrium: N2O4 <=> 2NO2 You may assume that delta H and delta S do not vary with temperature. At what temperature will an equilibrium mixture of 1 atm total pressure contain twice as much NO2 as N2O4?
April 20, 2012 by John

1. Consider the following reaction: Pb(NO3)2+KI--> Pbl2 +KNO3 in theis experiment, 12.0g of Kl is reacted with 20.5g of Pb(NO3)2. a) write a balanced equation for this reaction. b)identify the limiting reaction. c)calculate the mass of KNO3 produced from this reaction.
June 6, 2013 by irfan

Consider the following reaction: CO(g)+2H2(g)⇌CH3OH(g) An equilibrium mixture of this reaction at a certain temperature was found to have [CO]= 0.115M , [H2]= 0.110M , and [CH3OH]= 0.190M . What is the value of the equilibrium constant (Kc) at this temperature?
March 18, 2015 by jessicaCC

English - Ms. Sue help
Help I don't understand Answer the following question about the essay “Escaping.” Give an example of one internal and one external conflict from the selection.
December 17, 2012 by antboy

true or false 1.The "bottoms up" proofreading technique involves reading a paper one sentence at a time, from the beginning to the end. 2.Writers who make many mistakes should concentrate finding the worst errors.
September 30, 2015 by Anonymous

Perform a one-way ANOVA analysis, testing at the 0.05 level. Also, calculate the mean number of sick days for each group. Describe your results. But equally important, also explain what you would do if you owned your own company. Would you pay for your employers to receive Flu...
June 7, 2014 by Anonymous

13.   Which of the following statements about connecting paragraphs is correct? A. Two paragraphs may be joined by an action verb. B. A good connection between two paragraphs is an implied transition. C. You can use a pointing word that that refers to a word in the previous ...
June 2, 2015 by Brooklyn

Suppose a new company decides to raise a total of $200 million, with $100 million as common equity and $100 million as long-term debt. The debt can be mortgage bonds or debentures, but by an iron-clad provision in its charter, the company can never raise any additional debt ...
October 20, 2011 by Alice

1. Current assets that a firm must carry even at the trough of sales are _____________, while current that fluctuate with seasonal or cyclical variations in sales are _____________.(b) a. temporary assets; permanent assets b. permanent assets; temporary assets c. matched ...
September 14, 2007 by sandtara

Algebra 2
I have a question and I can not figure it out. Any answers to the following along with any explanation would be great! Here is the equation: x=.2y^2-2y-3 Now I know that is an equation for a parabola. Now, I need the following: Equation in standard form Vertices Co-vertices ...
May 19, 2008 by Tyler

true or false A one-story building, having dimensions of 80 ft. x 50 ft. x 20 ft. high, encloses a volume of 8000 cubic feet, and has a floor space of 400 square feet.
February 10, 2010 by Blayke

I was sitting in a park on a bench next to another person and I moved tow times the original distance between the two of us, the force of gravity between me and the other person would be: 1. one-quarter as much 2. one-half as much 3. twice as much 4. 4 times as much I think ...
January 5, 2011 by JulieAnne

american history
Which of the following statements about the Southern planter's world is most accurate? A. Most great planters of the Old South were self-made men. B. The stereotype of the "southern belle" is fairly accurate. C. The wives and daughter of plantation owners lived lives of ...
May 5, 2014 by mari

The frequency of carriers of this disease is 0.02 in a particular population. Consider many couples like 6 and 7 where one parent is affected and the other is unaffected. On average, what is the chance that the first child of these couples will be affected? Please give a ...
October 14, 2013 by bvc

business income tax
Please can somebody help me with this before 10am on 04/02/11. 1. On January 1, Gull Corporation (a calendar year taxpayer) has accumulated E & P of $200,000. During the year, Gull incurs a net loss of $280,000 from operations that accrues ratably. On June 30, Gull distributes...
March 31, 2011 by zoran

An investment bank has created a CDO by pooling 100 bonds which will either pay off $0 (in case of default) or pay off $1. The CDO has three risk classes rated AAA, BBB, and CCC with face values of $70, $20, and $10, respectively. The current prices of the tranches are ...
January 29, 2014 by Nabil

World history; Check:P
1.What was the significance of the Twelve Tables? The Twelve Tables were significant because they were an early example of written law displayed publicly for all who could read them. They were later used as the laws for Rome. "The Twelve Tables established the idea that all ...
February 12, 2013 by Unknown

Which of the following salts would show an appreciable pH-dependent solubility? a. AgCl b. Mg(OH)2 c. BaF d. both b and c e. all of the above I put c as my answer (not sure if its right, but can you explain how you would solve this)
July 27, 2010 by Jin

Algebra-Did I even begin correctly?
How would I write log(6)27-2log(6)3 as a single logarithm Would I start by getting rid of the (-2)- I know its the same log6 but what would I do with the 27 and the 3 I'm really confused on this one and I have to solve several similar ones with no clue on how to it-I've reread...
December 13, 2010 by Matt

Consider the squaring function: The output is the input times itself. For example, if the input is 3, the output is 9. Determine which of the following points are on the graph of the squaring function: (6,36), (4,8), (-2,4), (-3,-6), (5,25), (6,12), (-6,36)
November 17, 2010 by Michelle

consider the following reaction Ca + 2HCI CaCl2 +h2 identify the substance that is oxidized identify the substance that is reduced identify that is oxidizing agent identify the reducing agent
October 1, 2015 by woin hareg

The mass of an erlenmeyer flask is 78.639g and the mass of the flask and water is 327.039. If the density of water is 1 g/ml then what is the true volume of the flask? so i had subtracted the mass of just the flask from the mass of the flask and the water and got 248.4. Would ...
March 28, 2014 by Sandy

7th grade LA help asap!!?
Hi, can someone check my answers asap!!?? Questions 1-3 correspond to "Should Naturalized Citizens Be President?" 1. Matthew Spalding thinks that the natural-born clause should be kept because (1 point) the Constitution is clear about the importance of the clause removing it ...
January 15, 2014 by TTR+S<3

Early Child Ed.
Would someone please check these questions and my answers to be sure I have chosen the best possible answer? 1.Which one of the following is NOT a developmentally appropriate practice for a four-year-old with physical disabilities? A. Simplifying an art activity sightly B. ...
July 10, 2007 by Tamera

Action potentials: Tick the box next to the ONE answer you believe is TRUE. A. compound action potentials increase in amplitude as the stimulus strength is increased. B. ONE action potential takes in the order of 1-2 seconds to be observed. C. generation decreases the Na+ ...
November 8, 2010 by Jack

Cultural Diversity
if some one made the following statement Asian americans and pacific islander belong to a single -asian American culture, how would you explain that the statement is a misconception? include whether you think ,most americans believe this misconceptions and why or why not.
April 12, 2010 by marty

Which one of the following organelles would be especially abundant in the pancreatic cells that produce digestive enzymes? A. rough endoplasmic reticulum B. smooth endoplasmic reticulum C. lysosomes D. microfilaments E. mitochondria Apparently the answer is not lysosomes, so ...
December 11, 2011 by Anonymous

which of the following is an example of an adverbial clause fragment? 1.Wherever there is a chance for a fabulous meal,2. who described the book as a compelling masterpiece or 3.that the poet choose words carefuly to convey a particular tone. I think it is number three. I know...
December 3, 2011 by ron

Calculus: implicit differentiation
Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation 1. x^3 -xy+ y^2= 7 The given answer is (y-3x^2)/ (2y-x), but I'm not getting it. 2. How would I do this one? If I couldn't do the above one, which looks a heck of a lot simpler, I doubt I'll get through this one. x^ (6/7) + y^ (8/5) = 16
October 3, 2013 by Anonymous

adult education
describe why it is important to consider each domain in the study of adult development, provide an example of how one domain of development impacts the other two.
December 10, 2010 by KIM

Which of the following is correct for the two coherent light waves to produce zero light? The light waves should travel in perpendicular directions. The light waves are in phase with each other. The light waves are out of phase with each other. The light waves should pass ...
October 19, 2012 by Blah

I forgot to include the following sentences which belong to the same summary. Thank you for you help. 1) One day he got to the beach and saw it was covered with human bones. He realized that cannibals had eaten men on his island. He believed that cannibals ate other men ...
September 26, 2010 by Franco

environmental science
Please help me on this: 1. Wind can blow soil away very quickly and erode soft rock, while waves erode coastlines and rivers carve deep gorges True or False i think the answer is true but i'm very unsure
August 31, 2009 by y912f

What is Larmer’s criticism of Duska’s argument? Loyalty is relative. Loyalty does not need to be reciprocal, it can still be directed at persons in the firm and not merely to the firm, an economic motive does not rule out a moral justification for whistleblowing. Both A and B ...
November 22, 2014 by Randy

I'm supposed to identify subordinate clauses in the following questions and then label them as complement, adjunct or relative clauses. I'm lost, how can you tell the difference? Example: It would be tragic if you realized too late, as so many others do, there's only one thing...
September 27, 2010 by marie

social studies
In a biography, all of the following would be a primary source except for which one? A. A telegram sent to the subject by a friend B. An essay written about the subject by a former colleague C. The personal testimony of the subject’s widow, gathered in an interview D. The ...
March 24, 2014 by phia

educational technology
2. Which of the following statements about the women’s suffrage movement is most accurate? (1 point) Women received the vote with little effort or opposition. Suffragists’ main strategy was the use of political cartoons. The women’s suffrage movement occurred in isolation from...
March 30, 2014 by norna

I am writing a 300 word short story(or a "'personal' narrative essay") for the prompt: lessons we learn affect one's future. So far I have a general idea: I want the lesson to be loyalty and truth and I want the effect to be that the character would learn to appreciate and ...
June 21, 2015 by Anna

Which of the following excerpts is the best example of persuasion through an appeal to reason? a. "Has Great Britian any enemy, in this quarter of the world, to call for all this accumulation of naives and armies?" b. "They are sent over to bind and rivet upon those chains ...
November 22, 2007 by Anonymous

I left out the following statements. Thank you very much. 1)Lady Macbeth is more ambitious than him (Macbeth) OR than he is. Duncan's murder has deprived his life of sleep. 2) She is more of a man than he is. She tries to remove her husband's hesitations by telling him that ...
December 3, 2011 by Henry2

Sorry, I included the wrong post. I still have a few doubts on the following sentences. 1) The traffic isn't very heavy. 2) A security officer will control (check?) you for metal. 3) Get on the plane (not in), find your seat and wait for your flight (plane) to take off. 4) ...
December 1, 2011 by Henry2

How many n-digit decimal sequences (using digits 0-9) are there with k 1s? Decimal sequences meaning you can have as many 0s in front of a number. For example: 000001234557891111 would be consider valid. So how do i come up with an equation? See my response to Sana's question ...
October 15, 2006 by Aisha

I am in IT/210 and am having problems with the entire class. But what I am stuck on is as follows: Consider the following statement where X is an integer test score between 0 and 100. input X if (<0=X and X<49) output = "you fail" else if (50 <=X and X < 70) output...
April 7, 2010 by Sandy

Molar Mass Question
Hello, I have been asked to find the molar mass of ferrous ammonium sulfate [ NH4]2[Fe][SO4]2·6H2O] would i consider the molar mass of the water as well, why or why not?
November 15, 2010 by Moi

I would really appreciate help with the following, as I don't understand how to work it. Thank you in advance for explaining it to me. The mass number (A) of a nuclide is equal to the number of --- blank --- in one of its nuclei. There are 4 answers to choose from: Protons, ...
July 24, 2010 by Jean

log(subscript2)*4 = log(subscript8)*8 + .5log(subscript4)*16 True or False. I do not know how to do this if anyone could show me the steps not the answer, but the steps that would be nice.
September 29, 2009 by hallie

Language Arts
Which of the following would most likely connect with the speaker of "Growing Pains"? A) a teen whose parents are going through a difficult divorce B) a teen who has let down one of her best friends C) a teen whose mother is often too busy to spend time with him
April 21, 2014 by Blaire

Help! for Chemistry H.W.
I need help with my chem home work. Please show me the answers because this question is a very confusing question to me. Therefore I really need you to provide the answer to this question please... Question 1: A sample of CO2 gas with a mass of 0.30 g is placed in a 250 mL ...
April 29, 2008 by Lori

Chemistry. Please help!
For the problems below, I have the answers written but from questions d-i, I don't understand how they got the answer. I tried doing it and somehow I messed up with the formula with 3/2 and 5/2 so please show work on how they got the answers for d-i. In answering this set of ...
February 28, 2012 by JJ

Social studies
1.which of the following do historians not consider a legacy of the Byzantine Empire? a)Justinians code: an organazation of roman laws. b)Eastern orthadox church: a combination of Eastern culture and Christianity. c)cyrillic alphabet: a combination of greek and latin letters. ...
February 23, 2016 by LOVE

adult education
Why is it essential to consider each domain when studying and discussing the theories of adult development? Provide an example of how one domain of development impacts the other two.
December 4, 2010 by db

Consider a radioactive sample with a half-life of one week. How much of the original sample will be left at the end of the second week? The third week? The fourth week?
August 29, 2013 by Tracee

The author’s of the article “Perceived risks of Heart Disease and Cancer Among Cigarette Smokers” expressed the concern that a majority of smokers do not view themselves as being at increased risk of heart disease or cancer. Because of this, the authors call for a public ...
April 30, 2012 by Sarah

allied health
which one of the following steps can shield against discovery of an incident report? a. conducting a peer review b. following HIPAA regulations c. invoking the work product doctrine d. reporting to the NPDB
October 12, 2010 by Anonymous

which one of the following steps can shield against discovery of an incident report? a. conducting a peer review b. following HIPAA regulations c. invoking the work product doctrine d. reporting to the NPDB I think it's b
October 12, 2010 by allied

Which one of the following characteristics is associated with charismatic leaders? A. Following management by the book B. Lacking confidence in employees’ abilities C. Promoting their beliefs with boundless energy D. Controlling the behavior of others i answered c
October 6, 2014 by MikeP

Consider the following news headline....Canadian minister of defence announces $9million purchase of 65 new fighter jets. Assuming that aggregate out put is demand determined and that the f-35 jets are purchased domestically what will be the effect of this action, all other ...
December 8, 2012 by bettie

There are many tooth whitening products on the market from what I've seen. And also available in treatments from the dentist as my aunt is a dentist so I know. But I don't know why I haven't thought of this from day 1. I saw an ad recently for Listerine whitening disolving ...
August 7, 2007 by ~christina~

Proofread! make sure there's no spelling, grammar, or typing errors. If employers get a lot of resumes, they will look for any excuse to quickly "pitch" as many of them as possible. True or False? Would it be False?
January 25, 2011 by Anonymous

If the true population standard deviation was known to be 3.0, then approximately what minimum sample size would you need in a simple random sample if you want a 95% confidence interval for the mean to have a margin of error of .5 or less?
April 14, 2011 by Marissa

at a baseball concession stand 3 hot dogs and 2 cups of soda together cost 13.50. two hot dogs and 1 cup.of soda together costs 8 select all statements that are true about this situation. A. Each hot dog costs 2.50 B. Each cup of soda costs 3.50 C. The total cost of 3 hot dogs...
January 13, 2016 by Anonymous

math, 7th
If there are 100 marbles, 10 red, 20 white, 30 blue, and 40 green, and you were to choose only one out of a bag, what is the probability that it wouldn't be red, white, or blue? The probability would be 40 out of 100 -- or 4 out of 10. What percentage is that? 40% 40% I would...
February 24, 2007 by morgan

Titration Graph?
Use a spreadsheet to prepare a family of graphs for the titration of 50.0 mL of 0.020 M H2A with 0.100 M NaOH. Consider the following cases: (a) pK1 = 4.00, pK2 = 8.00; (b) pK1 = 4.00, pK2 = 6.00; (c) pK1 = 4.00, pK2 = 5.00.
January 23, 2012 by Kevin

"About Russell" 28. Russell’s family encourages him to seek help for his problems. true false 29. Russell ends up a)working with his father as a real estate agent. b)collecting and redeeming soda bottles. c)begging on the street. d)teaching math in high school. true c
May 2, 2012 by nevaeh

Algebra check/help?
So, for this one, it is 2x-14=3x+6 Can someone please explain to me how they would solve this problem? I think you would add 14 to the 6, but I'm not sure..
October 19, 2010 by Allyson

One observation that regards the magnetic stipes on the ocean floor that would disprove the theory of platetectonics would be?
August 27, 2011 by ali

length in cm of one side of perfect cube of gold with a density of 18g/cc and mass of 25g? How would i set up this equation? I don't know what length formula I would use, because I know that i am not supposed to just divide the density by the mass, because that would be ...
September 24, 2011 by Bob

math check
While writing an article on the high cost of college education, a reporter took a random sample of the cost of new textbooks for a semester. The random variable x is the cost of one book. Her sample data can be summarized by the following. (Give your answers correct to two ...
June 21, 2013 by tom9

Which of these is the best definition of freedom of expression? A. expression that doesn't cost anything to have or share B. Uncensored speech,Art, or other means of communication •• C. Wild, uncontrolled expression of ideas D. Information and ideas that are changeable and ...
February 4, 2016 by Vanessa

Specify which of the following cash transactions would have resulted in the $4,100 posting to the account. (You select more than one answer. Single click the box with a check mark for correct answers and double click to empty the box for the wrong answers.) Receiving cash from...
February 19, 2016 by Irina

Why would individuals consider fireman to be heros? They save lives everyday. They don't let go others of their shelter, food. They put their own lives in danger just to save those other individuals out there. ?
April 20, 2011 by Anonymous

criminal justice
in criminal trials the defense calls its witnesses first? true or false -- false? A fact witness opinons and predictions are admissible in court? True or False --- false?
October 9, 2015 by Franie

Consider two ships which are joined by a cable attached to each ship at the water line. Suppose the two ships are 200 metres apart, with the cable stretched tight and attached to a pulley which is anchored halfway between the ships at a depth of 45 metres. If one ship moves ...
April 3, 2013 by Zoe

Consider the following reaction at 298 K: C(graphite) +2Cl2 (g) -----> CCl4(l) Calculate the following quantities. Delta H: -139 kJ/mol deltaS(sys)=? J/mol*K deltaS(surr)=? J/mol*K deltaS(univ)=? J/mol*K My answer is: deltaS(sys)=-253.3J/mol*K deltaS(surr)=466.4 J/mol*K ...
March 16, 2012 by Leila

Science ms sue please help
A horse and a donkey can mate with each other. Their offspring,called a mule, is not fertile. Do horses and donkeys belong to the same species? Explain your answer. A scientist collects wild rabbits that live at sea level and moves them to the mountains. One year later, the ...
April 8, 2013 by Gabby

Science (6th grade, but actual 7th grade paper)
We are learning about potential and kinetic energy. There are two ramps. One is short and the other is long. The long one is labeled A, and the short one is labeled B. On which one would a marble go the farthest after touching the ground?
November 30, 2010 by Needs Help

How would one determine the percent uncertainty in theta and in sin of theta for the following: 1) theta = 15.0 degrees +/- 0.5 degrees 2) theta = 75.0 degrees +/- 0.5 degrees I'm not sure whether I divide or use some kind of formula.
August 11, 2009 by Zack

5th grade math
insert parentheses to make each statement true: 3x9+18+36/9=33 No way i do this do i get 33. One way I get 31.5 the other way I get 9. I don't think this is a good equation to =33.
September 14, 2015 by reid

Is a person more than a physical body? What is the mind? What is thought? I am having trouble finding information on pricipal issues,some philosophies related to the questions and some misconceptions about the questions. If anyone could help me. I really do not understand ...
May 31, 2007 by Marie

A transversal intersects two parallel lines and forms eight angles. Which of the following statements is false? a)alternative interior angles are always congruent. b)corresponding angles are always congruent. c)adjacent interior angles are always supplementary d)exterior ...
January 31, 2008 by robert

Consider a hill and a ridge as illustrated in the figure below. Both the hill and ridge have a semi-circular xz cross-section of radius R, and the wind is blowing in the x direction with speed V∞. To allow sustained flight with no thermals present, a sailplane must be ...
April 15, 2014 by JuanPro

Which one of the following species will react with Sn at standard state conditions? a) S b) Ag+ c) Cu d) Zn2+ What does it mean by standard state conditions? And what do I have to look at to determine it? Would it be Zn2+?
May 8, 2013 by scilover

Ethics in Criminal Justice
Engaging in lawbreaking behavior to achieve a reputation or gain status among peers would be most consistent with which of the following stages of moral development, according to Kohlberg's model? A. Punishment/Obedience B. Law and Order C. Social Contract D. Interpersonal ...
April 27, 2014 by Erica

Parents, Finances, and School-Age Children
You're trying to plan an activity for your third graders, who will be arriving around 2:30 in the afternoon. Today you want to do something associated with mathematics. Which one of the following activities would be appropriate? A. Keeping track of the weather B. Making a ...
November 20, 2014 by Amanda

Assignment 2: Financial Project Due Week 7 and worth 55 points Five (5) years ago, you bought a house for $171,000, with a down payment of $30,000, which meant you took out a loan for $141,000. Your interest rate was 5.75% fixed. You would like to pay more on your loan. You ...
February 21, 2013 by Kim

Further to my post yesterday re wave speed. If a fast 25Kn 10m power boat had the choice of making a passage against the wind & waves (head sea) or with the wind & waves following (following sea). Assuming 15Kn wind in open sea conditions & no tide the skipper would choose to ...
November 24, 2007 by Mike

Pronouns are used to make sentences shorter, less redundant, and less confusing. A) True B) False I answered A A common noun is capitalized, and a proper noun is not. A) True B) False Answer B
November 14, 2012 by Marie

which of the following was true of the age of reason? a. people justified their faith using scientific principles b. people valued science over faith c. people debated the raison detre
December 12, 2014 by mr. tony

True or False? 1.) A segment has exactly one perpendicular bisector. 2.) A line has exactly one perpendicular bisector. 3.)Given a line and a point not on the line, there is exactly one line perpendicular to the original line that passes through the given point.
July 2, 2009 by Yuna

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