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(x-1)^2 * (x+2)^3 >= 0 helpppp please!

math Please helpppp
evaluate r^2-3 when r=-7

how to go from cubic feet to liters .

how do you come up with a equation for a line?? helpppp!!!!

find y' if arctan(xy)=6+(x^4)y

Math please plaese helpppp
how do you solve this system algebraicly a- 2/3b =4 3/5a +b=15

math helpppp !
Solve the equation and check soultion 2(13t-15)+3(t-19)=0

helpppp science 7
what role do insulators play in preventing electric shock?

helpppp science 7
what role do insulators play in preventing electric shock?

A______ is something a producer can do for a consumer I have no clue please help

If today is tuesday, WHAT WILL IT BE IN 300 DAYS? I have no idea where to start HELPPPP

Write an equation of the line passing through (3,21)and (-4,-35) in the form of A x + B y = C. Where A, B and C are real numbers

Describe how the principle of superposition was used in determining the relative ages of the cross-sections?

Math helpppp!
Write the quadratic function in standard form and sketech its graph. Identify the vertex. h(x)=(x-6)^2+3

when 2.31 moles of sulfur hexafluoride are synthesized from te elements, how many grams of fluorine were used PLEASEEEEE HELPPPP MEEE!

Sociology HELPPPP
How does deviance and crime function both for and against society? Be sure to include social control in your answer group.

How was Fort William Henry massacre used by the British and the American colonists to justify brutality against the Indians? HELPPPP PLEASE

pre-calc helpppp
Evaluate the expression under the given conditions (show steps please) sin(è/2); tan è = − 5 / 12 , è in Quadrant IV

concentrated sulfuric acid has a density of 1.84g/ml. calculate the mass in grams of 1.00 liter of this acid.

algebraa 1 helpppp meee pleaseeee
Find each percent change, and tell whether it is a percent increase or decrease. 7. From 20 to 28

Graham,Judith. “Happiness is Contagious:New Study Finds.” Chicago Tribune: Health (4 Dec 2008) 16 Dec 2008. <chicagotribune.c o m/features/health/chi-081204happiness,0,6297377.story>. is this correct now helpppp english plzz - Anonymous, Friday, September 30, 2011 at...

english help
Graham,Judith. “Happiness is Contagious:New Study Finds.” Chicago Tribune: Health (4 Dec 2008) 16 Dec 2008. <chicagotribune.c o m/features/health/chi-081204happiness,0,6297377.story>. is this correct now helpppp english plzz - Anonymous, Friday, September 30, 2011 at...

Find the apr to the nearest half percent for the following loan Amount financed $3400 Finance charge $470 Number of monthly payments 36 Please help

the fernrod motorcycle company invested 250,000 at 4.5% compounded monthly to be used for the expansion of their manufacturing facilities. how much money will be aviable for the project 3.5 years?

If the sum is zero, what is the relationship of the two numbers? (this is an integers question--adding and subtracting-multiplying-and deviding positive and negative numbers)

pre-calc helpppp
Find sin x/2, cos x/2, and tan x/2 from the given information. (show work please) thank you!!! cos x = − 4/5, 180° < x < 270°

1)Expand and simplify. Express each equation in standard form. a) f(x) = -2(x-1)(x+4)(x+1)(x-3) b) f(x) = (x+2)(x+1)(x+4) c) f(x) = x(x-6) 2) For each function in question 1. state the degree of the polynomial and identify the type of function

Predict Which among the following substances is likely to have a relatively high melting point.(more than one answer may be selected) * P4 * CaCl2 * CCl4 * AlN * CaC2 * None of the above

The Earth is 150 million km from the sun. It completes one orbit in a period of approximately 365.25 days. Calculate the orbital speed of Earth in km/hour. please helpppp

A car is driven at a constant speed of 77 km/h down a road. The car's engine delivers 49 kW of power. Calculate the average force that is resisting the motion of the car.

pre-calc helpppp
Simplify the expression by using a Double-Angle Formula or a Half-Angle Formula. ã((1-cos50)/2)

Chemistry Please helpppp
Molecular Orbitals 1.Which of the following diatomic species are paramagnetic and which are diamagnetic? a.C2^2+ b.B2^2- c.Li2^- 2.Arrange the following in order of decreasing stability. a.F2 b.F2^- c.F2+ I know that as you go to higher subshells like from s -p-d-f the energy ...

hi i really really can't find this plz help mee~ Find out the exact rate of movement/increase of distance from New York to Europe THANKS~

HELPPPP!!!! A mixture is prepared using equal masses of the two volatile liquids benzene, C6H6, and ethanol, C2H5OH. What is the mole fraction of benzene in this mixture?

mrs sue i have to go soon can u plzzzz helpppp me i just need ou to answer my questions and show ur work so i can print it and make it a study guide plz

in the diagram below, <G and <H are complementary. What is the measure of G? a)20 b)30 c)40 d)50 inside G they have a problem saying (2x+10)degrees. i relly need help into solving these kind of problems trying to find degrees of each angle but i cant remember the formula...

6th grade science acrostic
Helpppp!!!!!!!!!!I need help on the acrostic. Can you people help? Okay, I need to do an acrostic on photosynthesis, devoured,and extinct.....Thank you if you help.....Rlyyyyyy THANKS

A speeder traveling at 37 m/s passes a motorcycle policeman at rest at the side of the road. The policeman accelerates at 2.62 m/s2, To the nearest tenth of a second how long does it take the policeman to catch the speeder?

Chemistry helpppp!!!!
How to calculate the ratio of diffusion of Br2 molecules to that CI2 molecules at the same temp. The rate of diffusion is 0.67 So how would I get the ratio??? Steps please and answer! Thank you for your help!!

physics helpppp!!
The 2nd harmonic of a string of length 40cm and linear mass density 1.11g.m has the same frequency as the 5th resonance mode of a closed pipe of length 1.4m. Find the tension in the string. use 340 for speed of sound

When an electron is displaced in a semiconductor, the hole that's left behind is A. incapable of carrying a charge. B. considered an impurity in the crystal. C. attracted to the anode of the voltage source. D. attracted to the negative terminal of the voltage source.

A crow sits on a clothesline midway between two poles as shown. Each end of the rope makes an angle of θ = 28° below the horizontal where it connects to the pole. If the combined weight of the crow and the rope is 11.1 N, what is the tension in the rope?

Chem! Please helpppp!!!!!
Consider the evaporation of methanol at 25.0 c: CH3OH(l)-- CH3OH(g) I figured out that Delta G is 4.3 kJ. Find the Delta G at 25 C under the following conditions: Pressure of CH3OH= 157mmHg, 103mmHg, 14mmHg thanks! please explain

Please Helpppp!!! Mother having a hard time with radicals. A playground is shaped like a rectangle with a width 5 times its length (l). What is a simplified expression for the distance between opposite corners of the playground? Please can you post step-by-step so I understand...

franklin school has 3 boys for every 4 girls in the fifth grade.there is 140 students in the fifth grade. A. how many are boys and how many are girls??? pleassseee helpppp meeeeee!!!!

Physics. Pleaseee helpppp
Four electrons are located at the corners of a square 10.0nm on a side, with an alpha particle at its midpoint. How much work is needed to move the alpha particle to the midpoint of one of the sides of the square?

a ball is thrown into the air at a speed of 96 feet/sec. The equation that expresses the height of the ball as a function of time is: h(t) = -16t2 + 96t + 5 How long does the ball stay in the air after it is thrown? (Round answer to the hundreths of a second)

When a tennis player hits .6kg tennis ball, the racket applies an average force of 250 N to the ball for a time about .15 seconds. Suppsoe that after the colliding, the 1 kg ball was measured to be moving to the left, but onl at 3.25 m/s. What would be the direction and speed ...

calculus helpppp!
a 20m ladder rests vertically against the side of a barn. a pig that has been hitched to the ladder starts to pull the base of the ladder away from the wall at a constant rate of 40 cm per second. find the rate of change of the height of the top of the ladder after 30 secs

3b+7=-2 14+h/5=2 h/5=fraction m/8+4=16 m/8=fraction 3x-1=8 35=3+5x -3+m/3=12 m/3=fraction -x-4=-20 5=-z-3

Computer Science (java1)
can someone please tell me the equation for compshift? double Angle = 45.0; double AngleRadians; double ComptonShift ; //calculations AngleRadians = Math.toRadians(Angle); ComptonShift = Helpppp here

Algebra 2
It takes you 3 hours to mow a lawn & it takes your sister 2 hours to mow the same lawn. How long does it take the two of you to mow 12 lawns if you work together? Whats the answer? Helpppp

A large painting in the style of Rubens is 3 feet longer than it is wide. If the wooden frame is 18 in wide and the area of the picture frame is 286 ft^2, find the dimensions of the painting. I have the basic idea down of what I'm supposed to do to solve it.. But I just can't ...

Health 8R help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Place the letter of the correct reaction (A, B, C, D, or E) A. Speed up brain messages (Stimulants) B. Slow down brain messages (Depressants) C. Block pain messages (Narcotics) D. Scramble or confuse brain messages (Hallucinogens) E. Destroy brain cells (Inhalants) LSD...

10.0 grams of carbon dioxide and 20.0 grams of oxygen are mixed in a 50.0 L container at 30.0 degrees celcius. What is the pressure of this mixture in mm Hg? I defined my variables. so i had Mass=30.0g Volume=50.0L Temperature=303 Kelvin pressure=x. then i used PV*GFM=mRT. (x...

Physical education URGENT PLEASE HELPPPP
Explain how sprinters use flexibility. Explain how javelin throwers use flexibility. Explain how gymnasts in floor routines use flexibility.

Ms. Sue Helpppp!!
In this unit, you learned about different types of numbers that make up real numbers. Note the different types of numbers and provide two examples of each. Which of the number types is easiest for you to identify? Why? Can you plz Help Ms. Sue?

Lareina understands factors, but sometimes she has trouble finding all the factors of a number. What advice would you give to help her find all the factors of a number? Demonstrate by finding all the factors of 110. I NEED HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the average of a set of six integers is 38. when a seventh number is included in the set, the average of the set increase to 47. what is the seventh number? helpppp

Physics helpppp
250 g ball of putty moving horizontally at 9 m/s collides with and sticks to a block lying on a frictionless horizontal surface. If 20%of the kinetic energy is lost, what is the mass of the block? What i did Mass1 = 0.25 kg Mass 2 =? Kinetic initial = 1/2(0.25)(9)^2 = 10.125 J...

(b) The density of platinum is 23.4 g/cm3 at 20°C. Calculate the mass of 77.0 cm3 of platinum at this temperature. (c) The density of magnesium is 1.74 g/cm3 at 20°C. What is the volume of 275 g of this metal at this temperature? *what I am stuck on the most is that the ...

A loaded ore car has a mass of 880 kg and rolls on rails with negligible friction. It starts from rest and is pulled up a mine shaft by a cable connected to a winch. The shaft is inclined at 28.0° above the horizontal. The car accelerates uniformly to a speed of 2.20 m/s in ...

A 55.0 kg diver steps off a diving board and drops straight down into the water. The water provides an upward average net force 1320 N. If the diver comes to rest 5.8 m below the water's surface, what is the total distance between the diving board and the diver's stopping ...

help help helpppp--math
1)Use the definitions sin0(theta) = y/r, cos0(theta) = x/r and/or tan0(theta) = y/x to prove that cot0(theta) = 1/tan0(theta) 2)For all 0(theta) prove: a)cos(t) = 1/sec0(theta) b. sec(t) = 1/cos0(theta)

social studys
what was the purpose of the war production board A. to tell factories how many planes or tanks each factory had to produce. B. to help factories shift from making consumer goods to making war materials.****** C. to ship war materials over to the allies D. to create new war ...

One car traveling at 55mi/h left a certai place 3h later than another car. The second car was traveling in the same direction at 40 mi/h. Inhow many hours ill the faster car ovrtae the other? My work: 55(t-3) = 40t] 55t-165 = 40t -55t -55t -165 = -15t /-15 /-15 11 = t 9 = t-3 ...

physics helpppp
Figure 10-35a shows a disk that can rotate about an axis at a radial distance h from the center of the disk. Figure 10-35b gives the rotational inertia I of the disk about the axis as a function of that distance h, from the center out to the edge of the disk. The scale on the ...

Selena needs to publish her research about Chinese culture. Her research includes audio clips from an interview with a Chinese citizen, written notes, and photographs from her tour of a Chinese exhibit in a local museum. Based on each application’s strengths and weaknesses, ...

What is relative humidity? What is Absolute humidity? What is Specific humidity? But can you give me an answer a paragraph long each thanks a lot! Or just answer 1 or 2 of my questions I will take any answer!! P.S- Thank you so much for your help!! Stepanie -- we Jiskha tutors...

These could include a wellness center, a health food store, a grocery store that sells wholesome products, a vitamin store, your local gym, your doctor's office, or any other place that offers nutritional advice. Explain why you think they may or may not be giving accurate ...

A box contains 2 white marbles, 3 blue marbles, 7 black marbles and 9 green marbles. Juan takes one marble at time out of the box and without looking at its color puts it in another box. What is the least number of marbles Juan must transfer to the second box to be certain ...

Ok i am having trouble with my world history homework questions........Please HELPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Ok these are the three questions i am having trouble with: 1. What are some of te characteristics of the "Renaissance man" and "Renaissance woman"? 2. How did Italy's cities...

(a) Which of the following are examples of the expression "difference of two cubes"? (Select all that apply.) (y2 - 9)3 3 - 4y 64 - y3 (y - 1)3 y3 - 27 27 - 3y y3 (b) Which of the following are examples of the expression "cube of a difference"? (Select all that apply.) 27 - 3y...

Math Helpppp
The College Board, which are administered each year to many thousands of high school students, are scored so as to yield a mean of 550 and a standard deviation of 100. these scores are close to being normally distributed. what percentage of the scores can be expected to ...

Helpppp Math!!!
The market value (in thousands of dollars)of a certain home is a linear function of t, the time in years since 1990. In 1992 the market value was 68 thousand dollars, while in 1997 the market value was 79 thousand dollars -Find the slope of V as a linear function of t. Explain...

physics helpppp
particle 1 of mass m1 = 0.29 kg slides rightward along an x axis on a frictionless floor with a speed of 1.8 m/s. When it reaches x = 0, it undergoes a one-dimensional elastic collision with stationary particle 2 of mass m2 = 0.40 kg. When particle 2 then reaches a wall at xw...

Maths Vector Helpppp
The points A and B have position vectors, relative to the origin O, given by −−→OA = i+2j+3k and −−→OB = 2i+j+3k. The line l has vector equation r = (1−2t)i+ (5+t)j+ (2−t)k. (i) Show that l does not intersect the line passing ...

trig help
I need help finding sinA if cosA=(-3/5) and A is greater than 90 degrees, but less than 180 degrees. Draw the quadrant diagram. In the upper left quadrant, greater then ninety degrees, but less than 180, cosine is neg, and sine is positive. Draw a three, four, five right ...

Consider the decomposition of NH3 (g). 2 NH3 (g) → N2 (g) + 3 H2 (g) The reaction is catalyzed on a surface of either tungsten or osmium. The activation energies for the catalyzed and uncatalyzed reactions are given below. W Ea = 163 kJ/mol Os Ea = 197 kJ/mol No catalyst...

chemistry NMR helpppp
really really need some help, been stuck on this for toooo long. Some Data: "A" triplet for 3H (2 neighbors) "B" quartet for 2H (3 neighbors) "C" singlet for 3H (no neighbors) "D" singlet for 2H (no neighbors) Alright here is what i have so far: im trying to figure out what ...

Physics Helpppp
Q11 a(ii)A sinusoidal carrier wave has frequency 500 kHz and amplitude 6.0 V. It is to be frequency modulated by a sinusoidal wave of frequency 8 kHz and amplitude 1.5 V. The frequency deviation of the carrier wave is 20 kHz V^–1 Describe, for the carrier wave, the variation...

PHYSICSSSSS helpppp please
Two boxes with different masses M1 = 1.8 kg and M2 = 2.6 kg are tied together on a frictionless ramp surface which makes an angle θ = 21° with the horizontal (see the figure below). What is the tension in the rope connecting the two boxes? N What is the tension in the ...

Accounting HELPPPP
Jim Johnson has 40% interest in Richards and Johnson, LLP. The partnership has the following activity for the year: Sales $180,000 Cost of Goods Sold 105,000 Guaranteed Payment to Ron Richards 25,000 Depreciation 11,000 Interest Expense 1,000 Tax-Exempt Income 1,500 Health ...

math helpppp!
can someone please help me set up inequalities based on the info below?: jayanta is working to raise money for the homeless by sending information letters and making follow-up calls to local labor organizations and church gorups. She discovered that each church group requires ...

Unknown Acid: #2 Mass of Unknown solid acid transferred:0.414g Volume of volumetric flask: 100.00 mL Concentration of NaOH: 0.0989 M Aliqot of acid titrated with NaOH: 25.00 mL Average volume of Naoh from titration: 13.9 mL Here's where I need help: No of moles NaOH used: ? ...

Expt #1- Molecular Weight of Unknown Acid Unknown Acid: #2 Mass of Unknown solid acid transferred:0.414g Volume of volumetric flask: 100.00 mL Concentration of NaOH: 0.0989 M Aliqot of acid titrated with NaOH: 25.00 mL Average volume of Naoh from titration: 13.9 mL Here's ...

HELPPPP!!!! This is a lab, and i need help with the equations please!! Thank you !! Heat of fusion data table : Mass of foam cup = 3.57g Mass of foam cup + warm water = 104.58g Mass of foam cup + warm water + melted ice = 129.1g Temperature of warm water = 37 degrees celcius. ...

Type the pronoun that correctly completes the sentence. Remember that you must spell your answer correctly to receive credit. Yes, the one who designed the house was (she, her). (Points : 1) Question 2. 2. Type the pronoun that correctly completes the sentence. Remember that ...

helpppp english plzz
hey i did the following and the bottom bottom is my teachers comment i really need help in correcting them plazz i need the corrections asap :( before i fail Each of the following exercises shows the original source, and then a student’s sentence and/or citation about that ...

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