March 27, 2017

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does anyone know any quotes etc that i can use to prove that hamlet was respected and honorable i need it for my tragic hero essay on Hamlet
July 21, 2009 by Me

Which of the following is the correct way to cite a scene from Hamlet? Hamlet I.iv.12-14 Hamlet I. 4.12-14 Hamlet 1.iv 12-14 Hamlet 1.four.12-14 my answer Hamlet I. 4.12-14
April 23, 2010 by christopher

English Hamlet
I am writing an essay based on Act 1 wheather Hamlet is really a hero. What heroic qualities or lack of make Hamlet a hero or not?
January 7, 2008 by Brad

English - Hamlet Essay
I've been asked to write an Essay for english class on Hamlet. It sais to : Select one speech from Act IV of Hamlet and write a cause and effect essay for how it targets its audience. You may choose a target audience of any context or production of the play - the original ...
November 20, 2009 by Aly

Hamlet Essay Thesis
I'm suppose to write an essay on the play Hamlet which connects one of the themes to a character in the play. This is my thesis, Ophelia, Hamlet's ex lover, is one of the main characters in the play Hamlet which re-enforces the theme that women were weakminded. Throughout the ...
December 1, 2009 by Camille P

English Essay
Hi, this is my first paragraph to my essay on Hamlet. Please provide any feedback. Hamlet, a tragedy by Shakespeare, follows a downward spiral of the kingdom of Denmark. King Claudius plants a seed of corruption that initiates this spiral. Both simile and metaphor prove that ...
December 4, 2009 by Anonymous

Hi, I'm writing an essay on how Hamlet is a participant of hypocrisy. Can anyone help me write a thesis statement. My points are that his father tells him to avenge him, but Hamlet takes a long time to do it, how Hamlet says he loves Ophelia but is the cause of her death, and ...
March 4, 2007 by Raj

i'm writing an essay on Hamlet comparing and contrasting the characters of Hamlet and Horatio. One of my paragraphs talks about the differences in their balance of character; Hamlet is unbalanced and dies, while Horatio is the ideal, balanced character who lives to tell the ...
March 25, 2007 by Jessica

Hi, If anyone has read Hamlet...I have to write an essay showing how Hamlet is a hypocrite or similar. I need 3 main points of proof. I only have one, which is that Hamlet says he loves Ophelia but hes the cause of her death and he shunned her. I need two more points. His ...
March 3, 2007 by Raj

Act IV of Hamlet 1. What is the King's original plan for eliminating Hamlet? 2. What does Hamlet learn from Fortinbras's captain about their mission into Poland? How does this affect Hamlet? 3. What is the plan and back-up plan that Claudius concocts with Laertes? 4. What is ...
December 11, 2011 by TRACY

English- Hamlet
I want to know what this line mean in hamlet: but break my heart for i must hold my tongue why do Hamlet not want to share his feelings with anyone?
November 12, 2012 by Mohammad

I have to write a 1000 word essay on connecting, Hamlet's dealing with rejection, depression to THE real world life. How it affect's me. So can you help me with some dot jots on how depression can relate tothe world (peoples situations) from hamlet?
May 4, 2014 by Nicolas

Hi Writeteacher, would you mind looking at my question below? Thanks Em ps> thanks for all your help so far
August 9, 2011 by Em

Does Hamlet reach enlightenment? I personally think not because he is still unaware that he has become exactly like Claudius and dispute saying things that virtuous and just he is hypocritical in his actions. Also follow up question: What did Hamlet die thinking (like of ...
January 13, 2017 by Stacy

Could you please tell me if the questions are grammatically correct? Thank you very much. 1) What does the word “rub” denote and connote? Why does Hamlet arrange a play at court? What is the function of the “play within the play”? 2)Whose ghost appears to Hamlet? Why? ...
December 18, 2011 by Henry2

Could you please tell me which of the following phrases are possible? Thank you. 1) Hamlet wants to ____ ______; Hamlet wants to take revenge Hamlet wants to avenge his father Hamlet wants to revenge himself 2) Hamlet is sure that Claudius is the murderer (is "killer" possible...
January 6, 2012 by Henry2

please check it Writeteacher
Sorry I meant gustatory imagery but how is the rest of the essay thanks
December 2, 2007 by Ace

I was wondering if someone could tell me how I can improve my thesis statement/opening paragraph. I'm writing an essay on hamlet from the perspective of formalism (examining a work of literature's language and structure). Here it is: Formalism is a type of literary criticism ...
January 24, 2010 by Valerie

12th grade English
Can you check my essay, it is not done, but I want to see if I'm on the right track? My essay is on Hamlet and the thesis statement: "Domino effect of death" Hamlet: A Chain Reaction of Death In Hamlet, death is seen throughout the play, and is one of the primary themes. It ...
December 26, 2009 by Shane

i doing a compare/contrast essay on character h olden frm novel i read and hamlet. for my thematic statement, do i just talk about one theme or like a mixture of things they've gone through? also what i name this essay? something that fit both characters?
November 14, 2012 by Mohammad

What is the dramatic purpose of Scene IV? sorry Act 4 scene 4 This scene reminds Hamlet of his purpose. "Act IV, scene iv restores the focus of the play to the theme of human action. Hamlet’s encounter with the Norwegian captain serves to remind the reader of Fortinbras’s ...
November 17, 2006 by Justin

English 30-1
Hi there, i am writing an analytical essay for William Shakespeare's "Hamlet". My essay topic is this.... In Hamlet, Shakespeare reveals the effect of conflict on a person’s character. Write an essay demonstrating how Shakespeare uses a character's reaction to conflict, both...
August 7, 2010 by Danielle

Thank you very much. I retyped the sentences you checked. Can you please tell me if everything is correct? Thank you. 1) A violent crime was committed against a member of the hero’s family. The ghost of the previous king, the elder Hamlet, appears to his son, Prince Hamlet. ...
January 10, 2012 by Henry2

Hamlet Take Home Test - Response Essay Answer ONE of the following questions in 750-850 word response: 1) The hero in a Shakespearean play always contributes in some way to the disaster in which he perishes. How true is this in Hamlet? 2) Discuss the use of imagery in Hamlet ...
January 2, 2013 by Kristy

Shakespeare + hamlet+ english! "Osric - The foolish courtier who summons Hamlet to his duel with Laertes." Is it really an "intrusion"? Or is Shakespeare using the character to lure Hamlet into accepting the challenge and fight Laertes? ?? Why has...
December 1, 2006 by Writeacher

Hi, would someone kind please tell me, what the symbolisms are in Hamlet? Thank you =)
December 6, 2006 by Al Gore

in the play Hamlet by william Shakespeare, are there something rotten in the state of Denmark? and who responsible for that?
October 19, 2008 by dt

is Polonius a good advisor to the king in Hamlet? please help me, its for a essay, your help is greatly appreciated. THank you!!
September 24, 2010 by Sabrina

In Act III of Hamlet what are some major motifs? I cant find any! :(
March 13, 2012 by Scarlet

Paraphrase Hamlet's explanation of admiration for Horatio's character? I didn't even notice this! Could someone help?
March 14, 2012 by Scarlet

in hamlet, when does hamlet preserve his sanity? I am so lost please help me
July 14, 2015 by aha

To writeteacher about poem
I have a question about that poem It's where it said read this writeteacher
January 25, 2009 by Kisha

LA 12
Does the the Ghost, in Hamlet, instruct Hamlet to punish Gertrude?
February 13, 2014 by Cassie

hamlet what is bothering hamlet ? and what is bothering hamlet the most?
September 17, 2010 by Sheila

hamlet+ english
Act Five Scene One What dramatic purpose is served by having Laertes and Hamlet grapple in the grave? 1. Over whom are they fighting? 2. What will happen at the end of the play? ??
December 1, 2006 by hamlet

These are the very last questions of the day. Thank you all in advance 1) How did the Elizabethans conceive the universe and by whom did they belive it was ruled? 2) Outline the characters of Brutus and Antony and refer to their attitude towards the crowd. 3) Why does Hamlet ...
February 14, 2010 by Franco

I have to write a critical essay on Hamlet and I can't find a good topic to write about. I need something that will be easy because I am not good in writing essays that are more elaborate. Can somebody suggest a good topic that will be easy to write about in approximately 700 ...
May 6, 2014 by Anonymous

How does Hamlet show his Heroism?
April 17, 2016 by Thomas

english (hamlet)
Hamlet awaits the appearance of the ghost on a. The moor near the battles ground b. The birnam woods c. The ramparts of elsinor castle d. The cellar of the castle
May 15, 2014 by sim

How do these develop theme of these allusions from Hamlet? 1. "I would have such a fellow whipped for o'erdoing Termagant" (II,ii,14) So basically Hamlet is telling his actors not over act during the play. 2. “For O, For O, the hobbyhorse is forgot”
November 11, 2010 by Joey

I have to write an analysis of character in play hamlet by shakespeare. and tell what role be of this character. which character have lots of information on it? King Hamlet, Gertrude, Laertes, Horatio, Ophelia, Polonius, or Claudius. I wanted to do on Gertrude before, but i ...
November 9, 2012 by Mohammad

I left out three sentences. Could you please check them too? I did some of the corrections myself. 1) Hamlet has been troubled since his father _________ in tragic circumstances. (died, was murdered but not "has been murdered"?) His uncle Claudius _______ to the throne (...
January 6, 2012 by Henry2

I need help thinking of an essay topic to do with responsibility? We have a list of sources to work with, as examples: Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, Hamlet, V For Vendetta, The Tell Tale Heart and several others.
March 29, 2010 by Allissa

Can you check these sentences for me please? Thank you. 1) Who were the Druids and what was their role within the Celtic social system? Refer also (or also refer?) to the etymology of their name. 2) When did te bubonic plague strike England and what were the consequences of ...
February 10, 2011 by Franco

Hi there, I am doing a presentation comparing women in Hamlet times to women today. But i need help finding a cartoon representing women from Hamlet's time. Please direct me to links for this.
May 11, 2010 by Darren

Identify the sound device Shakespeare uses in this passage: HAMLET. Whose spirit with divine ambition puffed Makes mouths at the invisible event, —Hamlet, act 4, scene 4 I think it is D assonance alliteration onomatopoeia meter
December 24, 2014 by Anonymous

I needed to write an essay on how Hamlet is a hypocrite and my three points were that he doesn't obey his father right away, he says he loves his mother but treats her badly, and he says he loves Ophelia but he is the cause of her madness. But now, my topic has been changed to...
March 6, 2007 by Raj

Yesterday, I asked the question about my thesis statement for Hamlet. Heres what I wrote: Hi, I'm writing an essay on how Hamlet is a participant of hypocrisy. Can anyone help me write a thesis statement. My points are that his father tells him to avenge him, but Hamlet takes ...
March 5, 2007 by Raj

I have to write a 5 paragraph comparison and contrast essay on Agamemnon, Hamlet, and The Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock. When writing this, do I compare all three stories at once in each paragraph as well as their differences in each of the 3 body paragraphs?
October 11, 2014 by Liz

Hamlet...essay - Writeteacher
Kristy Cheung Ms.Weately Grade 11 U English January 10, 2013 Title A person who sets off another person by being a contrast to that person is known as a foil to the character. In Shakespeare’s great tragedy Hamlet, two character Laertes and Fortinbras, develop as “foils...
January 4, 2013 by Kristy

I got the question on corruption in the play hamlet for homework. I wonder should I focus on the Danish court in general (for example the way Hamlet refers to the world around him as 'an unweeded garden' or containing 'things rank and gross in nature', the way corruption ...
May 31, 2011 by Viola

I left out these last sentences on Hamlet and a few other sentences on grammar. I hope you can check if they are grammatically correct. 1) Hamlet's father's ghost appears to Hamlet to tell his son that he was murdered by Claudius. 2) Hamlet arranges a play at court because he ...
January 6, 2012 by Henry2

I'm reposting you a few sentences I checked myself again, because you told me they were too wordy. Could you please have a look at them? Thank you 1)A ghost appears to Hamlet and asks him to take revenge and kill his murderer, Claudius. 1) Correction: A ghost appears to Hamlet...
January 6, 2012 by Henry2

Hamlet Check
Please check my answers 6. Hamlet awaits the appearance of the ghost on: a. the moor near the battle ground b. near Birnam Woods c. the ramparts of Elsinor Castle d. the cellar of the castle My answer B 7. Hamlet is denouncing the celebration that the King is partaking in ...
May 19, 2014 by Scarlet

Hamlet Essay Edit? need help asap pleasee
Can someone please edit this for me please? thanks so much! Act 5 Scene 2 concludes the Shakespearean play Hamlet. Dilemmas which were prominent in the play are resolved during this scene. Vital themes like decay, selfishness, and revenge are also encountered in the last scene...
December 6, 2009 by Camille P

8. In Hamlet, Lord Polonius attempts to gain favor with the king through Hamlet's relationship with a. Queen Gertrude b. Ophelia c. Laertes d. Rosencrantz B? 26. What does Liza do in Act 1 of Pygmalion to try to prove that she can speak just fine? a. says her vowels b. reads a...
May 9, 2013 by mysterychicen

English- Hamlet
I trying to do thematic statement on certainty or uncertainty which be in play of hamlet, but i having troubles with last sentence. Being sure and timely in one’s own decisions will allow them to accomplish tasks and clear any obstacles within time. Doubts will lead to ...
November 11, 2012 by Mohammad

Thank you very much for your help. Here are some more sentences I'm doubtful about. 1) Being a Renaissance man, Hamlet doubts the existence of an afterlife. 2) He doubts suicide/ He has doubts about committing suicide/ He is doubtful about suicide. He is not sure of what will ...
February 20, 2011 by Mike

I tried to do some of the corrections myself. I think some changes must still be made. Thank you very much. 1)A ghost appears to Hamlet and asks him to take revenge and kill his murderer, Claudius. 1) Correction: A ghost appears to Hamlet and asks him to avenge his murder by ...
January 5, 2012 by Henry2

Hamlet (check)
An impending war is evident because: a. Young Fortinbras wants revenge b. Denmark king wants his territory back c. Hamlet killed young Fortinbras and took over his land d. Numerous omens are evident i choose B, is that correct?
May 19, 2014 by Scarlet

Hamlet book vs movie
I would just like to get a view of anyone's opinion on Shakespeare Hamlet the book vs the movie starring Mel Gibson and Glen Close...which scenes in the movie do you feel had a greater impact than it did in the book?
February 8, 2010 by Anonymous

English - Hamlet
My teacher has asked me to identify and explain how Shakespeare creates atmosphere in Act 1, Scene i. I think he creates atmosphere by making the readers to think what will happen to Prince Hamlet and the ghost? I'm not really sure how to answer this question...
September 5, 2007 by ...

To be or not to be speech
What literary devices are used in "To be or not to be that is the question" from Hamlet? I have to analyze the speech and I would like to know if my interpretation is correct. Hamlet is talking to himself and he is debating whether he wants to live or not because Ophelia has ...
January 11, 2008 by Kristy

Hamlet Check
Please check my answers 1. Claudius is going to write a letter to ________, to try and create peace: a. young Fortinbras b. King of France c. King of Denmark d. the bed-ridden Fortinbras My answer is D. 2. Hamlet waited between ______(time) for the ghost to appear: I assume ...
May 19, 2014 by Scarlet

I left out a few sentences. I hope you can have a look at them too 1) The play finishes with the killing of the King, Hamlet,Queen Gerturde and Laertes. 2) According to the medieval perspective the body is the prison of our mind. 3) However, the human mind doesn't know what ...
January 5, 2012 by Henry2

English- Hamlet
I writing a character analysis on Hamlet and i just need few notes what be all his conflicts? he have one with his uncle who killed his dad, his mom. what be his flaws? his indecisions strengths? not stupid, impulsive state of mind? depressed attitudes and behaviours: crazy, ...
November 12, 2012 by Mohammad

I don't understand this question : what were the circumstances of hamlet sr.'s death? are they asking what triggered his death? or what was the situation that triggered hamlet's death?
September 12, 2010 by Prethy

Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check. Thank you very much. 1) Quietus est is a Latin statement which was used when someone repaid all their debts. (The sentence is wrong both as to the content and as to the grammar: can you say it?) 2) Hamlet uses this statement ...
January 5, 2012 by Henry2

Pretend you are the artistic advisor to the director of a production of Hamlet. Write a short (about 400-500 word) memo in which you provide your recommendation as to how these two scenes shold be enacted in regard to this controversy. Explain your reasoning, and explain how ...
March 12, 2012 by Scarlet

works cited
I read Sparknotes No Fear Shakespeare do I cite the source? Crowther, John. Ed. “No Fear Hamlet.” SparkNotes LLC? I don't know what to put on my works cited page.
February 23, 2010 by Anonymous

Please someone proofread portion of my work!
Please if the paragraph flows well, makes sense and if it analyzes why the use of wealth is significant in Claudius's part in Hamlet. Claudius uses the royal fortune for his own personal needs to satisfy himself. The King of Denmark uses his royal assets to alter people’s ...
October 30, 2007 by Anonymous

How do the characters of Laertes and Fortinbras highlight Hamlet's fatal flaw of inaction? Check the character analysis at this site. also check the character analysis at ...
February 4, 2007 by Missy

Can you please check these sentences about Hamlet? Thank you. 1) Hamlet wonders whether he should make a stand against his sea of troubles or leave things as they are. 2) He believes that both active and passive resistance is bound to meet failure. 3) Death will be the result ...
January 27, 2011 by Franco

I forgot to include the following statemets. Can you check them too? Thank you 1) The isolation of the hero can turn into (is “to” possible’) madness. This expedient turns (the?) actors into audience 2) Humans are reluctant to take their own lives and prefer to tolerate ...
January 5, 2012 by Henry2

English - sentence help
I wrote this as a topic sentence for a Hamlet essay (it is a compare/contrast essay between the play and the 2000 film adaptation). "Maintaining the verisimilitude of Elizabethan times, the importance of respect and obedience are governed by the roles the characters abide by...
March 25, 2008 by Anonymous

Could you please check these sentences I tried to correct myself. Thank you. 1)Hamlet pretends to be mad so that he can carry out his plan. He arranges for a troupe of actors to re-enact the scene of his father’s murder to let the audience know that Claudius murdered the ...
January 5, 2012 by Henry2

I'm finding it difficult to check these sentences. Could you please help me? Thank you. 1)A ghost appears to Hamlet and asks him to take revenge and kill his murderer, Claudius. At the end of the play Hamlet manages to kill Claudius, but he also dies and his mother as well. 2)...
January 3, 2012 by Henry2

Have you ever read Hamlet? - Yes, I have. I have ever read Hamlet. (Is this short dialogue grammatical? Would you check the last sentence? Is the last sentence right?)
September 5, 2014 by rfvv

Can you please check my sentences? Thank you very much. 1) Hamlet makes some soliloquies. The oak, along with the mistletoe, was the most important sacred tree to the Celts. 2) Most Druids were women. 3) In a revenge tragedy usually appears a ghost who wants to carry out his ...
February 18, 2011 by Mike

books Hamlet
I need to identity three siutaions that Hamlet, Laertes and Fortinbras all share. I have one situation that they all share which is where all of their fathers are dead. I need two more, but I don't see any in the book. if anyone knows any helpful sites or two situations, it ...
October 30, 2013 by Danny

essay writing
What is the number 1 essay writing rule? A.Edit and revise your essay. B.Always write five paragraphs. C.Always brainstorm before writing the essay. D.Start writing the essay the day it is assigned. .I CHOSE C.
October 8, 2009 by larry

In hamlet how do the first two lines indicate that something is amiss? BERNARDO: Who's there? FRANCISCO: Nay, answer me: stand, and unfold yourself. Two soldiers who know each other have no trust. One asks who is coming? The other refuses and says Stand up and let me see who ...
November 9, 2006 by Kenny

Need Preperation Help
I have a test on Hamlet soon and I'm just wondering if anyone know sites that have test-like questions? (not multiple choices from those study guide sites, I'd like short answer questions and essay questions)
October 27, 2007 by Anonymous

I urgently need you to revise these sentences, please. 1) The ghost of Hamlet’s father appears in front of him and Horatio because he wants to explain how he was killed and who killed him. 2) The play ends with the deaths of Laertes , the King, Queen Gertrude and Hamlet who ...
January 5, 2012 by Henry2

thanks so much but i need topics not websites.
November 22, 2012 by Bloom

Can you please help me check these sentences? Thank you very much. 1) In Hamlet's soliloquy the rub is something that makes all human beings hesitate (?) to face the undiscovered land. 2)In Hamlet's soliloquy the rub stands for an obstacle that makes human beings hesitate and ...
February 19, 2011 by Mike

English L.A.
Which of the following best describes an expository essay? a. An essay that uses casual, conversational language. b. An essay that tells a story about a real-life experience. c. An essay that explains an idea by breaking it down. d. An essay that uses humor to achieve the ...
October 6, 2016 by Dani

Thank you. I have a doubt on Hamlet's plot. 1) Hamlet's father has been dead only two months, but but his mother, Queen Gertrude, has married her brother-in-law, Claudius, who has now become king. 2) Does it mean that "he had died two months before"? I wanted to rephrase "has ...
November 22, 2011 by Henry2

You made my day;-) Thanks for the Shirley Temple info.
August 13, 2008 by jules

“Active Learning.”University of Michagan this what I know for this writeteacher.
April 3, 2015 by m

In hamlet how do the first two lines indicate to the reader or audience that something is amiss? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Do you mean the very first lines "who's there? says Bernardo. To which Francisco replies "Nay, answer me: stand, and unfold ...
November 6, 2006 by bob

Three Posts Below
The total essay was too long to post. I had to post the essay as three parts. The bottom of the three is the beginning of the essay and the top of the three posts is the end of the essay. Can you proofread my essay? It is on the novel, The Scarlet Letter. Have done so. <G&...
November 21, 2006 by Anonymous

I still have some more sentences I need to check. Can you please have a look at them, too? 1) Hamlet arranges a play at court in order to expose his father's murdere. So in the third act there is the-play-within-the play that is paradoxically the only true thing in the play. 2...
January 5, 2012 by Henry2

Where can I go to check about my essay when your are finished? I have not seen any essay from you for help with proofreading. If you post the entire essay in a message, someone will respond directly to that message. =) I need your help to write that essay,"A way to decrease ...
November 30, 2006 by louise

For Kristy - re Hamlet and Do. Not. Plagiarize. If you are not clear on what plagiarism is and how NOT to plagiarize from a source, read through this entire webpage from Capital Community ...
January 3, 2013 by Writeacher

Can you check these sentences for me please? 1) Man cannot be sure of what will happen after death and has no proof that human suffering stops (?) or will stop at that point 2) The medieval perspective in which Hamlet sees death as physical liberation from the prison of the ...
January 17, 2010 by Franco

"Were anyone's 4th amendment rights violated?" Please elaborate.
September 6, 2008 by jules

I urgently need you to check these sentences? Thank you very much in advance. 1) From which perspectives does Hamlet consider death in his famous soliloquy “To Be or not to Be”? The Medieval perspective which considers death as physical liberation from the prison of the ...
December 18, 2011 by Henry2

Rules of writing an essay?, And what are the main factors of an essay?, How to properly write an essay without an errors?
April 4, 2009 by Aaron

Thank you so much for your input! Very helpful! You gents & ladies are awesome.
August 13, 2008 by jules

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