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English Grammar
e.g. Reciting what I have to teach is a good way of preparing teaching. ------------------------------- Is the sentence above correct? Can we use other expressions instead of 'reciting'? I mean taking a look at the textbook and doing teaching some parts before teaching in ...
October 9, 2007 by John

ms. sue, english please!
What if assistant teaching is being used as a verb? Hyphenated or not? As in: I have been assisant teaching with my grandmother for four years.
December 23, 2008 by Leah

ESL English
I am teaching ESL students. How can I improve my teaching skills?
July 13, 2013 by klarmaesen

AED 201
identify 3-5 factors that define teaching as a professional career, and elaborate on how teachers employ these factors on a daily basis. Student responses might include the following: teaching requires professional knowledge and/or training; teaching requires decision-making; ...
April 2, 2008 by Dawn

methods for teaching
please help me find some sites for the ff: 1. situational language teaching 2. audio-lingualism 3. communicative language teaching 4. total physical response 5. the silent way 6. community language learning 7. the natural approach 8. suggestopedia
December 9, 2007 by stunning gurl

Teaching dogs tricks
Please check my answer thanks Owners who aren't interested in professional work but want to show off their dog's tricks to an appreciative audience might want to get involved in A. teaching obedience classes. B. pet therapy. C. teaching tricks classes. D. agility. I say B
August 25, 2008 by Sam

Teaching techniques
Which learning technique is frequently used in the expository model of teaching?
April 14, 2013 by Cam

How do program and state standards for teachers promote professionalism in teaching?
June 29, 2010 by crystal

English Expressions
1. She did her part, and the native speaker did her part. They were cooperative and did their parts properly. 2. Teachers should make students say, act out and work together in class. 3. The quality of a teacher's voice is important in teaching. If she shouts loudly to stop ...
January 9, 2008 by John

composition writing
• Imagine that you are teaching English in a local high school. • Imagine that you are the parent or friend of a student having to write a series of essays for a high school English class. • Imagine that you are a teaching assistant for a high school English class, and you ...
December 16, 2011 by george stanza

does anyone know a few similarities and differences between the NBPTS standards and Danielsons framework for teaching? I'm going to be doing a graphic organizer comparing and contrasting the two. thanks.
September 10, 2010 by crystal

Teachers need to have skill in using a variety of technologies. Learn to use a technology that you have not used before, or learn a new application of a technology you have used before. Use the technology to develop a teaching product that you might be able to use in student ...
August 16, 2008 by scooby91320002

What are the factors that define teaching?
April 18, 2008 by sharen

During the summer break, Allie works as many as 35 hours per week. On Saturdays she spends between two and six hours teaching adults to swim. On weekdays, she can work between 10 and 40 hours teaching swimming lessons at a children's camp. Teaching adults pay $10 per hour ...
April 23, 2012 by Nguyen

I am not a english speaker!!!!!!!! i am writing a resume is this statement correct: I am introducing my work: Student focus teaching professional with instructional experience and multicultural knowledge. Currently one of three teachers at Grovetown High School, Grovetown, ...
February 23, 2013 by rita

can you give me teaching methods to learn phoenics?
September 2, 2013 by kiera

List 3-5 factors that define teaching as a professional career. Elaborate on how these factors are employed by teachers on a daily basis.
July 11, 2008 by Sally

Assess Leslie's teaching using the effective teaching characteristics outlined in Figure 11.1. I can't figure out what i am suppose to do
June 24, 2010 by Anonymous

methods for teaching
what is the role of the teacher and the role of the students in the method of situational language teaching??? please help me...a million thanks...
December 12, 2007 by stunning gurl

what are some school related tasks for a typical teaching day from the morning to afternoon at the end of the day?
January 25, 2008 by jake!

Hello! Do you have any ideas on what to give to the rest of my class tomorrow while 10 of them write an exam? Some kind of an interesting exercise? They are learning English as a foreign language for 7 years now (15 year olds)
December 18, 2011 by tee

In what ways does robin williams contradict what you consider to be effective teaching?
September 8, 2008 by mimi

explain one reason that teaching fables to children is positive
August 9, 2011 by sam

he physics department of a college has 9 male professors, 8 female professors, 10 male teaching assistants, and 13 female teaching assistants. If a person is selected at random from the group, find the probability that the selected person is a teaching assistant or a female
July 2, 2014 by Junior

Is 'assistant-teaching' connected by a hyphen or should it be two separate words? Thanks!
December 21, 2008 by Leah

AED 200
Teachers need to have skill in using a variety of technologies. Learn to use a technology that you have not used before, or learn a new application of a technology you have used before. Use the technology to develop a teaching product that you might be able to use in stu- dent...
March 17, 2008 by Dawn

teaching factors
List 3-5 factors that define teaching as a professional career. Elaborate on how these factors are employed by teachers on a daily basis.
July 11, 2008 by sally

I need an activity idea for teaching future perfect continuous? Any ideas please.
March 22, 2009 by Mick c

Ooops sorry make that two ideas for teaching future perfect contiuous. If anybody can help?
March 22, 2009 by Mick c

teaching dogs tricks
please check my answer thanks When you're teaching class, you must be sure to A. keep to your schedule. B. make friends with each of the dogs. C. have room for bystanders to watch. D. observe and praise each student. I say D
August 25, 2008 by Sam

Hello! On Monday I am teaching English to 8th graders. There will be a little competition - the topic is the invention of the telephone and the clock.What can I give as a reward to the group that wins? (They will be asked 14 questions and the group that has the best score wins)
April 9, 2010 by mary

Could you please check this letter I have to write to the principal of a school? Thank you. 1) The principal of my school is enthusiastic about the idea of starting a partnership with your school. 2) As you know, our students are between 14 and 18 years old, which correspond ...
October 6, 2011 by Henry2

Compare and contrast the teaching of comprehension strategies to ELL students and to native English speakers.
April 4, 2011 by Ray

Approaches to Teaching Social Studies
What are the different approaches that can be used for teaching controversial versus non controversial subjects?
February 20, 2008 by LINDA G.

Hi:)I don't know the term in english but I'll try to explain.Last week i had to teach a class in school.Now i need to write teaching plan.It is supposed to be a table with every detail what has happened in class.You know what i mean?Can you find some examples and send them.I ...
November 22, 2008 by jilly

Hello! Next Tuesday I am teaching a class for the first time! (I am still a student) This class is going to be graded.So, the class lasts for 45 minutes.My topic is breakfast.I am teaching young learners of english as a foreign language ( first graders - 7 year olds:)) So what...
April 21, 2009 by laxy

For English class, we're doing a vocab. review for seventh graders, as part of our teaching project. Should seventh graders know what inevitable means? What age should people know that word by? Thank you.
March 15, 2009 by Allison

Hello! Need someone whose mother tongue is English to explain to me what " a gentle genius" means. I am teaching English as a foreign language and this expression is one of the titles from the book. I can't find the definition online. I just came across a book about Einstein ...
April 5, 2010 by refy

AE is this correct?
determine the teachercertification/licensure requirements for the state you would like to teach in. I picked wisconsin and i put this...... Initial In-State Teaching or Pupil Services - PI-1602-IS Graduates of Wisconsin educator preparation programs only. Apply for an Initial ...
March 6, 2009 by scooby91320002

Discuss whether or not believe teaching classes intwo languages(Billingual) is a practical solution for English Language Learners?What are the advantages and disadvantage?
April 21, 2010 by Anonymous

An Overview of Teaching Techniques
I'm having trouble with this one. What type of teaching uses formal lectures? Student-centered Teacher-redirecting Teacher-centered Outdated styles. I'm thinking Teacher-centered I'm I right.
April 12, 2011 by Mike

teaching as a professional career
list 3-5 factors that define teaching as a professional career. please help!!!
January 18, 2008 by Anonymous

help.. Many historical and current events are controversial, including multicultural, gender, and moral issues. Although teachers do not have to shy away from teaching controversial subject matter in the social studies classroom, they should approach the teaching of these ...
November 15, 2008 by troyer0269

Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much. It is really urgent! 1) She was looking at the people sitting at the cafè while she was driving. 2) She was listening to music on her earphones while she was running in the park. 3) She was looking at a mobile ...
March 25, 2011 by Mike

Hello :) I am teaching English as a foreign language on Friday ( 1st grade of high school, 6th year of learning English) My topic is 23rd century. Ls are listening to 3 different tasks.At the end will be a little discussion on whether it is better to live more or less than 100...
April 14, 2010 by refy

If online learning has become so popular, how would a traditional teacher make their teaching more engaging so that students do not end up dropping out of schools?
April 10, 2010 by Mary

1. In all the years since, I've never met a person who was such a (blight) on the teaching profession. 2. He seemed to (qualm)situations just to make us misarable
February 26, 2015 by beck

Hello! Have a question. I am writing a lesson plan and am confused now. When learners are doing for example a fill in exercise (e.g. they have to put the verbs in brackets in the Past Simple) what kind of a teaching method or technique am i using?It is obviously not written ...
March 29, 2010 by refy

Should the education system attach itself from the electric media of popular culture Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "classroom education 'electronic media'" and "teaching 'electronic media'" to get these possible sources: (Broken ...
October 25, 2006 by Taunya

Is this a better thesis statement? The reason Willie was taken out of such a bad environment was to protect him from the mob, but it also ended up teaching him a new way of survival.
August 7, 2011 by lizzie

Identify the three major periods, and the two major eras in the history of American Education. I searched the information along with the website, and my reading in Chapter 5 of Introduction To the Teaching Technology, found the years 1642-1776 showed how important institutions...
August 8, 2014 by sharon

Of the 12 full-time mathematics faculty at a high school, five drink coffee and eight do not enjoy teaching 8 a.m. classes. How many faculty both drink coffee AND enjoy teaching at 8 a.m.
February 16, 2010 by sam

English- Miss Sue
1.Revise the following sentences so that the subject and verb of each sentence identify key actors and actions: •The dedication of professors to multiculturalism is crucial to encouraging students of all races to succeed. •Currently, the percentage of full-time African-...
June 26, 2014 by Angela

How would you compare and contrast the three different teaching methodologies: expository, guided inquiry, and free discovery, in a science lesson with respect to a) the amount of learning likely to occur, and b) the amount of prescribed science content likely to be learned? ...
March 7, 2011 by Anonymous

Thank you very much for teaching me both the British English and the American English alternative. By the way, do you say "What time do we land?" Is the use of the simple present correct in this sentence? I just want to make sure the following two sentences I need to include ...
October 3, 2011 by Henry2

Hello everyone! I study English and my task is to find 3 activities( On anything, they don't have to be connected)which i can use in the classroom with my learners (5-8th graders).The point is that these activities have to be creative (f.e.they have to make some paper dolls, ...
January 3, 2010 by sweru

Help english
Revise the sentences. (1) Revise the following sentence so that the subject and verb of each sentence identify key actors and actions: Currently, the percentage of full-time African-American professors teaching in American universities is less than eight. African American ...
July 17, 2014 by Susan

Mr.shafier has been teaching school for 10 years.For 6 of those years he taught 8th grade.what fraction represents the time Mr.shafier has not been teaching 8th grade?I knoe the answere is 2 5ths. but how do i show work?HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 12, 2010 by Alyssa

Revise the following sentences so that the subject and verb of each sentence identify key actors and actions: • The dedication of professors to multiculturalism is crucial to encouraging students of all races to succeed. o To encourage students of all races to succeed, it is ...
July 15, 2014 by Susan

i still need help comparing these 2: comparing and contrasting approaches for teaching English language arts in a constructivist classroom and in a traditional classroom
November 8, 2008 by troyer0269

Teaching as a Profession
What are two instances of conflicts between the legal and ethical issues confronting the education of English Language Learners? Also, how do schools meet the needs of the ELL students without breaking state laws?
May 9, 2009 by B.B.

Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much in advance. 1)Each group has to interview an American host student for ten minutes and then report about him/her to the whole class (also: present him o her to the whole class). 2) First,build groups of five, six...
March 28, 2011 by Mike

I have to create a teaching aid for physics based on the principles i have learnt like gravitation , mechanical properties and many more. I am not able to find the right experiment to demonstrate infront of my teacher.Please help me deal with this by providing information ...
January 25, 2012 by confused

I have to create a teaching aid for physics based on the principles i have learnt like gravitation , mechanical properties and many more. I am not able to find the right experiment to demonstrate infront of my teacher.Please help me deal with this by providing information ...
January 26, 2012 by confused

I am writing a story and it is about this maths teacher who is really annoying. she is teaching the class. what dialogue can I use to put in my story which makes the class get even more bored?
January 22, 2014 by Anonymous

Hello I have a question for all teachers. I teach English and German as a second language. I started working at a new school last week. I have the first, second ,third and fourth grade of highschool. (15-19 years old). Classes are big (30 pupils). I need some advice on how to ...
November 12, 2011 by tee

i think a my art teacher is very hard teaching and angry people. and i don't speak english. maybe she is doesn't like me help me i think this is not question. but you need to give me advice thank you very much for helping me!!
January 25, 2009 by KHaliunaa

Hello! I am listing gown my works cited for my MA paper and one of my sources is a Model Teaching Unit I found on the Internet. I cannot post you the link :/ So it is not a book and I do not know how to write it in my works cited Help?
December 1, 2010 by tee

the mean teaching hours for a full time faculty at a university is 8 hours per week whta does this tell you about the typical teaching hours for a full time faculty at that university
February 20, 2012 by Anonymous

I need help in a project. I'm teaching a group of german students and I have noticed they say things like 'dis' and 'lai' instead of 'this' and 'lie'. I should identify the phonology problem and explain it precisely what it is. Please, can someone give me an answer to it. ...
July 6, 2011 by heidi

1. We will lead your children to the joys of reading. 2. We will lead your children to the joy of reading. 3. We will lead your children to joy of reading. (Which expressions are grammatical? Are both acceptable?) 4. I learn many things in class from her kind teaching. 5. I ...
December 12, 2009 by rfvv

Hello I had a couple of questions and was woundering if you have staff members that are teaching or have taught AP BIOLOGY AP PHYSICS B AP CALCULUS AB AP CHEMISTRY I was told that the AP BIOLOGY teacher had gotten extremly ill =(, has he come back? Also can you tell me if you ...
August 19, 2010 by Kate

AED 201
Interview with a Teaching Professional •What are some examples of typical, quick decisions teachers make on a daily basis? •What were the five most difficult school-related decisions you made this week? What made them difficult? •What was the affect of those decisions on the ...
September 5, 2010 by Jasmine

This is a runon sentence could someone please help me I have tried changing it and still keep getting told my grammar checker that it is a run-on sentence. Teachers are now teaching students the information that is necessary for them to do well on high stakes tests and not the...
April 22, 2009 by Ashley

AED 222
Can anyone please help me on this. I am having trouble trying to figure out what to write. Use the infromation you gathered throughout the course to distinguish what you think is the greatest strength and the greatest weakness of the current special educational system in ...
September 20, 2010 by Rayna

I have to write a 5 paragraph essay on being sent to a desert island. Here is my thesis statement: Whoever would have guessed that the reason Willie was taken out of such a bad environment woud end up teaching him a new way of survival? How does this sound?
August 7, 2011 by lizzie

Teaching Special Education
(1) Create a PowerPoint presentation (PPT) that defines and describes self-determination. (a) Include the process of teaching self-determination and the outcomes (15 slides required). (b) Cite references in-text (three references required). (c) If possible, present the PPT to ...
March 30, 2011 by anissa

Hello! I am teaching English to 8th graders next week (they are learning English as a foreign language for 5 years) I have two short texts (one about Alexander Bell and his invention of the telephone and other about Christian Huygens and his invention of the clock) Under each ...
April 7, 2010 by mary

In the case The Senate Of Tennessee V. John Thomas Scopes, high school biology teacher John Scopes was accused of teaching content that violated a Tennessee law that stopped public school teachers from teaching evolution. Scopes voted this law , but felt his right to free ...
January 18, 2015 by jeje

Hello! On Wednesday I am teaching English as a foreign language - 1st grade of high school) The topic: animal proverbs (I need to teach them these 18 animal proverbs) There are 8 learners in the class. I have 18 pictures of these proverbs and of course written explanations. ...
April 16, 2010 by refy

Which one of the following statements Is not characteristic of Edward Taylor? He was a minister in Westfield, Massachusetts. He was fired from a teaching position because he refused to take an oath contrary to his religious beliefs. He was probably a very likeable man, well-...
June 19, 2013 by Lisa

"About Russell" 28. Russell’s family encourages him to seek help for his problems. true false 29. Russell ends up a)working with his father as a real estate agent. b)collecting and redeeming soda bottles. c)begging on the street. d)teaching math in high school. true c
May 2, 2012 by nevaeh

This isn't due until sunday(August 15, 2010). Can you please help me with this paper. Ideas would be great!! Write a 700-1,050 word paper describing your experience with the new technology tool. Include the following in your paper: 1. A description of the technology you used 2...
August 14, 2010 by Jasmine

American E
I dont understand what this assignment. · Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper describing your experience using a new technology tool. The technology can be any application or digital device that is new to you. · Include the following in your paper: o A description of the ...
August 23, 2008 by ashajackson

German/ English
Hello! I am a German teacher ( teaching German as a foreign language). My learners are in sixth grade. Is there something we can do with clay, knitting, paper, glue and so on in the classroom? Any ideas from you teachers?Of course a task should have some purpose not just doing...
January 5, 2010 by teas

Ative stage ideas for teaching english. You know games, word games, study games, but realy games and ideas that make them speak alot. I looking for a plethora of them. Have found 3 here two there but Im looking for a link that is the treaure trove of activate ideas (activate ...
March 25, 2009 by Island boy

Ms. Hayes, who loved teaching, dedicated her life to education. Identify the usage of the underlined relative pronoun in the bolded adjectivial clause. who loved teachiing is bolded and who is underlined... direct object subject object of a preposition possession
November 5, 2012 by Deborah

1) As I know you are a retired teacher, I'd like to know your opinion on that. I really need your help. The headmaster keeps giving me classes with a very poor knowledge of the language and my students don't like my method of teaching. What do you think I should do? It has ...
October 12, 2011 by Henry2

Now is the time for you to begin thinking and planning for what you will do to make sure ELL students in your classes are successful learners. Make your top ten list of steps to take to ensure ELL student success. Here is what I have come up with so far. Accommodating English ...
June 4, 2010 by Hannah

Teaching as a Profession
• Write a 200- to 300- word paper in which you list 3 to 5 factors that define teaching as a professional career. Elaborate on how these factors are employed by teachers on a daily basis. Here is what I have thus far. i was having trouble elaborating on the final area ...
June 19, 2010 by Anonymous

Early Child Ed.
Would you please make sure that I have chosen the best possible answer for each question? 1. In which one of the following teaching approaches does the teacher make all the decisions regarding what,how,and when the students perform? A. Direct B. Indirect C. Guided discovery D ...
November 21, 2007 by Ms. Sue-- This is for You-- Please Check!!

I urgently need you to check a few sentences 2-4 which I need to include in an email. 1)The universe was conceived in the forms of a chain of being and a cosmic dance. (Can I replace "in the forms of" with "like" or "as"?) 2) As you are both a science and a maths teacher, I ...
December 3, 2011 by Henry2

Of course not. I let them repeat things orally and I keep repeating things to them. I have them do listening tests and summarize them. The problem is that they don't want to learn. If I ask them to repeat, they complain to the headmaster about my "mechanical" method of ...
October 12, 2011 by Henry2

what is teaching.
September 30, 2009 by aliyu

Teaching as a Profession
I must conduct an interview with someone in the teaching profession for an assignment that is due a week from today. I would do the interview locally however, I take classes online and all local schools are out for summer. Luckily it is permitted to conduct the interview ...
June 20, 2010 by Hannah

Can someone help me with these questions im a little confused The state department of education requires that all high school teachers in the state receive training in Structured English Immersion methods (SEI). The purpose is to provide teachers with instructional ideas that ...
September 14, 2008 by PJ

Early child ed.
If you would you not mind,please check my answers to these questions. 1. The two problem solving tools of demonstration and verbalization are used in which teaching method? A) Direct B) Command C) Task-oriented D) Guided discovery 2. Which one of the following indirect styles ...
November 26, 2007 by Ms.Sue-- this is for you

What does diverse learners means?
July 27, 2008 by sally

how can we avoid indoctrination in teaching.
September 30, 2009 by abubakar

What is the central teaching of Islam?
October 26, 2014 by tai

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