April 21, 2015

Search: Exlpain how you could show five less than a number using an expression

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math help plzzzz!!!!
Multiple Choice 1. What is 0.32 written as a fraction in simplest form? (1 point) thirty-two over one hundred eight over twenty-five one hundred over thirty-two sixteen over twenty-five 2. If Franís fudge recipe calls for two and one-half cups of sugar and she increases it by ...
October 30, 2013 by josh

can you explain to me in details please of how these type of questions can be answered without using a calculator to find the direct answer. Find the following functions correct to five decimal places: a. sin 22degrees 43' b. cos 44degrees 56' C. sin 79degrees 23'30'
January 13, 2011 by anon

only five days later, the child itch rash had almost completely disappeared which word is the simple subject in the sentence above? a) five b) days c) Childs d) rash
January 26, 2011 by Anonymous

Write pseudocode (using pascal) to accept as input names of an unspecified number of equipment rented, the name of the company, the number of days the equipment was rented for and the sales amount. The algorithm must determine the number of times each type of equipment was ...
January 30, 2012 by John

simplify the following radical expression: 3 sqrt (-27) a) -3 b) 3 c) 0 d) no solution exists do i write the sqrt like this or do i write like this sqrt () 3 -27 please show me the correct way to write it thanks
June 17, 2010 by anthony

Quick Question #2 (URGENT)
How would show/ask 'What is your phone number?' in symbols and pictures. Would having a picture of a telephone and the number sign beside it, and write equal sign then question mark demsonstrate this question? Example: phone pic (#)=? If my idea doesn't demonstrate the ...
September 11, 2009 by John

calculus 2
Justify, with a written explanation or a mathematical reasoning and with a sketch of at least two different cases, the following properties of integrals: a) If f(x) is less than or equal to g(x) for a<=x<=b then integrate from a to b of f(x)dx is less than or equal to ...
September 12, 2012 by bobby

In 1976, there were five Sundays in February. In which of the remaining years in the 21st century will February have five Sundays?
November 9, 2011 by MATH HELP PLEASE

Four accounting majors, two economics majors, and three marketing majors have interviewed for five different positions with a large company. Find the number of different ways that five of these could be hired. One accounting major, one economics major, and one marketing major ...
May 4, 2008 by Dana

Use all ten digits from 0 to 9 only once. Do not use 0 in either the milions or thousandths places. What is the greatest number less than 5 million?
September 17, 2012 by Keith

you need 50 pounds of two commodities costing $1.25 and $1.26 per pound,verify that the total cost is y=1.25x+1.60(50-x),where x is the number of pounds of the less expensive commodity.
September 6, 2013 by Anonymous

Observations Mass of Fe metal:100 MG Volume of water in Calorimeter: 100 ML Mass of water in Calorimeter (use 1g per ml): 100G Initial Temperature of metal: 20 Initial Temperature of water: 20 Final Temperature (both metal and water): 100 Determine the heat gained by the water...
November 30, 2008 by JASON

Any ideas on grouping students? It has to be an activity.The only thing I have found is this: Recycle greetings cards/magazine pictures. Rip or cut old greetings card into the required number of group members, shuffle and distribute amongst the pupils, for example five cards ...
May 2, 2009 by cary

A spinner has five regions numbered 1 through 5. If the spinner is spun 100 times, we would expect about 20 of the outcomes to be Region 1. It can be determined that the spinner is unbalanced if x, the number of outcomes that result in Region 1, satisfies x-20/4 °› 1.645. ...
May 18, 2009 by Thomas

Maths Percentage (6th Grade)
David has $5 in his wallet. This was 10% of the amount that he received from his mother. Find the total amount of money that David received from his mother. 35% of the number of books Ibrahim owns are fiction boos, find: a.) the total number of books he owns. b.) the number of...
October 11, 2012 by Sam

Your written homework will be graded entirely on the clarity and completeness of your derivation. No credit will be awarded for a final answer without a derivation. As usual, simplify your final answers as much as possible. A giant Pez dispenser of mass m rests on a ladder of ...
April 11, 2013 by Nick

Bingo Game 2 Hello, class. Let's play the bingo game. Look at the bingo board in Part C. There are three expressions in the three blanks. There are six empty blanks. Look at the expressions on the left of the bingo board. There are 6 expressions. You should write down the ...
September 4, 2008 by John

The homework assignment is first the child has four spelling words to write five times and memorize and then the homework assignmen says make three clusters of words using fl for example fly.
March 21, 2012 by Allison

As dry air moves upward it expands and in doing so cools at a rate of 1 degrees Celsius for each 100 m rise up to about 12 km If the ground temperature is 20 degrees Celsius find an expression for the temperature T as a function of the height H the answer is T=20-10h(h in ...
October 30, 2013 by jordan

As dry air moves upward it expands and in doing so cools at a rate of 1 degrees Celsius for each 100 m rise up to about 12 km If the ground temperature is 20 degrees Celsius find an expression for the temperature T as a function of the height H the answer is T=20-10h(h in ...
November 3, 2013 by Jordan

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate (try for more than once but less than 10) 2. Multiply this number by 2 3. Add 5 4. Multiply it by 50 5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1761 ; If you haven't, add 1760 6...
September 29, 2011 by Caryls

A lattice point is a point with integer coordinates. How many lattice points (x,y) with -100 less than or equal to x less than or equal to 100 and -100 less than or equal to y less than or equal to 100 are on the graph of the parametric equations x=30-40 cos t y=-50 + 30 cos t ?
February 28, 2014 by John

A lattice point is a point with integer coordinates. How many lattice points (x,y) with -100 less than or equal to x less than or equal to 100 and -100 less than or equal to y less than or equal to 100 are on the graph of the parametric equations x=30-40 cos t and y=-50 + 30 ...
March 2, 2014 by John

Math- Completely confused!
Simplify each expression (where possible) and write the answer without using negative or fractional exponents. Assume that X>0. a. 8x^(1/3) b. (-8x)^(1/3) c. (8x)^(-1/3) d. (3x^(3/4))(16x)^(1/4) e. (x^(1/2)) / (x^(5/2) so far my answers are : a.2x b. -2x c.1/2x but i feel ...
August 21, 2010 by Jackie

Harmony just negotiated a new deal with Purple Parrot Records. She will be paid a monthly base salary of $3900 plus a commission of $5 per CD sold. Melody is trying to decide if this is a better deal than her monthly base salary of $4250 plus a commission of $2 per CD sold/ 21...
December 2, 2013 by Jerald

Returning back on question yesterday MattsRiceBowl, I want to have my own cooking show like Emeril's or Guy Fieri's shows on the Food Network. The purpose of the show is to teach teenagers and post-secondary students how to cook foods themselves if they don't know how, and to ...
July 4, 2010 by AL 92

One number is 6 more than another number and their sum is 2. Whats the equation for that. x = one number y = another number =============== x + y = 2 x -6 = y solve for x and y x=first number y=second number x=y+6 x+y=2 you can then solve these two equations for x and y... ...
January 20, 2007 by Steve

Differential Equations
Consider the differential equation: dy/dt=y/t^2 a) Show that the constant function y1(t)=0 is a solution. b)Show that there are infinitely many other functions that satisfy the differential equation, that agree with this solution when t<=0, but that are nonzero when t>0...
January 31, 2013 by Erica

Language Arts
Why does the author of "Always to Remember" discuss Maya Ying Lin's background? A. To show that she experienced hardships B. To appeal to Chinese-American readers C. To show its influence on her design D. To show her disintrest in architecture Is the answer C? Thanks
October 23, 2014 by Anonymous

Which numbers are perfect squares? A) 64 b)900 c)120 d)1000 e)100 F) 10 000 How do u know each number is a perfect square? A) 1225= 35x35 B) 484= 2 x 2 x 11 x 11 C) 2025 = 45(square) the area of this square is 289 square unit. How so u that it's perfect square? Show that each...
September 11, 2011 by Roxane smith

1) A White eye (w) female Drosophila is crossed with diminutive (dm) males. The F1 wild type females are then crossed to the double mutant, white eye, diminutive males and produce the following: white eye, normal size 487 normal eye, diminutive 475 normal eye, normal size 19 ...
September 20, 2011 by Genetics

1) A White eye (w) female Drosophila is crossed with diminutive (dm) males. The F1 wild type females are then crossed to the double mutant, white eye, diminutive males and produce the following: white eye, normal size 487 normal eye, diminutive 475 normal eye, normal size 19 ...
September 20, 2011 by Rob

1. Go straight to First Street. 1-1. Go straight to the First Street. (Do we have to use 'the' or not?) 2. It's just next to the hospital. 2-1. It's only next to the hospital. (Are both the same expressions?) 3. I'll go to the railroad station. 3-1. I'll go to the reailway ...
October 21, 2008 by John

6a^2+4a+5+3a^2+7a-2 That is the same thing as 9a^2+11a+3, but what is the question? You have just written an algebraic expression, not an equation to be solved. assuming you are required to factorise the equation and the expression give by drwls it factorises to (9a+3)(a+1) ...
January 26, 2007 by chucke

Write the answer to the problem as an algebraic expression. The product of two numbers is 30. One of the numbers is r. What is the other number? Our choices are: a) r/30 b) 30/r c) 30-r d) 30r I believe the answer is b but am thinking it may be c, any help?
January 20, 2011 by m

Thank you very much for your last corrections. Can you check these sentences, too? Thank you very much in advance. 1)Th urban population was affected by serious diseases such as smallpox nd typhus. 2)The majority of children died before the age of five (before they reached the...
April 4, 2010 by Franco

Which is the expression that can be factored using the greatest common factor for this equation? 6p^3-12p^2+9p A. 3(2p^3-4p^2+3p) B. 3p(2p^2-4p+3) c. 3p^2(2p^2-4p+3) D. 6p(p^2-2p+9) I believe it is B because only A and B work but B is the greatest common factor. Is this ...
March 29, 2013 by B6

Equivalent Expressions 1. Which algebraic expression is equivalent to the expression below? 3(x - 2) + 12(x + 8)
February 7, 2011 by Max

given tht g(x)=2x+1/5 and f(x)=x+4 write an expression for gf(x) write an expression for me plz
January 26, 2014 by krissy

How do I write an equivalent expression to the expression below (17x 93) / (17x 97)
April 27, 2014 by Pinks

Five different written driving tests are administered by the Motor Vehicle Department. One of these five tests is selected at random for each applicant for a driver's license. A group consisting of two women and three men apply for a license. (a) What is the probability that ...
November 19, 2011 by Lorena

algebra worD PROBLEM
1) For a walkathon a sponsor commmited to give you a flat ffe of $5 plus $2 for every mile you walk. Write an expression for the total amount you will collect from your sponsor at the enf of the walkathon. Then evaluate your =expression for 20 miles walked. I goet ; $2m + $5...
October 24, 2011 by marko

word problem help algebra
1) For a walkathon a sponsor commmited to give you a flat ffe of $5 plus $2 for every mile you walk. Write an expression for the total amount you will collect from your sponsor at the enf of the walkathon. Then evaluate your =expression for 20 miles walked. I goet ; $2m + $5...
October 24, 2011 by marko

Use the periodic table and predict the number of electrons that will be lost or gained by the following elements as they change into simple ions. Write an equation using elemental symbols, ionic symbols, and electrons to represent each change. a) Ca b) Aluminum c) Fluorine d) ...
February 6, 2014 by Ellenjoy

solve the system of linear equations using the addition method. Can you please show me the steps on how you reached the answer. Thank You 2x+20y= -144 12x+5y= 56
May 11, 2010 by Heather

find f'(x) for f(x) = x/(sqrtx^2+1) please show all the steps. I'm realy confused on this one. I get as far as setting it up using the quotient rule then I go blank. thanks
March 16, 2011 by redgy

using a sketchs, show the type of directions of forces acting on the following farm hand tools i) a hoe ii) a rake for land clearing 0
January 27, 2012 by callister

Find the instantaneous rate of change of V with respect to r when r=100 V(r)=.2r^2-20r+600 using limit definition. Please show work for understanding, thank you :)
February 14, 2013 by Tori

1-)A passenger boat which travels 6 mph faster than a freighter required 3 days less time to make a trip of 2592 miles. Find the rate of the passenger boat. 2-)For the first of two basketball games the price of each reserved seat was $1.50,the price of each unreserved seat was...
May 8, 2014 by Lina

1. He found the article at the lost and found office. 2. He found the article at the Lost and Found Office. (Which expression is correct?) 3. 2+5 =7 Two plus five is seven. 4. 3X6=18 Three multiplied by six eqals eighteen. 5. 10-8=2 Ten subtracted from eight leaves two. 6. 36...
June 13, 2009 by John

write the expression in the form bi, where b is the real number squareroot-16 squareroot-25 squareroot-3 squareroot-5
October 29, 2009 by tommy

Evaluate the expression without using a calculator: log4(2)= ____? Use a calculator to find the logarithm accurate to four decimal places: log4(27)= ____?
February 14, 2010 by jh

distance and time. A car is traveling 60 miles per hour, . Give the time take the car to travel 360 M miles.by using a rational expression
September 3, 2011 by Josie Wilson

Form a polynomial f(x) with real coefficents having the given degree and zeros Degree 5; Zeros: 2; -i;-7+i Enter the polynomial f(x)=a(____) type expression using x as the variable
June 8, 2013 by Sharday

You are a contestant on a game show and have the chance to win a car by rolling 5 dice. Each die has three sides that say CAR and three sides that are blank. In order for you to win the car you CAR on all five dice. You have three chanat ces to roll the dice. On each roll you ...
May 1, 2012 by Dena

Write probability as fraction 1. Sam flips two coins. Find probability of 1 head and 1 tail. I think 2/4 or 1/2 2. You roll 1 number cube to show an odd number. I think 3/6 or 1/2 3. Sheila has 8 apples; 5 of them are red. I think 5/8 4. Of 12 books, 3 are fiction I think 3/12...
March 13, 2014 by Anonymous

Greta invests $10,000 in an investment that pays 3% interest, compounded annually, for the first three years, then 9% interest, compounded annually, for the last three years. Rui invests $10,000 in an investment that pays r% for all six years. The two investments are worth the...
April 2, 2009 by Cassie

For 0<x<pi/2, sin x and cos x are both less than 1 and greater than 0 (easy to see). We are also given that sin^2x+cos^2x=1. Use this to show that sin^7x+cos^7x<1 for 0<x<pi/2. Unsure on how to proceed?
October 27, 2013 by Sam

Jim is paid overtime when he works more than 40 hours of per week. Write an expression for the number of hours he works overtime when he works h hours. Find the number of hours Jim works overtime when he works 40, 44, 48, and 52 hours
September 6, 2012 by Joe

8th grade Math
Khalid uses Penelopeís bag of letter tiles to create a different game in which he tries to randomly draw a set of five tiles with consecutive letters. If Khalid plans to draw five tiles from the bag, without looking and without replacing any tiles, what is the probability that...
February 1, 2011 by Anonymous

stats-please help
MEAN=10 & STD DEVIATION=2. FIND THE PROBABILITIES: 9.4 less than X less than 10.6? i have 2 different answers but am checking the answer. thank you
March 8, 2011 by jean

Solve cos(x) = -0.44 on 0 (less than or equal to) x (less than) 2pi There are two solutions, A and B, with A < B Give your answers accurate to 3 decimal places
April 7, 2013 by marie darling

Solve sin(x) = 0.64 on 0 less than or equal to x less than 2pi There are two solutions, A and B, with A < B Give your answers accurate to 3 decimal places
April 7, 2013 by anonymous

What is the least number of place-value blocks you need to show 4,200? The greatest? well, here is what the blocks are: 4 2 0 0 thousand hundreds tens ones does this help at all? I'm actually trying to figure this out so I can help my daughter. I understand that part of it, ...
September 28, 2006 by melissa

How many significant figures in total do you have to use when using the electronic balance that has accuracy up to three figures after the decimal point that you used in the lab, to weigh a sample that is less than 10 grams.
September 9, 2007 by Heather

Solve the inequality by first rewriting it as an equivalent inequality without absolute value bars. Express solution set using interval notation. | x+3 | +8 is less than or equal to 14 Thanks so much for helping me!
February 1, 2012 by Chelsea

Using the average and standard devation for length variable from problem 3,find the probability that the length of 35 movies is less than 120 minutes. Assume the distribution is normally distributed. interpret your result.
February 27, 2013 by kat

how do you translate the number 501,289 into the spanish written form? (five hundred one thousand two hundred eighty nine)in spanish?
September 10, 2007 by Meredith

Simple Math
Two eight-sided number cubes are thrown. Given that one of the cubes shows a five, what is the probability that the sum of the numbers that come up on the two cubes is six?
January 31, 2013 by Jessica

algebra 2
PLEASE HELP wiTH ALL OF THEse. I DONT KNOW WHERE TO START---THANKS! 1. At 2pm the number of bacteria in a colony was 100, by 4pm it was 4000. Write an exponential function to model the population y of bacteria x hours after 2pm. 2.Using the information in problem 1, how many ...
February 24, 2008 by cal

Algebra 1 please help
There are 15 violinists in the orchestra this year. Next year, two violinists will leave and some new violinists will join the orchestra. If v is the number of violinists who will join the orchestra, write an expression to represent the number of violinists in the orchestra ...
January 14, 2015 by Steph

mtah problem
the girls gym teacher needs to purchase 15 softballs, 5 package of tennis balls and two soccer balls.she plans to collect $1 from each of her students to help pay for balls.write and evaluate an expression to show how much more the teacher will have to pay.
January 13, 2009 by morgan

using the mean valiue thereom on f(x)=arcsin(x), show that x< arcsin(x)< x/(sqrt1-(x^2)) for 0<x<1
December 9, 2009 by nikki

solve using elimination please show how to come up with answer. 6x - 3y = 18 6x + 3y = -12 Please help!!!
August 21, 2014 by michael R

algebra 1
a high school wrestling mat must be square with 38-foot sides and contain two circles as shown. suppose the inner circle has a radius of "s" feet and the outer circle's radius is nine feet longer than the inner circle. *write an expression for the area of the larger circle. * ...
March 5, 2008 by trixie

Can anyone please help me with this? Can anyone please build or generate at least five Pythagorean Triples using one of the many formulas available online. Then After building the triples, verify each of them in the Pythagorean Theorem equation. Thank you so very much.
August 19, 2011 by John

To Helper
I had a problem to solve, and I dont get how to make equations from this problem. Mrs. Chans math class contributed 2 dollars and $1 coins to an earthquake relief fund. the number of $1 coins contributed was 8 less than 5 times the number of $2 coins contributed. if class ...
January 13, 2011 by Mathew

Please check my work and correct any errors/point out any errors. Thanks. Solve the initial-value problem using the method of undetermined coefficients. y''-4y=e^xcos(x), y(0)=1, y'(0)=2 r^2-4=0, r1=2, r2=-2 yc(x)=c1*e^2x+c2*e^-2x yp(x)=e^x[Acos(x)+Bsin(x)] y'p(x)=e^x[-Asin(x...
July 12, 2007 by COFFEE

I need an expression written for the following logs using "sum, difference, or multiple of logarithms." a) log[base(2)] ((x^2) - 9)/(x^3))^3 b) log[base(a)]5a^4 Hopefully they are clearly written. thanks. -roberto
April 8, 2013 by Roberto

Visual Basic (Computer Programming)
ALGORITHM EXERCISES 1. Wilma Peterson is paid by the hour. She would like a program that both calculates and displays her weekly gross pay. For this exercise, you do not need to worry about overtime pay, as Wilma never works more than 40 hours in a week. Desk-check your ...
January 16, 2013 by Erick

A local photocopying store advertises as follows. " We charge 14 cents per copy for 150 copies or less, 6 cents per copy for each copy over 150 but less than 230, and 3 cents per copy for each copy 230 and above. " Let x be the number of copies ordered and C(x) be the cost of ...
September 30, 2013 by Ann

4.which of the following describes the use of a renewable form of energy? (1 point). a. using natural gas to heat a house b. using a windmill to grind grain c. using petroleum to run a car d. using coal to generate electricity
February 11, 2014 by bla

Can you draw a dipeptide and show all the functional groups, atoms, and bonds, any full charges on atoms, and the "R" group. Also, show N and C terminus? It would really help if you can show me pictorially.. thanks
October 11, 2011 by Sam

Science (Chemistry)
2. Perform this operation and report the answer to the correct number of significant figures: What is the mass of a cube of aluminum that is 4.0 cm on each edge? The density of aluminum is 2.7 g/cm^3. Show all calculations leading to an answer. (I think I solved this correctly...
March 9, 2015 by Grace

Jackson has 14 pet birds and rabbits. The total number of rabbits have 44 more legs less than the total number of birds. How many pet birds does he have?
October 17, 2013 by Jada

simplify the following expression and show your problem solving strategy x cubed + x squared + x + 1 + 2(x cubed + x squared + x + 1) + 3(x cubed + x squared + x + 1) + ....100( x cubed + x squared + x + 1)
November 5, 2008 by Rose

Calculus Help Please!!!
if f(x)= x+(1/x), find f'(x) using the limit definition of derivative. Please show steps!!! Thank you!!!
February 25, 2014 by Tenshi

i have no less than 6,000 to spend and no more than 10,000 write an inequality to show how much I have to spend
February 13, 2010 by charlyn

Public Finance
A corporation has $7 mil. in equity. During the tax year it takes in $4 million in receipts and earns $ 2 million in capital gains from sale of subsidiary. It incurs labor costs of $1 million, interest costs of $250,000, material costs of $500,000, and pays rent for structure ...
January 29, 2011 by Mel

an internet serive provider charges $9.95/month for the first 20 hours and $0.50 for each additonal hour. write and expression presenting the charges for h hours of use in one month h is more than 20 hours. what is the charge for 35 hours... pls show me the formula to work ...
August 26, 2010 by alanaR.

To determine if 3417 is prime, you would have to try dividing 3417 by every whole number less than 3416. True or false and how did you get the answer
December 4, 2007 by Beth

11th grade Algebra 2
Marciella has a bag that contains 35 nickels and quarters. The total value of these coins is less than $2.50. What is the maximum number of quarters that meets these conditions?
April 7, 2010 by David Nipp

6th grade
I am an improper fraction that is more than two and one third and less thatn two and three fourths. The sum of my numerator and denominator is 29. What number am I?
November 22, 2010 by jonothan

5th grade Math
Clue1: i am greater than 500 but less than 1,000. Clue2: My square root is a square number. Also please explain your answer. Thank you.
September 13, 2011 by Alexia

a box contains 20 slips of papers, numbered 1-20. A slip of paper is drawn from the box and the number is noted. Find the probability that it is a positive integer less than 21.
October 3, 2011 by Katie

finite math
suppose that 3 digits are selected at random from the set S={1,2,3,4,5,6} and are arranged in random order. Find the probability that the resulting 3-digit number is less than 300.
September 4, 2012 by allen

Math Graphing
Graph this: y greater than or equal to 2x-3 2x-2y is less than or equal to 1 2x-2y is less than or equal to 1 2x is less than or equal 2y x is less than or equal y how do u graph this? how to graph x is less than or equal to y?
June 1, 2010 by Skye

10th grade
This week, from Sunday until Thursday, the school drama team sold adult and student tickets to their play. The person in charge of selling the tickets kept a record of the number of adult and student tickets sold on each day. However, she forgot which day the tickets were ...
September 30, 2010 by rashmi

can anyone help me with these 3 problems I am trying to check my daughters hoime work it has bee na few years. 1. The sum of n and twenty -two, multiplied by three, is 78 2. the product of z and 17 is less than or equal to the difference of twenty -one minus z. 3.two increased...
September 15, 2006 by liz

Question: Do you have the star Show (TV) program in the USA? What kinds of people show up in the star Show?
June 21, 2014 by rfvv

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