March 27, 2015

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urgent!!!words questions
I have alot of questions here but you don't have to answer them all but please help me!They are due on 24/6/05. The male of mare? The citizens of Paris,Netherlands,New Zealand or Malta? The collection name for cattle,wolves,lions,elephants or whales? What animal make a sound ...
June 22, 2005 by Sandy

physics (thxs again)
Thank you for the help :) A certain sample carries a current of 4A when the potential difference is 2V and a current of 10A when the potential difference is 4V. This samples is: a) obeys ohm's law b) has a resistance of 0.5 ohms at 1V c) has a resistance of 2.5 ohms at 1V d) ...
March 14, 2007 by susan

Can someone please answer one of these question so I would be able to know how to do the others? 1. What volume of 0.275 M KOH (aq) must be added to 75.0 mL of 0.137 M H3AsO4 (aq) to reach (a) the first stoichiometric pony; (b) the second stoichiometric point 2. What volume of...
March 22, 2015 by Anonymous

What is the pH ( 3 significant digits) of a 0.01 M solution of sulfuric acid? Hint is that the first ionization constant is "large", and the second is finite, and the [H+] donated by the second equilibrium depends upon the amount of [H+] already donated by the first ionization...
March 26, 2008 by lyne

Determine whether the integral is divergent or convergent. If it is convergent, evaluate it and enter that value as your answer. If it diverges to infinity, state your answer as "INF" (without the quotation marks). If it diverges to negative infinity, state your answer as "...
October 22, 2010 by Hannah

Science 7R
15. Which type of reproduction leads to daugther cells that are identical to the parent cell? Cloning? My Answer: Asexual Reporduction 16. Is this process called mitosis or meiosis? My Answer (that I think): Mitosis 17. Which type leads to a mix of genetic information in the ...
January 18, 2012 by Laruen

Ok so I have a right triangle with the hypothenuse = to 5, one side =3 and the other =4 and X is the angle between the hypothenuse and the side that =3. I'm supposed to find the sin, cos, tan, cot, sec, csc of X. I can't seem to get the answer for the sec and csc. If sin(x)=4/...
September 14, 2008 by Natash

use the function G(x)=x^3-8x +1 b) identify and verify the y intercept of G c) estimate the zeros of G to the nearest tenth d) estimate the coordinates of the relative extrema of G to the nearest hundredth e)in what intervals is G positive? Negative? f) in what intervals is G ...
November 12, 2008 by jerson

For the transfer function Tv(s)=[10(s+5)(s+20)]/[(s+1)(s+100)] is this a low-pass, high-pass, bandpass or bandstop function? estimate the corner frequency(ies) estimate the passband gain what is the output if v1(t)=10cos(1000t+45deg) V??
April 20, 2009 by alice

An athlete at the gym holds a 4.33 kg steel ball in his hand. His arm is 68.7 cm long and has a mass of 4.69 kg. What is the magnitude of the torque about his shoulder if he holds his arm straight out to his side, parallel to the floor? I got an answer of 45 N*m (which is ...
October 15, 2008 by Adam

Could someone help/verify these answers~ Thanky you! 1.What is the range of the reciprocal function of f(x)=10-x^2? a) {YER|y≥1/10} b) {YER|y≥10} c) {YER|1/10≤y<0} d) YER|y<0 or y≥1/10} Answer: D? ---------------------------------------- 2. It ...
January 10, 2012 by Jake

A curve of radius 40 m is banked so that a 1070 kg car traveling at 60 km/h can round it even if the road is so icy that the coefficient of static friction is approximately zero. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s a)Find the minimum speed at which a car can travel ...
March 2, 2011 by Johnnie

I need to write speaker notes for a presentation. Does this mean bullets? I know that they can be short or long, but my instructions say to write speaker notes and I am confused about the exact definition of speaker notes? Is there an exact definition?
May 10, 2008 by Sara

math check
1.find the area heigh 5ft width 8 ft A=H x W A= 5ft x 8Ft A= 40ft^2 2.The circular surface of a table has a diameter of 4 ft. What it will cost to have the top refinished if the company charges $5.00 per square foot for the refinishing ? Use 3.14 for pi and round your answer ...
January 6, 2007 by tammy

Using the numbers 1 through 9 with no repeats, find a 9 number such that: the first digit is divisible by 1, the first two digits are divisible by 2, the first 3 digits are divisible by 3, and so on until we get to a 9 digit number divisible by 9. You might try, for example, ...
October 25, 2012 by maddi 5

is this correct? 6k-9=15 k=4 I just want to know if i did it right yes you are correct You didn't show your work so I don't know if you did it right or not. Your answer is correct. i did 9=15 which equal 24 and i divided that by 6 which =4 so k must equal 4..........did i do ...
November 7, 2006 by hilary

1. 3cot^2 (x) - 1 = 0 My answer: pi/3, 2pi/3, 4pi/3, 5pi/3 2. 4cos^2 (x) - 1 = 0 My answer: pi/3, 2pi/3, 5pi/3, 4pi/3 3. 2sin (x) + csc (x) = 0 My answer: unknown lol i got to the part: sin^2 (x) = -1/2 4. 4sin^3 (x) + 2sin^2 (x) - 2sin^2 (x) = 1
May 9, 2008 by Wanda

Pre Calculus
As x increases from p/4 to 3p/2, the value of sin(x) : A.increases throughout the interval B.decreases at first, then increases C.increases at first, then decreases D.decreases throughout the interval E.none of the above please explain why the answer is as it is, I dont ...
September 11, 2010 by Jack

algebra 1
What is the third term of a recursive sequence that follows the pattern x - 7 and has a first term x = 100? May somebody explain the answer and how they got it? Thank you so much
January 16, 2010 by rachel

Which West African kingdom was the first to benefit from the gold and salt trade? Ghana Songhai Mali Morocco My answer is Ghana.
October 25, 2012 by S

The story of the men who first climbed to the top of Mount Everest is a(n) (facet / epic) of human courage and strength. answer: facet
September 3, 2013 by cici

461,592 x 308 _________ 3592736 + 13947760 ___________ 142,070,336 What is the first number that is incorrect in the work above? Please answer and explain.
January 29, 2013 by Anonymous

I don't think my first response went reposting! Thank You Ms. Sue, for the answer to cubic inches (11/16/14). It also made me realize that I skipped the step of multiplying the dimensions by each other.
November 18, 2014 by Matt

Short answer question #23. Briefly explain the four stages of making an expendable mold casting. My answer: There are four stages in making an expendable mold casting. The first is making the pattern. In the second step, the pattern is surrounded with sand or plaster. During ...
January 28, 2010 by y912f

Short answer question #23. Briefly explain the four stages of making an expendable mold casting. My answer: There are four stages in making an expendable mold casting. The first is making the pattern. In the second step, the pattern is surrounded with sand or plaster. During ...
January 30, 2010 by y912f

Indicate whether the market price of a product will most likely go up or down in the following situations and why: a) There is a drought in the Midwest (bushel of wheat) My answer: Go up, becuase the supply is limited b)Strawberries are in season with a bumber crop My answer: ...
March 16, 2009 by Bryan

inequity question
Can someone show me how to solve the inequality below? -5(x + 4) > 3(x - 4) To solve, treat it as you would an equation. First, multiply each side out, then get the numerical terms on one side and the x terms on the other. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.
May 29, 2007 by Christian

Math - Please Check My Answer - Probably Last One!
Please help me with the following: The volume of a cylinder is found using the formula V=πr^2h,where r is the radius of the base and h is the height. The volume of a rectangular prism of the same width (2r) and height h, as the cylinder, is found by multiplying the area ...
October 2, 2014 by Brady

Please check my work. Thank YOU! 1. Journals differ from magazines in that they’re A. Printed with volume numbers. B. Published only periodically. C. Available by subscription. D. Sources of academic research not intend for the general publish. ANSWER #1 is D 2. The Atlas of ...
August 23, 2011 by Jen

Algebra II
3. To estimate animal populations, biologists count the total number of animals in a small section of a habitat. The total population of animals is directly proportional to the size of the habitat (in acres) polled. a. Write an equation using only one variable that could be ...
November 19, 2010 by Anonymous

Business Maths
Molly Ellen, bookkeeper for Keystone Company, forgot to send in the payroll taxes due on April 20. She sent the payment November 12. The IRS sent her a penalty charge of 10% simple interest on the unpaid taxes of $4,600. Calculate the penalty. (Remember that the government ...
April 23, 2012 by Ekanki

An electron passes location <0.02m, 0.04m,−0.06m>, and 4 μs later is de- tected at location <0.02 m, 1.84 m,−0.86 m>. Find the average velocity of the elecron: ¯v = <vx, vy, vz> If the electron continues to travel at this av- erage velocity, ...
January 19, 2014 by NADIA

Mass of tablet: 1.4930g Volume of HCL added: 100ml Find the milimoles of HCL added I have many questions similar to this, could someone explain how to do I just find the # of moles regularly and multiply by 1000? any help would be much appreciated
October 16, 2007 by Alexa

algebra 2
Hi i posted this question: the general expression for consecutive multiples of 6 is 6N, 6(N + 1), 6(N +2), etc. find three consecutive multiples of 6 such that 4 times the first exceeds twice the third by 12. and than Bobpursley replied: Let N be the first, so n+1 is next, etc...
July 18, 2007 by lana

A particle moves along a horizontal line so that at any time t its position is given by x(t)=cost-t. Time is measured in seconds and x is measured in meters. a.) Find the velocity as a function t. Use your answer to determine the velocity of the particle when t=pi/6 seconds. ...
October 14, 2012 by Rudy

Find the exact length of the curve analytically by antidifferentiation. You will need to simplify the integrand algebraically before finding an antiderivative. 1. y = (1/3)(x^2 + 2)^(3/2), from x = 0 to x = 3 and 2. x = (y^3)/3 + 1/(4y), from y = 1 to y = 3 [HINT: 1 + (dx/dy)^...
February 4, 2008 by todi

pre calculus
Having a bit of a problem with this for the given functions f, g and h. find f*g*h and state the exact domain of f*g*h Please show all your work f(x) = inx g(x) = x -169 h(x) = 9x^2
December 21, 2011 by Amy

two drums contain 600lts. and 800 lts. of water . find the size of the largest vessel that can be filled an exact number of times from each drum.
August 19, 2012 by sumit

Find all solutions of cos (x) + 1/2 sec (x) = -3/2 in the interval (2pi, 4pi) (Leave your answers in exact form and enter them as a comma-separated list.)
July 31, 2013 by Holly

Find all solutions of 4(sin(x)**2)-8cos (x) -8 = 0 in the interval (2pi, 4pi). (Leave your answers in exact form and enter them as a comma-separated list.)
July 31, 2013 by Holly

Suppose that è is an angle in standard position whose terminal side intersects the unit circle at ((-15/13),(12/13)). Find the exact values of cscè, tanè, and sinè.
April 17, 2014 by Nick

Could You Please Check These Thanks. Directions: Choose the correct word that completes the sentence. 1. Une pomme et une poire sont des ------------. A. fraises B. légumes C. fruits. Answer: C 2. C'est ------ un kilo de carottes? A. Comment B. Combien C. Un marchand Answer: B...
April 6, 2009 by Carrie

spanish sra JMcGuin
Look at the following items and write a sentence telling how much they cost. 1. disco compacto $15.00 answer: el disco compacto cuestan quiense dolares 2. camisa $20.00 answer: la camisa cuestan vente dolares 3. pantalones $20.00 answer: Los pantalones cuestan vente dolares 4...
November 7, 2007 by sam

(4-y^2)/(y-2) = y/2 (4-y^2)/(y-2) = y/2 4 - y^2 = (y*(y-2))/2 4 - y^2 = (y^2-2y)/2 8 - 2y^2 = y^2 - 2y 3y^2 - 2y - 8 = 0 (keep the above equation in mind) quadratic formula: (-b +/- sqrt(b^2 - 4ac))/2a now solve by plugging in the appropriate numbers and choose (normally) the ...
October 30, 2006 by math

Links to find the answer to this? Help?: Discuss the structure used by the King. How does he choose o put his letter together and how does this lead to a better understand of the ussues he has and the solution he is proposing. Cite at lesat three eamples from the tesxt and ...
October 30, 2012 by Martin Luther King Junior

At low speeds (especially in liquids rather than gases), the drag force is proportional to the speed rather than it's square, i.e., F⃗ = −C1rv⃗ , where C1 is a constant. At time t = 0, a small ball of mass m is projected into a liquid so that it initially has...
October 14, 2013 by Anonymous

At low speeds (especially in liquids rather than gases), the drag force is proportional to the speed rather than it's square, i.e., F⃗ = −C1rv⃗ , where C1 is a constant. At time t = 0, a small ball of mass m is projected into a liquid so that it initially has...
October 14, 2013 by Anonymous

Calculus again
Find the equation of the tangent to y=2-xe^x at the point where x=0 So I found the first derivative by doing the sum rule and product rule. I got e^(x)(x-1) Then I found the slope by substituting 0 for x and got -1. Then I found y by substituting 0 into the original equation ...
June 5, 2008 by Sam

From past experience it is felt that the random variable, X, the age of a mother at the birth of her first child, is normally distributed with a mean of 21.3 and a variance of 16. Find the probability that a randomly selected mother: (a) has her first child before age 16 (b) ...
January 26, 2011 by Tian

1. (5yd 2ft) + (7yd 1ft) = ? 2. (6mi 10ft 4in) - (4mi 8ft 8in) = ? 3. 5(2yd 10in) = ? 4. What is the square root of 36/49? My Guesses: 1. 13yd 2. 10mi 18ft 12in 3 and 4. I have no idea. 3. 10yd 25 inches It gives 4 choices but 10yd 25in is not 1 of them... These are the ...
June 29, 2007 by Chris

stats help please
Suppose that one of every 100 people ina certain community is infected with HIV. You want to identify an HIV-positive person ina study of an experimental new drug. How many individuals would you expect to have to interview in order to find the first person who is HIV-positive...
January 23, 2007 by david

biology can someone check
Decide if each of the following statements is true.If it is not rewrite the parentheses part to make it true. 1) Scientific methods include observation,(forming a hypothesis, and experiment). ans: false ;answer questions; solve problems 2)A statement that can be tested and ...
December 28, 2010 by joy

6th grade science - CHECK MY ANSWER
The size of an organism is most likely determined by...? Answer choices: 1. its genes but not its environment 2. its environment but not its genes 3. its genes and its environment 4. neither its genes nor its environment MY ANSWER: 3. its genes and its environment
February 20, 2014 by Elina

1. The ratio of the number of dimes to the number of pennies in a purse is 3 to 4. If 3 pennies are taken out of the purse, the number of dimes and the number of pennies in the purse will be equal. How many dimes are in the purse? (Answer key says 9- and if I multiply the ...
February 9, 2015 by Wendy

AP Physics
A ball is thrown horizontally from the top of a building 51 m high. The ball strikes the ground at a point 120 m from the base of the building. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 Find the x component of its velocity just before it strikes the ground. Answer in units of m...
September 11, 2012 by Noah

A force of 323 newtons makes an angle of 54 degrees and 20 minutes with a second force. The resultant of the two forces makes an angle of 39 degrees forty minutes with the first force. Find the magnitude of the second force. I have the answer, 814.3022, but I need to know how ...
October 19, 2010 by Brittany

Hi i have two questions: what is the exact value of cos 5(pie)/12? what is the exact value of cos2(pie)/9 cos(pie)/18 + sin2(pie)/9 sin(pie)/18? thank you
May 8, 2013 by Maria

Could you please check these thanks. Directions: Rewrite the sentecnes in the passé composé. Part I 1. Je vais à l'école. Answer: Je suis allée à l'école. 2. J'arrive à huit heures. Answer: Je suis allée à huit heures. 3. J'arrive avec mes copains. Answer: Je suis allée avec ...
October 27, 2009 by Maria

pig skin
NEED ANSWER TO WEEK 11. RIGHT NOW. IT IS DUE TOMORROW!!!! =( HELP!! If you tell us the question and the answer you've worked out, we'll be glad to help you.
November 15, 2006 by ME TOO!!! Week 11!!

Pre-calculus-check answer please
Write the standard form of the equation of the circle that is tangent to the line x=3 and has center at (-2,-7). Answer: (x+2)^2+(y+7)^2=49 Is this correct?
October 13, 2008 by Lucy

I've worked these problems but I was just wondering if someone could check over them to see if they're correct...if not please help! (u-2)(u+7) my answer: 7u^2-49u (5t-4)^2 my answer: 25t^2-40+16 Thank you :)
February 16, 2009 by krystal

PLEASE HELP Could someone check my answer? I need to figure out the equation of the circle given the center of (-9,0) and radius of 7. (x-(-9))^2 + (y-0)^2 = 7^2 answer(x+9)^2 + y^2 = 49 is this correct?
September 20, 2009 by sam

Me and my mom are having an agrument about how to solve this problem. 27 / (5+4) * 19= she says the answer is 57 and I say the answer is 6 with a remainder of 9..can you please tell me who is right. Thank you.
October 21, 2009 by Lizzy

I've to solve the following absolute value equation: |x - 3| - 4 = 0. I found one of the answers which is 7 i.e. |x - 3| - 4 = 0 x - 7 = 0 x = 7 However, my textbook also includes -1 as the answer. How did they get this answer?
January 30, 2010 by bindiya farswani

I am bouncing this questions for an hour now and still have not come up with answer I believe in. Can you solve for a variable in an equation? Explain the answer Can you help?
August 2, 2010 by Shaira

assuming that you wish to have $19000 in 7 years and that the account earns 6% compounded continuously. Round your answer to the nearest cent. Answer:
December 1, 2010 by Brooke

Evaluate: integral x^3/[sqrt*(x^2+100)]dx can someone tell me what they get as a final answer..I've been going at this for hours and don't get the answer in the back of the textbook
January 18, 2011 by Jon

Evaluate: integral x^3/[sqrt*(x^2+100)]dx can someone tell me what they get as a final answer..I've been going at this for hours and don't get the answer in the back of the textbook
January 18, 2011 by Jon

Evaliuate the differnce quotient f(x+h)-f(x)/ h for f(x) = X^2 + 2x - 2 currently i have done (x+h)^2 + 2(x+h)-2 - x^2-2x - 2 / h the answer is 2x+h+2 but each time i try to work on the problem i dont get this answer... thanks in advance
February 1, 2011 by K.C

can i get the full answer to : determine your distance traveled and displacement if you walk 100 m forward and then 35 m back ? answer son as possible please and thank you !!
February 22, 2011 by destiny

Expand the brackets in the following expression (5y-3)^2 My answer is 5y^2-3^2 The answer i worked out seems to simple but is it correct? If not can someone tell me what i need to do. thanks
March 8, 2011 by susan

Pre-Algebra Check
1. Round your answer to the nearest tenth, if necessary. 22 miles/hour = ______ feet/second a. 0 b. 15 c. 1.5 d. 32.3 Answer: C? Thank you in advance!
April 21, 2011 by Cheryl

What is the gradient of a line that has an angle of inclination of 75°? Enter the answer, rounded to 4 significant figures in the box below. the answer should be a number. ???
May 8, 2011 by elizabeth

How many grams of MgO are produced when 40.0grams of 02 react with Mg? 2mg+O2--->2mgO Could you please set the problem up? I think the answer is 101, but I do not know how to get that answer. Thank you
October 1, 2011 by Connie

Social Studies 7R - Qs. Check
What is Preamble? I know the pre part is before but what about amble? My Answer: Intro of the Declaration of Independence. Is my answer is correct.
January 31, 2012 by Laruen

Chemistry(Please check answer)
The solubility product expression for mercury(I) iodide, Hg2I2 is Ksp = ? My answer is [Hg2^2+^][2I^-^]^2^ Would you agree?
April 8, 2012 by Hannah

Algebra II
Solve 4^(x+2)= 160 How would I round this answer to the nearest hundredth? My answer was 200, I don't believe I worked the problem out correctly.
June 12, 2012 by Greg B.

aig math (please answer Ms.Sue)
other than the digit 3, what is a number that could belong in the box? 1'3=1___ "1'3" is in exponents my answer is 1 am i right if not tell me why
August 6, 2012 by lidia

A multiple-choice test has four possible answers for each question. If a student guesses at the answer, what is the probability that he or she selects the correct answer
November 1, 2012 by Pamela Straw

english 3
One of the key questions historical criticism attempts to answer is: Who made the most important scientific discoveries of the time? Answer
December 4, 2013 by jasmine

5. Solve the proportion using cross product 18/20 = k/110 A. 99 (my answer) B. 122 C. 33 D. 2.9 (my answer) The reason why I picked 2 of them were because I'm stuck between the two
March 12, 2014 by Easy Math problem

I need help solving for x here (I dont get the right answer, which is supposed to be x=0.137) 3.88 = 3.74 + log (x/0.1) Please explain how you would get that answer Thank you
July 8, 2014 by Ann

HI I'm just looking for an answer for 3 questions as my textbook does not explain the answer. How a tin can loses heat through: 1) Conduction 2) Convection 3) Radiation
September 30, 2014 by Jamie

A 5.0 kg model vehicle travelling at 14 m/s experiences a rocket boost of 85 N ( in the direction of motion) for 20 s What is the resulting speed? The answer is 350 but i dont know how to get to that answer
November 6, 2014 by Danny

Hi! So I did this world problem and I got the answer "4194 units" (which is right) however, it says to round my answer to the nearest whole unit. How do I do that? Thanks!
November 14, 2014 by Tamia

hello! i just needed help to verify or falsify my answer and any explanation as to why would be extremely helpful! thanks ahead of time. y=(x^2)-6x+10 a. at x=3 b. at x=0 c. at x=1 d. at x=-3 my answer was D. thanks again!
November 24, 2014 by kailey

hello! i just needed help to verify or falsify my answer and any explanation as to why would be extremely helpful! thanks ahead of time. y=(x^2)-6x+10 a. at x=3 b. at x=0 c. at x=1 d. at x=-3 my answer was D. thanks again!
November 24, 2014 by kailey

vocabulary help
When the realtor realized that there was a large dent in the floor, he tried to __________ cover it before the potential buyers noticed it. flagrantly ostensibly (my answer) surreptitiously latently Choose the word that best completes the sentence. After traffic made them late...
October 15, 2014 by Sara

Physical Science
I needed help on these 3 questions that I don't quite understand. Can someone please explain to me how to solve the answer? Use this scenario to answer questions 1-3: A car crashes in a tree at a velocity -26.6 m/s. The passenger in the car is wearing a seat belt and is ...
March 28, 2009 by mysterychicken

A curve of radius 20 m is banked so that a 970 kg car traveling at 50 km/h can round it even if the road is so icy that the coefficient of static friction is approximately zero. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s^2 Find the minimum speed at which a car can travel ...
November 1, 2012 by JoAnna

Cola drinks have a phosphoric acid content that is described as `from 0.057% to 0.084% of 75% phosphoric acid, by mass." Estimate the pH range of cola drinks corresponding to this average range of H3PO4 content. I am having trouble with the wording of this question, I know I ...
February 3, 2015 by Ken

social studies
i have a crossword puzzle but i have one word i can't figure out.the clue: the------i- coastal plain is a strip of land that begins in the norteast and runs along the east and gulf coasts.please help me. can you give me an ...
September 12, 2006 by ashley

algebra am i right
Find the volume of a right circular cylinder whose base has an area of 6 cm^2 and whose height is 17 cm. [A] 153ð cm^3 [B] 612ð cm^3 [C] 102 cm^3 [D] 153ð cm^2 [E] None of these i think its C Please show your work. That's the right answer, but we'd like to know why too. um i ...
September 27, 2006 by cassii

calculus please help
what is the integral of x/(1+x^2)^2 dx This is a question of a past AP exam of calculus BC i know i have to use the substitution method where u=(1+x^2), du=2xdx. I have to find the integral but i'm just focused on the coefficient because i get a different answer for that part ...
April 4, 2007 by david

To Tammy
See the answer to the problem you posted about 10E and 11E. I unintentionally put the 10 and 11 as subscripts in my answer to your question last night instead of superscripts as above. The answer I gave you is correct but I should have used superscripts instead of subscripts.
October 23, 2007 by DrBob222

I factored 3.6x^6+2x^6-2.8x^2+3.2x as; 3.6x^7+2x^6-2.8x^2+3.2x However my answer is incorrect. The correct answer should be; 0.4x(9x^6+5x^5-7x+8) How do I get to the correct answer? So that I am able to do similar problems, because every problem that I have factored with ...
August 7, 2010 by Lynn

how do i find the exact value of s [pie/2, pie] sin s = radical2/ whole number 2 what is s in radians? how do i figure this out without the use of a calculator. I drew the graph and located it in the second quadrant and i think the triangle is a 45-45-90 but i don't how to ...
September 15, 2011 by ALISON

Find the area of the following circle. ( = 3.14; round answer to the nearest whole number). Circumference = 120 cm. (Hint: Find r from C = 2r (round r to tenths); then find area).
January 16, 2011 by Ivan

Simplify the expression. (-4)^-6(-4)^-7 My answer: -4 Simplify and give the answer in scientific notation. (5 X 10^6((3 X 10^5) My answer: 1.5 X 10^12 (3 X 10^6)(8 X 10^-4) My answer: 2.4 X 10^3 Astronomers measure large distances in light-years. One light-year is the distance...
February 6, 2014 by Anonymous

1. Find the value of Sin^-1(-1/2) a. -30 degrees b. 30 degrees c. 150 degrees d. 330 degrees 2. Find the exact value of cos(-420 degrees) a. -1/2 b. 1/2 c. sqrt of 3/2 d. -sqrt of 3/2 3. p(-9/41, 40/41) is located on the unit circle. Find sin theta. a. 40/41 b. -9/41 c. -9/40 ...
April 5, 2008 by Belden

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