October 25, 2016

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Foreign Language, How to use a dictionary.,
First of all purchasing a good English/X and X/English dictionary is an investment in your future. For "generic" purposes X represents any foreign language (French, Spanish, Japanese, etc.) Here is the "key" to using a dictionary for a vocabulary word/expression. 1. Look up a ...
May 8, 2007 by SraJMcGin

Can you proofread this revision and tell me if it looks correct? Thank you. You should invest in a good Dictionaryand a good Thesaurus as wellto help you write well. But you should also realize, as even Samuel Johnson did when he compiled the first English language ...
February 3, 2010 by Robin

Name some jobs that use French. Where knowing French is important? Some jobs that use French are a teacher, translator/interpreter, Travel/hospitality, Foreign service officer, foreign language instructor, etc. Where knowing french is important? -In a foreign country/france ...
January 31, 2011 by Anonymous

Foreign Language Classes
Where are Foreign Language Schools in Amritsar ?
October 11, 2010 by Shikha Kapoor

writing skills
(1)Using a dictionary can occasionally be an exercise in frustration.(2)When, for example, you can't spell a word. (3)How do you look up the correct spelling?(4)It is just as exasperating when you discover the definition of "evocation"is"the act or fact of evoking".(5)You ...
July 2, 2016 by ASIA

Foreign Language School
Where are Foreign Language Schools ?
September 24, 2010 by Shikher Kapoor

I made a last change since our students study only Eglish as a foreign language Impact on pupils: - considerably increasing the students' ability to use English and motivating them to learn other foreign languages .....
February 9, 2012 by Henry2

9. The pH of food entering the duodenum is changed from acidic to alkaline by A. gastric juices B. bile pigments C. intestinal enzymes D. pancreatic secretions I am unsure I think It is d YEP YOU ARE CORRECT!!!! Nope. Use the online dictionary to look up bile. http://www.m-w....
August 3, 2006 by hana

foreign language
Hi there! I know two languages so far English and Russian. (I know the Russian language as well as I know English.) So, I was wondering about a third language to take at the college. I want to take a European language, but I cannot decide. Among my top choices are German, ...
February 24, 2011 by Rita

1. Dongdo and Seodo are 151 km away from each other. 2. Dongdo is 151 km away from Seodo. (Are both the same?) 3. This is far the best dictionary. 4. This is by far the best dictionary. 5. This is much the best dictionary. 6. This is the very best dictionary. 7. This is far ...
October 25, 2016 by rfvv

Foreign Language - Latin
This week we learned the phrase, amicus curiae, meaning friend of the court. A friend of the court is an expert who comes into the court and gives background information that the court may need for the case. The person is not involved in the case in any way. Pretend that you ...
December 9, 2010 by Kathy

foreign language
How do you use the appropriate forms of the adjectives simpatico, dificil, aleman, and guapo?
July 5, 2013 by sandra

The reporter is heading to the marketplace to cry the news about the selection result Use a dictionary definition to determine the best meaning of cry as it is use in this sentence? A. To call out for help B. To announce in public C. To shout D. A time of weeping Correct me
February 18, 2016 by Kaila

critical thinking
Which of the following is a false statement about a basic dictionary? A. A basic dictionary is organized in alphabetical order. B. Various types of words are included a basic dictionary. C. The pronunciation of words is provided in a basic dictionary. D. In a basic dictionary...
March 21, 2015 by Saddia

which ststement does NOT describe prescripitivists? A. Language should be recoreded,not judgement. B. Language use should follow strict rules. C. Language use should never change D. Language use should be judged and evaluated. .The answer i choose is c. .Am i correct?.
February 13, 2010 by brit brat

How are a dictionary and thesaurus similar? How are they different? Cite evidence from the sample entries on p. 120 to support your answer. How can use of a dictionary and thesaurus be complementary?
September 29, 2015 by Adri

what name comes from a greek word meaning strange If you don't put the right subject in the block, the foreign language experts will fail to see it. περίεργα ? It depends on the context. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here is the word from the ...
November 8, 2006 by davionne

Grammar and Composition
please check my answers: Write true if the statement is true, and false if the statement is false. 1. An Etymology is a type of dictionary. False 2. An unabridged dictionary is a condensed version. False 3. Etymologies appear in [ square brackets ]. True 4. The symbol < ...
October 14, 2009 by y912f

1. it is by far the best dictionary. 2. It is far and away the best dictionary. 3. it is far the best dictionary. 4. it is a lot the best dictionary (Which ones are correct? Do you have more expressions which can be used before the superlative degree?)
April 16, 2009 by John

i usually go to dictionary. c o m for words but isnt com USA? there is no dictionary . ca so that mean that pronounciation on dictionary site isnt canadain? i looking for canadian pronounciation.
December 29, 2011 by Mohammad

writing skills
You think using a dictionary is hard, _____________________________________ imagine ________ how difficult it was to compile the first dictionary of English. Which of the following is the best way to write the underlined portion of this sentence? If you think the original is ...
June 28, 2016 by piper

Which statement does NOT describe prescriptivists? A}Language should be recorded, not judged. B}Language use should follow strict rules C} Language use should never change D} Language use should be judged and evaluated. i choose B
February 1, 2010 by kerry

14. Concerning dictionaries and their proper use, which one of the following statements is most accurate? A. Formal usage of a word is considered colloquial. B. A dictionary's word entry offers a fixed, permanent meaning. C. A syllable is a unit of sound. [D. Foreign words are...
January 3, 2012 by jake

Pratical English
Concerning dictionaries and their proper use, which one of the following statements is most accurate? A. A dictionary's word entry offers a fixed, permanent meaning. B. A syllable is a unit of sound. C. Formal usage of a word is considered colloquial. D. Foreign words are not...
November 19, 2011 by Anonymous

college english
I have to find five errors in this paragraph and rewrite it correctly, please see my version after the original version below. Please let me know what you think, is it grammatically correct? Original paragraph: When your dictionary shows more than one spelling for a word, I ...
February 3, 2010 by Wendy

which statement does NOT describe prescriptivists? A} language should be rocorded, not judged. B} language use should follow strict rules. C} language use should never change. D} language use should be judged and evaluted. .The answer i choose is C.
February 8, 2010 by laura

Where can I find a site to translate German?
Where can I find a place to translate German? Search on google or here under foreign languages click german. Here is one translation website, but be careful -- machine translators are often inaccurate. http://babelfish.altavista.com/ =) Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework ...
December 18, 2006 by Kate

In which of the following situations would a taxpayer be better off to take the foreign taxes paid as an itemized deduction rather than as a foreign tax credit? A. The foreign tax paid was less than 10% of AGI B. The foreign tax paid was to a South American country C. The ...
April 2, 2012 by Andy

Foreign Languages
Does anyone have any tips for listening exams in a foreign language? My teacher only plays the tape once, and we have very little time to think the question through. Often times, the people on the tapes have different French accents than the ones I am accustomed to. Thanks for...
December 4, 2008 by Juliette

12th grade american governmet
Research Ronald Reagan especially with regards to their foreign policy and foreign involvement during their administration. Identify 3 aspects of their foreign policy or foreign events they involved the US with. for each of the events explain where on the spectrum you believe ...
December 30, 2009 by Dee

language arts
Where does a puffer fish live? encyclopedia,dictionary,atlas,globe
April 27, 2011 by esha

If you've been assigned to invite a group of mechanical engineering professors to tour your facility. what type of language should you use in the invitation? a) Direct, simple language b) Technical jargon c) Formal language d) Pompous language
July 11, 2009 by Anonymous

You've been assigned to invite a group of mechanical engineering professors to tour your facility. What type of language should you use in the invitation? A Formal language B Direct, simple language C Technical jargon D Pompous language
January 23, 2014 by mr scooter

Language Arts
In What ways is the use of descriptive language in the two poems similar? The poems are "The Road Not Taken", and "O Captain! My Captain!". A. Both use analogies to represent decisions the speakers make. B. Both use sorrowful images to communicate regret. C. Both use literal ...
February 11, 2015 by Calie

language arts
i cant find the definition of the word cautious. i tried that dictionary website and it didn't help. please help!
January 14, 2011 by Bri

I forgot to include theses last two sentences. Thank you. 1) The style of symbolist poets was characterized by the use of allusive language and development of the multiple association of words. 2) Furthermore, great importance was given to the sound of words as conveying the ...
June 6, 2011 by Henry1

what two methods can a less developed country use to finance its economic development? A.internal financing & debt rescheduling B.Interal financing & foreign investment C.Foreign investment & debt rescheduling D.Infrastructure & foreign banks
March 28, 2012 by MM

Foreign Language-Italian
I am an adult learner. I grew up speaking the second language of Italian. I want to take a proficiency exam in Italian. I don't read or write in the language. Is there a self teaching program that would teach me to speak, read and write? I am not looking for an online program...
September 22, 2009 by G

language arts
what is the verb form of solicitude and elusive. I searched every dictionary i could find and i found nothing.
November 4, 2007 by chris

Foreign Language
What is my name in spanish?
October 14, 2009 by Ashley

income tax
In which of the following situations would a taxpayer be better off to take the foreign taxes paid as an itemized deduction rather than as a foreign tax credit? A. The foreign tax paid was less than 10% of AGI B. The foreign tax paid was to a South American country C. The ...
April 4, 2012 by Andy

foreign language
how do you say head in spanish
March 11, 2012 by Xzavier

what is the need for learning foreign language?
April 30, 2016 by ankur

I am trying to see if I should use raised or reared when speaking of a child. According to the usage note in Random House Dictionary and the American Heritage Dictionary, either raise or rear is correct in standard American English. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/raise...
July 24, 2007 by MARCIA

Language Arts
which resource would be most helpful in finding a synonym for sentimental? a thesaurus** a dictionary an article an anthology Am I right??
November 18, 2015 by Sallvia

foreign language
can i learn two languages at once?
August 12, 2009 by bobbie

Foreign Language
What does " aqui estan" mean I'm Spanish?
April 30, 2012 by Syd

foreign language
Mean of tuteuaewr ibeifslh
February 23, 2014 by vandana

politcal science
In Washington's Farewell Address, what type of policy did he advocate when dealing with foreign countries? Question 6 options: Complete isolation for all foreign countries Extensive treaties with other countries Expansion of US power over foreign countries Neutrality in ...
March 20, 2016 by Gary

Can you give me a good topic for 30 minute discussion in German language? I just want to warn you that the class is pretty lazy, unmotivated, always sleepy and uninterested. They are 18 and 19 years old and are learning German for 9 years as a foreign language, but their level...
January 26, 2012 by Mark

1). What is a "cognate"? 2). Why is learning cognates the most efficient and rapid way to learn to read, speak, increase vocabularly and get high marks on tests in a foreign language? Bonus question: What is the relationship between "cognates" and "etymology"? Definition of ...
June 23, 2012 by Francis

1. Our teacher, Henry Evans, complies this dictionary. 2. Our teacher, Henry Evans complies this dictionary. 3. Our teacher Henry Evans complies this dictionary. (Are they all grammatical? Would you check the use of 'comma'?
September 22, 2011 by rfvv

for David, French
Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. I have been unable to read your question because of "error, Gateway timed out" BUT since I know you are requesting a translation site to do long sentences correctly, let me post what I wrote yesterday for the same type of ...
December 19, 2006 by SraJMcGin

Foreign language
how do pronounce'I love my hair style' in punjabi?
August 30, 2011 by shkhan

foreign language
rubrics for descriptive essay my dream vacation
September 5, 2014 by Kras

2. Which of the following represents a negative aspect of language and culture? A. Vast vocabularies describe new experiences, ideas, and feelings. B. Language reflects where a culture has been. C. People who have experienced the loss of language under pressure from colonizers...
February 2, 2016 by Anonymous

English Question
If I post a definition from a dictionary and say which dictionary it is from, would that be plagiarizing?
March 5, 2014 by Anonymous

I do not have a dictionary at home... could you tell me what page biography is on in the dictionary?
May 3, 2009 by payden hendon

Foreign Language
What are some french speaking countries, besides france?
February 9, 2009 by Angie

foreign language
5 ways in which the human or environmental problem impacts on the community
May 16, 2011 by Anonymous

Foreign languages
How do you write in the Fiji language? Hello dear, how was your day?
October 13, 2012 by Sharon

math 4th Grade
a dictionary and a calculator cost $80. If the calculator cost $20 more than the dictionary, find the cost of the dictionary.
January 29, 2013 by marsha

This is homework for communications class, and I'm not sure what the hell I need to do. I need to get a good grade, because I'm not doing to well. Please help. Here is what to do. Using I language Practice using I language. Use it at work, school, home with your family, any ...
April 11, 2010 by marie

What is: The right of the Supreme Court to rule on acts of other branches of the government? http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=judicial+review judicial review
April 26, 2007 by Mack

foreign language
i want to speak spanish, french were do i start to learn those languages
October 7, 2013 by cayla

Foreign language
What is the translation of "boots and cats are two cool words" in french?
January 21, 2014 by Nicole Faith

In what ways is the use of descriptive language in the two poems similar?(oh captain my captain and the road not taken) A.Both use analogies to represent decisions the speakers made. B.Both use sorrowful images to communicate regret. C.Both use literal descriptions as symbols ...
March 4, 2015 by U.D.

Help! which one?! 8. All of the following are types of foreign direct investment (FDI) except _____. a foreign company merges with an existing firm in a less developed country (LDC) a foreign company takes over a firm in an LDC a foreign company enters into a partnership with ...
May 29, 2014 by Lana

Each of the following language is the complement of a simpler language. In each part, construct a DFA for the simpler language, then use it to give the state diagram of a DFA for the language given. In all parts  sigma={a,b} g. {w|w is any string that doesn't contain exactly ...
September 26, 2011 by Antoine

Posted by rfvv on Thursday, May 12, 2016 at 9:39am. One of the don'ts is as follows. 1. Don't say bad words. 1-1. Don't use bad words. 2. Don't use bad language. 2-2. Don't say bad language. 3. Don't swear. 4. ___________ ------------------- Are they all grammatical? Do you ...
May 13, 2016 by rfvv

social studies
What does methodology mean. http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=methodology
October 12, 2006 by Dillion

Sam had foreign stamps and local stamps. After giving 1/4 of his foreign stamps and 11 local stamps, he had an equal number of foreign and local stamps. How many local stamps did he have in the beginning? I got 32 for the answer by guessing and checking but what equation would...
April 27, 2016 by Aly

Foreign language websites
I'm trying to compile a list of online foreign language dictionaries for one of my education classes. If you know of any free, reliable sites, please post them as a response. Thanks, Amy :) I searched Google under the key words "foreign language dictionary" to get these ...
October 26, 2006 by Amy

write each pronoun and identify its antecedent if it has one. what is the best way to get good seats for a concert? Check this dictionary definition to find the pronoun. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/what
August 15, 2007 by courtney

What does the italicized n stand for in a dictionary entry
September 24, 2008 by jose

foreign language
could you help me to translate this? It (the painting) sends the message that there is a deeper personality behind everyone than on the surface.
November 29, 2009 by Cody

multiply 138* 29/46*7/9 give answer as a whole ormixed number????? this is a foreign language to me please help!!!
October 3, 2011 by sasha

college admission
What are the foreign language requirements and how to get credit for them before attending for The Ohio State University?
November 6, 2012 by SoccerStar

Foreign Language Translation French
Le garcon n'a pas de stylo- does this mean "the boy does not have a pen?"
June 5, 2013 by Anonymous

I urgently need you to revise the following sentences I have to include in an email. 1) Thank you for answering my last email and letting me know you are going to find another theme for our Comenius project with your French partner. 2) As I'm holding a meeting with my ...
November 14, 2011 by Henry2

Bella spent 4/7 of her money on a dictionary and 3 identical books. She spent 1/6 of the remainder on a journal that cost $7. How much did she spend on the dictionary and 3 books? If 3/8 of the cost of the dictionary was the same as 1/2 of the total cost of 3 books, how much ...
January 15, 2015 by R

When you need to find a more precise word to express your meaning, the best place to check would be a: A. pocket dictionary. B. reference manual. C. thesaurus. D. dictionary of antonyms. C
April 7, 2014 by Angela

Karen collects local and foreign coins. of the coins in her collection, 1/4 are foreign coins. Of the foreign coins,2/5 are from mexico What fraction of the collections are foreign coins that are not from mexico?
January 12, 2015 by allie

Foreign language
What is the spaninsh translation of "I ned a car and i need it fast because my aunt's sister's baby is about to be born!"
January 21, 2014 by Nicole Faith

Business Law
Which of the following is provided under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act? A. rules for conflict resolution among DR-CAFTA members B. endowment of the president with powers to enter into treaties with foreign nations C. guidelines to govern suits against foreign nations ...
October 10, 2016 by Angela

Here is my last paragraph for you to check. I left out the most important part, which we need to vary, bearing in mind that English must be the lingua franca. Do you think we should include "helping the pupils overcome their inhibitions" among the linguistic objectives? I will...
February 8, 2012 by Henry2

Business Law-- HELP
Which of the following is provided under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act? A. rules for conflict resolution among DR-CAFTA members B. endowment of the president with powers to enter into treaties with foreign nations C. guidelines to govern suits against foreign nations ...
October 10, 2016 by Angela

Foreign Languages
Figue out my language! Clues- 1.We speak this language in Belguim 2.Belguim is in Europe 3.in my language yes is yah (yaah) 4.It starts with a flem 5.It ends with a ish Now try to figure out my language flemish correct but you spelled it wrong Thank you for using the Jiskha ...
April 18, 2007 by Hot stuff

foreign language
Idenitiy the Phrase used in the following sentence. Staci decided to visit her aunt and uncle during the summer
October 11, 2012 by Anonymous

How does language allow self-reflection, organize perceptions, and allow hypothetical thought? Explain the connection between language and perception. Use a specific example to illustrate this connection.
February 15, 2012 by shanty

Social Studies
Question: Why do some people object to foreign ownership of the us business and real estate? My Answer: Many people argue against foreign ownership because they worry about foreign control.
June 26, 2012 by Kathy

What does denotation mean? The sound of a word when you read it The tone of a word in writing The dictionary meaning of a word The set of ideas associated with a word Correct me
April 18, 2016 by Hey

"All the great scientists have gone to college. Some of the great athletes have gone to college. Therefore, some great scientists are great athletes." This is an invalid argument. True? Bias can be recognized through___? a.use of poetic language b. dictionary definition c. ...
August 6, 2011 by Melisa

early childhood
The use of _______ characterizes the teacher's method of initiating and directing children's verbal responses in a format that can confuse children from non-mainstream cultures. A language modeling B. evencasts c. school language d. language conventions i choose a really not ...
July 22, 2011 by red

any ideas on how to tesch young learners alphabet and prepositions?(they are foreign language learners)
March 28, 2009 by mir

What types of figurative language did MLK jr. use in 'Letter to Birmingham Jail'?
January 20, 2014 by Anonymous

I have to underline the dependent clause and tell whether it is an adjective, adverb, or noun. Can you help me with the following. If you sit down with a novel and a dictionary, you can refer to the dictionary often. Still what morph means remains the critical question.
December 10, 2012 by Emily

Language Arts
I don't know why authors use figurative language. Can you please help? Thank you! :)
October 8, 2007 by Sonic

foreign language(SPANISH)
i need help to unscramble these spanish words!!! srate,qeroiu,vosa,risvait,rpracmo
November 21, 2010 by Rudi

This may sound slightly weird but is there a difference in prounciation between these two words: Droite - left Doigts - Fingers I have a dialogue due and I don't want to pronounce anything wrong. - Lorena Ehrstrop I believe there's a small difference because droite has an r ...
August 19, 2007 by Lorena

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