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Exlpain how you could show five less than a number using an expression

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I don't know if I did this problem right but here is what I got: The question was this: Evaluate the numerical expression on a calculator. Round your answer to the nearest whole number. 34*15 364 ------ * --- 5 52 Here is what my answer is: 510 364 ---- * ---- = 185640 5 52...

Math, please please help
The base length of each square-based prism in the pedestal design is 3cm less than that of the layer immediately below. a) Write an algebraic expression for the total of the top surface areas of the three prisms used to make the pedestal. x x x 2x+5 2x+5 Please help, i am so ...

Algebra 222
Please help me solve these using interval notations? C equals {w|w > 1} D equals {w|w greater than less than 5}

using two triangle rulers with angles of (30, 60, 90) and (45 , 45, 90) how many angles less than 180 degrees can be drawn?

Who am I? I am a 4-digit number wih no two digits the same. My ones digit is twice my thousands digit. My hundreds digit is the diference between my tens and my thousands digit. My thousands digit is an odd number less than 6. I got one answer which was 3476. Ineed to come up ...

In an A.P., the first term is 2 and the sum of the first five terms is one-fourth of the next terms. Show that 20th term is -112.

quantitative methods
A six faced is so constructed that the probability of getting an even number is twice the probability of getting an odd number. Find the probabilities that out of 5 trials (1)all the five will give even numbers (3)2 or 3 trails will give even numbers ....find by binomial ...

A collection of coins contains only 10-cent and 5-cent coins.There are x 5cent coins in the collection. Write an algebraic expression for of following. * The total value of the coins if for every three 10-cent coins there are five 5-cent coins.

Calculus AP
Let R be the region in the first quadrant bounded by the graph y=3-√x the horizontal line y=1, and the y-axis as shown in the figure to the right. Please show all work. 1. Find the area of R 2. Write but do not evaluate, an integral expression that gives the volume of ...

Simplify. 3 - 2(4 - 7) ÷ 9 i don't know what ta dooooo after i subtract 4 and 7 which is -3 then multiply 2 which is -6 then i don't know what to do afterwards, i know pemdas so -6 divided by 9 cannot be so please help on that. the integers from -3 to +3 can be used in the ...

Use the clues to figure out the six-digit decimal number. 1. It is greater than 3,000 and less than 3,200 2. All the digits are different 3. The digit in the undredths place isa multiple of 5. 4. The product of 5 and th digit in the ones place is 0. 5. The digit in the tenths ...

If a doctor tells you to drink 1 liter of water per day, answer the following questions(assuming the density of water to be 1g/mL): 1. The number of grams of water per day? 2.The number of molecules of oxygen per day? 3. The number of atoms of oxygen per day? Please show how ...

Statistics (Multinomial)
For the multinomial distribution: Show that summation of the probability mass function across all possible values equals 1. Show via summation of the probability mass function that the expected value of Y_i = n * p_i The textbook that I'm using left the above as "exercises to ...

Jerome estimate that the total number of people for the past 2 years visiting the aquarium is 900,000. Gina estimated it to be 870,000. Write a number sentence to show how Jerome found his estimate.

A bottling company uses a filling machine to fill glass bottles with mango juice. The bottles are supposed to contain 300 milliliters (ml). In fact the amounts vary according to a normal distribution with mean = 298 and standard dev = 3 ml. What is the probability that an ...

math-please check my answer
Translate the following the product of 47% and some number (using q for some number) .47q is my answer correct?

The number of t teaspoons in b tablespoons can be found by using the equation b=t/3 . Find the number of tablespoons needed for a recipe that calls for 8 1/2 teaspoons of sugar.

Using each of the 7 digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 only once, what is the difference between the smallest 4-digit number that can be made and the largest 3-digit number that can be made?

the difference of one more than six times a number and four more than three times the same number, using numbers 3, 5 and 7.

English expression
e.g. Write the small letters in the alphabet continuously putting together. Is this expression correct? Do you have some more good expressions?

I can't figure out the answer to this problem Use a right triangle to write the expression as an algebraic expression. (Assume x is positive) Tan(sec¯¹ [sq rt.x² + 4/x])

how to write each expression into a single logarithm. ln(x-1/x) + ln(x/x+1) - ln((x^(2)-1)) the answer is: -2ln(x+1) steps please i tried solving this but ended up getting this long expression

use the properties of logarithms to condense the logarithmic expression. write the expression as a single logiarithm whose coefficient is 1. 2IN(x+3)-3INx

Write the expression as the sine, cosine, or tangent of a double angle. Then find the exact value of the expression. 2tan 2pi/3 / 1-tan^2 2pu/3

math corrections
16. Carlos sells video games on Web site. The cost for his web site is $75 per year. Carlos sells each video game for $25. What inequality can Carlos use to determine g, the number of video games he must sell to make a profit of at least $50 per year? A.100g less than and ...

What amount must be remitted if the following invoices, all with terms 4/10, 2/30, n/60, are paid on May 10? $850 less 20%, 10% dated March 21 $960 less 30%, 16 2/3% dated April 10 $1040 less 33 1/3%, 25%, 5% dated April 30

spade, sparkle, sparrow, special, specific, speckle, speech, spill, spirit, splash, splatter, splendid, split, spoke, spool, spouse, sprain, spring, sprinkle, spurt Write a letter using all the spelling words. make your spelling words in capital letters. Make sure that you ...

Researchers conducted a survey of parents of 66 kindergarten children. The parents were asked whether they played games with their children. The parents were divided into two groups: working class and middle class. The researchers wanted to know if there was an association ...

can you simplify an expression or substitute in an expression?

How do you write down an expression? Ex. 3*5+2 3*6+2 3*8+2 3*-4+2 3*3+2 3*2+2 3*10+2 Expression: 3a+2

An expression is shown. -5 1/2 + 7 3/4 What is the value of the expression?

I am to create a timeline that illustrates the history of children's literature in western culture using five key milestones of children's literature. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP

Some amount of money is distributed to a some students equally. If the number of student is decreased by 10 then they will get 20 rupees more. If student is increased by 10 then they will get 4 rupees less. Find the amount and number of student?

1. Milo bought pounds of red apples and pounds of green apples to make applesauce. How many pounds of apples did he buy in all? a. Write an expression that models the problem. b. What is the LCD of the fractions in your expression? Explain how you found the LCD. c. Evaluate ...

if a & b are perpendicular vectors, show that a)(a+2b).(a-b)=|a|^2-2|b|^2 b)(a+b).(a-b)=|a|^2+|b|^2 *how to show it?just multiply it?if yes where does||come from? does||show that it should be a value?

O98 algebra
To receive a C grade, a student must average more than a 77 but less than 85. If Emma received a C in the course and had five grades of 74,83,73,67,and 85 before taking the final exam, what were the possible grades for her final there were 100 points. (Assume all six grades ...

you spend a total of 25 minutes typing an email and writing a letter. you can type 6o words a minute and write 20 words a minute. let m be the minutes you type the email. write an expression in terms of m for the total number of words you wrote. evaluate the expression if you ...

1) What is the atomic # for selenium? 34 2) Write the full electron configuration for selenium following the (n+l) rule? I am not sure what is meant by n+l 3) write the electron configuration, grouping electrons by their "n" values. [Ar]3d10 4s2 4p4 Are these correct? 4) What ...

new flat- screen TVs flash even faster than older TVs. Since dogs need a flicker frequency rate of 75, DOGTV works as intended only on newer TVs. One type of new Tv flashes 500 frames each second. How many more frames does it flash than an older TV with a flicker frequency ...

College Algebra
Please help! x-2y+z=7 2x+y-z=0 3x+2y-2z=-2 a. Solve the above system of equations using Gaussian Elimination or Gauss-Jordan Elimination. You must show row operations. b. Solve the above system of equations using Cramer's Rule.

I am number greater than 70 000 but less than 90 000.My ones digit is the only even prime number.My tens digit id the same as my ones digit.My ten thousands digit is four times my ones digits.Both my hundreds and thousands digits are half the ten thousands digits.What number ...

In the list of five measurements shown below, one is blurred. What must this value be, if the mean of the five measurements is 7? 8 5 10 3 #

Hey can someone review my math and see if i did it correctly? The math question is: Choose one product from your business and determine the markup and gross profit for it. Assume that the retail price of the product is $85, the cost is $47, and the expenses are $13. Then using...

Andrew factored the expression 20x^3-12x^2+8x as 4x (5x^2-12x^2+8x). But when Melissa applied the distributive law and multiplied out 4x (5x^2-12x^2+8x), she got 20x^3-48x^3+32x^2; thus, Andrew’s solution does not appear to check. Why is that? Please help Andrew to ...

Andrew factored the expression 20x^3-12x^2+8x as 4x(5x^2-12x^2+8x). But when Melissa applied the distributive law and multiplied out 4x(5x^2-12x^2+8x),she got 20x^3-48x^3+32x^2; thus, Andrew's solution does not appear to check. Why is that? Please help Andrew to understand ...

This is my first time using Jishka. Well, registering and using the site. I have checked the site when researching class topics we are learning. I don’t think I really have a question but I am looking for clarity of something for class. I just want to make sure that I have ...

1st grade
I don't know how to do this.. I don't understand it. Use | and . to show the number 42

Solve the inequality and show the number line. x + 29 < 33 for x > 0

what is a good number sentence to show that 5 is a factor of 35?

Show that [x] + [x + 1/2] = [2x] when x is a real number. [x] is the floor function, where [5/2] = 2 and [-5/2] = -3.

Show whole number solution from 0 to 8 for inequality x - 5 > 1

Write 2 24/12 as a whole number. Show work.

What is the percent of each number? 1. 3% of 45 2. 44% of 125 3. 95% of 64 4. 2% of 15.4 Show your work

Show that the reciprocal of 3+2√2 is an irrational number

Math of class-10
Show that 4/ root 3 is irrational number

Draw a number line to show 3/4 and 6/8 are equivalent.

In the interval (0 is less than or equal to x which is less than or equal to 5), the graphs of y=cos(2x) and y=sin(3x) intersect four times. Let A, B, C, and D be the x-coordinates of these points so that 0<A<B<C<D<5. Which of the definite integrals below ...

The product of two numbers is 60. If you divide the larger number by the smaller number you get 15. What are the two numbers? Please show how your two numbers meet the 2 criteria stated in this problem.

How does using coal to generate electricity A. using more coal reduces the amount of pollution from using oil <--------------- B. using improves the quality of nearby water C. using coal, instead of wood from trees, helps improve the environment D. using coal releases ...

intermediate algebra
joe has a collection of nickles and dimes that is worth $3.95. if the number of dimes was doubled and the number of nickles was increased by 21, the value of the coins would be $8.40. How many nickles and dimes does he have? show all your work. help me please

Algbra 2
Divide using the division algorithm. Write your answer in the form Q + RD where the degree of R is less than the degree of D. x^3+3x+4/x+1 How am I supposed to do this?

How come (2xy^2)^3 is equal to 8x^3 y-6? I thought that six exponent should be a five since you add them together. So 2 and 3 should be five. But why is this?

In organizational psychology, the "Big Five" refers to five general principles to be used when making changes.

Three dimes to five nickels ratio if three to five total 120 coins how many are fimes

Please help! x-2y+z=7 2x+y-z=0 3x+2y-2z=-2 a. Solve the above system of equations using Gaussian Elimination or Gauss-Jordan Elimination. You must show row operations. b. Solve the above system of equations using Cramer's Rule.

math ~dont know all but check some~ pls help!!!
1. Draw a model to represent the polynomial x2 + 2x + 4. (1 point) 1 big square, 1 tall rectangle, 4 little sqaures 1 big square, 2 tall rectangles, 4 little sqaures in the shape of an "L" 2 big sqaures, 4 little squares none of these 2. Simplify the polynomial. –3f2 + 4f...

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you eat chocolate. This number must be more than one but less than ten. 2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold). 3. Add 5 (for Sunday). 4. Multiply it by 50. 5. Add 1750. 6. Add the last two digits from the year you ...

Three objects lie in the x, y plane. Each rotates about the z axis with an angular speed of 4.44 rad/s. The mass m of each object and its perpendicular distance r from the z axis are as follows: (1) m1 = 6.00 kg and r1 = 1.00 m, (2) m2 = 4.50 kg and r2 = 7.10 m, (3) m3 = 3.60 ...

The Robinsón's electric bills for the last five months have been $157.60, $182.09, $175.15, $166.27, and $162.04. Find the average of the bill. (To find the average, divide the sum by the number of addends.) -What does the sentence in the parentheses mean? do you have to find...

If 325mL of a 0.58 M solution of a propanoic acid (a fatty acid) was mixed with excess glycerol what is, the maximum number of molecules of fat or oil that could result?(you will need Avogadros number = 6.022 X 10 to the 23rd power)....I need to show all work and im completely...

Don is planting flowers in the school garden's planter box. The planting are is five and one-half feet long and 10 inches wide. Each plant is 2 inches wide. There must be 8 inches of space between the flowers. What is the largest number of plants he can put into the planter ...

Algebra 2
I need help with this problem because I do not have a graphing calculator. Explain how you would solve this equation using your graphing calculator in five steps then give the solution. 2x- 3y=8 5x+ 4y= 11

semir, sarah and sung so decided to raise money for a local homeless shelter by working in a local deli. the deli agreed to donate to the shelter a portion of the profits from each meal the three sold. semir sold 3 times as many meals as sarah. sung sold 2 more meals than ...

Five houses, next door to each other, are on the even side of the road. They are all three digit numbers and the largest is a perfect cube.The second lowest is a triangle number.

“Well that’s sculpture, making a ’74 Toyota look like a ’63 Corvette, only I didn’t think of it that way... I was doing good work, and I was making good money. A. to prepare the reader for a change in topic. B. to show Ramirez’s pride in discussing his work. C. to ...

Show full steps: 1a) Determine the formula for the nth term for 7,12,17... b) Determine the value of the 19th term,t19. 2) Determine the number of terms in the sequence 4,12,36...2125764. Show all necessary steps. There are 15 more questions but I think if you help me with ...

Using numbers,words or symbols,write a rule that could be used to find the total cost of any number of museum tickets. You may use n to represent the number of museum tickets bought.

seven people meet and shake hands with eachother- how many handshakes occur? (second question) using inductive reasoning, write a formula for the number of handshakes if the number of people is n

computer science
a) What is the largest positive number that can be represented in 12 bits using one’s complement? Represent the number in bits and decimal as well. Assume the first bit is the sign bit. (2 marks)

math 12 - sequences and series
Given the expression Sn = n^2 + 2n for the sume of the first n terms of a series, determine a) An expression, in simplified form, for Sn-1 in tmers of n b) an expression, in simplified form, for the nth terms, tn in terms of n

you are making a fence of your garden the length is five less than two times the width write a polynomial that represents the perimeter of the garden write a polynomial that represents the area of the garden

An adult polar bear walks at an average rate of 5 kilometers per hour. 1. write an equation to find k, the number of kilometers a polar bear bear can walk in h hours. 2.make a table to show the relationship between the number of kilometers k a polar bear can walk and the ...

What mystery number has 8 digits; none of the digits are the same. It is evenly divisible by 10. The value of one of the digits is 80,000. The digits in the millions place is the largest 1-digit odd number. The digit in the thousands place is 3 less than the digit in the ...

Final Exam- Honors Physical Science
how can you determine the number of protons, electrons,neutrons, atomic number, and the atomic mass of an element using the periodic table? Atomic mass is given in the table, as well as the atomic number and atomic mass number. Atomic number is the number of protons, which is ...

Question 1 Solve using the multiplication principle then graph. -15>-75 Question 2 Translate to an equality. Use the variable x. The number of people in the chess clubi less than or equal to 15. Question 3 Solve using the addition and multiplication principles 2.1x+20.8>...

can someone help me ? If you roll a die many times, what would you expect to be the relative frequency of rolling a number less than 6? A) 2 out of 3

Translate to an inequality. Use the variable x. The number of people in the chess club is less than or equal to 14. The answer is ? ? ?. I am lost!!

In exercises 17-20, a single die is rolled one time. Determine the probability of rolling a number greater than 3 or less than 5.

translate and simplify"six less than twice the sum of a number and three" choices are A)-2x b)2x c)-2x+9 d)2x-3 I set it up 2(x+3)-6 2x+6-6 answer=2x Is this correct Thanks

algebra 2
A single die is rolled one time find the probability of rolling a number greater than 3 or less than 2, need help

what is the mystery number?greater than 1oo -odd more than 3 tens less than 150 the sum of the digits is 12?? please help

PLEASE HELP!!! Write a function rule that represents each sentence.: 1. 7 less than three times m is n. 2. 14 more than the quotient of a number t and 10 is u.

Fifteen painters can paint a number of houses in 12 days .if the number of painters is increased by 5, how many days less would it take the painters working at the same rate to paint the houses?

Fifteen painters can paint a number of houses in 12 days .if the number of painters is increased by 5, how many days less would it take the painters working at the same rate to paint the houses?

5th grade algebra word problem
Ron made cookies for the fair. His sister made candy. Four cookies were packaged together, and 6 pieces of candy were packaged together. There were 6 more packages of packages of candy. Write an expression for the number of packages of cookies.____. Then find the value of the ...

Consider making a four-digit I.D. number using the digits 3,5,8, and 0 a. How many I.D. numbers can be formed using each digit once? b. How many can be formed using each digit once and not using 0 first? c. How many can be formed if repetition is allowed and any digit can be ...

Biology Help Please!
1) A transcriptional fusion of regulatory sequences of a particular gene with a reporter gene results in relatively uniform expression of the reporter gene in all cells of an organism, whereas a translational fusion with the same gene shows reporter gene expression only in the...

Use the Mean Value Theorem to show: -x < sinx < x for all x > 0 (and where I have the inequalities, it's supposed to be less than or equal to for the first two and greater than or equal to for the last one, I just didn't know how to type it)

College Algebra
Let x = the number of birds that Tim has. Let y = the number of dogs that Tim has. Tim has more than twice as many dogs as he has birds. Tim has more than 2 birds. The total number of dogs and birds that Tim has is less than 11. Set up an appropriate system of linear ...

Can you please tell me if it is correct? Write five things you have to do when at home and five you don't have to do.

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