March 29, 2017

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Are footnotes usually a smaller font size than the rest of a paper? My paper itself is in a 12 point font size. Should the footnotes be of a smaller point size?
December 7, 2008 by Anonymous

Hello. I can't express how grateful I am to Writeacher for the help. Thank you! I have one more technical question. Is it necessary to translate the names of authors and their works in footnotes/references if I refer to them in an article to be published in an English journal...
December 8, 2013 by Nalmi

MLA english question
My professor said "2) Be sure to footnote your writing when necessary. Of course you do not have to footnote general information, and the difference is not always to see! If you're in doubt, footnote a whole paragraph, or even one sentence. By the way, you may use endnotes OR ...
February 8, 2010 by Claire

What is the proper footnote format for an internet source? I don't know many places that require footnotes any more. The usual format is to use in-text parenthetical citations along with a Works Cited page (was called a bibliography). Hold ...
January 15, 2007 by Anonymous

which of the following is considered plagiarism A. adding footnotes B.presenting your own opinion C.including a works cited page D.directly quoting without providing the source
March 22, 2017 by Anonymous

Physical Education
Which of the following is not true concerning footnotes The footnote can be shorter on a smaller package The footnote appears at the top of the nutritional label The footnote is a required section of the nutritional label The footnote does not change from product to product
December 20, 2015 by Oscar

As a college student, you probably receive many credit card offers in the mail. Consider these two offers. The first card charges a 17 percent APR. An examination of the footnotes reveals that this card compounds monthly. The second credit card charges 16.25 percent APR and ...
October 13, 2014 by Dashawn

INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS PROJECT 1. Describe a business “case” – from mass media, Internet, or real life identify a business that does or doesn’t protect the environment. Indicate the source of your research. (two pages) 2. Presuming you have your own business, what ...
April 26, 2010 by caci

Lang, Arts
1.Which of the following would always require a citation in a research paper? A.Thesis statement anecdotal experience C.a quotation D.a humorous statement I think it is C...? 2. Which of the following shows the correct parenthetical citation for information from page 57 ...
March 20, 2013 by cassie

1. MLA formatting requires which of the following? A. double spacing throughout, including the Works Cited page B. half-inch margins C. a title page D. paragraphs indented one inch 2. In MLA, parenthetical references _______. A. are optional and may be interchanged with ...
May 1, 2015 by Jay

1. What's the fastest way to find out how many individual letters are quoted in the article? A: Count the number of photos in the article. B: Read the article. C: Count the heads and subtract the first head. D: Count the number of footnotes. 2. Where should you insert a colon ...
April 29, 2013 by Gabby

i am doing a works cited for my essay and one of my articles was from wikipedia online. what do i do if i can't find an author? At the bottom of the Wikipedia page is likely a set of Footnotes or a small bibliography, you may want to search amongst those accredited websites to...
February 15, 2007 by anonymous

English - Chaucer
Can anyone out there help me with the story of Troilus and Criseyde? I have to answer some questions but I honestly am having a hard time understanding the Middle English Translation. This is a modernized English ...
July 30, 2007 by Elda

Can someone please check my answers which of the following would always require a citation in a research paper? thesis statenment an anecdotal experience a quotation (answer) a humorous statement Which of the following shows the correct parenthetical citation for information ...
April 1, 2012 by kevin

1. Describe the roles and responsibilities of management and independent auditors in the financial reporting process 2. Define the following three users of financial accounting disclosures and the relationships among them: a) Financial analysts b) Private investors c) ...
October 31, 2011 by Ariana

Pratical English
1. Which one of the following sentences contains an error in its verb? A. Both Clara and Nathan is planning to attend. B. Neither bananas nor squash was for sale. C. Either footnotes or endnotes are acceptable. D. Not only the players but also coach Jarvis was late for ...
November 19, 2011 by Anonymous

(Drug Benefits and Post Retirement Liabilities) Delphi Company reduced its other post reitrement benefits by approx 500 million because of a change in the law. The federal government will not reimburse companies for prescription drug benefits that it provides to its employees ...
March 9, 2010 by Moore

Can you please check my answers? Any questions involing italicized words just skip. 1. Choose the sentence in which the verb has a direct object. A. They won the game. B. She is insecure. C. I walked away. D. George was furious. 2. Which one of the following is a correct ...
October 17, 2012 by Mckayla

Practical English
This is my second time taking this exam this is the last one so I can graduate here is what I think the answers are. If you see any mistakes please help. 1. Choose the sentence in which the verb is a linking verb. A. He works at a gas station. B. His boss pays him well. (C.) ...
October 7, 2013 by Silver

Accounting-- any comments please
If someone can at least write up one comment for one of the posts based on what the teacher wants so I can use that as an example to write the other and for future posts, that would be greatly appreciated. I tend to only earn Bs because of my lack of informative comments to ...
August 7, 2006 by Anonymous

General Study
1. Write one additional audit question for each of the categories (board, staff, donors, and fund raisers, clients/customers, volunteers, and society) listed in the sample audit in the Appendix B of the text. 2. Explain why each question you wrote is important to assessing an ...
November 23, 2008 by Loey

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